Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 2
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STRAHAN v KAY CLEA punii«.uv« 6f alfSiwS (BsjpSteneii credited" tO it Ot £this iiat^.and also" the^owri news-pUblWwd herein. 111 ' •' • ?*i* ,™ wnt nt hl#fe' for dP ttibatiMjcatda uvinui m«a) ,<Joncefrl(i1g tftt» tfe|>ar1ea» Cfitttfmrcial Ucy In* the rtews Bottom* te> protect theft* readers •rSe^ttrdlsclaiWirwiseasE^bUity dtfr ' per tit 'counties. •frovancej: uy oiqr earner, per B# malfe 1ft Hfl«pS1«a« Nevada, per year, elsewhere $5.00. The Star'* Platform „ city of iKe tnuniclpat ftiVoer jiltifit to develop ' . in ISSt, and improved sanitary eondiHotW in r CSftdtrtber of Commerce. COUNTY .Ifykvati pttWfflflt prot)idi«ff for the. eon«rfli4ttp» «f it ?of alT-Wfother road each veor, to' gradually' reduce <M* inwamr *WilMftie puppoit /of every scientific agtifUltunA I which offtn practical benefits to tiempstead county'* gretttktf i fatmet organizations, believing that co-operative effort I iathe country <is « is in ^ i*W* the state highway program*, and a more efficient government through the of expenditures. Arkansas from hte cattle tick. The Santa Glaus Myth ik an attempt every year, on the part of those who- , i and a little dislllusipned with* the drift of ^db 1 a^way With Santa Glaus. But somehow, when? of spruce and balsam start to spice the air, and' the sparkle with colored balls, the benevolent old? white whiskers andi red coat comes by again. , may listen solemnly while their elders explain myth. But they don't believe it. They know «fc*»r , onc« lmp**«»i*ti«d that ABn*»« MMItttt* *-PP»rf »UMtt» ftav* triwtt tkiidiiooa. kutwn faif at tfiotf atf flIU9T dV sTIof tftlHTgl Uow 40* tfl(ffl," f Mot that MAroMiVsnce* Intctided treading on hearts, no* or &4t view* WWrtrnlng; Wtttte, didP such- things, heartlfes* fllrtil Wefd bitterly oMht>H*frrmef weal (In) 22. . •tort open* AtlMe hn« beta «"' *» '"PHniffP ffCHOVD, yonnn ; t«t «l|t»« y«i*. They ean n . C*clf> firlUffii n/iBnY McKfifct. In < nn"« *ttnbe, live Mnry- friend, ERMIN- li« nr- acior n« BAKE tffi meet- him on.the he «n«nk* <o 4hem, Mnry-Frnnon I* tKVnfeifi ndre** fo rtn***' hint Ihflt rilgh4 nf(«>r Ike her «o BO on n Hlenle? Ske rofn«» hccnn«K If f* 1 Apt itftthf «h ooolc nt homr. Will, nnnorcd. <n.k«i« t.ET- NOW GO oir wivn Ttrri S*&R* /^BCtt,Y owned bills one pair of! evening slippers— spike heeled. pert, tftttftftf ' flf Whck satin of- rt couidf ensiiy tuna t out that it had all beftft » terrible mfBtak^atfd mlsUHderstftfldlng, afld that t»* l«dy li«tf not on- a heart at «1T; Thff scarf, Its raveled edges had been revet* ently klsWH, Bad protfaeed, encea to angels and things high above—the type of womanhood most approved hr Mary-tfrances. But. tot ttitf past tralf-fiottf. all- thUt had been 1 put aside, and forgotten* Mary-trances, had become noa* 1 sessed of but one purpose and on»! resolve: to get to tha walnut tree! flvfr minutes after half-past 10; tot keep those pretty slippers on If they killed her. • • • S HE Kept the slippers on, teetering tortuously od tbrf high heels She 1 pa'rfatt itfarttl' 0* the pple one aha had. orderedT Mr, HtU wouldn't let hef send ft back, be- flitisd sh»' MM •'ntetf tlW whipped <Si-e«m of tU* top bsftf* fthe had discovered' di* mlstafts* Vtfnlllft In Bltvce off,plH68pp1e is dlsapDOlibtlng. "Stlngyl". »« reWit8di. "tou iren't going to 1 be tt \Mi\s Stingy, told b*by f aflpydu, swT»ehiei«*" MftrihOTllBrcW ealdj, "Xfott'V and itood an- her heels to' ease nttf toes d m n»Ve seen him in the toylands of the store,, walking "" the streets, arid whispered their secrets in his IM ^ «.e a little sorry for grown up folks who have for*- ^thafc there is a thing called magic in the land; I'dnlTdren so often are wiser than adults-. They realize ife= needs-a fairytale or two to make it happier. Evert if Glaus never brings them all the gifts for which they '*" M they havfi caught the'gl'aniotfr of a shining moment ;uf ttiey hoped that he would,, andvthat is something. y & will get broken, of course—-ori Christmas, morning Hiifet mornings. That is why childten" should' be per- £cateh> magic whiles they can^before they have learn- 6 ** a d? tinsel tarnishes and Iptt Santa' Glaus i» just £;dbor dressed'up. y *V ^ that breathlessness which makes a child's heart r &Iad mtuwerit just before somettfrhf lovely ftap- w**~2&rtft cost anything. Yet it is as priceless as the L, Slid' gold' and frankincense which the wise men It^aa radiant as the starshine of a long ago eastern ^ and it sings its way with a rhythm that catches the 'of*the first Christmas carol that echoed across the SeFds? of Bethlehem. ^j«o yeaY, when -there is such an urge to be practical, i is a danger that we shall let the spirit of Christmas slip ijr, .fne very fact that life is harder than usual for many kpfe should be proof enough that we need its magic. 