Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1954
Page 8
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F^^WIXWI^"' " * '. .T'-fi v *, \ f :<!*»?-<'V,~ . Me served *o* tfie state Sag Commission aftd *£* W» the Arkahsas Board , A flffifefal #111 b« at 10:30 6. hi at Ktit J»J-6sbytcnart '^Wfftv,, -3* ? "* -^ ^ -M l 1 It" a ' HOPE STAR, HOPt,ARKANSAS Tuesday, December ftt, 1$34 y . Rand Shoes fo^ Chrlstwos WtK-wisxw.K-; RAND &®£-i I I I I 4 » \ "/~y f *' 1 '^y^' f .'" '"<"", ?//, <,'//^j*7s*^ti > , absorb the shock of «v*ry utep yoti take. 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The hoslMtal said the writer's rel" tlves Withheld the actual cause this illness'until his death. Hilton, several of Whose books tore turned into successful moon pictures, had been hospital zed since Nov. 21 with what wos escribed as a general infection nd a high fever. Home Fires Take Lives of 16 LITTLE ROCK — wi sixteen ersons have, died in home fires'in Arkansas shice Oct. 1 the state lealth Department reports. During corresponding period last . E£r, fi3 pernons lost their lives .in. Arkansas home .fires. Dr. 3. T. Herroh, state health officers attributed the; decline jto edoc'ailonai-.barnpnigns by various :rganiaa"tions. . . Most Appropriate Gift BIBLES Stories of the Bible in "BIBLE STORliS FOR CHILDREN" . John S.Gibson Drug Co. Phone 7-2201 •' ,- /' fi'Y-1^4-^. r ,\ '• f ". t , " bwAv A ' i» r( ?i« ^ •• ^m^w-- -r -. SJ^^yy ,," „ - k , ( ,.^.%^'^i/' U.'!,' , «! L '^4<>Jb^Sj-- ABOUT "vTW'VC'^i ^s%^ ^ *" s >Kr5ri : 3'3f*tt2K'2'^wS* ^^i>?™.' T, "\" . 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AS FA?T AS PQKIW.6-T.0f cpurse., most calls will be completed while yog *&* still on the Hmtf j}«J; tf ypyrs. is pne of those which cannot be completed ' wrkin on it and call 1njra§di<tt«|y ( yoy . the operator wjll keep working on it and call iJ^^.T0 help you keep frerr. forgetting Important i JQt*iciowrva fe,w nqtes pf whflt yoM want to say. — yoyr telephone fuesddy, December 21, HOPI STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS SET YOUR CHRISTMAS FOODS Where Santas (ft "SUPtR-RlGHT" BROAD-BREASTED FULLY DRESSED CHRISTMAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday December 21 The Christmas program at the Oakgrove Methodist Church will be held Tuesday, December 21, at •*0 p. m. ' Your best Christmas Turkey ever! More white meat! So succulent! TOMS Lb. ... The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will meet in the home of Mrs. Carl Coffee Tuesday. December 21, at 7:30 p. m. for its annual Christmas party. Poplar Grove 19G, Syprerrte Forest Woodmen's Circle, will meet Tuesday. December 21. at 7:30 p. m. at the -home of Nettie and Charlene Wiggins for the December soc- .f," Tarpley, •jEiia. Sunday December 26 brilliantly lighted tree with arrangements of red carnations. :t James Fuller Russell, and W. H. Gunter. Jr., all t>f--Hope. Luncheon was served from the The mother of the bride wore theniufris xveddirig; The table was attractively decorated with white chrysan- Rocfc; Miss Betyl Henry, ttt ton; Air and Mr*, rfohto ounaay ueccmDcr co ; jjum-iicun w a» ac* vcwi A* w*»* «***«- j.4»*. ..-^».»».» •*— — j i •* t A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" ! dining table which was covered pink Italian taffeta with a hat and! Miss ] I Memphis, f enn.; Mr. Sftd Mrs' wore ft red knit dress mes Ilaizard of Strfeveport," of A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" dining taoie wnicn was covered pum AUIUHII mut-m wim """'""• j 7 «VV-' "^J" ^JT^: " h ~" ii" Rn» rWrfnrt M« P ft tMtil will be presented by the choir of with a handmade r.utwork linen filoves of a deeper shade; the and pinned a Corsage of white chry v; M«. Roy ?