The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1940
Page 3
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Y, MAKCH 15, iai6 S 66 PCI. TElJf BTymiEvn,i,E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS HIGH SCHOOL N'l-VVS Federal Bureau Statistics Covering 1935-36 Period Jenliir Itolarlans Clmsi'ii Hix members of the Senior .Vive I>P«'II chosen lo ii''i; high school ai ihe Rotary I weekly meetings for the ' 11101 • April through September. K Junior RnUirian meets with dub «t Its nwkly liinchron t'lisciisses civic problems wiih .'lub members. Tliose seletted wen-: )i ... „, ..—- s ! llvc - v law years j Chmles Aliboll. .June' I'm •in,, u f , " B • <! " 0(VS tm ' 1 wo-i son. July; I.loyd Ward -iinos oi all American families ! Don WlUic-lm.'spj)t-mhrr lived on an average of $09 a month : . i . in ia:i5 and lOUU. The survey included detailed reports ol income, spending and liv- i'i« Mamlards of MO.OOO Cninlllc.s, rnp'esenting ;\ cross-section of IM,OOD,C(JO persons. H was ihe most [ilMfi ilfll *l»lrl <.n>i.i\>...l..*....I.,.. HIlS the .ind the ; St;itl NYw Pr i fiomelhiiuj •- '. ..... in the lint of , tchcdl studies has arisen with Ihe ulmit of fi civic project itcvlst'il I for the freshmen The iticn behind — , r ~*.,v~v j.v.ju.13. 4l WHS me most.' .< < . uumiii detailed and comprehensive snrvcv i P- 0 )«" is. one or importance— i-W'i m;«lc. ''•''"'' ° r s«'l<l»S out civic ills- r>)id Econoinlsls sludyinf! the- results• r( "-' ol ' di "8 lll "» ™ ">«t thi! cily of Uie survey made by Uio liuie-iu i '""" * J "' it lvhii( lclorms ""' "i labor siiitlsilcs. thi! bureau of I "1™ /''"' wi ' v ' '•'•- - Ine ireshmc-n art; busily engaged with their job and Miss Eltif IIOJIK- i.-ranomics the WPA Dave learned new facts concerning -!i Uh ,1"™' jol> :lll(l Miss Eltil< Lc<1 Ar.>..ricim living habits IV ' ;e " re l ;orls lh;11 "*"' ""Huile There were 4000000 families—! 10 '" 1 " 1 " ls v ' : '- v commendable, 'r.o'ilv 011 rehel-who had nn nv 'er- [£*'•' ,"'' c1 ' " :llso |X>!| "« lll[k '" b - v age Income of only 5312 a vear ^ '' Jmllji:l » McHwiry, mnthc- TOiit was 14 per cent of the' nn- ! "" M " s !llslrl! « or - "»'l WiHIinn '!rnnl poiiublion. Economics esti- !jeswlck ' «-'"mce instructor. In the mate Unit a "decent livinu stand-i '""'' a " ci sciM > li "<= l>l"ws ml" for n family of fom-\ws-i ° r ,,!-!f " rojrels :,l 200 a year or niore ' I Wllll «' n D - McClurkin. siiperm- «cn wen n-.,,, ' i > , Undent of !he city schools, was i.i^£SmSSoS I ?«• * »V™« ^ lo mnke (lie community a pan of Uie school program, for it is the's purpose lo prepare the ! student for his life work and 10 make him a better citizen. He em- cover every problem of the rom- i.:unity for this Is the most worth wliile project that has been offered. Classes Shown l-'ilm | A film depicting tn c story uf Uie growing and harvesting of oranges 1 and lemons in California was I shown lo tlie members of Mrs. . Freeman Robinson's home eco! nomics classes Wednesday. The I film, produced by a fruit distributing company, traced the story ol the oranges from the time they 'Iluis, it was indicated, 42 per cent of the nation lived on incomes averaging less than $50 a month Another 7,000,010 families — 23 comes averaging $100 a month. Th'.' survey showed Dial about Iwc- Ihiids of the nation lived on in- cw.ies of less (linn 51,500 a year "iivl averaging $820. The average income for the p.a- •ian as a whole was $1 622 for each family. The highest 5 per cent in ••lie income bracket had 27 per cent of the national income and the highest I per cent had H per cent per cent of ,, ' CC " 1 hn(l '" M ? " " "' e 10W ' dies in the country had incomes of '•' •'•'.