Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 22, 1954
Page 7
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V5?>v^ ' ' v HOPE STAR, MOP t, ARKA Wednesday, Seeember 22, 1$54 PRESCOTT NEWS gundy Monoay ri<rtl*ft HUflft Sucee&s j fu ce and ornamehts in. a b _ Pr&tott Council of Garden Clubs bow i matched the JamP fyfrp' the iliged Its nidsi successful Holiday C hesl of drawers. An opened Cnrist- JfoUse «ur oft Friday from 3 to. mas |jf t was placed oh the bed. Mo 9 p. W. lislng the and greenery in a white sleigh, placed on a reflector draped with silver beads and flanked fay white tapers ih silver holders. The Jiving room mantel was oaHj ked with silvered spruce, holly, ted poinsettias and white candles in silf vci holders. The overhanging mlr ror renected a silvered pineapple ;„ „ topped with a green bow and orna* foam Star topped ments and encircled with silvered With a White" testament rested on a magnolia leaves and colored orna- r.. „. « Stripling table Ifi the master bedroom and a,ments on the »°« e « J»« e - «JV« _ „ the Pr&cott Oar-,Hghted Christmas tree, Quaker| goblets filled with silvered spruce On the lawn a large Sari- Ufrls > oh ifoam. a cbiha angel, or- red[berries and tied with white filfofe ft background!4 &rtl nnt8 ^a ^eeftery ^ere plac- ribbon and belIs were.Pl«« »* .. „.._ emended a Mertyjad at tioihts of vantage.. A f-f illy | Cage points. Artistic packages were fl» guests fts'ithey ari'Jv* HodiacltBl -'sown Brid'satftt bedroom placed beneath the silver unrisi- * fe ' • ' JllpptrTgave a "te of interest. ;',mas tree decorated with clusters A slelgli filled" with cologne, and Of red, green and silver balls. _ a cahffe Jn'a perfume bottle and The tea table was covered with other-appropriate decorations were'an exquisite heirloom hand drawn ...rj'.*. it.. i.-»i ~ hinon ninth over ereen. Red carna' ed ajfcithfe etttrance deicorated candles, greeneryf . . Miss Dla^a, Cashman greet* e door from which 'red bow tied with used 'in the bathroom. linen cloth over green. Red carna Assisting in courtesies were Mrs. tions and holly draped on white ta- GedrgS.ejashman, president.^Mrs.|pers iri/ive branch silve^andela draped on "at $3t; 139399 Uq *'-•"•*•*-' |55,7,om drought _. soybeans hay ji» wdt"t/roductio*n near- the previous year's crop. _ the line' with y»«»»«u r «rid,rValue. &sfari)n.'«conomist "r.E. ^..x^j.'j^ti., Al .j tansas tions, tapers, snow balls apples'arid silvered magnolia' leaves graced the Coffee table while Cedar, nandi- ina berries, candles and magnolia leaves adorned the mantel. A gold kerosene -lamp held a red -candle tied with a . spray of green ornaments. VWtHe mums, flame gladiolus and White bells hi a graceful ar- rpngement \yere placed bn another table. A red ^atin kissing ring was feweU and cutters 7.0CK3.50; culls and trs unchanged; utility and mercial buQls 11.00-13.00; canner and cutter; bulls 8.00-10.00; gool tnci choice* vealers 21.00-2700; top placed!£9.cO; commercial and low eood Mary'on the silver service tray where I vealers 1&.00-20.00. IMrs. Jack Harrell, president of the Sheep 2000; steady on wooled MARKETS St. LOU 13 LIVESTOCK ; sf Louis NATIONAL tocK- YARD I'l. (UP) Vh— Livestock: Hogs 6000; barrows and gilts 50 hiRher, trade active ;FOWS .25 ligher boars unchaniged; 160-210 ,bs 19.00-19.50; 210-230 Ibs 18.501900; 240-280 Ibs ltSO-18.25; 270280 Ibs 17.00-37.50; cows 400 Ibs down 14.50-li3.00; heavier sows 13.75-15.25; vdars 10.50-13.00. . Cattle 3000; calves 00; opencr.l slow; few lots good stecrc steady at 21.00-22.00; heifers and mixed yearlings in liberal numbers and dro'ggy; cows steady,' utility ah-t commercial i9.SOOl.50j eanners and veal com- Prophet-Gives Up, Looking for o Job CHICAGO (UP) — Dn : Charles Laughead whose : predicted ticia wave didn't show up. closed up shop as .a prophet today'and wen looking for a job. • ... Laughead credited an IHh hou reprieve by. the "general" in oth'e spree with saving-Chicago from th Swell Herring Kirs. jacK narreu, preaiueiu ui me. sneep ^uuu; sictiu^ «j" VT~«^.~ The-Rainbow'Garden-Club was in club, and Mrs. Archie Johnson al- lambs, scattered lots good to prlmo charge of decorations at the home ternated. The buffet held silver and ia.50-20.00i nf Mm Rnv nnkp where the outside green spruce intermingled with ... o< thJ'_£?_£ window oi greenerylwhite tapers tied with silver bows NEW YORK STOCKS arid blue • lights made a fitting 1 ""- 1 - !1 ""' ''•"••»"*• «"* nlam^r.,.1 r.a'm.e -for the Christmas tree de- corated w.lth silver foil, blue prna- . 