'After all, the Most beautiful things-in-life are the un- P things,, fantasy, faith, love, romance. And Santa Glaus ~ of all of them. Dereasing Traffic Deaths w just compiled by the Travelers Insurance Corn- show that automobile traffic deaths have been de- 4 i S ',in< many sections of the country, ever since mid-sum- Although 'the total for the country for .the entire year »,«»w estimated at about 34,000—2- per cent over 1930's jfgures—-there are spots in which the trend is definitely en- ouraging. In NeW England, for instance, the number of deaths is ely below last year's toll. In Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Wisconsin a decrease of 4 'per cent has been recorded. • Rocky Mountain group there has been a drop of nearly percent. ' It's toa soon to congratulate ourselves, of course. That i of 34,000 is still disgraceful. But even little decreases • " " Let's have some more of with tiny Imitation cut-steel buckles —but" unfortunately they were a size too small'for Mary-Frances; She Had put them on at nine o'clock. She dared'not take them off for fear she; could not crowd them on again,, and they pinched her tip' toes cruelly and.-did burning; things to hpf heels as she crept, each step a fluttering trepidation, each squeaking board" cold panic abso» lute,- through the- long upper hnlV, past" Grand ? fr and' Rosalia's door; past the;bathroom; past Ann's door witti-It's*frightening streak of light; past" Cecfl3''s l room, and the east spaw room's 1 and th'e west spare rooms, antf iwent stealthily limping dbwn' the back stairway. Sne and Ermiritrude had decided earlier In the evening, that ari ethereal effect was more important than conventional, fashionable attire, and' Since' her last' summer's white dresses were each fcf them several- Inches too short' ("How that child doe's.,grow!") she wore the White Grecian robes that she 6ad worn for her solo dance In parents' assembly, and-an old white chiffon scarf of Rosalie's. I'tins «1is> carded,, was strung, about hor shoulders, ; All during; the evening, until tlie past half- hovnr, Mafy^Franwn ftnrt '• been cbmridsirtg speeches for hpi'scli and''for' Barl—thoifgH chiefly fhr Earl. The slippers hat) hr'mishi tlie graveled driveway. reactted the walnut tree at clsely 25 minutes to ll. , Earl was there!, Earl was waiting for hef under the walnut tree. An astonishment In itself, without the additional bewilderment of finding tfnew 1 Earl, an impetilous, whispe Ing person, who fiaid, "Aw, you sweet baby, you." and captured her Icy trembling hands and held them flrmly while 1 she responded with only an odd. low, croaking sound. "What's the matter, baby? You're shaking all over, r wouldn't hurt : you for" tlie world—see?' •1 never did think you'd hurt me," she replied with a cliolce little dignity; "I—I guess I'm Just Ulnd of nervous or something." "Excited to see mei baby?" He kept hold of her hands and began drawing her closer and closer to hrnu ft was cold, anrf his arms and woolly coat felt nice and warm; there was an enticing odor, like passing a barber shop, with an added whiff of wlntergreen. and Mary-Frances said, "No man- ever kissed me on my lips before." It was not a- boast, nor was it an accusations It was a statement of oil* cumstaTice' made more to- herself than to Earl. "CrlpeS!" he said; and His voice was.husky. "Some little sweet baby:. I'm crazy' about you—no fooling. C'razy—see?" Mary Trances drew away from him. It was time now to-talk. She loved him* of course,, but vaguely smnethlngt seemed to- be- the .,._ '. \viih something. Her feet- hurk. ari stanilliiB on tiptoes made them hurt worse: '"it that was not the- trou praises "of" faTry-"Set. artfi pnriH of | tile Possibly tliera was no trouble that ptfem which Rnsalle SOUIP- i -really, flow could there be so