(} or more a year. Food Hallo Shown The report showed ihat 4,200.000 .nrailies in ihe lowest income group —14 per cent of all families— bought only 6 pel- cent of the fowl consumed i u this country. The next m per cent of the population M,ii(?hl 20 per sent of the food -.1 Agriculture Department economists said families receiving 5312 spent an average of SI per person PCI week for food, while those receding 51,200 a ye(U . spent an avercgc of S2.18 per person, "If every family receiving less than S100 a month couid be raised to that level expenditures for food would increase by Si.000,000000 a year and the national food bill vvoulcl be 14 per cent larger," Milo reikins. president of the Federal •-Hi-plus Commodities Corporation, He estimated that food expenditures by the group now receiving less than $100 a month would be mtrcascd by 21 per cent. Farm in- m,'/™"' 01 "' 1 be ' J00st «' "y *,- WO.UGO a year, he said. W THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. J. N. Thoinason. Plaintill, vs. No. 7170 Dickson, heir at law of J. D. and l.on Dickson. deceased, and unknown heirs of J. D. and Lou Dickson. Deceased. Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendants. Dickson and the unknown heirs of J. D. Uickson and Lou Dickson, deccas- «l, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court, for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint "or the Plaintiff, J. N. Thcmason. Wilnesseth my hand as clerk ol said court and the seal thereof this Ihe 15th day of March, 1010. HARVEY MORRIS, Clert: By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. O. \v. Barham Ally, for pltf. J. Oroham Eitdbury Atty. ad. Litem. 15-22-2S1-5 Read Ccurlcr New Kvrarcl Spciihs Al Assembly Marcus Evrard, local attorney, w=s the guest speaker at the assembly period 'Monday. March 4. Speaking on "Citizenship". Mr. Ev- rnrd tracctl its earliest beginnings nnd pointed out that (he only two well known persons who needed no citizenship were Adam before Eye waa created and Robinson Crusoe before lie found Friday on his island. Mr. Evrard explained to the assembly that citizenship is an obligation which falls on every resident of a community whether it is desirable to him or not. He concluded by informing the students that they would get out of life and citizenship just what they put into it plus a bonus. To Attend Stale Home EC Meeting Blytheville will be repie-senled by eight students at the annual state Home Economics club meeting, which will be held in Little Rock Salurriny. The members, who will leave here late Friday afternoon, plan to make their headquarters at- Hotel Marion, while in Little Hock. An all-day meeting will be held at ihc high tdiool on Saturday. The high school cafeteria will serve lunch lor the group. Students planning to go are as follows: Anna Wright. Mildred Weathers, Mary Helen