The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1940
Page 8
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•-PAGE EIGHT Caruthersville Society—Personal Army Sergeant Develops Secret' Aid For Fighting . . Ships CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—A revolutionary now fuel system, developed secretly, by an Army Air COTJK sergeaitt and a Clevqland concern will enable United Stales nilllmry plaaes to Sly for great di.Maiu-es at altitudes above 2d.NOii leet, out of the- rouge ol anti-aircraft (Ire. Experimental night (lain on American military airplanes disclosed that they could noi be depended upon to maintain consistently high altitude:,. One pi:nc might be able to fly at 22,000 feet today and at oniy 18,500 tomorrow. Tile reason for tills varying performance i.s known to s^ronaiclcir engineers as "vapor.lock." and re- suits from an uneven (low of fuel because of the varying atmospheric pressure in the "thin air" ol the sub-stratosphere. At certain altitudes high test gasoline vaporize. 1 ! and replaces liquid fuel In teed lines. Tests al IVrlgli! FMil • ' It was to overcome (hi; "vapor lock" that Sergt. Ralph E. Gray and the Pump Engineering Service Corporation of Cleveland carried on a series of experiments at Wright Field, Dayton, O., and developed the new fuel .system, which is being .produced exclusively for army and navy planes. { Secretary of War Harry II. Woo'drlng recently wrote Gray congratulating him "tor this de- V..O[:nK-nt which is ihe product of your ingenuity, skill, zeal tind enthusiasm." All engineering- details of tlie new fuel system have been kept .secret, but it was disclosed that "vapor lock" was overcome by placing the fuel pump at a point remote from the heal of the motor and at a level more eqtnl to Hut of the gasoline tank and fuel supply. Altitude Not Consistent Military aircraft using conventional fuel systems have been able in the past to approach 20,000 feet altitude, but have been unable to operate consistently above that level. Al! statistic. 1 ! of the experimental flights with the new system at Wrlghl Field have been kept secret by army officials, bill It has bee levealed thnt it lius made po«lb)<- long flights at much hlghsr ,i, twles. '"Aeronautical engineers irellsv that the secret development iv give .American bombing, reoau nalssance and pursuit, planes • great ' advantage over those o' other'nations, more vulnerable nnti-aircrnfl gurs. Pork Chop Food Value : . Stressed'by Professor CHICAGO (UP)—A pork chop n day keeps tlie doctor away, paraphrases Dr. c. A. •'ailvehjem.' Unl- verslly .of Wiscunslt: professor of agricultural chemistry. Reporting on vitamin researches at - the university, he placed pork at the top of a list of common fcods that are rich sources of thl- atnin, a vitamin B Ingredient which stimulates appetite and promotes growth. ' "One pork chop," lie snld, "supplies sufficient thlamin to meet Ihe I'ormel requirements for a day." Clher rich sources of thiamin he listed to include glandular meats siieh as ilver, he-art and kidney SPECIAL! 1/3 fllore for the same nioncj- .lohnson's Wax and Glo-t' SHOUSE-HENRY. HARDWARE CO. Fhone 35 •Tirestone STANDARD TIRES ' lOTHEK SIZES HOPORTIONATELY, LOW H 'At Today's LOW PRICES! M e I'cr Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. As- Low As I'Jia ItoberU l^iu-renee (.'Irc'tc About )7 members of the Una Roberts Uiwrence .'Circle of the Baptist church met at the chnr.-h Mond.iy night for n potluck Mlp- Kollowlni; Hie supper, Mr.s. Alice Iiiilcn Ix)hg led the Royal Service program and a short business meet- lug was held. Mrs. Garth Doss re- vleryfii the .study book, "Give Ye Tlum to Eut." .Mre. Hoscoe 1'leree was a siuest of (lie circle for (he evenh'B. [•'!!