The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 19JO. ULYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE .SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate )«r line for consecutive insertions; One ttmc per line lOc Two titties per line per day OSc Three tlrncs per Hue per dny.. .OSs t'lx times per Due per day 05c. Month rate per line 60c Cards of Thanks 50c & 'i5c Minimum chaise 5Cc Acis ordered for three or six limes and stopped tefore expiration will be charged for the number o( tlnies the add appeared mid adjustment or bill matte. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of tiie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above tafile. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions tskes the one iime rale. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect Inscr lion ot any classified a« Business Op'tunities Have n real investment for casli. 4 rent houses ami store. Residences 6 rooms. Residence 5 rooms. Call 759, Mr. Uollliion, Moore's H6- ici. 13-))k-lU Party to invest about $1000 in local husiness enterprise that shoiilr! pay equal returns each year. Investment practically • guaranteed. May take active part In management If desired. State age, present occupation and other information auoul self. For Interview address Box "100" c/c Courier News. Welding BXS'EHT ELECTRIC & ACETYLBiNf WELDING Drag line and licavy u'dcJing a specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or lies, J019 Expert Electric and Acetylene A LOT OF CAR FOR A LITTIE MONEY We make it very much worfh your while to let u: appraise the trading-value of your pr«en» car. Our values are high and our prices are low—terms ar« very liberal on a better car. No better time to (rode than now, We'll give you a good deal for your money. 'M TORI) DEI,. SEDAN While Sulcwall tires Color ISIiick '38 CHEV. COACH Color Hlnck. Glenn throughout '37 KORD TUDOR Radio ami Heater Motor & Tires A-l '36 STUDBIUKEK Couch. Truly a bargain .... '.'Hi FORD DEL KORDOR License. See Oft?/ This Car Today. . $Ll\ VJ9 MERCURY SEDAN Deluxe. Radio & w. s. w. Tires. .. For Rent. Or nil (lie luxe revenue of the 48 _ (••titles, 1 38 |icr cent Is pnld by the Two furnished rooms. 300 South '"Olorlsls. L-ivfslon Street. I3.»k-ia 61C W. Ash, Nice little upnrlment with private bath. $16.00 month. Thomas l,and Co. 12-ch-Iii Nice furnished room. Adjoining bath. Innevspring mattress. All conveniences, t'hone G30. l!Mlh 1 room residence. 1113 lleain. Va- ; cant March 15. $30 per month. E. U. Ferguson, phone ICO. U-cklo Grain drill mid tractor for rom.! See Den Oral*: or Pruil uvniiii. I 0-ck-ll 1 Comfortftlile front Ijedi00:11. oiil- slclc entrance. Pliciuc 331, 515 W. Wnlnut. 1-cli-tl 1 room furnished ai>iirlincnl. IfiOl W. Asli. 29-ek-t! 2 rooiti modern furnished apartment. 1315 W. Main. 2-lck-U Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 2 closets, slenm heat. Men preferred, Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sud- oury. 27-ck-tl Drftgllne and heavy \velcllng our specially. D. W. Dell, Ark. rlionc S-F-" Personal, Arousu' Slujprljh Liver, irork oil' the bilR to rlct yourself of constipation, gns vialns, and that soiir. punk feeling. TftSe one box of KJKI5VS ACTIVE ..IVEH PILLS 25c at au Kirby Stores Poultry Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Ill.yihcville Hlwy. 01 North CO. GARS PRICED mm Coma hi and Look 'Um Over ' a room furnished apartment. New-j 39 ClltV. CoilDC Vcrv ly decorated. Qanige. Close In.I i .... -r-on 120 nugnn Street, Mrs. Belle Wood- j LOW Mileage 55^9 •J!).n!<-:l.!>ni 38 Chev, COIIDC Less Than 100C Miles On Motor $439 '38 DoSoto Coupe A Beauty for $419 '37 Cev. Coupe A-l Condition $329 '37 Pontisc Coupe Real Buy $295 '34 Chevrolet Coupe Special $99 '32 Ford V-8 Coupe Fishing Car $89 ; '38 Chev. Sporl Sedan $419 100 K. Kentucky'Avc.. 7 room co(-|, go r ,,,,,,„, „ „„ tsigc. plaslcred house with himl-i JO tora V-b I U()or $399 floors, llveplacc, large rooms Many Others to Choose From Easy G.M.A C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays Rooms furnished or nnturntshcfl. Newly decorated. Reasonable. 