Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1931 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1931
Page 5
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becgjtibi* 1 16, 1&31 MOPE 8f AR AKilBAiLY *»R18S BOOST EEKLY HOPE'S Kentucky Miner* Form Union, Strike Voted • PINEVILLE, Ky.-(/P)-About 35C Hfirlan and Bell county miners met Sunday, formed a Kentucky dsl- trict organization of the national rnln- e'ys union and voted to strike January 1, 1932. Under resolutions adopted the strikers would demand $4.80 for top day nttin, |4.40 for helpers, $3.60 for xin- cjijttsifled labor, enforcement of the eight-hour lacklisted day; re-employment miners, withdrawal armed forces, and release of nil miner* in jail for union activities. Trench Silo* Provide Cow Feed in East Texas —Eleven trench s^los in the Atlanta trade territory have been opened during thd past few weeks, and silage from this new type of silo is being fed with success to Cass county dairy cattle. Trench silos arc a new method in East Texas of preserving feed for dairy cattle, and these Ipcated in the Atlanta trade territory arq the first to be constructed in East Texas. Gravity Altimeter .BERLIN.—Of valuable assistance to pilots will be a new gravity controlled altimeter recently demonstrated at the Templehof airdrome here. The instrument indicates the height of a plane from the ground, instead of above sea level, and will enable pilots tp reckon more accurately their altitude above dangerous obstacles in the d.ark ant! fog. It was invented by an Austrian, Hans von Braun, and is operated by air pressure. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, 'The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per (in* minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per lin* minimum 50c 6 Insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5'/^ words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill Is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT FOR RENT-rOne nice five room brick bungalow, South Elm street. Floyd Porter'fieid. ' 15-7to FOR RENT—Three room furnished, apartment, 126 North Hcrvey street, i 10-6tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Three and half acres with sis? rpo,m house, City water, lights, on gravel highway at a bargain. Bridewell & Henry. ll-6tc. " FOR SALE—Capons for Christmas. Better than Turkey. Mash fed, in small coops. Weight G to 9 pound* Price 20c per pound. E. G. Steed, Hope, Route 3, Phone 1605-F2-1. 16-2tp. Gulf Sales Here Showing Good Gain Hopp Station Is Revealing Higher Monthly Average Than Las t Year From Main to Mexico, from the Great Lakes tp the Gulf, and in a number of foreign countries, the G,ulf Refining Company serves 'the motor- Ing public, They produce, refine and market their own products exclusively. They own and maintain' the largest refinery in (he world,'at Port Arthur, Texas. It covers 3,736 acres and has a capacity ot 150,000 barrels per day or l</4 tank cars per minute. They have seven other large refineries. Crude oil is transported to these refineries 'by pipe lines and ocean-going tankers. Gulf pipe lines total 7,200 miles. They have an 18-inch pipe line from their fields in Okla* lornn and Kansas which supplies in. part the Port Arthur refinery. They own and operate a fleet of 45 ocean going tanker boats and ships. To deliver the finished product to distributing and retail stations hroughout their large territory of 27 states, they operate some four or five housand railroad tank cars and 2,200 moto rtrucks. All these gathering, refining and d'S- ributing facilities are keflt busy by he activities of Gulf Service Stations nd dealers and by the Publip demand or Gulf products. The plant pf the Gulf Refining Company in Hope, located on South Elm and 16ih streets, was opened March, 2, 1927, with a total of three cus- omers. The sales that month arnount- d to 7,425 gallons. In December of hat year their sales amounted to 4,100 gallons. In nine short months t had grown from a seven gallon nisiness to a 34,000 gallon busniess. 