Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 19, 1930 · Page 60
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 60

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 19, 1930
Page 60
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OCTOBER 19, 1930 A B-5 OPEN SERIES OF RADIO MYSTERY PLAYS STATlfl Play for Radio's Jjuscle Builders Here are the member bt die Varsity Quintette, a musJc-tnaling fonrtomc tliaf provide kartneny t6 Tuesdayi during the morning exercise! and entertainment progTrn whith it on the air from 7 to 6 o'clock and which is presented under the direction of Forfest C Smithson, former Olympic star. Left to tight, the members of the quartette are: ANGELO CAS TAGNOLA, bahjot LOUIS MARELLI, druml; ALEX FERRERO. satophone, and BABE GASTAGNOLAsaccordion.-Cofem2n ofiofo. Offers Mysteiy Dramas URSULA FAUCIt, fcctreek. producer anJ dramat'ic who will offer series of mystery play during period to U known a The Faucit Theater of the Ait, oft KLX, the broadcaitjhg Itatiod of The TRIBUNE. Th icriet open tomorrow evening t $ with "Buried Treasure." I s 4 DIALERS FAUCIT "4 in sun n SUNDAY KLX WILL H BRINGS RADIO lEAEUE HOLDS MEETING FAN INDULGE I 4 s i .a t.f First Plav to Be Given, by ;j Radio TortiOrrovr Night , ' Between 8 and I Mystery, thrills and drama are promised dialer 6h KLX, the blfoaacasUn elation Of f h TRIBUNE with th Inauguration of the Fauctt Theater of tile Air tomor rft Wirbl kt i n'cloelt." At that Ofime, under the direction 6f Ursula F.nplr actress: reader and- pro ducer, tha firet of a eiie of my tery plays written py Charles Keeler will be presented. Th first play of tha series, which la called "Burled Treasure," will be en the elr from i to t o'clock. The play tn th series are all jinked together under the general title, "Caotaln Brown's Tarns." . The- cast of characters for "Burled "Treasure Includes-Betty garden In the rola of Mrs. Brown. Margafet Malone as Alice Brown, Charles Ford as Larry Nel sen, Btanley Farrar a Bearface Phonle, Walter Cunha as Ed Har rta. Miss Elizabeth Mason aa Mrs. Kelson and Carl Botttno a Pablo, the Mexican. Music will, b provided by lAulse Attlejpeed and Irld. Mtss Ursula Fauci? will be at tha rrilcro phefte td present the descriptive and narrative portions Bf the pro flaetloh. , . jEWitMl ARW SdUGHT.. A hundred thousand dollar wrth of Jewels constitutes the treasure around Which tomorrow Mghf mystery play revolve, the search for the treasdr Involve a trip td Meslee. The exneriences of HfirrV Nelson In searching for the buried treasure rise to a thru ling climax toward the close of the hour's broadcast. , . Charles T. Beeserer frill be heard tonight trdn to 8 at the Beottlsh Rite organ. At the e6neluslon of hi recital the results of the base-ball games played In the Pacific k 5fCait league will be broadcast- f J From 7:86 to T:45 o'clock Moh- Tommy Monroe, simrer, and Bob Arlen, planlst,: will offer a program of popular melodies tnrou"rn me courtesy o the Motor Credit Cor j poratloh, Ltd . , . . i From T:45 to ! tomorrow hlgnt, Babe Cnstagnoia and Louis Da Vail, rccftrdlonlstai will be heard In JS. minute program. At the conclusion of the Fauoit Theater of the Air produetl6n. the KLX Berenaders and Charles Berger and his it!:n will entertain, the dln'ers. Th"y will be oh. the air from 9 to Rft Fmfn B:n tn iO. Will R. I HH1. the bid Home Poet, wlll .be I heard in hi latent 'Neath the Old HanliR Lamtt program, : -. PINGING BAKERS ON Altl.. I The Rcmftr program under epon i sorshli bt the Remar Baking com I toany will be heard Tuesday rllght, i 7:80 td 8. featuring the Remar Baiters and the Remar Kills, Bud end Ris. From s to 8:3(1 the Bar Igold Milk .program, by courtesy 'Vf the Darlgold Milk tomwny, ,LIh, Will offer the Spanish Bene naoers. nianuei moreno. the tlpule and Jose Onecco, gul tarist.A From 8:30 to 9:80 the FleUr de J Is orchestra ,t'i direction of Fred Keller, will be heard. From 9:30 to 10 thd Mtlodv MM, will offer a eongologue. This will be followed. 10 td it fey a dance program. , ' . Wednesday nlgnt's offerings In-lude Sigcior RlnaldA and hla or-chectrn. 8 to 9i the Bookworm, 8 to 9:U; Wlllard Btorage Battery program. :ls to 8:30, and the Merry Melody Men. 9:80 t JO. . Thursday - nlght'e highlights In ilud Spanish Berenaders, end Charles H., Parker, the "Harniohy Hlek," T.:30 to g Mom.ents Mu'-i -tale, to 9, wfyh Vlhtoirfca Feirera, violinist, and Uzia F. Bermanl, pianist: Gospel hymns, M. Jay Good, man and Helen Wegman Parmelee, 9 to 8! 