The Atchison Daily Champion from Atchison, Kansas on March 24, 1865 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Champion from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1865
Page 1
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g 1 ' . -- . -s . - 1k "' " " :: Il K ft f rS. 2. FX , FN 7--- n- ATCHISOX CITY, KAXSAS, FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1SG5. 1 ; VOL. 1. Htrijtrjon. ( i v jpii iiz mmm jhp yii rani 11 n V V -i ; ; '-L I '111 ' I - -3 NO. dTlA 'iuf'i iif ii.ii Ti . . ; ' - enaaayj i Htrlitson. 11 ijusmrss (Carts. 13uttrrfifftrs (Column. saloons. r THE ATCHISOX I L Y . I ) Ar IS E I v L. Y - ' , 3kca of i r 15, (AIL 1 'lilt mi :7 ' Wf- i I Li: I U it t 4 - CHAttZFXGIH. I I OHN A. MARTIN, PROPRIETOR. i J J '(ice Xorth tide of CohnnwiaJ, leficecn ' ; Fifth and Suth Sln-ds. x TEEMS i WEEKLY fno Copy, DAILY Jiip C'ipj-, rmo -" nix in.. nth. -" " llirct months, - 4.0H " " one inon: h, . - WIhmi .lrlivur.-.! hv the Cirri .r in the City, 25 Cer. er Week. All Buhscriiitions iniit ho jiai'l in :iuv:inc. RATES OF A DY KltT! ? IXJ IX DAILY n Squw, niiK" liii'1!' "r !'"'. "". iii-T'ii, " " e;n !i :tdclitioii;J i:i.-.itioli, " " one wi-k. - - - - -14 " iiinutii; 1 no 1U.IHI l.'j.'l" 1 7 .1 HI 40.IMI (11.00 (il I.I lil i t .1 l I on on igim I " nmtitli-, 1 1 Tf " .- " Ihli-c iiioiith.s. - -Qurtor Col mini, nix months, m inontli-, one vr :r. .If Column, six montliH, . f l H' " "no vi':ir. f : ln..l...i x-..: :.. c ..,.1i.,i.m l.'i.'cn: Itor liu-' ian' u .,'111' , ill ' I ''iniiiji, t- B. M. Hughes, uKT'roiizr -vrr i. aw, ATCHISOX KAXSAS Ofli.-f iii Chilli is.-,' Uriok l'.iiihiiiV- Si.roii.1 Str.-,-t. P. L. Hubbard, ATTOUNE'S' Arr IjAW, 1 AND AVAR CLAIM ACE XT, .'ATCHISOX - - - - " K A N SA?- .John Gray, ATTOKNEY AT L.VAV, ArrCHISOX KAXSA f ill S OAK- in M'.mnt-ri l?:iil.lin- Co;ii:n -iri tl Str-ot. hill- Am attorney and Counsellor at Lav, jtMKTCHISOX KAXSAS. ; I i ; , " 3 fr1? ATTORNEY -A T-L A TV , r .,x- . . . - - k a x s a ? m l St.-.- t. neir Comr.iev. i-1. k V'l. - Olli'-e on recoil i rjjtfj- 'tf ATCHISOX ----- KAXSA Office over Kxchanso Comm-rcial Street. ATCHISOIT J..I.N J. INoAl.!- S. A. KINGMVV. Kinsman & Ingalls, ATTOltXEYb AT IAW, K A X S A A T C II 1 S 0 X - - " Offico in'H.ilherfs Ruildl.. .d Stnat, hetween 'CfimmerriaJ and Main. IB Vh , Vi Ui JL UOUVA, fl i TTn wwr.Y-AT-LAV, UiClltSOX K If f'fions nnd Uo,:n,ies ccU- eh -h end ail claims ,S, fF lk t Government attended to xx it !. dispUQ. (ITolmH. Price, " U Vi f ATTOUXEY AT I. AW. dj ff ;i XOTAHV ri iu.10, AXD .dust J VeaL estate axdwar claim AG EXT. li'J t Will practice law i I'ilJ Sloan, wfuey. make it in 4tehi-an and couu.e-. S&ii.n J rwiientf. .. , .,..,-,-.,-v. and ! 