Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 5
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Up-to=Date Styles - FOR - IT WAS A FIZZI* Extra Strong, Heavy Pants = = Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The rfATTER And FURNISHER Popocratic Picn ic at Ad - amsboro a Failure. A Listless Sort of a Crowd Heard Larimer and Morrison. : - Not More Than Five Hundred People On the Ground all the Day. ; ... Extra Well Made Pants - = '.': Made From Remnants 250. 250. uiiiiimuwmiiiimi"" | Mimur •••••• UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'" He inspecxion. -My Fall Woolens are ready for Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, Pearl Street Tailor. The Original bTTO KRAUS "Of Course" The very latest: v in SHOES for^children, See our show windows Full of the handsomest new st, le .shoes ever shown in the city. One of Mr. Bryan's Recent Illustrations Analyzed. Stevenson 403 Broadway. '.'. ' -'THE ' . , v FIRS1 (NATIONAL BANK - OF - . IOGANSPORT. - INDIANA. CAPITAL, »a50,000. A. J. Mur'adck, P««. ' J. P.- Broolrroeyer, DIBECTOR3; . ^ ^ pillion. B»nkin*ln ah Its Department" promptly and Stockholder DAILY JOURNAl _^^^^^M^^HB FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1890. "Oc for knee pants at .Otto's. Standard oysters, buUc.-Rothermel There will-oe'a picnic of young folks '''this afternoon and Evening at the park. Misses 'Thressa Elliott, Jessie Peurose and Florence Alexander will head the P Tne'funeral of the;late MrsV AWrlch wll bo in charge of.the Rev. F. M. Huckleberry, and will occur Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock'at the residence on North street. ... '"•'."'itiit''. Mrs Hattie Cowan Foster, or t-ni- 1 cagowill- give a talk on- Chrjsthin Science in the rniversalist'church.th s Srlday)'evening at 7:30. An Invlta- tlo'n Is 'extended to all..The Journal is-in receipt of a,cam- tt song book entitled Up to Dat^e To the Editor:-Mr. Bryan ^ his si>eoch at Buffalo gave the following a, a reason for his belief that silver would rise to the price of gold: "It can be done by applying to silver the same law that you apply to wheat brought to the office at a dollar a bushel, nobody- in tills community would sell his wheat for less than a dollar a bushel." I should like to know of Mr. Bryan or any one who can tell me, who, under, free coinage, Is going to buy alH'hc sll- rev?'When a man trikes wheat to market and sells It-does he bring wheat back, or does he bring money? Wheji a man takes silver to the mint will he bring back gold, or greenback, or even dry goods? I?o, He temp* back sliver, the same silver 'he took there, i-t only liaving been changed in form. Then, has he sold it? isn't it just the same as if a, farmer took his wheat, loose In his wagon, to an officer to have it put in saeks and stamped one bushel, or one .dollars worth, as 'the case might be? Would ,tf,ere bo a bushel of his .wheat sold? How many farmers, would haul their wheat ten, fifteen or twenty miles, to have It put in .packages and stamped when It would not add one-cent to Its value nor help them to sell it? Would not the'"same law" hold as to silver How many owners of bullion would, take the trouble to have it coined when they could get the same price for it in bulk'' For it is true that none of them would sell nt less than the coinage value therefore the coinage and bullion value must be'the same. Common sense would teach that it is a waste of time-to send It to the mint, under such ch-cnm-stances, and that being the ease, how would we get more, money into Was'it a frost? Well, K you' don't believe it was, just ask the next Popo; crat you see it he went to the Popo- cratic picnic at Adamsbofo yeste-rdayV It's sixteen to one you won't' Hud'one In sixteen-who will admit that he was there. He couldn't and tell'the truth, "for if all of the sixteen bad becn : tbere the crowd would have been more 'respectable in numbers, If not in personnel. . - . The great gathering of the clans at the Ada.msboro picnic grounds,' in which the-Democrats of the.' new' school and the Populists of the old' school, now commonly mixed .and called the Popocrats, was calculated to be a stunner. A good many of the ward heelers of the fusion party were in attendance at the picnic recently given there by the Republicans,, at which five thousand people were present, and they determined that tlic dcm- ; onstra.tioii