Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1954 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1954
Page 21
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„> Pl'i> K 7"5~ : "''V-'^^^'r* £S$-£l -'? u. * * % I ' *'«? J*i^ -^ .>" ' ' Tuesday, December 21,19!>4 MOP I 'WAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS *J*f^V t ' - , 4 I/VU& «5-j - i % feP|a*fe |4" ','-'*•'; HOM STAR, HO.M, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Seeetrdbef 21; 1954 ESSES Number Of Words Up to IS 16 *0 |0 11 .fo-SS i& ta 30 11 fO 35 36 ft) 40 to 46 te' SO CLASSIFIED i Ads Must Be in Office fi«tf 8«e« fubUfiaUo* , bwt dds *lll the telephone and eccomofa »!on octou«s-rflle«*a wifti thf un- fl*r»tdrtairta, the ecrtUnt Is ^oyoble when itotomcnt is tendered. Thfeu .60 .7S .90 1.03 1.20 1.35 1.60 ,.96 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Dayl 1.50 5.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 400 4.50 5.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Ons Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.SO 15.00 ..... " ncome Fund \lable from ir-*. w *V' yj_ iJ^SKJ "' i £<^1- Ark/ 1 tifft« .,. ................... ?5e per inch 3 time* ....................... 60t per inch 6 tlmei .,.. .:.. • ...... SOe per inch Rote* quoted above ate for can* " teEutlve Insertions. Irregular or sklp- tlate ads will toke the one-doy rate. All ddfly cldssified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following doy. ' -ThH publiihers reserve the right to 1 revise or edit all advertisements offered ' for publication and to reject tmy objectionable advertising submitted , Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers cbu'nt as one word. The Hooe Star will not be responsible for errors in Wont Ads unless errors ore colled to our .attention after/ FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3^31 Kentucky and Utah Top AP tags Poll Basketball Funeral Director! OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME -INSURANCE 2ND, & HAZEL 'C«." AMBULANCE PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF By The -Assciated Kentucky was ranked as the No. basketb&ll team in the nation today in the weekly Associated 58 Press dotl fcftd ii the Wildcats can get past thtB week's action they'll be hard to displace. Adolph ftupp's team boasts n 3-0 record ' arid hasn't beor. br aten since the last game of the 1931- fl7 &2 season. The Wildcats didn't fiel a team the following year and they Were uhdef dated for 1853-54. . they're running their cwn tour 66 nanient this Week and they go into action against three prctedcrs to Ihc-ir lofty : perch Utfch, ranked' No. ,3; La&lle, which v/as in first place in .the first poll last week; and Southern California, possibly the class of the Pacific Coast Conf t'tence. '.