80 arid Art CaVflnaugh and his dance orchestra 9:80 to 10:80. Among Friday's offerings VI11 be: Bninstvlck-JacKfion Furniture com-piiiv program, 4 to 8:80 p. ih.t Mbcilcal Memories, wlthi John and Sylvia, I to J: 86, arid Hl-Jinks. 8 . Fealurei iif Baturdajf will 1H oltiil nltii tegnbereer's broadeasti by" courtesy of IM Cardihet Candy company, of tha Santa. Clara. U, C Freshfneri football garie at Berk ley, The broadcast commences at l:15i ' Saturday evening features Include Ethel Rhlnard and Cora Bcott. 7:30 to T14S? LVfiri Pi-yor and his California Midshipmen, ftl)e' . Athens Athletic club, 7:45 to 8:45 tofi fahd hfs Hotel OaBlahd TVory Cdtlrt dance band. 9 to 10 , n , tnrt' vr- t"f': -f arBffi.; -q MartinelVu T trior. Will Sing Tonight Oidvahh! Mafttfielll, the famoii tefior. will sink for ah invisible na irth.jM4 ftiidlence during the At wafer kefit Hour, td be broadcast, 6ver an NBC hetwork -tonight be F J For 17 years a leadfrig singer at T "bfi Metronolltan dpra house. Mar- iti.111 Is khown to edhcert and ta did audiences well as to 6pra loters. He ts a native of Mohtag nana, llaiy, and. the son of a 6abl Josef Fastefndck and" bchesti-a will also he heard in tnis concert, which will be released on the Pacific c9"St thrbu"h KPO. TRUE VOICE OF RADIO Absolutely no static no tubes, no batteties, no electric MIRACLE NO. 2B StiperPowerf ill and selective Crystal Set Only Crystal f)M Knn the will give tan the ntlrtti ta want trithout Interference Ifooi IHer statlans, clear an load, A 10-DAY TRIAL If Bftt satKnetory mnM ' refunded. - facTOry price. $13.50 nRnstftATtO?l9 DAILY SUNDAYS :38 tg . f. M. . knulacrated and Bold ExolnsWalj W JNCLE AL'S RADIO SHOP lis East STth St., oaiciana One B otk Hit t irmiTii Phrine FR uhvale 6663 v V T If vf FEBHEM TELLS OF RARE Listeners on tfLX the broadcast'-lrig station of The TRIBUNE, who have tuned lh on spots where Vlh' ton La Ferrera was featured, nave heard the vole of a Violin with a romahtie history. La Ferrera., violin Virtuoso arid musleal dir(Sctlllr of KLX, has this to say of this rare Violin of his! . " "Approximately ten year ag6 I purchased this Violin, It Is a, gen' vine Glovanhl Babtlsta, ' mdde In 1783. It Is very similar In pattern td the grand pattern of Antonld SlradlvarlouB bold and masculine In design and finished Ith ft rich, dark brown varnish. The tone is vibrant and full, but of a soprano Quality. "Tne ory or tnis vienn is or a highly. Interesting and romantic nature. It Is told that early in the sixteenth century Giovanni Babtlsta, already a well known violin makef of that period, was ordered o make a auartet oi instruments for a nobleman In the Austrian court. The qutirtet consisted of two violins, viola jand 'cello. . . 'Several venri later on of the violins and the 'celld disappeared and were forgotten. Several years ago a band of Gypsies wer travel n tn America and white passing through Kansas one of the old men in the band Became violently in. Frpntically his compihions Appeal Sd to the nearest doetor, who saved his life, , 'Unnb le to ray the ooctor. tn grateful man insisted on clving him nis most prized possession, a violin which had been taken In trn Gvnsv fashion from one of the Austrian palaces by his great-gteaU grandfather. ',.:'. 'T."Aff. h n.tnt t Anil tifA Widow came to California to reside. Attending a muKical function In (Can Francisco., sne ueeame aequainiea with-me and informed me of the Violin. Mv" Interest a.s it once aroused and after playing on the instrument I persuaded the owner to sell It to me." i i .w Irdr ! kadio Program to Honor Dr, Nobel fciiiiil tki,i m1.,iV km A, ,ina AUICU JlUWCh (auioua ua sav,iuiiT tisl Jong before h6 became one of the Vorld's greatest humanitarians tiy the establishment of the Nobel peace rrite, win rs weicomea 10 th iRlrthdnV Vartit SS-the relnt qat'iiited; gueit bf honer difring the NBG tiation-wlde br6ttdettst -next Thursday night between 6 fend 8:80 o'clock. - r- Dr, Nobel was the friend and back?, of Mijor Anree, the Arctic explorer whose rtmans were found lh the Arctic a few ifeeka ago; The storv of that flittht Vill b a .part of . tne dramatization of rsoDei life. . Miislo. under the direction of Diidwlg Laurier will also be heard with J6hn Moncrleff, basso celn-tante, and: Harold Hansen, tenor. as soloists, Details of the program folio' Orchestra. "HlmnlS 6'Onfea sfrtris;" quartet. "Will ;t -R member "Me?" bass solo, "Before auartet. "Llebestraum." ' This presentation will be releasea oh the Pacifie coast through KGO. 