Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 4
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HOI* &Aft Alto ftAfc* LEAVER II STRAHA , <*«* tattllt •* at ikei* •ftta the dl*«C*. 91* ftu ru ftT*»a. Krt «1MHH tt« tttttt . I* MMt kIM **i« « HUDE, »! «t • kH«wtt M I* I TUBSTOAY PER XII f her. She knew it. it^Bfr'uettire had been bulk, y, years ago— completed.- And o keep him In- ipr. laboring at'lt: pounding at old promises and making ittneceasary ones; creating situations; tinkering .. . jr; piling proof upon 1/ifntti he wai tired—tired to He pulled himself up 'He Lad been right: he ded thi woods, and the rest and titty—needed them at once. upon proof!" It carried ?, ta^htfr mind as ha rode down itne 'elevator. 'Proof. Had he beeii trtae to her, with never a, ifeught of another woman, (the' ms ot staunch, invulnerable lnp>and fathomless understand- had been women, not a woman) years? Knowing this she demand—did sUH... de- _jd—proof ,of his love for her. -THe had reached- to push open, the *1*tfn T the fbyer when Letty king ted him In her shallow, xrhUdlsh. <She was standing by the iter where magazines and to*ere sold, holding a-smali object in her hand and laugh__1 downing at the"same-time. 19, jheel ot her shoe, the foul "gijhad come off just here. She 'not Stiow whit on earth to dd. f-:-l|M ..been trying' to charm ' !3F*t$e clferth,gflnnlng behind spunter—into skipping afound sk to the shoemaker's, but dared hot leave his place. ie boss™ bad bawled -him out for Stepping 'over next door to oblige a Customer last Tuesday. Letty. inquired again, including the love of ( ,Mike, as to what sbe was going to Jdo., She couldn't go limping like a ^'Wo'den leg all over town. HUM *** • .touch Ot adventure chaHat Wound thi bioeic with [jetty KlBf* tmalll«h pump 1 and it» high fee«l fa his pocket Lttty *u * filing clerk ifl th« ofice tetou tit* h«il frstn pniiip's office. She -ir*8 i slight," »eml-«tislbl6 little thittft with reddish gold hair, baby-blue ejrea, And a frankly soluble MiflplesloB.. She carried her Shoulders iw high; but «he dfeased smartly and ««emed always to be highifiplflted, good-htimored, and haJDf. Philili's and her Mqtiaint- anceihip had begun With remarks, rflada,irt the hall or in the elefator, concerning' the weather; and through more than a year it had protrewed only to the point of an occasional format familiarity— iiretty new dress someone has to- diy^tacked on to the weather opiftibfls. Three Quick taps wedded heel to Slipper again; Letty's gratitu.de was lavish, and Philip put gratitude along with understanding and Invulnerable fselings in his roster ot tavorlte vir(Sues^ for wotneo. .In'the,restaurant Philip ordered bo* ludehes for'two. All a'fteraoon M. Sacht had been handing cardboard boxes across bis counter to customers in haste to respond to the. wooing of hills and woods and'streams. M. Sacht had met their pother and stew with tolerance find sympathy. -But sufferance was difficult for this tail, turbulent man with his white face and-fidgety ey.es,'who skid not once but:thrie'e. "Make it shappy!" He. acts," mused M.'Sacht, af his customer went rushing away< like the cops was after him. It so, I hope" they-:get him—him arid his hy-stair-icks." ' ..,.,. • •• • • • ••—_' i RAND.-his head bowed so that his top scalp shone'pearly ;plnk through the White silky fringes of his'hair, went sonorously on' and on /asking-the 'blessing in long, carefully, - arranged clauses,' while Ann/worried -about the macaroni and cheese cooling in the dish, and Wished that. Mary-Frances : would stop squirming, and was slightly sorry'/ •afiast,'that Phil had been disappointed about the picnic supper; in the, woods,'. f He was, she supposed, eating bis dinner alone as usual in the dining room of'his boarding'house. Philip lived at the-Dainmeron Apartment Hotel; but it was .his mood, always, to cair it a boarding house, as it .was his fancy never to mentlpnVthe jala'mg£ (rSonjj, without -prefixing th'e word basement. Ann thoue^it the 'Dammeron Hotel, with Its' 'deep carpets and big Chairs and mirrors and its orderly air of quiet