Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 2
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was Tnfr*' ?%.- ^tA.2^ .14., I I?* Kf? B.^"^ f t"-* -"." ?' rf * HVftl.V ,L. .«af.-* IJA.*.,>..«« Th* St^. Platform "- • "-* I ^ ., improved «w«orv coiWaon* to • »•*—«MVMq*«*B **MMMf ' ...t,'* i ,.,•>.$'.», fc«4c0%«m.c WWportsfor every tcUniifie coHailtiinu < ' - • - | to JfcttprtM,! ctfUMly*, that co-opfrartce hJofcwiv proorw*. - , a mart efficient gotentmtnt through the f K'.', Carrigan, .State Leader ntment of .SteveCarrigan of this city Jast week- 5-general chairman of the .State Democratic "Vic- is a signal .honor for Mr. Carrigan and his city $Y v < " ' iy ini the last congressional election has put the Na- ncteratic "party on the threshhold of its .greatest - tett&Tdf Wqodrow Wilson. The leaders that r will contribute 'directly to the success or fail- •i^»rty'cause next mummer, when a campaign will fav which for Ahe^irst thne in more than a decode iiEitaMMA "•£%*>* "Wri'iffC* w tr v J > rsjof this paper,will recall our forecast oipon re~—;,a trip East last March that the nation would y democratic .in 1932. The congressional elec- stained that prophecy. The natural reaction pressed % an'harassed and leaderless admin- s. to the pembcratic party a golden opportunity i/loyal and determined support of its, stalwarts e/piarty^wiU^puah through ito-victory.-,, ( import as particularly necessary an the section «jained invariably true to fhe party. Needless itbHcans raise their "war chest"'in"the indus- at-the Republican tariff has traditionally pro«P>to our staunchly Democratic state .to do as .own party in the hour before Victory. "Bumping Off Public Funds indicate that it is going to cost »M ww . w -.jywhere from $160 to $300 to re- Quorum Court and appropriate funds for the il Court, as ordered by Circuit Judge Bush, there Tjas'been a sad'blunder fey County Judge uMeiCluorumvOjburt was in regular .session only ;lkv?0ul<ita'tvhave cost the county a dime extra " on'$ie.Mtmicipal Court matter -at =<jhat time, of the'Mtiflicipal'Court is mandatory on city and ;at*LhVw. TheXJounty Judge is supposed to advise CMrtjon stotelaw. Yet a justice member is tell'"' -biiw*iid'of the county that when he asked '«oiirt whether support of the municipal or not, the judge failed to answer. -». **+ * • •_• ' «..!««. * Do\bu TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, AGO f Burt Castler, of Arkadelpnla,, was here Thursday. j. P. Abbott was a pleasant caller at this office yesterday, and left .a Christmas ^'contribution." S. M. Ragland, the cigar man of Texarkana, was seeing the'trade here Wednesday. TEN YEARS AGO ~ 'Circuit 'Cleric L. "F. Higgason, of Washington, was in Hope today on business. Bdb Carrigan, of Ozan, •was in town this morning." * i,, I.tT.tBeHf.fr: entwtaUwa^with an informal dancing partHSWday evening • at' his \hame -' on South Main street. Miss' Bess' Ellen of Columbus, was shopping hi Hope this morning. Ben and James Steen'have returned Jfrom Rice Institute, .Houston, Texas, for -the holidays with their mother, !Mrs. A. B. Steen. Walter Thomas of Hope and Miss Essie Pelkington, -of 'Patmos, were Carried in this city last Wednesday, Canine Guide of Blind Physician Is Decorated Letters to Santa Claus 'to uithat the Quorum Court is in no wise to * " - - * summoned into special session for syft raunp, »ud are rightly due their extra day s bexpense, whaler it mounts to. . • -e-who rdiul the new Quorum Court budget last compareCtt with the budget of 4ast year could n j&e courthouse knew the benefits of the lurf'ajnd aimed to reap those benefits witn- p»rt of the ejcpense, The .normal appro- fbr the justice courts was cut to $1,000, rwf? uMm>ters of the normal 3, P, appropriation is . DeBoan township, where the justices are now re- the Municipal Court. J county tried to f inesse for a thousand dollars, on a state law, and now has to pay all it would paid plus the Quorum Court costs, JiutAVUit POMONA, Cal.—If George .Belcher >had been home, be 'would have thought he was seeing things. As it •was, however, George was aboent when 'Barnacle Bill came to visit him. Not iinfling ^anyone home, Bill commenced to knock. He knosked on windows-^and-broke them. Police same and escorted him—not.fto jail but to the ocean. For Bill was « wandering seal. «•••• Bu«y Air City CHICAGO.