'Cortege de Bacchus? On Air Tomorrow NymphS and fauns dancing In hohor-of the god of wine are de scribed in the spectacular "Cortegl de Bacchus" from Helloes' "Sylvia bailet with which a program begins at 7 o'clock tomorrow night over ah NBG coast-to-coast network; , Played by the Rochester civic orchestra under the direction of Uuv Fraser Harrison, the halt-hour concert will include the andante novement from Moiart's Concert In D for flute and orchestra; with bepnardo de Lorenzo as the soloist Details follow: - Cortege da . BaeehUS, "SylVlM," Delibes; Interhleszo, Bpdfck! An oante, concert in u ior f lute ana Orchestra, . Mozart: -anzohetta, Oodard: .Hungarian Bjiapsody, fit), 1 , (rt tt T.iBe.t. this- program will be released through kgo. , Musical Cbntracts " On KGO Program "Alexander's Hagtlm Bahd" and tfi fan.ouS Textet frdm "feuoia" plvn kh Idea of the contrasts in the musical program entitled Flario Capers,, which Dell ' PerrV and Oiear ToUhg wll brini td NBC Us teners tomorrow between 1:30 and 2 p. m. .. .. Th hilt-hour will open with "La Veeda," ft tangd which was the rage in America some years atfo. "Ghost Dance" IS the final offering. . . . Complete details fotlawi , ' "ta Veeda," "Mighty LaV - a Rose." Sextet "Luqia," "Ho Do Vbu Do, Sue?'" "Alexander's, Bag-time Band," "If I Jlad a Girt Like You." "Trees," ''Gfnost Dance.'' KtntloriS jpf the NBC hetworlt to broadcast .this program include KGO. ........ VIOLIN RADIO " K-L-X 341 Meter Mian) CriDune (Cohtinued from Preceding Page) t p. Kewi Hems. ' 7:CT to 1 :80 p. lalk a City MtTHfrt T:S0 to) S $. iupsiilil Berenidttt, Ui CIirlM Porker, Hurraony flic. - 8 ti 9 p. ihiMoBientii MuMeMe. . S to 0:36 p. m. Old gopl fcymn be M. J Onodrain, non tnd Helea Weimin I'nrmelee, tcopmpanlst. I . , blA orchestri 10;30 to 11 Ptt.-Cli . tn. C1Mle ttedrdltsk. 11 ta II p. Vtac Drniam. FRIDAY, OOI0BEB M. ..... ' Tim tlf nali thfottgheut till Saf b courmf Of CirdlneC Cindy to T la t t. ta M ornlng titrclut sua tnttt- . tii:opliiitit S t iWin. 8 to 8:80 t. m. TUte npr Bi;dlr -;ui ta a . m.&Jul Knt. 9 to 9:80 m. Mortem Somn pcrrlhl. 0:30 to t:it I, M.-Y. W, 13. A. health nrc!e. . . ' : to 10:1S i.. m.-ftcbriH. , 10:15 le IV M a, m. an Franclecs Sloeka; Wtatlicr. 10:39 ti U 1. to. Bec6M. U td U hi -ClIMlflBU il. hoitf. iS to 1 p, m.inrk Mufti and till band, t(J I p. ii.i-Jean'a Hllht;' . , to 1:30 p. m. Bruunwlcli-Jackfon pro- 2 m.HinnM time h iKiBiitmn urm 2:46 IS I 1 ta I f. tn.4aek6n Farultnr C. tngi... , . . u. m.i-ClojIni Sag Fronetieo atodn, 1 f :8U D. )n.Uukkl Uetubriel with ani gjfjvls. "": .' '': c-- recorotnga, . S to iohti ani l:S0 tit 1:80 D. da.Rirdl: 4 80 to 6 p.m. Cburln f. Bfiaeref It ScottMl Kit hrsan. to 0:au p. in. uroinar hod a ciuo. :8Q tb 8 p. m.EinK ltu r ''Thn Iltnlli, Danillla. uuaaeu, vj conr- taaf to t n. tn. Hotel Unklnnd wnecrt trie. f to t:30 p. m,-Nwa Item. - . 4., . 7:i;0 In 7:19 p. m. Tummy, Monroe and rtk 411&ti;-1itf miMpi Mntrtp rHlt f'nKn T:43 to I p. m.-fi-Uelei! Wegmnn Farmelei, plcait. . . . . ' , B lo. tO p. m. Hl-ilnl( fxiat and Fonntd piano diioi ElUel Hhlnord. planlat: (or rott. conirauot' vuilon l. a aerrera h w tra: Frnnkl n Roberta. harlto:ie: tb'irlia Befser and hla Mke! Jobnn Cnfllni); ci:or. tliHDiHt. Threo Hajipy Hnjp!ii, Jflule Hwiier, tenor; Frl and Morrla, and Ri.x eereiiaaera. ID to II p. in. Uaueg program. . BATttftDAt, dCTOBta It. . 1'lme alirnala thronKhont Ilia day by ceurteaf of Oardlnet Candy to. , : , ... 7 to s p. Mornitif atarcite ana enter tnltnntnt. . .. 7:11 S..siOptnlrii Naif VorH S tb $:80 . .m.s-Tbre tlnnpy Yor toea. Mojedl. s-tc t". " " .:i r fm -.i. ..1.1.1 a 10 u:m n. in, monr.rn noraes perioa; -:(ii ih m m n.4.ciiiie of thu Ain rcn durted by aa Oakland phyaldan .. licensed to practli!i me'llclna la tha elate of aKorna, 10:18 to 10:30 . m. Ban rruuclico aiockaj wenlliefi ' , . . 10:BO to U p. m.-Reira. 11 to It m -i-Claaxlfted Ad. hthlr. H hi.-StiiiijlarU tirtie by TKIBUNE lre!, Is m.s-.Link)nff Rfln rranritrft atocka. ' 18:06 ta 1 B: m. Jack Deltu tnd hli band. . , , 1 10 i p, id J-Jfah'a HI-fJRhtl. Z to 2:1B p. m. Jackson riirpltuth Co. 2:15 to B o. m. - Football J- Santa Clara ftefibmen vf. tj. C. FrMlmian, at Berkeley, by ceurtcay Cardlnct Sandy to. - ' . a 10 4:ou p. m. nroiuer jiuu s viuu. t:Sl) td 6 p. n. EJKr Suatelli -by oour-tty "l'Boo Oontl LieotlKta.'-' (i to 1. 11. m Hotel Oakland eonctrt trio '"f to 1 1SO (r. n,aKnn Items. 1:80 td V.iS p, m. Bliel Rblnard tnd Cora tti-. . . . ... California ' Mldthlmes at Atbeot Atliletlo T'4n to S-4R h. fia..T.VBH Prvnr atifl hta ciiio. . 