--' Of the K) sports writers and pprtPcasters who Voted ir. the poll, 21' put the" Wildcats in first placo. All told; they drew a total of 527 points, based en the standard procedure of 10 for a first-place vote. itlne ifor jsecond, etc. Utah, another of the rapidly dwindling" last of undefeated, cor- necQd 15' firsts and 427 points — just 100 behind Kentucky. Utah fey The Associated Priss . All-College Tournament at Okln- loma City first round Sah Francisco 94, Wichita 75 Oklahoma City 72, Houston 35 Tulsa 09, Wyoming 64 George Washington 56 Oklahoma A&M 46 Hammond Kiwanis Tournament at Hammond La., First round Scuthfiasl Missouri 75. East Tennessee 61 Southeastern Louisiana 101 Missouri Valley 70 Other Games Duquesne 71, St. Francis. Pa. Many Games Tonight Pitt U.S. Leaders By JOHN CHANDLER Of The Associated Press. -----.--. home for Christmas, cplling Headed by a near-championship their Cotton Bov/l football Porkers Quit Until Arter Christmas it faces him. Goint; into thc second phase of their posl-scison practice, the-Ra- rorbacks apparently art in . top .mental and" physical shape. Al- ithought Wyatt declines to comment Ion ft observers cay the Porkers lire in good spirit. Physically they i.re ready. Tackle Jim Roth, the — Th^ Ar "nly regular to miss a game .he- l of an'in.iury, is running full orfjspeecl now. duel between Kentucky an.'l Utah, ihe No. 1 and 3 teams in the country, 7 of, the top . 10 college basketball for action tonight. teams are scheduled Dn a widespread front li Arkansas Teems Win By the Assbciated Pr«ss Arkansas basketball teams won their games over out-of-stfcte bppo- j cuts last night. Arkansas State College of Jones' Iwro rolled to an C-7-65 victory over McNeese State of Louisiana with Jim Ward leading the way. Ward ath-scored 26 points. e reports that The Bears of Arkansas State "i-r-it "2800 tickets hav been 'sold Teachers College defeated Central Iheir last pre-Chrislmn. pra,-- ^^ of thc stale ; ah.mmor ^clleae of Faydtte Mo 77-73 with Dcc/» the Porkers ,bout two and a half hours. . ,. incucs , ome ce8 mg on defence, of/ense and punting. ; tl(rnecl unfiold by Georgia lech. HI Ol -V^tltCW- *Ji •»• «.J—"»-l r UnTveVsitv'nnd-students. That! the Central first string out .of the includes r,orne tickets re- lart minutes of the game on foul.. They will meet Georgia Tech's Duke 90, Pitt 08 Louisville 101, Oreton 73 . Alabama 88 Nebraska 76 Vonderbilt 94 Texas 67 South Carolina '09, Georgia Tech Florida State 71, Miami 66 Eastern Kentucky 84, Virginia 74 Northwestern 8? Louisiana State Tulane 69 Wisconsin 6G Cincinnati 07, College of the Pacific 69 .Bradley 72, Wayne G8 Ohio University 72 Loyala 111. 70 Akron 79 Colorado St?tc 71 Illinois Normal 75, William Jewell Mo. 32 • Phillip)- University -Okla. 78. McPherson Kan. 75 " . ; ., . Minnesota-Duluth 85, Emporia •••»•"• . , j,ney win met'i UUUHJJM iKi.ii.-i Most of the attention will be nv-, ()lrice . bo ater. Yellow-jackets in the pn r>n Loxinaton Ky., where i_.. „ , „» n_ii__ T 0 n 1 Ar. otccS on Lexington Ky., Cotton Bowl at Dallas, Jan. 1, Ar-1 Kentucky celebrates the birth- ASTC trailed at the half. w Seventy-five per cent of the V;;. j icouon Bowl at Dallas, Jan. 1, Ar- Kentucky ccieorates me ouui- o<-«<- »^ *•-- - . , Kentucky nnd Utah, bcth undCM k ansas won the Southwest Confer- day of Franklin Delano Roosevelt frogs' legs eaten m tho united fealcd meet ir. the second anunnli ,,,- _- n n n ».