Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 6
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SJ Wf&tiA sji, f^ r <j Adwaiuo^/uMonsds* nrar—t am a" little girl nearly s;,old. I have been a good V« girl. Please c bring me a t«inc|y. fruits and nuts, and ' sister, brothers and Josephine Crems. *: me lots of clothes Ark.' am a little bring me a .„, "doll, some wa'ter embroidery set, some 'nuts,* and fireworks, forget my little friends tachr Miss Bess Mae Polk i something nice. " " > Geraldine McJunkins. it It! Find It! Sell , With it! It! E STAR ADS more you 'tell, /;.;The quicker you seU, '* - • insertion, Iflo per ( lin» , minimum 30c insertions, 7c per line, n minimum 50c inserttons, «c per line, mtaimuro *1.00 insertions, ?c per toe, minimum $4.00 verage 5V% words to the line) _ f ^,r-~, advertisements ac. oVer the telephone may be with the understanding r the bill is payable on presen Of sta'tement, the day of first Phone 768 1 ' J, Hope, Arkansas. Deas Santa, Claus-VI am a'little boy hree years old i »lPle'ase' bring me a tractor, little filling station, a gun tnd all kinds of nuts, fruits and fireworks. ' , ' Vernon Percell. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl five years old. I want you to >lease bring me a doll, set of dishes, 'air gloves, wrist watch, oranges and apples and nuts of all kinds. Doris Jean Farrnby. '"'" Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a litlte boy seven years old. Please bring, me a football, a pair of boots, an airplane, a blackboard and' all kinds, of fruit and n,it«jt- ' '' , ;l ••-" nuts. Jake Aslin. ! Knows His Oats FOR RENT RENT—Two furnished bed adjoining bath 520 South Main * Hope, Arkansas. Dear Sahta Claas:—1 am a little boy five years old. 1 have been a good little boy ^is year, and I want you to bring me a little car, a cap pistol, a pair of coveralls, fruits, nuts, candies and fireworks. Don't "forget mother, daddy,; and my Ijttte - friends, bobby and Glarnce Walker., . •Willed Gulley. • , ' Hope,'Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy three years old. I have been a good Ititle boy this year and I,want you to bring me a cap pistol, a sweater, a wagon, a necktie, some fruits, nuts, candies, and fireworks. • Don't forget motner 1 , daddy and my. little'friends, Clarence Walker and F. J. -Gordon. Wallare Gulley; , ' Hope, Arkansas. i _ -i __ Dear Sant Claus:—I wdnt a tricycle and a game and some fruits and nuts and fireworks. That's, all. Don't forget the kindergarten boy? and girls and please don't forget the poor children. Kinard Young. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I a ma little boy five years old and I go to kindergarten I, want a little green car and a pair of rubber boots and a litle electric stove and nuts, fruits and candy. Russell Porter. aft etetitfIt tom ahd ft fi« «tittfe cUf with « fefift fit U get tip" and" to little trlc and aft amy .tntck and the orphans. I am a gooA toy to klndergarUW. Jim LewisV!lit>, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy . years old and 1 like to go tb SthOol my teachers name is Miss Cora a'nd 1 like hfr, 1 want y6U to b»Wg me for ChtlstmaS three bundles, 6t fire crackers, apples, oranges, three bosfes of SB's for my air gttn, and a aviaidrs cap. t. have a new chimney (to you can come down safe, ' Doyle Faster. Dear Santy: Fulton, Ark. -t am a little boy four years old, Will you please bring me a little Iractor, knife, truck, fireworks and ail kinds of fruits, candy, and nuts be sure and don't forget my little friends and mother and dad. Charles William Btlbert. Fulton, Arkansas.., Dear Santa Claus:—1 am a little boy two years old. 1 want you to bring me a little train,- ball, wagon and a'' doll, all kinds of fruits, candy and-nuts. Please don't forget my grandparents, also mother and dad. ", ' > > i Robert Gilbert. > , •McNab, Ark., Rt. J.', Dear Santaa:—j have.been a''gOdd little boy 1 think and I wan t.