Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1954
Page 14
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• v * fgf- HOPE SfA*, HOM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, 21,1954 . .__ . steady to low* «> i»Ja?ge!y 18 tS-SS! siz frufljf l5rdMto-22G Ib in V*ft.%ffi -,230-250 Ib _-a>«»ii in irm" 11 jpiSU'-?.. * ' p^v - ,» . p'i J. ' fcfc'' :,>i J7.25.18.00; 260-380 Ib 16,75-17.25! scattered lots 290-340 Ib 1.25-16.50; Sows 2S Ibwar; bulk 400 Ib down 1.25J over 400 Ib 13.50-15.fid; bdarl unchanged at 10.50-13.00; good ear* ly clearance. Cattle 3700: calves 1,200; steady to strong on choice steers and butcher yearlings ftt 23.00-24.00 small Jots high choice and 4ns ia yearling steers 27.00-29.00: utility snd commercial cows 8.50-11.71; canners and cutters 7.00-E.50; util ity and cominercial bulls 11.00 13.00; Cahners and cutters 8.00 10.50; good and choice vealer i21.00-27.00; individual head prime to 20.00;. ccmmercial and. .good 4.00-20.00: slaughter calves con- inuing rather slow but generally iteaciy; commercial and fiood 14.00- iS.CO; utility and low commercial 10.CO-13.00. heep 1,800; active and strong; sulk choice and prime wcol lambs : 9.50-20.00; some choica fall clips 19.0; mostly choice No. 1 skins 19.25; ewes 3.00-5.00. iSr" j&i P-S\ feM !?,». A GIFT . .SUGGESTION Nationally Advertised Sans Souci — Rogers — Munsingwear LINGERIE It's Beautiful — It's Useful It's Giveable wr>* 3&SW' * vs- ff>~^t Y * >„ > Only One New Case of Polio LITTLE ROCK UP) Only one rew case of polio was reported lo the State Health Department last Week. No cases were reported tho previous week. ,Sc far this year 361 cases of the disease'have' been recorcied in Ar'«» >sas. comnared to 322 by thn jame time last year. i'nc one polio cases reported la*t week was 'n Calhoun County. TO OUR PARTONS Prescription Price When yqu have a Prescription to be filled, we shall be glad to discuss Its cost. We invite frank dis- cdssion because our prescription prices are based upon a formula which is fair to all. We hope that we may fill your next prescription. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 Youth Says He Continued from Page One by her husband, who had awakened earlier and driven downtown for coffee and the newspapers. She died two hours' later without regaining consciousness. Asked what he meant by getting 'it over with," he replied: "One of the policemen hit me on the head with a slapper, and another one slapped me a couple of times." Wiliinghara told his story of hit ting the sleeping woman with a five-pound stick of hickory fire \vocd to police and newsmen early last Sunday. Prosecutor J. B. Reed, Sherif H. K. McKanzie and Police Chie Frank Henderson all flatly denied that Willint/hani was hit by ei- her themselves or any ether person. 'Not a finger was laid on that boy," said Reed "He was not threatened, hit, hurt or abused in dny uay. We didn't mention any sort of punishmet. He is riot tell- g the truth." Sheriff M^Kcnzie said he was present at all times when officers Questioned Willingham. and added: "I didn't hit him, and I didn't see anyone else hit him." Police Chief Henderson said Wlil- ingham made his statement while riding alone in the back seat of a police car en route to r .ikley from Little Rock, where ..<: had been taken for psychiatric examination. The chief said that at the time it was late afternoon, but still daylight. "I deny that the boy was hit by myself or any other officers to my knowledge," the chief said. Willingham denied that he was jr. Brinkley at the time of the attack — "-.ometim e between 4:30 a. m. and 7:30 a. m. (CST) Sun- Iday, Dec. 12. . 