Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 3
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j||g^BKuUgjtt^{||HjU^gUfeUu^^^^ l U|^^.u^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^u SOCIETY. Iff*. Sid Henry Telephone 321 A ttfecclpt for Christmas Pudding fake some human nature As you find it, The commonest variety Will do, Put a little gracloitsness behind it, Add n lump of charity or two. Squeeze In just n drop of moderation, Hal/ as much frugality—or less, Add some very fine consideration, Strain off all of poverty's distiess. Pour some milk of human kindness in it, Put In nil the happiness you can. Stir it up with laughter every minute, Season with good-will toward man, Set it, on the fire of heart's affection, Leave it 'till the jolly bubbles rise. Sprinkle it with kisses from, tonfec- tion, Sweeten with a look from loving eyes. Flavor it with children's marry chatter, Frost It with ; NIIOW of wintry dells, Place it on n holly-garnished platter, And serve it with the" song of Christ- 1 mas Bells!—Selected. Ranked First at U. of Georgia ""• The Kindergarten .pupils of Miss •Elizabeth White entertained at, a most ; delightful Christmas tree patty oh Friday afternoon at their rooms on S. Haz.el street, with the fathers, and •mothers as grtests. The bril'Hantlj lighted Christmas tree held-gifts fo the children and gifts for the parents that were made by the children ii their school work. ' ; i Mrs. Gladys N. Weaver of Canadian Tex., is the Christinas guest of. her sister, Mrs. J. Patrick Duffie', and Mr Puffie. -..,.,' Mr. and Mrs. K, G.' Hamilton and little daughter, will spent) the Christmas holidays visiting with friends antl relatives in Gtfrdo'n. • ' ' , \ Elton Carpenter who is a student in Columbia University, New York,' arrived on Wednesday .to spend the hol- 'iday vacation visiting with his ipar- cnls; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Carpenter. Mr. and- Mrs. Ha,rry Rauch left Tuesday for u holiday .visit with friends and relatives in Searcy. • Mrs. Caswell McRac of Faycttcville, is the Christmas guest of her daughter Mrs. N. W. Denly and Mr. Denty. Mrs. J. Patrick Duffic and children and Mrs. Gladys N. Weaver spent Tuesday visiting in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bryant of Dallas, will arrive on Thursday to spend the Christmas season visiting with Mr. Bryant's sister, Mrs. W. F. Saner. Miss Loraino Whitehurst of the Hazen Public school faculty will arrive -Thhrsday to spend the holidays visiting with her mother, Mrs. A, C. Whilehurst. Anno Graham, Balnhrldge, Ga., frpshman .student at the. Univer; slty of Georgia at Athens,, showii here, made the highest grade ol any student In the school in in' telligeuco tests given there. Sin Is majoring in Journalism. ; J -.Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bridewell will J hov.f HH Christmas guests, Mr. and Mrs. i Ch'arles Bridewell and son, Charles Jr., of Morrilton. Mrs. Bill Roberts and son, of Hugo, will arrive Wednesday night to spend the Christmas holidays visiting with Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain. M. and Mrs. Alva Rcynerson and son, will spend Christmas visiting with Mrs. Reynerson's parents, in Stamps. • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hetzler left Tuesday . for a holidays visit with their daughter, Mrs. Wayne Stuart and Mr. Stuart in Memphis, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Thomas will leave : Thursday for a holiday visit with friends and relatives in Saline, La. ; Mrs. Cora Staggs will have as holiday guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Hatley and children of