Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1931 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 1
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^f',1- : '• ; ff ^' <fi ?V! Ibtftf&W~NUHBEfc 69 , A»a'n. HOPE. ARKANSAS, tlMDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1981. T> < ^^^^ I — • .!.!.._ ' •••_ .f .f" • J ' .-.-•- • ' 'I • ~" - Mi— ------ -' -•—•_-•—•-•;-"•'' -^L__ir_-Lr-'f--^-!! ._.n ' .^..-. ..j iiiiual Christinas PardoiTl.ist Is Issued A iWffaX,iffi& ,**.<& Governor Parnell >\ Grants Clemency ! to Many Tuesday Some 200 Men Expected to Be Given 'Time Off' for Christmas ,£ E R M S SHORTENED Chief Executive Says State Will Save Large Sum by This Action LITTLE »OCK.-(tf>)-M n r 11 n Davis, negnt, convicted of murder t In Hcmpstead county In the April, IKS, tetm o( circuit court and sentenced to life, received a commutation Tuesday and given a 21- year term to serve by Governor Parnell. ' LITTLE ROCK.-(j<P)—Commutations of life sentences of eleven prisoners Was granted Tuesday by Governor Parnell as he waded into a list of some gjfSljiKpames of men who will receive ^^forne- form of clemency as a Christi mas gift. s'One'«ther life termer was furloughed indefinitely, and six other prisoners,-serving sentences of 15 or more years had them commuted to shorter terms. -** * !„• »'All told] the governor sgined 28 pror clamations etflhdlng, clemency during Tuesday morning and by night It is expected tnats.hii .will have; that manyjnwM slgned,andvot> their 1 .way -' "^t Vawuk»»»te'prisons. •."•.-•• " 200'prisoners'on the governor's Christ- frias Hstiwill receive their clemency Wednesday or • Thursday. Most of them will be in the form of 10 day furloughs, permitting the prisoners to 'enjoy the holidays with their families. Governor Parnell estimated that this clemency would save the penitentiary. ^from $1,500 to $2,000 in operating expenses. • • m His Friends Fear Gatling Drowned Forrest City Business Man Said to Have Suffered From Illness ' FORREST CITY.—L'Anguille river was dynamited Monday In u search for the body of John Gatling, Forrest City- business man, without result and there is little hope for the recovery of the body, 'since the rising waters are deep and filled with obstructions. Although friends advance the theory that he has met with foul play, his 'mother, Mrs. John Gatling, Sr., and his wife believe he committed suicide by drowning. Sinus trouble caused him such intense suffering, they said, that' U was almost unbearable. Relatives said he worried also about finances. He left no note. The belief that he committed suicide is strengthened by the fact that he left home in a car when usually he walks to work. The only clue is the car,- which was found on L'Anguille river near the old bridge, on a discontinued section of Route No. 70. The car was there as early as nine Saturday morning. He left home about 8;30. • As city salesman for the Forrest City Grocery Company he called at retail stores each morning, but no calls were made Saturday, merchants said. The disappearance was not known until noqn Saturday, when his wife called at the office and found he had not been there. Gatling and his wife are members of well known families of eastern Arkansas. Gatling was educated at the University of Arkansas and was a membsr of Sigma Alpha Eptilon fraternity. He was a member of the firm of Forrest City Grocery Company and 'owned several farms and peach orchards. Plan Reduction In Senate Budget Resolution Adopted Tues- da.y to Cut Appropriations for Next Year WASHINGTON— (fp)— A resolution celling upon the Senate Appropriation Committee to reduce appropriations for the next fiscal year to ?300,OQO.OOO below the budget estimates, was introduced Tuesday by Senator Harrison., Democrat of Mississippi. This resolution is in line with a program for cutting appropriations agreed Ugon a week ago, by $£ Dgmocrat ppjjpy epnjautttep jjf tip kpwsi? f.ni Ride'Em, Aimee! Robbed of $1,500 Early Tuesday Bandits Burn Outer Clothing and Masks Before Leaving building ESCAPETN AUTO Same Bank Was Robbed of $3,000 in December Last Year Aimee if Semple" McPherson Hutton, Los Angeles evangelist, la shown here Mi cowboy outfit at JPalm Springs, "", where s<i« and her new hua- regtmg ( WHEATLEY, Ark.-(/P)-Form- cr city marshal Cecil Whitlctl and Herman Bokkcr, were arrested as suspects In a. bank robbery here early Tuesday morning. : '-': •'' .