4 . i ;. Vk jt rixlent?. -.villi -i.-.-iirirv. ate My f . iKto.nj other i''''m','Vi;; rv u;, v.Jd,v M tHtMl ncknoxxdedements and dep. t j. k till" t'-ti,,n iV,t,-Sv,"7'? K .rnh s " nldvty II' ' ''''' ' S ', -JUll- MTDrTw. B. Collins, iico;oVerlU,hach-s.txvo d,, rs f,on, . 1-u Iho.. f " t K V X S AN i r i UTcjws. ox - - - ! I i Tenden, his professional services to th- piddje. ; Tenders his professicalja.. V n Dr. Grimes, f,US .turnxs, from the Aln, 1 1 'lite 1'rot.KM.m. atnons " '' "! his r .Md-r.ce tf 4 'in S'.uth Atchison, and oldo-.s max jf .'IJCHISOS - - - " hASjA?' Ii THOMAS MURPHY, Proprietor. 11 ,,J WenwcHth.Atc,,is,-nt;i TojH-ka fl xl n;ici C,Mclu-,lllaV I -f . . : - M i s . . TT..n 1 1 Planter s xiu u&c, 'If; GEO. F. nUKRO, Proprietor. I Vf Corner of ?ixth aaJ Commeicwl Streets, i I Tl.ta House h: rweutly W and rrfitte.1 Vy th I VfKerlHnd .n.1 fl,-P fe'P - Planter U-nu;. c i .,' AmmI lms tt!U-;J. HmLTfflNGFELLOW, U PsAL ESTATE UEAtERS. v. . Is-"- a I A' ' . o : ' . i ' ' - - j Alsj, IkuiIs iu aii sc. tioii's of N-ytiivru K-u.. CHOICE LI..T OK., OR.XRIK.?! CIGAR.. Ac, Ac. Cc::inii reiul g;r.".-t.1'ftwe.-11 Sec--iil nJ ThirJ nl-ly ATCHISON". W. Hekelnkaemper, BILLIARD AND LIQUOR, SALOON,! Stri.-i.-t, U!;J. r th.- Cli:iU!li;o! Oflio', ATCHISOX KAXSAS. T 1,.-. 4.,.,.r.r T,.i-.. t. i'.... ... 7. ,7 t:v:.....i i..-. with I'h-lanS Coiii!;in:itio!i Cuiiotis, th; tiii.-.-jt iu thcAVc.-t. At my hitr will l.-i- fotin.l tlin CHOICEST LKUOItS. CICiAKS. &c, C.ol nt tir: Atc!ii-on liilhvird'!i n ml EXCELSIOE EOWLIHG OALOOH. .Julius Hol'c&aus? M"oi:M r-f"--tfii!lT inform the itizons of At.-hion im.l vicinity til :t !: h is i c-oj. -n.-.l ; j i I r.-fitt.-.l in the lin.-.-t style, his l!Wf,lX; SALO'iX. In connection with it, is its line ;i .-to. k of CHOICE YIKES AND LIQUORS, As i-rin l.e in the Vost'-rn C mntry. yiel also ;i .'U'l assiirtm. iit of Fiies, ToTiacco ami Cigars, Of th" cli,.ic.-t cml most (.!, rute.l hnu; the Juitroli:-',',- of the j'UMic l:i-lie-i;!!y. -Y K --r ri n n ' rs V -k a tt & A iJS AS SALOON.' Xo! th si 1.- of r..nimerci . Mre.-t, h.-t. Il-ird and iourtn Robt, Forbriger Calls the :itt-nti..n of t!;e puhlie gen'-rallv to his spl;-n" did assortment of CHOICE VINES AD LIQU0S3, Tine Csgai's, Toliacco, eic, etc. And ri-i .ifnUy so!i--its a .11 from all "who vioita -ood arte -i" in th- ahow line, lie f-eis -oii.'l'l-ht th:T he e n pv s. tisl'n timi to :.ii who fivor hiai with their i .i.-wn-ap-. - nl-lim Stebbins & Porter, BAIiTKEES, ATCHISOX KAXSAS. ltny and s.-il exciian::". !e:-k. -oil- etimis. p-iy taxes, a!.. i k-.-ep. dep.,-it accounts .-!i the most 1.-vol".. hi- firms. Will pay iut iv.