„.. , ,., _. "too nrp crown in japan. icnce crown with an 8-2 overall tcc- a 5-1 conference record. Wes'ther permitting, the Razor •thcc-minfi from Uklaho- bar;ks will return to Fayettevillc for] Srf neno of tho 19th annual I tm . cc days p ,. ac ti c e, then go to ] 3f Tournament, w h'l c h| Dal]as for dri u s there Dec. 30 and | W University of Kentucky Invitation al Tournament. Other fireworks Will be forthcoming from Oklaho ma City see All-College '— opened yesterday, and at Houston Tex. New .York City and Dayton Ohio. In the Lexington cffair. LaSalle, No. 1 until boatcn by Utah last •week plays Southern California' t " han p i anne d or to some ranked No. 13. nationally, in the as a holiday . . „_. , opener. LaSalle dropped to No. 4 this week. • Kentucky, with a 3-0 record and Utah. 7-0 meet in thn headliner. The winners play tomorrow night for the -title. Other top games tonight 'include ' 31. However, winter frequently hits this Ofcaik mountain town hard, and Coach Bowden Wyatt may take his team to Dallas earlier other wE.rm(':r practice site. Ho said lie plans to solve that problem when Kan. 71 C5 ':•' HERNDON CORNELIUS ' " BURIAL ASSOCIATION -Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7 J 5505 lor our > ' Agents A23-1 Mo. Stste 87 McNieose ,La. tost Sports'/a 7-0 'record. Next was Illinois 'one t>f- thc favorites in the Big" Ten, with 419 points. L&Salle, voted in the preseason poll ,the t r)oto=nUal national champion,' tumbled to fourth following its defeat, at the hands o? Utah 1st Madison Square Garden last Carolina State, winning streak Arkansas State Teachers 77, Cen- Iral Mo.; 73 Utah State RO, Baylor 61 Michigan 104 Denver 77 Santa Clara 67, Hawaii 61 .Colorado .A&M 61, Regis 54 Montana University 63 Idaho 58 New Mexico , Highlands • 84 St. Mary's Kan. <8 Saturday, North with the' longest ONE Way ticket, Hope to St. Louis. 1 It found return to Missouri Pacific Station. 20-3t f* * BIAJE parakeet, grey with brown wings, s head. Tame. Named Jerry/Call 7-4333. " 20-3t TWO'black hogs, 70'lb. In Proving Ground area. 'See Jamie Russell or Phone • 7-9990. '21-3t Services Offered 'MATTRESS renovation and Inner- ''igprlng wbrk r Cobb Mattreas Co. 818 ..South Washington. Phone 7-2622. S v,, "Mat. 4-tf among the top colleger eight games rounded out the top fiva. Others in the Tirst 10, in order, were. JDay.ton, Missouii George Washington Ducaiesne and Niag- first-place (11) (1) „,__ 4 Montgomery .Market, 'Custom -slaughtering. Rhone 7-3361. .- ' , ; 10-1 Mo. 'FOR' 1 Wate*r "well s'erv'iceT any sfzie or depth, see or write O. T. Clark, Cale, Ark. 19-tf SEPTIC, tanks pumped out. Go any where, 1 any time. Phone Prospect 7-0989. Deo. 64 Mo. aru ' The ; leaders with votes in-parenthepes: 1.- Kentucky 2*1) 2. Utah '(15) 3.' Illinois (7) 4. LaSalle 5. N. C.« State 6. Dayton (5) 7. Missouti '(1) ' 8 C. Washington 9. Duquesne (2) 1C. 'Niagara (1) 11. Ohio State (1) a"3. We'st'. Virginia • (1) 13. Southern Cal 14. Wichita (2) • . i .liouiflvine (-tie) 16. Pennsylvania San Francisco UCLA (tie) Alabama Iowa Kansas (1) en WBffti' REPAIR, sales and service. 'Clifford B, Evans. 2112 Junction City Rd. El Dorado. Ark. DEC. -17-lMo. Wanted to Buy FOUR or live,room.jnodern house 'to move, Floyd Crank, 1702 S. v-Mftta., For Rent 17. 