The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1940
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COUIUEK NEWS WtlDAY, MARCH 1C, Published Every Friday In (he Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section, Plant-To-Prosper 5 Entries Expected To Reach High Mark Eager to lop the 1039 record of 1779 Mississippi County faim families entered in the Planl-to-J'rosper contest U) \un weepstakes enrollment honors in the Mid-South, plans «ue being made by sponsors of the county content lo unroll more than this number for 19-10. AG. PAGE LEAD OFF STORY FARM NEWS - FEA TURES Enter Die Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal, I Al(;rl. Farm Wife, Daughter contest, in which farmers of the MiclSouth have been greatly interested during the past several years, will be sponsored In Mississippi County tills year by the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Courier News. The Courier News joined the original sponsor; of Ihe contest no I only for the county, stale and Mld- Soiiih competition of Ihe Commercial Appeal but. also will sponsor an cxlrn county conlesl with a total of $60 in cash prizes to be awarded. This amount will swell the foUil fo approximately $3GGC In cash and valuable merchandise awards which will be given farm families in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and -Mississippi which make the best records in Hie competition and will mean greater inducement lo farm families in Mississippi .County io participate in Ihe contest. These additional cash prizes offered by the Courier News will cover contests for both while and negro farmers and will be awarded as follows: $10 /irst prize nnd «5 -secoatJ-.prl?? m the lennnt division, each for whiles and negroes, $10 first prize and $5 second prize In i the farm operators division, each for whites and negroes, or a tolal of SCO in cash prizes. This will : constitute a tolal of ciBht prizes which will be in addition to those already offered by the Commer- 1 ctnl Appeal and oilier donors. ,^ Cash awards include $500 cnsh nnd n neiv tractor complete with accessories to the tenant or landowner making (he best record; ?250 to the lennnt Jimking the best record; $100 to the tenant making Ihe best home improvement record, and $25. each to state winner hi the Home Improvement Division; stale, landowner awards of S100, $15 i,. . and .{560, nnd state tenant awards .;: of the same amounts, *"•'.-.- " To make "living at home" the aim and practice of every farm family In' Mississippi county will be.-the-object of'-(he contest ac,.,- curding [o Hairy W. Haines, pnb- -"'". r.lishfr'of .Ihe Courier News. ' . This practice, long the aim of the county extension agents, 'has been given renewed impetus by thn contest and this year's records will far exceed those enviable ones of other years, in the opinion of the sponsors. . ' In charge ol lite contest in Mis-'.. sissippi county will be Jim .1. Pickren anci E. H. Burns, comity farm agents; Misses Cora Leo Coleman and Inez Kincaid. home demon- 441 Club News Notes I.iisl C.-inc f-rt Club. The Losl Cime 4-11 Club met Friday with Orcnc Murray presiding over Ide meeting. Seventysix club members were present. The following club captains gave reports: Loivzo Reed, cotton; A. C. Wcaks, pig; Kassel Law.son, call;; Lillian Lorren, gardening and can-j ., [T iiing; Eililciw Owens, clothing;' ' K Bowcn " ml )>e1 ' ' 1-year-old daiiglitcr are shown in from llielnm Statler, ponllrv. and Max- o( " lclr modem farm house in the Double Bridges coinniurutv '- ' " ' * ' • 4 , . " ' ir. and Mrs. H. E. Brown Not To Rest On Past Laurels inc BaehiiFs, room improvement. llnlf Mnon .1-11 Club. | Hnish One Jones presided over, the meeting of the Hnir Moon -l-Hj Club held Wednesday -- •-'— morning- In singing. The followlnu club captains E»vc reports: E. n. Walker, pig; Joe Cilldine, cnlf; Dorothy M. Daker, cookery: Willie J. Spain, Burdening and canning; Gcnlece Widner, clotliing; Carl Ed Baker, poultry. A demonstration on clothing was Oiven by Miss Cora LCD Coleman, homo demonstration agent, and the county agricultural agent, J. J. Pickren, gave ft demonstration on poultry. llrcwii 1-il Cluh. Eighty-seven members were present ill the meeting of the Brown •I-H Club which was held Tuesday morning, with Pauline Shaw |>rc- says it takes "loo long" skiing. A quartet, "Carry Me Back!making money on a farm, lo Old Virginia" was. sung by \V.| ji Wlls in lm r 0 |i 0 win» the de- O- Wedlock, Arnold Phillips. Ken- passion, Ulllt Ml , nm , M ? s Baym nctn Matthews nnd J. O. Mill!