Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1931
Page 2
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"\,f , * * ,. v t 'X i ! ! 1 . HOPE STAR AND MILY Star ahSrtidOfi by Star Publishing Co., foe. JJ; Wwhbufth), it JW South Mairt street, Hope, Ark. & PALMElt, WASttNUttJf, EdHor «ad Publisher ittattet at the poitoffiw at Hope, Artcansw tt« Act of March 3,1891 Associated PMss: The Associated Press is exclusively fW publlcAtloft of all news dispatches credited to It or ted fit this paper arid also the local news'published herein, oi special dispatches herein ire also reserved. rfjrfbutefc Et«.: Charges will be made for ail tributes, cards _ £ _jltiHonB, ot memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial ; Bold to thta policy in the news columns to protect their readers m Wt spa«-tftkin8 memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility *keef>ifig or retitra of any unsolicited manuscripts. fetes (Always Payable hi Advance): B? city carrier, per _: months |2.7S; one year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, ( Mille* and Lafayette counties. $3.00 per year, elsewhere $5.00. w: The Star's Platform city ,, • Apply the revenues of the municipal power plant to develop the ;' industrial and social resources of Hope. JMW ctttf pavement in 1931, and improved sanitary condition* in •the alleys and business back-yards, ; Support the Chamber of Commerce. COUNTY ' A county highway program providing for the conduction of a certain amout of all-weather road each year, to gradually reduce the • dirt-road mileage. , Political and 'economic support for every scientific agricultural «, program which offer* practical benefits to Hempstead county's greatest indusry. ' Enecurage farmer -organizations, believing that co-operative effort * it as practical in the country as it is in'toum. .. \ "'. STATE Continued progress on the state highway program. Fearless tax reform, and a more efficient government through the budget system of expenditures. , Frt« Arkansas from hte cattle tick. Enjoying Travel hapless American male who is dragged, protesting, ,1 through the art museums and cathedrals of Europe by a high-minded and culture-hungry better half has been one of 'the comic figures of literature for a good many years. Mark Twain struck a blow in his favor in "Innocents Abriad"; for p the most part, however, the poor man has been left to the Jt superior derision of the intelligentsia, unhonored and un- mj T w .' most re:fresn i n g. Francis Hackett arises in the |jr January issue of Harpers Mogazine to assert that this luck- 850 '"is figure of tradition has pretty much the right idea. When you travel, says Mr. Hackett, travel for fun. Don't 0 it to improve your mind. Have a good time; and if having good time doesn't lead you to art museums and such-like, ""'t worry about it. "The most dangerous thing for a conscientious man," ays Mr. Hackett, "is to detect his moral vacuity and begin pilling it up with" cathedrals and museums. Especially should *e control the weakness he may have for art galleries. 'One lldur in the gardens,' he should say, 'where the mind is refreshed by the living picture, is worth 2000 acres of dried- oil painting'." _„ Now there is a lot of sense in that; and it points to the Jtrather surprising?act v that the most memorable 1 moments ^usually come to a traveler when he is least expecting them. jr^ ' Yo ucan gape at the glories of Versailles, trudge through j^the Louvre open-mouthed, follow an inquisitive nose throuph " Westminster Abby and view the Acropolis by moonlight; but Oh, Yeah? Do You you get back home you are apt to find that your bright. most valuable memories are of insignificant things you *,,, hardly noticed at the time—lengthening shadows across a l^gniEnglish meadow, sunlight on the waves in mid-oceon, m empty stretch of poplar-bordered French road, a hastily- •4a glimpsed cottage by an English river. Such things aren't in guide books, nor are they mention^ ert in travelers' diaries. But they are of the real essence of !T/'the joys of travel. You can go to Europe to find them, or you i^'can find them on an afternoon's motor trip in your own state. )u need only open eyes and a receptive mind. The Graf's Record T HE reliability of lighter-than-air craft when they are built and handled by experts was never better exemplified than by th erecord of the Graf Zeppelin, which was made public a few days ago when the big German airship went into winter quarters. To date the Graf Zeppelin has passed 3588 hours in the air, and has traveled nearly 350,000 kilometers. She has made 232 trips since she first took to the air, and during 1931 irwle three flights to South America and one to the Arctic. All of this almost sounds more like the record of a steamship than of a dirigible. It is fairly conclusive proof that the dirigible is ready to take a place in the world's transportation system. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO At the residence of Mrs. T. R. Billingsley, in the Frisco Addition, on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 the "S. Y. T." Club were at home to the "Sterling Girls" and the "F. B. S." Club of Nashville. Present were: Misses White, Lynn White, Illion Lowry, Mabel Ethridge, Ethel Turner, Katie Belts, Mamie Briant, Irma Briant, and Miss Haven, (visitor) of the "S. Y. T.' Club. Misses Mae Tharp, Edna Wingfield, Jett Black, Edna LaGrone, Hazel Johnson, Noreen McCorkle, Mildred McCorkle, of the "Sterling Girls." Misses Chloe Smith, Daisy Scoggin, Verner Milwee, Maple Hancock, and Lottie Weaver, of the "F. B. S." Club of Nashville. County Surveyor Huddleston and Miss Delia May Powell were married on last Sunday afternoon, December 23, at the home of the bride's parents, four miles east of this city. They will reside at Doyle, Arkansas. TEN YEARS AGO Miss Catherine Richards, the attrac. tive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Richards, entertained with a delightful Christmas party last night for the boys and girls in her vacation set. Those sharing in the pleasures of the occasion were: lone Russell, Snow McLarty, Justine Moore, Mary Hortense McCorkle, Bessie • Olmstead, Frances Sullivan, Margaret McRae, Virginia Johnson, Anna Norton, Anna Laura Foster, Dorothy McRae, Mary Billingsley, Mary Greening, Charlotte Hollamon; Fred and Webb Laseter, John Allen Williams (Texarkana), I. T. Bell, Jr., David Finley, David Thompson, Lile Moore, Charlie Bridewell, Clyde Hart, Robert LaGrone, Comer Boyett, Stuart Spragins, Arthur Richard Hill, Fletcher Hereford and Arlis Butler. Mrs. Ella Gold of Washington, was a visitor to Hope yesterday. IBARB Chicago gangsters are offering inducements in the scramble for Al Capone's liquor business. In order to sell their stuff they'd probably agree to take their customers for a ride. India is going on with its civil disobedience campaign just where Gandhi left off. Just where, and what, did' Gandhi leave off? Twenty-three tons of fresh' air, can be forced into Chicago stadium, scene of the 1932 Republican National convention, every minute. How many tons of hot air can be forced out? An electric device has been invented to open locks. Now if someone will only invent something to open Scotch purses. Love laughs at locksmiths. But you don't need this device to pick golden- locks. A New York .university professor says bridge weakens reality. Seems to adulter-ate life. • Evelyn, Mrs. E. S. Jones and daughter Dovie Lee, Mrs. A. F. Simmons, Grady Brown and Ross Roberts visited school Wednesday afternoon. The musical given at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ray Saturday night "was enjoyed by those who attended. Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Jones and children of Hope, spent Christmas day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Jones and family. Mrs. A. L. Beeglc and C. L. Beegle visited Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Campbell Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Whitten are visiting relatives at Bodcaw. Miss Mary Morrow of Waterloo, spent Christmas with her parents here. .Barney Gaines of Hope spent last, week end with friends and relatives here. ' Quife a number of young people enjoyed a rook party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Simmons Friday night. Eighteen to the Dozen Floyd Gibbons has gone to the scene of the warfare in the East. If you read that the Japs or Chinese are using machine-guns, don't believe it. It will be Floyd Gibbons talking.—Albany Knickerbocker Press. Holly Grove Everyone seemed 10 enjoy the beautiful Christmas holidays. Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Atkins and daughter, Barbara Jean, of Texnrknna, were Christmas guests with relatives here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Evans and son, Norman, spent the holiday s with their parents, Mr, 'and Mrs. Evans of Hope. H. L. Button has gone for a two weeks visit with his son, Luther Sut- l«Jh ahd 1 family of near Texnrknna. Mrs. Maude Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Lumpkins called to see Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Hembree Thursday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Gilbert Clurk and children of Boughton, were the holiday gliesls with relatives here. We are glad to have Mr. nnd Mrs. Kcnnie Atkins move into our community. Mrs. A. P. Clark spent Tuesday of last week with Mrs. J. C. Atkins. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Atkins of near Texarkana, were visitors here Sunday. R. T. Hembree was n visitor in Nashville Sunday. Mr. Will Bain's house was destroyed by fire Monday morning. Miss Gladys Carol of Hope, is visiting Miss Lillian Willis. Mr. Reid of Battlefield was a visitor here Monday night. Mrs. Effie Cook visited Mrs. Mnrtha Hembree Sunday afternoon. Misses Annie and Hayse Clark were Monday guests with their sister, Mrs. Jesse Atkins. Green Laseter Misses Bernice nnd Kntherine Cumbie spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Jim Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Riley Lewallen and Cornelia are visiting friends and rel atives in Oklahoma. Mrs. Emma Bcarden and Mrs. Jim Bearden called on Mrs. Mary Putman Monday. J. T. Cumbie nnd family were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Woodue of Hope. Miss Pauline Jones of Hope is visiting Miss Marie Stuart. Miss Bernice Boker is spending a few days with Fay Turner this week. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Johnson are spending a few days with her brother. Mr. E. M. Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. Powell were the dinner guests of Mr .and Mrs. E. M. Stuart Saturday night. Green Laseter basketball team played DeAnn Chrsitmas and were defeated. Fay Turner called on Ruth Ann Cumbie a while Saturday evening. Roy Cumbie spent Christmas eve night with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ross are slaying with Earl Ross and family while Mrs. Earl Ross in in the hospital. "But didn't I give you n cake last week?" Beggar—"Yes, ma'am." Lady—"And you are here again?" Beggar—"Yes, ma'am, your cake was nothing to me. I used to be a sword swallower." — Nebelspalter (Zurich). Shover Springs Church was well attended '' at this place Saturday night. SundAy nnd Sunday night. W. J. Surges filling his regular appointment. Orrnl Allen nnd family of Bodcaw visited at the liome of Roy Rodgtrs Saturday night and Sunday. Tom Barr Is visiting in these parts from Houston, Tex., where he Is employed In the Southern Pacific R. R. hospital. Judge Sewell and family of Texarkana visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Reece Saturday night nrtd Sunday. D. W. Bailey sold his entire stock of goods at this place to Mr. Gilford Byers who will continue to run the store here. We regret Mr. Bailey's going but welcome Mr. Dyers Into our midst. Mrs. Jet Rodgers was the dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs, W. O. Wnlker Christmas day. Earl; Flncher and family spent Saturday night nnd Sunday at the home of Grady Reece and wife, Mr. and Mrs. John Reece spent Christmas day at,the home of G. L. Johnson and wife. Several young people from Bodcaw attended church at this place Sunday night. Nenl • Walker had the misfortune to cut'his foot with n axe last Monday while helping his father cut wood. L.' E. Darwin and family visited near Fulton one day last week. W. A. Walker has been .doing some work'in tht cemetery at this • place the pnst few days. V«ry Neighborly FORT WORTH, Texas.-!* one neighbor wha makes hifnsel home. Luis returned home f6ceWf to find his bedrdorrt furniture, et; shirts nnd other articles of clotH missing. He called in detectives hni they found the missing afllcles in this home of the neighbor, who Had " borrowed them." Union Health is very good nt present. Christmas passed off very quietly in our community. Our school at Bodcaw opened 1 again Monday after the Christmas holidays. , Miss Charlie Bertha Fusion , spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Misses Allene nnd Gladys Smythe. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Carlton of Bluff Springs, spent Saturday with home folks at this place. Mr. and Mrs. Enic Benson and family visited Wednesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carlton of Bodcaw No. 1. Mr. and 1 Mrs. Clint Smyth spent Sunday at' the home of his mother, Mrs. Birdie Smyth. Mr. John Suggars and aunt, Mrs. Teasley of Jasper, Texas, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fusion. Misses Opal nnd Dencer Mattison spent Thursday night with • Maggie Carllon. Mr. Joe Carlton and family spent Christmas with his brother, Jim Carlton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fusion, Mrs. Laura Teasley, Mr. John Suggars, Daniel Fusion and Ernest Whizz were the Sunday guests in the home of John Carlton and family. Convict (reading newspaper) — "Dere's justice for yer! A football player breaks two men's jaws and another man's leg and is de lion of de hour, while I gets ten years for only stunnin' an old guy wid a blackjack." —Stray Stories. Rent It! Find Itt Buy Itt Sell Itt With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per line minimum 30o 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50e 6 Insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over tho telephone may be charged with the understahdlng that the bill is payable on'prcsen- tation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 The cheapest nnd safest commercial college in the state is the Four Slates' Commercial College, Texarkana, .Write for our terms. By J. W. Hill, Mgr. 3tp. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Nicely furnished apartment, adjoining bath, garage, reasonable. 704 South Main. FOR RENT—Six room house with glassed in sleeping porch. Newly papered and painted. Garage. 817 South Main street Phone 334J 26-3tc ~~ WANTED WANTED—Roomers and borndcrs. Mrs. S. R. Young, 320 S. Pine. 28-3tp SERVICES OFFERED SERVICES OFFERED:— Your expert foot specialisl Dr. C..B. Blcdso, Chiropodist, using modern methods to remove corns, bunions, callouse and. in- growing nails, is back at Ptlerson's Departmenl Store. 30-ltp W. T. Elder, Soulh Main Street'is prepared lo grind your corn. Have your meal ground here and be convinced. Good Machinery. 29-St ' '( LOST LOST-D. A. R. Pin, set with diamond. "Georgia Hayncs" engraved on back. Reward for return to this office. 30-tc-- Providence Answering Our Debtors T HE American Congress is on record opposing cancellation or reduction of the war debts. But what, do you suppose, will happen if it develops next spring that the debts are simply not going to be collectible? The Financial Times, of London, said the other day: "The honest thing is to face the fact at once, and for European debtors to say with one voice to America that they Cannot and do not intend to resume payment July 1, 1932." Whether that is what will be done is something no man can say. But it is high time we started figuring out what reply we shall make if that does happen. We are opposed to reduction and cancellation; but suppose the debtor nations simply announce they cannot pay? What do we do then? Inside Looking Out "A bachelor has nobody to share his troubles." "Why should a bachelor have any troubles?" asked the married man.— Louisville-Courier Journal. School closed at this place Wednesday for the Christmas holidays. Billy Clark of Hugo, Okla., is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Zan Bateman. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Simmons and children, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sutton, Misses Floyce Roberts, Gladys and Anna Lee Campbell, Ross Roberts, Frank Simmons and Wylie Browning spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Browning. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson and baby spent Christmas day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haggard and daughter, Norma Mary, Mrs. Earl Allen and son, Jimmie and Mrs. Lela Patterson all of Detroit, Mich., are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Ray and family. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell of Blevins spent Christmas'with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P, A. Campbell and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Covington. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Simmons and daughter THIS CURIOUS WORLD Death of "Legs" Diamond I N the murder of "Legs" Diamond, society has not lost anything that it cannot very well do without. Of all the racketeers whom postwar turbulence has thrown to the surface of society, he seems to have been one of the most despicable. Personal cowardice, colossal conceit and mean cruelty —these seem to have been the chief elements in his character, as far as he showed it to the public. That his underworld enemies finally caught up with him is neither to be wondered st nor regretted. The circumstances of his death, however, do point an uncomfortable moral. Both the law and a rival underworld clique were after him. The law got its hands on him, tried him for a felony-^nd saw him acquitted. While he was celebrating his acquittal the underworld clique got him—and got him for keep. This, unfortunately, may lead someone to suspect that organized crnaie goes after its foes a lot more capably than organized society 6bMG species of SHAUS • - ,«x- IHIBR— HIGH t, (alary .nnd 459,-. , Addr««i l.i ri AK- b.j no-Qlberi ii'jnltJMtB?' )r work,.L«ra 'ater' ' ',.' (IBS' "WASH ' Milwaukee. :CED .Mi fl. > HOUbBWORK. cxpcl-icnco 1 In teil. Box f Ml. \AflJST , saw'.'" BAUBY ril) Side. . SMALL i' o I3WK." PAST 4i. 