Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 3
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& dd—*•INumjgJB^gjp ^ ^ r^yiaSri "±&*s±s*'> Jffi^l'lw? _ sV^SLi*"J^^g^j L^^JSsr^ 1 '. .~5.vgr; t » Wealthy Kansas by Kidnaper Band Mr«. Nellie Donnelly Head of Garment'Manuf actur- ing Concern Sought fcA N S OM~DEMANDED $75,000 AsiV/^d by Gang for Safe Return of Woman and Chauffeur KANSAS CITY.-(fl>)-Mrs. Nellie Donnelly, wealthy garment manufacturer, is reported held by kidnapers who threatened' to blind her and kill her negro chauffeur, unless $75,000 ransom Is paid without police interference. , The money must be paid Thursday .night or Friday morning in front of a down town hotel. Moses 'Marathon' Still Grips Senate Deadlock Over President Pro' Tern Election Continues After 19 Ballots WASHINGTON— (#>)—Marking time awaiting some business to act upon, the Senate resumed the 'Moses marathon" Wednesday with two more ballots failing to break the deadlock over reelection of the tyew Hampshire Re'- publican as president pro tern. The western Republican independents whom Senator Moses once termed the "sons of t ti\e wild jackass," gave th'wr 13 Votes to Senator Herbert of Rhode Island, a Republican regular, oh : the 18th and 19th ballots taken. '.dut the 32 Republicans voting stood by* Moses aiflpthe'3% 1 Democrats answering the call again* lirfed up solidly behind Pittman of Nevada, and no 4 ele.ctoh resulted. A majority is neces- ' sary. 'Before getting to the balloting the Senate debated for ah hour on the .only bill that has reached its calendar from committee, the Wulcott measure for protection of wild life. It was laid aside' without action after opposition to some provisions developed. The Independent opposing re-elec- tioh of Moses were repotred tonight to have sent word to the Republican leadership they would vote for any other Republican candidate. However, Senator Watson of Indiana is standing by. Moses. Election of a Democrat fceems to be the only way out unless Moses is allowed to continue by default.- Adjournment was taken until Thursday after the 19th ballot. So far not one word of debate over the issues involved, in this personal controversy has been uttered.- On Mystery Trip I'oGMiwa Vincent Schmidt, above, veteran war flyer, is on his vray to China, where he will "tour the orient," according to the smiling story he gave ship reporters. There is considerable speculation as to the real reason for the trip. Schmidt flew an observation plane for the Second division during the World war. Arkansas Cotton Breaks A Record Average 249 Pounds to Acre; Miller Lowest With 146 Pounds LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Arkansas has shattered all its previous cotton production records this year on the basis of government estimates, with an indicated yield of approximately half a bale to each of the 3,562,000 acres planted to the staple. Charles S. Bouton, federal-state crop statistician, in an analysis of crop figures Wednesday revealed that the State will produce on the average 249 pounds of lint cotton to the acre, or 44 pounds an acre greater than the previous high yield and 80 pounds an acre greater than the average for the past 10 years. Indicated production 'figures wiW place Mississippi county in the forefront of all cotton producing counties, Bouton believes, with a yield of between 185,000 and 190,000 bales. • The yield for the state this year is almost two and a half times the amount for the drouth year of 1930, when 107 pounds were produced to the acre. «• ;! ii' Mississippi county's average proJ duction per acre is 407 pounds, but its neighbor, Greene county, is producing at the rate of 420 pounds an acre to lead the slate, while another neighing county, Poinsett, is producing pounds to the acre. Miller county, with an indicated yield of 146 pounds of cotton to the acre, has the lowest average of the 68 counties which grow cotton. Bandits Take Bank Cashier and $600 Cash MEMPHIS—(/P)—The Cordova Bank and Trust company of Cordova, Tenn., near here, was robbed of $600 at noon Wednesday by two bandits