8:48 Jo I p. M.c-gpoffi heWfiv"'--' 9 ta jo p, pi: Chuck Dnttoa nod hit Bold Oakland. Ivory Court daaca band, JO to ll p. rii.CIaslc Mcordliiga. Sunday at Patker Offered on Chain 'Another of the 4'gltherihgs" it the home of setn Parker at dones-nort. Me., will tatte' place With the offering s! the seml-rellgioUa pro over a coast-lb-cdaat ntwpl-k of ff$G stations toplght' trortt 7:45 to 8:15 o'clock. Western stations re leasing the presentatiott include KGO.. 'Old timer' Back In Dramatic Sketch HaHey Hay, the '.'Old Timer," will retuTrt td the NBC microphone at f :80 6'clock tomorrow night as head of the east in the dramatic sketch 6n the Empire Builders' program. Presented in the Chicago Studios of the National Broadcast Itit company, this presentation will be heard Irt the west through KGO. Sunday Suppers Food Talk Subject "Sunday Evening feuppers" Will l?e thk topic of the Josephine B. Gibson lood xaik whteh will be presented through the NBG net wotk tomorrow morning between 18;15 and i$:80 o elock. Louise Miller, Ms GlbSoli'e Hpi reaentattve In the est, will come before the rriicrophwe t read the talk apd -the recipes it contains. NBC itatidn in-the west ft hlch present this feature include KGO. ... nr.. vr.g- m, iif-ivr--. Dance Program . Will Re Broadcast Johnny .Johnson arid his record Ing orchestra, formerly" at the Hotet Pennsylvania in Ne y8rk tind -vi ylftUaAastujrft J-ssortS ,, .jid clubs, win be heard iH a half-hour of dance music broadcast from the Hotel Cosmopolitan In Denver ever an' NBC network tomorrow be tween i and 1:30 o'ciock. The program will he released in the West througH KGd, CONDUCTOR TO IRK ON 110 Basil Cameron, th : English musician who ia gUfest conductor of the 6an Franciseo Symphony orchestra this fall, will make hla first abpeerance before a radio aUdlenc"LduHng the Symphony Hour td be broadcast througn an NBC network next Thursday night, beclnnlne at 7 1 8 0 o'clock. Born Tn 'Heading, England, In Aukust, 1886. Cameron begart his (.musical career lit London, Later ht was a student of Josef Joachim in violin and-chamber. music at the Imperial X-tochachule in Berlin. His teacher in composition was Mo.i Bruch, After his return to England he studied the violin with the late Leopold Auer.In 180T Cameron became a member of the Queen's Hall orchestra in Londotli where he played lor five years under Such directors as Bir Henry wood, Nlklsdh, Richard Strauss-, and Melt gelberg. Gradually he became more ind more interested In conducting. devoting an ot nis attention to it finally. He earned national recogni tion as an interpreter or Wagner when he gave a wagner centenary festival in JD13 at Torquay, Since that time "Cameron has Conducted- festivals fit Hastings and Harrogate and has heen Invited to conduct the most famous orches tras ih .England, His success as con- dilptni rtt it. nfAfrfttri nf Vtrliiult mtfijrc bv the Czefch phllhai-mdnlo orchestra at Prague last January brought him to , the attention of musicians throughout Europe, .. j wo compositions - by Percy Gralh(?er; k native Australian and how ft fiattirailzed Aineriean citl-aeii, will be offered by the ban Francisco symphony under Cam eron'S direction during this cotl-eerli' The pieces fti-e Grainger's ar rattgement of the' lovely old hLon dohberry Air" and Ills ''feyoUh; River." To prove his Hght to fenowh as an Interpreter bt Wugnef, Cameron will also hresoht the rriagnlflcsnl overture to "Tannhauser." Two movements frbm , Mozart's sym phony in B are other note-Vi'orthy compfasltiohs to be played. Details of the program follows .Ballet, "Sylvia," Delibes, Lfes Ghasseureuses, Vals Lente, Pizzicato Polkai "Londonderry Air," firalnger; "8p0on River,'1 Grftltig. er( overture, "Tannhsuseri" Wag new symphony In K Flat, Mosart, Minuet. Finale; waits, "The Blue Uaililbe." Strauss. Orchestra to Play Operatic Selections Two ApeVas tv(U 6e represented by ej(cerptsto b nja.ved by tth.br-chestra cphcletywy Cesare Boders during thepojf concert Schedi uied for KCtMiext Saturday, from 6 to 6:30 o'clock, i . The flist IS the overture t6 Bel llhj'S "Norma," an vr popular opera, produced In J8rtir-Wiian. Th story, of Old French rSrlirlh, tellS ot the Druids in Gauj during 1119 jiuiutiH occupation ill btf-15. U. The second operatle selection Is the "Danco of the Comedians,'' from Smetana's "The Bartered Bile." A mixed chorus will mo be heard durlhg th followWSg pro gratat f , Orchestra, overture1, 'WNdrmct (Bellilil); mixed choi-ris Wtih tlr chestra, "Entry March bfvthe I'eers" "I o lahthe") (SulUVttii): orchestra, "Eventide" "Norwegian