Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1931
Page 3
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ffttfi. Sid Henry Telephone 821 I Home For chtittnuu pie little knows the gladness that his \ presence would have made,* lAnfl the joy it would hate M'ven, or S ne never would riave stayed, oie didn't know how hungry had the I little mother grown pnce ngaln to see her boy and claim him'for Her own, didn't guess the meaning of his visit Christmas Day yr he never would have written that he couldn't get away. e you going home for Christinas? Have you written you'll be there ln« home to kiss the mother and to show her that you care? ling home to greet the father In a way to make him glad? you're not I hope there'll never come a time you'll wich you had. IfiMt sit down undjfrrite a letter—it will make their Jhenrt-strings hum With a tune of perfect gladness—If " you'll tell.thcrt that you'll come T ' —E. A. Guest. •' ' • 7"***" .' . • Mrs. Mattlo tircer of Lewisvljle Was 'shopping in the city,on .Tuesday. • { Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Alexander Wd Son William spent the week end visiting with relatives in, Camden. I J. L. Goodbar has returned from 'a tew day's business Visit In Shrevcport, ! The Woman's Missionary Society of He First Baptist church met qn-Mon- I lay afternoon for their Mission vith Mrs. Kline Snyder as legder, < A post interesting program was^ rehder- d. "'' Last Times Wednesday s Tallulah Ban k he ad • "The Cheat" —With-"- ,: .. ', IRVING PITCHEL —T h u r s d a y— Playing with 'LOV? } is playing with Dyiia- mite! J ours ramnunt (fichu*,' -With- Clive Brook Kay Francis Miriam Hopkins Regis Toomey Based on the Louis Brom- f ield novel. Seething with big-city excitement and thr-r-rills! Jett of Fulton were Tuesday shopper in the city, Mrs. Mafile Penny and Miss Maud Wlnh, who have been guests of Mr and Mrs. W. W. Duckett for the pas ten days left Wednesday morning fo their homes in Mabel, Okla., and Ash doy, respectively. The Woihans Christian Temperanc Union will hold their Decembe hieeting on Thursday afternoon at 6'clock at the home of Mrs. Henry H Stuart,; West Avenue C. This bein the Ias( meeting of the year, a full at tendance is urged. Miss Winifred Price of Emmet, wa shopping in the city on Tuesday. The Womans Missionary Society o the First Methodist church held the! December meeting in the chur.ch with a full attendance. After responslv reading of the 65th Psalm, led by Mrs D. B. Thompson^ a'*fervenl prayer ,wa offered by Mrs. R. LJ Broach, <fol lowed by the/Secretary's report. Th< bulletin of Missionary news'was given on the,subject Of "Peace," Items were read by Mrs. Edwjn Ward, Mrs. W P. Agee, Sr., and Mrs. G. Frank Miles A playlet called "Busy Monday" wa! ;iven'<by Mrs. Sam Warmack and Mrs Earl White. The nominating commlt- reported the following officers for the coming year-President, Mrs,!p.'-A Jraves; Vive President, Mrs. £. L Broach; Secretary, Mrs. George'Ware Treasurer, Mrs) Di-,,,B. Thompson, Leader'for Circle No. 1, Miss- : Dell.Mo- Clanahan; Circle N6.'«2, Miss', Mamie Briant; Circle, No.f3, Mrs. P;'H. Webb, Circle No. 4, "Mrs, Don Smith. Mrs. W. P.'HaiTribn's Sunday School class of the. 'First Christian 'Church entertained at 'a Christmas party oii Tuesday evening ' at' the'' home of Miss Mary Evelyn Whitworth on South Elm street. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree bor^ gifts ifor' 6ach, member.' Christmas games and contests were enjoyed, and a most tempting sandwich plate was served with not cholocaie and cakes to 17 mern- >ers and one guest . : [ The Woman's Christian Temperance; Union will hold their December meet- ng on. Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. H. Stuart on West Avenue C.