who walked the cashier and a lone customer to a ppint about u uarter of a mile from the bank before they were freed. Rain Onee More Stops W. R. Atkins Convicted Ex- Banker May Start for Prison Again Thursday CAMDEN-William R. Atkins convicted banker of McCaskill, Hempstead county, left Camden Wednesday for "little Rock to enter the penitentiary .p. begin a' two-year' sentence, but due to heavy-rains,, he was forced to return, it v/as saWI'.iiere /Wednesday ilght tiy his attorney,'"' George R. •jaynie, Atkins Will make another effort to reach the state prison Thurs- lay. it was said, and hopes to arrive >y mid-afternoon. Atkins has been carrying his own commitment papers for several days, expecting to go to the penitentiary unaccompanied by an officer. He left !amden by automobile Wednesday, and probably will use a similar conveyance Thursday, it was said. After pleading guilty to four counts of embezzlement during his tenure as cashier of the Bank of McCaskill, at McCaskill, in 1930, Atkins was sentenced to two years. Sentence was deferred, however, until last April, arid about the time he was expected to arrive at the penitentiary, he was granted an indefinite furlough by Lawrence E. Wilson, acting governor. Last October Atftins pleaded guilty to other charges, and again was given a two-year sentence. President Hoover Asks Early Action on Reconstruction Republicans Urged to Consider Billion Dollar Proposal HMRINcPrO BEG1N Seriate Committee Hearings Expected to Begin on Friday WASHINGTON—(>P)—Concessions Republicans have been .urged W Pre; ident Hoover tlie pressing need fc early action on his proposed half bil lion dollar reconstruction corporation and seriate committee hearings wi start Friday. On the hbuse side< Repfesentativ Snell, Republican leader, requeste Chairman Steagall of tilie bankin cotnmitttee, to expedite the hearings so this legislation could be brotigh up In January. Heiress, 15. Fights for Truckman Mate] Two Basket Ball Games Scheduled Lewisville and Washington Here for Games on Thursday Night HOPE high school basket ball fans are promised two fast games at the local high school gymnasium on Thursday beginning at 7:30, accord- ingto Coach Charles Wilkin. One of the opponents will be the Lewisville High School team and the other game will be with a team from Washington. Both of these games promise to give fans interesting intertainment and a large crowd is expected. Auto License Sale Will Open Monday 1932 Plates May Be Pur chased Either in Hope or Washington The sheriff's office is going to pu on a sale Monday, December 21. But there won't be any bargains It's strictly a one-piece sale. Utility and not fashion, will dictate the buying—and as a matter of fact the newt, of this big sale at the sheriff's office will be received with mingled emotions by the citizenry who perhaps would just as soon not do any buying at all right how. The article up for sale is the 1932 Arkansas state auto license. Sherif! ahdf Collector John L. Wilson announced Thursday that the license would go on sale next Monday both at the Hope city hall and the courthouse in Washington. The same rates apply this year;as in former years, the sheriff said. Parents on Trial For Child Cruelty Edith RileyTAHeged 'Closet Girl,' Center of Interest in Courtroom RAPPER FANNY SAYS; HM.U.S. t-AT.OFF. When toast biu-us, it gets a buck look. . WASHINGTON—(/P)—A 18-year-old girl attired in a neat green dress, walked into District of Columbia Supreme Court Wednesday and gazed about curiously as scores of eyes were focused on her. She was Edith Riley. Her father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Riley, were on trial on a charge of cruelty to the child. The government contended they Had kept her confined in a dark closet for three or four years. Edith ,her black bobbed hair neatly combed and looking plump and healthy was led to a chair facing Justice Letts. She sat comfortably, with one leg tucked under her, while Dr. Isidore Rodd of Gallinger hospital testified as to her physical improvement since she was taken from her parents six weeks