1955 ft- ,'bufeiness nairt, stable. in- P)V-^ Police said bVp6sled'a -$5 bond cketed for parking - explained his "viola pt^f habit, occupation as bus lended in the doorway into the diii- !ng room where the lace' covered able held a cedar ring .interspersed with shellaced' fruits: and nuts centered with "large white candles that fested on.a reflector: The-buffet' was topped with a silver bowl of spruce and ornaments flanked by silver co'mpotes filled with red candles cedar and frosted grapes. •The breakfast table was spread with a Christmas cloth and set with green" and White cHina and red nap kins. Red candles were in double crystal candelabra. The chairs tiec and silver bells with red clappers. In the master bed room a ?tier : NEW .yOHK W! Oils made ments and lights placed inside. The!cards, other- windows held angels hair and'"' u "~ red foil ornaments., A red bow and ornaments were • on • the mail box. SToei", bells attached to a r,ed' lan- •ern,,and'greenery on. .the front door ti.nkle(|;.a..merry hello, as -|he; door Was" opened by Mrs. A. R'. Under- w.ood and; Mrs. Ellis Stewart, presi- e master oeo room a uer- *-"•• --• - - ._..., Jr , bit tray holding Christmas wtrtanduijfgisinB today in a mixed tidal wave that was supposed ti engulf it yesterday. He said h< Would have "nothing specific" t forecast henceforth. The 44-year-old phyririar. wh Was fired from his job at Mich gan State College because of hi gloomy predictions,, said he would spend Christmas with his family at East Lansing Mich. Then he said, he will start looking for a new job but he wasn't \yorried about finding one. SEC Calls End to Two Weeks Power Hearing By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON (ff>) The Secur ties and . Exchange Commission yesterday ended two weeks of hear :ngs on some of. the proposed fi nancing for- the controversial Dix on-Yates: private-power project SEC Chairman 'Balph'H. Dem mler gave' opposing attorneys un til Jan. 18 to:file their final writ ten arguments, , He said the com mission would hear oral argument the following Way. Demrriler 'said it may take an other two weeks for the Commis sion to reach;its decison oh an ap plication by sponsors of the projec for approval of a 5Vfe .million do lar stock issue. The bulk of the f nancing 102 million dollars is Administration officials have de- ended the project as the most eco- omical and practical way of get- ing needed additional power for \tomc Energy Commission in- tallations in the area. Pay Decrease for Non-Farm W&rk LITTLE ROC K </P> The Stale Employment Security Division reported today that non-term employment decreased during! 19a4 v.-hile the average salary, increased. . . i The report said average employment durins the first 11 montns <<*f this year'^as 304300. This w\fs 36 per cent lower than the average number of jobs during. ; : iho same period of 11)53. The average weekly wage- for non-farm workers vas $51.03, or $1.53 higher than last year's average. _______ ornaments gave a ^ j and red and market. a f t ernoo there were - 111 tll v *- 01 »J u*v^-*-**^« to come in the form of long term loans. The project has arounsed the wire of public power advocates who view the proposal to furnish private power to the Tennessee Va = h cy Authority area as a possible 'I feel bigger things are in store) , j - • - *iJS wi . >'.'•••",•)•-' «••«. '•• «••». — i jy^Q^p for me" "Laughead said. "I'm not worried about a job. .Cedar, ornaments^ reindeer and candles.topped a table i * ''". "*. " : .'t. _•*•».'' ' silver ornaments in a mil* glass -^™.'V polnt ln a few instances. bowl flanked by china choir boys,"££.£f ieldP O il ,v;as up around 4 with a-youthful picture of Jim in r^'. aft( the back ground, made an .impres-• * m • sharts uy ^ ^ ^ . sive setting for the chest of draw- oilB werc higher all around while ers. Mailrwads movies steels and air- The game room was decorated cra jj s wore up O n balance. Motors in the traditional manner with a Lad) a lower tendency, along with trance hall. \^ljTiHiaii \f t*»*v« *»*»***» »*• «..-». with" green satin bows completec ihe setting. The kitchen boasted a pineappl stuck with green gum drops in a- wooden bowl, a basket of fruit by which lay a white net apron .trimmed with red satin ribbon and ornaments on the pocket. On the.coun-j jter tops were tempting pop corn balls,- crab apples and donuts and a coconut cake, on a cake .stand. A cake pan'frpm which,fe^l red r>h- bohs 'tied with cookie cutters hung jn.a^cabinet door. *fr j u vav* 4 * w * **w»• A dust pan, tied with green ribbon and bells was placed on the door' that led into the breeie- •way''where packages were spread under £n umisual pink bird tree decorated with-pint tinsel birds and oj-nijmente that was placed before, the widows laced with pink tmsel blue beads and ornaments. ,Pin^ candles pn a' candle board banked with' multi-colored <beads and balls w/ere, placed' on a table by a door "^ ."• ... . .,_ I._«« n 4.n *l/\«rO»«C . In : the living room an open Bible with the nativity scene in the bapk ground added to the sacredncss of the season. White tapers and sprays of pastel ornaments flanked by .blue magnolia • leaves adorned the mantel.. A .wine pottery bowl of Hawaiian anthirum and tie lea- yes, flown direct from Honolulu, placed on the coff.ee table blended with the wine sofa. . .