Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1931
Page 3
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«r ;• < a -••->* TJ'° 9 , W tl V Vt ^ 4 -^rysm ; Un, Sid ftwry IE telephone 3ftl JU; -Like birds exultant wlnglftg, And some afe swall&ws sftfll und shy, Artd seme a*e eagles in the *ky Ahd others thrushes singing,, Some gifts ate spatt-ows pert arid trim, And same are wrens-ift taimtmt tilm. At CBfistmas time like birds the$ span The miles With'tender greeting, • Some gifts-are patrols bold end bright Attd tome are-doves In pldmage white, 'Their Christinas wish repeating; But iftveless gifts,,tKat ohe must pay, They're Clothing else but birds 6? prey, '-L. M. T. . Back Again InEludinfiuaitls Mitt M^ry Butler of TexaYkana is s|tendlnfe the ;week visiting with her Miss jMary Butler of Texartoana is spending the week Visiting with her • sister, Mrs. M. M. McClougham Mrs. 'Marie McCorkle will leave the last of the week for Little Rofck, where she will join Mr. and Mrs. j.T, Ship. ,man of Bartlesville, 6Sla., fc* a holiday visit Wlh Mr. and ,Mrs. Thomas M. Ahdefiron in Augusta, Ga. Mr, imd Mrs. 3. F. Portevfield, Mrs. JThc-s Kihser, Mrs. M.' M. McGtoughan aftd Miss Mary Butler will sp«md Wednesday visiting with friends and relatives in Texarkana. No. 3 of the Woman's Auxiliary <of the First Presbyterian church held ilhefer regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mr*. Minnie Galster on North Hervey 'Street, with Miss Van Galster as joint hostess. Nine members responded to the roll call, arrd a most interesting program on "God's Ownership and Mtrtvs 'i>artnership" was presented by Mrs. Ewing. Those taking part on • the prdgtam wfffe Mrs. Eugene White, MJ»s £. C. Fohtaine, Miss Mary Carrigan and -Mrs. E. S. Greening. A most instructive Bible study was given by Mrs. McCaullcy. Mr. and . Mrs. J. L. Stringer and children spent 'Sunday visiting with friends and relatives in -Malvern. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold their December meeting on Thursday afternoon at "3 oMock at the home of Mrs. Henry H. Stuart, West Avenue C, with Mrs. C. B. Tyler as joint '"hostess: Mrs. Carrie Ferrell, after an extended visit with . Mr. - and Mrs. J. L. Stringer left Sunday for 'a ten day's visit with her niece, Mrs. Oscar 'Barnett in Matvern. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Henry spent M6n- day Visiting with friends and relatives ht \tfaldo. Mfs. Bill I. Collihs of Kilgore, Tex., Will -spend the Christinas holidays visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. AT. Ellis. Me. and. Mrs. Tully Henry, Mr. and, Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox were week erid guests ' of Mr. attd Mt*. Harrison Sheppard and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Higgins, as Only One to FromLeavnewortfi Gift Guide! Do Your CHIRSTMAS SHOPPING at J. C. Penney Co. THEATRE TICKETS Book tickets to the Saehger $2,50 and $S,00. , Phone 133 or inquire at Box office Sun-back .bathing suits will be in the mode at southern beaches again this winter, as this early photo: from the Florida fashion front shows. Here you see Miss Jewel Watson of New York as she turtied her back \ott' the idea of-having 1 her picture taken. members of a house party at Fountain Lake Tavern near Hot Springs. Mr. an'd Mrs. J. H. Yancey Jr., of Fwt Worth Texas -were 4he week end guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.'Hv Yancey. ' • •;•*<•"' -•'-•• •* ; Mr. and Mrs. W.. C.. -Yancey of Shreveport, Louisiana were the week end guests of Mr. Yartceys sister, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Douthit and other relatives, NOW! ~^^^ The gripping story of. a woman who dared the fates, heroically, for the sage of a superb Love! t STARRING * lilfl Q. (paramount Qitliat Coming! MRS. JAMES MARTINDALE'S CHRISTMAS PANCE REVUE SAiNSiR Basket Tourney Is Begun at School Five Games Played Monday, Starting Three- Day Series The home room basketball teams opened a three-day cake tourney Monday afternoon in Hope High School gymnasium, with five games. The tournament is continuing through