'ho b/esl month was August, 1930, ales for th'At month amounting to 1,000 gallons. During that year they old on an average pf 58,150 gallons jer month. This year, their sales have veraged 63,000 gallons per month, which is a nice gain over 1930. At present, they have a total of bp.ut four hundred accounts and eaters, which, represents thousands if satisfied users, The local agent, M. S. Bates, says that the merits of the products, which are second to none, are not aUogtther responsible, for the .large volume of business which they are now enjoying, but that it Is partly due to the unr tiring efforts of the Good Dealers and Service Station men they have located throughout the territory, who are Where Good Gull GMoline U Di«tfibut«d ever pn the job, boosting Good Gulf Gasoline and GU\f products, which they can'do with a' clear conscience knowing that they are selling the best petroleum products in the world. The personnel of the local plant includes M. S. Bates, distributor; Miss Floice Taylor, clerk; and G. C, Ward and J. B. Beckworth, tank wagon salesmen. LOST LOST—Blask and white setter. Missing ,sin,ce Thursday. Call 5. R. V. Herndon. 15-3tc LQST— Or»e big b.one white liver spotted pointev bird dog, one front leg badly scared. Return to W. A. Lewis, at Ifope furniture Co., and receive reward. 16-3tp. LOST—One blue horse mule age 6 years weight 900 pounds, sheared ring around tail, notify H. C. Brigham Stephen, Ark. Rp.uje 3. NOTICE NOTICE— Men's suits cleaned and pressed, delivered 50c, Hope Steam Laundry. phone 148. 15-Qtp SERVICES OFFERED SERVICE OFFERED—If you want service call, 670, Robinson Grocery. 14-9tc WANTED WANTED-Mrs. L. W. Young to send pne dress to J. L. Green Cleaning Co., to be cleaned and pressed absolutely free December 17. GULF GAS At the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 Air Board Set DETRIOT.—The Qpard of Control of the National Aircraft Show pf 1932, to be held here next April 2 tq 10, has been selected to includes the following aviation experts: George S, Wheat, vice president, United Aircraft and Transport Corp.; Charles S. "Casey" Jones, vice president, Curtiss-\V'ight; Luther K. Bell, genera] manager, Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce; William B. Mayo, Ford engineer, and Edward G. Macauley. Packard Motors. CHICAGO.—A steam engine for use in airplanes is being developed by a locql inventor. It is valveless, has no reciprocating parts and has no friction-producing bearings. It is said the engine is always in perfect running balance without use of counterweights and therefore vibratiopless. It is said to be only two-thirds the weight of an ordinary gasoline engine used in planes. "VALUE RECEIVED!" Of the many commodities purchased for the average home during the year's run, we believe NATURAL GAS offers, the greatest value for money expended. Its CLEANLINESS in the home and community- Its EASY AND EXACT CONTROL— Its INSTANT AND MAXIMUM HEAT, when and where wanted— Keeping a CONSTANT, EVEN. HEALTHFUL room temperature- all of these qualities have a real tangible MONEY VALUE, but the actual cost of using NATURAL GAS in our community is so low, that no one need deny himself its benefits. If used sensibly—for needs—not wasted—every NATURAL GAS bill can be truthfully endorsed—"Vfclue Received!' 1 Arkansas Natural Gas Corp, ORDINANCE NO. 450 An Ordalnance to be 411 Ordinance Entitled, an Ordinance to. Prohibit Interference with the fire Department When en rqijte to or (ngpged In Fighting a Fire, and for the better Protection of the Property and Lives of the Inhabitants of the City of Hope, Arkansas, and for other purposes. Be It Ordained by the City Council of the City of Hope, Arkansas. Section 1: It shall be unlawful for any person driving and operating any motor vehicle to pass any fire truck when such truck is en ro.ute to a fire. Section 2: It shall be unlawful for any person driving or operating a motor vehicle to follow any fire truck at a distance closer than 100 feet when such truck is en route to a fire. Section 3: It shall be unlawful for any person driving and operating any motor vehicle tp drive or park such motor vehicle closer than 200 yards to any fire. Section 4: All the territory within a radius of 200 yards of any fire shall be designated as a fire zone, and the Hose Police of the regular Fire Department of the City of Hope, Arkansas, shall have full authority to direct traffic within sa.id fire zone, and shall have authority to make arrests for the violation pf this Ordinance within such fire zone. And the said Hose Police shalj, also, have authority to direct traffic around such fire zone. Section 5: Any person violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon cpnvictipn in the Municipal Court shall be fined in any sum not less than ?5.00 nPr more than $50.00. Section 6: All Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith are lereby repealed, and this ordinance being necessary fpr the immediate preservation pf the public peace, lealth, and' safety pf the inhabitants pf the City pf Hppe, Arkansas, shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication. Passed