Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 20, 1954
Page 12
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AKKAM5A5 CLASSIFIED utt fi* to Offic* Bay Sfefafe l*ubIi*fitlMi WANt AD r» 1.20 1.SO 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 & M& 1.50 4.50 2.00 , 6.00 .2.50 7.50 9.00 9.00 3.50 10.50 4.00 12.00 4.50 13.50 5.00 15.00 .._ ay'| K ll jfhJte^«6r about * the,; iV- '• . (IRY SfeTS I $2;50 up ^DISPLAY EO,T. PIT ordlawi I Tailor Shop On* sr .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 [.35 I.50 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY^ 6 tlmS rrnt";:.t""»" soc {£? ft** : ftates quoted above ore tor eon- Ncittlve insertions. Irregular of skip- Sat« ads will take the one-day rate. All ddlly r el«*»le d odvsrtlilng copy will. btf accepted until 5 p. m. for publication tHa following day* > The publlihew re«erve the right to revIM or edit oil advertisement* offered for publltatlon and to refect tmy objectionable odvertWna «ub- mltted 1 Initial* of one or more letter*, filelSione'numbers coufit as one word. The Hope Star wll not be fe«pon- tlble for errors m Want Ad» unlea error* or« tailed to our attention otter FIRST Insertion 'of od and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PkOSPECT 7-3431 luiiniii Opportunity ANYOtffi interested in renting a new Lion Service Station at Third i*' t«Jfd, contact S. I>. Mufph?. Phone ?-2607. l7-3t For Sold Sports in Brief By United Press i KANSAS CITY (UP) Thi Kansas City Athletics announced they will play their first game in their new home on April 12 against the Detroit tigers APPLIANCES • ToasleH • Mixefs . • , Waffle Jr&ns • Steam and Travel Irons. » Electric Blankets. • Everything In G-E Dofmeyer Mirror-matic OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. EATON ROUGE, La (UP) Robert H. (Doc) Eirsline, assistant football coach at Marquette since 1940, was added today to the Loit- isiana State University football fctaff ;as assistant coach. Erskine Was graduated from L. S. U. in 1925. " SPORTS ROUNDUP .gy GAYLE tALBOT. NEW YORK —!/Pl Men who, A iricnth ago, were convinced that Paul Richards had squandered PEKINGESE puppies, registered pedigreed, eight weeks old. Ideal for Christmas gilts. Mrs. J, B. Ellen, Jr., Phone 7-3408. 14-6t LONDON — (UP) Wolverhampton retained the first division lead M the English Soccer League today although held to a 2-2 te by last place Sheffield Wednesday MIAMI, Fla. (—UP) Trainer Hope Star SINGER sewing machine, good' as new, Queen Ann cabinet. Solid mahogany. Can be seen after 6 p. m. only. 916 S. Elm. Phone 7-3584 20-3t PANSY plants, for largest bios soms set plants now. Mont's Seed Storel 20-3t , . Mrx Hirsch announced thnt High Gun, 1954 three-year-old champion who retired lor the year on Nov. 1st, will return to competition at Park. The brown colt has what little talent the sevenlh-place Baltimore Orioles possessed are be- gining to concede now that th« brooding genius from waxahachie might have reassembled a pretty fair ball club a sounder one, at least, than he started with. This shift in sentiment has been pronounced since Richards, without giving up Anything except mon- ty, latched on to the two Brooklyn veterans Preacher Roe ehd Billy^ Cox. The feeling now is that ifj one or two highly valued rookies came through for him the Iriole-J tould well move up a notch next season. /Maybe even a couple of notches. • . .,,. With Cox en third and Willie Miranda at shortstop, it is pointed cut, the club will offer about as irilliant a defense on the lefr side of the infield as there is in the Tennessee team Breezes to Title KANSAS CITY — I/PI The Ten Williams Made Greatest Comeback By JOE REICHLER Of The Associated Press Ted Williams, who may not come Lack to baseball any more, was voted today as having made • the greatest comeback of the 1954 reason. Nine