Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 6
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HOPE STAR AND DAILY PRESS,.HOPE, ARKANSAS • If BOOST f| HOPE'S M BUILD WEEKLY BUSINESS REVIEW m ;e Strawberry ield Is Predicted id Probably Will Be tewhat Weaker Experts Report , Ma— (&>— A'-rhucii strawberry yield in Missouri kansas in 1932 than' during the preceding seasons, but with a demand, has been forecast by .Committee on Strawbery Produc- rt.PoIicji' for the Ozark Territoiy Hftspbrted to the Missouri College ^. . ^^preliminary reports show that in , the „ combined strawberry pro- ftdn in' Missouri. Arkansas. Keh- and Tennessee was .35.000.000 **t» 35,000 acres, and the average tf firice was 11 G a uart. This Sage. whfch was 12.470 acres (26 eerit> below that of 1930, gav« a diiciion of 8,000,000 quarts (19 per flelow that of the previous Rivetless Steel Bridge Hailed as Engineering Feat acreage, for the four states, pp cent belqw the 1927^1 _!-year/ average was 30 per cent bti $ the-five year average^ and the to- pr&ttlction was 48 per cent below five-year average. . < he estinrated combined acreage in four slates for 1932 is 44 per cent *e that for 1D31 and 3 per cent be- f.the five year average. This estir ated acreage, with the 1927-31 five •average yield of 1,137 quarts an e r would produce a crop of 62 per above that of 1931 but 'approxi-> '15 pel- cent below the five year report stated that it must be nernbered, however, that the five • average period includes two years highly unsatisfactory prices to prd- ' ' • lunt for Army Airman Halted Over Weather ^MARLINTON, W. Va.-(ff>)— Lead" 'lowrhanging clouds and a two th snowfall Monday night shroud- L-the fate of Lieutenant E. H. Bob- Jr., 24, missing army pilot. hers believe the young lieu- ait crashed into a mountain side .was killed. Ifcations that nope for his safety been abandoned was given when parents offered a reward of $500 ffpr the discovery of his body. febbitte has been missing nearly •hours. He was flying from Self- Ige field, Michigan, to visit his par- at Hot Springs, Va., over the ?Mifk Sterilization by & Sound Waves Is Told "^ NEW ORLEANS.—(£>)—Sterilization 'of milk by super-sound waves and ''production in America of the world's first synthetic vitamin were announc- ;,ed to American Association for the I .Advancement of Science Tuesday. •« ;The - laws of chance, which scientists call entrophy, were shown to be more nearly like the ''chances of $very day life than formerly believed. Milk can be sterilized by sound waves, said Dr. Newton Games' and Dr. L. A Chambers of Texas Christian University, as effectively as by pasteurization. The sound waves do not spoil the milk for human use. • This new bridge, across the Buyra river in Poland, has become an object of interest to\the whole scientific world. For although it was built of steel, there is not a single rivet in it. By a special process, all parts have been welded together in a solid piece. , , , •.-•• ,. , ..'-. . TwojMen Questioned in Houston- Man's Death ANAHUAC, Tex.^-(JP)-A. fisherman and a.. .Beachcomer alleged by officers to have '.told ;"conflictirig stories" under questioning 1 . in Connection:' with the investigation df tfie death .'of J. L. McElratK were Iheld -Monday/ night in separate cell*. No: charges "Jiad been' filed.' ' - ^ ; ''-,'•• McEiifath and^F. C. Bonham left Houston' on a' hunting trip D8ce"rriber 1 and 'had not beer* -heard. from prior to the 'discovery'. of <the.-body,bf McElrath^ Sunday, in Trinity, bay. Searchers still were seeking" Bonham's Body Monday night. : r , ~ " • Chief Deputy Sheriff Neal Ro'ten of Chambers county, who revealed that the two men were being held, declined to explain anything about the "conflicting stories" he said his two suspects had told and declined, as well, to say what the "stories" concerned in the investigation. One of the men was held in Mont Belvieu, in this county, but Roten refused to say where the other was imprisoned, except to say it was in "another county." More Rain. and Snow for California Seen SAN FRANCISCO.