Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 2
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South Main street, Hoj*> Atk. tM* i Of m news ctlspafcfces credited to it or (a«d ftted the total newsr published herein. I herein are also reserved. Bte: efc*fg*s*wm lie made for all tributes, cards '"'' i^lab, concerning the departed. Commercial & lhe,«eAVs columns to^protect their readers ., .„ riiemorials. The Star disclaims responsibility 01- reutrn of any unsolicited manuscripts. ••--•*->•* .-.!...-. .......^ ... . r (Always Payable in Advance); By city carrier, pe* VM moAthi »Won% yea? $S.OO. By mail, In Hempstead, Nevada, f and taFijrette counties, $3.00 per year, elsewhere $5.00. institution developed by modern civilization to .', to fosUr commerce and industry, through widely ahd to furnish that theckHipon government which i 61 tf had ever been able to provide/'-Col. R. R. McCormlck. •-"-• • - *The Star's Platform cTIrr revenue* of the municipal pouter plant to deveTop the Mat rttoutcei of Hope. 8*}i .pavement in 1931, and improved sanitary conditions in i t ma butintu back-yards. > Chamber of Commerce. COV1TTY IV program providing for tfce aoturfuction of a of$tt-u>eather:road eo?h year, to oratfuatty reduce the W« . . t mfed economic rapport for every .tctenttfte dtfriruBwral . offers practical benefits to Hempttead county's greatett organization*, believing Otat co-operative effort «the country as it is t*toum. _ ' STAflPl jpngreU on the state highway' proorank r reform, and a more 'efficient gouernment throuoh the of expenditure*. from hte cattle tfcfe. "Do Nothing" Government 3TON— (/P)— President Hoover Monday asked congress for in additional appropriations for the- federal government during nt fiscal year. * v IjEhe'request includes $MMMd,OM foY advances to the states under the Msd^aid road construction program, Jus newspaper has Been- hammering: the county judges lempstead for three'year9. a&W^ • -••••" jtljlfe^have attacked them: for the failure to build all- ather county roads when the state was turning money /for that specific purpose. Germany's Bla |Wehave attacked tneih for refusing to hire agricultural itt|£ "on account of the expense," when at the same time having theis, own salaries increased. ^-. is nothing personal in our- attack. Public funds itiblic policies are 'fair game for a public journal. we are tryfrig tb'do is, by criticism and comparison w little ou* local gpve.rnrnent ia accomplishinp; for ' ariS liow itflMh tti'ey' ought, to "expect of it. ~ r '" ^ first paragraphs disclose, we pay federal taxes, tt.f&r part of those t#xea we'get back concrete performance fyed highways, things -we can see and feel. pay a tax on gasoline -to the Arkansas state govern- aent, and for that tax. we get trunk and inter-county high- Ays"that are immeasurably better than the roads we had i before the gasoline tax was levied upon us. Kiuy i^ ^ ' v - But the Hempstead county government has become a o^n^>thlng" government, which swallows up all taxation |sjrai>ry ? to meet the overhead of the courts and the necessary "pie,,dealt out judiciously to a local political crowd. Not in ^Ihree-years has the Hempstead county government contrib- EutecL in a major way to any progressive, permanent public ^rik It has swallowed up old tax monies, and benefitted pm'new ones — but the quality of its "do-nothingness" is as eon-pure as Calvin Coolidge, reactionaryNew Englander, d.' believed governnaent should- be comfortable to an office- fled before the approaching storm. . , Arfe- Beiftf Santa- 61»us!-*f aft a llttte bt>V five years 6B a|e| 1 tisAi go to sbhool but sure wdunf lifts («j go. 1 want you to brlnjf ni» rt nett cap, a ne* sweater, a French harp; a rubber ball and lo<s of riuls, fruits, candles and fireworks. Obn'f fjlrget my brother. Emmett Carl Vlckers. Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Cl«us!"-l am a Htle boy years old, &\<is& ebringr me a tricycle, and fruits ahd candy. Please don't forget all the other children. James Hardy SleCormack. Washington Arkansas. Dear Santa ClaUs:—I'm a little girl eight years old, and in the third grade. I want yo uto bring me a doll, a doll buggy and a doll trunk. I want some Candy, apples, oranges and fireworks. Don't forget my brothers and sisters. Louise Page. - Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Clausi-»Pleose bring me a toy tractor and car, apples, oranges, candy and all kinds of nuts. 'Don't forget mother and Hftle brother and sister. Bobbie Harvey. • -Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa:—I wftnt you to bring me an air gun arid' a> rain coat and' fire crackers of all kinds. Do not forget my little brother and my mother and father. Warren Butler. ' ' „ > P&imts Arkan*l».. f fittr S&nft tlau«:-I am a tittle gli 1 !' 12 yeai* old. t want you to Bring me a little dqft doll buggy, t want you to bring m« some dishes and ftMe doll drew** and lots-of apples, nuts, candy, fireworks, fire crackers, doll shoes too. Don't forget my little sister and brother either, My teacher's name is Miss Roxie. Nora Powell. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa:—I want you to bring me some candy and some apples arid some oranges and some nuts and anything else, you think would be good for a little boy like me. Be sure artd bring me some fire crackers, Finie Collns. Joe R Brown Surprises Friends "Local Boy Makes Good/' Delights With Hilar- ous Humor It is a new." Joe E., Brown who cavorts across the silver screen in "Local Boy Makes Good," the; IHrst National' production vjhich* will:; open Sunday at tre Saenger Theatre. The new Joe is ^s funny as the old Joe, bu,Mn-a it |ifferept way.: 'He is not at all in the mood of "Top Speed," "Hold Everything,"- "Broad Minded," or "Going Wild'." -.He is' timid, self- ™. , -' There has been this significant change in the Hempstead ^%6vernment in recent years. The salary of the county judge ; |[as risen from $1,800 to $2,400, until today it is $3,000. The "s$ate~ originally turned back to Hempstead county $28,000 a ^yearfor county highways, and at the beginning of 1931 raised '^ gasoline tax from 5 to 6 cents a gallon, the extra cent go- to the counties and increasing Hempstead's total highway to $45,000 a year. 5]??', \ -*- "* W ,'.' 1 What public service has been performed for this new l^hjfgh salary, and this new and burdensome taxation? Here is one penalty we have suffered because a negligent county shirked its share of the public works burden: Tax support of the county agents was cut off in 1928, since when F>*the Southwest Arkansas Fair has been going steadily down- £"\'llHI, It missed paying off premium-winners in 1930, and '"'- again this year. Possibly the drouth accounted for the 1930 ^j losses; but the lack of field workers to stimulate rural at% tendance certainly caused the loss this year. Lynn Smith, fy former Hempstead agent and No. 1 ranking agent of the If st&te, left our county this time last year to go to Union >Vtep.unty, "This year's Southwest Arkansas Fair lost money— b | v ,bu,t this year's Union County Fair made money and paid ' " off. Twenty years ago Hempstead county knew nothing but i<xftton. It has by great diligence and faith built up a considerable business in truck crops. The new business prospered. But these are hard times in any line. Who will keep the •farm business men heartened to their task if our county government won't support the agents' program? t • You may differ with us about the county agents. But You'll agree this is a poor time to be paying for anything we're not getting. Prosperity hasn't exactly returned yet, $gt good-timing by our county government never has gone away. A Magnificent Ge«ture very encouraging instance of applied altruism in business is that furnished recently by the Edgar Thomson mill* of the Carnegie Steel Company at Braddock, Pa., where S0G0 men have been given jobs to tide them over Christmas. These men have b^» taken baefc although no new orders fgr steel have ben propped. The pj§n,will cost the steel com- jany io excess of $040,000, jt is saj^^-but the workers will npt face Christmas wlthfpipty In the long this it ETpbsbJy, tfe£ S$ it jyg >•£ § deserce high p iny will not suffer ble, and the officials Christmas around fhter than would be do the unusual. * effacnig—near-sighted—a victim o£ ah inferiority complex. He labors under the suppressed desire to be a devil with the ladies and at the same time a power among the athletes of the local college. In 'reality he is a clerk in a bookstore and a student of botany. In his dream world he is forever mooning over—and writing letters to Julia Winters, a co-ed of a distant university, whose picture he has seen. These letters, filled with avowals of devotion and exaggerated praise of his own athletic prowess, he never mails. Some one else does mail one of them, however, and thereby hangs this tale. To his dismay Julia writes that she ib coming to attend the track meet and to meet her hero. The role of Julia Winters is played by Dorothy Lee, thi petite blonde whose vivacity added so much to "Rio Rita" and other Wheeler and Woolsey vehicles. Julia arrives and adds t Joe's discomfiture by announcing tha she is accompanied by her husky lov er, Spike Hoyt, captain of the tracl team of her college—portrayed by Ed 1 ward Woods. Julia notes Joe's tim idily, and being q bug on psycho-an alysis, tries, without success to imbui him with courage. Before Julia's arrival a pretty clerk had come to share Joe's lamors. in th< bookstore. Marjorie. Blake — playei with charm by tho young Florida screen find, Ruth Hall. Marjorie has urged Joe to take par in the contests to alibi himself. He has tried to do so, successfully, bu with disastrous results, as his attempts to. throw a javelin, result in an injury to one Wally Pierce, speediest sprinter of the school—played by Edward J Nugent. Wally pursues the distressed Joe i such anger, that the officials, amazec at the speed of the two, decide tha both must enter the races for the honor of the school. The appalling things that happen to Joe—the clever means by which Marjori? spurs him to action—his unexpected victory—and his fnial rjeection of juji^.—who, now that he js a ww- n/?r is all for ditching Spjie—jnafce g, play pf such uproarious fun »nd a< the fg^ne time such humanity—that ij ra/u>? as one of the best combes of Letters to Santa Claus Washington. Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl n the fourth grade. I go to school at Washington and my teachers name is Mrs. Holt. Please bring me- a' pair of loves, a raincoat, some candy, apples oranges and nuts, ,some fire works, and don't forget my teacher. ; j . Charline McCorkle. -, Hope,. Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old'' aticf'" 'in the fourth grade. Please, bring tme;a, new dress, a pair of gloves a sweater, candy, nuts ruits and fire works. / Don't forget all the .little children. . Nona Louise Mangum. .. Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Clausi—I am a boy te,n yaers old. I want a. bicycle and' frujts and nuts of all •kind* Jil Roscoe Timberlake. Washington, Arkansas. Dear,Santa.Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old. I w'ant.yp'fi to bring, me anything that.is nice for a little ;lrl. Please bring" me** some nuts, ruits and candy. Please .don't forget other 'little children"arid 'my.'teache^, her nime is'Mrs. Halt." - ' ' ' ' ' ! Lucy Martin. Washington, Arkansas.' Dear Santa Claus:—I want you to jring me a pair leather boots. I want you to bring me a leather coat, some candy, apples, nuts, pistol and some ire crackers. P. Q. Lovelis. Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—It is nearly time for Christmas. I am writing to you :o tell you what I want. I am in the fourth grade, and am nine years old. [ want you to bring me a, real big doll and something else that is nice, and be sure and don't forget my mother and daddy, and be sure and don't forget my school teacher, her name is Mrs. Holt. Hope McA'teer, Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl. I .wan tyou to bring me a pencil box, •a sewing box and a set of dishes. Bring me some candy, nuts and some fruits of all kinds. Lucille McCormlck. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:—I have been a good little girl and I want you to bring me a little doll, cook stove, fruits and nuts and most of all a big doll that goes to sleep. Gwendolyn Churchwell, Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl four years old, mother said if 1 didn't be a good little girl you wouldn't fill my stockings up Christmas Eve night. I want you to bring me a doll, doll bed and lots of fruits, nuts. Your cake will be sitting on the dining room table for you. Wilmer Faye Hartsfield. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—This is my first year in school and Santa I am asking that you do not forget my teacher who is so sweet to me, Miss Allen. I want a wagon, a pop gun and ol course I will put up a big stocking as you can fill it full. Herbert Hartsfield. Washington, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a litlte boy II years old, I go to school at Washington. I have a good teacher. I want you to bring me an air gun and four boxes of gun shot. Tommy Gray. Washington, Arkansas. Dear Sant aClaus:—Will you please bring me a doll in acase with two dresses, one coat, two hats, a suit. Please bring Evelyn May a doll, and bring me a pair ol skates. Evelyn Ruth Timberlake. Washington, Arkansas. Santa C>VMK—I am 8 little be? nine years old ajid in the fourth grade- you oj bring me some fure crackers, some nuts, candy, oranges and apples, a pair of gloves and rubber boots. Bernice Gilbert. Deal Old Santa:—I don't go to school, but I want you to bring me a truck with cotton in it, a little lawn mower, a horn, some skates boots, a whistle and a gun and caps bring, mother, daddy and Mrs. Hobbf something. I love you a lot. • - Bruice"Boy Romig. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy eight years old, and I want you to bring me a'fotball and a number 10 bicycle and candy, fruit, nuts anc fireworks. Curtis Yates. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am writing early, but I want to be in time. I'm n little girl eight years old. I am in the third grade. Santa I want you t! bring me a tricycle, candy, fruits and nuts. Don't forget other little children and my teacher, Miss Roxie Watkins.. Eunice Foster. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I want you to bring me a bicycle and some apples and some toys and nuts for my Christmas. Elbert Nations. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old and in the third grade. My teacher is Miss Roxie Watkins. Please bring me a , doll, pair of gloves and a watch and a ring and don't forget my Htle brother and sister. Please bring mother and father some apples and oranges and bananas, too. Imer. Patmos, Arkansas. • Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a bicycle for my Christmas present I want one that is the right size for a boy ten years old. You may paint it red and green, also bring nuts 11 reu luiu greeii. uiau uuu& iv«w, --- »• apples and candy, oranges, a glove, | Mrs. Joyce Monts. hnt. ann hall. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa:—I am a girl ten years Old. I go to school at spring Hilt, I am in ; the third grade My teachers name is Miss Roxie Watktns.. I want you tl bring me a wrist watch and a pair of beads and some candy, some apples, oranges, some bananas. Be sure you bring mother and father something for Christmas. Vlrgie Jones. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa:—I am a little girl eight years of age. I am going to school every dity. Please 'bring me a doll and some candy and fruits and nuts • of all kinds. Dorothy Turner, Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:—I want you to bring me a doll and a doll buggy, please .-bring my little sister a doll. My sister Is three and I am eight: Margaret* Fant. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I- am a Httle girl 8 years old, and T am In the thirc grade. I want you to please bring me a little doll", a sweater, colors fruit, candies, nuts and fireworks. Ernestine Collins. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy 9 years old. I am in- the third grade. I go to school at Spring Hill, My teacher's name in Miss Roxie Watkins. I like my teacher. I want you ti bring me a 22 and: a tricycle and some boots and nuts,. • fruits' and candy and fire crackers and nuts. Remember all the children. Remember my little sister, bring her something nice. Lester Miller. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl ten years old and I go to school at Rocky Mound. Please bring me a doll a pair of gloves, dishes, fruit, nuts and oranges. Don't forget my teacher Talmage Powell Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a doll, table and chairs, a cooking set and stove, that is all I will ask for this Christmas. Please bring my baby sister a doll and aluminum dishes. Don't forget mother . and daddy. < . Elizabeth Rhea Wigins. 915 W. 6th st. Hope Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy six years old. I go to Paisley school, rny teacher is Miss Allen. Please bring me a red wagon, a coloring set, and some pistol caps, also bring me a box of sparklers, fire works, nuts and fruits, don't forget mother and father and my teacher. Lyle Allen. McCaskill, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am nine years old and in the third grade. I go to Blevins school. My teacher's name is Miss Mary Leslie. I like her very much. Please bring a big doll with long hair, candy, fruits and nuts. Estelle Barber. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa Claus:—I am nine years old and lease bring me anything you have nice for a little girl of my age. Don't forget the fruits and nuts, and please don't forget mother and daddy and brother, his name is Burnie Lee. Don't forget my teacher, her name is Mrs. Holt. Jane Eubanks. Patmos, Ark. • Dear Santa Claus:—I am a- little girl, ten years of age. I have been good this year. I have helped my mother in the house, and also my father- in the field. I want you to bring me a finger nail file, a bracelet, pair of beads, and n ring. I also want some fruit, nuts and candy. Santa please remember my mother, father, brothers, and sister. Irene Neal. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy nine years old. I am in the third grade. I like to go to school and I have been a very good boy, I want you to bring me a litttle tractor and a coasting wagin and some fruits and nuts. Don't forget to come to -see me. Coy Clements. Dear Santa Claus:—I want you to bring me a 22 and a lot of shells, and some candy and nuts and fruits. Alfred Honey. Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:— I am n little girl. I would like for you to bring me a rain coat for I need it badly. I have to walk a long way to catch the buss. I also want some fruit and nuts if you can. Well I won't ask for much this Christmas. Don't forget the little girls and boys without a home. Don't forget my big sister at Little Rock school for the deaf. Mandiedeen Malone. Radiators REPAIRED RIGHT We have the only factory equipment in Hope for completely repairing any make of Radiator. New 1 raidators for any car. Low prices. ARK. MACHINE Specialty Go. Phone 257 218 N. Walnut Hope, Ark, LWELkY ALWAYS PLEASES 1,; Holiday Reduction Sale On All Classes of Jewelry Merchandise Including Watches, Diamonds, Silverware, Glass, Etc. Gruen Watches Diamonds 1-3 Off 1-3 Off All other jewelry at similar reductions, This is your opportunity to give a diamond, or good watch, or to own one, or both, at a bargain that may not be offered again. Don't miss this chance! Let us show you our complete line of Christmas Gift suggestions before you buy. J. A. BRADY MAIN STREET "Little Jim" Tool Chest Contains Ifi pieces and a manual , ... (or the boy who like*' to 1 liuild things 1 «1.98 Other* 79c up Foot Ball Every young athlete wants a' football I He'll be thrilled to see one on the Christmas tree. Penney's low price..' Football Helmet ... .98c Boxing Gloves . .$1.98 up Junior Fool Tablo just the gift Junior wants, too.j I44"x23", 26" high, two 36"| i maple cues,. 16 numbered bails,' Net pockets. Others 98c up "JANE" Character Doll 17'/i" tall, full composition body,j with jointed arms anil. legs . ; moving eyes with eyelashes.. J :she'll make some little girl very proud! Penney's| Low Price' Others at $4.98 "Penco Flyer" Steel Wagon Equipped with brake and balloon type wheels, it's a wagon that will stand a lot of hard wear. Unbcat- £> able value I *i Others 79c up Table and Chair Set Table is 20x16" and is 17" high, Chairs are 20" high with JOxlO"| seat. Set consists of two chairs and table. Penney's «• ACttl price is LOW. m^jW' Other? $4.98 up J, C, Penney

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