Persons Die Violently in Arkansas py the Associated Pre«* ' At least nine persons died violently in Arkansas during the weeK nessee ««~ ~r,1° <r.jru'SiJSK^-S-SS' - t» (he Bos . that ended Sunday midnight NAIA eight-team tipoff tournament unseeded • but they went home with the championship. -other greats, Bobby Pel, The Nashville team breezed past U veteran right-handed pitcher of . - e Rochurst College Satur- been nominated for. the $50,000 added McLennan Handicap Feb. 5 and the $100,000 Widener Handicap Feb. 19. *'! I^OM Moving .Igoina- Call Star e* Hooe Contolldottd January It, ld«'lntO n |nner«prlB| ;8«rvlM ••«•• Mattrmi C*. C E. Palmer, President Alex. -H. Woshbum, S.cy-Tre* e» The-Star Building 112-14 South Walnut Sheet Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor ft Publish* Paul H. Janet, Managing Editor Jen M..0«vly Advertising Manag* Georo* "W. Hotmer, Mcch. Supt. • Enteced. as second elasi matter at Me Port Office of Hope, A''"""*, under the Art »* March ?, 1B97. The Negro Community By Helen Tum«r , .... Phone 7-5830 Or brlna Itemt to MlM Turner at Hlcki Funeral Horn* PHILADELPHIA (UP) Kdward Trowbridge Collins, Jr., son and name-sake -of the late, great second baseman was named assistant general manager ol the Phladel- phia Phillies. Collins joined the 'hillles in 1947 as assistant farm director. Mtnbn of the-Audit Burton »l Clrculolloni STERN SHARES Ineorne Fund •liable from SubKrlption Rates (payablt In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring town*— • •—-Per year .-.....-. >3 -°° By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LoFayette, Howard, and Miller coun- ^ »!•*— L mi One month ....„.......«......—~ •••> Three montht™ - '-JO tlx monthi «., 2.60 One yea ^....».......... *.»« ' ( All other mall— f%MA MWtnth .. ..»...._• I.I UfW IflwIHll ..........»••««•*•»«»•••»«•"- ^. Thtee months .............—...» *** Six: j month* •• iS'nn . t ftgtm WMir ............I......... Iw.UU The Grove High School Chapter of New Farmers of rAmerica is very proud to announce it's state winners of 1954, sponsored by the Ar kansas Association-of New Far mers of .America. Solomon Beaslcy, class of 1954, a contestant for the Farm Electrifi cation award was 1st place winne and received a. cash award of thir ty-five dollar's ($35.00). Reuben Moss, • class of, 1955, a contestant in, the Modern Farmer test was a 1st place winner and received a cash .award of fifty dollars ($50.00): Reuben at present is secretary of the Arkansas; Association of New Farmers of America and -also secretary of our local NEW YORK (UP) Robin Roberts, of the Philadelphia Phillies was '. fleeted the Natonal League player representative in their nego- •iptions with the club owners. He replaced Ralph Kiner who was recently traded into the American League. game today. Tf the pair will not produce too many runs, they will not let a great number dribble thrcugh them either. They'll make Baltimore pitching look a good dea' better. Roe, though pushing 40 and not the fooler he once waa, might easi ly reward Richards with f or 10 victories when used sparingly, as -,e will be. and spotted against the esser clubs. American Leagu matters have seen very little of th Preacher's stuff, which is sus }ected of containing a certain amount of moisture, and they could find him quite tough for lime. LOS AN.GELES (UP) Hampton Fool announced that he qui t as coach of the Los Angeles Rams Friday'night "after four of his five (•Fsistant .coaches resigned because they couldn't get along with him ' CORAL GABLES, F3a. (UP) Ifabody, ridden by Robert L. Stevenson, captured the S8925 Coral Gables Ha'ndicap. D. G. Neuman's I Que- was scored and Mintaway third'. . . ..-.