-(/P)-More rain, with snow in the mountains was predicted for California Tuesday night and Wednesday by the weather bureau as work of clearing roads and .railway lines continued. Train movements over the Sierra Nevada, checked for a time by snow- slides in two localities, were continuing and officials promised service as usual if no further slides occur. Highways blocked by landslides in several parts of the state were being reopened to traffic and most roads, except th'ose on the ridge route or in the high Sierras, were considered passable. Dry weather was reported over most' of the state Tuesday night. Garland Is Determined .. to Keep School Open / GARLAND 'CITY— Garland .City : is determined to keep, its school open on s'orne basis after the firs{ of the year,. .regardless of 'the'success'or failufe of local absorption, of $ltf,OQO in bonds ready for issuance, according to E. J/ Wilson, secretary of the Garland City board and.'jtnember of -the county board of education. / . ;. • . ; " A canvass '.of patrons is planned fo determine Kow many, will subscribe SI per child per month for three and a .half months. It is' believed this shortened term qah' be financed through a" drastic reduction in teachers' salaries to which the teachers are said to be agreeable; and through substitution of a tuition student for the district bus drivers. Pan-American Airways Claims Flight Record MIAMI, Fla — (/P) — Pan American Airways claimed for its Caribbean Clipper, giant seaplane, the record for the largest passenger load ever carried on a scheduled flight as (he plane sailed away Monday with 37 passengers and a crew of seven men, bound for Havana. The vessel was put into commercial service between Miami and Havana several days ago. Forty Families Aided by Mena Goodfellows MENA—Working under direction of the Federated Welfare association, local Goodfellows brought Christmas cheer to 40 families in Mena through donations of food, clothing, toys and candy for the children. Plan Many Ports WASHINGTON. — There are now about 2000 airports and landing fields in the United States, the Department of Commerce reports. These fields are valued' at about 5135,000,000. Commercial airports, totaling 663, are the 5ne"s"h'ave been constructed and light- ' largest group, with municipal airports ed to date, a report to the U. S. De- numbering 645 second. At present ' partment of Commerce shows. The more than 500 new airports are being state mleiage is all in Pennsylvania, planned. State Airways Lag WASHINGTON—While construction of Federal trunk line airways over the country is nearly 70 per cent com- only 370 miles of state feeder GULF GAS At the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 Prisoner Vs. Prisoner "VALUE RECEIVED!" Of Ihc- many commodities purchased for the average home during the year's run, we believe NATURAL GAS offers the greatest value for money expended. Ita CLEANLINESS in the home and community- Its EASY AND EXACT CONTKOL— Jts INSTANT AND MAXIMUM HEAT, when and where wanted- JCeeping a CONSTANT, EVEN, HEALTHFUL room ternpurature— all of these qualities h.v.-e a real tangible MONEY VALUE, but the actual cost of using NATURAL GAS in our community is so low, that no one need' deny himself its benefits. If used sensibly—for needs—not wasted—every NATURAL GAS bill can be truthfully endorsed--' Value Received!" Arkansas Natural Gas Corp, A Cities Service Unit SEATTLE, Wash—Attendants at a garage here had E. W. Nelson arrested because he was sleeping in a parked car. James F. Smart was asked to testify against Nelson. Came the trial. The court was notified that Smart, too, was in jail. He had been arrested on a charge of drunkenness. He was called to the witness s'.and, however, and testified against Nelson. The latter was asked to leave town. "Steal" Religion JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Thieves do not, as a rule, attempt to steal "religion," but two who held up Parson Jones, negro preacher here, got a lot of it. They took two Bibles, a hymnal and a Sunday school book. Bird Roofs It's just as easy to have an insured roof! When your home is covered with Bird Asphalt Shingles it can be insured against loss or damage due to Hail. Wind, Tornado, Cyclone or Collision. HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 Can Making Plant to Be Built in Louisiana •'NEW YORK— (£}—A new three story modern can making: plant will 'be, built by the Continental Can company. Inc., at Harvey, La., adjaqent to tnp plant of>Penick arid' Ford., In 1929 Continental obtained a long term contract for the entire Pcnick and Ford can requirements. Prominent Farmer of Arkansas Held in Death WALDRON, Ark.-(/P)—A first degree murder charge was filed Monday against Jack Hughes. 