The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH in, 1MO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Taking Over Man's Job In Prance LIKE 10 HIV[ J'SJi Women Musi Free Men For Fij/i)tin<T Duty During War Times KV HUTU MIU.KTT Tills business of truiiiing wives to take over their husband's jobs at, it moment's notice is fine for European f:ountrir:s—at war or too mar it to be comfortable—but it. Is kind ol tousjh on the men. Aren't wives \vho have, IhHr liu.sbaiKl.s' jobs down pat go- iiiii to be u little lifli'd lo live with? How Ls a'lmslxuul lo sum before the little woman, if His job isn't :i bit mysterious lo her? How can he feel proud of himself if hr; is doing ;i job Ills wife iiim"•mustered as well ns she ha:; n-.iis'-rcd ilie an of houhCKcepins? SUITOSK THE TAHI.KS \\'KllK TCmNEI) 1! you ;|o»'t Miere !his Is tonsil on the roan, think how you would feel if the.tables were turned. H wouldn't make you feel very nocordloiiN for Hie sumo Oxford filu-ct dress tfxip;; la the Hirasloi) ivllh tnsii>ln! sl«»s !i: ijus holders. in kinds in uiii-m-ilve style,, rolor.s to mini-], (i 1( , we mi's d Oiu> ol Hum i, aii „ j[ m , „, V i v lui«l jjluve-; tor A. It. I', work. >' ilispliiy.s of wllilei i. sii'!ii-< way to service ,,n Articles T ;i k o Space Once Used For l-uxurics <»'<'* umke speoiul illsp!;iy ' All over Uritain and. Priuicc women are replacing in. n In industry to relieve their-husbands lor ncllve war duty. The French girl working the lathe at iiu- loft was a sienoBinpher before Hie war. At Hie light, n Fienchwomiin frees a wine steward for gun-lotlng iviul nils n Jolj which has been n man's by tradition foi many centuries. certain .lo .say sooner or Inter. "I've done your job and I've done my own—and I'll trade you any day in Hie. week!" Midnight Critical Time For Birth and Death EDINBURGH (01')—The reels- trnr general for Scotland claims to have debunked (lie whole belief that the enrly hour.'; of the morning are Ibe most cHMrni limes of birtlis and death, :inil that midnight Is Ihe moment of foreboding. Taking a crow seclion of S.055 deaths, he found thnt 48.8 per cenl took place In the Ursl half of the .'ny and per eent in the .sec- jiid half of tho day; 50.B per pent 'ook place belween (i in the morn- . XB and U in the evening, compared ' with -1U.2 ner cent between C In Hie eveninu and (i In (i, c mornhiK. when II. I'enenilly is supjjosed fiat deaths occur more fretiuetitly. Ottawa Ci'allerv Kxpaiuls OTIVVWA (Ul') - The Natiomil aallery ii(.-o.!drr-d J5U.98B worth of painlliiKS l)isl year, nccorcllny t« tho auilitor-ijciiprnl'.s ITJAM-I. J^>r Hemhriindt's •'!>nrtr«ll ol nil Arlist." $50,0no was paid. Even tlie postman lias become n j postwoimin in France. Postmen are more valuable in the fishtuig lines thim delivering letters. iiecesxary and smug to know Ihnt if yon had lo leave liome (oman-ov/ your Jnislianrt could yet nloiif; jusl (tundy doing your job. . You wouldn't even like it very well if he weren't as helpless right now us you are always claiming he is. A husband who didn't depend on your cooking, your bulton-sewing- on. your rnftiwgershtp, would be pretty difficult to live with—and you know it. SWEET MYSTERY (.!•• HOUSEKEEPING Nolhiny would inluvinlc you more than having your husband "un- mystified" by your job and the way you handle the details con- ii (;ii Kith it. No. ihls having Hie wives able lo take over Ihe husbands' jobs may be goad for a country. But it Isn't easy on Ihe egos of the men. "Uon't tell me how hard you worked today," the little woman is See Wards New | WALLPAPGHS ! • 5c to 40c a roll! • 222 Patterns in Wards Big Sample Book. Shopping tests prove that Wards can actually save you up to 90c a roll on wallpaper. So see these 1940 beauties at Wards- compare with any others! Al Ids Cotelej OnJat Dttk r g MONTGOMERY I WARD -. s,>,,.s « l/)iulu:i liuve mliviHul Iheniselves lo wjr loiullltons. (Ifinonslnulnu | u iimiiy ways t| u ,|,. iuBoiniHy in ,,'in-t- !»