of yesterday should be an, eclipse of thai great meeting, whenj live thousand .people gathered about- the speakers a.ud beard the words of, truth they nttered on the financial, question. Accordingly, the Popocrat.c picnic of yesterday was widely adver-. Used, and they had as the stellar at-: traction for the morning -the Hon. ..lof seph Larimer ofr Peru, the man who, was forced to' offer himself on the ak tar of Popocracy as the lamb to bfe slaughtered by Major George. We Stecle in the race for Congress. Mr-- Uirrimer never pretended to be a cmjj- lic speaker, and he ably upheld, hip non-pretensions on the platform yt-stty- diiy HP stuttered' and stumbled tiiro-h'an hour and thirty minutes of meaningless talk, In which "plutocrat," , "gold brig," "Wall street" and the "selfish greed of the money power" were repeated o'er and'o'er uutU'evwi the stnimehest ndmlrers of nnythms •in the guise of Democracy wondered Wound*.. ,a.t 'no time estimated the crowd.-at more than eight hundred, while the .good gueweM said that five hundred would be n. large figure. There were twenty-five tickets sold for 'ihe excursion train, whereas the con- Itract with the railway company was -that.at least two hundred tickets iwouid.be purchased. In consideration .'of th'is, the .train was held at the pic- i'ulc,grounds one hour on the return ! trin . By actual count, there were thir- • ' ' ' . . . j....- i« ^f -Trur RACES AT , ty-thr.ee. people conches.. 011 n t ra m of four ,- POLE RAISING Successful Heetinff at the Lime Kilns Last Evening. The 'pole- raising at the Lime Kilns, -Pour miles cast of the city, was a suc- •cess,-though. Amos Kceport was not present. . 'Tlicre -was a large crowd .present .and D. C. Justice made a •sli'ong.ai-gumentfor sound money. The •polc-istjinds 108 feet above the ground, -wltti a--broom on top and' a McKinley Streamer floating i-n the breezes. Those ilvaving the work in charge were Geo. .•Honson, S, C. Patten, Abe Shoff, A. D. -•Ganodo, P. C. Williams, John Zimmerman, Oscar Cottle, David Fair 'and ilVA'..Falr." Miami township wants.no g witli the money. DRIVING PARK SEPTEMBER 15. 16, >7, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. Start the children out in good shape. '111 T.I1C B 1117 "- 7 ^ what he was driving' at, and the.Pomi;, lists had enough for onco in a ."time of the pet phrases coined by. themselves to designate the class who Iw'icve :m the stability of our financial system •is against a fiat currency. Five h-jti cli-cd people is a liberal estimate to -put. upon the'crowd in .ittsiidiu.eo before.. noon. ., • '..''•' In the afternoon, the llou, Martin. -Morrison of Frankfort, a man who has : been a believer in the motto; "silence is 'golden," until this campaign,-- anil, who has now replaced- V, on his guerdon with he tall of .the legend, "speech, is silver," opened up ou a-crowd; pi probably three hundred ! eople, yho had the hardihood to sit-, on the ,uu- yielding boards which- formed the;aa- dltorium. and while the balance or? the cmwd. numberlnp'possibly four IHUI-- 'dred more were disporting ^"'"' .11 _A.* . am » uw ~- a man took a m ll.on dollars wort, of silver to the mint and had It coined, has he disposed of It. Hashcnot3u.stasmuchsl-lveras.he hod-before? In case of-Mr. Bryan s proposition, the farmer has sold BIS wheat. And.how any. man that-professes to "study the ftnanclal question nnd to possess a reasonable amount of-common sense can put-the. two prpp- wltlon* toother as similar-is beyond the comprehension of the writer .and n'oodlny other .people In this; com- F. Tei-re, Haute, Ind. re m nnder the trees at a .dUtauce.. 'though, wlthln,.cheerine distance,: lip PPpd hot shot'lnto the ranks oJ the.olW.rae Democracy with telling efffic' rl .p* $*. nounced Democracy from head tpfwJV. and could not sa.y CUOLI?,) thittffs ; .of Bourke Coc-kra.n, William C. Wh tney and otters of tbe.lea^.Uemol'raJ?. of the East who had rh.a cowp«,to express their convictions...for.hjinest money at the Chicago conv.cuuo,,? sorrowed over the desor«on.-of tnrv Carlisle, and almost shed Wen he spoke of the passing o-C •dent Clevola.nd from m .