Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 4
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Pf5f fc. u Ybttr Christmas Gifte ^ I Jwt Underwear $1.M V.liW 89o The* qualify 100% for cold weather C 6nv fort, longwear and V A t. V t WARD'S closing out p rices makes It possible for you to buy this garment at rcduc- »d prices. Come, B u'.y, Save. Stock up now. Cold weather is just around the corner'. Pajama Sale Men's Regular J1.65 Values; Now Reduced to For th j i AT?..'V ml «> paaaed soles; AIM ^ ^ ».ARot, dosing cut price 89C kid tothsr f "" leather Cl OO ^ • -TO S^Wc side gores. WARDS closing out price BROWN FEL for Outing flannel. Neat new patterns. Bargains! Flannelette Gowns Reduced To $1.00 Full 50-in. long! Striped and plain patterns. Stock up now for cold weather. ' W o m e n's Pajama Sale Prices Reduced To 79C 69c Wear as a coat or tuck-in style. .Outing flannel material. 5-Piece Bridge Sets To Delight the Hostess. Easy on Christmas Budgets. Only $1.00 Luncheon cloth 1 36 x 36 and 4 aapkins. 'Makes ideal Christmas .gifts. Single All Wool Blanket ' " Jl.OO Value Reduced To 69c This all wool blanket .with sa- .teene bound edges will make W ideal Christmas Gift. Hurry, get yours. trine 'HOUSEWIFE 75c Beautiful All Rayon Bed Set $3.98 Value Reduced $2.98 Full size spread and large pillow in exquisite colors. Trimmed with dainty ruchings. A delightful gift! \ LONG-WEAR SHEETS—Greatest value ever offered .at this price. Fine weave, seleced cotton sheets, beautifully finished'. Bleached. Size 81x99-in. 92c values. Now Reduced to ..• BATH TOWELS—All cotton, quality in every inch. Extra large . "man-size" double loop construction. Fast colored borders! Size 23x46; 25c values.' 4 CM Buy them now for ONLY ..!... I OC WOMEN'S HANDBAGS—New styles! New materials! Now outstanding values at this greatly reduced price. Grain leathers and fabric with smart snap XQf* fasteners. ?1.00 values; Reduced to 151G ELECTRIC WAFFLE IRONS—The lowest price at which such quality has ever been sold. Nickle-plated, Rubber feet, Cord included. A wonderful value at the regular price. ' € 1 ftO But now you can buy it for $ I iUU ALL LINH'N LUNCHEON SETS—Specially woven for long service! Ivory white with colored woven borders. Cloth and six napkms in C 1 ft ft gift box. Buy tHfem now for $ I iUU RAYON COTTON BED SPREADS-Make luxurious, inexpensive Gifts! Lovely floral oTesigns, Pastel colors. Buy them now at WARD'S £M 4Q closing out price for only $£.4v Just what you have been waiting for; a chance to buy your Christmas Gifts where your money will go the farthest. WAHU S Closing Out Sale offers you that chance. You'll'Have to hurry as quantities are limited and many people will be buying these wonderful Christmas Gifts and taking advantage of WARD'S Closing Out •Prices. HURRY! Buy at Ward's— The Gift t Store for the Entire Family! Big Value Ga* R ange J75.00 Value Reduced $49.85 J5.W Down Essex Windsor. Marbleized por- celean enamel fuush. Big voen, Booking ;op anU broiler. '< boys and C Ama7mp Va I Sturcfy! Loti t . Winner, ft »nd Cor BOYS- BLACH.OA* Grain Oxfor(lL«.... OlRLS' BROWN contrasting trim ' .i... OlRLS'"PAT. Lb/i Beige reptile • trim .....-.: CHILDREN'S SCMO<! Composition rubbrc leather uppers, clotll Shoe for''school 1 ! weal k WARD'S closing out price itT9 ^ r iv-iOtul^trap. U-79' fi. -' Genuine nod, A real $1,49 virtues. 