Moore, Ui Fetra May, Ernestine Halscll, Naomi Jean Bcnyman. Louise Matthews, Mary Prances Fields. Mrs. Ernest Halsell and Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Robinson will accompany them. Tlie last meeting was held in jConway and was attended by Mrs. I Robinson and Sylvesta Dorsey from ' here. Kotary Speaker Returns H. Canfield Cook, lecturer on "The Influence of Aviation on World Aflnirs." at the first session of the 1940 Rotary International Ir.sliliKc cf Qndci'siandhiB, gave a short talk in assembly Monday afternoon. The purpose of his speech was lo advertise the pro- yram at the Roxy theater Monday niyhl which was given to help raise funds for Finnish relief, Mr. Cook, who is well-liked by : all his listeners, is mi ex-war HIV, i having seen service In the 0:um- diali iifr corps during the wovlii Will'. Stall' Choir Sln s s H m Tn.- 1 A Ciiprlla nuiii from Ark:'li. i ;a.v .Siulr CaHt'i'.o, .funesboro ii'.:0!i.i.d a varied |in>!!:-iiiii at tile .i-!,'.'. Mrlnxii Wt-ilnt.Mlay afUTiioon, Murcli U, Unilt-r ihe direction of C. K, Me- .'.loi'.ns. director ol music at ihe I :'•;(• the Hun us tin; following imnit.tT:;: "O jt-su," /» I'.ii'f.siiin.i; "CtR'niblm," by ;:-(iiaikovsky; Iwo sphiliKtls. -.sti'iil A-^iij," :,(Kl "Ain't Thin dona Nras." A quart';! ti- .sanu "Marjorle," Wh.-i iJld," "flif Cossacks." and "Tho Drum," following which tin- chorus s.\ng a l.iuvlun loll; ;;onn. ' l.i'slir 3oinui.'-, in.slriit.-ior in violin Dt llu> ttll!t'!;c. ;.|l I Chaitt'S MOJTI-S, studeiu, prest'iued u violin duel. " riu' World Is \Y;tiiinn lor the Sunrlsi.'." j.'., 1 .i.i.M ivii.s on u c:«K(-it tour. anil till' liigii school w:is [orUinate .'n lie-Inn nb.'p to >.i:iii'diile (he free pertoniuinc'e. Souii'is Is ( tliri'ttiir Usler A.-Sniiiern, iliit'ctor of an tjichcstrn sit Stale College ni Joncs!<::o. was ynesl director oj DID V.lytliuvillf liiyh schotil band t ThJiidiiy nlsht. MiiK'h 7. Ml. Sinners strcssi'd' work on •Uicmlnniiuhl" and "Mantilhi." two ;:>n."turcs which tlu> band is work:ns on. The hiller will l)c used in tht «»iteit at FoiTftsl City. Mr. Soiners is pioininent us a .ui-.jtor in Arkansas and Judges intiny of the contests, lie also al- j tends all the band clinics and icn- his nss'istaiice when npded. ii'r 1'l^yi'rs 1'erform I Ehnkespeare's ••Tnininj; of Iho | Shrew." wa.s presented In Ihe hl(;li ::<hflOl aficlHoriiiin by tlie Misner I Players Thursday morninn. Tills I was the eighth consecutive year the Misner player.v, directed by Riiynmnd Misner have appeared •U the hlgh^scluml. To Attend Jminialfem Day Members of Ihe Blytheville Uhickasaw stall will participate In iiite of the clinic sections of Ihe Aiirnalisni Day sponsored by the Little Rock Tiger, to be held in Little Hock March 15. In tlie morning al ten o'clock a 'jcrimil assembly will be held when W. J. Lemke from the University of Arkansas will speak on the "Do's and Don'ts for high school newspapers." Mr. Lemkc Is known as "Pop of Arkansas High School Jomimlistn." A journalism clinic will be held n tile Jifleiiioon in M rooms of the hi^li .school that have been reserved for this. In each room, v^prcseutativcs from each high chcol stiill present will discuss the problems of editing anil inatuiutng j . high school paper. " A banquet