Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 6
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' r "^iqRfte .• HOPE STAR AND DAILY Springs „ of Midway (ffedtMsSday HU Friday with »MB* fieatritfe McDowell. e>t Louann sptnt a /fast week with his sister. McDowell. n spent from Friday till Eh relatives near Emet. Mrs. Ezra McDowell of l.spent Saturday night and ith his parents, Mr. and (,'S. McDowell faifly good here at this here certainly did en j .-, wo pretty days this week, i kiikd hogs Monday and Tues- C-ilby Matthews and brother, Matthews, spent the week end sister, Mrs. Roy Waters, arid. Mrs. H, D. Maloch were tB John Water's home Sat, hight. ",,arid Mrs. J. B. Silvey spent Sun- With their sons, Deward of Rocky J and Leward of Hope. They accompanied by Mrs. J. A. Mierfc and son, Ray. tot* Marlar spent last week with if eotiafis, Mr. and Mrs. L. P.« Weav- iij£ Waterloo. ; •' "^' Jfesfe Mae.'(Taylor was the of Miss Delria Caldwell Sunday. ;The Uttle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. '"arlartd McKissock is recovering nice- i ,from 6 severe attack of pnetunon- . ZJelda Ware sjpent Tuesday with Dovee Mae Bailey. ;•' _> T. E. Bailey is Visiting her Logan and Ralph of Hope.. **' the Christmas hdlidaH are here and* it seems' they' will u rather, gloomy. This has c been a *short'year, -have' almost decided I ami having two birthday* 1 epch *Cfa We'dnesday, Decanter 2^ <>be. promptly at one,. o'clock. at _._Be the primary^ grades .will _ a Christmas program,, following '''program there will* be three ball I do' not know who will play, |bttt't they 1 ,'are expecting • some [good inies. "This is all frtje.. On the'same [ednesday j night th'ere will 'be .a ,, *.doTers contest. Various prizes are 1 J' o'fered for the A best string bind, quar- f tet, eHc. ' Admissiony for,'this :.js .15 Jcents fqf -children; and 25 cents' for Sdults. The P. T. A. will serve supper £nd as to what your supper will cost depends altogether how hungry you are. After seeing all the good things 'these ladies have cooked and smelling . that good hot coffee. Come' and en- l^oy ^yourself. . ; How German Schoolchildren Aid Needy , HOPE, ARKANSAS Parnell Back* Drive of Women in Elections LITTLE ROCK, Ark.~(/p)—Governor nPrnell added his endorsement Monday to the efforts of the Democratic Women's Club of Arkansas in uppcalng for volunteer election officials at the special election January 12. Realizing that many counties ahe without funds to hold the election, at which Mrs. T. H. Cam way and two ] other candidates are to be voted upon fcr the offica of United States senator, Governor Parnell said he felt it was a crmmondVible motive which prompted the club to sponsor ,an election in every precinct. The club has asked.women leaders in each county to obtain the free services of persons who will act as Judges nnd clerks at the election. Mrs. Frank W. Gibb. temporary chairman, asked the volunteer officials to get in touch with county election officials, who are expected to utilize them. ed every tyjje 6f sailing Vessel, finishing up as caplnln of a liner. Once, when his ship was wrecked on a reef In the Indian Ocean, and he and his crew reached safely on an island, he volunteered to J-ecah Ceylon, 460 miles nwny, in an open boat, to save his men from starvation, He succeeded just in time. Visits Jail—Stays ' MANItOWOC, Wis.- Visiting the county 'jail to claim some carpenter tools left there in 1928, Carl Lindquist stayed to enjoy its hospitality for 20 months.- It seems that Sheriff Herman Carsens recognized him, remembered his escape in 1928, und looked up records to learn that Linquist still had 20 months of a two-year term to serve. Biography Pearl Doctors Sutton ^ ^ELD. J. W. Erwin was called Tues- Jijay of last week to conduct funeral services for Will Knight, who was at Falcon, December 14. y Glanton of Texarkana spent is few hour's in the home of Allen 'ilunn Sunday afternoon. Claud Sutton and family of Hope visiting Mrs. Button's parents, &Miv and 1 Mrs- Lee Hamilton of Sut|&n. i.*,Mr., and Mrs. Dorris Bullock and 'Mrs. J Alta Bennett were shopping in ,J-*Hope Saturday. Rent It! Find It! t! Sell It! t>With STAR ANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lin» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements ac. 'cepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill,is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 Won't Join Al TACOMA, Wash.