9H Heni-u. 20-pk-3-20 Nice bedroom ronvehlent to bath. Room, close Ui, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut St. 22-ck-U Unfurnished .apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Strecu Call 571 or 197. l-ck-lf For Sale iiud nice porches. Corner lot witri 100 feet frontnye. Rents at SiT-50. Pj-icc J2MO—$350 c«sh, $25.00 mo.. G%. Thomas I^nnd Ct>. 12-ck-18 Sill A- Walnut rhnnc 81tl ! THESE tARS HAVE TOGOJ Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E. M, Damon nt the Blytheville Armory on Wednesdays am! Thursdays. WE FIX ANYTHING We Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons. Fans. Toasters, Hot Plates. Lamps. Upholstering, Furniture, slip Covers or anything yon might have. lilythcville Furniture Co. 128 East Mnln St. PIONEER MARINER HORIZONTAL 1,5 Man \vho discovered Ncwfoti nd- land. 0 He was ;i Venelian whose xvas in Engl.inr). 12 Bakes. 14 Public official. 16 Kind of law. 17 Seaman's cry for help. 19 Silly. 21 Trees. 22 Disclosed. 24 Pleased. 25 To subsist. 26 Hidden. 2.8 Want ol appetite, 31 Measure. 32 ire and his fon were famous -s or seamen. M Transposed. 35 In the middle of. 36 Now'England. Ansivcr to Previous Puzzle 37 Electrified particle. 39 Ambassadors. •12 Tiny particle. 44 Storms. 4 5 Word. W Codling. 5 1 Boggy land. 52 Orderly collection. 53 Device lor the cast coast ol - in 1407. 58 Examined. 55 To deprive. 57 He discovered or explored 2 Pope's scarfs. '3 Low flat river land. 4 Him nymph 5 Courl. 6 Chemical. analysis. 7 To attach. 8 Toward. 9 To dangle. 10 Verbal, 11 Bird. 13 Soulh Carolina, 15 Palm lily. 16 His Eon, , accompanied him in 1498. 18 Asylum for orphans. 20 Verbal ending 22 Device for sewing braid. 23 Musical tinns 26 Urbane. 27. Hen h. 2D Inlo. SOBcrct. 34Knccpan. 38 Name. 40Barbed spear. 41 To .serve. 43 Boundary. 45 Three. 46 Formerly, 47To value. 48 Form of "me." 50 To, bow. 52 Farewell! 54 Musical note. SG Neuter pronoun. Large or Small I'. Al 1.01V llltlTI'.st Itllll'S, '•'•' Wp arc i'r|iil|)ni'd lo Imiidlc larut! "r small limns in any tmcr'. ; l " Iwriii Inn ( , low cost, nuil ni !:• » m\v Inlorcst riuo ' ! TI-RRY ABSTiMCT ^ RKAI.TY COMPANY 'M Wnlnut SL Ulylhin'll!)?, Ark Position Wanted Miiiilli' iii!i' ( | wuinnii wiini.s pin '"'• 1 (lamer, phone 113, M-llvi'K I>IH- 'I',.,.,. "Splrllii" •lOHANNKHliUltO, South Africa 'I'l'i-SMpmUtlrm \ms led nn- i »•(•(, in (I,,. Inure I'aniu township «' OilniKio, which is coiilrollcil by >(• .lohimiu'sbnrH Municipal Kn- H' 1 AlfaUs Department, to ilc- M'oy a.!,oi) ol Hie 0,000 (roes lining! he Mi-rets, "The mitlvcs believe "'in trees HIV InhnWtod | )y .spirits. "• " They Say- tlii'y nrc scared nl :» nttin.- near llicii U'liiniin, 8(1, Is (inirrr III. irjl't - Aller :ill y«irs. Mrs. Kllznbelli AiiKwdth, tD-y.'nr-old i'corinn, Is Mill nclivelv eiiRiiued In operailin: « grocery Mure here without the nld of a "''IK or hnndymnn. Mrs. Aulen- "•nli. known n.s "imilhei'" ( 0 ,,11 hrr customers. opened her More ill !><< turn of llm century and has "•"ii iilone there except fur |,or Hide ivntclitlo. »'»lf lit Duor I'uyii AN, Okln. (UP) — Lois nl people- work al kecjiliij. the woll '>«'ny [mm Ihf clnov. but 15 Ci TlKXmis iws out lo brliiu him iiark' nlive mid makes n IH'Inr, rtoln K Ii. mourn, n novernmcnt 15111111! lni|i- m-r, (Miitured morn Hum 10 wolvi'.s InM year, and hn.s ciuieht nine fu f«r in inirj. w\ #•.."</>• W\f:-.-f>'t Ilicy" who pidfcfs omni- WIOIUT on ntlu'r folk's ultiiirs nrc saving Uiiil Arlluir Fiirnswoiih (mnivc) will simn nnirrv Him st;u- llcilc Dnvls. I'liniMviri'lh nt\ fxcvutive at I'erkcU's l.odfc SiiKiir Hill. N. II., i»<<l ih«. ;iclri''-» (Uii-iiiB her New llamwhlrc v.i- rnliun liis.l y<>,«r. During November. 