and approved on this the 15th day of December, 1931. Attest: J. P. VESEY, FRED WEBB, Mayor. City Clerk. Four Winners in Tom England High Point ; Man Among Home •, Room Teams ^ • ; Pour wjnners were returned Tues- 4ay on th*e"secon^ day's play of. a three-day basketball tournament in Hope High School gymnasium between teams representing the various horn? rooms. Jones' room defeated Wilkin's room 12 to 8. Stephenson beat Reid 24 to 20. Hinant won over Sloari 24 to 2. \Vinburn defeated Durham 16 tQ 11, The lineups: Jones: McKee, Owens, Anderson, Hargis, McGaUghy. Wilkin: Tailpr, Secrest, Urban, Wyatt, Sitnjisah. Reid: Miller, Rogers, -Lauderbach, Pritchett, I^owe. .' ' ' Stephenson: Adams, Jones, '. Jacks, Breeding, Inewallen. inan^, England, Harper, Kennedy,, Lewallen, England. ' .: Sloan: Blackwell, HHckabf e, Simp? scin, Hill, Mitchell. Durham: Hametec, Asliiv Drake, Berry, Bacon. . , . Winburn: Lloyd, Schooley, Lingo, porter, Sissel. High point man for the -afternoon was Tom England pf Hinant' s ' f BONE,. Algeria— (#>)—Twelve men perished wh en a, coast; guard cutter 'wa» [ swept ashore", in' a '• heavy gale here early Sunday. • '' The .boat -broke, 9wa,y. a,s, jt was, be- tng % toiW(id,jnto"'port'oturirtg,the storm, which had', swept the coast for three days, damaging ships and: harbor yro'rks. : ; , ' D ROOFING Waterproof Sparjtproof A. thrill combination of goo4 looks, and at a less cost than shingles in the long run. nient Terms Arranged HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. 178 The Sunday schota an^ p. Y. -R y. were both very interesting services Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen EJley of McCaskill were the Satuday r»igh.t gxtesls pf Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Eley. Roy Pickett is suffering with a cut foot from an accident which happened Saturday morning while he was ruaking ties, Mrs. Glen Eley of McCaskill, Mrs. J. L. Eley and daughter, Louise, Miss ^laudie Roberts and Mrs. EUori Danel were shopping in Nashville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Tinsley of McCaskill, visjted Mrs, Tinsley's par^ts, Mr. and Mrs. J, V- Peters Sunday. Mrs. Donie Lively, the aged aunt of Mr. C. T. Dotson, spent last week visiting him. Mrs. J. P. Fickett was in McCaskill Saturday visiting her aunt, Mrs. B« r row, who is sqffering from' a (all. Mr. and Mrs. J. W, S^dons arid Miss Lita Daniel were shopping in Nashville Saturday. ' Monday was moving day with Mrs. Alice Finley and W.'L. Cornelius and family, they exchanged''houses. Walter 1 Cornelius has: the flu. We hope he will, recover, soon.' ] We 'are having quite a 'bit of ram in this community'.' ""'•"•'' /'•''/".'" (• .'• Raymond Cornelius left Wednesday; to spend a few; days with his Uncle, Luther Cornelius, of Guernsey. '• Mrs. Bearderi of Ohio is spending a f^w days in Slieppard arid Hope transacting bus^neM. ' ,'.."'; ' '• : .>''~' ', We-arp so.rry ; (a hear-qf.-A'unt Irene Dellihim,t feeing 'dead. : She Vas 70! years qld. ' ':''' ''••'*•'/' ' '•-" ••' >;• Ruben Henderson of Lost Prairie stopped , by :; to see Walter Cornelius Thursday, i ' LitUe Wesley Cornelius is on the s<ck lj§t.••; We 'Hope fo>. Kim a speedy recovery. . ; ^' , : ' 'Ed . Sl'Wnq'W 1*4 ll!?y Cornelius Were shopping in FuUoii Thursdpy. 'n-I^rs.- Li?zit. S^mmpns an4 children )Lula 'Mae, Red,. antj Jarii(>s moiortd ^uriimgh w<<h :s«nme < ppnvflVa folks last Friday, • J. M. Cornelius of puem^ey spent Friday nigh.t wjth his son -W.'U Cor- and family. Sweet Home Items Elder W. E. SherriU. pastor pf the Baptist church, preached here &.u.nd.Ry at 11 o'clock and also in the evening at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. Levy Urry and Mr. Lige Loe and daughter of the Union prove corrtmunity attended qhurch services here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Salmon spent Saturday night with Mrs. Salman's parents, Mr, and Mrs. WW Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bonds spent a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. M,P(H Montgomery Monday aflerpqon. Miss Gertrude Delaney attended services here Sunday and visited relatives and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Yarberry, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Yarberry were among those from here that heard Brother Copeland preach at Blevins Sunday. WE EXCHANGE Y Flgur for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into mwil. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Phone 248 Beautiful French Oil Permanents 2 for $5.00 Beginning December 10th . . |pr ,10 days only MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 151 Phone 314 HQPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO, E. G, Coop, Mgr. Mahftttna Gandhi View. '. Mu..plini'. to liana Fft« WASHlWoTOfM/Ph-A delegation of 16 Ixmlslanawr Monday *'WtHt«d President Hoover to take, part in*the dedication of the Bonnet Cart* ifUl* jivay at>ove ,New QrlMif, ptohlising to fit the dedication W his ««*f i fctroduftid by he president 'had sHtwJn" fntefest in he inviiation and. had «*Kpre»4d the lope of being: ar*sent if H were :pos- able. He took the invitation under advisement. »• ROME— (ff)~ Maha'tma Gandhi spent I his last dayin'Eurone.beiore.'return,-. ing- home' Monday %•: inspecting Pr«- v mier.MusspHni's l black v shirt legions. < , found thtmUo:>be' "finfe'-looklni, McCaskil! Newa Mr. and Mrs. dus McCorkle of Prescott, were the guests' of his sister, Mrs. H. B. Eley ^t St|«fcy\ * , ,, Dr. J. E.>Ge'ntry attended; 'confer-' ,ence at Little Rock last week. * '«, F; * • " , " >' , v Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Stokes - were Hoee.yujtipjrs Saturday. Mfs. >Stokes attended the teachers- meeting. v , by hi» host,,Generalttyario Moris, to visit a number of fascist organizations.' He will Bombay. sail aboard • the" Pilsna for 1 H;fB.,Ele,y..wgs ji fe^M"** 8 . visitor at McCaskill last wee*. . ' Mr. and 'Mrs. Cogan Sparger of El Dorado ,w,ere the guests pf "Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Prescott lag twe*k. Mrs. John Gaines was a Mope visitor Saturday. 1 , , - Miss Thelma Bruce snent>,the weekend with home fo.tks, PresCott *«M~«« I ' The young peopje's, branch of the W. C. T. U.'met'with Misses'Francjs "and Louise Bailey Monday evening. Mr; and Mrs.-Date Oenman visited relatives'in-El Dorado Sunday. • Ameeting Of the Hj X 'was held 'the First-I^tethodist church. Tuesday evening at 6:30 o'cjock. ' . Mr. v anfl Mrs,iT.^.vS friends in-Hope Saturday. 'Mrs. OoroW JdhnSon. ,1s ,visiting 'her sister^ Mrs. M. I. 'Martin. Your car for winder ter be safe than We EVEBEAPV Awl TIPTOP (alcqha)7glycerin> Scientific anti-free^ prep Let Us Repair Your • Radiator LUCK'S SERVICE STATION It's Safe to Be • At The' CHECKERED CAFE * Plate Lunch 35c For Every Type of Motor That Good Gutf Gasoline For MQI'S Power Gulf No-Nox-^Ethyl Stops Knacks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For ^ Slnappth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. g. Bates, Agent More Bread For Yp«r Money Blue Ribbon Bread) i and other City Bakery produota, gjye yOu • more, ounces of better qu%yty bread for the same money, ' : Ask for th,e home fcf«ad at your grocers, aifd y9\»'U «a,ve money! CITY BAKERY Bakers Qf Blue Ribbon Bread By Day cor Night. Cloudy weather or sunny d.ays. We are 'equipped to b»ke y«ur portraits it any ii The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for BiUA*k*M*daU! fllyers Clyde J _. Herndon, Jr,, w*u &«oAgreationai medal*;. der a biJl 4*ono*4 se,ntatlv<? HoCr, r«|Mi1 LJsJ^L We are sorry to hear bis, of Grandma field,-the • * relatives that attended-,-* were: Mrs. 'Chas Field Ew«Hlv!d!W,fcnVa.,~l Lockett, Village; LanarJ We 'A S- t < t " K us cover ypji' Prices Radiator Repairing / 1 Sheet M.tal Wirki/ 1 Phone 611; l l ENGINEERING EFFICIENCY MAKES ELECTRICITY ECONOMICAL Your Munioipally Owned, Electric Service, branched out into |rtlJjUjSJ$f rections. A fine balance ( must, be inairttained to ensure that yflii/and,,/ your neighbor enjoys its countless conveniences equally. Truly th> 5(| democracy, of e(eetricty typifies this great nation. Like freedom of" opportunity, it iq equally available tp all, ready to be used as each ^ 4 family or individual wishes to use it! , * Your every waging and ^eepjng ,h,P«,r «S «n flu . e nced. directly or jni , directly by e^ctnqty. Nothing has done so, much to bring this about ^Jg as its low cost. Efficient engineers strive a,t all times to >naH,es tHai/^r pp4t tp yqu eyen lower—with higher standards of service, if that" be - ; possible. ' Hopc.Water & Light Plant (• Service at a Low CffM WANTED fWW corn-many are ctwlgg U***hows you ths WNttr tod fe tell you someMing In thfc spict oevt wtefe th^t will surprb* Phone 230 HOPE BRICK WQ8KS Manufacturers of Cotton Se«id Products and Quality Fertilizers QU^PAW FERTILI35EHS Cotton il Co. , u Kavrf m^n, U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse and High Density Compress ie Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance in Arkansas Union Compress •nd W»r«Kwif Company Q- Kyler, '<%

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