will precede another Sfncral assc-mbly f.,i- llxise attending the convention. A man of national prominence will speak. The formal initialion for the new Quill snd Scroll members will be held at the luncheon period. Members of Ihe Blylhcvillc Chu;knsav.' slalT who are eligible lo MI:- initiated inlo the state chapter of the Quiil nnd Scroll are: Russell Parr. Cooksey Dodson, Betty Dcitson. MiUiied Muir and Vera Goodrich, who were inducted last fall inlo the local chapter; and Jeanie Afflick, Eulopia Whltworth. irlunler Hall mid Jeancttn Se- btiugh. wlio have recently been tlected lo luembei.s-hlp. liilnil (lives Cnncrrl Wednesday. Marcli 13, the Bly- ihei'Hlo hl(;)i .x'lioul '.'oiiccit bund was i>iu'st ni a Joint nu'ellns! of Hie fiiy's tliii'e men's civic ov- uanlKutlon, Roliny, Lions mid Kl- wsnls clubs, held ut noon In the: i'.I)' nwllttirliim. '1'lie con'ol t'OtiKlsli'il of the fill- lott'iiiji immbi'i'.s: an iirrantsonienl y li'.'iint'lli "Drum mi-.l Cyinljiils 1 ', liiiuninn the pi'ri'ussion seellon; "MoiiiHIu," n Spanish Ovei'tuie; "A Doriiovi. Duct." music of Ste- i.h;-n I-u.sUr pluyed hy Hill Morse and Hill Jonlx; a cumcity Mctcli, .-.i-if TIKII'S Ciibln." with Dill <;ii:unt!liii as nuii'iitor unit sound ifft'ois by Uie band; an accordion •ilo by Joe Kvniid entliU\l "Miin- liait^.n Si-rnunli';" ".Miliuny lis-• •-nrt;" "Our Diici'tor;" nnd a twlrl- itic oxlilljltlon by ilu> tliiini miijor- M(-|lli.l-l;, ol UK' clll'jS I'Onlllblll- i<l to ihi- biiiul Hind the iisiuil inuiiiu of money paid for a lunch•iii at ihc hotel, Osceola Adults To Gel Scout Certificates OSCKOI.A, Ark.. .Mur. I',..-:' -, tec;, men inu-resH':i in ihi' Hoy t'LT.ul work in Ostvohi wi'ro piW- iHit lor thp linn) .sc.ssju.i ol III'.' om t.eiidcrsiiip Trnininij sulmol <i :;t the Ali'thtxtist i-hureh on 'iViHhii'sday night, at-i-ordliii; >o !'•• W. I'nclinril, wlio is in ,)i •• • Ihe preliminary work nnd details C ••!•. . scout troups In Osci-ola. ! )1.V l-ijlll 111 il |V.'U !<!!•'•' ^11- ! i.|"i i very session and HIT there- i fore cll-'lble for eertlflenles. -ihow- iiij coinplcllon ol Part I iii "Eic- ; incuts of Stout l.ejdcislilu" were A. P. nnrluim. o. iinrtslll Unnks, '• H- !1 I' .1 Uil"< ,. .,-j';'.. t L.. Kcmlrii'k. Sieve Rulph, Kd Wiseman. A. w. YoiniB, and w. W. ! 1'rcwlu. ' j i >h •!-.-: pi'.seiu v.':'ie Freil Smith, ' C. p. Manley. Rev. u. 1C, L, lii'iir- den and Kichard Thomas of Lu» 01 a. The Rev. Mr. Ho-inlen and Charles Mauley discussed "Using the Seoul Proi'iam" i,n<| '"ihe Re- lalionsliip of Troop L.-ail-r; lo tin-Seoul rrograni." Robert II, Kimdritk, iisslslniil leader ol the licuvrr Patrol, con ducted the opeiihif ceremony .ifte - -• '..uii ^.igajtii in inUrol activities, pracliri'd setuilernft nuil conlests. Thp men enrolled in ihe sours will he guests ut a luncheon In lilt .w o'lites of A. V. Durham Fri (lay. Miii'tn 15th, '.vlitn plain ~i]\ .'.e p^i'feclc:! In,- the Rillier ; n:l ior banquet on April hull «t which R. C. Macnabb. sconl executive for MurLheiuit Ark?ns;i:i C(v,':i:il. nn'l iliiri' uoun?il e:v^mitives will be orcscnt lo award 1-ertiflewle.i In '.':^ OriJ'tiO'.H kTitl-L'T.;. Manila Sonely - Persona! l'i:-nr. far a l''a[h<-r-T[':u'hc>r bas- K''tii:iH inline to [„• held i\( ihe iiymmiMiim Tiii'sdiiy niKlit, «•('!