«™°"' M ?*i V H; 1 *^ . _ V 1 «=""-« "j .... _._ , . j • . HI..- i.~~ „„,.,„ n > «v,n amnm'c mo. sanihprrtiims nt her shouldef. < rob of SDrtnedaie. Ark.J Ml*, ana WSfd Ml ial. Each member is asked to bring a gift not ^exceeding SI.00. Wednesday December 22 Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Anthony and Dr. and Mrs. George Wright will entertain the seventh and eighth grade members of the County Club with a semi-formal dance from 7:30 to 10:30 Wednesday night the Presbvterian Church at 5 p. cloth. The guests were seated at blue lace gown of the firoom's mo- santhemums at her ^shouMel•. .J&«**^&** M nm . m Sunday December 26. ! quartet tables covered with cut- ther was complimented p.v ft mau- Guests inelxldedAMta Meeks of Mrs JohrtA l^e^aft attd y> ^ ' work cloths and centered with ligh- Ve- hat and accessories. They each Memphis, Caroline Hawthorne o* Joy of Hot Spring Atfe.J-W. WBjHatt^ Sunday December 26 i ted tapers in poinsetta holders. j wore .corsages of white gardenias. | Hope. Fra " che .f c ^ s °" Ft worth"'Okfa • bridaTparty 5 wTtn h a S d»nner a oa Sun* GreenfeeT •£„„ «^»»™-» rL We. Cnmva'v. Arkansas, and Was Howard of Mope t Mrs>,B. M. Htt*-'Frances Wilson, Mrs. Sidney 3 day night at the Barlow. ~ C. to. iviesoames uari A 1 ^" otnuwi, ctiicii<.t^u IA^HUIAA *-«*- ...... uu ...^> «- - — ,..-----. _-__,.-,.,. W eeniee. Troy Greenlee, Joe lege. Conway, Arkansas, and was Howard of Hop« t Mrs, B. M. Htt*- Fran .Reese. Ira Turner, Dick Erwin A.-graduated from North Texas Stale, zard. Mrs... John Arhold Miss Ka- soni of McGregor, Te*as; MM. J f ' !b. MiddlebrooKs, Jr., Guy Una- College. Denton. Texas. Ensign thy Jo Freeman of Hot.Springs and J- Battle of Fulton: Miss Anrt Mc- iker^ J U 0 ; Luck, Wayne Lafferty, ; Haz Z ard. a graduate oi Hope High Mrs.Evan, Wray . . jSw.,,, and Mrs. O; G Mlrs of£r6- Miss Tish Smith, bride-elect of Robert Alton Jones of Joplin, Mo., will be honoree at a supper on Wed! nesday evening to be given by Miss Nannette Williams and Miss Charlotte Tarpley at the home of Miss Monday December 27 . . _ - — Mr and Mrs J W Smith will be A - C - Bal1 ' c - B - Rile y- R°ss Bri- School, attended Southern State hn\£ «t the Rehearsal d nne-for « ht ' V ' Ci Coleman, Dalton Dragon, College, Magnolia, and was firad ?he JonL Smi h weddins nartv on Elton *"e h ™- Dewey Baber. J? C.' ««ted from the University of Ar~ Monday nigS DeLmbef 27. af the Carllon,' Edwin Powell Bcvcrleykans-. He. i. now ^virurwith the T RpHie Jonnson . Guy Downing. Floyd Ful-i Nav y on tne U ' 'S.'S. Titanic. ' ' ' B '|Jer and Miss Lulie Allen. Guests I A reception was held in the chur- « ! present were Mrs. Arch Moore,! ch Parlors following the ceremony. Mrs. Claud Agee, Mrs. Alta Erwin " The receiving line consisted of the The bride-elect presented hoi" scolt; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jewell, , V. C-Colema'ri"DaU i on Drago'o" College', Magnolia, and" was firad- attendants .with jjlfts. of jewelry at ^'. Al and Njcfe df tf&yelteViite} - ' . . ° e '>.--i--i * ..-- »r_, !x__ _* «- the breakfast. jMr. and Mrs. G, E, CattnOii, . —'-', -, '„ ;',!.'