Tuesday and Wednesday with games both afternoons. , Results Monday were: Jones 6, Vick 5; Durham 9, Bell 7; Wilkin 16, Hudson 2; Winburn 21, Stuart 2; Hinant 30, Whitehurst 2. Lineups were: Vick—Bearden, Johnson, Beckworth, Baker, Collier. Jones: Bayless, McGaughey, Anderson, McKee, Owens. Bell: Brown, Turner, Richards, Reynerson, Stroud, Durham: Berry, HamiUo«, ( Cannon, Drake, Eason. ' . Wilkin: Erwin, Spillow, Taylor, Wyatt, Simpson, England. Hudson: James, Murray, Hargis, Miller, Greenlee. Winburn: Schooley, Porter, Lloyd, Long, Percell. Stuart: Moody, Fuller, Hollis, Cargile, Smith. Hinaht: Harper, England, Kennedy, Lewallen, England. Whitehurst: McKee, Reynerson, Russell, Schooley, Ramsey. Personal Mention _— . , — onerif ; seven Leavenworth prison ebnvlcts Who made, good aWescafe from possefe-that brought beck three dead/ ofte wbnnd. •ed and two unscathed, was still at larbe Sunday. United SUites ptftltejrtlary guards -have given t*p organized search for Bart Thayer, who was serving a 25- year sentence for an Oklahoma mail Wain robbery when he and the other six tfrlsotiers made a sensational dash fot fihcrtjr ftflday, With Wffrdtft thos. *1.< White as hosttge. -. Gtinrds despatched hurriedly to in vefetigate a report that A man Stayed Friday 'night in a vacant farhihBuse 25 miles west, near Winchester, Kan., were called back to the,prison Saturday night, and- during; the;Sabbath quiet prevailed oVer the scerte. Frcif Zerbst, warden of the federal penitentiary ahneX.TWw in charge of both prisons while Warden White lies in a hospital • recuperating from wounds inflicted-by a convict, said guards will be sent out again if a warm trail is picked up. Prison officials (said no trace of Thayer Was«found Sunday. The last indication of his pretence in the vicinity of - th'e Emerson Salsbury farmhouse,-eight-miles west, where three 1 prisoners died apparently from bullet Wounds inflicted by *he of -their number, 'was-his-coat fOirtid toy bloodhounds about a •" half mile from the house. • -.- ':'" ••'• • - I . ' Thayer. Dangerous .The trail faded a\?ay 'arid was*lost where Thayer presumably covered it up by walking in a stfrearn. Warden White retfavde^ltliayer.fes the .most ..desperate of the seven and named him as the man who refceated- lyurgeoT the others 'that White should be killed; v ' '""" White, in'a*, hospital here, .Has tehpwn much cdncifir/n over ' the search for Thayer. The warden relayed; word through Mrs. \Vhife that Thayer had told, him: "This is »»y Only chance for freedom. I'm taking it end if I die you're going to die with me." A convicts threat to bloV up the prison entrance With 'dynamite caused the Warden to issue the order releasing the seven "convicts and their seven hostages -to the outer world, Mrs. Write revealed. ; -., The prisoner, Mrs. .White said her husband,told her, had lighted a match and sai<j'he would 1 touch it to a short fuse in a s't'ick of -dynamite he brandished.,if the , main gate were not opened. ; ' , . An autopsy .showed William Green, Kansas City mail robber, as the slayer of his two coniip'ftniims, Grover O'Dur- -iU and George Curtis, and himself, when.they were surrounded in the Salisburyo^armhouse. Officftls i*^ ; they believe if'Thayer had rt«*M»Wti he too would .have .been killed by Green When the leader realized escape was hopeless and:chose to die rather than: surrender. Stanley Brown and, Tom Underwood,: brought in alive with Charles Berta, -who was wounded in the shoulder, aVe cdnfiried in the penitentiary incommunicado. Berta is in the prison hospital, arid the other two in. solitary. "Zerbst said they 'may be charged with prison break, punishable fcy a maximum penalty of five years additional Imprisonment and $1,000 fine. He'added it was.'possible they would be accused of complicity in assault with intent to kill the warden. The three are key witnesses in the Department of Justice investigation of firearms Smuggled 1 into the prison, and how convicts obtamed passes to the warden's office. The investigation also centers on the action of prison guards who did not resist the escaping