com fort, a wholly desirable /place in which to Hve. This opinion, Philip told her, was possible because she was not forced to live there year in and year out. Long ago she had stopped urging him to todk for a place fie liked better, because to that there was but one answer. For the money he WAS paying he could not do better. Always, When th'e subject ot Philip's living arrangements wad introduced, Ann felt feloniously guilty because she Could not feel guilty at ail. Granted ,that a matt did need * reaVhome. So did a woman. She desffed that real home more tftfoflgty than Phil possibly could desire it, and It was not her fault that she couldn't make it for him. Nor was it her fault* that Phil had to economise because he sent $5D each mouth to his mother, who lived with his rich sister Bllse and Bllse's husband • in Oakland. The fact that Mr. Alnslie (Phil always called Ellse's husband "Mr. Alnslie"— odd, Ann thought) was very wealthy was all the more reason thai: Phil should contribute to Mrs". Edfoyd's Support, that part never wade sense- to Ann, though Phil explained it - with almost pompous references to pride.' /•< RAND said, "ADien,?;and raised blinking blue eyes and a benign expression to bis family. The -be- nlgnancy faded to sorrow when he noticed Cecily's empty chair. "Ann; my dear, was it. necessary to sit down to our evening meal before Cecily arrived to 'take her place with us?" ;'•,"" "Cecily isn't coming. Grand. The spoon for the macaroni is right beside ItJ Mary-Prances, don't eat your salad like that." "I can't help it if it strings, can I?" "Of course you can. Cut it With your fork." "'Stoo. tough.. It won't--" "barlings, darlings," Rosalie Inserted. "Birds in their little, nests love one another." (Cissy, the mean thing, said that Rosalie was bird minded.) "And where," Grand demanded, not even looking for .the spoon, "is our' Cecily, may I ask?" * Ann said, "She has gone out with Mr. McKeel, Grand. You .liked lilm. didn't you'?" "I do not know that I did. I do not form' m'y opinions of any person from one short-interview. The fact that Cecily grants to a comparative stranger all of her spare time, disregarding her home ties, disregarding; almost, I might say the conVentioni of polite ; .»(iclety, \ do not likeV ;*fe-> ' GraM's^do* his head . and "'bej»n &\:ynfti i "the macaroni as if he had no idea as to what he was doing— "that I do not like. Merely because a young gentleman is attracted to a young lady liJ insufficient reason for tbe lady to grant him the pleasure of her company whenever -and wherever he may choose to seek it. She does not gain his respect thereby. She way—1 say only 'may'—galtt his disrespect, ft is not wise. It is not—and this may appeal mor» strongly to youth than the issues of convention and wisdom—it la not expedient It is not—" Mary-Prances asked, "What isn't what?" and took another bite ot bread and butter. * * • G RAND frowned. "Interruptions,* he said, "are not, my darling, in the best of taste. However, since you have Interrupted, you way now make your question more clear." "What question?" said Mary- Frances. Grand brought his white eyebrows closer together and turned tbe wrathful expression so attained not on Mary-Prances but hard on Ann. "Courtship," Rosalie's sweet frolce arrived in the nick of time, "is hot the same today as it was in ouf day, Jonathan dear." 'It is not," said Grand. "It is not indeed. Nor does it," he proceeded, still frowning straight at Ann, "apparently culminate as It was wont to culminate In our day." "How?" said Mary-Frances. "In marriage, my darling," said Grand, choosing to understand the question so. "In marriage." "All of them?" questioned Mary- Frances Intensely. Grand, who prided himself upon having a sense of humor, though for long stretches of time he forgot all about having it, remembered It now and laughed heartily. (Grand always laughed "heartily" if he laughed at all, except the times when he "chuckled.") Rosalie laughed with him. She had found one ot the successes of married life in always laughing With her husband. Mary-Frances, at an age'when laughter