# "WHEATiiiY, Ark.r-(^>)—Two masked men bound and gagged' a lone em- ploye of the Ricp Growers Bank here early Tuesday, took about $1,500 from the vault and after placing their outer clothing and masks in a stove, sauntered leisurely out into the street to a waiting automobile. The bandits were in ..the. .bank when Bernard Ray ' entered at 8 'o'clock Tuesday morning. They gagged him and put him in the Vault which Ray had opened before he'was aware of their presence. This same bank was robbed of some $3,000 about this sajne time last year. Two men were arrested in'that robbery and most of;the. money was re- coverd . '..''i!/'.•••'• ., '" '"'•'''' . : Goodf ellows Roll Hits Tojal of 220 Nine More Join Fund for Gift Distribution , Christmas The Goodf ellows added nine more n&mes to their membership Tuesday, bringing the total to 220. New members Tuesday were: H. C. Whitworth, Ed. McCorkle, Joe B. Greene, Charles E. Taylor, Webb Lastter, Jr., Hall Brothers, A.' A. Brown, Mrs. F. R. Johnson and Ben- nic Benton. Mrs. Arch Moore, in charge of purchases and distribution for the Good- fellows, said Tuesday that the organization was receiving some requests for help from just outside the city limits. Since the Goodfellows have drawn contributions from the city primarily to take care of city families, they will follow needy cases in the city first, in tha order in which they are presented, and whatever surplus is left over from the city cases will be given directly to worthy cases outside the corporation line. Tri-Motored Crash Will Be Given Official Probe OKLAHOMA CITY.— (/P)— An official investigation of the tri-motored airplane crash here Saturday in which L. W. Price, Columbus, Ohio, pilot, and Nate C, Morse, Tulsa, co-pilot, were injured seriously is scheduled for Tuesday. < P. E. Gillespie, department of commerce inspector; H. H. Gallup, St. Louis, southern division superintendent of the T. W. A. company, which owned the plane and Jack Fry, T. W. A. vice president, are to conduct the inquiry. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS : BEO. U. S. f*T. OFF. TJr ui'lk r" bunpn, kiud»cs)t Cannon Accounts Committee Reports Less Than Half Amount Collected Turned In WASHINGTON, —(ff) —The Senate was informed Tuesday by the Campaign Funds Investigating Committee that Bishop James Cannon, Jr., collected more than $130,000 in the anti- Smith Democratic campaign of 1928 but reported only some $58,000. The committee in. reporting its inquiry revealed "numerous apparent violations of the. federal.corrupt practices act and ; . many unexplained discrepancies." ' Officers Injured By Blast at Still Dynamite Trap Explodes as Georgia Raiding Party Finds Outfit PEARSPN, Ga— (/P)--A dynamite trap exploded in the midst of a raiding party at a moonshine distillery near here Monday and injured four officers, four seriously. Sheriff Louis White, Deputy Edward White and Special Deputies Berry Palmer, Wilbert O'Berry and Levi Corbett, had just arrived at the distillery when the explosion jarred the earth. The sheriff and Deputy White were knocked ot the 'ground, suffering leg injuries that incapiciated them, but were not considered serious. One of Palmer's legs was torn so badly that amputation was necessary. Doctors said he may not live. O'Berry's eyes were burned and physicians feared he might never see again. Corbett, uninjured, searched the vicinity, but found no trace, of any person who might have set off the explosion. He said, however, he found wires leading from the dynamite charge to a switch hidden in the swamp nearby. Three sticks of dynamite did not explode. Sheriff White said if they had gone off, the whole party undobutedly would have been killed. The officers located the distillery deep in Roundabout swamp on a tip. Other officers searched 1 the swamp late Monday. Man Gives Up in Dual Slaying at Henderson HENDERSON, Texas.—(/P)—The filing of charges ugainst a farmer held for the slaying of Reuben and Melt Barker was delayed Monday while officers completed their investigation. The fanner surrendered to officers after the Barker bro'hers were shot near Laneville Saturday. He said hs was attacked and fired in self defense. The shooting occurred on, a rpad. The Barkers were farmers in the LaneviUe cornmuni'y, as wr.s their su:pttt-d flayer. Growtt-Ups bys, Too Toyshops hold a lure for grown-uns as well as kiddies this year. Here you see a throng of children and adults at a counter in one of the New York City department! stores, watching'the newest; of the electric trains in operation. Two Thugs Sought In Diamond Probe New York Gangsters in Albany When Mob Leader Was Slain ALBANY,' N. Y.