times' repeated: "Sweet; tMoir rtiist soom and with a great love like trod on a heart"— ump«'y-inti['iy jSom'etliing Or other about' men. 11 n- liiliing chivalrously, "\Vhweri I low could 1 she have rather ihp'-srime foeliiig that she'd had last Fr'.il.'iy evening when the girl' had for a inomenti "6 guests'* attfratldod, I'd better go back In now." "Say! You got a date wit'a the tee trust ojf *)»etliliigJ n " "No> I' liasti ftlhtf dt' thought? I'd better go fn now." "Gripes! You oah?t go rushing off dow. What was tha uSa of me'-coming air the Way up Hef a? You give It another think, baby, fion't you do It Don't you go fn now.'" H E was beseeching her to stay. It was thrilling. "And then bo beseeched me to" stay," she could tell Ermlntrude 1 . Nonchalance savored with wlnsomenesa. ft sounded easy, but how exactly should she go about It? "Why do you want me to stay?" she asked. "I was just telling you, wasn't I that I \*as crazy about you and alii Wasn't t, baby?-And then you get stingy and go rushing off OH me be- lore we got time to make! trlottds or anything. Just craay about you sweetness, that's me." "Will you love me forever ant ever?" she asked. She thought that ho had told her that he loved her Things were not disappointing any longer. She was keeping' her flrs tryst, and- it was t/ifo and Lovo am Living and everything. "And" how!" ho vowed, and tried to kiss her again. "Don't," said Mary-Frances. "Aw, gee, baby!" he complained "If wo kiss all the time," Mary Frances elucidated^ "we can't make friends like you said, nor get ac qualnted nor anything." "Snap out of it," be urged. "Say listen, baby. We wouldn't be kiss Ing If we wasn't friends already would we?" Mary-Frances pondered that to a moment. "Well—no," she- ad mitted. "I guess what I mean' 1 that so many things are so muc! more interesting than kissing." It was Earl's turn to ponder, an tie dld ; so for a moment before' h produced bis first sincerity of .th evening. "CripeS!" he satd.. ''If'yo aren't the darnedest funny littl kid!" Ermlntrude must never know. N ofle must ever know. It must t k'ept always a secret striartlng i her breast like that old Spartan fox Dignity softened with coyness Mary-Frances had no- present disp' sltion for coyness. "Well, Mr. UeArmount, 1 mus say! If that's what you think abou me; I'm glad you told me before was too late, and wo'll part foreve into fie house. But. 1 will adtT, Mi 1 . Da* rmoti»H,.thttt I dotft think that is very nice way to tatfe to a girl I/O 1 )» 1* yoRrt old, and ; you knew W 6I'd I wti»i 6ecauff« f told you bir afternoon In IBS drug store, arf ttow I'll: say ffAffON ftOffefi, Ln.-Oto-CMjiln; " > $(!?«*$ veteran MlssWsl|»t .,v c . piloV Mfterlyibf PoducaKi Ky.. drted Her* W«tr,«Sday at the rfW of 52 years. lie had been n resident of Baton Rouge for 20 years, and for a long period to his death commanded a Gfuff Sfifasf Bines rai1r*a« trttrtspOTt between Baton Rouge ana Anchorage. Mis body Was to be taken Wednesday to BadueaHv He Is surlvved by his widow and two children 1 . . took hat by the-shoulders and held her; itftftl? enough, "Leave rift explain, bW h« said, "t didn't 0 to make- you gore, OH the quare I dldn't-^see? Walt a mln- te. Give me n break," mutiny ilttw *itfr-" w ' fflBcwad' fary-Frances., "Well! It rtfay tie* ours/ but It isn't my idea of a nlcr way tb thtk;" . "Say, Mstetr, ftoa,. I'M «6»fy, Hon. st. I didn't mean anything like ou turatt—seef r Itko ydut On Be square I do* t Ilko yoil * lo< ettfef thrfn t tnotltnt I wa» 66!ng. o—see?' I mean to' «ay, you being o—-so, welt different And tnnoccmt- eeffllifg and all, youfw klttda^ got' me going, In a way; See?" "Different?" she ouestloiled. wJtb a note of hope. "I'll tell the world- you're different. Say, listen, hon, and I'm talk- ng on tha square to you now—see! No lino or anything like that—see? 