at her expense was' the iron, -squirmed and sulked, and Ann could smile but faintly. It was sort of mean to laugh at the precious baby, and besides, Ann was still disturbed by the notion that Grand was blaming her for something, and she had no way of discovering what It could be. The telephone bell rang. The Fenwick fanjily declared, along with several million other families in the United States, that their telephone never rang except at meal times. Mary-Frances jumped to an- p\yer Jt. "Maybe it's Ermintrude." she said. "It .it Is," Ann warned, "don't make any -plans for this evening. Phil has an engagement, and I want you to help me clean tbe front hall." "Oh, Ermintrude!" said Mary- Frances, who was not one to hold a grudge against her best friend and sole confidant. "Yes, I have my algebra." (To Be Continued) Mt. Nebo mi, rain a plenty now a day. r-^sople m this community are wish- S|*for some cold weather so they can _. lt"*unt Jennie Robson has been right -wtth flue, but we are glad to she is much improved at this "writing. he doctor was called Thursday hVto H. C. Halthom to see Mrs. rji Holthom's baby which was sff-k Vw croup. T,\V fljr. and Mrs. C. H, McClellen were Sf.fyiday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. *'*^riter Jones. >>,' " ^Mrs. Oliver Guilley and Mrs. Dewey rt McClellen visited Mrs. Harvey Mc' Friday. „ Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Landes spent Saturday night with his aunt Mrs. OUie Jones. \ ' ,-. , Mr. and Mrs. Ted Elmore of Lewis- vi^le were Thursday night guests of Mrs. Ollie Formby. Mr .and Mrs. Joe Morm spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Burns. Mp, and Mrs. Olen Powell and son and daughter, visited her sister Mrs. Formby Sunday. Boughton Health is not.very good at this writing. • Miss Thelma Gardner is on the sick list. .' . The pie supper given at the school house Friday night was a success, Miss Ruth Bouie was chosen as prettiest girt Misses Margaret and Pauline Cum- mirigs were the Sunday dinner guests of Miss Lula Harden. Miss Dorothy Payne spent Sunday and Sunday night with Miss Lizzie Mack Beavert. Mrs. Hayes Beavert was on the sick list last week. Mr. and Mrs. Caddo Moosley of near Reeder, spent .the week end with Mrs. Moosley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Norman of this place. Miss Cecil Cummings called on Miss Ruby Harden Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Sparks and family spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Murty of Melrose. Mr. Walter Harden spent the week end with relatives at Emmet. John Wesley Shirley was a caller in this community Sunday. This is good hog killing weather. Washington Rt. 1 It seems that .the rajn' has seased and getting ready for : snow. Some are getting ready for hog killing. A crowd of young folks geathered at the home of Mr. Willlas Sunday night for a singing. It was enjoyed by all, There being 21 in number. Mr .and Mrs. Herman Worthy spent Sunday at .the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Worthy. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnle Lumpkins visited with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Worthy and daughter, Lorene, Sunday afternoon. That Long looked for wedding ac- curred Saturday afternoon, when Jeff Button and Miss Kathleen Roberts, were quittly married. We wish them a long and happy life together.' Annie Jo Timberlake spent Saturday with Burnice Salisbury. Bro. and Mrs. Scott made a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury Saturday afternoon. Sunday school was well attended Sunday at Holly Grove. Those who believe in doing and living right and and believe in having church and Sunday school come out and help carry on the work. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Hansford made a trip to Blevins Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sutton visited Sam Atkins and family Monday night. Great Alabama Team Meets Hoover Here are tbe members of tbe Crimson Ti4e o| 1930, considered the greatest team ever to reprewnt tU& ffniverslty ot Alabama on tbe gridirow, ft* tftsy pet President Ho.over is Washjugtom where tbey re- I to Ptex » «b*f% rou»djfoM» jMppI Georgetown, CaUwifc VgJWsJty and Qeojrge Tte iW *W*m te»» cHw#wS^ woolen **8oa w»«»»tptos 24-0 wj» over tejttw Slat*, p#etfs giapt <**«»?Jo»P, lo tts 9m \ .4".. ... Spring Brook Jock Frost has paid us a heavy visil he will be welcomed by a hog killing. There was a wedding supprising the many friends and relatives of Miss Roxie Robison and John Allen. Two attractive young people of our community, Friday December 11, near Terry Creek bridge. Miss Gladys Wilson served as bridesmaid and Charlie Rogers as best man. They will make their home In our community. We wish them a long and happy life. Mr, and Mrs. Jack Terry of Hope, called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cusick Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ban Wilson had as their week end guests his brother nephew and niece of Oklahoma. There was a crowd at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. John Allen's Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Prince, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sinclair, and'Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Terry spent the week-end with their mother Mrs Terry. Elmer Calhoon and family, Alvin Calhoon and family, Misses Ola Mae Smith, Rosa Lee Brown, Rosa Lee and Gene Rogers, were the dinner guests ot Mrs. Allice Malone Sunday . Mrs. W. E. Jones is on the sick list we wish her a speedy recovery. Ellis Bradford is back home after a month traveling through the states he saw many interesting scenes. Monroe Robison and Lafayette Sinclair were visitors in Battlefield community Sunday. Bluff Springs Health in this community is pretty gio dat this writing, which we all should be very thankful for. We have had quite a lot of rain the last few days. Joe Ghormley and family were the guests of Mr. E. M. Wosley and family Sunday. L. H. Parris spent Saturday night with Mrs. Lizzie Carlton and family. Harmon Woosley left Friday for Oklahoma where he expects to get a job. Miss Ruby Dillard spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister. Mrs. Opal Carlton. R. L. Purtle was surprised with a birthday supper Saturday night by his daughters. Mrs. Cora Stokes spent Saturday night with Mrs. Era Ghormley. Misses Ruth and Blanche Purtle Were the guests of their sister, Mrs Allie Shippsun. Miss Clara Parris spent Wednesday night with Miss Hazell Cumings. R. L. Purtle and wile spent Sunday with Mrs. Lizzie Cijritop and family. "Kids Saved Me," Says Tom Mix "The good wishes of millions of people, especially the kids, pulled me for the first tlme.inelght days at the Hollywood hospital. Mix survived an through," said Tom Mix, cowboy film and circus star, as he sat up in bed attack of acute appendicitis that only five men in 100 usually pass success- ully. He is shown here answering some of the letters from fans. Fulton Mrs. Monroe Cox, .Mrs.' Goade, Miss 'aUline Weaver and Miss Mignon Gunter spent Saturday in Texarkana. Mrs. T. O, Smith • and daughter, Martha Ann have gone to their home n Fort' Smith'after a visit with relatives here. Mrs. W,. E. Cox entertained the Tuesday Bridge club at her home here ast week. There were three tables of players. Mrs. J. B. Shults scored high Mid Miss Demma Seymour second high. The hostess. assisted by Mrs. W. E. Cox, Jr, served a salad plate Mrs. J. J. Battle and Mrs. Ernest Cox visited in Hope, Friday. ,Mrs. Allison and Mrs Max Cox of Hope visited here Friday. Mrs. C. Williams of Washington was a visitor here Sunday. Mrs. Harry Whitworth and. daughters of Hope, visited friends here Sunday. Mrs. Paul Hanson of Hope visited her mother Mrs. Henry Wilson here Sunday. : ' Mr. and Mrs. Jett Orion were Hope visitors Sunday, Dr. Grandison D. Royston has rt- turned to his home in St. Louis, after a visit with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cox, Jr., went to .Texarkana, Monday. Miss' Ina' Logan .and Miss Mignon Gunter were Hope visitors Sunday. The Baptist Auxiliary met with Mrs Emory Thompson at the home of Mrs Ross Roberts, Monday. The Presbyterian