. ..' * j mary Cannon, Thorhtis E. of Texarkana; and Katherine 'At"' nold of Arlington, Va« Lawrence Hazzard fentertalned With Stag Breakfast and Mrs, J. T. Greene of Green-'i mother of the bride, the mother ville, South Carolina. Ensign Lawrence W. Hazzard' Gifts were exchanged following . was entertained with a stag break- the luncheon, and roll call was an- ants ' I and father of the groom, the bride groom, and the bride's attend- ifast Sunday morning by his bro- swerpd with a favorite Bible Ver- rr/err RIGHT SMOKED HAMS u WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY CHRISTMAS DAY OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY WHOLE or HALF Lb. * • • • ALL GOOD BRAND SLICED* SUPER RIGHT SMOKED BUTT PORTION Lb. . » • •' Lb. . . ... SHANK PORTION Lb. FRESH DRESSED c HENS *•$•*• ANGELUS Marshmallows y>£ CONFECTIONERS or BROWN SUGAR £ A&P MINCE MEAT ^23c SUPER RIGHTFULLY COOKED' Lb. Lb. FRESH SUPER RIGHT "FRESH PORK FOR THE THRIFT MINDED LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS LADIES SWEATER In wool and Orion. Beautifully jewelled and in lovely colors. Sizes 34 to 40. Other sweaters'attractively priced and in desirable colors and materials. All sizes THANK - U A&P Apple Sauce 2 A&P CRUSHED PINEAPPLE Ko,21 Jar No. 303 <^i c HAMS FESTIVE PRODUCE WOOL JERSEY BIO These blouses are in a wide selection of colors. Sizes 32 to 38 ther and best man, James of Shrev.eport, La. Other, guests at the early morning breakfast at the Hotel Barlow included his groomsmen, Evan Wray, father of the hi-lde. and B. M. Hazzard, father of the groom. Hazzard—Wray Wedding Solemnized The dining table was laid with white net over pink. The center arrangement was pink chrysanlha- mums and white candytuft in a Rehearsal Dinner, Given F*or Haz*ar<i-Wray Wedding Party - •. •*, " i ,. „-'«*' i* •- • ' j- L ^- Col. and Mrs. James C. Mr and Mrs. B. M, Hazzard on-| and sohs- James and crystal epergne, flanked by cry( stal candelabra holding white ta- Miss Martha Wray, of Hope, Ar-jpers. The tiered wedding cake' was' kansas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. decorated with pink flowers and tertained with a rehearsal dinner. arrlvc Wednesday afternoon from' at the Barlow Hotel on Saturday jr t Worthi Tex where Coli Gr ^ s evening, December 18. a 6 ci- lg stationed, to spend the Christ- clock for mehibers ot the Hazzard. mns holidays . With Mrs. RalpH Wray wedding party. Routon and Mrs. T. S. Mcbavltt. The dining 'table was beautifully] decorated with a large white chr.v santhemum centerpiece interspe Lest Ston, *6*»s, Jo Kenneth Mr. and Mrs. John • MeekS ' of of tio^iiavfr a, m. tiec. , n na mi: ana mrs. jonn-meexs oi T* nn - T;i*n«iifrt "t '- Memphis, Tcnn., have b.een the ffi* Hr s fiW '8.guests of Mis Meek' parents, My.I£„*..' ... .. < W*< Ensign Hazzard took this oc-' Evan w - Wray of El Dorado and: topped with a fan and miniature casion'to present suitable gifts to Hope, Arkansas, became the bride rose bouquet. Presiding at the bri- his groomsmen of Ensign Lawrence W.- Hazzard ( de's table were Mrs. Charles D. Sunday afternoon, December 19th, Gibson, Mrs. F. R. Johnson, Mrs. at three thirty o'clock at the First Methodist Church of'Hope. Ensign Hazzard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, and 'Mrs Dale Jones. Miss Nancy Hays, of Hope, was in charge of the bride's book The bride's traveling costume WBS a black wool suit-dress with holders lace and M-rs. E. W. Copelafid, , , ... ., .... , Airman .Second Class Dorsey, A'^ marked with a silvered white Wed- Collins o{ Nol . t h Platte.'' Nebraska, bell and miniature ring. . A three course turkey dinner was ith his parentSi Dnhlia Garden Club Has Christmas Luncheon The home of Mrs. B. F. Johnson j B'°M?'Hazzard o"f Hope. was attractively decorated in the, A cen tral arrangement of calla Christmas motif for the annual, iii lies was flanked by floor baskets tangerine accents with which she Christmas luncheon. Guests wcre! o£ . caUa ii Uies and jade trees sil-'-wore black, accessories and the of- received at the door by Mrs. Bev- j hottetted against a background of chid from her wedding bouquet. irley Johnson and invited into the; sout hern smilax and lighted