-'you • to bring me a pair of. boots; a knife and a air rifle all kinds, of fruits, candy and nuts and all kinds of fireworks. Please remember my mother aftd all of my friends. Charles Norman, Hill.,, Hope, Arkansas. Dearest Santy:—Daddy says I'iliave been a good -little girl so I Wantjybu to bring me a doll, a doll bed, and oodles of candy, nuts and fruits. Please remember my little friend, SybilTBoyd and my'teacher TWr. Kennedy.-'I sure do like him. '• , > . ; I '• HeUie Hays. Hope, Ark'., East Third? StJ Dear Santa:—1 am 'a little girl 10 years old. 1 go to. Brookwood school. I am in the 4B. , I. study yetyT; hard, and if' it is not to much bri^g, nie'a. pair of skates, electric 'stovei! fruits,' nuts, fireworks of all kinds.' Don't forget my teacher, Miss 'Moses and don't forget .the other little children. Velma Belts. Hope, Ark., East Third St. Dear Santa Claus:—I am«a little boy seven years, I go to Brookwood school, I am in the IB. I want you to bring me a coaster wagon, fruits, nuts, fiwiT. works of all kinds. Don't forget ,piy teacher, Mrs. Calicutt,bring her'somtr thing nice. Don't forget the poor children. Dorsey Belts. Patmos, Ark. .Dear Santa;—I am a little girl sev^ en years old. .Please bring me a pencil box arid some colors, some''fire- works. and lots of fruits and nuts. Don't forget my little brother Billy Howard. Mavis Hollis. Patmos, Ark, Dear Old Santa:—I am a little bdy 5 years old and I want you to bring Thfec G*fft«i Played at Local Armory Saturday Night Three basketball fames were played at the armory Saturday flight, Colunv bus defeattlrig Fbuke, it to 6 in the main game. Other games were played by Columbus seconds and Artesian, and a game was played between Independent teams froifl Emmet and Columbus. The first game, between Columbus seconds and Artesian fended, 32 to 10 in favor of Artesian. Fouke players were unable to stop the famous .Gilbert brothers, who form' th« nuclei!* of the Columbus five this season, being the only letter men on this year's team. Gerald Gilbert was easily the star of the game throwing many bf his team's 12 points. The game ^as -hard fought as the score shows. As an .extra attraction of the evening two Independent teams were assembled-and played, the score being Columbus, 12, Emmet 18. 'Many old faces were seen in this game. 'On the Emmet team appeared, Herbert Osrrett, of Henderson, who was all-conference center last season, Nowlin Wylle, HarVey' Snell, Henry Yocum and Lynn Martin. The Columbus, team was composed of Caldwell, Herbert Griffin, David Griffin, William Wilson with George Griffin and William Glbert alternating on the other position. Much action was seen in:all of; ttye games. ' • " '-' The next games , ; scheduled at the armory will be,.played on Wednesday night. The feature game will be between Washington and* Spring Hill. BV. afld Aitf* 0. lib forwards and daughter, irtUfie,voi Louisville, Ky,, and Miss Sarah B..Payton of Fayette* vllle, Ark., ait. «*«d»5g the holldayil with the'family of Dr. and Mrs. A. C, Kolb of 216 SoutH Hfirvey street, f, 3 Nelson, Jr., teacher in North Carolina Statfe College at flaleigh, and the following three students, Jim Stlngtey, of Washington; Lex Helms, Jr., and firucd McRfte, the latter two of Hope arrived Sunday afternoon for a Vacatlo nwlth relatives, Raymond Jones, who is attending school at Chlllicothe, Mo., is at home for the Christmas holidays. SANTA LETTERS (Continued From Page One) Bent the Judge . ., .PORTLAND, Ore.—Dora i Hamilton, defendant in* a suit cla s sing her as a spiritualist medium,;beat the, judge.to 'the finish line in the result of her case. VII you are a medium, why don't you read the judge's mind as, to the outcome, of the case?" 1 the defense attorney asked her. Dora informed :blm that the spirits saw nothing in the 'case good for her. Sure enough, Judge Wcodley ruled against her. I me a pisol with caps, a pair of and lots of fireworks and fruit of all kinds.