-t on tim- !. ;."iis I.y p.ciai a-r. emeiit. Wis 3 urooidiaiii, ARCHITD-TS, CARJ'EXTF.RS AXD BCILDICRS. AVil! il.i every variety of work ill t!i.-ir -. in tie: : t six!.-. oil lie' short." t iiotic.;, ale! at iuot ! son-.hh- '.' ,tcs. Siiop 0:1 Ivans. .,s Av.-in: -it we'-t en 1 of la i;lte ox ei-( lay A. U. Sprague, CEEB'il mi rTATS- AND fOLLFXTlXG AGHXT, Comnc n i d Si.. het,vta:i Scml and Third, Atchi.-oTi, Ks. Ifou -s v nt -d. v" -i -"-rty ! nr.' taxes paid for r.o-r. i-ii-ct-H-.---S an i lie :e v -t d t.' 1 :ii 1 s a 1 -!t co:.Ku:ss-;..n, V!.ie xxiih pr'Jt.ii-l- ii. ii. iiciiiton a, ilro., M A S S A S O IT I, I V j: R Y STAR L K ATCHISOX. KANSAS. The he-t Livery. Feed ai.,1 S d- Siahks in Ka.ns.i(i. Our sto. k of Il-irx-s. liiifTaies and Carriai; -s is unsui-ias.-.l. P. ice : i-.s low as th- lowest, (five us a call if you xvant the hest " tiini-out" in Atchison. nldy John H. Fiad, BOOT AND SHOE M A K E R , Opposite llanle-loxx V Store. Atchison. Kensas. I nil prepared to do rn turn work of all descriptions promptly. and in a stxh- that cannot he ...piallod in Atehi-s. n. 1 ire. irantae satisfaction, liivc im-ii r:iil. My .-t.-ck of waters il is the Lest in the xvesa rn c.-untry. L. A. Alderson, DPAill'i; IX OOlig A 15 T A TIOS A El JT rALL PAPER, GILT MOULDINGS. AC.KXT FOR TliE SALE OF riAXO-S." Particular attention given to S-hool 1,,. Us and Sclc, Station iry. - J. G. McCully & Bro., Wagon and Carriage Manufacturers, Fiith Stu-et. n...r Com: .-. r--i tl, ATCHISON KANSAS' xx..n'r R STr en '.n p'Tl'f xxa'.rk an rat.-s and .-ii short n .tic. Cuimivt.-I xxith the f.a t.-ry is a b lack SMi TU siiop, A In ve iron work of every .i.-s ription i d. pri- esto suit cust.-u.eis. '1 he p. ti. :i.. - ot the puhiie iss. la ite l A. B. McQueen, HOUSE. S1GX AXD ORNAMENTAL IE3 23 jj Ex T1 !2FtL , , , . , , ,- t:.;n r.aI. o.-ixve, n . -.nmerciai aiw rva.iise.. .ATCHISOX. KAXSAS. Thankful the citizens of Atchison fix the p-tr-nrrre i .ftiiepi-t. I r.-i-vttuHy s .i:.-it a c-nth.u la-e of the j mm', an i ii u . :. I "v r t - a. nt i;. My ; r:e. s are re.i- , s.-n.i!de. and ail xvo, k v ui K' done in the -vst style. ( Henry Brandner, DKAI.i:". IX GROCEPJE tx r 1 1 i r 1 1 v T n v r.nnnrr i i ni . . . l L' , , i e . I r. I ..iiTi.i.f" LA it iiLu l nu l i J. i.ww.tiiti l ituuu., WIaTS. i.iqious. ETC Coaiuun i.J Mmt, Fourth and Fifth, ATCHISOX, KAXSAS. ! J. M. Pri- e. I would respectf.iily cl the attention of tli- pn'-i-c t i K-mrsf.- k in the l-oe hue, and ti-ourxs iu,.t -til , . sell at the V 15 It Y I- 0 V, T PRICKS , HENRY LUANDXER. H. M. r.EIDLER ) UAlLUltli Cl DLiiLLilj I ilUl 1UL1U1W OF ATCHISON NURSERIES, Looati a lt. milfs wcrt of Atchison, Ks., on i'unilkl lU.a.I- IWis.itors iin-i D,-i'..r- in Dw;irf and Star.