- hnd no money nor n Job, They did SHI 1 - ' *. . bavc B few nssels—28 acres of nn- •Ilie following club captains gave cleared, unimproved laud and a reports; Kenneth Matthews, col- house full of furniture in a house ton; J. C. Milligan nnd Carl 'Ilirel-. which did not belong to them ^"; pls: J-,, W - Holjc ; ils ? n - calf; ,i « was then that thev decided to Thclmf. Walker, gardening nnd! aUnck thell . problems ' by putti.g canning; Virginia Lane and Kath-,t ncir 2S acres into operation nd eviuc rieeman. clothing; A. C. Fox, to eslabllsh a home poultry, and Clurn Rice, room Im- Through a series' of tradings- nrnvrmnii r,,riill,,>^ r i , mi^tv t&. fuuiltine tor logs, logs for sawed I lumber, logs and furniture lor IR- C'nniulii to Ilin'ld Sub-C'li;iscrs | l)or, hardware and windows—they M Win '™B "honorable mention" In , years while lhi;y elcjrcd their i,md (he 1539 Mississippi County Plnnt ' ' T'o Prosper Contest was excellent but not good enough for Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bowen. of the Double Bridges community, who this year have already started making' definite plans in the farm owners contest. The record made by the Bowen family Is remarkable in a number of ways with DIM of these ways being that all they have accomplished In farm life has been in the past seven years, which .should be an IneoiUive to the farmer who 'loo long" to start SAINT JOHN. N. B. (UP)—Three anti-submarine boats will be con, - K' • ?, C SL J ° hn D '' y D °" k stration agents, and B -\V Schroe- n " d shi l ;bl;lltii »B Compaay. Worfc °" " lc & m ' m contract let by wnr sur> I 11 . v bo!u ' tl • nerc's (he one and only Wilken Family Whiskey Fruiii Gt.uidpa on,us Wilkuis liavrliccn dislillcresince 1X87. You can id I llic first time you (iutcWilkcu Family Whiskey thai it's cxi r;i spcral in mildness and tich llavur! H.irry C. Wilken , der, assistant fann agent Mr Pickren and Miss Coleman arc in • charge of the north i»rlion of the aljol ' t Apr " '• county and Mr. Burns and Afi.w - - Kinoaid Ihe south portion. Alto ' Tlie United stalw, in 18U(i. lor t-Tking part in the contest will be Uic fitsl time; produced more sltul officials of the Farm Security Ad- than nnv other cuuntrv ministration. The winners of the contest in this county will be awarded the Plant to Prosper CcrUflcatc of Honor, testifying to their abilities as Jai-mers, and will be invited io attend the Mid-South Farm Forum and Plant To Prosper Rally In Memphis, in December. Families competing lor the prizes this year will be urged to live at home, diversify their crops, conserve (heir soil and improve their farm homes and farm management. ^ Rules of the contest and entry Wanks may be obtained from any 01 those in charge of (he county contest. Record books will be provided by April 1. according to Walter Durham, director of the Plant To Prosper bureau. Although an intensive drive has not yet been waged, a nnmurr ol . atmlies linve already made plans ' o enroll will, 355 already registered tor the Northern District of the county. In addllion to names published week O f thosc r )rst , 0 . tlicsi._rBmilif S also have Die honor; of tcmg in ihe first list- • From Lcachville arc: Albert Wal- w"' w^! 1 '"'™ 011 - Poltc r Bvrd. ! W W. Hicks, J. c. Love. J, c i, c Buttnim, John Rhodes. Claud Hir- nngtsn. Eapi, RI™. c. o owem Bwulon Blanhcnjhip. Je>:, c liaiiev! C. I. McDonald. Dolpha Martin • • Frank Carter.. L. D. RicUar.l r ' Harmon, Sam J 0 iic.=, R. w.'u'nci- M»ri OB1 «i M ^ nila> Arrhic Wa'*an,i Mario Blculns, Ucorgc Brown A : b. foreman, Tom Klccman K 1 : '• Slerncs, Joe Thompson, Toii, Pliil-' S A ,°^ mi - «a/el Kubanks. i Dallpn Decker, Pete Shipley. D0 ylc White. Lon Matthews, Harper Ca- ' gle, Mmvln Flccaian. W T Glenn S. H. Fowler, Bilij ninicli E W < I-obcitsoii, George Bailard.' Ridncv Mdlvoy, Charlie Newcomb Saiii East, John Bclew. Harvey Uoijcrs J. B. Diaton, C. O. Walker, Claud ; Mllhgan, H. c. Wheeler, Wilson Bunch. S. C. McllMv, W w Busjcli, E n. Thiclkclcl! fl n'wcd-' ' lock, Heibeit Higelnbotloin w u Ham. 1 I-roin Bljlheville. Frank \V. py- werc able to build n three room house. They lived in tliis house for two and planted liicir crops. In 1035 they traded tivo a=res of their land. Including their house, to a gin company for a gin site. In rctiun the company constructed n iieiv stucco bungalow. It was not an expensive house but it was Kent and clean with five rooms and since that time ihe Bowens have added :i 14 by 24 foal enclosed back porch which is divided