* Don't forget, Mavis and nellamae bring them something nice, J. C. Walton. None of the old-fashioned feed bags for this horse! He has been equipped with a new type of bag, held up by metal ; bars, which enables him.: to get at the bottom of "his meal Without throwing his head in the aijr like the older, generation of horses had to do. The device has been sponsored by the American Association for. the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. r FPB RENT— One nice five bungalow, South Elm street. .Porterfield, 15-7to Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:— Please bring me a choo choo winding train and dear room f Santa Claus bring an Indian suit and JFORSALE - Pure brfed jw yews old, will be fie IVice reasonable- s £03 South Heryey Si, 2Ht Uh football and some marbles. I am oing to bring my football to kinder- arten. Bring Sara Ann, my little ister a doll and a pair of beads. Bring ny mother a finge-file. Joe White. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—-I will be six after Christmas. I want a little play washing machine and I want a play ingidaire and a play tennis court with dolls on it, and thats all. Please don't forget my kindergarten friends. ' , Norma Jean Rephan Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy five years old. I go to kindergarten in the mornings. Please bring me a red wagon like the picture I sent you of a brown one. I would like some fire crackers and nuts. John Paul Sanders. Hope, Ark., 222 N. Walnut. Dearest Santa Claus:—I am a little boy.four years old. I have been very good boy this year, especially just before Christmas, so if you have %ny tops will you please bring me one also an electric, train, an air rifle anc a little car. Bring me lots of apples oranges, .and nuts and Santa put nickle in the toe of daddy's sock, cause that will show him that you love him, Don Hough. folks, give promises as to what they will do rather than profs of what they have done. They say for Snnta's reading: "1 will be real good." "1 am going to be a good little boy." . "1 will go to bed early." "I will be a real good girl this year." Others, trying to meet conditions, but careful as to their works, soy: "1 try to bring up good - lessons." "1 have tried to be a ,good boy.'V a one little stickler'for the truth writes: "We are a good little boy and girl At least 'our mama says \ye have been real good." Many of the youngsters caution Santa not to forget their teachers. One boy writes. "Bring my teacher lots of nice things. Please fill her stock-i ings real full." : One letter shows a yourig lady will- Ing to pay for. ertra favors. -She pleads: "Let me take a look at you and I'll give yjoil some peanuts." Another offers a girt to Santa, asking nothing for herself. She writes: 4rt fitfftftt ^¥l~ A' to Sa«&"Sr«f saW "t'H package in th* hall for ftSy^lMf yWi waiif to g!*d'>H fft." And a very* practical and corisld- eratt young mati, f "wlll not Uk fSr much" .because , he knows , 'this is going (d be 6 very dull Christmas?' For the reader the children's let* tew build ?a cloth of faith, un*elf» ishencss and ^ love. But across its breadth 'runs a glaring thread of dread-that Santa may forget, it's in nearly every letter: "Don't Forgetl" "Don't f6#getl" "Bon't ForgeV' It's even in the letter of • the boy who wondered, perhaps, If Santa would he merry oh Christmas Day, and closes his 'little plea with! " wish you a merry Christmas It may be that the children have Written the 'World's letter Stolen ElwtrScity Martfto Klnl*,WeHs charge oi steaiirtg charged that the twJ cretly' tapped the the rooms of Mrs. i-^™ stealing her current. Mrs/", explained she noticed «Vtt«M wrong when her electHeltyjBlHS ed nearly one-half """"" " KALAMAZOO, Mlch.