•>t Nisliler-j .Mi-el MJS.S Selinn Coupermnn was tut.l- r.w to memliers of-the First Night- •rs Club and otic, Mits Kstlur Harkovltx of Hayti. al her home Monday tiixht. High score piiwc in conlract wj' won by Mrs. ft. w. U-.ilrd. who re- •ulved , four print linen handkerchiefs. Miss fclloist; Davis wo-j a- api-on for low score prize, Miv; MSI <- int- Balrd brldgoec) und WiVs awarri- sil a cnndj' dhh, atul Miw ISuko- vily. received n pin a.s u'les! pi-la.-. Al 'Ihe close of the evening liie served a salad plate con- sisllng ol chicken stilitl, plcklos and olives, cracker.!, jcvllcd c-.:t;s and jello with frnii cookies. I'liilatlicu Class iMecls Mrs. Obyo Colter ond Miss Myra Ocrrish were nssislant hostesses will) Mrs. HUB)) England when she entertained the Phllivthea Class of the Baptist church at her hotne Monday niglil. Twenty mcmbei- and two guests w«re present. rollowing the business mec-tlna 1 , the evening was spent in |il.tyln|| rook, and the hostesses served as- sonrd open nice siiii<tiVlciii-Ji, ut\ ;ei- food enke wllh a fruit ami whipped cream topping nn:l coffee. * t- » l'. K. O. .Moots Olivers for the coming year were '.lectcd by members oi (he 1 J . li. o, it the regular meeting held at the ;ome of Mr.s. John ,3nvyor Monday afternoon. They were as follows; president, Mrs. H. V. UtelU'l^er; vice president. ,Mrs. H. L. w.rd orre.s)iondiiv{ secretary, Mr-. .licit Hopke; iccordlhg secreinry, Mrs. B. C. Pierce; irpasurcr. Miss Ncllc I-ec Horroli; Clmplain. Mrs. Ocorrje Crockett; K«nid, Mrs. Untold ,lO'i".s. Mrs, pierce. Mrs. Dorroli and Mr.s. 'Jones all were rcelected to IIIP uic'offire., Iliey held last ^l llif clOff fit (He nl'lerii'jcn M:-",- Sasvyw scrr«l Ire cre.iin inirl cnk.-- carryhts oni tin 1 .St. I'.itrkk's Dav tlicmc. Miss Ilarrir't JinlKc retnrni'd lo her home in New Madrid Sunday nftcntooti afler spendin-j sever3; days hen- visltint; friends. Six- was driven home by Miss Mary J.ine Crysler. Mr.s. Juek I.nJiudon spent th« weekend It) St. Louis with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J, ,'iervey. Nannie- Garrett and M-.s Cjoldtc I'lslier reuirned Sunday niglil from Hot Springs. Ark , where they .spent the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cook ol W I- mit Jildjfi;, Ark., left .Sunday a!tc!.- a visit of several days v/ltli t!ieii son. Jack Lanmlon, nnd Mrs. J/IDI;don anil Mr. and Mrs. lloyt Citin Mrs.-Crews Reynolds left Saturday morning for l.yudiburi!. Vi. where she was called afler her daughter. Miss isthelymlii, submitted to an emcri;en;y ;iir»<;'Vkr : - tomy at the linptirt Hospital clu-rr Friday. Mi.w Ktliclyntln Is « student at Rantlolph-.Mni.-on colleae :it Wendell Mayc.s, who is employed nt Cape Cllrardcnu, spent the wet!: cud wllh friends and relatives h«-- Miss Mary Crews Jo',)Un left Sun- tiny for <i business (rip to ln;lla:<. ii polls, Intl. Mrs, Dims, llnl! left a.ilurdny for Cleveland. Ohio, where she WHS called by Ihe Illness of her rliTe. Mrs. \3ill Ward. Mr.s. Ward has b•.•?:> 111.for the pnst two v::eks .viil- pneumonia iintl ntltcr compliniiion- f-"he is a foutior icsldent of Caviif!- ersvlllc. W. M. Crysler nttd John Vin- Ansdall left Tuesdav mciniin.. na business trip lo St. I.oul.s, TV-were accompanie I a^ far as Parin- Inslon by Mrs. H. K. WoJI:-r;, !•/'•has been vlsillng with her daughter. Mrs. Crysler. Mrs. Wa!l»rs "-<!! visit witli relatives in Firniin'sto* for it fcv/ days before •(!'<; retui 1 -! to lier home In SI. Louis. Miss Han-let Judge of New Madrid visited with frh'tiil'; here Tuesday, Sons Ol' Legion (iluirtcr Pclilion Mas 92 At the Joint meeting last nlghi i>l members of the fJmi Cason post of the Amerlcin Ix-^lon ittul ij!>.