Warren. On Tuesday evening, following a most tempting six o'clock chicken dinner, the guests of the White House entertained at their annual Christmas tree party. All.former guests of the House were invited. For the occasion the reception rooms were decorated , with Christmas greens, holly, a ; beautiful lighted Christmas tree bore presents for all. Following the distribution of gifts the evening was spent in games and visiting among the guests. ° • _ Miss Jeannettc Witt of the Hazcn Uast night 1,000 people sat breathless as the "NIGHT NURSE" Revealed Her Secrets You owe it to yourself to see this mighty drama. Featuring BARBARA STANWYCK CLARK GABLE Thursday Strange tropic music—haunting romance under southern skies— and a mighty drama. "CUBAN LOVE SONG" -With- Lawrence T I B B E T T LOPE VELEZ ERNEST TORRENCE JIMMY DURANTE public school faculty will arrive Thursday to spend the Christmas vacation visiting with her pardhls, Mr, and Mrs. Thdo.Wllt.-. Mr. and Mrs, Earl Cowclen and children left Wcdrwsclay for Little Rock, where 'they will spend the holidays visiting with friends and relatives. ' M. M. McCloughan, who has spent llic.past few months in a Veterans' hospital in Muskogee, Okla., arrived on Tuesday for a visit with Mrs. M(j- Clouglian and little son, Merle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitworth and daughters left Wednesday afternoon 'or a holidays visit with friends and relatives in Little Rock and Cabot. Misses Elizabeth Maulden and Ellen ,ou Bowden were Tuesday shoppers n Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McLarty will lave as Christmas guests, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rising and little daughter, Katherinc of Texarkana and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Stuart and little daughter, Betty Anne of Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. MeCloughan of Oklahoma City will arrive Wednesday night to spend the Christmas holidays visiting with Mr. and Mrs. M. M. McCloughan. Elton Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Carpenter, arrived Wednesday night from New York City to spend the Christmas holidays. He is attending Columbia University. • • • "The Cuban Love Song" Ha* Tropical Background brie of the strangest "locations" ever used for a talking picture Is seen in "The Cuban Love Song," Lawrence Tlbbetts latest slarring vehicle, which will be shown at the Saenger Theatre Thursday. The famous Scott ranch in Santa Monica Canyon, California, was transformed itito ii tropic locale for the picturesque fiesta scene of the production. Transplanted palms, mango trees, carloads of imported, tropical fruits and a polyglot crowd of Spanish, Mexican, Chinese and Cuban "ex- Iras" contributed 1 to make a nexotic atmosphere for an episode in which Tibbctt singi! a Cuban song and Lupe Velcz dances n rumba to the accompaniment of the noted Palau Brothers' Cuban Orchestra, imported from Havana, The fic.sta was altneded by nearly a thousand people' and was an exact replica of such an uffair In Cuba 1 . Great stone barbecue ovens were erected and whole pigs roasted. Piled high on tables were tropical fruits, tortillas nnd other Latin, delicacies, Mucih of the dramatic acliorj takes rflaCti in this locale which also serves)as the setting for a comic interuude in which Ernest Torrence and .Jimmy 'Durfihle jre pelted with cocoahuts by. an"lra^e nonkcy. ' ,•'''•,''" The picture tells a vivid story , ; of ,a marine stationed in Cuba and'his romance with a little peanut, vender, played by Miss Velez. Karen- Morley plays an American girl who complicates the romance, an8'the s'trongcast also includes Louisa