'upt.. baby. -' .HOME ctmmf Mf mm. uuwuu. — - L (rlendt anclilhe le»a« ihey.-lorn1»t> dtylei.cannot be. duplicated In Pi>aiitJ»,«Mv ni\ 'an .. no.''salct ItlUfVlIUbf 01 linicm&.»U* UiBjr.- larnlsh. Prices and DllcatCJ In Iho itorcV.-' upllca rdMa lance: me stilt on'»lih«; : no house tu-houie ln» nfn, r i«ary; irenulne opportunl ' ' ' A SALARIED PQSI '"Nationally'known Chlcaro c<"' nlvlou opW'for' blBhly.corapol eUuctltou and mod ,iew>nin Salary.• expense*, eie. ex Interview. AupK-.Me lor MB. 'CARm •WOMAN-MATURE. • DCirtonallty. more- «ircutlal fcuslnean fxHcrlonW. Nationally cern. permanent. Give pUonc. a» ,•• . .-•• '. . • • •Worn*. ~.~ COLORED, a. •»ul)..d»jFi..tt.for.hai/ poili . ,.,., r.: HO e.tlra in*, p.'irk. laki'. y>lf_. . ADDRESS' plaw.' CHESTER-AV.. <"('?.. LITTLE 'HOTEL- v New. quiet. humcllkK>9':'wr«k- up: rumitni '»uier. nib, ibwr.: .ootoir.IJbby; C. "*<*>'• GHEE WOOD. OZS PLAZA 180 BR'IAR P.OTEE' $9 per y/eei; $2 pftf .datf up. N<w'plde.: jirt».'»6b.'»h'wr. «f*w em.; i»f«». Ilicht no*.; up ntl, ckft, lot •-'; nr, all Iran*. (StlEF.N iAV.. J-J10, ','D. .APT. NT-!} ••ilifely turn. Urge trool. ant.. «• window*, court hid*.. «ulf-£ or U >rnn«U gcnt mi.; priv. Kjii; .. . Wlt'"iii t. ?» CI C?' "Take iftHaml Ma : • H. L»u A7R? through V'trto ...,. __tlflcmi:nti( li nll and fa llnnujh I.U« ' . «iHiclc(. by telepbun- f » Th« ~ii>nt • ••:" i* .SMP6T' .010, nt »«<setvesJ.(lic-Wno t In .Tlxy-Trlbuo cc0 mentioned ahuve twq nienlhH, ,I|tl§' «»• • TOanr cl . |ob~- 2*9 CotUfe . nii'.h-. and Burnham. • Hartl*y; State B'Ja vnr., i>hun<ii: ya <i.U. ui>" >• ' >>: I'AUK. *U»a-KAST VIKW" HOTKLJ- . uUide rma.; priv,>or conn, bath: <-'om damn, hole! »or».: t> i *jt __ •• *. j *• • -• -'.i-' j • i,A*B' .'ftt,.' 1 - n-u- "'PARK!". hum.'. »n»r..; »fl.»tn. :JNMI. ; Qthori. AWN. ?UR. H*. or"s"m«n:nb~ob"|7To 'chiid: .hi>oiC.»ml rlvll.: woofl t/ant.' " {f SNGL,; AND. pBfc. Kf. BMS;. ir«-''el.. trarn.. JalTe.'.-MlO Cornel LEGAL STBNOi, NB'. MNC. l'K.-a , , . . . lt-tu VK. :.<•». Irani. IJilc.lWt • " " 8 SlHI, HSWK..../.,. counctlcff •AUK30N' AOBNCY. 114 K. THE "PAYNE AGE ,.'1,4 W. W8- EB'' ' ' ' *EL SBBV1CB. uK H- 8Loo w ALES, WlLt}N.Sl7,§AfiD. Nurii «d.V..,»«.T.U.<8odii. t IOh«B . 'AakNCY. 30U W. amtll oto .1......:...$100 Syitom, «1 M. CONSOLIDATED AQENCIBS^ . F "" P.VC. BKPK.. bew dctai;. IP.-.....,.VJ JM rBACHBKS.' "ART . SUPERVISOR T3XPEB. Jbiaturi) Study. »1.7UO:. bdicuco. .ouen. NTAIN. STEAM TABLE KXH ..... *« Lory. Frew. opr. .op. Wailressij* ...... Open ALE TRADES;, 30 8. LA SAL B. W. WAITRESSES•...•15JCA8VE3. '/.....<.$Tf Cln*. Maid.. .$40 r.b,'Prir !«ai«. s : r ..»lb,r 7 BU8 AGENCY. St. WaShiiiifton •»!./•• ' PESK Unit. »>nit. aul.: 'tqd GOKTH. . »ng; rni. w.-. u ii.-imi :. with bnlh:>! . BACE. IIU-BKAUT.;. Ill up; a rmSi.r prl. 1j GRF.ENLKA 44$-| • nara.. P[-. bath: jf«fyj . . dally nlild net.; free j win beai-li.' Quod Irani ENMOBE. 40Q -Hii 1-ii-a r,, extra,. btd:3 .FENMQRE...404 -»•«•! 'prl. Hqih. phon» t'arrJ i tjf *i m\ i*t c., low p ^ «, .• fight 1-3 rmi«.: 6V»r«U .' ENMQBE. 415a-« HJ •>: aluo 1 nil, apt., I • 1-3-U r. k{t., prl. b.. \ LA HAi.t . w;:.iosp.c •. li-.'t r. Mi.. liiHXpZ < 1st.. . 1 i). 'k r-AT- . nrl. nc'h. I-..SOH,-." HS ic'h., trl. 8 > J-JLAND;T •ro<il klC nut.. IS u. ELAND. 81!}. -AT kltn.; mil, bnlbf> iJjii;oLg.»u.. ausj^ Nr. Lijre. |)H,! »H.JI MAGNOLIA. -170 HN ilp. r.. ruu. iw,, niltlq . 3uUn'&Q . • Pfj vw, auifcauo. jun« i»u ,. g.<^^o. i asgffi*jK hotmem i»WN' . .. bouymrtdt. - Jen te ' 4ai 8; . . .N. . lark. • When You Want Quick Results Do you own something that is no longer serving u useful purpose ? Is it something that another person might use ? Would you like to find that other person? And sell him that some^ thing? Then here's how! Go to your tlephone NOW and call 768. Tell the Hope Star want ad-taker your want. That's all. USE Hope Star Want Ads

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