•The dining table w.as spread with a white linen embroidered' cloth with a .centerpiece Of white candles, -cedar • and ornaments, mag- nOlia .leaves and huge gold :pine 'cones banked the buffet,'. ' A red felt stocking was draped on the back of a Chair in the guest room and a unique perforated foil ribbon tree decorated with glitter balls was on the dresser. In the kitchen a red dust pan fil- the en- small tree in the window, an fashioned Christmas scene in shadow box flanked by red candles L Q on a table and a bowl.of colored ornaments and red tapers on the POULTRY AND PRODUCE old coppers, airlines and utilities. a Other major divisions were steady W) T. V. An egg basket filled with colored balls and greenery was'plac- CHICAGO ed on the outside of the door toarey stead. An organdy tree sprinkled with yesterday 992 Colored stars, made by Wally Pitt- 1 " ' man, Sammy and Mary Cruse was placed on the bedside Jim's room. A large ~ Laughead was reluctant to claim that the earthquake that hit California yesterday confirmed his forecart ot "cataclysm! 1 :" pvcnts to accompanyUhe Chicago tidal wave. However, Mrs. Dorothy Martin who clnims to'be in contact with oilier-world informants said she hsd been .told'that "seitmalic d.ibr turbances" would accompsny worldwide destruction." . : Mrs. ' Martin in : -whose .home Laughead has" been a '-'guest-since his ouster by'Michigan State, saic the West Coast earthqui'ke "bore Live poultry. toarey steady; receipts 929 coops ••---- coops 193,589 Ibs; c^ed ISS: mad. by Wally Pitt-feb. W^ 2< ,Pg«« ^^ broilers 21-35; caponottes 24- toward destruction of TYA out" her prediction; She said She would like to reveal more but that the prophets "have not giver, me authority to do so must abide by .'their decision." Lauahcad insisted that there had rer-n no rriktake in his a^.d Mrs. Martin's forecast'of a tidal wave rnd earthquakes. "There -was no error on her part"'he said. ''She got the mes- idges right. It : was just *hat the general—you may call' him a god changed ' strategy at'the last mo riicnt.-" Appropriate BIBLES Stories of the Bible in . "BIBLE STORIES FOR . CHILDREN" A John S. Gibson Drug Co. Phone 7-2201 was a top PENNEY'S STILL HAS PLENTY OF WONDERFUL GIFTS ,.. Mrs. held sUVer' holder and typical of her faith. room a " bedside hen turkensy 37-38; fancy torn tin geese Hope, Fulton, hia and Magnolia. ed; 90' 92 score B 57.75; 89 C 6. pmk,tafMa f with centelte/of flowers orna' led with greenery ahd pine cones and tied with a red bow made a • clever wall plaque. A green cloth with "cutouts of red felt bells and poinsettias covered the breakfast atole. Tempting cup cakes iced with green coconut and topped with gold slar and small red candles 8*.25; 89 C 57. Mr and Mrs. Benhie: Benton ?nd £ggs easy; receipts Jini'my Benton of ptot Springs were .wholesale buying prices Friday visitors in Prescott. li~..=- TT s inra,» white; u guiu sva* >v'v* B...-« --« ..I"-;';,',' j i\/r, - t> were placed on a lazy susaa in thejentsj Mr. and lyhs. it _-._.!.«.. rnl»rt mii*f nine rtntt.pH VkTltK- Or-V-ffllV-. ? 1 T"-' v i* *< j |%V,"' /'/v RviH?' r ' " '* '< 9f-f!,t, 'it-VM sr 1 ;'V^«?'^^' ilcVU_ j ,t ai V«B u c ., — coffee table held huge candle' surrounded with sii- ered nsmdina and snow balls sp- inkled with sequins. On the record nlayer a pair of -reading glasses were beside an_open Bible lighted >y a china angel. . . In the Wst room a bell tree on he dresser, played "Silent Night. An arrangement of driftwood, sp center. The curtains dotted wjth or-v|h..: naments completed the setting. ! '', Birds and a nest perched'in; a|_'Mr. PIUQW'S GIFT SHOP Open Every night 'til Christmas 305 8. Laurel : Charles Ya'rbrough^ student at «•«««« rec Kemper' Military School, Boone-1 chc cics u. ville, Mo., .arrived/ Saturday to •spend. ..the holidays with his par- ('••--. t r •"•»'••' p : i Ttif^._ "O TJ^ Vn *»TM»/III. 2 A 58.25: cars 90 B 10,697; /, to 1 lower; U. S.' large whites 30; mixed ed 30; mediums 28; standards, 38; at 1 current receipts 25; dirties 22; .» i.--,, Yarbrou- and Mrs. Orv.ille Kelly and Jpirds anu a, nest jjciuncu 1 m.-, «? ivir. anu ivii£>. .*_/j.v..**»*. *»^.«^ —— driftwood bird tree and a basket of) johnny of Commerce, Texas, are colorful Christmas cards gave a the holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. festive air to the .den. '.'johnny Hooks Mrs. L. D. Turney, Mrs. Mary B. Smith and Mrs. Bert Wingfield assisted in" courtesies. The colonial home of Mrs. J. R. Bemis was in charge of the Rose Garden Club. Cedar outlined the front entrance and filled iron pots on each side. A large foa.m'sripw man encircled with snow balls and greenery wa.s placed jauntily on the screen door. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Earl Eppler, Mrs .J. T. McRae-and Mrs. D. Li McRae Jr., spent last week in Little Rock ; and was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. Grace Wilson, who is. her gu- ' ' NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK UP) Cotton futures wire lower today in dull trading Scattered hedging and liquidation jne- tonly limited trade buying. Seme demand came from spot house buying of futures' st New York ,1'gainst sales in New Orleans. Late afternoon prices were : un- hanged to 25 cents a bale lower lan the previous close. Me 34.72 May 35.00, Jly 35,12. Mr. and Mrs.,- Harold Simpson of Cincinnati, Ohio are the house guests of their daughter, Mrs. J. R. Bemis and family. Mrs;' Earl Eppler spent Satur- Mrs.'Vernon Buchanan, president:'day in Malvern wi.th Mr. Eppler. of the club and invited into the hall I , —r-r—• ; where white magnolia* leaves with] Friends of W. S. Roe will regret silver'glitter and ornaments grace- that he is seriously ill at the Cora fully decorated the stairV/ay, White Donnell Hospital, pussy willow, magnolia leaves, and ornaments on foam flanked by white tapers graced a table. Three huge red bells tied with a Friends of Jada McGuire will be glad to know he has resumed hi duties at the Chamber of Com FOR CAR OWNERS ; $2.00 tin Service Station i<ir(SH 4JWBC iU>4 uf**a *••-« """ - i.u» —» -• "-_ i«_-,f ot ~Ct green tulle bow hung in the picture merce after bepg a patient at -bt window in the living room. On the,Michael's Hospital, in Texarkana. coffee table was placed silver leaves," ornaments ?nd a red ,candle. Santa in a sleigh drawn by his reindeer praaced across the top oj ^e piano. Festopns of cedar ex- Jed over the mantej from color- Christmas elves, pn each side. ,.«j> piantel arrangement* was designed with graduated red candles, cedar and ornaments in a red container, A red velvet Santa stood OR $ Ifimp table. A qu.aint little flowe*' tree was placed under a glass bell. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree completed the de cora tions, felt stockings were hung over the fire ptece m the den for ]Ma- jrJta Jane, Andy, Harold and Teddy, Pine and colored pine cpnes were plao«d on the mantel. Lighted revolving Christinas trees flank Way to Keep Yule Tree From WilHng WASHINGTON W If you your Christmas tree wilting not. Just give it a shot of sugar and aspirin. This sweet advice came today fin fear GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Mpst grams , mov(>d hifjher in moderately active deal- ngs on the Board, of Trade today. Aiding the market were such iems as a two million dollar grant 0 greece ta buy bread grains a request for offers on 335,000 bushels' of soybeans by France and an agriculture department estimate next spring's pig .crop will be 5 per :c'ent above that of last spring. T-radinc in Eecember futui-es ended at the close. Any contracts still outstanding mus tbe settled by delivery of the cash commodity. Whept clo sed unchanged to 1% higher December $2.29- $2.28, corn %-l, higher December $1.53-$1.54y 4 oats VB lower to : 1% higher .December 84-82, rye 1 lower to '\'z higher December $l.ll-$VO!/ 2 soybeans y 4 -l lower, January $2.82-$3.81. Wheat: No. 3 red 2.30; ..Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.56 1 /,: No. 2 1.56-56%; No. 3 l.SO'-SS.Vz; No. 4 1.44«/ 4 -17 I /4;- No 1.34; sample grade 1.3. Oats from Dr. P. E. Hance, principle chemist or the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association experiment station. He wrote up this prescrip- No. 1 heavy mixed heavy white 88'/i-89; weevily 78'/2; No. 2 No. 1 white 8; tion: When tree arrives in home trunk at cut an off lower portion of gle and imrperse cut end in water to which tablespoon of sugar has P'ANGBURN NORRIS been added. Stir in two aspirin tablets. Thp idea is to keep air from A green cloth with white felt being drawn into the cellular struc- cut outs of belte and trees cover- ture of the trunk. It's the air, Dr. ed the dining table. A crystal sev- Hance said that does most of the Jen branched candelabra holding -ee v/ilting. wh}te candles with gilyer glitter formed the centerpiece. Tbe buffet was graced wi|h a silver bowl ol jcov^red , ornaments interspersed with cedar and wfcHe tapers with silver glitter in silver candlesticks. I In the guest room an outstand- Hng scene wa.§ » china madonna With 8 bac.k ground ol candles and bolly, white and pink packages under a white |r«e wag placed on a tablje. A fat Christmas candle anc pine wanes - adorned the bed side liable, Assisting in courtesies were Mrs W. 0- Golden, Jyfrs. 'Harold LewJ« Und 'Mrs Carl Dalrymple 1 The foome Qf Mrs JH. H 88'/ 2 ; No. 1 No. 1 white heavy white No. 2 white 86. y nominal: 1.30-2; feed 1. 10-13. malting choic ^•*V Tf*'^»*T V* f>W* •* f *' »*• "wwTW^^r ,?ie, wnjere true hospitality elway S esides, was A perfect se.tt.ing fo e Chrjsjtmaj te» with the §o.u ifo t»&0Q Eden Warns Soviet Threat Is Great LONDON U& British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden warned oday that Russia's threa tto tha West i s as strong as ever ^nd called-fpr a steady military buildup of the Atlantic Alliance. Eden told the House of Com T mons: "The massive military power of ,,MS Soviet Vnion is stil) growing rapidly. SovjeV policy U still aimed at confusing dividing ^nd •—'"•"- Enaineer Cleared of'Red Tinge 1 Rome N. Y. (ft A civilian electronics engineer who said he was surpend.ed Nov. 33, 1953 from his job at Griffiss Air Force Base on charges of Communist leanings and 'violations o? security regulations said today he had been cleared and reinstated. An Air Base spokesman