into rooms for service quarters and a kitchen. Electricity was added in 1937 and plumbing installed last with other Improvements of papering, painting, new curtains nnd a new rug lo complete the progiioi which has made the California type bungalow a very attractive farm they planted 12 fruit trees They now have an orchard of 30 peach, apple, pear and plum trees Grapes, strawberries nnd dewberries me among Ihc small fruits found In the orchard. Two large gardens, one ;il the house for Immediate use and p. field garden for canning, more than supply Ihc family needs. A mile extra cash is earned by selling some of the surplus vegetables and last year Mrs, Dowen canned a tolal of ! t'i'i (marls of fruits, vegetables and About 300 rhlrtcns are raised ; annually and a flock of liens sul- j flclcntly large enough to supply i family needs is inahilaincd through I mil the year. Home raised liojs, and 1 a cnlf furnish the family mcH supply. They have enough milk an:! butter lor family use and are able lo sell seme to neighbors. Enough feed for the livestock is produced on the (arm. During the pact year, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen nnd their 11-year-old (laughter die! all of the work necessary to plant and cultivate their crop. Mrs, Bowen, who keeps a funn-lionic account, wrote in this book: "We do all our own work. . i.ding launnry, home sewing and working our crops. At odd I times and on rainy days wo spend our time adding Improvements to our home. Was the year a financial success? This question may be answered in this notation of the report: "Our grocery bill and hired help combined fo:- Die year totaled $01." They also were able to purchase 18 move acres of land. Mrs. Bovven has been an active homo demonstration club member i-bce she "went (o the farm." She hus served her club nt various times as president, reporter and yard im] provement chairman. In 1D34 she I supervised the cunning center in tier community. This family became interested in the Plant To Prosper Contest In 1938 and (or the first time kept accurate farm and home accounts. this experience Mr. ami Mrs Uowen learned tlie value of records to a farm family because they were . aile to see how planning might prevent needless expenditure. In 1930 they were able to profit by the .' '.'•« year's accounts and have made that an Important phase u f their , farm and home making rnisi^exs. j That this successful fanning sees , bom for tlie old and yoiniB is proved j by the fact that the Dowens, while , not old, have two grown sons ejrn- | ing their own wn.v nnd two daugh- I tors, ajc 11 and 3. who live at j home. "For many years we have I had responsibilities yet v:c- nrc young when it comes to farming," is liiclr way of expressing their new livelihood. Drive/ Grova n'ews Mrs. Mablc Hoilsc tt'rils iiill Skrllon. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Richardson announce tin; marriage o! FARM NEWS Tlie use of fniit produced In Hie Home orchard or small mm ijnr- Sen on Die farm Is a method of lowering living costs; and instead -l .spenrtniB money for canned or '••-"'• .^....i.,, ,,, L - Km11 lU'Lju ui f fr^lt fi-nitr- ii I — dniifiiter, Mrs. Mable Hodge H r -i~ h i' , • ll ls Poetical and i si™!.,, i.,.,,. ...'...,....S M.-irablc for even- f»rm ramiu, in lo Hill Skelton whicli was solt-mn- iwd EaluiCiay. Marcli 9, al lily- Uic'i'illc. Tiny will miiki- their lionic on the farm of Mr. skclton's grancl- fallitr, W. Al. Sprinser, in this ri- clnily. Miss K(ina Wilson nnd Miss Bobby Jean Wilson, ol UuUimel, sp.nt Ihe week end \vltli Miss Louise I Wadkins and Miss Louise Mas-ley. Jim Sparks has returned hems from ['ortagevlllc, Mo., where lie spent a few weeks with Ills daughter, Mrs. George Riddle, and Mr. Riddle, Mrs. Lee Heagan and children have returned from St. Louis where "icy visited relatives for a lew days. Mi-, and Mrs. Fred Vandlvcr of !! stecle, Mo., sptnl last wet* witli Ills brother, Tom Vandiver. and Mrs. Vandlvcr. farm family lo says Earl J. Allen, fcxlension horUciillmisl. University of Arkansas College O f Agriculture """ '"" Mississippi comity exten- vary in diffci-eitt parts of Hie stale; fruit that could be adapted to' northwestern Arkansas might not' grow well in Hie soulliwcstem part* of the state. For this reason ai special list of fruit, varieties, based} upon lesls made by the University! of Arkansas College ot Agriculture! on its main and braiicli expert-• mciil stations, are recommended, 1 The best varieties for Mississippi! County may be obtained from tho' extension agenUs who are sponsor-' lug the planting of more home; orchards here for u leading 1940 °M-tenth of the world's crops; ))y bwcts _ The French horn was invented in Italy, not Prance. Tlis iiiftru- :i'.ent contains between 1C and 2.! iw;i ol brass lube, and is cue of (he most difficult wind hslm- .