'm talking like a pal, straight ;ooclg. You're as different from the •un of girls as—as—well, Bay, If you'll excuse ma getting' kind of lowery, you're as different as a lit- lo Innocent violet from one of these lere big gaudy cabbage roBas—see?" " 'You are as different as Is a modest violet from a flaunting crimson rose.'" Perfect material' for Ermintrude, "Howsosomeever," said Eatl, and from where in the world he dragged all that Word it la. hard to tell, "I got to say. In Justice to myself, Frankie. that I ain't altogether to blame for kind of getting off on tha wrong foot, as the saying goes. Listen, bon. I'm a man o' the world, myself—see?" (A man of the world! Mary-Frances breathed deeply over that.) "And—well, that's what I kind ot am. A man ot the world. Now, there's a lot of things you wouldn't understand. I know that now—see? But I wasn't sura' of It before, and that's why I'm going to say something to you. I may not get thanked, but Just the same 1 think th- world and all of you—" (The world and all! My! "Ermln- trude. he said . . .")—"and I'm going to tell you that you're taking chances when you make dates with strangers and all like that. Course, In my case, It was all right—see? Absolutely. I'm a good Judge of icharactor and oil—seo? { But Inext guy might be a bad egg or anything. ( It sure gets- me going, Frankie. a ,glrl ot your type and all taking suah chances." "Oh. but, Earl, I don't! I never did before. You are the very first one I ever did speak to or anything." (To Be Cnntiniiml) But perfiansr those b'c-ys who df&ited the Declarntlbft of Independence fore, saw American- freed&m, Six million! workers hnvrhttd It for two years now.. ia$T $««eh Invert* ifr every datw of tor. By" «• system* o* iMmtv sftd lense*, solar rays are projected from 6 sky* light into (he interior of a building and reflected back from- ft mlttop bowl on the ground floor. •> The newspaper "L'fntfnnBtgfelrttt" Has installed the system. N O T t C E. All rtwmbcrs of do. A. Arkansas'^ tional Guard, are notified that the qvmrterly pay-roll checks have artW- <srf and cah be procured by cfllllHg' ff| 'the Armbty bulltljfig at Hope frenf 7 to 9 p. m>, Thursday night, Dec. 24> Signed: Lieut. Garnet Martin. MERRY i GREETINGS IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT To You, and You and You—veneabfe guandslre of blue-twinkling eyes that have seen three score Christmases; soft cheeked miss of twenty to whom Christmas is but one more day of Sweetness and Romance; curley headed youngsters who are sitting up this Christmas for the first time to wait for Santa Glaus— to all of you A HAPPY CHRISTMAS For the tenth consecutive year we take pleasure in wishing oW mony friends and patrons the compliments* " of the season. Hope Auto Co. Ford Dealers Trial of W. F. Sibeck , and there are good news. If them next year, Understanding the Law ru» stupid cruelty which can come from unintelligent devotion to the letter of the law was never better illustrated v^an in the case of that 7-year-old California girl, whom the federal authorities locked in jail for four days recently be- |uae she had stolen letters from boxes in a village postoffice. Of course, tampering with Uncle Sam's mail is a heinous even though this particular criminal was only 7, and i stolen letters to make paper dolls. But even gov- employees are supposed to have a certain amount A WWted Press dispatch describing the occurrence says thy little girl was "so frightened when they took her y from her father and mother and her two brothers and p>s that she was unable to talk." r - Unele Sa mevidently has two or three employes who 5<*ught to be fired without any further delay. Worst Depression? nff ?>£ad of a large life insurance company recently took up sima against the prevailing notion that the current has been the worst one in American history. 8, writer for the Magazine of Wall Street, he '''fa J839 every single bank in the United States outside New England closed its doors. On May 10 of that year TbaSf in New York City closed. ... In 1873 there were J 000 mea '6»t of work in a population of 40,000,000, 89 ' *\ went into the bands of receivers ,and 300 out of and- steel plants absolutely shut down. As for 1893, ; distinctly, a^4 I want to tell you that as a na- ease»ow compared with what we went through And in spite of the depression, if we're to be optimists this Christmas we can har'dly be smilax. Yet, Borah frowns on re-establishment of the foreign debt board. What with the 1932 campaign just in the offing he probably thinks it's a poor plank. Census reports say France now has a population of 41,835,000. In which case of course 50,000,000 Frenchmen can't be wrong. Milwaukee has all its bills paid and over ?2,000,000 in its coffers. , Well, with prohibition, something just had to be done to keep Milwaukee famous. Headline: Proposed Tax Will Hit Everybody. But the law doesn't allow taking it on the gify . >. Independence is predicted for India in five years. Well, it was declared for us 155 years ago. LITTLK ROCK.