—Since Al Capone's sentence on income tax charges, many people have been bothered with visits to help needy Germah families that each of thes« Berlin school-.boys brings daily to class with him a potato, ions o{ grim P ris on walls. A local , 0 « *t-r~*j> ~ «i^ * —i -i.— — ,.., ........ . ; .. business man, his face ashen-gray, walked into the Internal Hevenue offices recently and confessed to the collector that he had been cheating the government on his income tax for five years. Investigation showed he had defaulted to the amount of $80, which he gladly paid with a smile. . a can (if-food,' a piece of coaj or some other useful artcile for distribution a)nong the poor. Personal Mention Mrs. Paul Dudney of Washington is the guest .o£ her mother, .Mrs.. J. A. Johnson .of this city. • ' -Saratoga ' ' ' i^p'» ^m— •"•*•' ' • Mr. and" Mrs. M&rshelt;-jS^nders is visiting their' parents' in Ada, Okla;. Mrs/Hi T. Dodson and'children were shopping; in Hope Monday, v, Mrs. Eugine Cox .of Hope.-spent the week- end-with-her irpther-here.- Mr. and -Mrs. Wayne McJunkins and children visited George ''OdelT and family in Fulton, Sunday. Miss Fern Williams 'Spent the past week in texarkaria and With- her sister Mrs. Sellous Atkins. •:;. . Mr,'"and Mrs. Gleen^ Spates were bird hunting Saturday. Miss Charlie Camon spent the week end with her aunt, Mrs. Chas, Hile. Sarn^ Williams was shopping in Texarkana last week. Jim McJunkins and son Haskell were shopping in Texarkana Saturday. Mrs. R. T. Dodson and Mrs. Hubert Philips spent Saturday with Mrs. Sam Williams. Mrs. Roy Allen of Camden visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Mobley this week. Jack Bridgeman, Leon Dodson, Mary McJunkins and Fern Williams attended the sho win Hope Saturday night. Mrs. Glide Rosenbaum has returned home after a short visit with her mother in Kilgore. . Clauborn and Haskel McJunkins were visitors in Hope Sunday. John Grady was a business visitor to Hope Saturday. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Two furnished bed rooms adjoining bath 520 South Main phone 376J 17-lt dh "*FOR RKNT—One nice five room brick bungalow, South Elm street. FJoyd Porterfield. J5-7tc FOR SALE FOR SALE — Pure bred jersey heifer, twd years old, will be fresh in January, Price reasonable. See Eben Eason, 503 South Hervey St. 21-3t dh FOR SALE—Good grade country sorghum molasses. Three gallons for $1.00. Apply at Hope Star. It NOTICE McNab Mr. and Mrs. Wess McNab of Texarkana visited Mrs. McNab's mother, Mrs. Lon Mudson Sunday. Lawrence Hatfield of Hope spent Thursday night with Claude Smedley. Mrs. K. Spates was shopping in Hope Tuesday. G. .D. and Davis Weaver of Fulton were visitors here Monday. Sam Stone and Lyn Norwood made a business trip to Saratoga Tuesday. Mrs. Robbie Mclntosh is visiting relatives in Saratoga. Claude Smedley spent Monday night with Harm Hatfield of Hope. Jim Davis has returned home from an extended visit in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Logan Canon of Texarkana visited George Canon Tuesday. Jim Stone. P. J. Sutton, made a business trip to Hope Monday. Walton Takes Stand in Trial of Mail Fraud OKLAHOMA CITY.(/P)— J. C. Walton, ousted governor of Oklahoma, testifying for the defense Monday in the trial of eight persons alleged to have committed mail fraud in promoting stock sales of the Universal Oil and Gas company, said he thought he was helping a man that was "down" when he aided S. E. J. Cox in organizing the company. Walton said Cox told him of being "ruined" by the government and that he had been a victim of "judicial hysteria." The former governor added that regardless of all that had happened previously at that time, he had implicit make a faith in Cox's intention to comeback in order that he might repay shareholders in his first companies who had lost in investment!. Frustration of Plot Is ... ( Believed Bombing Cause • CLEVELAND.—(#>)—A bomb planted. in retaliation for a frustrated kid- naping pjlot Monday partially destroyed- the mansion of'Samuel A, Cowan, real estate; dealer. 1 ? . Two rfionths ago Cowan received- a letter 1 threatening kidnaping of his eight-year-old son, Joseph, unless paid $5000. according to Police Chief W. G. Bartows ,of Clpvefend. Sines tfiat time the boy hajj. been under constant police guard and Barrows said be believed the bombing 3vas prompted by" tevefige'"f6f"'the frustrated plot. •. '',-..• ' Mr. and Mrs. Cowan's two older sons, 20 and 23. and .a maid were at home at the time bf the explosion, but were not injured. " • The blast wrecked the porch of the house,; located in an exclusive Cleveland Heights residental section, damaged the front and showered plaster and wreckage through some of the front rooms. Negro Saved From Mob by Oklahoma Officers POTEAU, Okla.