-. Close t'i 25.0CO Arkansas fans-ar reported preparing to move on th Cotton Bowl at Dallas in whic their Razorbacks will be pitte agpinst Georgia Tech on Ne\ Year's Day. There would be more day night's final game. The Tigers sank 47.1 per cent of their shots. Vernori McNeal and Henry'"Kean aced Tennessee with 24 and 23 oints respectively and both won erths on the all star team. Other 11 star spots went to Ruell Tudk- r of Rockhurst Donovan; Horn 6f l Arkansas Tech and John ;Patz\Vald f Gustavus Adolphus. ! .: .' In the game for third, place At- ansas Tech beat Gustavus- Adol- hus, 73-69. . : i . '" ; Indians. The 432 sports writers and spofts- c-asiers who participated ir the annual Associated Press poll spread their votes over 43 players. Williams received 84 vcles to Feller's 70. Vic V/ertz who did so well for. Cleveland after the In- ians had, acquired him from Bal- jmorel.'last June, was third with 2 votes. Joe.Colcman, veteran Bal- fourth Utah Pulls Upset of Week Over LaSalle By ED W1LK Of The Associated Press If thera arc any bettei outfits than Utah in the college basket V.all ranks at present, they bette ctand up and be counted. The Utes- brought • -i so-so' G- mark into Madison quare Garde Saturday night and to everyon Only four of the reported during the week, which encompassed "Safe Driving Dai'" throughout the nation, were attributed to highway accidents. On Dec. 15. b-U day, no traffic deaths were reported in Arkansas. Three persons, however, died as a result of highway accidents in the state over the weekend. \ Near Helena Saturday night, 14- year-old Nev.TIle Hollowell of near Benton, Ark., was injured fatally in chain reaction highway accident that involved seven cars. HoUo- _ . ... , well's left leg was cut off and his iniore right-hancier, was fourth ... . broken when a car crash- vilh 39j!arid Sal Maglie clutcn * ea wrecked car which the ighthanfter of the New YOI-K Gi- h helping push from the nts was;fifth with 29. Magl-e led y° u ^ n £ diedHat a Helena hos- 11 National Leaguers on the corne- jack path. DOGS WINTERIZING We have all read of the Arctic tied dogs that sleep 'out in the tnow in temperatures far belov. rcro. These hr-rdy clogs, after pull - ing a heavy sled-for many hours surprise proceeded to score a^ 7U-bU j hurrow down j n to • the snow and sleep as peacefully'as any of the i city cousins in steam.neated apart ments. The snow acts as insula . they say, if tickets were available. The figure, we imagine represents a record football migration. The Razorbacks-had'never in their history drawn that many spectator'- at Fayetteville before this season's game with SMU which saw them meet their first defeat chapter. •-.•./.: As chapter-of-the year, on the (Supply Co. *r?381 >ervice USED QLA88 W ui beforo buy. , f , \. PORTER is, Inc.; 1602 Sterlck 2, Tenn.; 505 Texoi tSSUK&toit, Texas; .360IN. ' Mlphlpan Ave., CWeaao 1, III.; 60it ^42d St./ New York- 17, N., Y.; 1763 renob«<»t Bldfl., Detroit 2, Mien... •Tifmlnol-Bldfl,, Oklahoma City .2, Olcla Member ef The Amclated 'ram The Associated Press Is entitledl exclusively to the use for republ cation of all the local newt printed In thi. newspaper, a» well a* all AP new* dispatches. Funeral Directors state level, our chapter placed sec-. ond 1 ana received,a fcash- award of fifteen dpllaxs ($15.00).' The RoSston, chapter boasts that the ^ Arkansas! Association of New Farmers <ot America sponsored a SUNDA Y TUNIS, Tun ifia. (UP) Budge Patly of .Los Angeles gi'ined the final round of the Tunis International Tennis tournament today fcy defeating Paul Remy of Frace, 6-2,' 8-10. 6-4. 