1839, 157,0311 Tf is estlmakil that lieaHy ?i revenue j,, 1MC n e er s wwo carried per ccW-of the pUnec producea in the United stgte arinually, zn light planch on the n donipslic nlrlliics. Vnu'vit irlfii i|j|> n t , 6 t p ff, m | rj . THK IlfeST CO A I, uowuer ABII-HIOUCST HFAT REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE DUALITY LP. SC5.955 «M.llSIU'|.:i«(»JlVAUl)~l'Hf)NB5wl Dr. ,|. A. Saliba A awes (lit removal nf his nfflw frbm (lie Insriim Iliillrllng In Ml K. Kenluchy. ' Kcs. riioiic HO; Oflloe I'll. 118 H APPY UOUR GRO.& H NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Ijiiiiulry nnd Cli'aniii(» Service TURKEYS: 8 Toms nml ^ Hens. Mrs. \V. H. D.VMS, Route One, I Near County Farm. ll-pk-18 .Several young Jersey Cows with Young Calves. C. P. 'nicker. 'I miles southeast of Blylheville. 1-pk-M Lost LOST—One red sow. weight :(23 pounds, Call R. S. Harris, Phone 460. 8-ck-!5 Hardware WHAT BACK.ACHE MAY MEAN KUKS DKI.IVKHV 1 W. BlAlu MI, I'llDiir — PRESCRIPTIONS— Sitfc - - Acctmilc Fowler Drug Co. Main cV Flrnl I'liotin HI .t. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Onirliintc Opium . IrUl In Illytlifulllf. ()1»SM-s,riUc'il ( Slock (iimninleed Hcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores ^ 1 V/nrI / "111C iMAKKS 'EM SMI';"' TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF ; Sale Driving! finfc motorliiR Is Ihc nlm of every driver, 'men. why hot assure yourself ot this untcty 'as fur ns your riiilomobile Is coii- cniicil, Drive In OIK| let our inccluinlcs )iut your cnr In shape for any driving. The cost Is o nnd the work guir-' ' '' EXPERT 7 ! MECHANICS MODERN t- EQUIPMENT •'.';. '« ALL WORK " GUARANTEED -PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. We Specialize In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shoiisc-Henry Hdvv. Co. Phone 35 Sewing Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith Mrs. Blackwell, Armorel 03C. 7-rk-1-1 Found 1940 Arkansas >j (on Truck license. Number 224-7".3. Owner may Jiave same by puylhg cost of Ibis ad. Courier News office. 1940 Arkansas License Tap i her 51-086. Owner may have same by paying cost, of this :id. Courier News office. Dairy Call 455-W-l for order* of milici cream, ov chnvnetl butler milk. All cows government treated. Halsell's Dairy. 12-i>k-4~12! Wanted Good looking young rjirls to (ravel willi show with relinWc company. Steady, ]>lcasant work. Experience not necessary. Must be of afic and free (o travel. Apply to Mrs. Shep- pai-ri. Sol's Liberty Shows, Fairgrounds. Ciiruthcrsi-illc, Mo. Washing Wan led Family Laundry. All clothes washed separately. Mrs. Mick. 610 I.-akc. 4-iik-l-i Noti ce TERMITES Woih While You Sleep! Wake up before llity riaraagp your prnpcrty. For Free Inspection Call 592-W. Walker and Archer Hlate Licensed Operators For Sale or Trade MULES Will trade Tor Mules, Coirs, HOR, Cattle. Corn, Hay and Lumber. Helta Implements, Inc. Sec l-'loyd Simpson 3-ck-ll TLANT-S: Onloiis—1000 OOc: :(000 Sl.CO: CTTO $1.75. Cnbbasc—1001) V.K-. 2000 $1.20, Nice large" plant Now ready. W. W. Warren, CarrUo Springs, Texas. 28-pk-H Now l.onileil I|i Oli'iuinc' llnlel HMj;. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I'.l)WARDS, I'mprMor All i\liikrs i)f Ucliulll TyiinvrlUrs, AiUllug Maclilnra a Ucpiilrlnc—1'iirls—millions ' HY FRED -HA KM AN--: ? wnv. MUST BE. LAST WEEK,EH? THEH WL) MUST WCW BECTJ YOUR. I WE IL WORRV A&CXJT THAT > IGHT <- AV ..LAarea...WE'LL PROBABLV -CICJ] Vt... ^,/V, \ 0 ^, TU at- s-m-KJ lT-r-_ s ARC yf)< I GOIM' THERE HOOTS AND HKR IJUDWKS RY ROY CRANK W.VES VOU WIL, BEAR, E4, A KWEUER, A PILLAR IN CA.ll. IT BLACKHWU, IF V5U U!KE. BUT AT , WE'VE OBtNNEOmS !U riSPDSIWS IF VcHJ PERSIST W TEW6 TO BRIN6 US TO) ( JUSTICE, VOU'LU SUCCEED IH iEMDIHG YOUS Q<XU FATHER TO THECOMMUUITV. BUT YEARS WO IS NOT SOAHE WAS —LET US &AV-A VY FAIilEP. ISt TR\FL6 WWSCREEt ,-',^' ?'. J - ?. 1 ,

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