Suite") (Schytt); male chorus wit 11 orchestra, "Just ft Little Love, a Little KisS" tBIlesu): Ol-chestra. "Dance bf the Comedians" ("The Bartered Blide" (Bmljtanal : ladles' chorus with fcrchestra, "VaisH Trieste" ("KUdiema") (SlbSllui,): mixed ehortiS "with orchestra, Lome 10 tne f air tMartinj, Italian Music to Be Heard on Air Italian music sung, by two solo ists will be heard In the. Neapolitan tignts program wnian , wui De released between 10:30 and 11 ('clock this morhing.. through the iMijii- network. Dolores Casslnelli, Soprano, Gill seppa.,dJ.Be.rmdetto, tendr and dl. teotor, Joe. Blvlanb, aeeordlonlSti1 and a manoiolln quartet wtll tire sent the program. A narrator given a running story wnicn pictures the telling for the musk, Neapolitan Nights It heard in the west through Gypsy arid Mart a - To Sing Over NBC Gypsy a Mart wlli slng "The Story bf,: the Bride ana Greom'1 when they appear h the roles of the Enterlaipers dUrlhg the NBC broadcast between 8:15 and 830 O'clock, tonight. Th musical narrative of" tne newlywedS' hbrieymodn tells 6f. a train rifle, a robbery and a wreca: Gypsjl will lay the piano aeeom bflnlmfeht, jkh.l th ihlrlurleH Craves' Somposltion, ','Whlslf ling," wilt else, bs heart! during the program, which w)H b released through KtSO. Bay Members .Return After Two-Day $6i6ns ill Capital City . By Jc WALTER rftAtES. W8CZR Oakland and Bah Francisco Bav radio amateurs returned to their homes today from the llth' annual Pacifie division convention tit th American Radio Relay league kt Sacramento, which elosed last hlght with a banquet in the Elks temple in the Can tal City. The convention was th toes! point for amateurs within the en virons of the division, which In eludes California, Nevada, Ariidna, utan, and the Hawaiian Islands. New technical, discoveries In short wave radio telegraphy and tele, phoney, new movements within the organization, and plans for the cAmlng International conference in Madrid Were discussed at the meet-inar. The . convention, bpened oh. Frl day morning witn registration, con tests In code sending and receiving, technical talks, etub. meetings, and a visit to the new mercury are sub station of ths Sacramento Northern Railway outside of Sacramento. In the evening a smoker was held with many entertainment features. - Testerday contests, technical meetings, a talk by promlneht radio experts of the division com prised the program lor the day. Last night the convention was brought to a close with a final hah nuet In the Elks temple, William Yeaw, W8UM. president of the Bae ramento Valley Radio club, and chairman ot the convention, acted as toastmaster, and Introduced F. E. Hamly, communications man after of tha league from, Hartford. Conn., the principal speaker, whs described new developments in the brgantzntlont Bernard H, Linden, radio supervisor bt the Sixth LMs trtett E. A, Loveioy, radio sunervl feor of the Sevehth district; A. H. Babcock, Pacific division director bf the league, and the various sec Hon irianagerb of the organisation jn the division. Award of the Wouft Hohg fend other tro&hles tor the year were also made,, i A k Jack Tftlt, W0IT, forftler (presl flent of the Oakland Radio elub, recently cave a talk to tha orranl tatlon on a new short wave supfcr adapter for broadcast receivers with which he has befcrt experi tnenttng.' The super adapter utlt Ises the super hetrodvhe nrlhclnlS. and makes use of bhiv the radio frequency ana sufllo Stflges bf the broadcast receiver by plugging the kdaoter into th detector, circuit. Th adapter can be readily built bv the average broadcast listener and tlves ldud speaker reprdduttldh to the many amateur radiophone ar.l broadcast stations in the vldlnity of 80 Jneters. Talt reports that the adapter is fllhlv sensitive and hH brought in east " coast' amateur bhdne Stations and foi-eltrn broad casters. Hb has fcls6 constructed a dyhatrort frenueric meter for the use of amateurs in rnensurlh the emitted waves of their Btatlohs Verification ot A Sdritaet sohie hiohthS aco with an aniatiur utlt tibn In the Argentine has just beet) rece vea bv WBOT, the fcuitlort of the Oakland Radio ehtb,, the cori tact was, made In the ' aftej'hoort from the old location 61 the stdtloii, at Jlfteenth and Alice streets by vviHiam WMtliitr.. thief onerator. while he was testing the club's new tratiKmitter on 20 nietera. The Ar gentine amateur reported tha Onk loud In the (Southern republic,' m - Plans tor the formation ot a rieW etfteley Radio club to he fcbm posed bf