19. 20. 527 427 419 346 333 203 193 141 130 112 111 62 51 47 47 43 40 40 36 . 34 34 TOO INTENT FORT WORTH, Tex. Joe S. Moore, 50, faced a charge of • attempted burglary today cause he was too intent on vork. Officers H. L. Byrd and G. A. Jones said they walked up 'behind Moore and stood there for . some ime as he removed pieces of glass rom a window he had broken at a hamburger stand. Illinois (No. 3) vs Rice' a.t Houston North Carolina State (No. :i) against St. John's -of- Brooklyn at Madison Squcre Garden, Oregon at Dayton (No. 6) and George Washington (No. 81 against Tulsa in 'the Oklahoma City tourney. The first 1 of 'the major Christmas week ' tournaments 'at Oklahoma City, saw George Washington an easy 56-4G winner over Oklahoma A&M , the defending champions and 11 limes winner of the tourney. Tulsa edged Wyoming BO-64 after tho lead changed 32 times. High-powered San Francisco, which Upset UCLA last Wichita its first St. Francis of Pennsylvoriia 71-f>8. The Iron Dukes won. at. thc foul converting 25 o£ 30 free throws. Pitt led Duke at halftime 37-35, but the Blue Devils made it a runaway in the final half and romped to a 90-68 victory. Tulane took the lead five min- uter, from th'e erd to defeat Wisconsin in a 09-6G thriller after tho score had been tied 15 times. Frank Ehmann's 30 points sparked Northwestern to an 83-66 victory over Louisiana State, and Brrdley came from behind in the, final minutes to defeat Wayne of| Detroit 7f>-68. Cincinnati thumped! College of Pacific 97-59, scoring 39 pc.ints in tho last 12 minutes. Woody • Preston's field goal gave a c,^- South Carolina a 69-67 victory over Eophcrnore- starting team -pulled,Georgia Tech as Ihe gun sanded away in the last to beat Hous-'.rnd Alabama's Cliff Harpei tallied ton 72-65 In the other semifinal j2S points m his team's E8-76 v:c- week, handed defeat of the season 94-75. Oklahoma Ciiy's all- We have a complete stock ^ of gifts for all'the smokers ^g on your Christmas list . . . tonight San Francisco meets Oklahoma -• City. • Diiqiiesne, ranked No. 9, its record 4-1 by easily defeating made tory ever Nebraska. Michigan rocked Denver 1.04-77 es an all-time Denver fieldhouse scoring record was shattered. PIPES A complete line- CIGARS : All brands • CIGARETTES All Kinds • TOBACCO All kinds • LIGHTERS Ronson, Evans and Zippo JACKS NEWS STAND HOME OF MISS SAYLOR'S CANDIES NEWLY * decorated unfurnished apartment: - Private -bath, BJlls -paid. Phone 7-9934. After 2 p. m. Phone 7-3696, . 15-tf room house, 4 blocks from business section. $35 per .jnonth. John P. Vesey. Dec-18-1 mo. Business Ooportunifrv ANYONE interested in'renting a pew Lion Service Station at Third & Laurel, ' contact S. L, ""Murphy. Phone 7--2607, 17--3t The Negro Community •y Helen Turner , Phone.7-W3Q ... Or bring Iteme to Mlit Turner at Hloki.Funeral Horn* For Sole ' ofternijon by in APPLIANCES rs • Mixers t • Waffle -Irons • Steam and Travel Irons. • Eleotrip Blankets, e Everything in Q»E Dormeyer Mirror-matic OKUAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. puppies, registered pedigreed, eight weeks old. Id for Christmas gifts. Mrs. J. B. £Uen, Jr., Phone 7-8408. 