Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 4
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HAN ft *d« ER3l Haf , n# EARL- OB' » *. .s-ii'' ««!9 »tfl* otakc ft* *«*» kin. All come, to ft*. It* In lute an* rtttti** When He ICATC* he 'W? t ojf WITH THE dS-APTER IX HIDE, plumper and less with positive prettlness- lary-Frances, ahd henCe- . .. «r received the accuse "a^ least indifferently. Since * el the previous evening, only tBe few grudged v&fjtet to steep towards dawn; ;«£ artipfd interval spent in """" J \' classfooms, Mary- had talked unceasingly of ^approaching romance. That she elf,was slightly bored with the r"- Ermintrude would not have tted. That she was fearful of ieding further into it Erm in- had-been admitting repeat' more and more urgently ( said Mary-Frances; "that trimHle with you; Brinln- is?" asked Ennintrude. you're like my sisters, Ann ^Cecily, r told you They thlnK wtpjf old th'ing like their jobs, or S that old house of ours for P. and Rosalie, or my educa- Jjttton, even, is more important than f^IOT.e-'!' ?,,' "Everybody says," contributed pTnniritrude, "that your sisters are an<f Co. // mas mean of him not to telephone today. Waiting for a message—mailing for anything mas hard. „ , said Mary-Frances, as If (' the* discussion bad been one of I racial characteristics and Brmln- l&tids' ha* remarked that Ann and fOecily were white, '"of course l ~" good. Why shouldn't the/ eaid Ennintrude; "I |don't tSliSP you'd' better, Mary ^Frances; t donX honestly;" |f'. This: tendency on ther part of her |frlendi ttfpakihg long backward JcoriViraaHoriat leaps Instead' of ad- ler'had ever,been, tor ' a itrylnr tendency. jJKt tfie" moment?, ft was riipre exas- aporatlag ttian usual, because Ermin|. trude" knew, since she' had been |(thoroughly informed, that Mary' : Frances's whole life's happiness depended upon successfully carrying |s>-through this coming venture. t ^ "Ermintrnde- Hill." said Maryf?? Prances; "sometimes you make me iBt' sick and disgusted." 1 "Last night," said Ermihtrudjt, resuming her habits, retrograde, lij' ''you said yourself that there wasn't fc- Another girl in M. H. S. who you'd" f^felk to like you did me about life and living and everything.' "Last night." Mary-Frances con- ^eded, ''you were all right' You .,-^understood about ideals"/, and the' importance^ of love and 1 everything. I dbn't' know what's got into you : today. I guess' you just don't care about my life's happiness being 1 fulfilled nor anything;" "I do too," said Ennintrude. "But just the; same I don't think you should' go and pick" up strange men on 1 the stree'tl" '-.. ;' * * • s nice, Isn't it?" reproved Mary-Frances bitterly. "And it was #on-yonf' own; self, over the phone last night, thafsaid all about soul 1 crying- to- soul and every thing. fi "Well;" Ermihtrude gloomily admitted, "maybe r did. Hut just the same, If Mother and- Daddy should find* but' that t picked up a strange man oa the street they'd' kill me. They'd just naturally kill me— . i "I Sflppow." siiia-' Mary;-Frances, spuriously' matchlrig Ermlntnide's gloom,: "that- you expect to get a' long- ways witn 1 your stage- career, and receive ovations' arid- everything; without a 1 bit' of bravery. Not even a ; teeny, b'it of bravery." "Todky, • durlng ; algebra," said Ermintriide, "I kind of got to thinking abbut Peter, and I just almost decided' to give up the stage for a career." ft Ermintrude, with this thin wedge', liad Hoped to open a' discussion- of her own affairs, her hopes were rnavaillngi RosyWade, by this time, had been left behind, and the girl's were coming down a small hill covered- with the lush, heady greens' of' Oregon's' uncultivated shrubbery,. At the foot of the hill a service station sprouted, shining red and white In the sun. Mary- Frances clutched Ermintrude's arm. "There!" she said. "I'll stop in there and • fix up. They have a ladies 1 'rest room. It will be better than- going on 1 ' down to Palmer's; liko we'd planned." "I don't hardly think they'll let you," Ermlntrude objected. "Without a car or anything." "They'd just better try to stop me," threatened Mary-Frances. She was a female thing, .questing for love and beauty. Her'tiny nostrils dilated slightly. • * • 'T'HB attendant at the service sta* A ' tlon, pleasantly nanie'd Albert Jolly and 1 as British as "Zed," had noticed two girls; whom- he might have= described' as sWeetly coinelyi 'approach"' arid-' cross' ,hls grayeiefl- corner. He had noticed them, : and busy with his pumps-and his .oil cans, he bad promptly forgotten them. Ho was vaguely startled; 15- minutes later, when he saw the two young persons again In his graveled corner. Albert was at an age when all