college city amateurs nr bethh made by '.Mortimer HelnrlcH, Berkeley atnateur, and Son 6f M o. Hfclnrlcrt. BerkBleV rlmlnnlntlsl. and Lfby" Wataoni WBBI, anothrf Berkeley amateur, and erf enslth In the Naval Reserve: Berkeley nfever has had an amateur m-galil zatlon, Sine th eld westerh Anna' teur Radio association, which held niahy of its meetings In the. tolltge city before Its final disbanding. Mormon Tabernacle Choir Going :on Air lhrorrY Bach td B)ar-t . Will fanes the Morfriqn tabernacl cholt1 and dmaii soloist Jn , the coniert which win De presented tnrougn ine ou natldn'Wld network tomorrow from I tri i.U p. m, . , iSHginatlng-at-SaltT-Lahe-Clty, tH8 program Includes the 800'vblce choir famous all ovef the wbrld-BSch' "Praise" arid Mehdelsiohn's "The Messenger of Peace" will be among the ftanred songs. Alexander Soh,reiner, organist, will play N yin's "Will o' the Wisp" and "Ah Old ' Viennese Refrain." The details are! r. Choral: "Fraise,-' (wacn); orgaTSp)oi Largo--"Aerxes ' inan- qelJi cHoir, 'ine Messenger 01 Piaef M5wlelsohrl): brgah solos: (a.) Wtll plie Wisp" (Nevlh)i (b.) , An OldNilehnes Retrain; choir, March ofNai .'roreadore--"Crtrtaen," rfelzetJX. " - . The Mdrmbn TflbeNldcl , choir ai'id organ program I iK. released through KUO ami KPO. 'HeaVen' to Be Top 7 Of Catholic Hour . - "HeaVeh" will b dlscuMea, by, iai 'jiii John McClorsv. S. j.. our in his address in the catfioiic hour to be broadcast bver a coast to-coast NBC ftStwdrtt . tbday bs itn 3 and 4 n. rn. The Rev. McClbrey t& a membit oi thfe faculty Of the yhlrslty' bf Detroit. He Is giving a eries bt weeklv talks In the Cathbllc hdUr. tie will answer several questions from listeners in tnt iinat portion Music will be provided by th Pnullst chorister with the assist-aboe f ,the Medievalists. . Father This broadcast will b released 1 through KGO. Drama Hour to Be Offered on' Network "The Monkey's Paw," mystery play by -fcoUls if, Parker, will be presented over th air during th NBC drama- hour next Saturday night from 9:80 to J0;80 6'cloek. ' Particularly suited td the requirements bl ths mlerbpheh thl play has already enjoyed several adaptations b radio playwrishts. VJurie Hod gin will produce "TH Monkey' Paw." which will b heard over KGO, -' . : ' wy-.Aj,v, vi': it . s ' s I - V I J iS 4 njftii,iM iat " : -:"'' 3 Ja .aaaa't&t$i KLX IKS 1 EIGHT Special exercise tot ths y'f Weight will be introduced' by Irmfc iuc In WKtnr RreSkfielrt htf third Week 'of t?Uingu tor Worhifl bni over KLX,,the hroaricasting Station of The TRIBUNE, Mrs. Bleakfleld, health education. l rctor for the Oakland V, w. C, A.. wll broadcast Tuesday! Wednesday Snd Friday inonlngs from Hi8B te fitafi. , Hha'wiH be assisted this week by K member of her staff. Miss Marian Bellinam who will "take.ths exer .rises" a Mrs. Breakfleid broad casts, s . , . The exercses wllj Include several request's" from Enstbay women who have followed the setting-up ex erases during the past two week; According to Mrs. Breakfleid, a feradurtle, 6f the University ot Moh tana, aha physical-education siipr Visor for the Oukldhd f,, W. C. A. citerclses have been nliihHed fof women only with Weitht Hdl-mnlis Itlg: as the feature. The exercises She declare may be taken by thfJs underweigiit as wen as thbse ever weii;ht ftnd by those whrj merSly want to retain a normal figure. ASMfitlnR Mrs. Breaitflclii rtHd Miss Bollman also, will it Klsa Fleming, piitmfit. 'Cellist Will Play Over KGO Tonight Valler. Ferher,' hdled .'cellist. Will appear during the Concert Jfcwela nrnsram Which will h nre se.nted through KOt) tomgnt irom 10:1S to, 11 o'.clock. tin Will hlav the RerSnSrlAsfrom the opera "Abenenigcn,'V by d,. de Bewwrt,' and "Woeturn" by Lu beck, The jrest of th program ha been eeleoled from Wjrnri Urleg Dvorak, Drdla and fltrauss, Art' nabelle Jones, Rose, eohlraito, will offir Dvorak's "aood K'ithti" And aH old Englfsh ballad, "over, the Aleuntalhtr arranged by Roger (iiullter. . - Th4 SrehStra.'tlhder alreetlflft ot 8fri.ll- PolaK, Wll piaji Drdta'i ''Th Fouhtaln,'' 0rieg's "Heart Wdlinds ' add "Th Ride of thjs vaikyrleS" and the "MugUi Fir Music" froni "That Arallrtrvla ' Complete details follow j io , V'V'lt Orchestra, Carnival Overture (Dvorak); orchestra, The FeU tain , (Drdla): fJontraito soles, ia.) Good Night (Dvorak); (b.) Over the Mountains (Old English) .(Arr tauilterli orchestra, Ride Ot the Valkyries (Wugner); ' orchestra, Magic Fire Music (Wagner) 1 'cello aolos. (a.) Serenade-"Abensera gah"" (J: d Sewert); (b.S Nocturne (JaUbecH); drchestra, Weddlhg Day at Troidha'.