confirmed that Martin Lcvine 29, was back at his Job but declined further cdmment. Levine had said in a written statement tp nev\'smcn "I am not sympathizer." Following Ws suspension, Levine w?s called to testify in New York City before the Senate Wake up to lovely color-in pastel sheets, bracing and beautiful as a glorious new day! You'll find shades to blend with your blankets, your draperies, your entire bedroom scheme. And these are sturdy Nation-Wides -made for rigorous wear, heavy tubbing, famous for generations for their long thrifty wear. In maize, spring green, blue, others. Permanent Investigations subcommittee headed by Sen. McCarthy wig yw West." B,ut he predjpted that in next few years' 1 tije growing iic pact Rrrni.es equipped afejmjc w«appn,S wjU to ^url hapk $ny &W9t the McCarthy spokesmen said at the tijne thft *he subcommittee had l>een investigating reports of secu rjty leaks at Griffiss. After testifying, Levme void a reporter that McCarthy had told 1 him "15 to 80" persons had made {-taterrents tiwt he was a Commu or a Communist sympathiser. PRBMl ERe Twin sijce 72x108", 2.19 42x36" ease, 49c Wednesday, December 22, 1954 HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS .Calendar .Wedntsday December 22 •••Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Anthony aftd Dr. and Mrs. George Wright ivill entertain the seventh ' and •^eighth grade members of the County Club with a semi-formal dance u cro|b £* DURAFLEECE REVERSIBLE BUNKET , . , 7.90 Yours in shades like sun- flpme with grey . ,. green with lime . • • pink with rose . . . and others too'.jgpj Truly a new, lovely fashion blanket for your home, for gift-giving. It's the new pygrfleeefi blend of 9Q% permqnently-eurleq ryygn and. 10% woo) . . li^yriQysJy wgrm a n i l$ng T wearing, Acet '.;''-, ^i -K*u "*0^ from 7:30 fiht. to 10:30 Wednesday ni- Miss Tish Smith, bride-elect of Robert Alton Jones of Joplin, Mo.,' Will be honoree at a supper on Wednesday evening to be given by Miss Nannette Williams and Miss Charlotte Tarpley at the home of Miss Tarpley. tide motif. Mrs. Frank Thomas voiced the ? The Wesley Club will meet at the First Methodist Church tonight at 6:30 to go caroling for one hour. opening prayer, and Miss Mildred Taylor gave the devotional from the 14th chapter of Luke. Mrs. L. C. Kennedy. presented an article on "Christmas Religion," and Mrs. Sam Williams gave a "Christmas Recipe," The special, "Living for Jesus" was read by Mrs. Charles Ellis, and.Mrs. Sidney Ward led in rayer. The business meeting was held, uring which time Mrs. Sam Wil- :ams read the minutes of the pre- ious meeting. Gifts and offerings fere given to needy families. Mrs. ,. C. Kennedy voiced the closing rayer. Mrs. Norval and Mrs. Ellis were o-hostesses, and assisted Mrs. Ross in serving refreshments to 15 members. Sunday December 26 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the choir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 p. m. Sunday, December 26. 'Miss Ann Clayton Booth will entertain Miss Tish Smith and her Bridal party with a dinner on Sunday night at the Barlow. Monday December 27 'Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith will be hosts at the rehearsal dinner for the Jones-Smith wedding party on Monday night;-December 27, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rettig. .Friday Music Club 'Has Christmas Party The Friday Music Club met at home of Mrs. G. T. Cannon on F.riday evening, December 17, for a Christmas party. Gifts for a needy family were placed around the lighted tree. After a short business meeting a Chrismas story was told by Mrs. Henry Haynes. • Christmas cookies and coffee were served to the nine members present, while recordings from "-Hansel and Gretel" were played. > w ! Mrs. Ross Entertains ,, .Willing Workers Auxiliary "f . Mrs. Harrison Ross entertained '?•• members of the Unity Baptist Willi ing Workers Auxiliary at her home It on Monday at 7 p. m. The Ross ;; : home was decora'ted in the Yule- • NOW * — FEATURE TIMES — 2:00 - 3:55 - 5:39-- 7:34 - 9:29 CREER ROBERT GARSON-RYAN ,BARRY SULLIVAN . • SHORTS • 1. NEWS OF THE DAY 1. BIRD CARTOON LET'S BE DIFFERENT THIS CHRISTMAS . . . GIVE BOOKS OF HAPPINESS Weather Brings Many Surprises IS,.., Miss Wray, Mr. Hazzard Are Entertained Miss Martha Wray, -her fi- ,nce, Lawrence Hazzard, members if the wedding party and their lates, Mrs. B. M. Hazzard and Mrs. Evan Wray were guests at a inner given by Miss Caroline •Jawthorne on Monday night, De- ember 13. The mantel in the living room ,vas decorated with pink and silver eaves and candles, and a small ilver tree with blue lovebirds. Dinner was served buffet style rom the dining table which held an arrangement of pink and silver eaves," Christmas balls and 'cand- es. Miss Wray wore a dress of pink aille and a pink corsage. The honored couple was presented a gift of china by the hostess. By United Press bid man winter made his official arrival In the nation today and brought along some surprises. In Wyoming and Montana, where residents ar.