1 He said ho arrived in the east Arkansas city about 12 noon Saturday and left shortly afterward by hitchhiking a ride in a truth to Forrest City, Ark. The youth said he caught another truck from For:est City to Memphis, and arrived in the Tennessee city about 5:30 a. m. Sunday. It is 65 miles from Brinkley to Memphis. E MEATS FOR YOUR HOLIDAY MEALS •'•• -•- '•*• -' ANY SIZE FRESH, FAT and TENDER LB. 334 STYLE PURE PORK 2 C J7 C WHOLE or HALF B OUCVOroMS.."^!' HIVLIO - L " ( M CHUCK c ROAST FRESH or CURED HALF or WHOLE EXTRA SPECIAL Vrrest Ctty Friday by police for outine questioning. He said he re urned to Arkansas because he ha.l •een promised a job by a Forrest ^ity businessman. A preliminary hearing on thu murder charge against Willingham will be held Wednesday at Municipal court in Brinkley. Meanwile at Berry, Ala.. f> (former police chief voluntarily telephoned the Associated Press and said the people of Berry think the youth is innocent. Ormond Simpson said. "We don't think has has the guts to kill a woman. You can make Billy Ray own up to anything." Simpson said boys smaller than Willingham used to torment him Ly taking his .clothes, and the boy "was always coming to police officers for help to get his things back." Arkansas officers are invesligat ing the possibility that Willingham clubbed Mrs. Bairon Shelton of Arlington, Tenn., who was beaten while sleeping at the home of her parents, tho Rev. ad Mrs.. Solon T. Hill of Pine Bluff Ark., Oct. 27. Mrs. Shelton was unconscious tor four days and later told offict-rs she remembered nothing of the attack. Gunshot Wound Fatal to Hunter RUSSELLVILLE (IF, — Ernest Clio Potter 25, of Yell County, has died of o gunshot wound suffered while deer hunting last Tues day. He died Sunday. ^ Volume of water of the Amazon River is nearly four times that o ,he Mississippi. ttfesdciy, December* 21, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Special - Through COLD WAVES $15 Lanolin Oil * $1*.5$ $ 12.50 Cream OiU $8,50 Give her a permanent for Christmas Hazel's Beauty Shop Phbne 7«287B , Haiel — Virginia — Auilne DOG CATCHER'S BITE SAN FRANCISCO (UP) Humane Society dog catcher John L. .McKenno xvas fined $25 yesterday >y Municipal Jxidge Clayton Horn tried to arrest him. The Chicago River is the only river in the world that flows away .or biting Patrolman Loren D. from its mouth, due to an engineer- Clem 'on the arm when the officer I ing feat. For CHRISTMAS STEEL CONSTRUCTION ^ ^^^SSf t t^fSR structed at low cost. _ CALL .... PR 7-4683 for complete information, DUCKETT STEEL fie EQUIPMENT CO. <$> BOSTON BUTTS iA'WW" I'" Gt Hop >v«**^>*s<* At the nevs conference last Sunday, Willingham voluntarily told reporters that he was lured by a lighted window to the Fuller homt in the hope of finding something to M. Willingham said then that he watched through a winflow while Fuller dressed and drove away, Ihcn armed himself with a club and entered the house through an unlocked rear door. Sheriff McKcnzie quoted ' the youth as saying that he * lad intended to rape Mrs. Fuller, but couldn't go through with it. At the news conference, the youth .said, "I didn't .try to rape her," Asked what he had done Willingham replied "Different things, just different things." The boy told newsmen that be found five cold biscuits in the kitchen and took two of them before leaving the house. Ploice said later.' that three biscuits were found in the home. He also said he took $2C from Mrs. Fuller's purse, and police said z check showed that, she had taken $25 from the petty cash at 'her husband's business Saturday r.ftcrnpon and purchased more than $4 worth of groceries. Willingham was picked, up at Legal Notice Np. 7693 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Nashville Federal Savings and Loan Association Plaintiff vs. . James L. Hood & Clara L. Hood, his wife, and Morris J. Francis and Jessie E. Francis '.. Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendants, James L. Hood, Clara L. Hood, Morris J. Francis and Jessie E. Francis warned to appear in this court within triirty days and answer ,the complaint of the Plaintiff, Nashville Federal Savings and Loan Association. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 4 day of December, 1954. Garrett Willis, Clerk. (SEAL) Steel & Steel Attorneys for Plaintiff John P. Vesey Attorney Ad-Litem Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28 Legal Notice Ib, 43c IN THE HEMPSTEAD PROBATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF BEVERLY JAMISON, A MINOR, ANNA BELL JAMISON, GUARDIAN NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that Anna Bell Jamison, as Guardian of the person amj estate of Beverly Jamison, a minor, has filed her petition in said Court asking for authority to sell the real estate hereinafter described for cash, at public sale at the front door or en-, trance to the Court House in the City of Hope, Arkansas, said property being situated in Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, and described as follows: Lot 4, Block "D", Yerger Addition to City of Hope, Arkansas. By order of said Court, said petition will be heard by said Court, at 9=00 o'clock A. M., December 30, 1854, in the Court Room in the Court House, in the City of Hope, in {iempstead Cpunty, Arkansas. < IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal oJ said, Court on thJ£ 13th 4a| 9! P,ecem,ber, }»51 } i ^rJhjrthw 0 ? "--^-llteFJs $ CAKE MIX COCONUT Extra Special 3 Boxes Only Extra Special for Only Regular 18c Size Only We have all kinds of MILK and NUTS Extra Special Now Only Extra Special 2 Cans Only 19e Only 45c IN BULK or SEALED TINS Guaranteed Fresh NUT SHOP WARD & SON DRUGGIST 102 W. 2nd Street Hope, Ark. PRESCOTT NEWS Canasta Club Has Chr'stmas Party Members of the 1950 Canasta Thursday afternoon in the home of H. J. Wilson. Seasonal decorations were car- led out with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, red candles on the coffee table and a mantel arrangement of gold and silver pine cones and red candles. The dining table was centered with a bowl of holly flanked by red candles. In the canasta games the high score prize was won by Mrs. Imon Gee and the low prize by Mrs. E. M. Sharp. After a gift exchange, a delect- iable salad and dessert course was served. Mrs. Baker Britt was a .guest. Other members included Ats. C. G. Gordon, Mrs. J. B. Hes- erly, Mrs. Fred Powell and Mrs. Homer Ward. NOTICE I have moved my Dental Office from 117^ West Second Street to my new location at DR. SAM W. STRONG 514 S. ELM STREET DIAL 7-4431 oore Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY GODCHAUX Lbs. SUN VALLEY 9c OLEO Lbs. COCONUTS LARGE FRESH EACH FRESH DRESSED TOM TURKEYS FRESH DRESSED HEN TURKEYS Lb, C I URGE, NICE, FRESH DRESSED, HEAVY HENS Lb. FRESH, PQRK Lb, CHUCK BfEf Lb, WE HAVE PLENTY OF NICE HAMS "RAPIDS VEGETABLES r rOR CREAMING VfGfTABLES-USE PET MIIK No Limit, Nice Size. Florida ORANGES doz. 29c 5 LB. BAG JUICY ORANGES Nice Yellow Ripe BANANAS 