ago. Seated 1 only a few seats from her father and stepmother, the child did not appear to pay them any more attention than others in the crowded courtroom. Her father looked at her for a while while Mrs, Riley glanced at her once or twice. Dr. Rodd said Edith weighed only 38 pounds, due to malnutrition, when taken to the hospital. Now, he added, she weighs 57 pounds. The physician said Edith can walk unassisted now, is much brighter than six weeks ago, liked to play with toys and other children and laughs and sings. When she came to the hospital, he added, she merely looked straight ahead with a blank expression. H. R. Stephenson, attorney for the Rileys, said he would show that the child was delinquent. Dr. Rodd said he had seen no evidence of this. Stephenson also said Mrs. Riley was "not mentally responsible." Hayes McRae Joins Bensberg Music Co. Hayes McRae has accepted a position with the Bensberg Music company, in charge of radio sales and service. Mr. McRae had charge of this department of the McRae Hardware store for several years. The Bensberg Music store opened here a month ago, on the corner of Second and Walnut. They have the agency for Phjlco, Majestic, BCA and Brunswick radios, and will service all makes, according to Mr. McRae. Poison n an* M* , THUr^My titifi IMh* ifo ftfghi 'ft* 'MeHMfy. Ifa <>0MttHAi fe ttfltftta to W Beatrice Barclay Pickerell, 15, tUtighter of wealthy John 6 Barclay o Mohtclair, N. J., appeared in coUrt and helped "her trUckmari-K\isban«, B&ti T. Ptikerell, 1 raise bond for later appearance on an abaiiction charge "pre ferred by her father; She slid down a sheet and escaped from' home recently The above photo was snapped as the couple were reunited in court. Blanket of Snow Over Texas Plains Other Regions of theState Are Drenched by Steady Rairts (By Associated Press) Enow covered the plains of West' Texas Wednesday, causing a sharp decline in temperatures. Other. Sections of the state were drenched by steady rains. The storm, moved into Texas 1 from the Rocky Mountain •region and headed toward the GUlf of Mexico, Where a low pressure area Was reported. Forecasts for Wednesday night warned shippers to exp'ect mercury readings around the 20 degree mark in Northwest Texas. Freezing, or near freezing temperatures were expected in adjacent sections. The entire Panhandle was blanketed with from three to four inches of snow, reports from Amarillo, Plainview, Borger and Pampa indicated. The snow fall had extended west into New Mexico and far to the north, Pecos and Big Springs reported snow falling Wednesday in the .plains region to the South. Brtckenrldge had heavy snoW preceded by rain. Light snow which melted as it fell, was reported at Electra. Wichita Falls and Brown wood were visited by chilling slee't and rain. Vernon reported heavy rain, accompanied jy lightning. Traffic over highways of the Pan- landle was delayed by the storm ?lane schedules were interrupted at several points. East Texas was soaked by snow, steady rains. Longview and Tyler reported the rains continuing .Wednesday. Denison had rain and some sleet, Jallas had a small amount .of rain Tuesday night, and Wednesday's precipitation thoroughly soaked the vicin- ty. To the south, San Antonio, Austin, orsicana, Houston, Beaumont and Galveston reported light rains. Overcast skies in the southern part of the tate threatened more rain Wednesday night. Del Rio, El Paso and other towns m the Rio Grande had no rain Wednesday. Robinson Answers Republicans Seeking Support of Administration Leader Charges . WASHINGTON.