by After a short wedding'trip the, . -entrance hall where Mrs. Edwin tapers extending the length of the. couple will be in Hope until the Jones is visiting hs patents, Mr. Powell served Dunch. The room; rostrum> and pew candelabra tied! first of the year when they will go and Mrs T ° T """ •* tu glowed with lighted tapers and a; witn ca i la HHies.and white ribbons i to the west coast where the groom Coming and Going Ail man Third Class Harry V3M •RegLJIar$8.00 Values . . .NOW . ." . Regular $6.00 Values . . . NOW. : . $5.95 $4.50 TEXAS BABY FRESH SPARKLE PUDDINGS 4 ANN PAGE GRAPE JAM EMPEROR — RED Lbs. FLORIDA FRESH PASCAL FRESH Stalk ENGLISH TANGERi! IDc POTATOES 10 ' 1 V*' I WlHl VLJ I y .jiiii '* One Roel<(jf' i ir!i -" f ^ " DARK COTTON DRESSIS These are moderately priced at only $5.00 In junior, regular and half sizes. . . Ideal for her Christmas gift. THE FASHION SHOPPE (THE LITTLE SHOP WITH A LOT OF STYLE) 112 S. Main Phone 7-5850 •fc Today Only * • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:45 - 5:30- 7:25 - 9:10 • SHORTS • 1. Joe McDoaks Comedy 2. Fox & Hound Color Cartoon 3. Farm Girl Goes to City 'lighted the central aisles of the church. ' The Reverend Virgil D. Keeley read the wedding vows of the double ring ceremony. Miss Roberta Howard sang "For You Alone,", "The Wedding ' Prayer" and "O' is stationed. was accompani-1 ed by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, organist, | who played the wedding music, in-. Tenn Martha Wray Feted At Bdunch Miss Martha Wray, bride-elect of Lawrence Hazzard, was feted with a brunch given by Mrs. Ernest Copeland and John Meeks of Memphis, has arrived to . spe ntl .the-; holidays . Mr.- Ahd:;T»trsjrF Julia Chster , AdmlttddrMr. A> P. L. B Jones duung the holidays. eluding the traditional marches. The bride, given in marriage by { hci- father, wore a floor-length gown of imported Chantilly lace over nylon illusion and taffeta, designed with tight bodice fastened jby tiny lace buttons, high standing flared collar outlined with applied lace motifs, long pointed sleeves, with voluminous skirt. Her shor'tf vnil of illusion was attached to MAXWELl INSTANT COFFEE EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE ( Wed. & Thurs. Greer GARSON - Robert RYAN M*M«CT* BARRY SULLIVAN AN UNUSUAL GIFT OF ENTERTAINMENT! "BOOKS OF HAPPINESS" Brunch was served in the dining room oi the Barlow'Hotel. The table was decorated in the Christmas motif with a centerpiece of. .'candles banked by frosted greenery Miss Wray wore a trousseau frock of black and chartreuse win- ier cotton, and a. corsage of red roses. She was presented a gift of Out-of-town guests attending the Hazzard-Wray wedding on Sunday afternoon were: Mrs. Sam Mrs. Dwight Blake, Miss Flora lien Watkins, Mrs. George Frye, Margaret-Arnold of Minden, La.; Welton - Jewell, Miss Anne Collier, Miss Ree Whiteside, Ft. Worth, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Guy A Norwood, Mrs John H. Hollis of Little silver by the hostesses. , Guests included Mrs B. M. .Hazzard, Frances Hazzard, Mrs. Evan Wray, Mrs. John Arnold, Kathy. pearl Juliet cap trimmed with pear- lized orange blossoms, and she carried 'a colonial bouquet of white lillies-of-the-valley centered with a white orchid. Her only jewelry was a gift of the groom, a string of imported pearls w-ith matching earrings: ';,' •, '-,.' ,,,. j; , Miss f Katherine Freem;an of Hot Springs', served i as maiS" of vrhondfo - - ..'