> eligible for mcmber.ylilp | n (f' ]( Sons of the I/pgiou chapter belli" organized here, It was announced that 1 02 names lias been placed o , the application for n charier. Alter a brief business session Don Edwards, commander of tin 11 ' Lesion, tunic:! the mei-t- iiifr over lo (he Sons of tlie legion which is bt'iui- orsn.'ii/cd underbill direction ol Joe Whltely »i!;| ... committee of Legionnaire;;, Orgii.'ii- znllon was iiclually completed" la--night. Any cx-smiee man who wouHl like his :.ou to In- enrolled «;, :• charter member of the io?n| p<,.: Is asked to call All today or 11- morrow. as ihe npplicalion for tn< clmi-lcr is lo be :.enl to head |ir,' ler:. not later than Saturday mon I UK. .Sons of Legionnaires wlio hu-.••• alreadv signed arc .is follow Philip Nclll Heed, Ancll M':,. Heed. George William Reed, Jaw -. Wendell I'lillllps, Uontild Joan Phillips. RfchnnJ I vV-ill- •(-. i;if>i-;, O. Wallace, Kenneth B. W,I||:I<T. William Arent Carter, Donald JJ Carter, Disk While, Joh;; v/.:v lioscoe Cruflon Jr., A. Or;;, Cireb. Alvin Drowning, n. l,. H.,I- Owen Kinif, Marshall Blackard, Hilly Meliurf. Henry -clay ['niton, Clyde Wlll- mon ''"'ton, Jolin Robert stovall, u 0 "'* 1 Cilsl(!> Cly(io Nicholson, wn- (!„„„ a Chnmlj]m Jr . >LeoJ) A D]J . i clos ' Jolllll <-' J- Duclos, /.ifharv M. Duclos, Alvin i,. Dnclw l,»o A ] Unclos, George w. Bond'jr.; Ch?rlt, : »' !io »". I'"'*' O. noa-J, Havmond K - B °"<1- •">"" n. llcinmlller. James W. Holnmlller, Jlums I /:L , ,,,, )uko and J. Mcll Brooks Jr L. H. Autj-y Jr., Hlcliard li Cnl s , Joe Abbott Dean, Fred'- crford Jr., Jell Doclson and Cooksoy llodson, J. n. McCiill Jr Justin Edringlon and Billv FA ringwii, both of Oaceola -ire [he only two enrolled from that citv at present, but several more are ex pcdcil within u,e nen i^-o 'd-iv< ' ' Read Crurlcr ticn* -i:»il mis ; Marriage Licenses i Eleven couples have applied at I ilu- Ulytheville office of the county 'court clerk for licenses to we'll dm Ini; the past two weeks. Names ! ol Hie couples and the otlicers or [ministers performini; ihe ceremon- jU'S, if lisled, follow; : Clay Gibson and Miss liealricc . IJoiilun. both of I.eaehville, by .Maoistrate T. L. Citssidy; Brady and Miss Virginia King, both •ol llurdelle. by Miijjlslrnlc Cns- '.sidy; George Kaucelt of Grcen- •lilli!, Mis.s., and Miss Bonnie Jean . I'l-iher, of niyihi'ville, by Maijis- Uato Cassidy; mil Skelton and Miss Mable Richardson, both of • Mythcvllle; William Davis and Sees Hired Farm Hand Join!fig Cast Of 'Vanishing American' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 10-10 Bryant Stewart Jr Fred pi k-in' B. WorkiiB,,. J mn,y h I ,- 'f f," " ° f son, clarence E-.hvnrd""work,n'm f, "'M^' Alfrcd Carpenter; Jess U. Pierce, Dcv;ey Lee Pta v *J?.™ , ? ™™? " ?'"' ">« .Jose- James missel pierce. Wilbur, nVvi'i "-''^ Hnll, both of Manila; Herce, Fraoklin n. Peicc nj > , A'thm- Lee Miller, of Manila, and ... Lp |..!iss Dora Hancock of Newborn I-.dward lee Pipkin. m, g h ii.,,, by ihe Nov. Jnmes k Oveiholse ' inn T i.imv, T „.,«! n i ,-, ,...i_i. ^.. - ^" tl 'tvJti, . Jr.. John Lemn, LeiUi. Prcd . B Jr., Eugene I'. Kin-. E .u m: , -1. King. Chris Tompkins j,-., L . „. r ver w ' CD!) " e(l!p Ji P ,, ,' - Enrl Mde Co'ipetlgc, fat Richard Htckmon, by ' . Arclell Over: )im > and Miss Be r Warren, both of Vvihev me bv M ils lstmte CassidV; C C Swafrord """ Mrs - Nctl '^"e' 1 '.' both or Burks. Fred Smith. A. D, Hudson I Marvin Wicker Jr., Russell Phillips Jr., B. n Gi'i Jr.. liob Ulitylock. Calvin llolling.s-.vorlh, John Pern llollingsworlli. Jerry HoUl)ig:<w;»'; J. C. Hay, Henry Warren Jr., . islmle Cnssldv Mi's MiUlred i Itralcher, both of BlyUievllle, by Die Rev. j. L. Wooltnan. BV U'AI/riJR United l' rl:ss staff oiicii MONTGOMERY, Ala, ilJP) _ There Is a new "vanishing American." He is the hired man on the nnlIon's farms. The Alabama state extension .service reports