— (ff) — iJemcHirati Senate Leader, Joseph'T. RoBih'sorTb Arkansa'S, charged -in {he Seriati Thursday that Secreaary ; 'Htirley sought ih his speech to the Republican National- Cohirnittee Wednesday to capitalize : the non-pai-fison supper which President rioov«r sought from 'the Democrats. Hurley, Senator Robinson : said sought to arouse the slumbering cohorts of partisanship in an effort to glorify the National administration. Camden Seven Men Held on Liquor Counts 'our Arraigned in Texarkana Arrested in Hope Monday TEXARKANA — Four men from x>pe, two from Prescott and one from Blevins, were held to the Arkansas ederal grand jury on liquor charges ere Wednesday. j The defendants, charges, and bonds xed were as follows: Tom Ellis, egro, Hope, possession and sale, own eccgnizance; Jack Cornelius, Hope, wo charges of possession and sale, 500 on each charge; Jess Thomas, Slevlns, possession and sale, $500; len Burns, Hope, possession and sale 500; Ervin Burns, Hope, possession nd sale, $250; Arthur Clements, ne- ro, Prescott, transporting, possession nd sale, $500; Otis Boman, negro, rescott, possession, $400. All made ond except Boman. In the absence of Commissioner Warren Stevens, Deputy United States [arshal Clarence Buhler was direct- d to take them before Acting Com- nissiouer Louis Josephs. The arrests •ere made Monday, Tueftfoy and Vednesday by Buhler and Deputy heriff Clarence Baker, Ho»e. Ouachita Rising Rapidly With Fear Held It May Reach Flood Stage CAMfiEN, Arlf.-^Clbse upon the heels of the tornado, continued rains caused rapid rise in Ouachita river here which may send it' past flood stage of 30 feet. The .river stood a1 28.1 feet here Wednesday and was still rising. Cattle and crop's in lowlands will suffer most. Most highways are 1 all above high water but traffic may be delayed by swollen creeks on some routes. Over two inches of rain fell here Wednesday hampering reconstruction work and stopping work entirely on the frame courthouse which begun Tuesday. Many county agencies have obtained temporary quarters in other buildings with post office' offering third floor for use. The county health unit, county farm arid home agents are located in this building. Rain caused more damage to buildings and fixtures. All but seven injured 1 in the tornado have left the hospital. These are showing improvement. They are Mrs. Bassell Durham, 28; Mrs. Elmer Pinkston, 33; Elmer Pirikstori, 37; Mrs. Howard Colyert, 26; Howard Cplvert, 33; Louise Cplvert, 2; Mrs. ted Db- maslci, 30. Mrs. Pinkston and Mrs. Domaski were the most seriously injured and for a time it was thought that their injuries might prove fatal. But they have rallied and are improving steadily. ' Jewelry Display at Store of L. A. Keith L. A. Keith has made arrangements for one of the most complete displays of Christmas jeyelry at his store in several years, through an arrangement with one of the manufacturing jewelers from whom he makes rriost of his purchases. This firm has sent one of their representatives here with an unusually large stock, to be displayed at the Keith jewelry store, East Second street, until Christmas. Clark County Ginning* Are More Than Doubled ARKADELPHIA, Arkansas. — There were 19,973 bales of cotton ginned in Clark county, of the 1931 crop, up to December 1, as compared with 7,727 bales ginned to the same date in }930, it was announced by Charies B. Watson, special agent for Clark county. CU.iltf t&kti -MUili^ht ^T^IfllMbil^O Sotltn wM snwten wemiesnBy nl#rt by a mild earthqulkfe thW ffifHttked householders ift f<hir sWteVbut did little rfanW^e. the sh6dc extended frorti fteleftM* M- kahias, to BlrmliuMM *hd.frtm Jiekatih, Miss., tri /»«fes«n, TenH- ' eSsee. i. Ll'TTLE ROfcK.—(/J*)—A *1sn4tt- gra^h at ih* LlHIe BocK Allege recorded a Heftrtfiquakfe tf "fMMy grfeat <nt*tt»tty" at 9>3S WiWntiday night. : Thursday voted ?2W,OW,OW to meet the deniaHds of velerans adjusted certificate loans, the house baWt- IHf committee iirftt>Ted the Steagall bill to create a $100,000,000 re- vtiivlAjr fund for Federal Fartn... Loan banks. -—re Hoover has appointed Robert'!. Olds, of St. Paul, a former under Secretary of State to be the Amer- Icah niember of the* Ftrmari*ht Ctturt of Arbitration at the Hague ti^ , Youth ti Fed fhrdiiih Tube; Mouth 1, Sealed HOf did Jade Waifs' hioti Wax and adhesive tape and he is fed through a tube after three operations for an infected jawbone but he goes to school, plays with other children artfl Has gained three pounds since' his trouble started. His chief worry now is 6Ver Keitig exposed to diphtheria. An opening left.by iHe fernowl ~6t some teeth is used for the tuBfe* through which he takes nourishment The youth 'has s£ent little* time in he'd since the infection developed last Springi is happy and otherwise healthy s'Roll 7 6 Additional Christmas Gifts Wa. Reported Thursday The Goodfellows club ran thei membership^ 176,Thursday, with 7 imes addetj-to the 100 reported on Gifts to the annual Christmas fund were criming fn urfstintediy, the can vasslng teams reported. Farm produce, as well as cash, is welcome.