Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 6
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"pie clouds of sunset fold on fbl'd Art jsurfrU and tawny and 1 edged with AChevalfct-Smile Soft as the silence after hymn is. the hush that falls as the light grows $»m, Atid th&' phantom feet of the shadows m 8llde To thfrtiiaple tops and the river's tid Not flVen the thought of a sound I heard till the dusk Is.thrilled by a hldde bird then suddenly sings as the light grows dim Its wonderful, passionate vesper hymn There are in this world where God i king Some that have nothing to do—bu „_ sing Though (t may be low under waves o pain; They found the pearl of purest strain Only this—it was surely best, Since It taught them strains so ful of rest. And showed the path to a lighted ark Perhaps to someone lost in the dark —Selected. Miss Elizabeth Middlebrooks. of Lmdenwood; College, St. Charles, Mo., arrived Thursday morning to spend the Christmas^ holidays visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D Middlebrooks. Lex Helms Jr., and'Bruce McRae, who have been attending State College, Raleigh, N. C., will arrive Mon day to spend the holiday season visit ing with home folks. _Mrs. J. L. Stringer and Mrs. Dewey Baber spent Wednesday visiting in f Texarkana. Mrs. M. M. McCloughan and litth son spent Wednesday visiting witl relatives in Texarkana. .Teddy Jones, assistant coach at the high school will leave Saturday to spend the Christmas holidays visiting . with home folks n Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Howard of At- I lanta, Ga., wit arrive Sunday to spend I the Christmas holidays visiting with Mrs. Howard's parents, Dr. and Mrs E. S. Richards. Miss-Joy O'Neill of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadclphia, will arrvo Frday nght to spend the Christinas vacation visiting with her parents,;.Mr. and Mrs; N. P. O'Nell. Miss- Mary Leonard of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, will be the Friday night guest of Miss Pansy.^Wimberly, erj route to her home 'ikv Washington. ' John.Wimberly of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, da., will arrive Sunday to spend the holiday season visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wm- berly. Miss .'Frances Drake of the Magnolia A. & M. will arrive Friday night to spend Christmas visitng wth horn folks. < R. M, LaGrone, Jr., has returned from a short visit with his sister Mrs. S. E. Gillinm, at El Dorado. Hi was accompanied home by Mrs. Gil liam and children, Marjorie Ann and Mme. Maurice Cncvalier, wife of the screen star, had this happy smile for America when, as pictured here, she returned to New York after a visit to her native France. Robert LaGrone Gilliam, for an extended visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LaGrone. Mrs. J. T. Hicks visited with friends in Fulton on Wednesday. Misses Frances Patterson and Frances Cannon of Henderson State Teachers .College, Arkadelphia, will arrive Friday night to spend the Holidays visiting wth home folks. Mrs. G. Frank Miles was hostess on Wednesday afternoon to the members of the Wednesday Contract Bridge Sub, at her apartment on South Pine Street. The rooms had an added beauty in a profusion of the season's flowers and two tables were arranged for he game. Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp received a most tempting box of home made candy for scoring high. Mrs, P. L. McDonald was a guest for the afternoon. Letters to Santa Glaus T H E SAENSER THEATRE Extends a Cordial Invitation to THE CITIZENS OF HOPE To go stark crazy on Sunday and Monday December 20-21 Between the Hours of 2 p. m. and 11 p . m. Guests of the Saenger will go delightfully mad on these days because the entertainment will be JOE E. BROWN in his clowning achievement "LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD." Dear Santa:—I am a little girl five years old. Please bring me a doll and cart, stove, table and dishes. Mary Lee Cook. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Glaus:—I want you to bring me a jews harp, a football, fireworks, candy, nuts and all kinds of fruits. Don't forget my little sister. James. Gaines. Dear Santa Glaus:—Please bring me a gun that will shoot BB shot, and a pocket knife and some oranges and candy and some nuts. Ollie Durham. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old and go to school at Grange Hall, and study the third grade. I want you to bring me for Christmas a pretty silk dress and a pair of gloves, all kinds of fruits and candy, and don't forget to bring my teacher something nice, her name is Mrs. Vera Reeves. Francine Rogers. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy four years old. Please bring me a big red wagon and a tricycle and lots of 'ruits and candy and some sparklers f you please, and dont forget my lit- .le baby sister, her name is Peggy fean, she is 18 months old and wont you bring her a baby doll and a rock- ng chair. I will try to be good un- il you come. Robert Charles Rogers. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy 2 months old and I want a rubber jail and some candy and apples. Linton Crank. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl 16 months old and I want you to bring LADIES FREE NIGHT This Ad when presented at the Box Office will ADMIT one Lady FREE when accompanied by one paid Adult Admission THURSDAY Or FBIDAY This week at the me 6 llttlfe doll, a rocker and nuts and "Wt» ******£*> fln d *nt forget my flttte unfcW, Howard Vines, bring him Bofrtethlng nice. Babbie Jean Landes. Hope, Arkansas 1 . Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little hoy five yeaft old and I want you to bring me a wagon, a gun and knife, nuts, .candy of all kinds and dont forget my little Baby sister. Ella Virginia. | Howard Vines. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy two years old' and I want you to bring me a wagon, a ball and nuts and candy. Kenneth Lewis. Boughton, Arkansas Dear Santa Claus.—We are brothers and sister, we have been very good this year. 1, Vivian a girl, for Christmas I want a doll, doll buggy, a fuzzy kitty cat, candy, fruit, nuts and apples. I, James Thomas, a boy, I want a bicycle,, a dump truck, a .coaster wagon, nuts and fruits of all kinds. Santa don't forget our baby brother, Billy Britt. James Thomas and Vivian Harden. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl ' in the third grade. I go to Oakland school. I would like for you to bring ;me a set of dishes, and a story book. I want some nuts and candy of all kinds. Remember all of the other children. Esther Ferguson. Patmos, Arkansasi Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a little gun a ball, some fruits, nuts and candy and lots of fire works. D. B. Wright. Patmos, Dear Santa Claus:—We are tw& lit tie slstofsi 5 and 3 years Old, We h*lj) our mouHer all we can Ih tA« hduse We want a little set of dishes, a little 1 doll, a little broom, some apples, or> tinges and nuts ahd also ami \fttfe crabkersr ; Lprene and Irene Wright. Patmos, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:— t am a little lioy 10 ye'ars oldi t go to school? at itfteirt- ing Shade". My teachers name" IS"lifift DMi* Belts, I wish you would brlh| me a ball, aknlfe, seme' 'faults aruJ candy, nilts and some fir* woMbi. Dent forget to bring my 'mother, fatrU ef and sisters something. Barnam Wright. Patmos, Arkansas.' Dear Santa Claus:—I am-a little, boy 8 years old; I am in the second grade, My teachers name is Mrs, Dixie Beits. I wish you .would bring me; a.ball, candy, oranges, nuts and lots of fire works. Elry E. Wriglit. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa ClaUs:—I am a little boy five years old; for Christmas I want a dump truck, some shots for my M gun, a music totp, fruits of all kinds' and plenty of candy. Fll.' try to be ?ood until then any way. Don't forget Olen. R, M. Firioher, Jr. '• Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I want you td bring me a pair of boots, and an air" gun and some ruits, candy, nuts'and 1 'fire works. . , Leo' Eubariks; i Hope, .Arkansas. Dear Santa. Claus:--WUl! ybii' plisase. bring me ''a box 6f handkerchiefs; nnd' candy, fruits and' nuts! Please dion't' forget my baby sister. " Grace Markly, ""*' i *" <l'- W 1' •' ^ F-V *•:• * * Santa Claus Says Prices Reduced! A Real Christrrre» Sale On All Holiday Goods 2n account of adverse weather, we ire forced to make drastic. reduc- ions on our entire stock of 'Christ-' nas Gift Goods. • 3et our prices before you make '.'