Fazerida,. Hale Hamilton,, Mathilda C.omqnt and 'Phillip Cooper. The production was directed by W. S. Van/Dyke, who produced VTrader Horn,". "Never ; the tt03?E STAR|i^t)A!LY PRESS, HOPE, Wins Medal • Horace.V, .A^leli, abov«,-fc3, carpenter, of Martini,' Tenn., -ha«. been ..warded * mefjfll f6£ fclfr heroism In navlnfeJames N. Hall, 1^ from frowning,: by,,tht ;C«rncfgl<r Hero fund Commission, - The lad tilled fcllen under .reifeatedly, but; WM finally nulled td »hor« «nd «t*«d. Twain Hands.' Sliall- Meet 1 and | "Guilty Skiff Believed Used by Missing Men Is Found GALVESTON— (ff>)— A skiff believed to have been that in which two Houstonians, F. C. Bonhain and J. L. McElrath, set out on n hunting trip on December 10, has been found In Cedar bayou in the extreme eastern end of Galveslon bay, acording to word rceivcd by coast guardsmen here. The skiff, motor missing, wqjf found about 3 miles from Goose Creek it was reported. It had drifted ashore and had no water in it. Bluff Springs Health of this- community.*.is'very good at this writing. ••' « Mr. ahd: Mrs. Sid'Waters spent Sunday with Mrs..Winnie Piirtle.; '. •.' Mrs. Annie Harvin who, has been down-qaite a while is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Nute'' Butler spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Purtle. .-,',' "' '-. • Charlie, Purtle spent a' few days last week wih his .mother, Mrs. Winnie Purtle. Malcon Purtle spent'Saturday evening with Algie Irwin. Mrs. Robbie Boles will start home Tuesday or Wednesday_ from Mississippi to spend Christmas'with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dillard. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler spent Sunday with her father. A. T. Finchcr an Charles Elles spent Saturday -night with Milharn Purtle. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Dillard and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlton spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Annie Harold. Little Margaret Mitchell has been clown with pneumona glad to know she is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlton spent Saturday night with Mr. and 'Mrs. F, A. Dillard, Mr. and Mrs. Jlni Almond spent Sunday afternoon wtih 'Mrs. Annie Harvin. Bro Irvin failed to fill his appointment at Bluff Springs Sunday on account of the weather. Miss Emmerlue and Maudie Almond spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Belvie Almond. Mrs. Eva JacKson is spending a few days with her pare'nts, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Finchcr. Mrs. Sadie Ghormley and Mrs. Lucy Dillard is on the sick list this week. Cutting wood seems to be the order of the day. Delma Bolls and wife, of Mississippi came home Saturday to spend Christmas. Bess Butler and family were the guests of Buster Ghormley and family Sunday. Roy Carlton and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday with her par- 4nts! F. A.'.Djllar'd; ...,...,.. , , ..Miss Clara Part-is 'was We guest b Miss! :fcuth. Puiitle; rfotty'.hijfeht. E. L. Purtle ahd wile ^nd'd^ sit S'wKile witrl fiustef Ghormlejr and family Saturday .night.'; ""',. " '.)' '., We 'failed' W'hav'r'meetftig at 't nil place 1 Saturday and. Sunday on ab iolint'of bad weath'£t;'" :"•"'• ".'• ' '• .Mrs., fira Gormlejr .and' Mrt./Vera Calh'oiin •' spent ' Saturday afternoon with Mrs/ l J!. M:* Woosley. » \ ' • ' ;'.W. U./Almphd spirit a lew-^days last week- with- his-Vgrandsbrf,-' Roy Carlton,'' - f 1; ' " ' ' ' ' ; -*.