2 Ibs. 25c * 5 LB. BAG GRAPEFRUIT CORN FED FRESH BROAD BREASTED Paper Shell PECANS Ib. 39c ALL FRESH — NONE FROZEN WHOLE Delicious and Winesop APPLES All sizes, Extra Fancy. Special Ib. 18c BARRY'S FRESH PORK ROAST Lb. PORK SAUSAGE PURE Baptist Young People •Have Dinner . The Young Peoples Baptist Train- ng Union and Sunday School Class es of the First Baptist Church were entertained with a Christmas dinner at the church on Thursday evening. Covers were laid for 20 at the table covered with a white damask cloth. Runners of smilax interspersed with red tapers, red wrea ths tied with red bows and jolly Santa Claus gave a festive note to the occasion.. The invocation was given by John McClelland. Recordings of Christmas carols were played softly during the din ner. Games were played and there was a .gift exchange from thi Christmas tree. Mrs. Harrell Hines, Mrs. The! Hanning and Mrs. Morrision Me Clelland were hostesses. Girl Plunges Into Water, Saves Man MIAMI, Fla. — (XI A It year Id girl who "couldn't stand to sec human being die" was hailed as heroine todey. Norma Florence Paulsen was Tedited with saving the life oi Charles P u s e y, 52, who had 'lunged into the murky waters of Benjamin Gulp D. A. R. Has December Meeting The December meeting til th Benjamin Gulp Chapter D. A. R was held on Thursday. afternoo in the home of Mrs. D. L. McRa Sr., with Mrs. S. O. Logan assis ing hostess. A beautiful arrangement c white magnolia leaves and pbin settias centered the dining tab! Other Christmas decorations wer placed at points of interest . The regent. Mrs. C. H. Moore presided and called the meeting 1 order with the ritual and pledge.o Allegiance to the flag. Mrs, J. H. Langley read .th story "Birthday for the Christ" after which she presented Misses Genevieve King, Bettie Wilson, Marearet Phillips, Betty Erskine, Alma 'Lois Ferrell and Mary Buchanan who sang Christmas carols accompanied by Mrs. Bobbie Whitmarsh at the piano. » A dainty, salad course was sery- ed. he Mkthi River at noofc Jester Ssy* t saw the bubbles ebfhlng ujs cy, end he was lying face down in the water," Miss f»ftiilsen said. "Peo pie were running around on the bridge but nobody was doing any thing. "1 kicked my shbeS off ed fove in. The water was freezing cold and he kept fighting to keep his head under water* , "I ; had to swim alia pull him with me and 1 didtt't think I Was going to make ti but 1 guess God helped me**' Detective Neal Coston said Pus an engineer for thS flott3s & Light Co., first fought off ., the restraining hands of A friend before diving 30 feet frfcrn * 18$ fcrlckell Avenue bridge. - - Costono said Pusey ,is suffering with a nervous condltloft and has been under a physician's cart. H* was being taken to a doctor's tit fice at the tim6. (More than a million eftrthquafc es occur in the world ea,ch , but only a fraction are recorded* by First crop of broOmeorn Wfts grown in the United States by Ben" jamin Franklin. :£...% ... ,. EAGLE CUSHMAN! 2016 New-~. TtXAMtttUU Leo Cox Davis Class . ' Has Supper ..:•!