-j often digging out of enow storms at this time of year, the temperatures were higher than they were in most of Florida, Women in Maimi Fla., put on fur jackets to do their Christmas shopping. But at mile-high Denver Colo, the weather was so mild rhoppers were going around in jackets. New York City, where the weath- f-r generally isn't too revere was cne of the chilliest places in the ration. The temperature Was expected to go to 10 or five degrees &bove zero today. New England however, maintain' ed its wintry traditions with a snow storm that cancelled air traffic at Boston Mass., and piled up to 16 inches of snow at Portsmouth N.H. In Europe winter opened with hurricane winds and floods in ths north and snow rain and blinding fog in the south. Eight deaths were blamed on the weather. Meanwhile a Mexican cold wave accounted for 17 deaths. New Hampshire was the first of the 13 original colones to declare its independence tain, in January, from Great Brl- 1776. Miss Tish Smith Complimented With Luncheon Miss Roberta Howard complimented Miss Tish Smith, bride- elect of Robert Alton Jones of Jop- in, Mo., with a surprise birthday party and luncheon on Monday, December 20. The 16 guests were invited into ;he dining room, where a huge birthday cake, surrounded with greenery and Christmas balls, was dis played. The bridal party was seat- jd at the dining table, and the ot- ler guests were seated at quartet with small silver packages tied with red ribbon with each tag bearing the name of a guest. Miss Smith was presented a silver tray, wrapped in silver and tied with red ribbon, and a corsage of red roses. The honoree wore a trousseau frock of brown wool trimmed with a white-collar. ««; lifldent Once this Uttied ,the womatl _. mild ttiak ei a.<(iulek,t [)0ttt uUt altiflftlt"^ lifer eld a physician as\h08l er. It wasLa.tfar" mong fir. Corbln, Mis Davis that'She'ret -, V, , j" Linen," stressed in all resort collections as an important fabric this year, is used in daytime-lo-cvening clothes by Dallas designers. Late day dress-(left) of pure Irish linen has splashes of zinnia and-turquoise against, .a natural background. Suit . (center) is in natural linen with double belt that picks up splash of print.in the blouse. Color-coordinated blouse and Bermuda shorts (right) in linen team shorts in natural color with blouse in peony and royal print on natural background. All three designs are by Ike Clark of Dallas. And all three demonstrate the new look of linen this year, „ , Iris Garden Club Makes Christmas Decorations For State Hospital »The Iris Garden Club met Tuesday, December 21, at the home of Mrs. Daniel Blake to make Christmas decorations for the state hospital at Benton. Twenty door sprays of holly, berries, pine cones and red oil cloth ribbons were made and will be delivered on Wednesday, December DOROTHY DIX 22, by Mrs. E. O. Wingfield. Mrs. Blake served pie fee to those present. and cof- tables which arrangements were centered with of red candles and silver holders. Places were marked TO OUR PATRONS Prescription Price When you have a Prescription to be filled, we shall be glad to discuss its cost. We invite frank discussion because our prescription prices are based upon a formula which is fair to all. We hope that we may fill your next prescription. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. John Clyde Hill and children of Little Rock will spend the holidays with his mother, Mrs. Clyde Hill. Airman First . Class Florence MtCorkle is spending 'the holidays with relatives and. friends in Hope. Sonny Griffin has arrived from Oklahoma A & 'M to sp&nd the holidays with his parents. Mrs. J. C. Atchley and family have returned from DeKalb, Texas, where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Atchley's father, who died Monday night, ..^-jji- Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Vickie Beth Ballard, Hope, Mr. H. C. Kennedy, Hope, Mr. H. C. Jackson, Hope, Altha Shaw, .Hope, Hershel Martin, Hope, Sarah Jones, Hope, Discharged: Mrs. Amanda Huckabee, Hope, Miss Nannie Maroon, Hope, Leona Bailey, Hope, Argusta Burton and son, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Sherman Wilson, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Bennie Cowell, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. J. P. Webb, Washington, Nancy Primus, Magnolia. Dscharged: Dwight Campbell, Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wilson of Rt. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby daughter on Dec. 21, 19 54. • .1 j. j.*a*i. OUT THEY GO!! We ore closing out our current stock of RECORDS and ALBUMS Prices Sloshed to the Bottom. Buy Now 2000 (78RPM) RECORDS These are regular 89c values. 19ceach (10 for $1.50) ALL (45 RPM) SINGLES These ore regulor 89e volues, JJpecig! Victory The annual Christmas Party of the Victory Home Demonstration Club was held at the home of Mrs. Carlton Roberts with Mrs. Archie 49ceach AIL ALBUMS .'