-(;P)— Saved through the persusaive powers of officers from a large group of men who sought to break into the jail at Pine Valley in which he was held Sunday. Jack Stake, 24, negro, was in the Leflore county jail here for safekeeping Monday. The negro was arrested ^arly Sunday by W. A. Gulp, Pine Valley marshal, and Lee Babb, unddrsheriff at Poteau, and charged with attacking a young white woman in a hotel room at Pine Valley. He was placed in the Fine Valley jail. When reports reached here that a mob was forming, Babb, Culp and Cancels Debts, Reveals Names His Life A Thrill LONDON.—Capt. John Dowdy, oldest member of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, has led an adventurous life. Running away to sea at Hie age of 13, he subsequently command- LONDON.—Two girls, Constance nnd Ethel Austin, have the unusual job of Publication of a biography of Jack "doctoring" pearls which arc "sick." L ont km has brought a protest from Pearls often suffer skin diseases and must have layers of skin peeled off them much in the manner of a nonlon. If they develop spots, this ailment is corrected by dipping them in various solutions. The girls treat pearls valued at thousands of dollars every yca.r Unusually Agreeable KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—J. R. Weaver doesn't believe in making excuses for his own actions. "I'm-guilty," he sa-.d to the judge in answer to a charge of passing a stop sign. "The officer did his duty in arresting me." His • behavior proved even more unusu.-il when, after paying a fine, he patted the leg of the officer who arrested him and complimented him on doing his duty. Mrs. Charmian London (above), widow of the famous author. She has contended that she should have been consulted before the writer of the biography, Mrs. Georgia Loring Barnford, reproduced London's, -•••• certain letters of Woman Slain in Holdup of Saint Louis Store 44 3T, LOUIS—(/P)—Mrs. Emma Lacy w»\s shot and killed, and .her husband, George, 48, was wounded in the right arm in n holdup of their confectionery Monday. Young Plan Adviiofy . Committee to Repttrt » BASEL, Switzerland,—(#)—A flrtal report, sIcfe-MeppIng cohcrete reeoin* menoations, will be madfi this weeft by the Young plan advisory committee called here two weeks to heat 1 Germany's plea that she was Unable to continue reparations payments, .It was understood Monday flight, Sir Walter Layton of Great Britain announced at. the close of a short aft-* ' ernoon session the experts had deem' ed tb complete their report before adjourning until after Christmas. j The decision to report without further delay was interpreted as an m* dication the economists and banker? , on the committee had decided to l«t the forthcoming European political conference handle the entire repara* lions question. American Legion Player i Signs With League Tearir C O L U M B I A, S. C.- (/P) -Klrbe Hlgbe, 16, pitcher for the Columbia American Legion junior baseball team which played in the finals of the elimination series at Houston, Texas, last summer has signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Higbe said he was instructed tb report in February and that his conr tract called for $300 a month and his expenses for the season. . . --- • i •» - ' The Eyes Have It LOS ANGELES.— According to Dr. Milton Metfessel, University of Southern California psychologist, human be. ings assimilate 65 per cent of their knowledge through their eyes. Only 25 per cent is gained through the ears, and the remaining 10 per cent is pick- Tfic slayer fled from the store with- cd up through the senses of touch; out loot after the shooting. taste and smell. Dr. Ola Putman, above, of Marceline Mo., stirred his home town by publishing in the local paper a list of the persons who owed him, with the sum which he was willing to deduct from each over-clue bill. He discbunt- ed 510,000 Irom the ?36,000 on his books. Merchants of the town declined to join in the discount movement. Robinson Says Senate to Approve Moratorium LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— (#>)— Joe T. Robinson, the democratic leader, said here Monday the war debt moratorium probably would be approved by lH\Jt~l »Oi3 iV^i 441111^, j-ruwu, v**.^ «..