••• The home of Mrs. J. W, Tee'ier was th« scene for the covered dish supper of the Leo Cox Davis ."Cities of the First Methodist Church v ,'jjijn. Thursday evening.. Co-hostesses were Mrs, A. B. Gordon, Mr.s. Jim White, Mrs Floyd Wren arid Mrs., '" ' ' ''"" ' The Hying room mantel.,.was banked with red candles and -greenery. Red candles cast a soft glow from.the coffee table and a decorated Christmas tree stood before the windows. : The supper was served from the dining table covered with a gre'en cloth. .A 'central arrangement of red roses was flanked,by red tapers in silver candle sticks. The invocation was given by Mrs W. E. Jordan. Mrs. Charlie Thomas read the Christmas, story from second Luke. Afetr which she gave in dialect "How Come Christmas" by Roark Bradford. A duet "O Holy Night" was sung by Mrs. J. A. Eagle and Mrs. Lela Hays. There was an chance of gifts. The evening closed with the ing of Christmas carols. Charlotte Ann Easterlinfl Celebrates Birthday Mr. .and Mrs. Wpodrow Easterling honored their daughter, Charlotte Ann, with a party at. their home on Friday afternoon in celebration of her fourth birthday. The guests spent the afternoon playing* games and with various toys after which they were served cake and ice cream from small tables. : Favors were balloons and bubble gum, . Those attending were Ann Bolton, Ann Haggard, Sherry and Kathy Turner, Debra and Brenda Harris, Gilda Fay Hines, Marvana Cunningham, Pam Fore and Carmen. Mv. and Mrs. M. D. Cunningham had as their Thursday over night guests, H. M, C. and Mrs. Earl McClain of Norfolk, Va. who were, enroute to San Diego, Calif, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Laneaster have returned to their home in Newport after a visit with Mr, and Mrs. C. R. Gray. ,' Mrs. Mettle Robinson has had as her guests Mrs. Mabel Evans of El Dorado • and Mrs. Nannie Wood of EaglernUl, : Mr. and Mrs. J. Essex' of Chicago have been the recent guests of Mrs. L- C. Gatlin, ' Mrs. Jada McGuire and Mrs. A. E. McGuire spent Thursday in Texarkana with Mr. McGuire who is a patient in St. Michael's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Black were Thursday visitors in Texarkanm. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McGuire have had as their guests Mr, and Mrs. J. B. Walker and Betty Jo of Nashville, Tenn. and Mrs. H. B'., Rosson and Michael of Columbia,' Tenn, Mrs. J. H. Bemjs a'n.d Mrs. JCavl King Jr., were t&e gpeits, of tives. in .^^ "~^'*^«.^»S?»»< KCS ,6-V.w*" " S& SKHIOHEB MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND HAPPY HEW YEAft MELORINEFRE-ZERT CREAM 49c PET and CARNATION MILK 4 c° r *> 49c GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 u, 89c GUM 20 Pk i» n 59c MRS. TUCKER 1 Lb. FREE When You Buy 3 & 87c Ocean Spray Cranberry SAUCE 2 c° L n b *' DEL MONTE/FROJ! COCKT 2 . , 303 ASSOKtiDi, • CI - FOR ALL YOUR CANDY AND FRUIT SEE US BEFOHE^YOU • . ' t '*•' Jafv* YELLOW-CRtA DEL MONTE PEAS Cans Frozen Honor Brand ORANGE JUICE 2 6 Oz. Cans 27c DIAMOND NAPKINS 2 80 Pack Boxes COFFEE , Folgers and Maxwell House ; 1 Lb. Can FANCY PASCAL CELERY Lb. lOc LETTUCE 2 25c DELICIOUS —• EXTRA FANCY APPLES 2 35c JUICY FLORIDA ORANGES 1 fc '-( ' ! . , ... „ M, YELLOW ONIONS 2 ^^^ '~ ' i»i« 'fMr«^V<WfV !f*^P Sweet Potatoes FROZEN STRAWBERRIES 2 lOOz. Cans 45c FROZEN VEGETABLES - Prosify : Acres Cut Beans, Baby Limas, Large Limas, English Peas, Cauliflower, Whole Spears. This is, as good food as you ever ate; . For the Best Meat You Have Even These Turkeys Will Be Dressed Tuesday and BROAD BREASTED TOA/IS TURKEYS HENS YOUNG HENS 10 Lbs, & up rPQUNP 6 to 9 Lbs. Ail BRANDS CAN BISCUITS Cam The Best Cured Ham you Ever Tasted ~- AH $i*es PECKERS HAMS Ib. gytiiiqqfyMpqgffgMjffygiapp^ngpagi i MM'W^""BP^PgPyW < *BII B Bffl l ^!IB'aBBBi Prices for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday WE WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY, MClMII Putter * 4i JV/-' JFRfSH PRIiSf $ H 9 PP ™ fP ,?^K "•' ' . * ^ ff* 1 * ';* i Deliver

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