•< '!»• ilifdrullle.-, or in,, situation mill tho diversion of miimul ,-. ir jm , A liiMiisliliij; store iii lUillxun 'UK cll-uoxl Us U'ltlflfrtlT, u| ,, ,, ., ""'It's lo jiiuki; H.iy lor n .stork ol Riiiull ili'ni toniis nnil iluii i.ilj,' suitable fur Iiitnlsliii), (In- , .<n , mill ilvi|;-oitl, A lilj MiUio::i:r r-.itiniw f,,,,,, nl» liens mill wi-ltliy pails wiih l"c annouiiciMneiil "u lett,.,- n iluy While lie';; nwuy." Allcitlll'l ;,tlltloll- <-r niuhi-s ^ illsiiliiy .-,- i -,. . lor Miiiini; ili-eils IIIK'I o[ W H| foniv; l!«ik-.(llri-s AIT Al-lin- Hookslores me pu.sliln.. thn sale of nil tlif ninny ri!,-i- :\ ,ul)( -ir -, , clfnlini; K-Illi (in- Kiiioni-ui sllin- lion. -Take „ book with you to your sli,-l u -i" mlvlses on t . 01' i., f . m In New O.M'onl si reel n (jliolo- erniitilc store Is- :iel!ln ; riin-rj cnsos us respirator cnirlors A u'tillnnpi.-i- Kiion u exIiibUlns "till- in Us whitlows bill rolls of uliektnit ]»i|ii>i-. iidlli-os udvi-sr nlso ihe use of ordinary \«nl',| m , — for Woi'ktns out llssht. Wiiwy of Die luxury traders HIT ciittrpi-lsliiaJy iidiiptltii; llieh- resources lo IIIOI-P Imtiicdliiie needs. A iiiomlnent (Inn M iirlhl.-!- sii|i- Dlics mnke.'i « dlsplivy of liiinliions liiiinl lor n|j|i!lciitlnn to dimr-knob-; mm llshtliis swlh'lies. Music for llimili HlirlU'rs Music sCori-s siiuscsl imiliible 8r(iuni|ihone.s us 1111. I'sseulliil pinl, ol sliclter c(iul|)inont. One such »1)0|> ilLs-plnys- u lotv iirlw-d 'i KilllH's UIKl ' lime B. & P. w7chJb"Talks About Club Magazine i'iii'iidnit Woiinin". IIMIHHH|(, ( . lor thi' llusliiras niul I'lOIVMhinnl flub women. v,-;i.s Hie biisLs lor Hi,. lii'OKi'nin pU'M-nti-d ill (lie mi'dlnn ol the i-luli Mumliiy iil l; iit m t | lt . lioino ol Mrs. I'. |.;. |,^ s , ,. ;U , V( ,,, nwl three guests,' Miss Ailii lioyd of iho county hoiillh unit, Mrs. C'lmi'les Alford and Mi's Urn? HO.TS, of Memphis, housi'miest of Mis. J, a. Hnrm.-j, Attended, Mrs. !'•»>: ii'n.v I,, charge of (lie i!io>;i'iiiii 101 wlilcli Mi's. Audrey Ni'llc Freeman (jiivr Die history of Ihe niiiKii'/.hio Hini MIS. Alfoi'd read mi iirildi! [i- oin n, "ciroiimlnij l-'or IMler IIII.MIICS.S" wns Mrs, Alfurd's .subject. I'H'Up Minting Ut (\\K dill, M1IHJS ml by Mrs. nix i-oiielndcd Hie Pl»i;nu». MK-,- Mni-lt. iiiirnlsli presided ovi-i- 11iv Ijit.sliu'jjs w'Btoii, Mrs. Mi* n,id Alii, j. j,. Nf.mum's, served ii di'ssrrt. cow-so | of chniy luris wlih whlppi-cl ac;ui> «»il I'olliv, Minium,, Knslor rub•!l<i> and Hilrki'iis were i.lven 'is I'll VOl.S. ' U'V, ID, Drives .', Veins llimiliTON, j.;,,,,. , W ).-A i. 0 y will) ilnnv nwiiy n mil-noon's ,-,,",- __^_ PAGI5_ TORRE from ouisldc a Brighton hospital lolcl the jiolicc tteil ho hnd b».en ilrlvliig since lie wns 5. He Is now 10. "I Icnrncd to drive a car by •iltUinj on tlie from seal ot buses while golnu lo fxrliool," he said. Ileati Oiirli-r WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhgul C.Iomcl-And Vwj'II Jump Oul of Bt J in Iho Muring KuW lo Co „ ^l 1 ? ,",!' r , • 1 "" J ''l Pour out IH-Q p|,,i. ,,» laulil bllo Into your |» WI ], il»ll». ij uS« " ? "« l ' l «»' l »« ''«!*•• row <wd m*y iwt Jl«(it. It ni»y j ul t J K1i , | n (|, e Uwtl/ (•«• Moa(» <ii> >our •tamncti. you ui^t^^i^n^^o^t llowlw /rccljr |,> „,»!„. yull } <( .|T. U ° JJJ S'V /"""'"" I" t»Mntt Ma (low fredy. 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