14-6t sewing machine, good as new, Queen Ann cabinet. Solid ?naho$any. Ca n ^ e seen after 6 p. m, only. 916 S. Elm. Phone 20-3t A ' Christmas play "Twas The Night Before Christmas" will be presented Saturday night, Decem-: ber 25, -at the Church-of-God-in- Christ. 911 Bell St. .The public- is invited, " •' ' :, .. The Rev. W. R. Leake, pastor of Bethel AME Church Will preach the annual Christmas sermon S,at- urday, December 25, at BeeB.ee Memorial CME Church. All choirs please be present. Rev. T. J. Rhone is host pastor. The public is invited. , Funeral services 'for Willie Atkins will be held Wednesday, December 22, at Anderson Chapel Baptist Church in Claw at 2 p. m. . Eld. and Mrs. O. N. Dennis will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary Sunday, December 26 .in Arkadelphia. A special dinner will be served in the dining hall of Ihe Church-of-God-in-Christ. Mrs. Daisy Muldrow left Saturday for Berkeley, Calif., to spend Christmas holidays with her brother, Allen Harris, and other relatives. plants, for largest bjos- pojns ?ei plants^ now. Mont's Store. 80-3t feed train wJth track and switches mounted on board with rollers, EJdon qpffman. Phone 72833, , • **> Mrs. Classie Verger left Saturday for Los Angeles, Calif., to spend,the holidays with her children. Notice ypupvartlficaj spra,ys and tool* decorations cut flower Shop. 1804 Oarnett Turner and Mrs. Gladys Byrds of FHnt, Mich., and JaKe Cole of El Dorado were the Sunday guests of Mrs. JPersle Turner, ; ? Mrs. and Mrs. Leroy Cooper left Monday for Detroit. Mich., to spend the Christmas holidays visit ing Mr. Cooper's sons Allen and Cooper, Lion gasoline; are sold at the sign of the (.ion, in Ihe shaded area shown here. ti) o Now Specially Refined for SOUTHERN WINTER DRIVING • If you drive in the area shown at left, new Lion gaso- lines will guarantee you 100% Power for winter driving .. .because Lion gasolines are specially refined for our milder Southern winters. Lion gasolines are Southern-made for Southern driving^ We refine our gasolines in the South, and they are sold onjy in the South. That's why we pan "custom-tailor" every drop for your kind of driving. These Southern-made gasolines assure you 100% Power, as well as quicker starting, faster warm-up, smoother acceleration and more miles per gallon-^ a// winter /cmg, Jim Fluce left Monday for Flint, " ' to speitf the Christmas hoi- g bjs phjldren. HHo Wonted . ^,. and Mrs, Reece Cannon, Mrs. Uirlean Philips' and daugh- •' ' motorje,4 to Minda, ta., Bf hts Ust Nidhf By HIW NEW LION ETHYI. Piwvini ...AH the power any motor can develop LION KNlX"»ICiiOXpiiiYiiiilOOS | 6 PCIIHfER in motors with left "CMnne AND BOTH ftF THESE GREAT OASQKNES Mi SPfCMUY t 1 '.' W^ft->.-f^^ SLdNDtl If Chkk f Mftfl PCJR I HAVE TO WC5ITE A COMPOSITION ON MAGELLAN-LOOK HIM UPIMTM6 ENCYCLOPEDIA HERE'S ALL | •'( PAPA, IF A FARMER ABOUt < v — 1 SOL& 18 HOGS MAGELLAN ) >^ FOR $ 13 50. HOW MUCH WOULD-- HURRX POP-* 1 N£EO VOU TO HELP ME WITH tMjS MAP OF -.IRELAND 7 \£* Songstress Answer to Prtvfou* Puzztt "9 ! ACEOSS DOWN '< \ Songstress, 1 Having | —— Jackson toothed wheels • 6 She appears on 2 Mean ! —— programs 3 Symbol for ; 11 Abstract niton i beings . 