convicts, and who later explained they did not shoot either because the warden ordered them .not to or because they feared they might wound other persons. Warden Zerbst has criticised the guard at the south armory from which a machine gun commands the grand starway leading to the main gate of the prison. He said that although the convicts as they came down the steps on the first lap of the escape, prison officials must take chances of being killed and the' guard should have fired. The guard, Hubert Gray, fired a rifle shot later, but was ordered to cease firing at a signal given at the warden's command by his secretary. Warden White took a different view in the interview related through his wife. He said much bloodshed by in-r nocent persons was averted on the prison lawn by Gray's inactivity, and said if one convict had been shot, the 'others, all armed, would have staged a pitched battle there. ] R. M. Patterson made a business trip i to Texarkana Tuesday. Parks Fisher, manager of the Scott Store, and C. E. Romig, manager of the L. C. Burr store, made a business trip to Nashville Monday. Roy Anderson returned from Little Rock Monday night, where he had been transacting business for the past few days. «— __ 1 1 ^•t B> BBf Lonoke County B»nk I» Clo»ed Up Monday LONOKE.— (ff)— The Lonoke County Bank, only banking in!\tij^ition here, failed to open Monday mornitog. C. C. Walls, member of the board of directors, attributed the closing to the recent heavy rains, -'which prevented the farmers from gathering their late cotton crop. The bank was capitalized at $30,000 and had been in business here 25 years. Sac County, Iowa, raises more pop- cgrp than any other county in Uw Unjtgd States apd. prebably more than any other similar arm » the world- Home Economic! Club Holds Meet Friday The Home Economics Club of the Hope High School, sponsored by Miss Lera Whitten, met Friday at the Home Economics cottage. On account of the absence of President Alleana Wylie, Vice-President Mbllie C. Jones conducted the meeting. The minutes were read by Martha Oantley end committees were appointed for the decoration of the cottage for Christmas entertainment and Christbas basket which will be taken care o| at an early date. Alter the business meeting refreshments were served to 20 members. The meeting then adjourned until December 17, when a Christmas program will be rendered. ' Bandit* Take $9,90 in Bold Van Buren Holdup VAN BUREN, Ark. -(/P)— Two masked ra,e» earfy Mc-ndoy forced H. J. Hampton, Missouri Pacific night ticket clerk, to ualoek a cash drawer from which they took $9.98 and escaped. i T Arkansas Drastic I&ductitWHave teft Taken Stock. ; 1 ift ^ 1 Clothing Specials MEN'S BATH ROBES ?398 Values Ideal for Christrftfts gifts. Come early and get one of these while they last. ONLY • - MEN'S-WORK~FANTS,-$175 values, -HVaVy material, ideal for Winter wear. WARD'S, closing out sale price, ONLY, BOYS' WOOL DRESS PANTS, $1.98 values. Ideal lor school wear-and now you can buy them, for-ONLY............... 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Assorted sizes, colbhs aftd desigrte Your choice ONE TABLE WOMEN'S ROCHELLE SHOES, ^SW ^aJwSS-' ' In. One-SlrwB, Ties.attd Pumps. Your choice while mey last -. ONE TABLE CjnLDREN'S SCHOOL SHOES, $1.49 Values. Ohly a iMnjted'^Uandty. Hurry, your choice .^. BDY& OV*RAt/LS,*1»e values. They must go, So we-have redwced-tiie price to ONLY MEN'S CAfS^Jl.^S values. These caps spld for ?2 98 last year. NOW we are gbing to close them out for ONLY i *s>.«-v >' .ftiM?'" NOW we are gbmg to close them out lor UW.L,I , > , . - — < ONE TABLE MEN'S HEAVY WORK SHOES, $3.98 values Hfere'sVour 'chance to*uy a-shoe " that. will' stand-up to. months of hard 1 wear. Never before offered "at > - , SZ-98 such low price. "While they last ONLY • i-ifmtmi*** • HURRY! Cbmte take advantage df WARD'S' extremely;Closing Out Sefe'Prices. HURRY! . i \ ' -- j »,, »-r s Women's Dresses WOMEN'S HOUSE DRESSES, 79c values. ^ While they last •— - : CHILDREN'S COTTON DRESSES, 98c values. . 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