- Farmers with products for the Gootfrellows' relief work should tender.'them to'Mrs. Arch Moore, who mice more is handling the club's purchasing and distributing of gifts. Ne'W givers announced Thursday were: •; W. R. Ahdersori, W. N. Eds6n A. B. Patten, IK. P. Divis, E. J. Bake* W. W. Duckett, Mrs. W. W. Duckett N. T.- Jewell, Arthur Taylor, Thomas Evans, S. W. Wright, J. W. Frith Ward Dabney, Halliburton Sheet Metal Works, Sid 1 Buridy, Luck's Service Station. W. H. A. Schnelker, C. R. Hamilton Mr. Cash, J. E. Collins, J. T. Blac'k, Roy StepKensiJri, TalBot Feield, Sy.d McMath, Dr. A. J. Neighbours, Dr. T L McDonald, Dr.. J. H, Weaver, Miss Thelma Cbbb/E, F. McFaddiri, Wynne Dehty, Frank H. Philbrick, Miss Elizibeth Bridewell, Frank Y. Trimble, Vfrs. G-us Bernier, J. A. Kennedy, i, j. McGahee, Gorham & Gosnell, Tom Wardiow, C. W. Weltman, A. C. Moreland, A. J. Wagner, John W. Ridgdill, Dorsey McRae, K. G. McRae, G. A. HobbS, Piggly Wiggle, Alex. H. WasK- >urn, Chas. Westerman, Emma Green, C. C. Westerman, Erie Turner, S. M. Sutton,; R. V. Stephenson, P. J. Drake, has, Routon, Max Cox. C. E, Cassidy, g. P, Young, L. N. Elements, J. M. Rider, Miss Evelyn Lewis, T. S, McDavitt, Monts Seed Store, C. A. Monts, A, C. Monts, Dick Watkins. ThoB. klnser, Dale Wilson, Dr. L. M. iile, Miss Genie Chamberlain, D. E. Fincher, Evan Wray, Dr. P. B. Carrigan, Nelsqn-Huekins, J. L. Green, Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. ^ouke-Columbus Cager^Will Meet Games Scheduled With Both Boy* arid Girls Teams Here Fouke and Columbus, Miller county nd Hempstead county, winners * of everal basketball tournaments, will lay (wo games in Hope Friday night ccqrduig to an announcement from '"lumbiis Thursday. These games will be played at the rmory building on Fifth and Walnut ;reets. Both boys and girls teams from the wo towns will pfey. A large crowd of basketball fans and uppbrters are expected to attend. Arkaman Triei to End Life Over Despondency d by ill health and failure to obtain mployment, Ira Jenkins, 50, iaflict- d two knife 'wounds j» hjs n^ck Wed- esday in an alleged attempt to end is life. Though hi is in a serious ondition, he is expevte4 tp recover. 15 Ford Dealers Entertained Here Memphis Branch Hold . Luncheon, in Hotel Barlow Thursday Ford dealers fronv.15 cities' in Ark- ansjas and* Texas were entertained! at a business meeting and luncheon at Hotel Barlow Thursday morning until noon by the chiefs of the'Ford branch factory at Memphis. The meeting in Hope was presided over by T. jj. O'Neil, assistant manager of th'e Ford Memphis office, who was accompanied by the following other officials from Memphis: M. P. Meadows, wholesale manager; J. L. Xfterbury, supervisor of roacf men; M. E. Jones and Mr. Young, road men; and-Mr 1 . Willfaths, of the Universal Credit company, Ford financing company. Assisted by the Hope Auto company and its manager T6m McLarty, local Ford distributors, the visiting officials entertained 1 Ford agents from the fol- iowihg points besides Hope: ^ Ashdown, Texrirkana, ifeQueen, Foreman, Dierks, ftashvllle, Murfrees*- bdrb, Prescott, Stamps, LewisVille and Bradley, in Arkansas;, and New Bos- ton'arid DeKalb, in Texas. Following the Hope riieeting. tKfe Memphis officials left for Camdeh where they we're td hold a similar sesison Thursday afternoon. in Three Face Quizzing ih Accident—One just OutofPrUon SHREVEPbRT. La.