4 French city < 12 Occurrence 5 Enclosures • 13 Rodent 6 Unit of ! 14 Credit (ab.) reluctance i 15 Kind of soup 7 Hail!, ! 17 Anger 8 Low haunt 18 City in The" '9.Hospital Netherlands resident 20 Goddess of.the : physician. ' 10 Indolent 24 German king 41 Overseer of 25 Continent morals 27 Erect . 42 To cut 29 Weight,' 1 45 Desert, animal dedudtio'n., .'.49 Olympian. . 31 Allowance for goddess i' . waste. •••" . 52 tnidditioo; .'21 Canvas shelter!? Cosmic order. 3.5 Box"- - ; 53 Entomology , ;23Theatrical. -'16Typ6 o£ ; boat '36Hassards.,'•--.•-.. .^.V,<ab;)rX ; '••. ,• '• ' !' sign'•'• ; (pi.) . 37Eplc . -54Doctor of.Holy [ ! Ae t7i__.c__-i_4l ' - f n A ft^ ' ,'r. .. .. ,4O .fl>.4i*~iA«M> +*+1*% V -•> Ci^**l»Kttt*'ii'/-'flK : \ ^ I 25 Formerly 28 Viper ; 28 Brings into. syntony 30 She is on a -—-work 32 Sailor j 33 Persian gateway 134 Tahitian god . i 35 Globes 39 Heroic tales 43 Equal 44 Twitching 46 Famous garden 47 Arrival (ab.) . 48 College cheer 150 Compass point i 51 Engaged in a \ : tumult 55 Pronoun . 56 Peer Gynt's •• mother .57 Marted leasts 58 Muse of poetry CO Natives ot . Scotland 61 Tardier, _;__, CARNIVAL ;««*••• "How do you spel! semicolon?" HOC GLANCES By P- OUT OUR WAY ftv >. R. Wllliomi ? MIGHT/ ALWAY& fcUSHlW AeuyApoM'T LIKE TiSEE A peutER liOiSKIM' COMFORTABLE- <SOIM' TO BfclW<3 SOOWA&I f PERHAPS/ BUT 1 ( WANT THEM OUT / J3EFORE VOU HAVE ( THE 6ARBA<sfe MAM \ COMINS TO THE rXFRDWr DC30R7 WHV MOTHERS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Mojor „. /.rYOUUP5ETME,^lAKTHA, „, CRSEPisis UP Lii^e A LVMX:/ -~I'M 3UST ., . HAS eOTMB./ PfCHAW.£eACT|OMIS W OFCO PF5£.'~/VW gEOFP VJOM'T HE'S SOT A FUNNY BUSINESS Bv HenhberaM ( Tm sure it wi|l be -all r|g|itvvith my husband—his weight card said he was'generous and understanding!" SWEETIE PIE By Hodine S«Iier §QUTHtRN \ "Hfrt's s brief «»*f Mom li buying Psp, in^l he's , _ ijpMrssJ What a mis^raWs ^hristmiitnarrieri people hive}" *^j^ 'Wi \mM^ OtAMK IKI COMB aeAN^Asow^ k j -- — -"MS2ZLIM6 SET AWAV WITH THIS A A6E AMP ASWfMaJ WP ' njvnj f » t I t » I I " •*• II • '*~ff 1 •»•-•• m -wri SOftT OP ffJTIMIPATlON/<TO MEET HIM OU SOf M6RB ^VTHfiN &r. WHEN) K6PP1E\5UPP»5EC' REPFtE w.kep IN 10 w& TH6 SAPS VOU - •: ' \ ;Vj^*MF§^|1 n L. .S^£t'.3tylhi£x^L t t*B^&*&~ • 3^*^ffi^*&r& STiPF^t? PBHIM? ' WINS PLACB.' WASH TUBBS ,... v. '& f '>^ ^ife^ii r^WORDl AMI? TMEY'.-VOUr-WOULPN'T "V 1 KMOWsTH&j; ' ?'_. . .^1 .:^r l h i! . ^.i_ » . ,^i ii.,. . 1 \ _ » V. ^tii'.A.tli-i 'TO ' ,®'ifmK vtpM^r _L' . 1 i'. *. v i • «^'iii; itttt •Ih 'i^^S^^ AND HER BUDDIES ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^?*'" 1 v * f i't*"fi-i' T'« l ^"*^-t* li ''K** J W-3^"; i T?**rti BUGS BUNNY ALLEY OO^ THAT'S TM'.PASTEST'THAT ' Aiv FELINE'S- MOVED r', 5INCE HE STARTED J I ' PEC? MEi » !«JTI \ 'J^S-tS*,-' 1 -' -' -« mimm " •""' ":T : :s : r .- - • ^ PRISCILLA'S POP : ::. M THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNJ ^ .:yU' J.-gyg^ltMfe^W^^ftiiife'fl w mt ir0wn4 with mjf '

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