—In addition to gang- isfers and its' kind, Chicago is iast gaining •» reputation as the aeronautical center of the nation. The city has 520 •departures dally, either by air or the ^combination air-rail to the 175 principal cities of the United States, Canada and Mexico. :>TW The World , print pathetically amusing pictures conference, called to end quarreling hoping, then into fight' ladies were carried out in the arms of « their cunning little pointed feet in the £o whip anybody. You may change human * many way, as it swings wound urney toward the tflue star Ve#a. fl l» rSee wondered why the poor 4M not eat British j childbirth, saying of Cornell, tells Jawea, pot to vwed some Blind Dr. Raymond V. Harris ...... and his medal-winning dog, "Tartar." SAVANNAH, Ga..—'(NBA) — "Tartar," "the 'German Shepherd dog of Dr. Raymond'V. Harris, .a blind Savannah physician, has been honored by .the National Anti-Vivisection Society and decorated with a bronze medal. Dog and master are familiar figures; oh 'the. streets ;of the 'rity. Dr. Harris lost his eyesight-several years ago when engaged in laboratory work. Acid 'fell in them as. he at- tempted'to take a bottle from a high shelf. . . :.••;. Shortly after he .became blind, Dr. Harris secured.Tartar from a trainer 'She -is 4 years old and comes from •Switzerland. Equipped with a harness with a handle extending about two feet above her back for her master to grasp,'Tartar'leads him'through the most ^crowded thoroughfares. The doctor", trusts her implicitly and she has never faltered nor caused him to make a misstep. Dear Santa Claus:—-I am six years old. I want a doll a tricycle and some cooking vessels and fruit and-candy. Rosalyn Hall. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa'Claus:—I am a little girl eight years old'and am in the fourth .grade. I : want you to bring me a set of dishes, a broom, a good story book and some candy, apples and nuts. '-. 'Laura Fae Peid. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a. tricycle, fireworks, fruits, blackboard, nuts and candy and any thing else you •• want.to,bring. . .. .•• • . James .Smith Moses. V • Hope, Arkansas. Dear' Santa Claus:—Please bring me a rain coat, cowboy suit and a pair'ot skates. 'Bring me some oranges, frUits and huts and candy. Don't forget my little .friends. John Malone. Hope, Ark. Dear Santa.Claus:—Please bring me a doll, a doll buggy set of dishes and a stove, a little rocking chair. Bring me some nuts, fruits, candy.1 Don't forget my little friends. Elise Keen Malone. V $&& " '* la * S *l! \ , Arkansas. Dear Satt.S'aflHitit't-Please bring me an Ironing boara, a doll, a table and A chair. PJ«fl.«tc dofi't forget little Flossie Hill. Wanda tester. THIS CURIOUS WORLD mtesr flFP^WR «:tj Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a good little soy five years old. Please bring me an aviator cap, some fire works, a lit;le -wagon and some fruit, nuts and candy. And don't forget my little sister, Louise. Buddy Porter. Hope, Arkansas. •Dear Santa Claus:—I am a boy 8 fears old and in the third grade. I t»ave ; been a good boy all year, Please bring me a scooter, a pair of gloves, some fire works and also some fruit and nuts. Earnest Porter. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa:— I am a little girl 11 years old. I am going to Paisley school Santa I'm not going to ask for much, will you please bring me a doll, a iron, a doll dresser. Lots of fruit, nuts and candy and fireworks. Please don't forget mother, daddy, sister and brother. Lorene Volentine. P. S. Santa please don't forget my teacher, Mrs. Witt. I like her very much, bring her something nice. Hope, Ark., Rt. 1. Dear Santa:—I am a Httle girl 8 years old and go to school at Paisley school in Hope. I love my teacher, Miss Allen is my teacher. Please Santa bring me a sleepy doll. I will not ask for much. But please bring me some fruits, candy and nuts. Remember my little brother. He will be three years old Christmas day. He wants a knife and ball. Pauline Valentine, Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa:—I am a little girl just five years old. I am not going to school for mother says I am not old enough. Santa, I am not going to ask for much and will you plea bring me a doll, a doll trunk, a little broom and that is all. Bring me some fruits, nuts and candy. Don't forget mother, daddy, sister and brother, bring them something nice. Gladys Valentine. Hope, Arkansas. Rear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy three years old. -Will you please bring me a little dump truck, that you can wind, a little train a little watch, slap lots of fruits, nuts and candy. Banta don't forget mother and daddy, prim! them something nice to. Kelsey Lee Volentine. WillisvUte, Ark. §anta Claus:—I am a little girl years old- I want a dpjl, Ifftte Dear Santa Claus:*-! am a littlu girl five years old. 1 want you lo fftring me a little muff* a pretty doll, some doll furniture and a little machine. Carolyn Rhodes. •Dear Santa Ckfrsi-4 want you to bring me some doll furniture, a doll, a Bible and a mtfff. Emma Jane Rhodes. Proscott, Ark. Dear Santa:—ram a little girl elghj years old. 1- go to school and I'm in the*3rd grade.' 