Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1931 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 5
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,, > HOPE gtAR AND DAILY PRESS, HOPE, ARKANSAS IV & A ftp ttt North New* GAthered by The CorreqMndentA. M'Caskill- BLEVINS NE WS~Tokio Truck Growers of District to Meet Plant for 1932 Crops Will Be Discussed Thursday Night, December 31 A public meeting to be held in the •auditorium of the Blevins High School lias been colled foi- Thursday night of this week. All growers of truck crops along the Prescott and Northwestern Railroad are expected to attend for this Is to be the first of a series of Meetings to be held in collection with truck growing in this section. The 1932 outlook for the growing of truck Cfops will be discussed at this time, Approximate acreage of the var. lous crops grown in the territory will be discussed. In this section hundreds ,of cars of truck Is shipped each year. The first of them 'being radishes and greens, both mustard and turnips. Then the tomatoes, cucumbers and cantaloupes. All growers are especially urged to attend this meeting on Thursday night, as matters of great Importance will be discussed. Belton News Rev. L. L. Bolton delivered two interesting sermons here Sunday. Miss Maggie Leslie, a teacher a Magnolia, visited her parents, Mr. an Mrs. S. F. Leslie over the Christma holidays. Oren Harris of El Dorado, visile relatives here last week. An interesting Christmas program was given here Thursday night di rected by Mrs. Elton Daniel and Mis Leta Daniel. Horace Rankin of Murfreesboro, wa the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peter last week. :Fred Daniel is visiting his father W, T. Daniel and other relatives here this week. Miss Mattie Leslie and three nieces Jessie Mae, Brooks and Evelyn Whit- ""mpre of DeQueen, are the guests o; Miss Leslie's parents, Mr. and Mrs S. :F. Leslie. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Warlow of Hope I. attended preaching here Sunday. Oras, Coy and Catherine Dotson of Nashville, visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Dotson over the week-end. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrsi-.H. O, Daniel Wednesday. Miss Ruby Leslie of Hot Springs, was the week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Leslie. ^ Mr. and. Mrs. Otis Davis of Hope, visited his mother here Sunday night/ Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Chism visited their son and family at Nashville over the Christmas holidays. Mr. and 1 Mrs. C. T. Dotson visited their daughter, Mrs. J. V. Hampton of McCaskill Friday. Mrs. Harve Jeffers of Washington, was the week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Peters. Mrs. J. i.% Hampton and son, Jesse Wayne, ai\d Mrs. J. M. Hampton of McCaskill, attended precahing here Sunday. MRS. CLAWCfe McCa»kllll Coney Island's Beach Combers Suit Record SYDNEY—The record for making a suit of clothes in the fastest time now goes to Australia. From the sheep's back to a finished suit took only 1 hour, 52 minutes and 18 seconds in the record try here. The recorl was, formerly helot by England, and was 2 hours, 9 minutes and 45 seconds. All beach combers aren't tattered, bearded derelicts on tropic shores. New York's famous Coney Island has them, too. Here are two who sift sand through a wire netting in an effort to recover trinkets, coins and occasional valuables that were lost by the bathers who flock to the beach during the summer. Negro Is Killed in Quarrel Saturday Sport Bealey Dead; Russell Adams Held in Jail at Washington Russell Adams, Blevins negrb, Was given a preliminary hearing in the court of Justice Elijah Stephens Monday and ordered held to the Hempstead county grand jury without bond, for the slaying of Sport Bealey, an- clher negro, on last Saturday. The killing occurred on the Duckett farm a short distance south of Blevins on Saturday night about 11 o'clock following a quarrel between the two over a negro woman, it was shown by tho testimony. The fatal shooting took place in the home of Ode Hill. Bealey was shot with a shotgun as he sat in a chair, the shot being fired from outside of the house. Adams fled from the scene following the shooting but was apprehended by officers Sunday. Bealey had worked for H. M. Stephens practically all of his life and was employed by this firm as a truck driver. Following the trial Adams was taken :o Washington and lodged in the county jail by Constable K. B. Spears. Blevins Business Firm to Move Soon Albert Dye Erecting New Quarters for Barber Shop and Cafe Albert Pye, Blevins cafe owner anc barber is having a new building erected and will soon move to this new-location on the West side'of Main street. '• In this new building he will have mpre room and will be better able to care for his customers, whether they want to eat or get a hair cut. Just Sales Talk LOS ANGELES.