Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1931 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 7
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4;*| Pi-'-/ is2£is^.. BY KAY CLEAVER II STRAHAN tflmmtf. It to e*id«*t tbttt •MM* !• tare, ttlth HIM. •«** kM iMctephoat coll trtnd. HRMIKTH HOB, "«e* »fc««t'«fc«' *ttty£ kMOtfii Mr KARl. BE *k« t»** Utrto "«k* I <* «i«*t kl*. Pkfl eorne* t« '*»/%* to tote and «itker jTftji wrrn THR si-out CHAPTER VIII if 1 objected, "But.- Mr. 4{, such prejudice leaves •less, t don't and can't »«*"•< *h* * ** , Barry t ,shi|ufd not have JiM prejudice* It was a always had partlcn- i ;cdnfrary. 1 '*PfiiI said. "I nsyaelf th^t no man living has ^bpen* ttind than I jbavc: it Is, es the decencies. I've to you. Mr. McKeel. t at it;agaln some- ire to be 1 going now. Goodnl^t." : and Barry ' said • "Good <*. , -Grand and Rosalie, were Isleep. 'Ann Went wHb Philip he said, as he reached raincoat. Iras fallen bard youth. hasn't she?" *»*t tao*.? Ann fibbed. 6*&w," Phil said, and palled coat down in the back. "It's a sure enough., this time. Ton irhat will happen, don't you?" qnestioned, marry him the day he i,; her. Shell let you down. Koa*H sea. Shell marry him. and V«ffl be left holding the sack _ supporting the family." S ^thought. "But 1 can't I can ;/,tlie sack, but I can't support ffamlly on my 925 a week. No * Could. Well freeze and starve," Bdiiild nothing. £*^Bfce'lI» let you down." Phil re'" ate'd,-< and stamped into one over- ^tte^^'Tou'll hold the sack." ne teifeated,' and stamped into the ather overshoe, flared. "You've no right to > say, that, Phil. Cissy will not. Cissy never has let me nor anyone down. You've no right" . Phil, hat In hand, was making for the-door. Ann tagged after him and went on: "Suppose she does fall In love. Suppose she does get engaged to that nice boy. Isn't that her affair? You and I have been engaged for eight years." UjilTes, I know that I don't need ; to b? told," said Phil on the porch ; to- Aon in the doorway. "But Cissy isn't like you. Her man will come K prsJ with her." "You come first with me," said "Ann, angel," Cecily said, "dinner v>as grand. Con times." Thanl{ you a mil- "Oh, no, I don't. Cecily, and 'Mary-Frances, and Grand and Rosa• He" (need he make each name a sneer?) "come first with you, Ann, and always have." "No," she began, "that Isn't true. It isn't my fault—" Phil had turned and was going. Phil had gone! Gone? Right off like that without kissing her good night? Phil had gone. If be had purposely omitted the kiss it wouldn't matter so much. But she feared, she seriously feared, that he had simply walked away and forgotten all about it • • • • T>ARRY, driving and intent on the •*•* polished black pavements ahead, did not see Philip standing back from the corner, puffing 'at his pipe and waiting for the street car. .But Philip saw him and felt a small satisfaction because Barry, too, had left the Fenwick's house early. "Suppose," Philip went on thinking, as he watched the small red light dim into the darkness, "that I'd hailed him. and cadged a ride home, and said to him on the way, 'Don't fall in love with Cecily Fenwick. Don't ever go there again. You can stop now. Later you may be unable to stop. There's no use In falling In love with a Fenwick girl. You start out brave and gay and find yourself on a treadmill. You never arrive anywhere. Stop short tonight and forget it. I wish someone had warned me—eight years ago.' Fat lot of thanks Me- Keel would give me—now. Pity, though. He is young—some fool ideals, of course—but on the whole, Intelligent. He had known . the Bronte quotation: 'I have seen the sea and York Cathedral.' Stop short tonight and forget it Well—why not? What was the epigram? 