that a majority of American farms lociay depend on tile laborers "going through the country," instead of ihe olii-fash- lonoO hired man who was considered almost one of the family. The service estimates tha't today more than n million workers move from farm to farm and stale to .stale, ".sonic traveling several inndrcd miles In it year, following the crops." They have virtually .supplanted the hired man of old Ujroiioljoiit the nation. The farm security administnaion points out Hint, In ih L , eastern half of the country "several thousand mleralory workers" follow the crops from Florida and the Gulf Males to Michigan and New Jersey. At prospiu, these nomads of the soil are cunveifjiii; on Florida ,"<»• the new harvest season, where they will remain until laie spring, harvesting beans, celery, lettuce, tomatoes and other truck crops and citrus fruit in the lower state. i)y late spring, these groups will start moving northward again I'hey will follow !!><• harvest up the Atlantic coast, gathering peaches and Georgia, asparagus in South Carolina, truck crops, strawberries and potatoes in Vir- t'i'iin, potatoes and truck crops In Maryland and Delaware, and asparagus, white potatoes, strawberries, beans, pens and cranberries in New Jersey and New i'ork. They will stnru the soullnvnrd trek again in (he fall, most, of them starling all over aeain early next winter in Florida. Others with a dlflcrent yen for ravel will leave Florida this spring I" pursue Ihe harvest up the Mis- f Mmp, valley. They will work on •'""worries and other crops along he Gulf to Louisiana, tackle straw- ps in Arkansas, Kentucky and essce. fruit, cantaloupes. slreet 1)0 aloes, beats, loiaaloes, beans.ami onions In Missouri. Illinois ind peaches, .slrawberries. onions in ke'n-iP """ lllo ' H! lh " e<lso of ,vin" e- ' C , " lilsrato '-y Broups likewise 1 ret,, ra sominvard after the *wng harvests to prepare for 'he early winter pickings. Other groups o/ wandering farm workers will be found .similarly fo . lowiiiB the harvest seasons on the Vest Coast, working northward toward Canada, then returning southward once more. i'erhaps ihr> once-prized regular firm innid has joined the now irrad, bin, at any rate, the extension xcrvjce reports, the modern I arm nomad hns hrmight virtual ohvion to the hired worker of Hie olden days. 'J'rv One af Our i)dfc!ou<s PIG SANDWICHKS Ole Hickory Inn Across From Iligli Schoo Gas From Anthracite Drives British Motors! LONDON (UP)—Tlie answer tJ [petrol rationing here Is a inlnla- I tiirc gasworks" on a trailer clvav;n I at (lie back of the car, enabling Ihe motorist, to drive 100 miles at !a cost of about Si. The fuel produced Is anthracite ! carbon-monoxide. The anthracite I Ls burned in the "works" after a i bit of coaxing from tow dipped In : praffin. I Tlie car runs smoothly on the gas, but rather lew efficiently. IIAVERHi'LIj, Mass. (OP)—Mary . . -• - , - -..,,..,,..,, , bu:l a little Iniiib — but Elbiidge Lendennc, Johnny Leudenuie. Uilly j I'eabody. 10, has a Mexican poodle Joe Tedder, George E. Shanks, EO-i and a'g'ont' dial follow him le Bar A. Shanks, Carrol ^Johnsun. school every day. They leave him Ralph P. Wahl, Franklin King, Kenneth Marvin King, Billie . at the gate and return when school is over. EXPERT BEAUTY WORK tALL 106 Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIBiA' Su-cdisli Massage, V:ip. Balbs Mrs. Itnth LairJinn KBYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS HABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. I'DRINiV FEEDS Plionc 154 SIUSEKNAGEI. & COMPANY Little Rock - Pine Bluff - Fort ! Smith '< :5lh Walnut Flione 8!o; FLYING IGHWAY Come In Today For Free Demonstration of the New Ford V-8 Blytheville, Ark.

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