-(Hrieil orcutstra. Heart WouridS (Qct:g); orchestra, Tales ot the Vienna Woods (Strauss), f .. . -.iu..n'l.,n t ui 'i ,1 i ii- -. . former Governor On NBC Program Friend V. Richardson, former Overnor bt California, is ths in speaker on th California FeTJarat on at women's uiuos- pro gram i(ftr th. ,lBO network to Morrow. rum ii:u to noon. ''';-Xaw' Observance" ia to be the subject of Richardson's talk, whlcli .W.I11 pe given under tits auspices 0 latViSSt, rtlfclrlM rf th Call fornii Fedtratlon 6f Wbmeri's Clubs. - Mr Roy A.. Maiden U chairman tibn,: Mrs. J. v. Chioupek is cnair man of th Department of Amen fcan eitlzenshlp for the 'federated club, which dupartment la being fe. turt, . during tombrrow's pro Statltirit hf lh NBC hetwork r leasing this broadcast include KSO, Brisudiets' Male Ouurtet to Shit AnolrrVr rhsmber. bt th Brlga dlers' mat quartet will be th so Idlht during lh Family Party whieh will b broadcast oVer etatloh associated with . th NBC .tomorrow hjihl from 6:80 to 1 o'clock. . - lh ad4Hid to the solos, th prb gram will offer vocal harmohles by th quttrtet and evtra) Inatrumen tal-otferlbks bv Sri orchestra led by Frank black. . ' . -This presentation will b Wild' casrthrough KCjO." .:, WILL GOriTIRUE Vhi MlrtalH Hssi Wednesday hlbht-Upbtl the fourth Jeplsode of ins liov- estory ot uonoepcion ArWMld Artd 66uiit Reartof.' ivhich win be heard through th NdC ftet61;k. trdttt I to :a5 in the Pres dift of Bnn Franc S!0, wherofcCortbepcibft'S father IS bbtrl rrtaftdaht. CoUrit Rettiiof, emis fcary of the RUsslah jbaar, is a. Visl tor, ho earns rrom sitita, Aiasna, flown the Pacific coast, in eearlll bf food and sunhtles for the Rbs ian o onv at sitkft. but stayed to tnotv Coneepclpn bittle?. She Idveii iim with all th ardor of a young ieni'l, but hi Interest In the hfttd titul Spah'lslt girl 1 IhtlUencei bV (hd khowledtfft that marriagS with her might win the entire Pacific const for, Russia. Vv -i ;' Th romnrlce Betweert th twri iomes td ft fotmttl prbpoShl ill tfiw episodei To Cbncepcion it is the fulfillment bf all her drettm, t6 RaSanot Is tha ellmax of a thrill Ing diplomatic5 gam 'of- chess. Gdnbepcloh' father is ostbunded by - the Russian' plea for hi daughter's hand, and the episode is filled with drama. , . "The Ijtlve Btory Of Conceiiclon Arguello and Count Resnnof," is the work of Carlton E. Morse, with Jack and Kthyl, in the prlnclpill role. It will be heald IhroukH KPO. it- '"-trcr, ' t ii-,) , 1' trim ' 'Nino Rosa' Songs TO Be Heard Tonight f-lelepf Inna ftrtm ttirt niiistlrhi slioy. "Nina ftosa,'1 Wfll b the ebfi eiuning, nn;n iignt of me program Which NBC aliclltors Will hettf ton lligh.t between 9 ami 0:80 O'Cldblt, Six bf the Outstandlhaf nUhibSrS from "Nltia Rsa" will be presented by Barbara niwhard. sdpranp, a male uartet Including irvlntf Keh ftedy arid Ben felnssen. WHors, Austin Moslisr. rjarltone, Md itrtr rv Maiitrth. haita. and a fihtlfl liAfaaai the direction 6t Joseph Hbrhlit, Deii .perry and Oscar' .young, plntid duo, Ivlll - be - heard twice ddriHjt the halMiour, detail or Which folioW: ',. '' .- oiiratio. auartet, oVeheslra, Tear dropsf-lwo- planbsr to -be- seleotedt quartet, orchestra, The Hills of Horhei orchestra, 1 Still Get a tfirlll) sopraiitj, orchestra, lh th Time bf PariiiK! orchestra.. t?um-pet ehorUs, Sweet-Jennie Lees so-prand, qtiartet, orchestral Sing Me to Bleep! ordhestrtti Selections "Nina Rosa:" (a.) Tlje Gaucho' March) (B.) Your ' Smiles our Teursi (c), Nina Rdsai (d-J flats rlniU hi Lovet fe.) Mf First LoVS. My LlU viovei (f.) I'm h Daughter of Perv 1'iils. bM. least Will l released through KGU. . , . . Olympians to Sins Old Songs Monday Three faVortt songs will b bun bv the Olympluha, a male quarto during their KQO broadcust to morrow lilght from 6:(l to o'ctock, , - "When HoneV fcihg irt Oldtlrtie Song." "Walib tip. Chiyun" and "Little Cotton Dolly" ar th three plantation Itungs ot the bid Boutli Which Will Serv a lh high light of thl program, tne complete de' tall of which follow: "'Thr ChantieS," Barlhole-hlewi "ValtihtjiH," "When Honey feinge an OIUTlm Siong.'L ''W.ak Up, Chiilun," "Llule Cotton Dolly," "you r Always in My Arm. .' I Wahl a Little OIH,'1 "Hrtriititl bft th uardn oat's. , T' r'rj ' ' T- a " ' iy'l r ' '' 11 , Minstrel Show to Be on Air Saturday . The fclambr- bt a latlm lhln trel. shew, with it blendlnir ' rrial Voices In wil-JoVed songe, iurrquna th Minstrel who will b . heard neat Baturduy night he en 8 and :So oclock( through K Barry HbpHlh h,e 'feWr.?. tor. of Ah hLlt-hoUr (Anekh0" hk& Charles MUrshail and Harold Pt-ary ar th ehd-tiierl whose Com. edy ititerspSrses ths hi.usieal pro gram. Mtthlort Mcrrltik. directs the band. A ma' quartM and soloists will be hvsrd. as well as a novelty itistrumentaj trio. Dial Prove! Satisfactory Sul etitut for Silver W.in$ of a-Poetio Fancy " By K. 1,. eck(aw, , " t Vlsn that t could, tW a,.;: stroll. . . Along the ether Unee. , V - -Where hiU'le fill th tarry -bowl. . . With murmured r- ?.'