'It advice Is good, why give it away?' Ah, the bunk! But—wby not? Rot! Stop short and forget it." He knocked his pipe out against a tree in the parking, and stepped forward to hail the coming street car. • • • /CECILY tapped on Ann's door and ^ opened It. Ann was standing in front of her bureau, her fingers fly- Ing about through the dark curling coils of her hair (it was a nuisance, and heavy, and hard to find hats for, but Phil insisted that she should not cut it), pulling~out the hairpins. "Ann, angel," Cecily said, "dinner was grand. Thank you a million times." Ann did not turn. "Yes," she said. "I thought it seemed very good—all but the chowder." "Everything wag gaod," said Co- clly, and" came In and closed the doof, She had to talk. "Ydti lifted him, didn't you, Ann? Old th« con- veraatloa. and the evening, AifiU- so on, seem all right to you? Wasn't it slick that Grand and Rosalie both went to sleep?" ';••:; Ann's fingers kept oil hunting hairpins. "Yes, 1 liked him. 1 thought things seemed alt tight. What made him leave so early f" "Ha Is sort of shy. Phil's leayihg and all . . . I'd BO much rather have him shy than—than a6t. You really did like him, didn't you, Ann? He Is good-looking, don't you think?" "Of course," said Ann. "You Ilk* him a lot, don't you, Cissy?" Cecily nodded. "Urn-hum. . I seem to." "And he likes you a lot?" "Ann, I don't know. I don't know at all. Sometimes I think he does, and then I think he doesn't. He was queer when we first dame In this evening—that may hay* been my fault. But later he was lovely, and just now In the hall he held on to both my bands and kept holding them while he thankefi m« for having him here. Still, he didn't say a word about ewr" seeing me again, or telephoning, or—anything." • Ann experimented with a smile In the mirror. "For that, matter, Phil didn't say anything about teeing me again,'either." > , "Ann," Cecily's voice was. tense, "how can you bear it? The'happi- ness of the certainty, I mean; To love Phil, as you do, and to knoit positively that he lovqs you, and that you'll see him tomorrow and the next day—all that It seems to me I. just couldn't endure being BO happy." . . i Ann was on '• her 'way to th» clothes closet. She stopped for an instant to rumple the shining brown of Cecily's boyish bob, but she did not answer her question until tht was inside the closet "It grows on one," she said from there, "that ability to endure happiness." DECAUSE of Ermintrude's Insist*-* ence that It would look perfectly.- awful to get downtown early -today —of all days!—Mary-Frances this afternoon bad consented to. route ;heir daily walk from the McKlnlej 3igh School through the buslnest district of the suburb and home again, to Include a long detour Into losymeade, a new and modestly atr ractive residential district . ,u. Before long Rosymeade's bablef would wake from their afternoon naps, and Rosymeade's tranqulllty would submit to delivery truck! rushing through their final errandf 'or the day; to whistling, shouting toys thudding evening .papers from bicycles to porches; to home-coming automobiles, whizzing sprinklers, and whirring lawn mowers; .but- 89 yet the streets were (till, and tb* small lawns lay untroubled and open to the sun. But for Mary-Frances Fenwick and Ermtntrude Hill there was neither calm nor. peace nor patience nor tranquillty nor quiet anywhere. "The trouble with you, Ermin* :rude," continued Mary-Frances, "is :hat you are like my sisters, you lust don't understand that love is all." (To Be Continued) , Rent It! Find it! Buy It! Sell It! '. v with HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. • 1 insertion, lOc per Una minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 Insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 5% words to the line) NpTIr-Wartt advertisements accepted, over the telephone may be Charged with the understanding. that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 Officer's Slayer Eludes Pursuers Killer of Constable at Paris Escapes; Posse on His Trail FOR RENT BJBNT— Two furnished bed rooms adjoining bath 520 South Main phone 376J 17-lt dh BENT— One nice five room brick bungalow, South Elm street. Floyd Porterfield. 15-7tt H— • — 1 - ! -FOB BENT— Three room furnished apartment, 126 North Kervey street. 10-6tc FOR SAI-E FOR SALE—Three and half acres Witit six room house, City water, lights, on gravel highway at a bargain. JJriiieweU & Henry. ll-6tc. fOB SALE—Capons for Christmas. Better than Turkey. Mash fed, in Small coops. Weight 6 to 9 pounds. frwe 2Qc per pound. E. G. Steed. Hope, Route 3, Phone 1605-F2-1. PARIS, Ark.