.,., 25% OFF SALE CLOSES PEC. 24th Smith cohostess. After the reading of 'the Home Demonstration Club women's creed, Christmas carols were sung by the group with Mrs. Janelle Zackery at the piano. A Christmas story was read by Mrs, Daley Byers. The devotional was given by Mrs. Smith taken from Matt. 2:1-14 and Luke 2:1-10. Prayer was given by Mrs, E, C, Calhoun, Games were played under the direction of Mrs. Roberts. Prizes were won by Mrs. Robert Cash, Mrs. Joe Patterson and Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, Home Demonstration Agent. A Christmas gift , exchange was enjoyed by 15 menv bers and 3 visitors, Mrs. Herbert Arnold, Mrs. Herbert Hartsfield and Mrs. £ackery. After refreshments the club adjourned to meet in January at tha home of Mrs. Dalton Smith. Obstinate Parents Dear Miss Dix: My parents objected to my marriage from the! beginning they felt I should have wed someone more to their liking. Yet do me, Phil is everything a girl could want. True, neither his social nor financial position is topnotch, but he is matchless in kindness, co-operation and thoughtfulness. I am 22, my husband is '24 and we've been married a year, so it can't be said that we were too young to know our own minds. We met in high-school days. Mother and Dad claim they could have picked an outstanding man for me, one esteemed in the community.,.I am -sure this kind of marriage would never'have appealed to .me How can I assure my parents that I am completely happy, that Phil and I love each other? They won't even let him in their home. Consequently, I am beginning to begrudge the time spent visiting my family. We can no longervmeel on common ground. When they mention Phil, it is in such disparaging terms that I am greatly upset when I leave. How can I change their opinion, and persuade ttiem. to be friendly to my man? CARLOTTE Y. Small Minds Answer: You might as well try to change the stars in their courses as to alter tbe minds of prejudiced persons. You can present your family with incontestable proof of Phil's excellent record as a husband, but their small minds wiH be incapable of appreciating, mu.c.li less admitting, his good qualities. Nevertheless, in spite of their faults, they are stilly your folks, and you ought to continue to pay at least token respect to them When they criticize your husband, however, they discourage respect In order to avoid too much friction, stop the next word of censure by stating that you didn't come t't hear your husband maligned, anc that if they expect you to continue calling, they must cease their unjust criticism of him When you visit your folks, look your very loveliest and they will soon be convinced that you did, after all, marry ' a good provider. Prayer is the only force that will accomplish a charge in your family's attitude. In the meantime, It is certainly tragic to contemplate the happiness thrown away by stubborn people. It would be so lower yourself by doing it. Home wreckers are notoriously deaf to pleas, reason or decency Don't ever bring up, the subject to your husband. As a fopft of conversation, let her existance go unnoticed. Your experience Is a terrific test of character lor a wife 1 . BRIGHTNESS-Pretty Sandy Wirth, of Miami, Fla., named "Miss Light," is helping the Lions Club raise funds to aid the blind. She is also the shining light of the University of Miami's baton twirlers. Dear Miss Dix: Last summer 1 became.engaged,, the event taking place on my, 19th birthday. We did not announce the engagement, .but kept it a secret, especially from my parents.,JWe have now set our wedding, date at Easter, but up to the present time our plans have not been, mentioned to my father. However he has heard about it and refuses to give me away be cause my fiance did not ask hi: consent/ My fiance contends that as I am over 18 and he is over 21, consent is unnecessary. Rather than ask my father,' he suggests that we run,away and "make him like it," CONFUSED Answer: Though there is an age at which parental consent ceases to be a requirement for a marriage license, 1 "have yet to hea'r of the age at which courtesy and consideration can be thrown into the discard.' Your fiance's boorishness is unbelievable. What sort of family relationship do you expect to establish on this precedent? Do you realize that the same lack of consideration will undoubtedly fal to your lot after you marry him? If your father isn't asked to give you away, how in the world do you accept an' invitation that was never given? I am afraid you nol your father, will be the one wHo will have "to take it and like it" once the knot is tied. A word to the wise. etc. TULSA, Okla. (ffl With Okla oma leading the way, domcsti rude oil and condensate produc on increased 18200 barrels ove ic previous week, the Oil and Ga ournal reported today. The Journal said daily.averag Utput for the week ended Dec. 1 vas 6,348,600 barrels. Oklahom n-oduction advanced 1380C barrc! aily. Down were Arkansas 300- barre' nd Louisiana 400. Mississippi an Texas had no change. = much easier and nicer to live la harmony; why then is dissension chosen by so many. It takes character to