&'. those who had set him np,ns- 1; .a fftll- pvown god nnd.bowed .at his aljar'i Lrship-of -tree trade,., ^-«4dl.e not believe that. Cle.velaud wa ...iV GOOD OXE IX DEER CREEK. - .The'Hon. W. T. Wilson and Dr. J. Z. Powell spoke at the Harness school house >iu Doer Creek township last- n-|»bt to a crowd that filled the room. There were a number of free silver Democrats present, among them the 'Hons Samuel -and Joseph Gray, who .persisted in interrupting Mr. Wilson klw-ing.his talk, to propound free silver •questions.' Mr. Wilson very courteously answered -all their queries and invit- (id them to propound more. It was a wry successful meeting in a neighborhood which is supposed to be alive with!free sllverites. - • • •''• '.-'.. Q. -V MYERS AT ONWARD. - ..-'-Qutncy A. Dryers spoke "to an enthusiastic audience at Onward last, night. The Republicans of that part of Tipton .township are hot after the repudiation- lftt» and are making the fight fast and :furious..,;:'. ' , t-' :PROF. MICHAEL ABROAD, pi-of. G. W. Michael went to Marlon Yesterday afternoon where he delivered a lecture before the. Grant county teachors,on "penmanship," He will go from Marion to Tipton to address the E. M. Walden & Company. 315 Fourth Street. A WEAK FRAUD The Forsythe Letter Not as Ingenious as Others. Constructed to Deceive the Voters in Campaign Times'. Some days ago the Ft. Wayne Journal published what purported to be a letter to R. C. Bell, which sought to do the cause of sound money all the harm it could under a flimsey guise of supporting the cause. Anyone could seethe real object of the letter and Mr. 'Bell who is a shrewd lawyer, evidently saw at a glance that it was a fake vet he gave it to a Democratic paper for publication. 'Mr. Bell is tie gentleman who presided nt the Democratic State convention and refused to permit _ , i._ i.„„,..! Tlit* letter A CARNIVAL OF WHOLESOME FIJN THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE - IRISH COMEDIANS- from Jvianou LU o-n^"- — - teachers of Tipton county on the same 'suhlcct. He talked to tie Tippecanoe VJbtfW rteaehors last Tuesday. Prof. •Michael ingrowing very popular as a lecturer throughout this State and-has established' a reputation la-Ohio. He received .Invitations from sixty, county superintendentshi Indiana, and from forty In Ohio. ...". '. . n are by one of our fellow townsman,- !t aiuH'san, driver,of Jb'olwcen this dry-ana Burlington, was. taken seriously sick whilo on the road to the city yesterday" morntag. He wa's Able to,rcach tow.., ^ r ^ fore MS'StrcfliEtli entirely left him, anu at once was" placed in the care of a physician. He was better last night, ' and''had"so far recovered as to be able to take the trip to his home.' Every, road into Indianapolis will .' make a'haK'ratc for therState fair, be- Kinn-ln- Monday the'jWHr, and returning as late as'Monday *c 21st. .This elves'a splendid weet for a vacation • in'a'tbe- State fair will be a good place to" spend-It: .Provisions ror storing bicycles under the grand stand at the •', • falr-'grohnds:,win'"niakc it convenient '/for those-usln^wKeels to take them and - hive ihf.beneflt of the smooth streets :whlch Teach 'almost to the, fair .- .'. grounds-. _, :"..,'•-."' ' :.'; .-.. .. SEMI-CEXTEXNIAL. . The,great arm-of the Grand Prairie '.into 'this'. Shite on the 1 Dennis was at. W:ib:ish yesterday u-ry I'.iix' has returned from. Wn ISS Cad' Close is visiting Mi^Alic THE MEN YOU SEE SO OFTEN IMITATED — FARCE-COMEDY SUCCESS, INTERPRETED BY A BIG COMPANY FILLED WITH ORIGINALITIES Mr Bynum to be heard. The letter pretends to come from 3. Francis For- sjrthe, of Til Wall street, Sew York. Mr Bell is ordinarily intelligent. It is to be presumed that he knew that Wall street is a short street, six blocks long, extending from Broadway ^to East river. The numbers start at 1 from Broadway and run thirty to the block, or about one hundred and eighty to the' river. The number 711 would be about a mile -the other side of nowhere The Ft. Wayne Gazette 1m- m «lietely exposed the fraud, and showed that thews was no such name In- the New York City directory as,>.T, Francis Fc-rsytbe. The Ft. Wayne Tournn) practically admits the whole Ol , ng « fake, and pretends to consider '•'.'Admission 75c, 50c, 30c and 25c. Reserved seats on sale at J^ton's Drug store, • •! ' -3 IIIiB. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, TffB.1 S2OO.OOO 'J V. Jobiuon, Pre«Went,13. W. Uflery. Vlc« Pre«l(l«nt. H. J. Heltbdnk. CMhler. DIRECTORS. Ivat exicjii", 11 "'-" -" " . , „ _ West, 1ncluaing,ae counties of .Tas- and Newton, v^asnrst set any natural groves of ago. honor'ofthesem-o settlement, .a jubilee; celebr a«on w» held at Alter 1 * grove between Rem and Goodland, In Jasper cotm- .. The n ty, September, will consist of an Ing and - ciablc nnd.informal would- not Deuevu u«n. -•. --;- meaningly dishonest, but that,he,-, had. been seduced by the "gold bugs and plutocrats"'and made to do tbeh bld- -dl-ug: • At Uic. close of- tbe.Hpiu.