•' • Well it isn't very : 16ng .to Christmas &nd. I wish ybu $11 a Merry ChMstmas ind a very"" Happy New Year. < Harmony : ; I My! the folks of this vicinity would surely .appreciate some .pretty weather npw.; We.have -been having so muiih rainy weather of la'te', ! '") ! J Ray McWilliams and J. W, McWilliams spent awhile .Thursday /night a ttie Geo. McMillen h.'ome, : Our faithful mail carrier, Mr. Petre delivers the mail rain or shine ol which .we are indeed grateful as the Hope Star sure helps pass away, the time. Thad Vines and family spent a few days with his sister, Mrs. Ella Hodnett and family. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Mitchell spent Tuesday night at the J. J. Mitchell home. Dan Arnold and family of Louisville have moved into our community. Those that visited at the George McMillen home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daugherty and family, and J, W. McWilliams and grandson,. Ray. Bessie McMillen and Harley Vines were visitors at the Hodnett home Froday. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Sanford.spent Monday night with their parents Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Sanford. The visitors at the home of Mrs. Ella Hodnett Saturday of last week were Misses Harley Vines, Mila and Alma Dean Arnold and Bessie McMillen and Weaver Starnes ahd otis Stanley. George McMillen and family spent Sunday afternoon with Monroe Daugherty and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sanford spent Sunday with Mrs. Ella Hodnett, . Joe Daugherty and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Nellie Leach and son, Leo. • BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lauf er THE-GCALIE- ANTIQUE BOX SCORE/ Vm-MOlfNTAIN CI.UD H. L. Runs 'ft. K. flullrt, catcher . , II, K. RIM, thlnl IXIHO . O. (I. Dlninn, Aral baio O. P. Oolilthwnit, 2I>.. !•'. N. Hcntt, conlrr fleld (!. Troupn, rlglit flcld. . (J. Arnold, Jr., left Held W. II. llourni-, shortstop J. II. Ware, pitcher ... O 43 n o rORTLAND CI.TO H. I/. Ri*i jit n. K.-noblnion, uUher. a R. M. Baton, pitcher . . . . • H. Crntrcll, •econd ba*a. . • t. 0. H. Furblih, rf., . . . 4 0. H. Abbott, left Held., a •I. II. Wliulow, third b«*e , a G. M. Woodhury, Ib , . . . 4 Hamuel Chadwick, M ---- » J.»L Knight center Held. 1 4 5 H B • 9 B f B Total 4T 0 11 18 1 4 T 1—49 a r o 4 s 10 a—tf Number of pitched balls by Warn ol the Trl-MounUIn club, 14S| AHIWI Guild, tho CAlrhcr, S; cauRht on the fly, a. Number pitched by Knlon of the Portland club, lift; paucd Roblnioii, the catcher, 4| riiiiKhi on tho fly, 4. 1'tnplre—Richard Power ol the Trl-MoMUIn club. Scorers—A. p. Margott ol the Trl-MounulB club and O. O. (jAmnion of the Portland club. FROM 1Ae BoSToM JAQ2M.D OF SEP?; ID/ (£58 ~-Tr\E GAME TJ4E FIF&T CHAMPIONSHIP CoMTesT Tftl-MOUNTAIN TEAM OF BOSIOM, AND ~ ~"~ OF A CARRIES AW OF ~5o ARMOR. FRAV/ Yet ue poESN'r WEAR A MASK To PRdfecT HIS FACB FROM PUCK Saenger Dance Program Pupils of Mrs. Jim Martindale's dance studio gave the following successful program Tuesday Might before a good : sized crowd at the Saenger theater j " Parti •/ '•' 1. Million $ Babies „_.„— Eva Jean. Milaltt, Prances Cornelius, Clarice Brown, Margaret Bush; Frances Harrell, Mary Ross McPaddin, Norma Jean Rephan, Betty June Monts, Betty Jean Wright, Betty Jean Laseter, Matifda McPaddlh.,.". .. 2. Ballerina Petite ..........Jean-Young 3. Tipsy Toes ; ....Dorothy/Lane Htehry 4. Tapping Time _.'.—.^. .......LWatk3a: 5. bancing Dolls .....Ruth Elise Bowden/Ma^^ Jean Young, and Mary Frances Schumai^-.V 6. Balloon Dance ...............Mary Sue " il1 "-' 7. Adagio Joy Ramsey and Rufu 8. Danse de Societe..... ,„„..-.. ..Luther 9. "Vanitie8"...^.: r ...Margtiret Bu<»h, Maty'Ross Mbfi Ruth Elise Bowden, and Frances^Etarrell ';;'i| 10. Gypsy Revels.... .Jean Young,',""" Jf* 1. "ShaRhi^ tHe^lues'^„..