^Mrs. W. C; Andrei will .ponduct the devotional. This being the last meeting of the year, a full attendance is urged. ", ; If you are wondering what to give a "shut in" relative or friend for Christmas, why not consider a membership in the Hope Library? You can secure a six month's membership for fifty cents or one year's membership for one dollar. If you are interested, call either, Mrs. J. A. Henry, Mrs. Sid Henry or Mrs. Gus Haynes. Miss Eleanor Foster of Linden wood College, St. Charles, Mo., will arrive Thursday to spend the Christmas holidays' with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Foster. Eight Banks Close In Massachusetts Deposit* of $28,000,000 Last September Statement Disclosed BOSTON, Mass.-(/p)-Eight Massachusetts banks closed Tuesday. The largest was the Federal National Bank of Boston, which has five branches In the city and on September 29th had deposits of some |28,000,000. These banks are said! to have closed to'conserve their assets. Governor Ely Issued a statement saying that a speedy reorganization, ought to be affected through Federal credit co-operation facilities. onds. 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(lasts 4 weeks), If even this first bottle doesn't convince you this is the easiest, safest and surest way to lose fat —if you don't feel a superb improvement in health—so gloriously energetic—vigorously alive—your money gladly refunded. Adv. Red Letter Day Thursday Bring in your Eagle Stamp Book Thursday and we will put $2.00 in Eagle Stamps in it absolutely free. No purchase is required to receive this, simply bring your Stamp Book. None will be given to children nor will we put them in a new book without Stamps. One Day Only—Thursday Jno. P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 . We Give Eagle Stamps Henry Chapel Misses Shirley and Julia Bearden and Ralph Hunt attended the birthday dinner at the home of Miss Alice Purtle's of Rocky Mound, Sunday. It was given for Misses Alice Purtle and Helen Fincher. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson Were Hope visitors Tuesday afternoon. , A. B. Turner is on the sick' list' with tonsilitis this week. Carl Durham of Rocky Mound spent Monday night with. John Bill Jdrdon and, they called on Mr. and Mrs. EarlFincner a while. 'Ellen Byers, Bernice Baker, and Myrtle Bearden spent Sunday ; with foye Turner. . ;, Parrish Fincher Visited at Vnion and Bluff Springs ^ communities jj^ast week end. ; , ;' , ;, Mrs. V. C. Johnston spent Friday ifternbon with Mrs. Carrol Turne^ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher'and Parish .Fincher attended the funeral of tfrs.'Fincher's uncle, Guy Ellis, of Bluff Springs last Thursday afternoon. ~ . _ . ' ."* r. • ' HOPE RUth, Kithern Cumbfe and Mae Johnston spent Sunday ntien With Faye Turnei*. MrS. Ethel Fincher and Faye _.. cf spent Monday afternoon with Glen Fincher. Judge Higgason passed through 00? community Tuesday afternoon ' Joe Taulbee spent Saturday highl with 3. T. Turner. Mr, and Mrs. Earl Fincher and Joe Taulbee were Sunday night supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellis of Rocky Mound, E. T. Simmons will soon have their new home ready for them to move into. Mrs, T. I. Bailey and Mrs. E. F. Simmons were Shopping in Hope Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Ethel Fincher spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Carrol Turner, Joe Taulbee and J. T. Turner of this place and Carl Ellis of Rocky Mound were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher, Sunday. Rocky Mound Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Sllvey of Hope spent'Monday night with his brother, Deward Silved of this place. Mrs. Lesteri Hamilton of Sutton psent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellis of this place. Mrs. Earlie Birdine returned to her home at Hugo, Okla., after a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Monts. ' '• Mrs. Florence Fincher was the Surir day dinner guest of Mrs. T. H. Butler. Nick Messer" of Kilgore, Texas,', wfts Visiting relatives at this place. Author Nipper of Magnolia ^. ft M. College spent, the. week end visiting Mr: ..and Mrs.- J.. H. -Pickard. Mr. and -Mrs. E. 'G. Wright spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. IB, M. Hazzard. ' '' /•'.,. Miss Clara Ellis, spent,'Wednesday night with Helen Fincher.'