45, a prominent Scott county farmer, for shooting Roy Defoor, 31, of Forrester. Hughes was arrested at his home at Cedar Creek, 25 miles from Waldron, Sunday. Preliminary hearing will be held Tuesday. Report that) Hughes fled to the mountains afler the shooting were incorrect as he surrendered Saturday night, and was allowed to return to his home, Sheriff Bill Money said. • t • Selection as Hospital Site to Be Celebrated "Better Homes" to Feature Program Training School for Chairman to Be Held in February MAGNOLTA4-Arrangempnts for the Columbia Courlty, Better Homes Campaign for 1332 are being made,; accord- Ing to TMiss Ktfi.q McGfiiigh, tounnty demonatraticJn ufcfcnt ;ariU: ejiairman^of the movement in' Columbia countjf. She also ; announces Jhai a sctiool 'or the training of the' chairmen of the various sections of the county will be held in February. Communities that will take part :his year which were (triable 'to do 'so n 1931 will be Taylor, Emerson, McNeil. New Hope and cBthel. These communities were unable to co-op- crate- lasV year because' of the ; lateness in which, the cafpriign was started. Chairman for the several districts arc Mrs. E. E. Graham, Magnolia; Mfrs^ Minnie McGregor, Waldo; Mrs. Otis' Godwin, .Taylor; Mrs. .Homer Wilson,. "Village; Mrs. H\igh Stevens, Emerson; Mrs. Annie Laura Black, College .Hill; Mrs'. Jesse : DeLoach, Union; Center; Mrs. C. B. ''Clark, Beech Creek; Miss Irene Cox, Bethel; Mrs. Doyle "Stewart, Walkerville; Mrs. P. W. Coleman, Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Jim Keith, Bussey; Mrs. Sam Sanders, rural Magnolia; Mrs. Cal Milner,, Milner; Miss Velma Grant, New Vernon; Mrs. Carl Reagan, Mc- NeiU Mrs. Danie Dodspn; ri^ral home economics club; Mrs. W- L. Mayfield, New Hope. Milk Men Exempt MIAMI, Fla.—A milkiman's early working hours may be a bit inconvenient to him, but they present a good argument when it comes to getting out of jury duty. George Wach- stetter, milkman, was excused from the U. S. District Court jury panels by Judge Ritter. "You might go to sleep in the jury box," the judge told" Gorge after the milkman had explained his job required him getting up at 1 a. m. every day. • i • Robbery? Aw, Rats! COLUMBUS, Ohio. — Sherman Edwards discovered that a bag containing $100 left in his store was missing. As all the doors and windows were intact, Edwards suspected an "inside job." In searching for further clues, he found postive evidence of an "inside job." He found two silver dollars behind a cupboard, A flashlight disclosed the bag containing the rest of the money at the mouth of a bag rat hole. FAYETTEVILLE.—f/P)—A dinner to celebrate selection of Fayetteville as the location for a new United States veterans hospital will be held here Thursday night. Congressman Claud Fuller and others who led the fight to have the hospital established in this section will be guests of honor. Law Never Forgets CHAMPAIGN, 111.—Last April the home of D. E. Williamson'was raided and a quantity of liquor seized. Williamson was not arrested, and he went to California, where he completed a course of instruction in radio work. He recently returned here to make use of his knowledge. He paid a visit to the sheriff to see how he stood. He found' his standing not so good, for he received a sentence of 90 days in jail. Device Plots Course WASHINGTON— Hydrographic Office, Navy Department, has reported the development of an instrument for use of pilots in plotting airplane courses. It is said to simplify the ascertaining of directions and distances, and also permits actual warking of the course on a chart beneath the instrument. India Air Mail Up LONDON.— Air mail poundage- to India has increased considerably since 1030. The Imperial Airways reports that during the third quarter of 1931 a total of 8746 pounds, an increase of 13 per cent over the 7712 pounds carried during the same period of 1930, was transported' between England and India. And Then In Keep Up the Gold Standard The reason offered for Hollywood's going blonde are: First, to lighten the overhead. Second, a desire on the part of the stars to be fair to their public.—Bostgn Transcript. Fire Destroys Home of Mena Fireman MENA, Ark.