— (#)— # wo New York gangsWrs 'Were -.in* Attnauj^baV •Fridtiy whert Jack ("Legs") .Diamond Vas murdered, police seeking Diamond's killers were informed Monday. The tip came from the New York Police Department, on the police teletype system. It was to the efect that William Bailey, known to authorities as a Vannie Higgins mobster, and a man known only at McGivney were here Wednesday and Thursday, and took their automobile out of a garage Thursday night, Diamond was shot and killed early Friday. Bailey, police say, ansmers the description of a "Mr. Lyons" who tried to join the speakeasy party in celebration of Diamond's acquittal at Troy of a kidnaping charge. "Mr. Lyons" described himself as a motor vehicle department inspector from New Jersey. . Police also had Monday a new angle to the story of John Storer, taxi driver. Storer drove Diamond from the speakeasy party to Marion Roberts' apartment, and • later - to Diamond's home, where the gangster was killed soon after his arrival. Storer told police that when he went to, Miss Roberts to tell her of Diamond's acquittal and to inform her Diamond would be there shortly, Miss Roberts insisted that she intended taking the midnight train for Boston, where her mother was ill.. Storer said he went back to the speakeasy to tell Diamond, and that "Legs" sent him back to prevail upon her to remain. When he returned, he said, Miss Roberts had left hsr room. He picked her up near her rooming house and took her back, going inside himself and talking with her. Later, he said, he vVent for Diamond. Caraway Election Urged By Parnell Asks Loyal Citizens to Hold Elections Free of Charge LITTLE ROCK.-(/p)— Governor Parnell Tuesday urged the election of Mrs. Caraway to the United States senate in a special election January 12 as of "utmost importance at this time when measures of greatest importance to Arkansas and the nation are pending in congress." Though unopposed by a Republican, two Independent candidates will run against Mrs. Caraway, Sam D. Carson of Dentonit, and Rex Floyd of Ycll- ville. The governor appealed to both men and women Democrats to volunteer their services as election officials as many of the counties of the state are without money to hold elections. Hopewell Revival to Continue This Week The Pentecostal meeting at Hopewell schoolhousg wjill continue all this week. Services every night beginning with song service about 7:00 p. m. There will be three services Christmas day and basket dinner at the church. Everybody invited to come and bring your basket and $njoy the blessings of G^d,. Evangelist, B. E. Echols of Texas U in di-u'ao ift til Vivien. Arkansas' Debt Per Capita Highest r Has Made Most Rapid In! crease of Any State > Since 1916 tKfe .(WASHINGTON—Arkansas |hi ^tatein-the.IJii3onVacc6rdin«-fc fiiftirer for the calendar year 1930, released by the Department of Commerce Monday. The total net debt of the Arkansas state government in 1930 was $30,443,000, the department's figures re- veaL The total gross debt was ?122,638,000. The per capita net debt for 1930 was $65,05, pompared to $50,65 • in the preceding year. The state having the next highest per capita net debt in 1930 was North Carolina, with $52,07. Arkansas shows the most rapid increase iii state debt of any commonwealth during the last 15 years. In 1925 its pe rcapita debt was only $1.33 In 1915 it was 71 cents. The above figures apply only to state indebtedness and do not include the debts of counties, cities and other subdivision. Arkansas Farms Have 65,935 Autos 11,000 Trucks, 5,684 Tractors and 25,046 Telephones Reported WASHINGTON — (#>)— Automobiles are owned on 16.3 per cent of the farms in Arkansas, the Bureau of the Cerisus announced in a preliminary report. More than one automobile is owned on some farms, 63,800 farms reporting ownership of 65,935 cars. There also are 11,000 motor 'trucks OP. 10,526 farms, a percentage of 4.3 o( all farms. Tractors are owned by a relativesly Email percentage, only 1.8 per cent, with 4,263 farms reporting ownership of 5.684. Stationary gas engines are used on u,911 farms, or 1.6 per cent. The number of engines in use is 4,730. Electric motors, totaling 1,460 are in use on 1,056 farms. Telephones are used by 10.3 per cent of the farmers, with 25,046 installed. Water is piped into dwelling houses on 3,690 farms, and 5,121 farm homes are lighted by electricity. Expenditures paid power companies for electric lights and power, reported by 2,689 farms, totaled $309,610. Marion McLean Kidnaped Thursday Is Found Murdered Exlftnsive Search* Conducted for 6 Year Old Girl Ends Tuesday ABDUCTOR SO 0G H t; Body Discovered by Firemen in'Tenement Basement • CINCINNATI, Ohio.