98c WARD'S TOTS RED Saye! BuyatWird's! live Homes for . You Can Take ] and Keep Her 89( Here are the Baby appealing eyes, and i I' Dolls who sleep and|) call you "mama"! S| :iny Newcomers, s6,ha| And pretty Young, fits of clothes. ' say they are all permanent homes [e Home |r Only with: most rj. .Girl r\d v ^will' J. wrapped "and small! Uh. 3 outtalk \re Into .,«wiir» hTjedrv^M Cabin 6 '-" «P° . fnr only half th .Hurry' Walker and Stroller For Baby at Creeping Stage Keeps Him above Cold Floors $2.98 Folding handle makes stroller! Back unu foot rest; rubber lires. Enameled. Cowhide Footballs "Varsity"! Official Size! Valve Bladder, Leather Laced! $3.98 For a Real boy! He'll be pleased with this gift through the holiday and after! Dump Truck Full the lever and it dumps its load like a big truck! "VA^ 'iWi. in. long; steel.... I 9C SEt THE AH IK MS A Whole Noah's^ Ark of Toys for Little Tots! 39c D a s hi n g horses, dogs and even elephants! On wheels. Strings for pulling them! 19c £> I Elephants, race i."^'/ horses, billy goats, | cats and d o g s! I Thoroughbreds all! MECHANICALTlYSf For Boys who like to "see v the wheels go round!" STEEL DUMP TRUCK, 11 inches. Dumps load like big OQ/% truck W%IU STEEL STAKE TRUCK, in inches. All ready for a big 'SO** • load! O9C STEEL AUTO WRECKKER, 11 inches. Picks up, tows toy OQ*» wrecks VwC HOOK & LADDER TRUCK, Wi in. J Ladders, Bell, OO*% Rubber Tires OwV <t'd t rr « ' * A !/ J ** v^ M. i < v i * •? FREE TUBE Every tire Purchased $1.33 Values Chiffon and Service Weights Give Her n I'ntr to Mntch feach Ccstumc! Slic tun t have too 'ninny Pure Silk, First Quality Hose! * Appeal to her lpv y d Of nice things and give her. I several pairs! She'll be delighted with the full length, full width PURE SILK Hose, in the new ' shades smartest for winter. ' French heels, re- I inforced toes and- 5 heels. Chiffon or Service. Serviceable Of fme broadcloth in t . some patterns, every one come Gift. Closing out price - Men's Dress Gloves Ever Welcome (Jlft Priced To Make a Sensational Vnluc! $1.69 Ek-giint peccar.' pigskin unlinea smart outscan- s 6 w n; triple oack stitching. Men's Fine Mufflers Amaalnff Wide Gift Selection Priced Far Below Actual Vulllc' 1 69c New patterns St plain colors to meet 'every idea of beauty. : Others,. jl.OO. A Useful Gift Coaster Wagon $'1.79 Values Reduced $2.49 An ideal gift for the boy. Hurry L'et one of these. 1932 Dodge Roadster $5.15 Value I Jed need $3.15 Only a limited quantity left. We'll sell them out to the first five customers. 3-Piece Enameled Table and Chairs An Exceptional Value! Browning design, easy to take down. REDUCED. Buy Now only ............. . Repeating Shotguns WARD'S famous Wcstcrnfield, fires six shots in six seconds. Genumne PRICES $24.98 Single-Barrel Shotgun .Automatic ejector, new design re-bounding hammer, Chrome Vanadium steel working parts. Choice of 12, 1C and 410. ff A QQ WARD'S closing out price «JI•*•***/ Ward's Famous Red-Head Shells Lew and High bress, all sizes, all loads. ; Stock up now, take advantage of the extremely low prices offered in WARD'S closing CCg out sale. 89c, 97c, and 51.0S Reduced to - W**»* Benjaime Air-Rifles Truly nil air gun. Just the thing the boy will want for Christmas. You can't afford to miss this wonderful Christmas gift_ilem. jftijii to sell in WARD'S closing ' cut sale for only - $1.98 Hunting Coats $3.98 Our finest Water-shod army duck coat. Two thicknesses of extra heavy water-proof brown U. S. Army duck. Slicker-lined game • pockets. Regular 55.98 values. Reduced to only BOH McDONALD GOLF CLUB—Steel shafted, chronium plated heads. Make his game better, buy him one of fljp AQ the true-tested 1 clubs. Prices reduced to <4»fci"?