rise above such petty surroundings; I hope you and Phil have it. Dear Miss Dix: My father has given me permission to date a certain boy, whenever I go out with him my brother follow us and tell him to leave me. What can I do to make them stop spoiling my dat- The Melrose Home Demonstration club members enjoyed the club's annual Christmas party held at the home of Mrs. Glenon Buck- abee. The Christmas motif was carried out in the home decorations. Carols were sung by the group The devotional, "the Christmas Story," was read by Mrs. Otha Roberts. A poem, "Silent Night," was read by Mrs. Fred Stewart. Roll call was answered by each member es? TEX Answer: Since you have your family's permission to go out, it is certainly no further concern of your brothers. Tell your father what a nuisance they are, and I'm sure he'lj put them in their place. Dear Miss Dix: My 21-year-old daughter has been going steady with a bpy the same age. He comes to our house almost every day, and by now has- just about taken over the place. He practically orders my daughters'to get refreshments for him, takes off his shoes and puts his feet on the sofa even takes off his shirt and goes around in hh undershirt on occasion. If I wani to watch TV either he doesn't like the program or wants the living room left to him and the girl anc My daughter is a lovely girl I don't think he's good enough for Celling were most unusual Christmas i$ of the last meeting fey Atom G_ame:«! w>re pisy$4 #Hh Mrs* Wf f "inen^eyer wiijnuif th^ ?fi?e, Gifts weyf g^ha^ged fronj f hea- iHstop \x» 8f- ^^^T tive wife and mother in my early thirties. Two years ago my hUs- band's disposition and behavior began to undergo a decided change. His working hours had always been irregular, but then he stayed away from home much more than had previously; Also, he became rritable, argumentative ,and his handkerchiefs occasionally \bpre lipstick stains, I asked if there was someone else, which he denied, A few months ago I had a telep^ hone call from a woman who said she and my husband had been going out together for some time, and she added, she had no intentions of giving him up, When I told him of the call, he admitted it was true. He promised to break off with the woman, and for a time he apparently kept his word. Then, his late hours, week-ends away from home and bad disposition recurred. Of course, I know he is keeping company with the .anonymous tele' phone caller again. He is seldom home and never takes me out, I love rny husband in spite of everything, and our daughters dote on him, One is a sickly child, demand- Ing a good deal of care and I know separation from her father would, be most upsetting to her. My friends say I'm wasting my life with a chronic philanderer; my pastor and my doctor advise me to stick it out. Do you think talking to the other woman would help; J could find out where she lives. HAZEL G, Answer; My advice is to fpllow that of your pastor and doctor Special -- Through December COLD WAVES $15 Lanolin Oil - $12.50 $12.50 Cream Oil-$8.50 Give her a permanent for Christmas HazeJ's Beauty Shop Phone 7-2878 Hazel — Virginia — Aullne Production of Oil Increases i PRETTY COLD . ,. MEXICO CITY ' WIMexicp shl Ted today in tho coldest' weathe t , has felt in many years. The empe^ature dropped to 12~degree n Mexico City. ' ' ' fr< aw fee ey WAKE ic police,and inued their he door/'of* tl[ icre today^ltol r'kept .*, pistot preb ilde of a^pretty^wdtt hrefctening; to ( , shoot^ 1 me else .wljo • - ' lizabeth Davis, - aba yoslcrday •• - '• ^"" tMmt H 16 - iny ing cases ^ M Mill. Both\a.re -ej] There he^hald.t;h % * c ^j ••*j*-vr*vvcj clcrrcd space,, hi? mnlic into hi ... . Outside the room?* her. Timberlake,?,'! Forest Police ,'Chlcf said, iB'tiSSTfi^fili* , her, until he , (TirnDerliK comes /and r then.' T*ff him.!' two British' SINGER CHRISTA fi i f .v-*i.W ittw.V_i .'i"«*i:f- SINGI | | Him.... , I Eastman Kodak's Cigarettes Pipes Ronson Lighters' Justin Billfolds, r Sheaffer Pens, Pencils and Sets '. Old Spice Sets| Yard ley Sets • Electric, Razors Sunbeam/ Schick, and Remington | Shaving Brushes WARD DRUGGIST; 102 W. Second ;* ?SJM^ Yaraleyj OldcSp^l '' Sta *'l?4^4fI ' r^W,-Kv>Afefe4'5 ; Justifeemfe, stick it out. With prayer and through perseverance the power of V her. Answer: It's up Jo young couple ' • *' MRS. T. to let the come th,g boy'fe wl?&% h «ws» *W& love, you will almost certainly win your husband back. Consider a few pros and cons pf the matter. Th.e other woman WANTS you to leave, so she can quickly attach, the man you relinquish, why let her ch,eafc you out of your home, as well as your husband? What she ha.s HQW is just a shoddy facsimile of your life; you have the security, the name, and your children haVe the protection pf Wi.eir father, "yhese should not be surrendered }i|l»ily. As long as you continue fo youv Irish PRICES Y«l» &. ,. hav; f to be * J pot osition as wife ; J3on't leave the^ mm iv/mfe . y w. • »V>11 can usujp ppen ' my , ^ 9 ™"ffi ^=\

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