—(/P)—The body of Marian McLean/ si- year old girl who was kidnaped last Thursday, was found in a basement near her home by firemen taken off their regular duty to engage in the search for the child. No trace was found of the victim's abdUctor. The Cincinnati, girl was last seen on a sidewalk in front of her home playing with some other children, when 'she was approached by a man, 1 with whom she went down an alley." 'She had been attacked and murdered. ,' At the time of the kidnaping it was Marian's first time on the streets since an illness that had kept her from attending school. Her mother on; Thursday'.afternoon had permitted her to go down to get some fresh air. , , The body was'found in a basement by an occupant of a tenement who had gone down to fire a furnace, , Mel _ Kiwahis New Year President of Texarkana Club to Address Hope Meeting Ladies Night will be observed by the Kiwanis Club '6ii NeW Year's night, when this organization installs its 1932 officers anof directors. Plans for the meet were initiated at this week's Kiwanis meeting, which was held Tuesday noon at the Capital Hotel. Dr. R. R. Kirkpatrick, president of the Texarkana Kiwanis Club, accepted an invitation to officiate at this installation. He Will be accompanied by several members of the Texarkana club, who will bring their wives. The meeting will be called for 7 o'clock at the Capital Hotel. A board of directors meeting, ,to name committees, and to decide' on objectives for the new year, was called for Monday night, December 28th, at The Star office. Dr, A. J. Neighbors was added to the j board of directors, by official vote of the club. This noon's meeting of the club was adjourned after a short session, due to the holiday ru^h. Winners in the pumpkin contest will be honored by the club at a meeting early in January, it was decided. Gould Store Burns With $41,000 Loss Officers Believe Robbers Set It on Fire After Attempt to Blow Safe GOULD — The largest mercantile house in Gould, owned jointly by M. Cook and B. E. Webb, was destroyed by fire of unknown origin early Monday morning. It was a twin brick strusture built in 1927 at a cost of $12,000. Fixtures were valued at $10,COO and merchandise at $19,000, with only partial insurance. Officers expressed the belief that the store was set pn fire by robbers after thev tried to blow ' the safe. When th^ firemen arrived the interior was a injss of llama? and ijt is reported that espies oas were bear4 about the •me the b'aze was discovered. J.B. Davis Dies Here Monday Night Had Been Substitute Mail Carrier on Hope Route Five J. B. Davis, aged 69, died at a local hospital at 7:30 Monday night, following an illness of about a month. Mr. Davis, came to Hope about 17 years ago from LaGrange, Mo. He lived with Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jones on Hope route 5 for a number of years and recently had made his home with E. M. Osborn, several miles east of Hope on the Emmet highway. He had served some time as a substitute mail carrier on Hope route 5. Hhe body is being held at the funeral parlors of the Hope Furniture Company, pending advice from relatives in Missouri. Texas Farmer Found Dead in Well House WAXAHACHIE. Texas.—(a)-H. A. Fierce, 7$, well-known farmer, was found shot to death Sunday in a well- house near his residence here. A pistol was lying at his side The coroner returned a verdict of suicide. Pierce left hi$ widow a gote, contents of which were not diyulgcd. He had been In b«d health. The aged Flli" coun'y ^^p^^^ . . 1- ~^ r- ^^^^r District 111 Office Bulletins NANKING<-(/P)- The entire National government tendered their resignation Tuesday.' CHICAGO - (ff>) - Aiith<Ktth»'' Tuesday held James Davidson, 4f, T * who said he was an attorney from '* Arkansas and Missouri. He Watt held en advices from Los Angeles that evidence there had linked him with a bank robbery at Deluth, Minnesota. Dcvcr, Ark. — (P) — Directors Monday night voted not to open the Bank of Dover, Tuesday, pending a stockholders meeting Tucs-" day night to determine future action. The bank had deposits of $79,000. . , WASHINGTON — (IP)— President ' Hoover expects Congress to get to work on the reconstruction cor- .poratton early next month and said Tuesday that he has congressional assurance it will be passed. City Officials To Give Xmas Party Childreii InySX to Chirisit- - mas Tree at GityJl Fr_ld.y A Christmas tree party for all the children of 'the city will be given Friday night—Christma*'; night—on < the city hall lawn by the elective officials and employes of the City, of Hope. The tree is being, erected and equipped with lights by the employes o the municipal