Auxiliary me .with Jett Orton; Monday. ' T. H^; Seymour was a business visitor tp^Texar'kana, Friday. Mrs. Joe Gentry and son Paul Richard left Wednesday morning for her home at Kilgore, Tex., after psend- ing several weeks visiting relatives here. Miss Alia 'Mae Recce spe^nt the week end visiting at Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Wright spent Thursday night with his brother William at this place. Delma Wright called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Brummett awhile Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Wright was shopping in Hope Friday. John Odom called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Nichols awhile Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wright and children spent Friday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and Mrs. Wright and children spent Saturday night and Sunday also. Mrs. Ola Burns and daughter, Lois, spent Saturday at the home of Mrs Bessie Wright. Miss Juanita and Willie Pearl Dumas and Verna Nichols spent Saturday afternoon with Miss Jessie Mae Wright. 1 Woman River Pilot Found Safe Sunday Believed Missing, Ask I Searcher* to "Leave Her Alone" QU1NCY, lll.-(#)—Miss Rand! Lerohl, Superior, Wig., scrubwoman, itfas ocated several miles south of here Sunday nonchalantly paddling her John Boat, "on toward New Ortaett." The woman, who is attempting to navigate the Mississippi from St. Paul o the Gulf was reported missing Sot- irday night and" riverrtien fearing for ler safety bad organized a searching party, "I Wish you folks would let rn* alone," the searchers quoted her as saying^ "I'm all right. I spent the light in camp on a sand bar above Quincy." Miss Lerohl declined a proffer of funds to defray her expenses home and refused to give Up the trip which she described as a life ambition. "I have plenty of money left from .he $150 1 had when I started from St. Paul November 4, and 1 can make few Orleans without trouble," she said. Her craft',a-20-foot flat-bottomed, boat commonly used on the upper river, was not. leaking • as badly as had 3een reported, Miss Lerohl said. : The boat has no engine, depending.on oars mid'the strength of the'current for propulsion. Witji the. river at an .eigh'l-foot stage, boatmen estimated she would reach Louisiana, Mo. f about 40 miles south of here,'Sunday night. "A John Boat's as safe a small craft as you can find," one old. timer-remarked Sunday morning/when news of Miss Lerolh's safety spread ahout. "But you can't do everything with it. And if it's leaking like I've.been told, the winter storms will keep her plenl ty busy pouring the water out." Other dangers pointed out were ^ absence of channel lights this late in the year, her unfamlliarity. with, the waters of-the river, and a general dis trust of her ability. ' Hinton Laneburg - We are still' having some bad weather. Health is pretty good at this writing. Rev. W. E. Thomason preached an interesting sermon Saturday morning to a small congregation. Services were rained out Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hart were Sunday guests of Mr. and' Mrs. Jird Fore. Helen Hazzard of this place and Wilma Andrews of Prescott visited Mrs. Leonard Glas this week end. A large crowd attended the regulay meeting of the P. T. A. at Central school Friday evening. Mrs. Lonie Bolls took dinner at Mrs. J. T. Hazzard's Sunday. Several from here attended the party given by Miss Ined Fuller of | Mt,, Moriah Friday night. Lewis Garrett of Precsott is visiting friends here this week. Several from around here are planning & move soon. Evening Shade Health in this comunity is good at this writing. We were glad to see the sun shine again after being hid behind the clouds for several days. Health -is not so good at the presen time, but,we hope it will soon be bet- }er again. Mrs. Nora Odom and son Carlis, has returned home after spending part 6 the week with her mother, Mr. anc Mrs. A. P. Griffin of Chicken Coop. Hinton boys played Chicken Coop boys, the game was won' by Chicken Coop'by one point. Several from here attended singing at Patmos last