Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 2
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, •,->,,( rjssr, ^ , ,/!» t> ..//- r * lUaii.'-*;' *-J ^^^^,^^^^^^^™^^^^iX^^j^^_._ 8t*ir 8JTA1USD DAILY C. Jtafdlihtag Co, K*. t &3S Artt 1»7. arfi also the local new* publfehed dltpatches hereto .re be -for ail > per year. _ developed by modem tiVtUatttan to "The Star's Platform *> Commerce. COUNTY T5TAIK ttate w ^ from Irte.cottle titk. ^^ Greater Los. Hath No Man Me rtflOur Most Prosperous, But ilfotaxed, Industries i' ' and fts Stockholders t , - if .>_^ i ' J - '' r "i/V ;H f|V " liLitdtet Letters to Santa ClauH ^^^ and ruin this *<* to-another-state. • Harrison ^ .P 6 * 11 flfi d to-another-state. 'Last we^k' His ^wife _, « «i *— ' " »^ w «v ,fvu • TO, »e a doll that will open and ii ul ,„ ms. I want a wrl»t,Wateh and a ring Orene McDowell. ... _ . Hope, Arkansas, tear Sjmte:-tf am a little girl ten •fits old. ;I go to school at/Spring HH1. I'm In the third,grade. Please 'f *!!? 1 toy wrist watch, a ring, uf a * / •*, , *• ° palr of bends and iT, fru 't> oahdy and ,nuls of all Kind. JLIsten Santo ddn't forget my loving eacher. Miss 'Roxle Wntkins, bring er something nlfe. •Marjorie'Bobo. Hope, Arkansas. ' uear Santa, Claus:—14im a little girl • " y «^ " old - ! Bo to school at wing Hill. I am in the third grade, y.teacher's name Is Miss Roxle Watkins. Will you bring, me a doll, a pair, of beads, a ring, and some apple oranges, Bananas, candy and som auts. Be sure you bring mother an father something when Christma night- comes. Erma Anderson. editorial column the -Harrison Times i • •"•• ,*•••:.-•• I •banker's statement <we .read this <aie-\ e-.ii. - ars *° come ** will'be said 1 by people-in -f.the county that they lost all .they had, and ^^feX ffi%8S3^&tBi £^S^ZlS'^ hree ^^'^e^^ *fc& m ° Unt I ealize( ! ** the depositors wilt depend trhfJZ ° n . ™« W.the ; assets are handled and how the people A3 5 the b ? nks *f ke qare of their obligations. I caVcall 4 >£i" d wvenil.people who owed the banks .who did.all they |Could an hejp,nsr.to*eep the banks going, and,there are otn- & ™?° "!T er seemed . to care whether^the banks made good ffinv, no t,.and were not interested in the depositors or anyone t *i. " wou '" " e we M f° r the depositors to remember bank* ar6 largely responsible . for the losses now in r be criminally :guilty of .violating the very least he stands convicted in his .union of-being no great shakes as a about the three thousand: borrowers'at ts that probably .thirty-thousand "North lost money on? .How many of them are paying when they could have ; paid? d here with the other side of .the bank- F ^^ i *•' ""mC~,- J more deeply significant than any private la, peculation. The.loss of bank deposits is a definite loss that *' * «. wntten down in black and white—but. the breakdown Sf,r e .. l ?l: oralcode whic h.requires a man;to>carry out to his lull ability any contract he ha's (fixed his name'to, is a blow ?n?S2LJ he . wKo i e banking and credit structure of the 10 ^'l^ e&ier loas ha th no man than loss of character Nothing excuses.A. T. Hudspeth. A good banker-knows Joans and separates the sheep from the goats. But you gravel over these United States today without hearing •mess.cases where borrowers relinquished collateral to atner_tnan pay out the obligation, never giving a to redeeming their own good name. h "Si 11 -? excuses^. T. Hudspeth. But then,A. T. Hud-i, cna j n jj^k O p e j. a t or jn a remo |; e sec . j eyes of the nation he is unimportant, has really disturbed the nation is the reckless and ittitude of so many of its people toward debts that liquidate in part if they had the mind to put their to the wheel. Wejiaye become notorious today as a people who think «« n Jt i • ° r a bu ? iness house has been forced into liquida- won the claims against us are automatically reduced The ^obligation to pay is no longer there as it used to be > it ought to be apparent to any man that there is a mection between easy credit and conscientious — . , -. - - when conscientious debtors disappear credit , vanishoa along with them, just as it has today Jhe courts will* tend to the case of A. T. Hudspeth—but Ihj American people have a case of their own to attend to before prosperity comes back. *««iu to, Aboliihing BillBoards T HE Roadside Bulletin is a little magazine put out by the American Nature Association to aid in the fight against the beauty-destroying billboard. In a recent issue it contains two Mts of photographs which ought to help the fight along One set shows four pictures of the countryside in southern Illinois along roads where billboards are missing The pictures show a country of peaceful, drowsy beautyT'so at- tnutive, ttat the beholder automatically murmurs to him- a like to drive through there some day." TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO / herif f -.