. trains. . . the erowded highway of .; the air. . , My promehad would. - fe. , . Along that peopled thorough. far. . , I'd loiter aimlessly. 1 . I'll , ,'-wander through the deep of -Space. , . C o hi p hlonefl by th throng. . , That makes th sky magi place, . . Reverberant with." .. ong. , . My sandals nav no stiver . wihgs, , 1 Farthbound, I Shan nor fret. . 1 Fines fshcy lives lit werdly things. , I'll llsteh to tnf setl , . 000 , : . After hearing a sour teno slnf "BeybHd the Blu Horlson" we. begin to wish he WOULD liirf , -he.vnnd.lhe blue horltnn-a long.' long Wy , beyond, . 1 The bravest" man in radio is th dialer; n i ways face th music, In th ess"- -of a bad program, tate la Ilka : . charity 1 it covers a multitude of , faults... A broadcast atatlon hae . . ons advantage over hack fence gossip a far a th listener I ton . ceined.iiYAu can always tun out th station If you're bored . , But ; -did you ever try to ttune out "v . human microphone whan she, or h get well ""ted . : hr ar ailk)hd f trut.le" sridoter Irt rsdin, hut th chAmplon - -1 seems ta b Blghbr Rlhaldo, . .If - -Bill Lararhl over MicceeAs in ffta tin tnto a mess that Rlgnrr.RI . baldo can't get him Out of, n' -got m.re Ingenuity than ven the- continuity wrltr, gives him Credit ; for, . . will R. Mill, Old Home pot,1., of 'Neath the Old Hanging Lamp fhis n KLX. th'e brondeftstng" -alHlih! nf Th TttriiirSiPl niiial feel--' strnng every time n ' pa an- " . electrl light bill,,. Breaking ot- Hahginj Lmf and bin collector,-, w'v foUnd'that If easy to tiirn- '-down th hanging lamp, but w ve hevef tdUhd aAy Satlsfaetory way 0( turnins dftwn a 11111 collector. Old Melodies to B Be -KGO Presented Over Bon whlcn nvr grow old ni b bresented In th Melodies pro. j grahi which -will be broadcast i . through th KGO tonight front - 0130s to :46 o'clock, f s, T. , k 7. , Th ingrs Who ar heard Ih tnl period r Gall Taylor, sopranoi Annabelle Jones Rose, eontraltol-it QWynfi Jonrt, tenor, and Harold PAna,, baritone., HahdeV ,"Angei ?-fiver Bright an J Fair" will b 6h -.. bf th number uhgt this mixed unrteti .f'Her uoiaen wair Hanging Down Her Back" end 'RSat in th Lord" from Mendels idhn'l "Elijah"-ar other famlllae-.'-idh-t chduled, ,, ' Th program follows! ,Ut Hhiimbli, Home. Sweet fturntt ' - rhllxd ilitti-lfii and ehsembln, H' " fib den Hii r WkS HanSln Drtwtl ' feAhW fMndldnnanl! mixed, ... (jurtrlet hhd! nemht, Tentlhg to-," hljiht in tne old camp ijrouna (Klttreng)! cOhfrhltn ipln, O Rest " Id th Lord "ttlljiih'' (Mehtltls-" fohn); mixed fttitli'tet and 'ensehi ble, Among My Bouvcnlr (Nich- ' Win ii'inm 1 v. ii Angeles Fver Brightana roir " Mnhdl)l tiiisbmble, Horn, Bwtiet-, llime, '- Ml ,. illli,..1ll.l.. , ;., - Classic Selections On Orchestra BUI A nuranhrAse on '"the familiar ,, "Melofly in F" by -iWbliisteln will- )erm llio riUlluour imjiii.cii uy m. aiddk and Gold Room brchestra te a bioadeaat threyuh An NBG nfl'" Work next raturdtty between fill and 8148 o'fclock. v - , Classld elsction ineiuQ th - icriptive "Phedre" overture by -Vlassenet. TWO CbmpnsltltJII bv ha ndtsd American composer and . (fontluiltdr, Henry K. Hadley, con.--Oliide thejtrpgram, The program foiiowai '"MulhdV Irt V" tnnrSnhhisei.'"- hUljliisteiri'f olidhl: ) v r t u t Phtidi-4." :"MilMnaM! "fbAnd.' lileiattlnl "tiruhdd Pu nspagnoi,--. ulftsouhbw: s feet on. '"ine 4' waits," Kifhrer; "Sunset Dr-am,- . Hlidleyj "fiillte Aftcienne,1' Hadley, . The Black ahd Wold Room nr-Hstrtt will be heai'd all th P-". eifio const turn nun kgo. Damrosch to Lead Symphony on Kuu - WMter Dami'USch, American finii. duator and composer, will load a ,rj Symphehy 6rchsU-a through lh.-,-WUritS of a ielected grbup of mns-ter cnioposei's,. during a program, i. 0vr thb NBC network next satur- -day night from. 8 to T e'tiock. Floyd Gibbons Will supplement the musical program with another;, of his Interesting laiks o-"Adven-J tures In Sctonce.'" Western station of tha NBC Ma Work to broudenst this progrum Include KGO. - 1 . r

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