—Awakened by crackling flames and a glare of light Saturday morning, O. J. Standridge, member of Mena's fire department, did' not realize his own home was burning. Believing the fire to be in the Curt Shields home adjoining, he shouted a warning to his neighbor, only to discover his mistake a moment later. Standridge, with his wife and two little daughters, escaped safely, but the home was a total loss. Firemen saved' two nearby homes. Insurance of $15000 will partially cover Standridge's loss. Guessed Wrong Professor—"I've been robbed of my gold snuff-box." Wife—"Didn't you feel a hand in your pocket?" Professor—"Yes, but I thought it was my own."—Vart Hem. WE MOVE To 106 South Main MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 39 Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop; Mgr. WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GPAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 We'll Get Your Car Ready For CHRISTMAS Drive in to this complete one-stop service station, for a change of oil, ircasc, wash or polish. Prices LOW. Let Us Repair Your Radiator LUCK'S SERVICE STATION For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or 934 / this House Just Barged In Report Cotton Received' s by Compresses in Week LITTLE ROCK.-(/P)-ArkansflS compresses received n total of 33,163 bales of cotton for tho week ended Friday, the weekly bulletin of the Arkansas Cotton Trade Association re» ported Monday. This cpmparqd'' wilH 16,9595 bnles received for the sortie week of !l«st year. Receipts this ycjuj jslncc'AugGst 1 were ,lSt,5ll,'- compared to. 'MU76 for tho arnV period of l^U. .ft'rid shipments or the week were 40,104, compared to 3,069 for the same week of last year. Shipments since August 1 this year vcre 556,239, nnd for tho same period iist year 483,322. There now Is a stock n hand of 678,991 biilcs, and tho stock n hand December 25, 1930, wns 370,330 }ales. , ' ' , ^MM^H^MMMV^MM^^M^P^^^^M^M^^^MMMMHM^^MMM^M^B^^^MMM>M HM » « iieie's a inieti-sioiy, inmetm-roorn nouse that went tor a .winter cl'ulse. Barges carried it and -.tugs pushed it for eight miles across Delaware Bay from Fort Mptt, N. J.-, to Fort Dupont, Delaware, where it will be .used as a headquarters for army officers. , Taught Herself JACKSONVILLE,. Fla.—A case oC the teacher being (aught dppcarcd'be- fore'Judge I. M. Anderson. The teach, er was a woman who '.according to her testimony," decided to get drunk in order to teach her husband 1 a lesson. "I thought if he could sec me drunk he Wouldn't drink any more," she ex- planed. She succeeded in getting drunk, but the result was that sho and friend hubby had a fight. The uproar brought police and caused her arrest. She learned the lesson instead of the husband. It's Safe to Be Hungry At The CHECKERED CAFE Plate Lunch 35c More Bread For Your Money Bluo Ribbon Bread, and other Cily Bakery products, yivu you inure ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll liave money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread WANTED Mure snap turn—many loads arc coming ia—shows you read the paper and the adds—will tell you soinchling in this space next week that will surprise you—watch it. Phone 230 IMOPE BRICK WORKS Christmas Photos By Day or 'Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We are equipped to take your Christmas portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment GAS STOVE REPAIRING We rebuild rind • repair all makes of gas stoves. L,cl us cover your kitchen cabinet with NICKEL ZINC Reasonable Prices , • ' .-* Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 INSPECTION BRINGS CORRECTION You snap the switch—light floods every nook nml cranny—the coffee lnihhlos in the prrcnlutor, I he tuustcr or waffle Irons warms to Us \vurk—another clay lias begun. This is a day of the electrical era with our service changing 'most every household job to a joy! All through the dify and night the inspection work of your electric system goes on, that your service may be continlous. The provcrbir.l "ounce of prevention" is worth literally tons of "cure!" And it is said that Hope's municipal light service is more continuous—with fewer "breaks" in service than is to be found in most of our neighboring towns. Ever alert inspection is one o[ the reasons for this. Hope Water & Light Plant Dedicated to Service at a Low Cost Manufacturers of Cotton Seed Products and Quality Fertilizers QUAPAW FERTILIZERS TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse \ Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company H. 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179 m

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