1 Want a doll buggy; a lantern lull of candy, a telephont, all sorts of fruits, nuts arid candy. Jtiasiita Newhinhey. Prescott, Ark. Dear Santa:—I am a little boy four years old. My frlands call me "shorty" Please bring me' a • wagon, a Harp, and a pistol, lots of fireworks, fruits, nuts 'and candies. Vefnie .Llle Newhinney. Hope,'Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am n little boy 7 years old. I have been a good boy this .year. Bring me a little train. Don't forget my dear >teecher Miss Miriam Carlton. Bring me some nuts, fruits and 'fireworks, too. William Lowe Drake. . • Hope; Arkansas. Dear Santa ClaUs:—I am seven years old, will you~'bring me an electric stove, Kangaroo jumper, acrobatic set, a doll, a desk and blackboard, and a book that has Bible stories in it, don't forget my little .friends. Virginia Romig. riope, Arkansas. Dear Sahta Claus:—I am a little boy four years old. I want you to bring me "a little train, a wagon, and lots of candy, nuts and fruit. Boyle Rogers. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus.—I am a little girl six years old and go to school at •Brookwood. I want you to bring me a doll, an electric stove, some house shoes, a bathrobe and 'lots o£ nuts, candy and fruits. Eunice Dale Baker. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa -Claus:—I am a little boy seven years old 1 . I go to school at Spring Hill. I want you to bring me a pair of boots, raincoat, fireworks of all kinds, knife, candy Iruit and please dont forget my teacher, Mrs. Mary Wilson, bring her something nice. Lloyd Cato. , •• Patmos, Arkansas. . Dear 'Santa Xllaus:—I am a boy six years old and 1 * will you please bring me a raincoat, a.bus, iire works, fruit, candy, nuts of all kinds. I have been a good little boy, I help mother while daddy is off fishln. Don't forget my teacher, Mrs. Emma Turner, bring her something nice. Tim Cato. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I like to go to school very much. I want you to bring me a pair of boots, a pair of skates and also,.a raincoat. I like candy and oranges and apples very much, so please bring me some. Everett Lamb. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy three years old and I want you to bring me a dum ptruck, a top gun and a little fiddle and Santa don't forget to leave me some candy, fruits and nuts. Jas. B. Denner Huckabee, Shreveport, La, Dear Santa Claus:—If you come to Hope before you come down here, be sure you do not give all the toys away there. Save me a little dog that barks and a little doll. I wont ask for much because I'm still quite small. I can eat candy and fruits and be sure you don't forget'them. Elanor Grace Nichols. Guernsey, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy two years old. I would like for you to bring me something for Christmas. I would like to have a ball, a teddy bear, also candy, apples, nuts. James William Parton. Rosston, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl 13 years old and have buen a good little girl. Will you please bring me a book satchel, a pencil box and a doll, and a sweater, candy of all kinds, apples, oranges and nuts. I want ask for much this time. Don.t forget my mother and father and brothers and sisters, please bring them something nice, and don't forget my teacher, Mrs. Brandon, bring her a nice present. Vernita Carlton. Prize W$m*r at ,, : ,, ..... ,. , - fclttfe\Sfisr*y-;A*n.'-BV6wri^^^ dog whlctt tooii first.prlze.lu- (he.pet'cpntest In Her.hotnettown. JJ9 than 1000 dogi? yere entered. : • ; -• > H /Rosston, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—We : ore .three littl eboys. We want-you to bring 'us • n little wagon arid air rifle, candy, nuts, oranges and apples, also all kinds of fire works. We will. go to bed" early and be good little boys, and' don't forget our mothers daddy. Harlin, William and Chas. Carlton.' Emmet, Arkansas. ' Dear. Santa Clnus:—I am a little boy 8 years old and in the third grade. I go to school at.Laneburg. I want you to bring me a fountain pen and a watch, and some nuts, fruits and candy o fall kinds. Raymond Carlton. Emmet, Arkansas. Dear Santo Claus:—I am a little boy 5 years old, please bring me a coaster wagon, candy, apples, oranges, nuts. .Junior Carlton. 