-W-l Api.'.f. j I'.-:.r-i I'liiius. h-r:i- f.ii-l! Tn. Siinihs, J c...,... i,i-.ll Vrniis. t-t.--.oto. Sfii.l for a catalogue. ! ( !- :it the u"crk. Tr.-o (ii-livL-rud in the city free of c-hi'ir-.-. Eobert H'Crie, ZvTIEIESCIEi A-ICsT TAILOS, Xc-xt door to hunk of the State of Kansas. Commercial St.. ATCHISOX K A - S A S j K.-.-.s on hand Lute and Fa! Spring and Summer i Styles cf Coatings. Cassimers, Yesting3, DOESKIXS, TWEED', ic., V."i-h h- is prep ire.l to make up to order in the Latest .-iii.l most F -he.-i .'. 1- Style. If- jru-ir.uit.-i-s to furuL-h Military ( tinsnrpas.-.-d for cut and .jitality. Photograph and Daguerrean Gallery. J. A. Gliase Would re.-pectfullv announce to the citiz.-ns of Xorthrni I,- ..j tl.-.t !.,. has vec-i.tiv re-iitted and comi.lcteil his ! Photographic. Ainhrt.type, and Dairuirrean Gaik-ry, and j having i ALL THE MOl'KoX IMI'KOVKMF.XTS He invii-s I In the Art. is prej-.r. d to t ike as pl pictun-s as ".;. 1 he iiad in th- Wist, lie r.sp ctlully asks a call and -x-I ;,. .a- l,;, ,s ' IH'OMs corner 'of Commercial and Third Street, over v , - , , -j , -r- Conini'-rcial Street, hetween Fourth and Fifth, A T C H I S 0 X K A X S A S. j o ii x i: i: m e ii Has the hest sto-k of mat -rials, employs the hest workmen, and does the hest xvi k in his line in Kansa.s. CLSTO.'.I MADE WORK AU ie'e.l to with prcmptiiess. and a iar.-e assortment of the siiai.- U k.-pt i slantly on h ai-i. made up in tiie latest style and of ine very he.-t matt call ox di:mi:r, And lie v.'M aive you s disficiion, either in fit. prices, or excellence of iii..t.-1-i.,!. II. F R 1 I) E X I) U R t! & CO., '.VHi.I.liSAI.E AXD KKTAIL DKALKKS IX CLGTiimG FUKISHmG GOODS, Hats and Iudia Kulilicr Goods, CUMLIS AaD EVEKYTi!! IX TIT T I.I5S TO CITI IT A HAS m the mfis. The L.-.r-est Asso: tment of Pist-.Is in this city. Prices as low as any other limi ' in the West. Coiaiiieriiul Street, Second Door heloxv Third, ATCHISOX KAXSA S. Jrtl- t-j Tors fl s'rp f . MAXl'K.xCTlT.KIt AXI I ' 5-A I. I'll IX Saddles, Bridles, Horse Collars, ttillFS, LAMES, fAHitiAGE TRlMtiiNiiS, FLY SETS, Kritllo ami Harness IcalliCr, etc , Xorth side Coni-uerci.,1 Street, hetween 1'ourth and Fath, ATCHISOX, KAXSAS. ,,,1,-701;'. rra;', va-i.o'-v.. : G- ZL IT T Bakery & Confectionery, Cominereial Street, south side, hei. Second and Third, ATCHISOX KAXSAS. 31 A T T E R B E R T-U-s ph-asure in theeitiz.-ns of Ah hison and the sin,' country th it he has recently fitted up ha BAKEilY AXD CONFECTIONERY, At his old est ;t.lished stand, in elegant style, and is now prepared to furnish the cilfcetu. x ith KRICSH r.KEAD, CAKES, PIES, CAN PIES, FRV1TS, ic. ! " in at :' as !!ttf ! TobaCCO, CSgaFS, VilieS, LiqUOFS, &C, j 4., ,'. . i. fllim,; in the w-t.