^Mi., Morrison's speech the Hon. A,G-.jBui% hardt of Tipton • county was •<, int,ro- ; duced. -Mr. Burkhardt.,noticed' ,% tired droop of the shoulders,, signifying weariness.in ,'the audience, and lije klud- Iv.'remarked'that If there'was anyone in ihe crowd'. ? ho felt, tired; they mightget u^antfwalk about-As an evidence that:'thcy-were tired, Ae peo-. •pie' wjth'-pne'accpr.d rose from their a:,- - -„.««.. scats nnd' went. f-or,a .promenade!;> Ins e good,'so-' the meantime'..the'few who font -to : The affair tlic .picnic frotn:this;ctty on,-tte 'traiii ,1 most in- had slipped'awny.aud^ere homeward •KiTOlli*:'.". •'"• . ,i Mrs- M- W. Netherou't has returnee. ,; M Flora'after a .short visif here, _ •Mis* S tnel Bcvan'has returned from Burncttsvllle after ' an extended - visit with relatives. ' . ' Miss Sidclia.Starr of Greencastle w ,merly a'teacher in the High school, 'is'visifiug friends';in the city. _ ; i 0 Ross came home from W abash ycsi'orday after a short visit wirh Ins 'brothers; Tames and'Jack Ross. . ^ Prof L D Eicbboni -fit Bi'jffton, •],o will VaVe charg-l.of fhft music de- TheaTo of course knew all this. It win the article with the intenWon of Sing all of it* readers it could The MoiW letter In the Garfleld cam- Buy »n4 •»'! Qovernment teresfmg, and all are jubilee festivities. to -VTTENTION BICYCLERS.- • The McKinley Bicycle, corps .will meet a± the new court room Monday evening, September .WUi, at 8 o'clock, S? organization. The members and Riinne awny : ^ . ^^^rtly.;. jwhen ..Mr.; ^lu-khn'rdt;' rose to •begin --fils^pceclV there 'were anapy empty-, seats., land -tlw; noise of • buBSies and ,, carrlaRes 'being driven : from, ^the. grounds^ Almost drowned the .speaker's ' voi^ The Hon. Mr. Burkhnrd-t .had.. been', taken^ at his word, :llteran^;.a'nd;the-peoplc: ' ItlVrtt 1T'*K^*"«-O » - - „ meet at the court house at 7 with their wheels for drill EB.M- .Connell will address the club after Its 'organization at 8 o'clock. at his word, :era.; needed; so mnch 'rest, that ^| Jld. ndt- return to hear' him! . - Y^^t Altogether/the picnic. Vas « aTj^ and -the ; most daring De^ocr»t;orf-ftie will arrive-today. • -. - : • -XTnvlouiClmmieleiMrs. K.W. Audcr- wn.nn ( l.daughter, Maggie of I-ogjius- i,ort are in. the .city the snests.of V . II. •Utdersbn and wife. -Bench Edmlnston of'the -Marion •Xews'and Frank Derr, also of Marion. ! w : ere'hci-e'yesterday and spent the day 'fi(.hing Tl ln 'Eel 'river, returning home tii rs' 'morning. ,- _ ., ' 'Kokomo Tribune: Mrs. Jake D.nilj .> rfsittng friends In Logansport... .Mrs. 'G"-W Clevenger returned.,to her home ' : Tuesday, She was ac- ny her sister. Miss Etta pants at 25c nt Otto's. ews ago were clever forgerie ForsyUie letter is a very weak fraud £ a l would n-aturally expect renders ot , !W .per which was contiually seek ng io deceive them to resent the hwnl t to Seir intelligence, and it us sur,n,s ng , lf tcr the repea-ted exposures hat the Pharos has any followers at all. PROMINENT SPEAKERS FOR INDIANA. Indianapolis Journal: It has 'H on nnnecd'that ex-Governor Russol A. ' "er of Michigan: Daniel A. Sickles, r sew York: Fran, Sigel. of Kcw York and Corporal Tanner will make a speaking trip in this State in .October Thev will probably be ra. the State Ot-t * 12. 13 and 14. They will cam- nalRn'-ln the middle West together. The German-American Sound Money Leagx^ hns sent a committee -to ; ChI- cngo to make an effort to get Carl Pchurz to make three speeches Iff this Siate, one here and one each at Evans- and Ft. Wayne. The LOflansport Humane Society (INCORPORATkD.) For the Prevention of Cruelty-to Women Children and Animals , E. S.Bic<— Frex. Gco. W. ,Wnlt«Tit-Sec. j j iriMeM-KUfll-Trca*. W M 15lH)iop-K«'»»n<iO»c«-i. ' Mrs. J. N. N< L/I«AU>» aj»..««" Telephone No. 30. B630H ciifes of cruelly to S ccrctaty. CH AS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR N»- «7 Market /e*- Oallf atttnOed to proi .ptly. "«•? •» KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers. &Embaliners. 610 BROADWAY.

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