youth looked much and beautifully alike to him. Still, he had retained an Impression that the blue little lady was a bit more agreeable to the eye than was the stockier brown little lady. He looked again at the blue little lady, and his eyes opened wide, and his jaw went down a trifle, and murmuring "and distinctly troubled he returned to his pumps and oil cans. Mary-Frances had resolved that, for once In her life, she was going to look decent. The lipstick, wh'IBh' had done double duty f6f cheeks' and lips, had been purloined ffoift Cecily, as had the clown-white 1 flow- der, imdinimed by the tan arid the pink powders with which Cebity carefully blended It. There could be no doubt aa to the altered appearance of Mary-Frances, Ermintrtide, looking again at he* friend as they left the gravel 1 arid- gained^ the Sidewalk, declaredj "You're* a perfectly ravishing beauty, MrirjMFrances, darlingi Audi my, but you look old! Honest; no fooling, yoti look almost—Jadea;" Which Was" delivered as high age, rind' Which was so received.- The girls went on, past meade'S Development ahd Realty Company, down Tanner street, jm Ike Crombley's New and Secon* Hand Furniture Company, phst' ttia Sans Souci Apartments, past the post showing the sign, "Feriwlck avenue"; and If the old street, dap* pled with sunshine through Its spreading locust trees, attempted enticements or Invocations' they were neither seen nor heard; A rounded corner brought Mary- Frances and Ermlntrude to Mrs, Van'Slyclte's Delicatessen Shop, and automatically they stopped before Its windows: fascinating salads; goldetr With mayonnaise; bowls of creamy cottage cheese; cakes tower- Ing luscious layers of cocoanut arid chocolate; hams, cut to pink's owfl perfections; olives oily green, and pungent dill pickles, and pies, and little rolls—all only a glass window" away at four o'clock on a warm spring hungry afternoon. "I'm starved," stated Ermln- trude. "I'm just naturally starved. Let's hurry right back to our houso and get something to eat. We went to your house yesterday." Mary-Frances, too, was torn 1 by the teeth of hunger, but path and purpose lay clear before her, and, though slip turned from the Wlndow' wlth : a heart-heavy sigh, she took Ermintrude's arm and pulled it and said, "Oh, for'-;pity's sake! Come on, can't you?" . Ermintrude's opposition, which, possibly because' of the amazing success attending the venture for beauty, had' been constrained since' the girl's had left the service station, now'gushed forth, surcharged' with feeling. "Yes, but, Mary-Frances Fenwlck, I don't think you ought to. I think, you'd lots better give it all up-right now and go U for a college career." NN, at her desk^in the office of • the Redfern Plumbing arid Heat- : Ing Company, looked again- at th«' olpck on the wall. Twenty-five mia<' utes past, four, and Phil had' not telephoned to her nil day long. Usually, at least, when things went wrong In the evening, Phil telephoned to her early the next day—not to make love: Phil did not approve of • love-making over the telephone—but to reassure her, to let her know that he was not angry, to make an engagement for the evening. It was mean of him not to' telephone today. She would have called him gladly, but Phil thought It not quite nice for girls to telephone to men. 'It was mean of hint. Getting a number was so easy. Waiting for a message—waiting for anything was hard; (To Be Continued) Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! 1 . With HOPE STAR WANT ADS - The more you tell, THe quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lin» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line; minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5 Mi words to the line) t advertisements accepted over the telephone may be ed with the understanding the bill is payable on presen- of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 Municipal Bond Mart Improvement Sought WASHINGTON— (&)— Senator Connally of Texas said Monday the treasury department planned endeavors to improve the market for municipal 'bonds. The Texas democrat quoted' Undersecretary as saying all possible would be done to that end. He also made public a report from Deputy Governor Burgess of the New York Federal Re- serv Bank describing the municipal bond market as being in "a more or less demoralized condition." FOR RENT RENT—Two furnished bed adjoining bath 520 South Main 376J 17-ltdh RENT—One nice five room "brjck bungalow, South Elm street. Floyd Porterfield. 