-rn country. He rpertfnily .. ii 1 ,0, r.-.ntees sat isf.ic tioii. 1'nces the 1..XV- 1 .st ami'aU article; the 1 est. MATT. UERBKR. 1 V. F. P0LAX. T. J. POLAN. N'.eccssors 10 lioriu a. .'.ie,o,., DEALERS IX 1 . , .. c. .a- A. ... .... IIgROCERIESANDPROYISIONS, 1 C..;!ir,!-rcial St.. two .h-or- f.'..-t of Ch-M-hroUj:.! ""t t:.i', j i ATCHISOX, KAXSAS. j ! ' ( I i HIC. II EST CASH I-RIOE 1'AIP FOR VEGETABLES, Ami all kinds of Farm Produce. . - i,",t.i;,nn-fl ,,v. ;r -1 1-11,1 all C.xod? warrtnted of ,:0 'iu-ilit-v' "M at h'w,t liTi" r;'t'3 ' I We k---f p alwr.vs on hand r-i.T-a T.hirM C-n Pff PtC ! lea, LOilee, 10DaCC0 SOdp, ClC, CIC, ! irnri TTeTJ Dlen'T TiTTTTT'T? P.TrT.T,C!'P. i liifl, iJAUUil, UUiiJ uuiii. AXD EVERYTIllXiT IN TILE GROCERY LINE. At. h s. ru Man-h il. 1VS. nl-ly J 'Tl-; Com. tary is sitn-.t.vt on r.f th" r'r-r on b i.te- w.Tti' r. . . . in-an n'M '.'s i i-.-v li ;. n.iiv -..:! f-m-d and i .ts are rec-Tv tor side - T;i--"i.w:n.l .x whi -ii this Cenvtary i l-eatl i eleT .re.i aed i. -r;i:tiiiil. ov.-r!; the Citv. It is laid out in nu i ,i..-r, tvl.. -:tii l-r-e lots an.i wid.-- strets. It is well . ' - sh ah- l with 'r-- ri. i wul make the most txantiful Cen-Wy in the Western rn'it.try. Th- wisldng to select lotP iil cdl on Tnoniss ise or . c. tmiiu. T h r S T E E .". J-;ttt-! M U"tir, ti. W. Bo!!lT!, Jam C. Aul.l, , P. H. V,.vI ,rI, C.rcp W. Howe. Itf. i ; - - ,.. . :. feat CI EM EOfiR,'- ".11 Mirths.' H'Tsl!t hi . Ltskwa. Ac- in At. lasou ox L W'wi BUTTERFIELD'S Overland Dfspateli, TO ALL rOIXTS IX GQJLmO rado, UTAH, IDAHO, AXD Montana Territories. Principal Office Atchison. Kansas t2 -NTiV YORK OFFICE -a?ff Xo. 1, Vesey Slreet, Astor House. Through Bills of Lading, GIVEN FROM Hew York, Boston, PHILADELPHIA," PITTSBURG, CHICAGO, ST. LOUIS, AND EUELIHGTOIL IOWA. My xvanhonses are huilt of ST0XE and ero I'IREFROOE. Prompt attention piven to forwarding without delay all Goods sh J'pcd to my care ut the MOST REASONABLE RATES. 1 t . ;tt 1.0 rormtintlx- enn.lovod on the p.iilroails ! east of ills city, to lo.-k aft-r Fr.-iirht stiippe.1 to my cire. I with a Ti xv to prevent, as Iar as possioie, ine ueiaj 01 .w on the xxtiy- Anoth'r Acent is enipic.yed on the Pl.uns to hasten forward trxnsirtation in that .piarur, tuid no pitiii shall be pared U give full satisfaction. There if a ; DIREC1 railroad coxxectiox erom the east i To Atchison. Alo, A REGrLAR LIXE OF PACKETS FROM ST. LOUIS. i G.di Siipp'd to ror c-.r frorr, any part of th- Urdfed : Mates wiUn-cive prompt ntU-ntK.n. i D A. BUTTERFIELD, ATCHISON, KAXSAS. iPALDTNC, s"" T At9lii.n, March CL, 1SC5. iil-lr P. COOK, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN CROCKERY, m-s r1 vLm w cm r c. r ; kJJ-i-l W A i.ili TABLE GUTLEftY, AXD Housekeeping Goods, COMMERCIAL STitKlOT NP.VR CCKNLU OF KOVKT1I. ATCHISOX, KAXSAS. i T, t , .. :. 