--. - v ' u She wore a copper-toned iridescent | Katherine Arnold taffeta .dress with draped bodice Va> and attached 'jacket, and bouffant floor-length skirt; and carried a colonial bouquet of Pinnochio roses tied with blue ribbon; Kathy Joy Freeman of Hot Sp- rings, Caroline Hawthorne. Miss Ree Whiteside, Miss Ann Collier ,of Fort Worth, Frances Wilson of McGregor, Texas, Miss Margaret La , andrMiss of Ailington, rings, the flower girl, wore a floor- lertgth bouffant white ruffled taffeta dress and carried a miniature Breakfast Given Sunday In Honor of Miss Wray \ Martha Wray and-her bri dal attendants were guests at -a breakfast given in Martha's honor by Miss Kathy Freeman, maid ot b(4 V4.LW3D aiJU Udl.AJ.bV4 H iii*«t41* wui v. ~. . colonial bouquet of Pinnochio ros-'honor, and Mrs.. Buck Freeman of Hot Springs. The breakfast was held in the dining room of the Barlow Hoto on Sunday morning prior to th« RAJAH SHREDDED xYa-ib. RAINBO HOME STYLE BABY KOSHER DILLS OR •> / RAINBO CRISPY SWEETS .,..;. ..7.. Jar "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN .<-f , t , -t MORTON SALTERS Package of 3. A&P GOLDEN WHOLE KERNEL OR CREAM STYLE, 16-oz. Np. 303 Cans 4 T MAYONNAISE JANE PARKER <5HRISTMAS SPECIAL CQNTAINW Mince Pie ,( , rilDICTMAC f II If B Gold <ak,,lcecnn white ||l||||9 I iWlUp MIIIR Cplorfully ^wreted DINNER ROLLS lfe^_ '. 2 *** CAKE DONUI$ (X S?-.« 22* FRUITCAKE Each Cooled POX 9f n NESTLE'S SEMI-SWEET CHOC. MORSilS .,..*«: ALL-PURPOSE • -:QH$ ;• f^WP .;r*W-l dexo SHORTININO.... 3 £» F5^ CURtANT JIUY PROMEDARY FRUIT CAKE MIX KARO RED LABEL 704 WHITE SYRUP * * SUNNYFIEIP CAKE HOUR ,.,...,..... 4 X 354 RITI CRACKERS A&p j • «|,B :IV.9*V WHCM Wl«l* FANCY PUMPKIN IMABSHMALLOW CRIME HIP-9-UTE PUFFIN . . MAn^AikU POPCORN |MNhYfl|U>, FIN! RICE mm* »yiTAN* UMIL STUFFID OUVIS »< A gift that will last, thus be remembered, for many months to come. Practical and fitting,.. Poll-Parrot Shoes, 4.50 to 6.95 wording to .style and size .JT The maids, in dresses of iridescent raspberry taffeta, were Miss Caroline Hawthorne, Hope, Mrs. John • Meeks, Memphis, Tennessee, Miss Frances Wilson, McGregor, Texas, Miss Ann Collier, Fort Worth Texas. Their dresses were of the same design as the maid of honor, and they carried colonial bouquets of blue chrysanthemums. The candleilghters, Miss Ree Whiteside, Fort Worth, Texas, and Mrs. James Hazzard, Shreveport, Louisiana, in identical rose iridescent taffeta dresses, wore wristlets of Pinnochio roses tied with blue. All the attendants wore harmonizing flower arrangements in their hair. Mrs. Hyatt's dress was orchid lace and she wore a corsage, of pink carnations, and Miss Howard's dress was a champagne taffeta and her corsage of roses. Mri James Hazzard of Shrevfi- port, Louisiana, served his brqther as best man. The ushers were Henry Lile, Billy Wayne Mitchell, :|'1*%%'j T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb •l i \ * « U I know you just bought a new T. V. set from Vic Cobb but you cannot install the old one in the car!! COBB'S Radio & TV Service Phone 7-2598 Him ...: H ; I Eastman Kodak's, : v s Cigarettes | Pipes | Ronson Lightens§ -Justin Billfolds; . 8 SheafferPens;-* | Penciljs and Se K Old Spice-Sets^ | Yard ley Sets I 1 Electric Razors, g Sun bea m', Sch ic k;; 'I I and Reininaton «,\\ PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP • Personalized Christmas • Open every Wednesday Night 7;30 - 9 P. M. 305 S. Laurel JUST ARRIVED J 100% NYLON TOPPER m PffefS in M>&$: "'' FOSTER'S , .^ i^LY JHJi^STQP .,„ *i!**^f^*ft-, ' f £.'*3^)'&?'>4 r *J*'^i 'n !2l. £*-!•> i^, '—' fi*£?**L/"^* f OR QUALITY .cirid Ut ui fill thoii Vilfll fsr fpeedy dpllvery frsm 7 a. m. t? 7 p. m, Ffegl?ter?d Prugalst on duty aft all Jlmw, pSfl PR 7-848* White for Christmas and gfte.r It's Washable, - It's Pretty. G . Her one. Si?§ 7 to 15, rni tf,'', A Si 1"L. •fflft''!

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