1 Emmet, Arkansas., Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl arid! please bring me a doll and some candy, don't forget my little cousin, Bettle Jo. Mattie Nell Carlton. Rosston, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:—I am going to school every day and trying my best to be good and I am wondering if its asking too much' of you if I; ask you to bring me a bicycle. I know ' they coet a lot of money, but I want one so bad that I don't know what to do. Now if you thing you can spare me one, I'll take goo'd care of it and'keep it a long time. I'd like some fire works and fruit also. Weldon Taylor. Ozan, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy 8 years old and in Ihe third grade. I go to school at Ozan, my teachers name is Miss Wilson and I like her fine. I want you to bring me a bicycle, a pair of gloves and boots, fruits, •nuts and candy and don't forget my brothers, mother and' daddy. Joe Henry Webb. Ozan, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy five years old. I want a new pair of shoes, n little train, an airplane, fruits, nuts and candy. Thomas Lee Webb. ball Bosston, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old, I go to school at Bodcaw. I want you to bring me a wg doll that will cry and go to sleep. Bring me some candy and nuts. Please don't forget my little playmate, Harlin Tye, bring him something nice. Marie Carlton. Rosston, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl 10 years old and go t oschool at Bodcaw, and in the fourth grade. I like to go to school fine. I want you to bring me a book satchel, a doll, a pair of beads, candy, oranges, apples, nuts, also some sparklers and don't forget my teacher, Miss Hazel Fletcher, brngi her 'something nice. Beatrice Carlton. Emmet, Arkansas^ ))ear Sant$ daus-" ~" "* a wagon, football, cawJy. Dfln't forget .', Ozan, Arkansas.; Dear Santa Claus:—I am a'Utllekgl 11 years: old and '• in' the sixth.' grade.,'I ,.. go to school at Ozan and my teacMM * name Is Miss Pannell. I llkp h«r flflfc , Please bring me a doll and bed,<a>i».r of gloves and overshoes, v frutt»; iM** and candy and 1 don't; forget,my mother, daddy and brother, •, Cora:Belle Webb. ' Prescott, Arki ' Dear Santa Claus:—! am a-little boy 6 years old. I have been a good little boy and I am jjob" school in the first . grade. W»» please bring •> me a Japanese game, cap gun, .tool chest, «.---r candy, fruits and -nuts, please dont forget my little friends in H«p« .ana also Prescott. "My. teachttf »«• D0r ° thy - Hoyt Lemoin Martin. ' .Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa .Claus:--! am a little girl nine years old. 4 want you to' bring me a doll, doll buggy and a JttUe tea set, bring me some candy, «utt and all kinds of fruit. Dorothy Yates. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—Please brin* me a little -wagon, a choo'choo teem,-ana a little horn, bring me. some •candy., nuts and fruits of all Junds. 'D?n,t forget mama and daddy-fbriiif twin something nice. ; - < • , Junior Yates. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Sahta Claus:-! am a'little girl one year old. I want you to bring me "^ a little doll, a little car and a rubber ball an dcandy, and fruit. Wanda Dean Yates. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:—I a am littlb girl twelve years old. I want you to bring me a doll, doll trunk and a little stove and some candy, nuts'and all kinds of fruit, don't iorget my little baby brother and sister. Louise Yates. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:-! want you ,to bring me a litie airplane, a toy pistol, and a big rubber ball, some candy, nuts and all kinds of fruit. Coy 'Yates. ^H BIRD & SON'S Expando Demonstration Car With Complete Display of BIRD ROOFINGS This car was in the city Monday and a demon' stration made in our yard. Local contractors and architects saw the entire line and learned how Bird Roofs are made. Hope Retail Lumber Yard Distributors of Bird Roof« Phone 178 J, M, BsrWe*

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