1... , i r: ,. z : . . ri:r. r , : ;;v. , War.. I Silv.-r l'iated War.-. Ciiiiia Ware. etc.. . v, r 1 j brought to the V it. 1 reo-ive all Silver Plat! 1 V;iro Direct from the Manufacturers, And Q'.iecni-ware hell at t fiom the Importer!', ;.:.,! can LOWER PRICES Than any House in the West. "! HOUSE FriiMSIIlXO GOODS.! I ... Such as Mats Willow Ware, etc., In endless vaiiety. of the hest ipiality. and at the loxv. prices. LAMPS Of all kinds, sizes, styh-s, priced, and varieties. I am proparod to fill i.ll ord-rn for Country M-rcIi.tnts ;..s LOW AS THEY (AN Bl'Y W THE EASTEuS CITIES. i My facilities for furnidiin goje'd At Wiiolesale, For the Colorado, Eontana, Idaho, AXD L T A H BABKETS, Are nnenu died, and I shall make '.his trade a s;,.t i.-iity . keening constantly on !. m 1 an assortment un-i:rp ..-s-d for elegance, finish, or e hc.ipness. Give Ine a caii aial see my goods. SOUTH SIDE Or COMMERCIAL STREET, Near corner of Eoui tii. 1. cooic. FEEIG-HTEES OUTFITTING UOUSE, A X I) CLOTIII3T& Wilis: RO() 31. L. FRIEND. P. HESSELREK'.iER. DEALERS IX FAS II I0A iS lAl C LOT SI I X( , HATS AXD CATS, GENTS' rUEHISniKG GOODS, Rubber Clothing, Blankets, Trunks. Revolvers, IJiHes, Carlriclgo, etc. South V.'e.-t rorn-r Thir l and C.iiiiu-rci..I Stn ATCHISOX' - - KAXSAS. THE LARGEST STOCK, SEST GOOjOo, AND THE LOWEST TRICES. WE PAY THE III j.'IEST PRICE FOR WOOL, And all kinds of Iur3. h. FRIEND I CO. 100,000 Customers TO ELY Til E LA IK 1 E STOCK OF GROCERIES, LIQUORS, &c, &c, NOW OX HAND AT Julius Kuhn?s? Com-r Con:r.iorei..I and Eighth Streets, ATCHISOX KANSAS. JULIUS KUIIN takes pleasure in iiiformintr the citizens of At'i.i." n and vicinity that he h: now in store one of the Iar 'frt. finest, lie;:r-st and l-.t arortnientsof GROCERIES, C' in prt of s.Ht.1. H. ir. 't U-.-m-K Che.- Cand!.-. Mustard. Salt. L P. BSaekinr. - 1 Slehiss--', Sxnip, Eu'P1. - I L' . . ... X . . . - v . 1 1 1 - i f . ,t . is, ,i , , . I Tcl"r vl"i a rl oi'-e s'.rtir.Mit "f ;he I -s t-mnds of TUiJVt MJ AND C If. ICS. 4. 1 ft-.- a' i.r.,P,U - f 'Va'el., AVi.,er Rro, Bomls.n and Monoui- hnU Whiskey, it.-. f Oit u.e call. Jl'UU3 KVUX. n. ii. HAMJi.Tnx & nnF.; 1M11M1 AITi RETxtl. piaLIRS in 1 DRY GOODS, 1 READY-MADE GLOTHIN Gritc -I rr-iiO H ilj U.U ? liltL.V liU.H UlAU) a - ..... 9 vxcnisOX, .... KAX31 x We have one of the 1 ir-aVt st.H ks of irood in th bd .1 ! lines ever t Kansas, and otter them for ml ( " lioi-.'sale and Retail it very sin ill protlts. reiyuik! on J .piaiititv xx es, 11 to alha d us a plain Hvimc. In our ' 1 DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT! V ill I H" It illt'l .; Hill llilf i'l t mii mi.