—(/P)—The slayer of Constable Mont Cre?kmore was believed Wednesday to have escaped from his mountain hiding place while scores of possemen tramped through the woods hunting him Tuesday night. The man, a stranger here, shot Creekmore Tuesday when he and ;.n- cther officer halted four men in a car, and was thought to have taken refuge in a cave but he could not be found'. Officers believe the slayer, known only by the name of Wilson, was wounded in the hand or arm by Crek- more after he was shot. The three other men in the cair said the man was a stranger to them and could offer no reason for his opening fire on Creekmore. Sheriff Albert Maxey of Crawford county left with a posse for Alma to search the section after receiving a report a suspect left a freight train there Wednesday morning. Another report that a man resembling the slayer ate supper Tuesday nigh tat a farm house near Short mountain and left toward Etna and Arbuckle island in Sebastian county, caused formation of a posse in that section. Sheriff Williams of Sebastian county planned to join the search with a pcssee and a machine gun. ceive reward. 16-3tp. NOTICE NOTICE— Men's suits cleaned and pressed, delivered 50c, phone 148. Hope Steam Laundry. 15-6tp W)ST—On* H" b"ne white liver spotted ix>4»ter bird dog, one front teg badly scared. Return to W. A. at Hope FonjJtu^ £o., and rc- SERVICE OFFERED-If ~vou want service call, 670, Robinson Grocery. 14-9tc rs. Chas Hardto s to J. L. Green Cleanr (--leaned and pressed ab- j Dcct inbcr 18. }7-Uc I Mena Robbery Suspect Arrested in California MENA, Ark.—Curtis Cunningham, accused of the robbery at Ode Turner's store at Potter, has been captured at El Centro, Calif., an dis being held for Polk county officers. Sheriff John E. Joplin was advised of Cunningham's capture and has sent Deputy Frank Pearson after the prisoner, who has agreed to return without requisition. F. D. Cunningham, father of the youth, was recently arrested and placed under bond for participating in the Turner robbery. Part of the stolen goods are said to have been found on the Cunningham farm near the Oklahoma line. The Cunninghams formerly lived in Little Rock. Prominent Helena Man Is Held for Burglary HELENA, Ark.— (ff>)— Theis Warnken, 32, son of Superntendent Fred Warnken of the interurban traction company, was held under $5000 bond Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have arranged to have a man in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae is available in this community for the first time. Get your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed of your money refunded. GET BACK YOUB PEP YOU KNOW TH.^T "WONDEK- FUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuniis, neuralgia, rheuma. UsJU, lame back ana general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys nealthy and nature will do the rest. Get a botile today from & SON, P/«ffJW[$ —Adv. Tuesday with two negroes charged with burglary in connection with the recent attempted break into the s&te of the Paramount theater here. Warnken was arrested Monday night on finger print evidence compiled by agents of the state bureau of criminal identification. Two holes were drilled in the theater safe before the would-be looters grew weary and abandoned the burglary. Special Friday Only Traveling Saleman's sample line of Imported Chinese Ware and Gift Goods Haviland and Japanese Dinnerware Friday Only Hope Furniture Company Call Five Coaches a Winner Hope fioy Given Watch by Fans At Greenwood, Ark., Thii Week Lawrence Martin ot Hope was signally honored this week at Greenwood 1 , Ark., when 87 football fans and players joined In presenting him a beautiful waWh eomemoratlng his first year's, coaling job at Ofeenwood High School, his team winning the championship of the Mid-West Arkansas conference. Mr. Martin was graduated from Henderson State teachers college at Arkadelphia last spring and joined the Greenwood faculty this fall. Commenting on the Hope man's record with his championship team, the Greenwood Democrat says: t "The Greenwood fans' have been loud in their praise of Coach Martin and his work in building a championship team for the local high school. The games in which Grenewood has played this year have been clean, the boys playing like sports. This is us- uaiy true where the coach or the one n charge makes it known to the boys that such is what is wanted, it has been pointed out, and the fans consid- Net Orleans Flier Abandons Flight Attempted Coast to Coast Trip Is Postponed at Pueblo, Colorado PUEBLO, Colo.