-Wilson; was; in the i c(ty; yes-; . . Helms will leave Thursday for Wathaw, N/ C.,-"his 'former', home, f or : ttivl_stt;;.«rf;sevei£l'-weeks;-.'•' _• ; . '••'•' •JJear"Santa Claus:-»Please'bring m= an -air -gim, -a- r fire -wagon, come fire works,, and' some fruit. Please don' forget trie, fort am a good : little 'boy Your litfle' friend, Sid Buridy. Married:-^At i the residence of the bride's father, John Coffee, three miles east of .'this: city, .Thursday afternoon December 20th, Miss Ocie Coffee anc Mr. T. W. Buchanan, ofvPrescott. TEN YEARS AGO Jap Premier |l Saenger Iheafee 'Miss • Marie Gentry, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.'J. E. Gentry, of McCaskin,, and 1 Mr. Harold Parham, of Florida, .were quietly married on iFriday, last, at the home of'the bride. They left.soon after for'Florida where they .willreside. Lex Wolff was in town this morning from Washington. In fact some of the co-eds are so fast.theyi're several'laps ahead. the prexy is probably finding that the human race is one of which he can hardly: keep track. Might, even clean up with a theme song like "Sanitary District Blues." •• '--w* ••••'•' F r i d/a ••y_ •The -.reckless', lovers of "Sowid 1 *! Sheet, 1 ' Clive; Brook and Kay vFrancis, bo th-famous-for'their .'fl^wiAs .ward- I robes, their ijnjnisttgtbl* breeding «nd carriage and significant intonation • in; .perfect rrecordingyoiccs. i3n;a t theme pertiment as tfvday; swift and ipure >as the mornings ,y«wj;;jnod«rn and art *. _. _ • Hope, Arkansas. Deai"Santa:-rl am a little girl nin y«ars old. 1 want a little doll, som nut?, sdme butter nuts, some frul some toys. That is all for this time Beualah Tomlin. • . . • _ Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa:—I am a little girl eleven years'.old and;I wint you to send me a pear of beads, and n ring and wil you send me a new tarn. Grace, 1 Powell. , _ • Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:-rl want you ;to bring me a bicycle and some nuts and some apples and oranges and a knife and:ball and a i>at, candy and a little truck and'fireworks and a 22, a box of shells. . Garner Powell. _ Hope, Arkansas. : Dear Santa Claus:—1.am,a.little girl eight years old and I want you to bring me a doll and a doll bed. Annalle 'Murphy. Hope, "Arkansas. ' Dear Santa Claus:—I am.a little girl six, I live at 102 North Washington street. I go-to- Pasley school, please''bring me a doll a set of dishes, •nd anything else nice. Maybe a little car'or., tricycle. 11 think-I have been a •. nice • little \ girl. • 1 • have tried to be. FrancesrGwyn- Williams. P. S. Don't forget my little 'friends •lio,my teacher Miss Lulie Allen. — Bkvins, Arkansas. Dfi* Santa Oausi-f am a bti, . ye«*s.6id. r want you to bring m^ some apples •ttd cahdy, fireworks «nd toys and a football and a waion. Barton Smith, „ Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa CIaus:-l am a little boy of five years. 1 *m sertaWig'y*i a^ist ef'some.rif the things I would like for Christmas... 1 want either ft train or an airplane. A to61 chest, nuts, candy and all kinds of fruits. Billy Dan Jones. Dear Santa Clnus:—1 am a HttW boy Six years old. I go lo school at Hocks' Mound and study hard. :1 haVestrled to be a good boy. I want ,you to, please bring me an aviator cap, a totf' pistol, all kinds of fruit and.nut* and any thing else you think would be 1 Uce for me. Don't forget my teacher Mrs. Joyce Monts,, also mama and daddy and my sister. Wilbur Pickard. " ; Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me doll, some little dishes, nuts and andy. I am a -good- little girl in the h-st grade. Please remember my two Isters. Marjorie Anderson. forget ttiy little ' Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little boy in the first grade and I want you to bring me a pistol, gloves, apples, candy, nuts and a box of crayons. Clarence Riddling, Dear Santa Claus:—Please bfltti some-fire crackers, a wagon, air? thrte boxes 6f shot, candy ana?!™ Please, don't, forget fy little.brother. James Wilton HaiJafd Dear Santa Ciaus:—Please bri«f| me some dishes, candy, gloves, doll'bug- §y and fruit. Yemell Kant. 'Emmet, Arkansas. iDeat Sahta CtaUs:—Lain a llttlefbty. seven years <itd and in the second , grade. Please bring me an overcoat, n:French harp and nll-kinds ofifrttiu, nuts and flr e .works and anything else you thing.I nede. ( Denver, tee .-Fuller. Dear Santa Claus:—I want you to please bring me a pair of boots, gloves, a game, ,wagon,: box of-/firecrackers, and some candy, nuts and '^it. Walter Messer. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little.boy eight years old. I would like for you to bring mo some boots, gun, shots, fruit, and candy. Don't forget , my sister, my mother and dady. Wilton Steed. :Dear Santa Claus:—Please .bring me some fruit, nuts, candy,,dishes, gum, beads, ball, dollbed and sparklers. Louise Pate, Emmet, Arkansas. Dear Santa-Claus:—I am a 1 little boy eleven years .old <ond ,in 'the sixth grade. I want you /to please bring me %n overcoat, a ('fountain .pin oi)d all kinds of-fruits, nuts and fire works. . A, G. Fuller. Emmet, Arkansas. .Dear. Santa Claus.—I am a little girl four years old. I am -a good little girl. I twant yo uto please bring me n .Reed rocker, .doll.and a'little vanity dresser 'Bttdjail kinds • of 'fruits, ntiteVand fire works, Nellie Jean Bailey. Emmet, Arkansas/ Dear Santa Claus:-*! am n little boy nine years old and in the-third grade. 1 Please bring me an overcoat, box of handkerchiefs and all kinds of'nuts, fruits and fire works, and -anything else you want to bring. Lindell Fuller. A caterpillar • has more than-4000 muscles, while a man has about 370. . -,•morrow., 'Mi Hours;" apdlvthft's the tMe .-covtred "by- ''"tttii^.stoty. -from) a strange dinner -p^rtyi.-arranged ; one hour before midnight, until wives, husband?, and lovers pick up their last vestments of respectability.atthe same nocturnal : hour. one «pan i of the sun later. , Here is newly commissioned Premier Tsuyoshi Inukai of Japan, whose government suspended the gold standard as one of its first official acts. The veteran leader of the Seyukai )arty holds a particularly important ->ost in view of the financial situation nd the Manchurian crisis. IMS CUfrlQUS WORLD Saturday Only Hoot Gibaon,!the screenls daredevil cowboy, in; Peter B. .Kynes sensational Cosmopoliian serial story, "Wild Horse." .- A new :type of/rugged west-, ern drama that outnumbers.in thrills any of Hoot .Gibson's ..previous sue-' cesses..: In the: supporting. -oast: is Alberta Vaughn andStevan Ftechit, two ^outstanding comedy stars of yesterday. Sunday-Monday Joe E. Brown and Dorothy; Lee =in their latest extravaganza of joy "Looai Boy Makes Good," will carry you on a laugh 'tour through :coll«ge', where Joe is: the-blushing pride of .the college, but 'dont let his glasses fool you. He's not as,wise as he.think&^as slow as he looks—nor even .as bashful as he •rvi- *-i • '• .'Arkansas. iJear,Sainta;—I hope you are gettin yoar:t<iys ready iforteh children 01 Christmas. But 'I was a little Jat writing to you, but any way I hope you won't mind getting^my presen now will you? Santa I'want a dol house and.furniture. I want you U bring me some candy and gun and pu it in.my stocking. Frances Jean .Williams. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus;—I am a little girl-seven years old. I live on South Pine street. I want a little green table and chairs. A set of''dishes, and a doll with real hair. Bring me some fruits, nuts and candy. Mittie Katherine Lane. Blevins, Arkansas. • Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl six years old. I want .you'to bring me a. doll, .some little dishes, candy, apples, oranges and .nuts. Also bring Alice the same thing. Era-Smith. feels. Get acquainted with the new King of Komics. He's good to the last laugh. _ I'OOAY Of A ftftSOf* S ^ 0t Show / |c L ur Pictures, taken in the same a l° 0|r r ^^ where the ^ **• P^fusion of bill- landacape'a charm is tot«Jly destroyed. Seeing one instantly resolves never t» drive along those roads any roads like tfeem, Jf it can p«S®p e ! avoided ' Aff A Helton i pubjic 0g lt /' najl y to t «P, all billboards will accomplish the awak- r j* J- r , _-»<V>'>' : - "^> ^''<£&g& AGIFTIveryDay of the Year You don't catch old-Santa Glaus napping. This year he has a new gift inspiration. A gift that renews itself every day of the year. The home newspaper, The Hope Star!' In the form of a year's subscription. What an idea! 1 Year Subscription in Hope $6.00 6 Months Subscription $2.75 si, SATURDAY SPECIALS "Poodles of Other*" Come In Fancy Texas Seedless .?r •-• m Blue Ribbon Bread 2 Loaves Del Monte Preserves ' 15 oz. Jar " Our OwwvntM Ot QuUly *V ^AWMErMILLFMTc T ».aii*WNer, OKU.W.S.A... ^^^* "-^ CH4*»MC* S •*. , jHik ~ '••HAWNEE'9 III [ BEST 11 FlXTUHtOH PATKNTlBU 24Lb.Sack....55c 18lb.Sack.....99c Dining Car and Sunny Brook v^OrrSS Pound Can —.. > •• «*-?» f iipi fy mmwt, we. Star Wilsco (Limit 2 Buckets) 8 Pound Bucket W MARKET SPECIALS Hams Wilson's Certified, }0 to 12 average—Pound 17c Cheese FULL CREAM-Pound 17ic Pork Ham Roast Pound 14c Liver Slic< j' 3 lb<> 8( ^ N< ^ k ^ one »- 3jb».. .30^ UAvllII Indspendeat Fancy Sugar ©ui;ed, Slic«t-Lb. miim C Slab Bacon Stone. Mad* jSugjr C«re4~Lb. 17e

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