6-2. ,- Eight Gomes on Southwest Schedule By The 'Associated Press " NEW YORK (UP) Frank Bou- Ejgnl games, five" of them inter cher, manager of the New York Uectional and headlined by the Rangers announced Wingman Wal-^jg^^. O jf : Rj ce with Illinois, ratec redcognition Banquet on December j y Hergesheimer stiffered a hairline N0j ( - 3 j n the • haiton,' are on th 10, 1954 at 7:30 p.. m in the §tu-. fracture of his right leg in a':col-'southwest Conference basketba: dent Union^Building,.'A..M-' &.N. ison wth Ted. Kennedy of the Tor-; schedule this week. : College, Pine 'Bluff,''Arkansas ini on to Maple Leafs iast night. Her- ; All will be played^ off by Wednes tion. Their long outer coats do th came, as well as keeping rnoistur away from their skins. And thei woolly undercoats help.keep the) as.snug as we would be under scv cral blankets. Will" cold weather descending o our northern states, we should gh some thought to the comfort of 01 own pets. Although the uverag dog will grow a heavier coat P A 'two-car highway crash near Fort Smith Saturday night claimed the life of a Fort Riley. Kan., sol, dier He was identified as Sgt. Jady Davis of Natchitoches, La. A small Negro boy, six-year-old oy Gene Embry, was killed near IDorado when he was struck by car driven by his mother. The ccident was ruled by the coroner s unavoidable. Other violent deaths resulted rom industrial accidents, fires and here was one home accident. Arkonsonls Rookie of the Year victory over LaSalle, erstwhile NCAA champion and ' tne nation's No. 1 team in last week's Asso- iated Press poll. Utah shov/cd a relaxed, confident earn, well coached and unawed by he Explorers. They were in command for the greater share of the inal half after trailing 42-33 at he intermission. The Utes. though expertly coached by Jack Gardner, the former Kansas State mentor, were by no means a great team agamr.t LaSalle. But they'll do until a bet- ^nte'r^ve can't count or. natur „„„ ~-...- ._ --.-_ e,., 1 ,,,htPi' ter one comes along. .. V provide every last bit of pro- time right fielder Enos Slaughlc its <„„,;„„ ,„„ t i,p short-coatee' breeds Moon was the laa they picked to take over. He rose to the occasion from the ;tart, slamming a home run es Admittedly, L aSalle, with it KEW YORK — W! W?llq Moon, the kid who filled a man's job for the St Louis Cardinals is the National League Rookie of the Year. The 24-year-old outfielder was put on the spot from the start by the Cards, who two days before the season opened decided the time had come to replace their long Admittedly, L aSalle, wiin us toction for the short-coatcc' breens standout-Tom Gola netting only 13j lf r dog s i ecps outside in a clog points might have experienced anj houso t his is a good time t o"win- off night. But it's doubtful that. . ',, u u . nee d-be. .. . -r 1-1 11 _ _!..!_ MA..1.-1 «»-* ***V. « ,._ l^..«rt even a tip-top LaSalle club could have restrained the Utes. The Utes were so superior the result can't- even, be termed an upset, except'-'by way of excuse amons the c-xperts who delegated Utah to rio better than the! No. 15 spot in the rankings. Whether Utah is 'actually as good as it looked should shew up to- rhoircNV night at Lexington, Ky., broke, the '.leg in .theL ]ay . an d the :; teams then take out for the Christmas holidays, re- siaic ui ^i^a., OQ p, - , ,.. turning toi;- ; action ^next Monday-in red arid seventy-two persons were SALINAS Calif. «UP) F-?rt,prcl ine pre-segspn. .conference tourna- . ' . , .-. .,, . . _'•.!• I. . / •» j.1 -/"I,,! ;£n»»t i r\ All .RtnVCl i i -i-»-__;_Z.^Z_ the honor of these winning contestants and others' ... throughout the same place late laist season. state of Arkansas^ Some one hund- ™ L - -. attendance " at the recognition defeated the- California All Stars ment a t Houston. ' in banquet.•' ' OAK.CREST FXTOERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 The Oak Grove High School 52-0 in the annual Lettuce football game. . bowl The conference bettered its m- tersectional record last week when Southern Methodist toppled Indi- HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and' Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. Chapter of New Farmers of Amer- SAN DIEGO, Calif.. (UP) F ° rt Una, the No. 7 team, 83-78; .Bay • — -—..