-w., f - Joe Foster, deputy county attorney, | *e senate Tuesday or immediately hurried to the jail. They found some of the men filing the lock on the door. The officers pleaded with the crowd 1 and finally persuaded it to disperse and allow the negro to be brought to jail here. Fail to Identify Trio in Missouri Slaying BATESVILLE. Ark. — (£») — West Plains, Mo., officers late Monday failed to identify two men and a woman held here for questioning in connection with the* slaying of Sheriff E. R. Kelly, of West Plains, Saturday. The trio, arrested Monday, were held for further investigations. Officers said there were discrepancies in their stories. A red sedan automobile in whic hthey were traveling was responsible for their arrest. It corresponded with the description of a car sought by West Plains officers in connection with the slaying. At West Plains, Fred Barker, widely known desperado of the Southwtst, was identified from photographs as one of two men who shot and killed Sheriff Kelly when he sought to kues- tion them about a robbery. That Small Voice COLUMBUS, Ohio—The con s cience of a man may be a still, small voice, but it sure works wonders. A burglar recently took $45 from the Lawndale pharmacy here. Thomas J. Ryan, proprietor, has just received a letter from the burglar stating that his conscience was bothering him. He enclosed ?38 of theloot he had stolen. after the holiday recess but there is no likelihood whale- '.i that further extensions will be looked upon with favor by the congress and it appears that no substantial support will bo found for revision." Senator Robinson expressed doubt "that the president's suggestion that the war debt commission bs re-created will prevail." "The feeling on congress is general that such action would imply a disposition to grant other extensions of war debts or to rveise settlements already made respecting them," he said. "So far as my studies in the subject have gone, there is no likelihood whatever that further extensions will be looked upon with favor by the congress and it appears that no substantial support will be found for revision." Senator Robinson arrived home Sunday night to spend Hie holidays. South Arkansas 'Queen' Selects Her Maids ARKADELFHIA," Ark—Miss Mary Sample of El Dorado, recently elected by the students of OuuchiUi Collage as "Queen of South Arkansas" j for the South Arkansas Chamber of i Commerce for 1932, h:is chosen her maids as follows: Miss Elizabeth Daniel of Arkadelphia, Miss Dorothy Graham of Texarkana, Mi's Louise Ulley of Nashville and Arkadelphia. Miss Vivian Stone of Augusta, MIPS Frances ] Benton of Fordycc-. and Mis., Carolyn i Simmons of Junction City. The queen and her maids will be the central figures in a coronation ceremony at thu i college when the South Arkansas' Chamber of Commerce meets here on! January 15. I When Philadelphians Protested Tax Rise NOTICE—Men's suits cleaned and pressed, delivered 50c, phone 148. flope Steam Laundry. 15-6tp """ WANTED WANTED—Mrs. Henry Hitt to send one dress to J. L. Green Cleaning Co., to be cleaned and pressed absolutely Free December 23. 22-ltc. SERVICES OFFERED '"SERVICES OFFERED— Special Turkey dinner Christmas Day at Hotel f teck. Washington, Ark. 21-3tp OFFERED— If you want service call 670, Robinson Grocery. 14-9tc. OFFERED — Your loot Dr. C. I. W?&lpe, expert chiropodist, using m,c>d8R) method* to remove corns. JtAmior-s, sgl^o'JS"? and tagrowing nails, is back aj P»t- 2j,-3tp This throng of 5000 persons laid peaceful siege to the f bilodelphia City Hall, protesting proposed U)i> local lux rate. They won; the rate wilt i'wiiain the came. I ' . 'A •...'.. increases ill th t SUCH HOLIDAY <VAL V ES n Only 2 More Days To Take Advantage Of PATTERSON'S CHRISTMAS SALE! Ladies Appa re Ladies and Misses Coats, Ladies and Misses Silk Dresses, and Wool Knit Suits and Dresses. y 2 PRICE Men's-Boy' Wear If you have waited until now to buy your Christmas suit and overcoat, you can buy them here for 1/2 PRICE Manhattan Shirts Values to And Pajamas. A large selections. $3.00. Sale price, 3 for $5.00. $1.69 New Silk Ties New patterns-just re- New patterns-just ar ceived. $1.00 values. rived. $1.50 values. 49c 98c SHOES MUST BE CLOSED OUT REGARPLES5 OF THE COST! Ends Christmas Eve Patterson's Christmas store is ready, with a wonderful selection of Christmas merchandise, priced at tremendous bargains. Many items just unpacked last week." Do your Christmas shopping at real sale prices. SAVINGS Be sure to spend your Christmas dollars where you can be assured of the most for your money. This sale provides you with that opportunity! Useful gifts for every member of the family at bargains. Open Evenings Until Christmas 'Where Price and Quality Meet'

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