water and light -plant. The city firemen will attend to policing the streets about the city hal building the night the party is held. A host of favors have been, ordered for the children, and will be given away Friday night. , Santa Claus will be there, presiding over the presents ,and .good cheer Santa was invited by the officers an< employers of- the city government who dug down into their own pockets for a party that will' delight all thi children of Hope, Suspect in Bank Robbery Arrested Homer Cruse,' Captured al Malvern, Admits Part in Baskin (La.) Hold-Up MALYERN—Homer Cruse, aged 30 was arested here Monday by Sherif T. S, Fisher as a suspect in the robbery of the Franklin State Bank o Baskin, La., Thursday, and armitted according to the officers, that he took part in the robbery, The robbers obtained about $2,000, Cruse waived extradition and Sheriff Fisher was notified by Sheriff Allen Price of Franklin parish that he will arrive in Malvern Tuesday to take Cruse back to Louisiana. Cruse named his companion in the robbery, but he has not been arrested and officers refuse tp divulge his name. He also implicated D. E. Bishop gaed 31, of Monroe, who is held in jail at Monroe, but said that Bishop's only connection with the robbery was to haul him away after the hold-up. Cruse admitted that he held a gun on Phil Duncan, manager of the hank, while his companion looted the vauh, officers said. Cruse was reared in Dallas county and is an ex-convict, according to Sheriff Fisher, who said he arrested him aboutfour years ago on a forgery charge, for which he was given a prison term. Aittsttlnill^ Demoted to 1 , vors . of District District Engineer "B _ head of the Hope, off ice Highway Department, ""' department January, J succeeded by Assistant Statet W. W. Mitchell oi littWfcP** announced here Tuesday^ Mr. Mitchell arrived in v day night v •' ' I- The new head 1 ;of'.; formerly was?fn chai__ tion all over the state;! in Little Rock".Tfetis/« tain His old duties-asiii vision of therhlne' ' «neBW ™l- " ' * "\Ji'S5S- XV «« ' General aHtto-1 Although no ( statement, i the changes'Was given out] day, Chief Engineer i an interview at Texark hinted at a shake-up in * t tl Highway Department and th« ing of the higher ranking • in order to cut down'the i pense of the departrj|ent,>; A report current thro 1 trict No. 3 that Mr. Stanfo removed from the If ope < litical treasons led hu iness men and poUtical.lea'4 nine counties^o send f-'-—- State High way 'C^mmi ,r,v^-'^ cal engineer's behalf 10 days'(or>; weeks ago. ' ( jl$>$ Replying to a telegraphic query | The Star regarding Mr. Stanford, ^ tin Matthew?', commission for'tliifr'> , tion of the state, wrote the'fpllQW^ letter to the newspaper Deceipberf .Matthew's Letter "You appreciate the fact qualifications of the district come under the close supe? the heads of the engineering pr( tion ra,ther than thai of the sioners. I consider the heads of- engineering organization to be CJ tian, Mitclvell, Jenkins and Zass, ei handling B different department and^ each being in a better position judge the qualifications of en < gineer than others. "It looks now very much like will be no money for highway struction next year. If such is case, I think half {he district offices should be entirely abolished- . "At the time I came on 'the highwjiyVt commission, while he nad dUtric*"™* gineer offices, practically all the was done in Little Rock; ell the were made here in the central and the field parties reported to office, and there wre no, " " maintained in the district offices. I was strong, construction period, far having district engineer'? office the real fice for that district and having tically all the engineering in these district offices, bridge work 98 there wpuld enough bridge designing to each, fice- to maintain expert bridge signers. "This was carried put add in ing so, it greatly increased the/ ganization of each district office. T I feel as construction draws to, 4 , ^ or to practically a close, for economy's, sake that half of these district offices should be abplished. Yours very truly, JUSTIN MATTHEWS." ? Mr. Stanford succeeded M. H-^^ Brewer several years ago as district . ^ engineer, and has managed virtually- all the construction work done in tbj$ district under the Martineau highway legislation. ' It was through his adminj^tralipjii that Hope got an all-weather high through to Boston and Bodcaw, another fronj Hope 4orth He also built roads for Nashville, incJMiding ^ct, |^L wJ crosses Hemosiggg js*»|y' 19 mil^ Hooe, bHi.^lf" "

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