Friday night and some fine singing was heard. • Miss Lillie Smith -called • .on. Mrs O. T. Rider last Tuesday afterrioon; ' George Ellidge and Shelby Smith was visiting at Hope Friday. Bill Ellidge of Texas was visiting in this community Friday. ' George Burns and Raymon Elidge of Willisville was visiting in this com munity last Week. T. Z. Gibson called on A. J. Camp one day last week. Mrs. Velma Gaggles called on Mrs Lillie Hamilton Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rider called on Mr. and Mrs. Alford Vines last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Olen Miller is visiting her 'parents this week, Mr. and Mrs Roy Martin of Oorrenth. Italy Plans to Colonize Tripoli's Tobacco Fields TRIPOLI, North Africa.—(^—Cultivation of tobacco in the Italian colony of Tripoli has reached such proportions that the government is arranging to bring over 500 families from the mainland to grow it. Each family will be leased 200 acres, with house and barns. It is estimated that in 10 years 10,000 Italians will have been brought here to raise tobacco. This is half the actual Italian population of Tripoli. Biggest Cop For 30 years a member of the h{|dU est court in the land, -Associate/ W* tloe Oliver Wendell Holmes is pi«ft>r; r ' cd above (left) as:he eh^r»S'.th* capitol for the opening 'of ahe. TajB Congress. With him is his secretafy. H, C. Rose. Justice Holmei, who ( will be 91 years of>ge next Maroh,j!ftn.e oldest man ever to sit on the Supreme Court bench. ' Beauty On the River The beautiful blue Danube is somthing more than a favorite waltz tune to Countess Mary Radetzky. It's, a river to row on! The Countess, shown here is rowing attire, is stroke of the champion crew of the Viennese Women's Rowing Club. She is a great- granddaughter of famous Field Marshal Radetzky. Tipping the scales at 314 pounds, H. C. Morris, shown here, driver of the Huntington, W. Vu., police patrol, claims the title, of world's heaviest policeman. Four years ago, while pounding a bent, he weighed 331. But driving the patrol, strangely enough, caused him to shrink to a mere 314. He is 55 years old. Trick Riding Program.. ' 'Near Guernsey Xrna* Mark Walker, trick rider.^who has j been touring this section'for the last ^ month, will hold a program of-,bron- cho-busting and' trick-roping Christmas day. at the farm of Don Kitchens ( one mile north of Guernsey, .It vn» announced Monday. V - •>»' There will also-be a potato r.ace on horseback, for. whiiih pretniuJtts ', are being 'offered to place winners, Mr. Walker said. The brbncho'-Tjuwer,will endeavor to ride any horse or niule for the hat collection. ' Costly Punch ^BALTIMORE, Md.-We'll bet,H6rry Calzey doesn't take any more^jwtes at women. One he took at yirgia Vnlulentine .was a .costly sock... Ha landed on Virginia's nose and broke it. Virginia nearly broke Harry, however, when he received a »51 award from the court for damage. Good New? For Hope Williams' Laboratories have, arranged to have a man in your town, who -«J will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate'to get'.a.bbt» tie are so enthusiastic about. ' . This Formulae is available in this community for the first time.;-.Get your bottle now and see 'for yourself what wonderful results it produces,;'' Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded. . . • GET BACK YOUR .PEP .... YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver ancT kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy . stomach, distress, chronic constipation,; -sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rh'eum'a,- • tism, lame back ana general weaknew.- Keep your stomach, liver and kldV neys healthy and nature will-do the rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, DruggUU Yoirdpn't catch old Santa Glaus napping. This year he has a new gift inspiration. A gift that renews itself every day of the year. The home newspaper, The Hope Star! In the form of a year's subscription. What an idea! 1 Year Subscription in Hope $5.00 6 Months Subscription $2.75 Hope B Star

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