** WOODS IpW •"-t Hurry! COME—BUY—SAVE—Hurry! \Jf $2.49 Liirgu enouyh for real meals and for tea purtius too! Table and 2 Chairs. Decorated; choice of colors. Mechanical Trains iWany A Letter To Saudi Asks For A Train Like These! Only W i n ct-u p cn- g i n e ¥ , lender and three.' cars! they "fly" over the 81 in. curved track! Steel Pull Train Locomotive and Pullman Car! Urcat Fun For A Small Boy! $3.49 i-f o o t engine md 2-ft. Pull- nan ear. Black ind red enam- :Icd auto body iteel. Stake Truck Roomy body! Removable stakes! Oivuige and black enamel: ilc inches long; iteel 79c Think First Of WARDS \ Money on Your Christmas Gifts, I Put Christmas in the Home With These; .> * ' > • ' j Practical and Useful Gtfts! ' BEAUTIFUL AXMINISTER RUG—Seamless, loHg brissels. Ah ..ideal gift that will make the home more • *^2A 95 comfortable. $31.95 value reduced to....*,..:....... .^fc""W*' 1 OCCASIONAL TABLESr-For hbmcsjargo and smalll Octagon I design; walnut finish',' Surprisingly.. : • $A 95|?" ; J!6w. price. $7.85.Values'!....:., V..V....A: --.-- r ''^*"'"*f *f BRIDGE LAMPS—Important gifts for bridge lovers.'* -'Metal I'' 1 \bases; 'parchment shades. j „:.,.• . •,, $2 Q& Complete for only ......;,.-.-..•., ...;... .'.....;; '..<&— "^ MIRRORS—To liven dark corners.;* Semi-Venetian^tyles,',.with etched floral design across;:the top.! . .' '.: -'.',. 'C'l^ Q5 k 54.35 Values'• .„....: ............A.....'.,".^,:.'.-- •'••' ^'.-'f^** WINDSOR'.PRESSURE COOKKER—The most'useful f |Bt the kitchen could'receive. : Saves time, fuel • CO "4R and money. :.*.: •'. f •• «^W«"W*r lilTCHEN CABINET—To simplify the daily work. Completely fitted' with bins, and handy containers. ^ijlQ 95 White enamel finsh '••- •^wW«V*» UTILITY CABINETS—They keep order in tile kitchen long' after Christmas. Enamel finish. $5 87 A real, practical gift' ;.:...' •-"—J..:.... «(l'»r»%r I Save at WARD'S on Your Christmas Gifts .' •»' f';' 1 **,"'' 5 //* ..'-^twiAta' w Famous coat\ Stj._ „ „„_. khaki' or fiaVy $tif-, ene-fdurth wo6). f-, 3>. Jt,_ ' V, .LAV.A/.:^ Men's 9-Poii H >. •" -r}* v) Work Sko ?39SValMe $2.98 Better in 9 different way^ ANY at its price. Fii ' Chrome' leather and ., , wear sol^s. , ' „-^ < , , 'oSftfTC Men's Blanket , ^ Lined Jackejt'vH $2.48 Famous "Homesteader*' ; ,v coat:bargain priced." Hea -blue'^deram , v Uned^TOth:;^ blanket,-% wool lining^>^ ' ' Boy's All Wool Sweaters Regular ?1.00 Values Reduced to' 69c Navy blue colors. The very tning the boys have been look- i n g for for School w e a i\ Buy them now nt Greatly Reduced Prices. Men's Suede Cloth Jackets Amazing New Low Price $1.98 tucli jackets as this rarely sell for less than $3 to $3.50. Double weight tan sjede cloth like soft leather and almost as windproof. Convertible collar. Jack - o - Lastic snug fit bottom that retains its neatness. Men's Gift Ties New Patterns Just See Your Savings! 69c Jiand tailored and silk lined. Great Variety of new designs and colors. Made to knot perfectly. BROADCLOTH SHIRTS—Wrapped in cellophane. Plain, fast colors. Regular $1.95 quality. Special BROADCLOTH SHIRTS—Even finer and more luxurious than above, and of longer wearing quality DIRECTOR SHIRTS^Jacquard and' fancy rat- tern Broadlcoth that challenges ANY tor big v a 'ue v TIES—Fine quality, well tailored, luxurious fabrics. Values you'll find it hard to match 98c soft cape FLEECED CAPE GLO'VES—Fine, leather with smart stitched backs. £4 Why pay a penny more? 9 I » MEN'S DRESSING ROBES-All wool trimmed^ in skinners satin. An ideal Christmas gift. And now WARD'S makes it possible for you to buy this robe at a $5.75 Visit WARD'S Closing Out Sale before you buy your Christmas presents. You'll be- surprised to find that you can save half and more ou the Menu you waul. Ward's Closing Out Sale Will Save You Dollars sJ

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