~tfe.WS Cooper equipped himself M..l" eestora did* and went out to bag self a deer With a bow and a He brought in a fine buck, killing THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24 3 'O'Clock P. M. Christmas Eve Bargains Turkeys, some large and some small for your Christmas Dinner, only, each.... 10 Ib. Sack Sugar, Per Sack ............... . ..... • Glothes Pins, t 2 Dozen ..., ........ .... ....... - ................... • Writing Pen Staffs and .many articles absolutely. free on this occasion; be present for the wind up. "'"**' ' - i ' - _ Walker Sales Go. ^ QC !§«i««*««^^ For the 'convenience of Chirstmas shoppers our storenvill remain Open Evenings Btatmos, Ark. Dear Santa:—I an? a little girl six years old. I go to school at Spring Hill. Please bring me a cowboy suit, (ruits, candy and nuts of all kinds Mid don't forget my teacher, Mrs. Emma Turner. Avis Jones. Emmet, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a'little boy four years old. I want you to bring me a little knife with a chain, red wagon with a black tongue, car, train, but, pipe, gun, some marbles, fruits, nutsi' and: candles'.'.Don't forget all the little orphan children. : ' Little Henry Burke. Blevins, Ark. lam a little boy six years old. I go to the Blevins grammar school and I am in the first grade. I want you to please bring me a train, football, gun, fireworks and all kinds of fruits, nuts Until nstmas You v will find our big stpre is filled with big bragains in and candies. Charles Klenn Brown. • Hope,'Arkansas: Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a wagon big enough, to haul mama's stovewood into the. house, a pop gun with a little red handle, knife with a lonk chain on it, fire .crackers, nuts and candies in my little stocking. Houston Schboley. Dear Santa—I am a little girl years old. I want you to bring m( a doll and bed and a pair of shoes and candy. I live on Pine street. Hazel Sells. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I forgot to tell you that I want' some marbles and a depot and sighs for my train. I am going to bring my tool chest to kindergarten. H. O. Kyler. PAL&-Qood grade Three gaiin 3* Hope St*»v, NOTICE pJ$8^ejh*Men's suits' cleaned : . /, '•wfM$4f delivered 50c, phone Uo ]R8P* §{e8» Laundry. 19-6tp • ^ WANTED , WASCPID-Mrg. J, O. MJfcm to send <?ne 4res§ to J. "L. Green Cleaning Co., be cleaned and pressed absolutely 22. 21-ltc ggRVICSS OFFEpg&-Special ^ dinner Christmas Day at :, Washington, Ark. On Hawaiian Honeymoon -,.service call 910, Robinson Grocery. L . U-Hc. gin "-r- Your foot list Rr, f/B. ifedfige, ewer* mo4«9 method* in Hawaii and Sawoq, ^fter a wedding \vlucli link;)] two p? t^e sputh's league fanjlUes »ve Stephpn G. Tate, graadaoai yo«nd«i of T>Ue, C!d , and Ms b/itfe, the foimer Lucilg tyanson, Tli ' 8 vi " be *'W 'BJCl**^ 1 fl «ure at the Centennial y, ciu.. lu SANTA GLAUS In person will give each and every boy and girl a Free Present TUESDAY NIGHT 7:30 to 8:30 December 22, 1931 -At— j, e Penney Co. pi*Aft?MIH9 Php»e 484 W^PW • f Q i • f s*—" 1 ^ x?*"- And of course you'll want to give practical gifts this year. Give things to wear. We have the very things Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Sweetheart, Grandmother and Grandfather want for their Christmas, Take advantage of our greatly REDUCED PRICES On this tremendous stock of things to wear for each and every member' of the family. You'll find the greatest bargains offered in the history The leading store saves you money this Christmas as of our store! never before. Geo.W.Robisoni&'Co. Hope THE LEADING DEPARTMENT Nashville Prescott 1 . », A. /.. . ..»

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