<,• »>atli. ai n niocliin! of the IMmit 'i-'i'im nssiH'liitton Tni'sduy ofler- iii.iin in ih t . ]|o m e economic; Imlld- I' i)«,',|.; j, am Hit' ijanif win no o ihc p. T. A. liensuiy. Also dur- Inr the bii>;liu»>s se^ltin, icr-om- ' HIM tee to buy window simdes lor '•'' '•li'iiiciitary sclmal mul muljer •«p.- inr thn chillis in ihe HVTIT P'lMiiiy moms were approved by l! . K. K. Ilyrtl appoints! Mrs, IV Ncllc-i-s. Mrs. William nor. liv :md MI-S. orln Clreeii as a milki', :a (lie i.' ol ihc lillil IJuns Cllll), 10 MIHClTlsi' (III! iiiiii! ,,f HIHVCIS ,,t n,,. inier- IIHI of ()»• Mi.uiininent lejinvn- ' n- d uiitl ihc highway. i^ Cnrolyn llnley hml clmigi' it"' pi'Djjniin wlilch liii-hidctl ii 1 by Mrs. Myrtlu Ihwvn nnd -, ciiwn nnd n picture show of lland pioiiiu-i'd by the pupil* O v ' second and third unities tll- 'il by Mrs. l!lch:ii(l Osboine, she visiitM he,, diuiijlitcr, M ( .S Bllxnlii'tli Miles, for several days, yiio was iicro'iiinihli'd by }\ V r lii'iindsoii. Jimmy Miles. Mi 1 , mid Mrs. Mclvln DownliiK and il'iUi'hhi, Ivn Dale. Mi Tuesday lor an extended trip tu imlnls In Cullfoiiiiu ,in(| Mi-xltvi. Mis. IVU' iirilnrtl lias rrtiivnccl home iilti-i a visit with Im slstor Mrs. Atlas IHIili;cs. In Memphis. Mrs, <;, n, AshnbranniT mul Mis Jot' DowjiiiiK spent. Ihc wtrk nut In New Mmlrid, M,, , W |,j, >Nll . s Oownliin's siMi'i: Mrs. Ada l.ntrd The llt'V. mul Mrs, 1-', A, Whili-ly linvr ifluuu'il tiom AikniU'lplilu where they- uliciuicd n S Mv Un t i- llsi Siindny school coiivtmion While then., ilicy vlsltwl thi'lr itiiuijlili'r, M!:.s MniihH whilely, who is a studcni ni Oiiuchlln i-oi- ll'Kl'. I'ati'liillf (jjf( AVihnyniiiiis LONDON UH'i . A ,, .,'n 0i iy mmls Kill Of SUM h:l>; bi'i'l) M'lH by II (nnutlluii xvuinun Kir dept'iideiHs "I the vU-tims (if tin. alrmifl car- rifr Couriigi'iius mul thi. butth'slllp Hoynl Oak. With llu- luoney wus 11 mi>M;..yi. (hut her :< |f| ini ;j •• t -. vm . loinulli! of ihe h'eliiij;< o' tht 1 \ii'«- plc cf f.'niiidu In K ,. ,,,-„]•• | 0 , i:,,, Hoynl Navy. College Girls Proffer Hints To Aid Escorts OKNBVA. N. Y. <UP)—Wllllnm .Smith colics (.his like llieir escorts d) l>i. polltK, but nol too po- lilo, mil, d:irk, blue-eyed and nood dnilccis, ' A Mirvoy b/ the imditriiraitmU' neivs|i«i)cr n( Hobart, noWiborlnu men's colli'm-. icvi'ulpil Die retiuls- Hcs of a William Smith girl's "Idi'iil." Sinni. of Ihe commi'iits WClt'l A bi'iuililnl valuer, slljhllv o". the "wackey" side, Ills pfi.sonalily niil'l be pullshr-d -md lit ma«i (,« Dii'liciilonsly dressed. All v.'uni mul u yard wlih> me iteslrablc tinalltlos not to be ovi'r- -ookcd i>y the iilert jirl, A nice line ol vonveisallmi, l!o\v- '•i'1'f, )«• must not be loo co'ifil o- lon inilishi'd. Hi' must doinliiali: jnc nnd nw. Skin Itchy—Irritated? KOI- nulcli reliof from Uio Itchlnir, burniiiR m,,l sorejie.w uf minor skm Iwi , ni\" so , flxn , lolll< lil[lclt "» (1 II °'.' mc "'-ll"> S00t)llll(f (Hid coo ling millsoiillc <lrc»sln K for minor if'"" IVi" 1 • ( , !ll) ,' r '-llf.llo?i«. Ctemso I shin with lIlncU nnd Wliltc Sl<lii honp, Kamoitii more limn 2« y«ir«. Hol ^ fin ^ %}J B Sign the New Register at the Ritz FRIDAY 325 GOOD HKASONS why you sboitlil alteml. Coiiimiiniiy sin.; it Novelty Short STARTING TUESDAY MORNING