15-7tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Three and half acres wjtb, six room house, City water, lights, on gravel highway at a bargain. Bridewell & Henry. ll-6te. FOR SALE—Good grade country $orghum molasses. Three gallons for Apply at Hope Star. It LOST LOST—One big bone white liver spotted pointer bird dog, one front 1% badly scared. Return (9 W. A. Lf wis at Hope Furniture Co.. £iid receive reward. 16-3tp. WANTED ', WANTED—Mrs. Charles Bader to send one drees to J. L. Creep Cleaning Co., i<i be dtanjed and pressed ab- Marked Tree Bank Fails to Open on Thursday i MARKED TREE, Ark.—(/P)—The Farmers and Merchants Bank and Trust Company, the only bank here, closed Thursday. Massachusetts is the leading producer of leather boots and shoes. Mechanical cane harvesters have ,made their debut in Cuba. WARNING ORDER No. 2493. In the Hempstead Chancery Court. Annie O'Dessa Bennett Plaintiff Vs. .:, Joseph Sidney Bennett Defendant The Defendant, Joseph Sidney Bennett, is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, herein. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 3rd day of December 193L WILLIE HARRIS, (Seal) Clerk. Dec. 4-11-18-26. Another Clue Fades in Hunt for Girl Student DELTA, Mo— (JP)—Another clue to the whereabotus of pretty Imogens Hector, 17-year-old high school girl, who disappeared last Thursday, faded Monday as relatives at Stuttgart, Ark., said they had not seen her. It was reported that she might have gone there, where she visited last summer. Proud Champion solutely free December 19. 18-ltc NOTICE NOTICE—Men's suits cleaned and pressed, delivered SOc, phone 148- Hope Steam Laundry. 15-6tp SERVICES OFFERED SERVICE OFFERED—If you want service call, 670, Robinson Grocery. 14-9tc Mift anrf Appfes Make Tfien Hearths GtHrude Hclkefc, !'«,• and Wllllhm SftnderS, 18; hcaltlilcst boy and girl 111 (he United Slates, arc shown above with tKcll- "health' footl." CHICAGO.—Drink plehty of 1 milk, eat apples and cabbage and you will never.be bothered with doctor's bills. That's the answer of Gertrude Heikes and William Sanders, judged! the healthiest' boy and girl in the United States at the 4-H Hub rbngrcss here, to questions as to how they won their prizes. Both-live on farms^ go to bed early, get plenty of outdoor exercise, sleep with windows wide open, even in the coldest weather, and eat three square- meals a day. Which include lots of milk, apples, cabbage and other vegetables. Both made the highes tscores ever registered in' a national health contest, Miss Heikes scoring 99.9 per cent, and young Sanders, 99.1. Miss Heikes lives in Dakota countyv N«b., while Sanders home is in Johnson county, Ind. Letters to Santa Claus Dfear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a little wagon some firecrackers gloves', sparklers', fruit, nuts and candy. I' am' a' little bby nine years old. I go ttt Rodky MoUnd school. James Olen DUrham. Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me some boots and automatic pistol, three boxes of shot and some fruit. : John Alvin Purtle. Dear Santa: — Please bring me a doll buggy,- doll,- toys, fruits and- nuts of all .kinds. Do not forget my many little" friends. . •; v ' . ,. Betty June Monts. .'.'•'•'. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:— I am a little Boy two years' old. I have tieeri a real good boy this year and I want yout' to 'tiring -'me a tricycle, a train, little Horse, '•a-'c'ar," arid a 'big rubber balh • . •-, ••' - Alton McRae HoneycUtt,' Jr. v. . • Hope, Arkansas. ' Dlar Santa:— I am a little girl 8 years of age. I have been good this year and I want you- to" bring me a little baby doll' and a sewing' set. Please bring my brothers, sisters and my mother and daddy something nice too. Lorene Butler. . ' • Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy nine years; of age. I go to school at Spring Hill. I want you to bring rrie a air rifle; a box of shots, and a pair of gloves. Fruits, nuts and candy. Don't forget my teacher, Miss Roxie Walking 1 , bring- her something nice. Watfrey Babo. Hope, Arkansas. Dfear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl ten years old! I am in the third gread. I go to school at Spring 1 Hill. I want you- to bring me a doll, a doll buggy. And some nuts of all kinds. Please don't forget my mother and father and bring,my little brothers and sister something too. bring my teacher something. Essie Sexton. Emmet, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a' little boy two years old. I want you to bring me a little wagon and air gun, some apples, oranges, candy and nuts, and be sure and bring grandpa something nice for I love him dearly and don't forget my little sister Betty Joe. Noel Don Carlton. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa- Claus:—1 : am a little girl II years old. T go to 1 Rocky Mound school. My teacher is : Mrs. Audra Hunt, she is very sweet to her pupils. Please bring rpe a nice story book and a writing desk, fruit, nuts, and candy. Maurice FairchiW. P. S. Don't forget my cousin Edna Mae Baker at Little Rock. . Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa:—I am a little boy 12 months old. Please bring me a negro baby doll, rocking chair and a choo choo train. Norma Lee Sobro. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl eight years old. I want you to bring me a doll and' a" trunk, pair of gloVes and a big' rubber ball. Hilda Morgan Bearden Washington, Ark. Dear' Santa Claus:—I am a little girl three years'old'. I am a very good little girl, and f want you to bring me a doll that will go to sleep, and will say mama, a little iron and wash tub and 'rub board. Don't forget my little brothers, bring Doyle and Dale something nice. Please don't forget moth-' er and daddy* Bring all the fruits and candy you can spare. , Allihe Atkins.. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus.—I am a little girl just six years old, Santa please bring me a pair of gloves so my hands will not get cold coming to school, bring me a ring, a set of dishes and a little wrist watch, fruils, nuts and candy. Please don't forget my schoolmates and my teacher, I know she wants something nice. I will look for you early Christmas eve night, be sure and come. Willhelma Clark. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a littl girl. I have been good so- mother said and' you 19 bring me a ring sweather, and a pair of gloves to keep my hands : warm on my way to school. I also want a wrist watch tha will run adn all kinds of fruits, nut's and can'dy. Don't forget moher, daddy and my school eacher, Mrs. H. W Timberlake. Don't forget my frienc Willhelma Clark, bring her somehing nice. Ruby Akins. McCaskill, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—r go to schoo at Bleviris. I am 8 years old. I am in the second grade, My teacher's name is Miss Holland. I like Her fine Please bring me a big doll, candy, fruits and all kinds of nuts and some sparklers, and Don't forget my brother and baby sister, Louise Barber. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy three years old. Pretty good times. Will you please bring me a wagon and a. great big gun like daddy's and a watch and lots of candy. Chester Lile Cato. The beautiful Tyrian purple dye is made from the glands of Mediterranean sea snails, of which about 200,000 color the hair. SED His real nanm is Cavalier's Bobby Vernon, but from the looks of the beast, he could huve been more appropriately named "Mephistopheles." The byll, native of Wisconsin, was cVsrn champion of the Ayrshire class in the recent Utah Statu Fair at Salt Lake City. Virginia Dangerfield, left, aijd Deon Smoot, two Mormon beaiities, are posing with the beast. St* rtien, Including one of the defendant* in the Qerland E. Buckley murder trial of last spring, were ritSnieti b> Wayne cdVHtW of* fleers' WKWISWiiy as pfirtldpanft lit the slaying of tniiss men In a ' The men named art: Joe Bommarl* to, acd.UM'ed' 6f slaying BVlcMey; a radio ahriouhccf ; Fi'ank Camriiaratdj' Michael GrllltJ, PeteV Corrado; Andrew Vrellll aHd Philip Costtiano. CAMDEN, Ark.-.Md' Cdmdeh youth who tiSS fetft fot- tne 1 fast sovtefnlf WBnthy wwKUW on a newspaper, has retulfriw to'dalft*" ddir for ii vfelt With' Melidlr and 1 h»- Mother, J. B. McLaughlln.' McLaughlin was graduated front tfiV University of Missouri last year' dh*« tor several months lias held n pofilltoh douse of unprofitable operations, dl* Iti Jnpan. fhe*e Low Prices Are Gbbd December 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd 24th We want to thank you for ydu* Ibyaf patronage atnd wiah ybu 4..y<ff#'. Merry Chfi»tma» COUNTRY CLUB Xmbs Sale—If) Llis. 75c MIXED 17c Pomid ALMONDS lit Juicy Florlilhs 12 Ll)s:—Peck 39c HOLIDAY 5 LI). Bit* $!.:)!) Holly Box—5 Lhs. Tlirce For 19c CHOCOLATE Christmas Sale Pound GOGOANlIt PUFFS Pound I9c Celery Fancy Bleached Head I2|c FftUW Three Pounds $1.35 Two Pounds 85c JEWEL—3 Llis. 55c Pound Roifmri Beauties Pound 5c Cr'berries Pound 2 LI). Package 21c KING MIXED Candies Pound lOc GUM DROPS lOc Crackers Country Club 2 Pounds 23c IN OUR SANITARY MARKET Fresh Pork Ham Half or Whole—Pound 1 12ic Pork Steak Ham—Pound I I 2 Cut Prom Ham—Pound Brisket Roast or Stew Pound Pork Sausage 100% Pure—Pound 10c Beef Roast Cut From Shoulder—Lb. 12ic Compound Bulk—Bring Your Bucket 8 65c Pork Chops Nice and Fresh—Pound 15c Chili In the Brick—Pound 16c Neck Bones Nice and Meaty 5 24c Oysters SELECT—Pint 35c Spare Ribs Nice and Meaty, Fresh—Lb. 10c Mince Meat In the Bulk—Pound 19c Creamery Butter Pound 29c

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