! , j • •: , Mrs. H. S. Dudley and Mrs. Deward Silvey*-called oh Mrs.. W. L. Fairchild Wednesday afternoon. a AILY PRESSB, HOPE, AR&AN&AS Guernsey fhe minstrel at the school house Friday night was enjoyed by those present. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Thompson and daughter, of Fulton, were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Byers. Luther Aslin was a business caller in Hope Saturday. 3. R. Yocoum of Hope is the* guest of his daughter, Mrs. £. Mclver and Mr. Mcliver. <3us Gilbert was in Fulton on business Saturday. Mrs. Lois May was shopping in Hope Saturday. Gleve Foster of Spring Hill was a visitor here Monday. Johnny Thompson of Bright Star was a Sunday visitor here. Mr. and Mrs. 3. H. Franks of Dierks was calling on friends and relatives Sunday Mrs. Tom Logan Visited her sister, Mrs. Brice Arnett in Hope, Saturday. Sink Mauldin and Tom McLarty of Hope were here on business Monday. , Albert Cummins was in Hope Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Aylett and daughter, Bettie Joe, of Bright Star, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mrs. G. S. Wylie and children were Sunday afternoon callers of Mrs. T. E. Logan. ; ,Rev. LeRoy Samuels of DeAnn delivered an excellent message'at Water Creek Sunday at the 11 o'clock hour. A number of families of other places have moved into our community, we extend a.welcome to them, New Hope Health is improving in .our community now after all the bad'weather is better. '• ; ; • , Mr. and Mrs. Lee Price and family of Stamps spent Sunday with Mr. ahdj Mrs. John Murphy. , i SHE HIS TdAMKs To J>IA(VIEU. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Campbell and son and Mrs. A. R. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson and baby, Charley Dukes and son, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. GaineS. Mrs.;M. E. Gaines pf Rocky Mound is spen'ding a few days here with her son and family, Joe Gaines. Mrs. C. Dukes .and' two daughters, Bessie and Martha spent Monday afternoon with Mrs.' Gaines. t Misses Martha and Bessie Dukes spent Sunday With Miss Lois Loyd. A scientist has 'discovered that earthworms produce ' musical sounds and that they moan when cut. ; Blood flows' through the bones of very young, children almost as freely as it'does through the yiens. •. : SIDE GLANCES By George! . U MO.U. S.PAT. OFF.j © 1931 BY HE* r ''But, Horace,'it <foe.sn't look'right for ijou to be :-- " • ' me:-up.<ill hours of the day like- mis. WASEtTUBBS A Rip-Rbaring Tooter! ByC '. *'M I F16HTS TO UME; ft 1 UV/ES TO> .youix A P16HT, so CUING ON WUR. GET lT,' ; \ TROUBLES. • BRlt^lCa ON VOUR BUPPIE. mCjHTE&S. I UK6S 'EM BI.6 JUST I'N 1 1 UKES 'EM Qf " STlCVi . I ALONE,OB. BY TW6 , 6UN 'N' P(3T A WIUDGW UNDER; ARIAS, 'CMISE- If THEY'S HKT6S, IT'S A SET-U?. THEY .FICrkTS, 'N 1 THE HA^9ER tH£Y HGHTS/1 THE MORE; FUN i HAS. so ewwa 'EM •CAUSE- I'M A. U»9-PX>AR\H' TOOTER 'N'l -i ADAS -rp 6NJOY MYSELF. : fe ^)) I U.*. PAT. OPT. r!T± i BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Hasn't Forgotten "'4 By Martiii X x ^ r 4 - ^<_, St>\^ © 1931 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. R EO . U. S PAT < FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Shadyside Oodles! By Blosser J3FT6R. S ASM IMS TWIS AMD SAWUS 1WAT,TO A\AK£ PACTS FIT, ASSEMBLED AWO CEADV FOR use — I HATED T& COT THE PEAK OFF 4 HkSMBR OF TH6 TOP OP PART. BUT IT LOOKS SOORATTHAT— J^i Sft)|L ' 1H6 poop FITS •>t5UR OPEUIWS AW My IROU BOARD DOMT OUSHTA HAW6 / SURE ..'. A MEETllO- IM IT AM' ) OF »$ °°^ TA "^'^ DECIDE OM A MAW6 / OP A MAME...BoV! FOR OOR CLOBx J^i VJ£ ' LL MAV£ OODLES 'FRECKLES/ ' ' - OF Ik) SO THE BORM •': AMD vjJMy. MOT.?... NOOSE .'/ W^^ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Advance Order! By Cowan i WGHT <vs UDELL-re UL you THA.T I'ME •ST^QTiED PC2&VIW' Fo CARRIAGE To GO WTU M.V tSOLLY,^ XOU'O BETTER BEGIN) SXMlM 1 oP AAAVBE., IF YOU'QE As GOOD GIRL

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