MARCH 26 —One Week Only— The weekday matinees will be continuous performances with no reserved seals. . . . You may come anytime from 11 a.m. up lo 2:15 p.m. and see n complete performance. For night shows and Sunday matinee all seat.s arc reserved. GONE WITH THE WIND MAII- OUDKKS NOW ACCKl'TKI) Seats On Sale Roxy Office March 19th Night Shows (8 p.m.) All Seats Reserved S1.12 Incl. Tax Sunday Mat. (Z p.m.) All Scats Reserved S1.1Z Incl. Tax Weekday Mats. Continuous—Not Reserved 10 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. J5c Incl. Tav THEATRE ULYTHEVILLE SATURDAY » n c/x "Tastes even today than ihc f.iiniiiis 7 Cniu-ii Whiskey .Sriiprum inlrodnccd rigln afler rii|ieal!" Carlonn ,t seri;il"C.rci-ii Hornet ! SUN. & MON CLA&K GABLE omiiiK Tuesday, March 2(illi For a Week's Run ffONE WITH THK WIND" Carlcoii_£ Serial "Kit Larsun SUN. & MON! 7 t?ottm TASTES BETTER Mi'-'. W, .1. l.elioy Is spcndlni; Oils week In I-'mlerlcklown, Mo,, with hn duucJilrr. Mr.-,. Harold M. Kaiici', who is crmviilcsclni! from u K-.-1-nt inujnr o|itration. Mr. nnd Mrs. drover Snider rc- lunicd liomc Wednesday from a lew days visit in Hot sjnlnus. Mis. J. llornbeiucr ii'tnrned home •J'iii>«lny from Hot Springs where DANGMUS OK IIKJVIOKK'HOIDS llt'iiiorrholits do nut and cinmni correct iliemselves lielict Irom oinlmcnts b Illusive and temnoniry, Ncijlcct ifsiills In linlher mid nioii> serious and diuiuerons conditions siicli a;: cmnw. llslitln. ll.«siiie, ciyplills, (hrombotfc piles clc from ihfsc develop Ihe frllowlng n-llcxes: nci vmisner.s, sU'e|ilc.<:in:3.v consilpnllon. di's|ii)iKlcncy, hc;ulnehe, bach mid U>K "Che. etc. All types of n'ctal diseases are taken care of In oiir office without liospHatailloii. All atccpled cases nuuvanlccd. 1>RS. NIES & NIES myHinvlllt. ArH. I'liniir UK PAGE THREE wlielm me with flnc^e. Tall, dark anil blue-eyed. A boy, preferably dark, 'who doctm I talk too much to allow me lime lo sny something. A boy (a)lci tfiaii I, with broun hair niiu blue eyes .Someone who Is polite lint not tco polite. There are mote thin 32,000 dlf- lerent coiin in (he world, a:cord- p Ii>!< lo'estimates.. ; BUY $ STANDARD TIRES A .OTHER SIZES .. •VOPORTIONATELY IOV //. At Today's LOW PRICES) As Low As M e I'cr Week On Our, BUDGET PLAN ; PHILLIPS MOTOR CO.; Stb Wulnul Phone 810 A Few Cents A Day Will Pay For A New Deeper lling Comfort. Encii sprhitt inside ils cloth pocket Is deeper. Rich spring yield, in,lc|icml- cnlly lo Ihe pressure Of different parts of the body. lasts longer. IJr.iiilyrcst tested by United Slates Testing Co.. IHboken. N. J.. lasted 3 times as long as any other mattress tested. The New ISeaiityicst Is gunr.inlccd for 10 The Finest Mattress Simmons Has Ever Made Yours For Only A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT BALANCE IN SMALL MONTHLY AMOUNTS Luxurious Comfort . . . Move Refreshing Sleep You get thep both in this New Simmons Beautyrest. This famous mattress has Deeper Coils—an improvement that increases its comfort and adds to its life, ft is guaranteed for 10 years, which makes it cost only lea night. See ihe New Beautyresi—try it's amazing comfort. Then— if you want years of healthful sleep—use our iow terms. NITURE

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