~(/p)-j. R. Wedcll of New Orleans, landed here at 11:63 mountan time Wednesday on an attempt to cross the continent by air from Los Angeles to Newark, N. J. in 10 hours'. Dedell called off the flight after arriving here on account of the slow time he had made from the coast, which, he left at 5.09 a. m.. Pacific time. er that the championship this year was won b'y a well-trained eleven. "Mr. Martin has set up an enviable record in having been.the coach of a conference winning team on his first year, and there is already some speculation as to whether the local school will be able to keep him for another year." The president of Wyoming University is staging a one-man crusade against petting. But the students arc still neck and neck. To Lash Carpenter For Wife Beating Lathes Are Civ«n Man at Pott for Whipping Mate WASHINGTON— (;p)--Ten lashes at the whipping post was the punishment prescribed Tuesday for Joseph C. Curl' ton, on a charge of wife beating. Police Judge A. L. Wilson of Takoma Parks also sentenced Carlton to 10 days in jail. Under Maryland law, the lashing will be administered by Richard H. Lansdale, the county sheriff. Lans- dalc said Tuesday he had not receiv- o^lflttUo* of #nee sfnd df<T«ttt kn6^ ikttut* lt» Carlton Is In Jail at RockvUW, ' He was arrested on « waratlt Iss on complaint of hit wife, tofli'M. Carlton, who said her husband struck her with his fists. 4 Polk County May Not Hold Special Election MfcNA-It s possible there will be no special election held in Polk c6tm» ty, January 12, to elect a successor to former Senator T. H. Caraway, Sheriff John E. Joplin issued the required proclamation, but County Judge Green Is considering waiving the election because of lack of county funds and lack of Interest in the contest, What could be more appreciated as a-' Christmas Gift? , \ Give MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS I. Once a week, or once a month, a reminder . jjof your thoughtfulness. We Take Subscriptions for all Magazines! Christmas Chocolates in Holiday Boxes Christmas Cigars and Cigarettes Jack's News Stand Main and Front Street SUBSCRIPTION To Their Favorite Magazine "Her" Christmas Extra Specials Friday & Saturday $1.00 Grlove silk underwear, costume jewelry, silk hose, and set of S hand|, kerchiefs. Vanity Fair Undies "A new source of pleasure" Pajamas, gowns, dance sets, bloomers, panties and brassieres. $1.00 $5.00 Costume Jewelry Choker heads and ear-drops in matched sets. Also Crystal and pearl chokers for afternoon or evening wear. 50c' 51 .95 Imported Italian Bags Bizarre designs in black, blue or green. $3.50 $5.00 Also an assortment of black or brown leather bags $1.98 to $3.50. New Handkerchiefs Beautiful designs in Linen or Chiffon handmade handkerchiefs 25c $1.00 Ladies Specialty Shop "Exclusive-But Not Expensive" Give Musical Gifts! Christmas is the best time to give the family the pleasure and joy which only a musical instrument can give. You 11 find our stock complete. And since we must turn this stock into money, you'll find the bargains ripe. HAYES McRAE Well known Hope radio man, is now in charge of radio sales and service in our complete Radio Department $5.00 Delivers a New Radio Into Your Home For Christmas These radios are brand new 1932 models, Just received from the factory. Prices as low as $36.50. Such well known brands as MAJESTIC R. C. A, PHILCC VICTOR and other brands.. Convenient terms can be arranged. 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