—The man who sold i. F. Kelly his dog said he was "ab- iolutely ,the best watch dog in town. Celly felt secure then, anl put the dog o work watching his cafe. Soon after, Kelly went to open his cafe in the morning and found a burglar had' en- ered, "I suppose the dog chased lim," Kelly thought. But once inside le found the burglar had eaten his ill, stolen a revolver, and walked way with the dog.for good measure. Phis Is 'Some Punkin!' It Weighs 77 i/ 2 Pounds KINDER, La.— (A*)— The character- stic southern expression to designate omething of immense proportions- Some pumpkins!"—might have orig- nated here. Eugene Buller grew one that weighs /i pounds, which he brought to own and put on display in the lobby f a local bank. He said there were others on his farm just as large. McCaskill News A very interesting Christmas program was rendered 1 at the church last Tuesday night. Ralph Scott of Hendrix College, is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scott. Orvall Wortham of Magnolia A. and M. college visited relatives here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Granville Darwin of Houston, Texas, were holiday visitors here. Mr. ancf Mrs. Charlie Thomas and children of Smackover, were guests of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Gehtry the past week. . Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wardlow of Hope, visited Mr. and Mrs. Glen Eley Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Stokes wore shopping in Hope Christmas Eve. Mr. and Mrs. Golden Moore arc visiting relatives in Conwny this week. Mr. and Mrs. Gus McCaskill of Frescott, visited relatives here Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Stokes arc spending this week with relatives near Delight. Mr. and Mrs. Chester MsCaskull were Blevins visitors Sunday. Mrs. Charlie Clingan visited in Bingen last week. Nelson Home From New Orleans Trip Takes Two Carloads of Turkeys and Chickens to Market Nation's "First Family" Holds Reunion A capital time was had by all as .the. Christmas: holidays, brought the nation's "first family" together for their first reunion in many months. Here you see the Hoovers,before the national community Christmas tree at Wash- ngton, D. C. Left to right, are: Allali.'Mrs.vHerberfHoover (standing behind Herbert Hoover III and' Peeev Ann) President Hooper, Mrs. Herbert Hoover, Jr.,-and Herbert Jr. . : , • . ssy nmu, M. L. Nelson returned to Blevins Wednesday from a trip to New Orleans, La., at which time he marketed two car loads of turkeys and chickens, approximately 36,000 pounds. This was the largest shipment Mr. Nelson has made to New Orleans although it was not his first trip to that city with poultry by any means. It was, however, one of the most successful and mosi pleasant ones, according to a statement from him Monday. Sale of Mena Business Property Is Announced MENA, Ark.—The business structures occupying n quarter block of ground at the intersection of DcQuocn street and Janssen avenue, has been old to Harry L. Anderson of Mena. Phe property formerly occupied by he Barham-Baker Motor company, was recently acquired under a court rd'er by the Union Trust company of ^ittle Rock. The new owner plans to isc the buildings as a service station, auto repair shop and general motor storage. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer GET PUFFED UP ABOOT Picks "Red June" Apples Christmas Tokio Correspondent Reports Having Fresh But- terbeans in His Garden Judging from the following letter, the Tokio correspondent of the Hope Star had an enjoyable Christmas. Red June apples and green butter beans are not uirBsiial but a great delicacy at this time of the year. Editor Hope Star:—I would have been glad if you could have had dinner witli me Christmas as I had something unusual for this part of the country, but at this season of the year. I have a Red June apple tree that has bore its second crop of apples and I pulled reel apples, fresh from the tree that day and to beat that we had a mess of green butter- beans fresh off the vines on Christmas day. I also killed a nice mess of squirrels on Christmas Eve. Oh, I had better change the subject before I ruin something. Ha. Your friend, Geo. C. McLarty. P.