• selections! : , . : Costs and profits are forgotten! We will noV carry these gift items over until next season! Ward & Son The Leading Druggists "We've Got It" PHONE 62 Motor Cycle Delivery Ged»r Gn«sts To bring .joy,' to;, feminine hearts. Never-, before. \have they .been so beautiful.' Nor Have' thieir . prices. . been ,so,. Iqw! , Cedar lined walnut finish cKests. as .low a's Cedar, line* genuine .walnut chests as low as-y VeneianMirrors , Large'sike mirror's at a price that is almost unbelievable. mas to- the entire fafflily^appv . >•** t V Mr XT V ~ ~" "" ~"~ ***** w» ••••«• n-BBntf -iw- V^W*. " TT A VAX. K | ture I Christmas shoppers can profit by the ftiost amajsittf v«tl i offered m more than- fifteen years? Semgthfatg fd^e^elT " at savings never before equalled, and whfefr may plicated. PAY CASH *m SAVE ! r » * Moitey talks here. These sale prfces; will warrant* yol tioit. We want the cash, and we have tut prices, oiji 6 U r K WUWJUUUVWBH stock, in order that ybu will 1 be quick to clear te# &M 'ft^tdWi^m from our floors. ,; , • , " •*'".. i*. u <• l . Give Something For The Moi ^"^ccasiorial Chairs Imagine being able to buy them so low as— $7.85 Kitchen Cabinets Here's asplendid gift suggestion that is sure to please the housewife. $18.75 ,:,Table Lamps A beautiful showing 1 of brand new designs. Very low at Bridge Lamps Wrought iron floor arid 1 bridge lamps; parchment shades. Burgains at . '"•;•••'' _. Bed^-Springs , Mattreis Outfit If you are expecting: overnight guests' for the holidays, Or have an extra room ybu want to furnish; take adavthage of this special value. Sale price f tt.7S A Beautiful Ne* Lmrtjr Room < Three piece suits Of^tapestry 1 or ve- '^ lour. Thinfc how happy it would make ^ tiie family at Christmas' time. Furm- ^ ture of this quality may never tea so^^^ low again. ^^ ' b •' Please the man who smokes with one of these handsome SMOKER STANDS Never before- have we shown so many pretty styles, If" at such! great bargains. - : : -Newest pedestal smokers, as low as 79c J' Popular cabinet style smokers as low as... L1...J319S' Humidor Cabinet style-smokers as-low as ?6i85 Breakfast Tableland 4 Chairs Ohfy Breakfast sets may never again be so low. Many other different styles and- finishes from which to make your selection: And what bargains! CALL FIVE »orttp&riy R. V. Herndbn, Terrell Cc Corneliosri SHOP IN OUR SECTION Only Six More Shopping Days Christmas comes ,bUt once-a year, and the fun- ol shopping is the best fun of all! So be sure to visit -the "Gift Shop" at Burr's .... chock full of gift ideas for Christmas .... things in bright, gay holiday boxes . , ; already for you to tie-up and' give! In a Bright Gay Christmas Gift Box Christmas Lingerie A gift every woman appreciates These are wonderful values, too. A Nice Kid: Glove for the Woman', in Black oV Browdl * loves Excellent quality cape-leather, with fancy stitching. Both stylish and dressy. With'Gift Box. In a Bright Gay Christmas Gift Box RAYON GOWN, Lace trimmed FORTO RICAN GOWNS, Embroidered' : 1-FIECE RAYON PAJAMAS, Lace trimmed 98c 98c 98c RAYON PRINCESS SLIP, Lace trimmed RAYON STEP-INS, Medallion trim NC'N-RUN APPLIQUED Shorty Bloomers 98c 69c 49c Sheer Chiffon Hosiery for 'Her!' in a Christmas-y Box Let us help you select a fashionable shade in this full-fashioned, all pure silk hosiery. Come in today. More Gift Suggestions Envelope and Pouch Style Handbags. Calf and grain leathers. Specially selected. Shop Early!.!.. The man will appreciate a good belt with fancy buckle in a Gift Box Men's Fancy Rayon Hose, 4 pairs in Christmas Gilt Box. Good pattern assortment. Per Box Women's Felt Juliette Slippers, chenille trimmed, leather sole, rubber heel. Per pair Novelty Gift Set. Includes gift box and two military brushes with a comb, for men 596 $1.00 98c $1,00 Boys' Sweaters All-Wool, V-neck, slipover style. Ribbed cuffs and bottom. Assgct- ed colors. Visit Toy Land We have a nice assortment pf Toys for the Girl and Boy. L. C. BURR & CO. VTlTt T o y LT^d They are priced" to sell and your UoUar go a long ways hexe. o

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