-(/f )-three rife- groe^ were Reid Wednesday :for questioning in connection with Monday's wreck of a Texas and Pacific passen ger ti'aih in Which two persons Were killed 1 . , Lock-wood Wilson, negro, fprhier employee 6f th erailway, who recently completed a three years penitentiary sentence for train wrecking, was to be questioned as to his whereabouts the light of the wreck. Two other n'e- frdes, whose names were not re'veaUd were held as posssible material wit* nesses. Wilson maintains he haxl nothing to do with the wreck at Hutehinsbn's Spur, 18 rrtiles solth of here. Parish officials, however, said he had noi accounted for himself to their satis- action. The negro was twice arrested in connection with the wreckihg of T. and P. trains in |ted River pi sh, but was acquitted in each in- tance. J. W. Gorman, 55-year-old engineer, and S. P. Sutton, Jr., 21, of Arcadia. ja., were killed in the wreck, caused officials said, by deliberate tampering With a switch. ec Little f-onvicted That '\' r State Chemuts Finding Traces _. Bod, on in AM4UY tESl Children of Dead Testify in Court Wednesday LITTLE ROCK-i|#|-L only a short time a-jury earlj- — f day found Charles E. Bow"&"iufl§ poisoning his wife last Octc fixed his punishment at life i: meni. Bowie, a laborer, > is accus tilig his Wife's destruction I was infatuated with ahothe'r,,wo Stale chemists testified -thai had found poison in tfer vis neighbors said the couple qtiari Mrs. Bowie iwfc the" motfiSfoL,. eh children and was.pregrldn|'3t| time of her death. On Stand Three 1 Assistant Prosecuting At A.. Donham concluded with the cr The defendant remained. on,tn,e s\ for ah hour befrfeVcoUrt-wa1s'a"djoi}i ed for supper, and for two h'ourspd ing^ the night t i night. He maintained, however, that-hehi never made any threats agaii ! wife or children, except in a , mariner, and denied that he hld'e threatened to kill his family, i,,.,. ^ Bowie appeared agitated oveiSs era 1 ! Questions asked nun in cross^, animation arid frequently replied in he did not remember. > '& tr In an effort to discredit his't mony, the state brought'out d«f . the questioning that,Bowie. Jigd,sM a cow from one of his neighbors^ had beeft accused in several 6tl fenses. The Witnesses said fessed religion since! the_„,.„_ wife and admitted 'that'he.';"i more' than anything else tp forget j last 30 minutes of his wife's- ' did not explain, 'tvhy he had l statement that-He' desired'T anything else to ' live , over \ rniriu'te's, exc'e^f to say {hat; */hei:| tis wife, had quarreled, and that (iad died Without giving Wjtt'he^:.j giveness." "•''•/•'•'•"$$ Son Testifies for Father.;y^ The principal witrie'ss for the" def< Orville; Bowie, a'ge'd: ^ _ the of the .seven Bowie children $! sided with his father. Orville filed that his father made statem that would'indicate that the mofije?^' lad been poisoned. He also denied ' statements of the other children ihst, ;heir father had placed something '}#}_ a pan of dumplings which had caused I the food to turn green. . • The older daughter had testified that her father declined to eat th,e r j food and that she warned the p" ~ children not to eat it. She said cnuaren nov 10 eat it. one saiu W'S^j she placed some of the dumplings i{M her father's lunch, which he took the woods the next day, and that cautioned his younger son not to it and brought it. back home, ' b Given Furlou B»rf o'n, Killer Clyde Pilf re*n, I* F From Penitentiary TBXARKANA-Leon Barton* of Clyde Pilgreen, was given an definite furlough Wednesday, by ' erhor Harvey Parhell, which may- sj spend further service of the^lO term given him in June, }930, , plea of guilty to second degree mum* • !• Pilgreen was a brother of Claude Pilgreen, for whose recent killing Me$t Larey, of Fouke, was tried at the current term of Miller county circuit court. A mistrial resulted. The cause of the quarrel which Pfe-c ceded the killing of Clyde PilgresnS June 1, 1930, was never aired, thoii^li officers were ted to believe from statet! merits of officers, that it concerned ft woman. BaWon was intoxicated the time and declared he was drunk to remember what haopenei Ptlfreen was shot once, the by odgin^ in the spinal column ausing bis death in a Texarkana ] The sJiQotuig occurred, of Mi»s Helen Combs n«ar „..«*, „• ,

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