-iieuts (o play Your Home NOW with SUPER The talk of America because in spite of its low price Super House Paint is GUARANTEED to equal any paint made, regardless of price! Gal covers up to 500 sq. ft., 2 co'ats. ffe 7«l In 5-gallon lots, white or colors £ a 'j LinseedOil.Bulk89« ga ].- Turpentine.Bulk54<!gal. ^ 'FHA Iniwed Remod«l,ng loom Arrong.d ol Wardt MBRY WARD Not all ol the improvements linvc bce'.i done to the inside. The .at- Iractivcly landscaped grounds were planned and planted 'by Mrs. Bowen. All of the plantings, except four evergreens, were grown from seeds and ctitUngs and vet she lias enough to give to friends.' Much of the success of this family may be attributed to the fnct"tlia't they follow a complete live-at- home program, which is the basis of the Plant To Prosper Contest. Soon after they moved to the Uso Wards convenisnl MorJMy Payment Plonon on '' P^'-'^-ts loMing 510 or mere. Buy Nov/! HELPFUL HINTS For Home Decorating by Uncle Andy You know, I did somc- j thing OK other night I that I want to tell yon ' folk* about. Went over to Sam Ellis* house for a glass of cider nnd a smoke, and as we wns siltin' there penccful like, Ijilkin* over old times, Sam's daughJer came in with n group of young scallywags. Naturally we hnd (o clear out so's we wait into 'ft Sam's den. Well, first thine you know there was the consamctest coinmotionl Sam antl I uishcJ in Apple". Sam couldn't srclianum that and so we Irtthr kids be. Bui about fin hour or r.o later when they collected liicir hals and coat.i to go home and Sam nnd me went back into the livin' room. Sani was prelty mad at whnt lie saw. ThnL there livin* room floor and Mr. Bailey's elephants Jwrf walked ncross il wilh hobnail Kbo-s, Never t=cea such scuffin' in all my life. But then I got an idrc, I slid out and went home nn\l fetched a con of thnt Pittshmph Wstcrspnr Varnish thnt Vhcy *cll nt Htiiilmrri's ami back again quicker 'n ynj t:ould soy "Jack Robinson". Thru we went to work. Only it u\r\t. much work vamishin* your floors with that Wattrspar. Goes nn jn&L as stick nscnti be. Ami \vnnM yon believe it?—we had the v, hnl r \ivin* room floor rcvnrnUhcd ju s i as bright nnd glossy and noi a sign of a scnfT in no time 3,1. j>}]_ And the nextniomhig when S,i:n went down to thr store nr jtavs that the floor wns better l-nikm' thnn it had ever Iwen all shm-y like satm. So take a tip the livin' room to s« what in tnr- Saul. If you've got scuffed fUw* * " " nation was goin* on. Well, sir, IhekidahadtheiUf up name.,) and sel wine of ti,,t w-nsgontiTOMghllicstrnnK- Pittsburgh Waterspsr Vami-v. motions ynu ever seed. Wien ' ' " vve asked Ruth— that's Som'a full quart which is abO'.:l run ^h lo varnish any livin' room P.oo- And it'll Mr-cur like iron. AA So:ii! — fioiighler- what it WBS flll nhoul, sl>c .'aid they was doin' the "Bis. I'UONIv ;ti "Qwa/if//, Vulnes and Variety" i A Cotnbg Order SsrvTcc sovci you money on { •:_ 'h<*nands of ifems'not carried In-the sTare . Did you ever stop to consider what farming was like before entered the field? Truly no name in farming history has contributed as much as Allis-Chalmers No fast-stepping Allis-Clialmer.s—nothing thai cvo" looked like a ono row tractor—no All-Crop Harvesters, only binders, threshers, huge combines!- Not only nan Allis-Chalniers pill over all those, rccoii- .slructing farming—"FACE LIFTING FARMING",.' IF YOU PLEASE, but Allis-Cliiilmers lias .feeen directly tho. cause of others having to remake their entire farm ci|uij>mcnl line, to stay in the ball game! Thoreh.v bcncfitling, indirectly, even those 1"<ir'mcrs who i-otildn't get delivery on V\llis-Chrv!mers gootls— so bought second choice! PLANT-TO-PROSPER ENTRANTS! Sec us for variiculars regarding the equipment Allis-Chalmers will award and deliver free of all cost io the 1940 Mid-South Sweepstakes Champicnship Winner As determined by the Official "I'lanl-lo-Vnisper" Jmlyrs ami as will be iinitouncetl in December 10)0 h.v Iht' lllythcvillc Courier News and by Ihe Memphis Commercial Appeal. Think of it— A MODEL "IV TRACTOR' Complete wilh !>lo\v—Disc Harrow—Cultivator and Mower. FT CAN" ALL t!K YOURS! Dealer Mlltheotile, Ark,

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