-^-Trial of Wil- .iam F. Sibeck, suspended county judge of Pulaski county, on charges of him were his two sons, Vittorio and _ . . i Bruno. They drove immediately to Set at Little ROCK the offices of the newspaper Popolo D'ltalia of which Arnaldo was editor, and where his body lay in state Tuesday, on the work table he used. irregularities in office, was set Tues day for January 26 by Prosecuting Attorney Carl E. Bailey. , Sibeck is under indictment on three charges of subornation of perjury, seven charges of malfeasance and one of embezzlement. He was removed from office on a presentment filed before Circuit Judge Abner McGehee by Prosecutor Bailey after the misdemeanor indictments had been returned. The charges are based on alleged purchase made by the county during the Sibeck administration which were paid for and the goods alleged to have been undelivered. tt&mf0rt¥ Fefhips. Pftt it doesn't hurt to be ret our fQ»litfq» not only could be, but m the past great deaj woyse ttom it is now. Our Most Cordial GREETINGS We pray that Christmas shall bring countless blessings to all our friends and patrons. May the day abound with joy. Gorham And Gosnell Mussolini Arrives at Bier of His Brother MILAN.—(>P)—Premier Benito Mus- siolini arrived here by special train from Rome Tuesday morning, kissed the cold forehead of his younger brother, Arnaldo, who died Monday, nd bitterly mourned the passing of is collaborator of 16 years. II Duce traveled all night. With Crash of Roof Fatal to Three in Vatican VITICAN CITY-(/P)—Three lives were lost, perhaps two more, in the collapse Tuesday of the roof of one of the wings of the 350-year-old Vlt- ican library, which rained bricks and debris on priceless literary and art treasures of the ages, . The body of a young Italian attorney, Marco Vatasso, was taken from the ruins late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning the bodies of two workmen were discovered. Search was proceeding for the remaining two of the group of four workmen believed to have been caught in the collapse. The young attorney was still alive when his body was found, but he died o nthe way to the hospital. He had lived six hours burled under the debris. — • t •» "Peaches" Browning was denied a divorce. So Daddy Browning still has his Peaches and scream. Grappling! Hooks Used to Save Negro's Life COLUMBUS, S. C.— (fP)— Had not grappling hooks been handy, Luther Dove, negro, might now be,at the bottom of the Columbia canal instead of in the city jail. Pursued by officers, he dived in the chilly waters. The officers got grappling hooks and secured a connection with the seat o£ Dove's trousers, dragging him to the bank, half-drowned. Officers want to know why he ran from them. Ten Lose Lives When Turkish Boat Wrecked ISTANBUL— (#>)— Ten members of the passenger list and crew of a Turkish boat were drowned Wednesday in a heavy blizzard which struck the Black sea and the sea of Marmora. The boat, which was bringing passengers from Black sea ports to Istanbul, was keeled over and sunk. A Greek ship grounded near Smyrna, but can be saved, it was said, President Hoover wants to discard the word moratorium. And just when people were finding out what It meant. FIRE! BURGLARY HOLD-UP AUTO LIABILITY THEFT-COLLISION TORNADO INSURANCE Phone us at 810 for IMMEDIATE PROTECTION Roy Anderson 6* Co. Your business appreciated anil given personal attention To Our Friends And We wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one for the nice patronage given us throughout the year just closing. The approach of Christmas has always been a pleasure to us, although at this time we can only attempt to give expressions to the joy and happiness that our associations have brought us during the past year. It is our earnest desire that you accept our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and A Happy as a small token of the esteem and value which we place upon your friendship. And we truly trust that our business relations for the year 1932 will be pleasant and profitable to all. Thank You! Sweeney Copeland Earl White Ira Taylor

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