-s 1.-IUI nuf ...... i . , f .11 1 !.' II I TuUIlu -i. all I ifMia'Hirir' 'i uit iir;iif?. r..u; nt- jp ttN Lin.-' Ys itiiu li'-. ti. iuu is rnutHi ani i in .1 1 t i 1 1 j 11 .1. . 1 T V r all ( iMors. I .t.nniTv's iiiht I vivi-h, i.ii'ii' v muiin .1111 n ..iu Jii-nn-iN (Vin-i. Dri-s Trinimimrs and ijtl r, !!.,is, H.Mu-Nfts, u!i t :m 1 luIU v,.iiitv of I'ANt OtH.'PS. Jch! ll It f DRESS ;goods department r ,'!i iv,' rai-itir Mini M;im lutfr lrlain.-s. All W V ... . . . . 1 j i'.. i: .1. vi ..;...,. r! ditto Plain and K.incv. Ircneli unit hni;lisli Merinos. 01 y P.-iditis. Solid i.d Kipnvd Lustres. Repps, ThiW-t aest cv.. cio,hs.vo!,,-s. MoZ:,u...i.,.. mi,.vci..k,s 5i CI'iTiilXii DEI'ARTMEXT ?! . . .. .. i ....... . . .... i ..r iet. i W e h axe the lar-cM sto, k of Co VTS, K.-TS. iMiil Cl.OTIlIN I'VNTS, SiunTS, Ac- 4e l-Ai-r lirn-M ( - tho Wot, ami great .ti;. in iuiiii; " ran I & - J Sell Cheaper than any Gthc jm ' tj . -thc, nt o'. r -nl "1 r., 'lEHi'.'Ho . . , - 1 i :....., L'l I - . 1 I r.llrtv ' , in. . S, I ITlllMfis ill ! I ... .1,1.- .i..,.. h 1 I nd-rshii:-. Ihau. i-s. W ool t'o.,t" and l'e.i J " Jl " '..;UaudOv.r.lls-,A.-.,.U-. 'p V 4. flfR STOCK OF &.c i ;t t BOOTS AND SHOESi,. Ts eoieol- t.-.c.-mtirisin- one of the Lar-eNt i'l . H i n Sal-st. nt i .Hi !s in that hue ever lining t fp h i.- 1 1 ... I . 1 ... l. .r ti u omen r . 4 i iii. i.iit '. i ol tie- latest st I s. Merchants. Traders mull 1 i'ie Plains xv.. I do well to call on us lielorttf I .. -.. o.e i .i-e.l to till their i that xxill ''..ay i .-mp.-iitiou. J 1"'! lt i j , I. X. I In. '.;vr.AT, ItoiiciiT M"Cou;, 4 , - J HOCMDAY,ICORHtj "wholesale AND RF - t : 4 COIiXLU ith & CC ATCHISOX, - XieJT D BUT NOT .-? VrV'-.. W;ipcttlhIB?!5rj A'r , ,&,fi ' thvuei recently bSS.,' S JIW , I C r..-ri-.-,!tf'il!y ionKjstic -...V I th at i.ltiio,l-h rwelltlx ' I ,( st-K-k -I Foreign and 3tfJSl! " ABiixiiilTiN. IEON, ST2EL, UAIL3, MECaiSICMfen LEAD PIPE, C1Fip'afi Ruble.- Jidtinff, racking, Tf gP, J Which he is selling al LOWEST PRICES. 'OU Store-Roi in Dtiba:V tiulding, Fyur( Sired.' in c i larn t Mr new tnildir.i will he con;detel within a nhr.rty gto 1 Hnd until th.-n I xxiil he pllo my old fne..: - I customers, as will as new .-. at my temporary fh'ITU, busiii'sio. 1 aiu ri-ceivin ofciisUnt sMhlitions tw i nl-ly c. j. j.; i TO 1 5TTQfi nr xj-c a vn ctiTTT r inn vy x' uiiai x ai.i i. uuuui' Ji.iavi.. Train! - Arr - jN-o-C v J ti 'VtUng B until fnrtt nl t.ftlJtim of th? P;. ' f- ,i.Wii , 7' ' "ph' w " tdirjji. ST . 1- r If : i s.

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