&N.W. Road at a 1 • ; Furnishes Outlet ft Crops Grown in Hempstead Cdi PHESCOTT.-(/P)—With part of its income derived portation of agricultural ft smallest railroad in ArkahSat erating at a profit; This railroad, the Northwestern, has cont ing business while mi road companies much If periencing financial diffic The railroad is only 41 extending between Prescoif, inth, Arkansas. It has a 50 employes, and" is valui A. J. Stephens, the coml ricultural agent, is encoural ing along the railroad's Jgl frankly admitting that,! mean more business for" 4 f as .well as more prosperit farmers. Information Oti agricultural methods isj Agent Helps So Shortage of 1 ... O .-iff Ferris Bank Robbery Investigation Opened WAXAHACHIE, Texas — (/P) —The Ellis county grand jury Monday began investigating the R. and M. Bank burglary at Ferris November 17, and the Ligon and Hamm hardware store burglary at Red Oak November 21. Three of the seven men named as defendants were questioned. They were Roy Thornton, charged with the Red Oak burglary; H. W. McBride, barged with the Ferris bank burglary rind rubbing Bob Cunningham, Feris night watchman, of a pistol; and ?red Mace, charged' with burglary in rath cases. Other'defendants in the Ellis coun- y cases were former Sheriff Schuyler Marshall, Jr., of Dallas county; Herbert Scales, one-time Dallas club- man; Bud Mace of Dallas and J. Robert Kelly of Dallas. Hatcheryman Aids Flock Accrediting Expenses of Flock Inspection Born by Purchaser of Egg Production Jeff Brown who operates a hatchery at Springdale, Ark., has a method all of his own in getting his flock accredited, states G. W. Knox, Extension poultryman, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Mr. 'Brown pays for the inspection work for his flock owners when it is done before his hatching season starts. Then as soon as his flock owners start bringing in eggs, Mr. Brown holds back the premium of 10 cents per dozen which he,pays for accredited eggs, until the accrediting work is paid for. This takes only a short time to pay for the accredited work,'and the hatcheryman is insured of a good egg supply, the person buying baby chicks is . insured of getting good standard bred baby chicks, and the flock "owner is given a premium of 10 cents per dozen above market price for his eggs. Fen Deaths in New York Due to Liquor Poison NEW. YORK.- (ff) —Police Sunday attributed 10 deaths over the holidays, one that of a woman, to poison liquor. Arrests for intoxication were few. From 9 a. m. Saturday to 5 p. m. Sunday—32 hours—only six such arrests were made in populous Manhattan dnd the Bronx. Police said it was a record 1 , as was also the fact that none was arrested for a major crime during the same period. Tokio News Events Th_e Christmas program at Swee Home camp ground . last '"• Thursday night. was' a 'big' success. Mrs. L.'M. Wood's visited in Pres- Mule Beats Auto JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-In a powerful auto, dry agents attempted a raid on a liquor cache hidden in a swamp. T^.ie operator of the still, however, heard the approach of the car and mounted a mule to escape. Off he trotted down the road. Officers, anticipating an easy capture, sped after him. The mule, however, took to a swamp as they neared. The car attempted to follow, but found' the swamp tough going. They abandoned the chase. liurn Linguist "Did you ever attend a school for stuttering?" "N-n-no, I j-j-just picked it up."— Purple Parrot. cptt last week. Miss pra .V. Smith ,of Prescott, visited. Miss • Esther Woods through the Christmas holida'ys. Fletcher Cooley and .Miss Esther Woods visited in Prescott Friday. Miss Myrtie Thompson returnee to Dierks Monday after spending the holidays with. her : parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thompson. . Harry Holt and grandfather, Mr. Lauderdale, of Sillsby, Texas, spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holt. Miss Dulcie Dee Holt is at home for the holidays." Mrs. Lloyd Whitmorris and baby are visiting in Tokio'. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. McLarty of Nashville visited' relatives in Tokio Sunday. ,The Rev. H. L. Simpson of Bingcn, filled his regular appointment at Sweet -Home Sunday. Mr.' arid Mrs. "Malcom • Brewer and Mrs. Clinton Kelley of Murfreesboro, were the dinner guests of their sister, Mrs. E. L. Warren Friday. Joe, Daniel was a business visitor to Nashville Saturday. Mrs. Mildred John Baker and Miss Alma Cooley were shopping in Nashville Tuesday. Mrs. Rufe Loe and son, Harold, of El Dorado, are spending the holidays with relatives here. Lee Stuart gave a Christmas party Friday night which everyone seemed to enjoy. E. L. Warren, Vernon Harris, and Roy Wisdom were business visitors to Nashville Thursday. Everyone reported a nice time at the party at E. K. Stewart's Saturday night. J. T. Warren and family visited relatives at McCaskill Thursday. Mrs. Early Theobolt and children of Dierks, visited her sister, Mrs. J. T. Warren Friday and Saturday. Blevins Schools Christmas Holiday Enjoyed by Force of Teachers and Pupils Pupils in the Blevins Special School district will resume' their studies on Monday morning, January 4th, after spending a week and a half in Christmas vacation. This is the largest rural school system in the county. Seven school busses are used as means of transporting pupils to the schools at Blevins and McCaskill , the only two. schools maintained in the district.' Approximately 700 pupils attend these schools. . Quick, a Monument! EL PASO, Texas.—Set down Maximo Alvarez as one of the world's most courageous men, He is probably the only one who battled a skunk bare handed. The skunk bit Alvarez while he was asleep, Not knowing what he was fighting, the hero finally slew the beast—much to his discomfort and disgust, Football Coaches For Present Rules Drastic Changes Unlikely at Annual Meeting Despite Many Fatalities NEW YORK.-(/P)—Football coaches lere for their annual clinic, scheduled Tuesday, held infromal talks Monday The Steering Committee, headed b -hick Meehan, president of the Na tiomjl Association, outlined" the pro gram. The coaches, much as they regre the 48 known football deaths the pas season, are not likely to recomment any drastic changes in the existin; rules of the game. There will be much conversation on the subject, with' indictments of the flying wedge, proposals that defensive linemen not be permitted to use their hands on the heads and necks oi charging rivals and a movement to restore the tee on the kick-off. But it is evident the men who teach the game will not seek any radical changes. What is more probable is that they, like Eastern officials at their meeting Monday, will ask their Rules Committee ot make a thorough analysis of the situation and to tell the National Rules Committee what it thinks February. Who Said Depression? Coffee, Sugar Exchange Membership Is Sole NEW YORK.—(#>)—Sule of a membership in the New York coffee anc .sugar exchange was announced Monday at $5500, unchanged from the last sale. Four Bandits Get $739 After Watchman Bound NORFOLK. Va.-Four unidentified bandits escaped with $739 early Monday after binding the watchman and breaking into u heavy safe at the plant of the Colonial Oil company. Unannounced BIRMINGHAM, Ala—Mrs. Morris Bush was talking with a visitor. The door knob turned slowly. Mrs. Bush lurriedly glanced at the door antici- iuting a robber. In jumped a mon- — , key. The butler was called to eject /ard I laiA. visitor, and put him outside. Un- ered in .. the monk continued paying Bunch was, leighbors until his mas- his companions "atton, came to take Bunch was impDI » e home in the Pat- tempt at train wr> Columbus It doesn't look like depression when Chicago Christmas shopping crowds are as large as ever. This picture shows a corner on State street there, where idewalks and stroes are jammed to- capacity. Note lamp pps.es. gay figures which ».«-.»- Herman Leftwich of Fort Worth Texas spent Christmas with friends here and at Okay. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williamson of Shreveport spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs, J. O. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Johnson of Fulton visited with relatives here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins and children of Foreman spent Christmas with Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Darnall. Miss Lorena Darnall accompanied them home for a visit. Capt. and Mrs. J. L. Autrey of Richmond, Virginia, are spending the holidays with Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Autrey Mrs. E. J. Shepperson had as guests during the holidays, Miss Ida Cheatham of Texarkana and Mrs. Marvin Dudney of Stamps. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. White were visitors to Texarkana Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson are spending the holidays with theii daughter Mrs. James W. Green and Mr. Green in Houston. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Stuart had as guests Sunday, Mrs. W. B. Booker, Thomas Booker, and John Murry of Texarkana and Miss Roberta Stuart of Washington. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Aulrey have as holiday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Morley Jennings and Richard Jennins of Waco, Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Booker, of Texarkana; Capt. and Mrs. J. L. Autrey of Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ellis of Saratoga, and L. H. Mitchell of Arkadelphia. Miss Elizabeth Wilson and James Wilson of Richmond, Va., are spending the holidays with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilson Sr. Mrs. T. C. Wilson and Mrs. J. C. Hill are spending a part of the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dodson in Texarkana. Miss Janie Johnson and Miss Mary Gain.es Autrey attended the dance at Little River Country CJub Monday 4-H Club Boys of Pig| and Rector Interest in Project PIGGOTT, Ark.—A year ago;; Jinks, county agent, set out some of the hog shortage' in" county and at the same thrift 1 some valuable lessons to the t-H boys. ,' *» He now reports that 59 boys' finished their work involving 305J and sows, and tha tprospecti^or will be about twice that number; At Mr. Jenks' call for'Kelp ea the' year the Lions 'Club of ?! sponsored a movement to finance 1 with good gilts'that would be'r farrow iii,fall of 1931. Each boy,.* ed a combination note and agreei with his father in which he prp'f to follow the instructions of the i ty agent-and his local leader \in| growing of and breeding of^'~ and the growing, feeding, and.;l ing of> the litter of pigs would produce. It was have the boys grow out t] marketing in the spring of 19 than a car of pigs for that- is now assured. , „ , '• • • '—•— Body of Man Found J pnf* Mountain Is Identify HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-(fl>)—The 1 of a man found on West mow lere December 23 was identified Sji day as that of Joseph W. Adams), Memphis. William A. Amend, cigar turer of Memphis, came here"iai made the identification. A letter from Adams to Amend found in a hotel room occupied man who registered' as "J, of Beaumont, Texas. The body previously had been tified as that of Altman. A bullet wound in the head,.'' presence of a pistol nearby, led orner J. P. Randloph to pn •the man's death suicide. "Does your husband always lie you? 1 , "No, some nights I'm too tired ask questions."—Jester. Mr. and Mrs. Morley Jennings Saturday witli friends in ArHadelph^l,', j Miss Virginia Johnson of DeQue^|> spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrp, J. S. Wilson. . 'if Archibald Mauldin of Peorla, JllJ, visited with friends here Saturdays Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hill and Frank Hill of Buck Range, visited with MfW J. H. Hipp Sunday. jj Mrs. R. C. Stuart is spending thl« week with Mrs. W. B. Booker in Te.JH arkana. > J Miss Nancy Johnson and Miss Mabje,^ •Sipes of Okay spent Christmas wljjj} lome folks here. j , Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Suggs and Frank Suggs of McNab spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. C. R. White. {* Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Evans of Shreve. P port are spending the holidays wit Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ellen. 1? Famous Cough ^ Prescription A doctor's famous prescription cd Thoxine is guaranteed to re coughs within a few minutes, i works on a new principle—relip throat irritation and goes direct tq internal cause. n ^i Taken before retiring, Thoxine %b* solutely prevents night coughing. AJt gives the same speedy relief (or Sfffft throat, too. Safe for the whole famjly —guaranteed no dope. Money bq if not satisfied. 35c. Sold by John, Cox Drug Co. and all other good stores. New Years Greeting As we come to the end of 1931— is much to be thankful for. My wish to you is that 1932 will bg the most prosperous and most year you have ever enjoyed. M. G. CRANE Service Station "The Home of Gujf Mite South, 0«ftu— HJg>way

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