^i T: L-...J.;„..Ma>yi|§ue ^ i Dorothy La'qe Hdnry, 3$ ^ Rftmseyi Tjloriaie * ' Wanda Lane, Mary 'Corfielitf . 2. 3. . 1 Rhtiniba_i:-lL:A: _;.. ....-Elizabethj.M: 4. Hsippy'tfeet.. , ..._, ..-~Ma*y Giarnif- 1 ' 5. Riotous Rhytjim ..............Wlji'rt , Effie McCuiley, Sibyl^Wiliiams, W.i)io4erie r '-., '}. \. : Catheriire Lane, arid Luihelr HollaAoji;" '/» '» T-'_ Tli.i'__ •'• ... *'•' ' ••':.-• - 'nJ'lli. 6. A La 7. 8, Bluette...-.:,-^.-- ..:...:.^-_;_.:..;CatheHne:!JL,8ne ft *<_U. tr>-—'4.«-^li' ! . • .-iv;iUd«^«'ti.,,.li.'*T7<}ij^jjg(;J| 0. Pan Fan'taslel ............... A .:..---.-' •• ' Mi'ddlebrooks, Effie McGuUey/.Winhie , ,'».,. ' •, Catherine Lane; Sibyl Willujtns-. - . -j £„ • 10. Finale i "Triumph .Ovi?£/. Blueg" ---------- v :...j..,^..^ES^ Accoihpanm...- A .i ..... l .__Liii.-_::±_::.L:l ..... Ener'Acte.vMusic....tU ____ ...Jij ..... .LLJHi'lburh tdry . ( Wednesday and Thursday we will give Double Eagle Stamps on all Gift Goods. . j Our prices on all Christmas Goods have beep; reduced from one-third to one-half. See Our Large Stock Before You Buy . J no. P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps For Thursday at the : "M" System Market And The Darwin Store Market MERRELL'S Hams 10 to 12 Lb. Average Pound I3c DECKER'S Ham! 10 to 12 Ll)> Average Pound I8c Bacon Sliced, Rlndless. Sugar Cured—Lb. * I5c BALTIMORE Oysters Extra Select—Pint 35c SPARE RIBS Pound LIVER Pound SAUSAGE 3 L ,». 25c Pork Shoulder Roast Pound 12c PORK HAM Roast Small Average Pound 14C MERRELL'S Hams Whole or Hall Pound laic NECK BONES L 20c PIG TAILS 17c NOWCK IN Court of the UHHed Slate* Weftttfft ftlttrict of Arkansas Te«itkan« In the matter of William Q. Darwin Bankrtijjt No. MO In Bankruptcy - Notice MI Petition tor Discharge -Notice is hereby given thai the said William O. Darwin, Bankrupt, has filed application for a discharge in bankruptcy, and that it has been ordered by the court that a hearing be had Upon said, application before said court on the ,15th .'day of. February, 1932, at Texarkana, in said district, at, 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at which hearing -all creditors and other persons in Interest may appear and show cause. if any they have, why the prayer of said petitioner should not be granted. '" texarkarm, Ark.; JDeceriber .22, \m. ' 'Attest: WM. S. WELLSHEAR (SEAL) , Clerk. •, By J. Warren Stevens ', ',-••. i Deputy Clerk. | NOTICE TO CREDITORS ^NOTME IS, HEREBY r GlVENj'Tiat letter's of Administration on,the estate D* Louit ttofcMl were Itfued to tta i stead Cotl sas, on thfe ; D. 1931. All peri**!,, against Mid fettl* Ctt'l by notified to sxhlfeH tl undersigned, within one i such letters ate I precluded from injUn fistate. Ahd it iueh', exhibited as afOfeSAW years after thrdatT they will be* fofeVI ' eluded from ahy Estate. : ; Given this 22nd day i D. 1831. Bfcfney ft j j - l of the Estate of baum deceased*. Dec. 23 30. these Prices For Thursday and Saturday ur 48 Flortdrt i • uts Large, Heavy • j+X* 194 Cr'berries Pound Brazil Nuts Found uts Budded—Pound MixCandy •*"-* ,l<0j Goff JEWELL—3 Lbs. Cakes Lemon Snaps—Pound SUPREME Tall 7&c—Small Chocolates Holiday S Lb. Box Holly Box CHOCOLATES 5 Pounds Appl Roman Beauties 4 Pounds I9c Chocolate Pound Box Assorted Gift Box 29c IN OUR SANITARY MARKET Fresh Pork Ham Half or Whole—Pound 12ic Pork Sausage Pound lOc Brisket Roast Pound 91c Compound Lard Bring Your Bucket 8 65c Pork Chops Found 15c Oysters SELECT—Pint 35c Beef Roast Pound 12lc Fresh Spare Ribs Pound 10c Armour's Star Hams ",1 10 Lb. Average Xmas Boxes .. 171c PIGGLY Wl W V. t.

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