* to announce it's Sill of Oklahoma beat Boiling Air lor w hipped Oklahoma and divided sponsored by Force Base of Washington, D. C., with Brigham Young, and Arkan' '-' •'-'- ---•--•- 1 T> "'"" tfa sas ..beat Mississippi 74-63. But .the record still was nothing to brag Lost ONE way ticket, Hope to St. Louis. H found return to Missouri Pacific Station. aQ " 3t . land Balers Tractors BLU'E parakeet, grey with brown wings, head. Tame. Named Jer ry, Call 7-4333. 20-3 Farmers of America. recognition Banquet on December fans. College, Pine Bluff," Arkansas, in 1 of- New|27-G in the third ; Bo\yl football gaine before cbont —. just : 10 victories in 33 v/l-'en Utah runs up against Kentucky, No. 2 in the nation "- "'" first round of the Kentucky onal tournament. By coincidence, LaSalle is in the ame 'get-together,' opposing South-n California in the first round. Kentucky stayed among the un- sr.ten last week with a 79-61 lac- ng of. Temple, the club 1hat up r-ded St. John's of Brooklyn last veck. It was the Wildcats' 28th consecutive victory."'"" . Southern Cal won its fifth, deci six over the weekend, maul Furgolpff for Rest, Prize HAVANA, uuDasiux-; ^" J Rice v/mcii gol won the Havana.. Open Golf jngs ^st week tournament with a 72 hole score of snd 77 . 67 and • •, • _ i games. HAVANA, Cuba HUP) Ed Fur- Rice v/ hi c h took three thump ^is.i— n /I,VUH. ... . fjs-63 from Tiilane 100-72 from Kansas could " help itself roightly by .ti'imming Illinois. NEW YORK lUP)— Wally Moon southern Methodist, boasting the of the St. Louis Cardinals was b?s t season record four victor voted the National League rokie of ies jn s i x games — will be on a the year award. Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work. Cobb Mattre»s Co. 916 South Washington. Phone 7.2023. Mar. *-tf RALPH Montgomery Market, Cus tom slaughtering. Phone 7-3361. 10-1 Mo. HAVANA Wl — Ed Furgol was off or a Florida'rest cure for his piling right arm today, packing along a $2,000 first prize check from the Havana Invitation Golf Tournament and his first victory] since he won the National Open last -June. • The Clayton', Mo., splinter, who has carried a withered left arm since a childhood accident didn't Seem to notice the in.iured right arm in the tourney windup yesterday. He' shot-a 67 over the par-72 see or Clark, Cale, Ark. Havana C x 377-yard , ,.** of 273 15 strokes under par. right ryour car or _____^_ m ________ I It wasn't Ihe. best round of the SEPTIC tanks pumped out. Go tourney for Furgol (he shot a 66 time. Phone for runner-up honors opeung day), Dec. 6-1 Mo. but it brought him up from the any where, any Prospect 7-9989. . . . , , field for a one-stroke edge over REPAIR, sales and service, Clif- Walt Burkemo, Franklin, Mich, ford B. Evans. 2112 Junction Burkemo had putter trouble on City Rd. EJ Dorado, Ark. the final green and watched DEC, 17-lMo. S i x .footer go astray. It gave a 6t and $1,400. Furgol never led in the four-day , „_ event until the final round and was TOUR of five pom modern house playing lespitfe intense pain in his to move. Floyd Crank, 1702 S. right arm. jured during a n Aus- Wanted, to Buy TechComes Out Third in Tournament By The Associated Press Arkansas Tech's Wonder Boys, pre-season favorites to win the Ar- iiansas -Intercollegiate Conference basketball irown, won four of five games in a busy week and called it emits until after Christmas. Like Tech, most college baske.- tall teams are moving into the Chri-tmas lull, v/hen they take ac- covnt of early game performances and bird themselves for the stretch Arkansas College, Beebe Junior College and Arkansas State are the only teams in Arkansas that play again before Jan 1. Tech trampled Hendrix 103-61 midwestern tour, playing Mime Eotr at Minneapolis Tuesday: ant Bradley at Peoria, 111.. Wednes Baylor winds up a wertern tri 1 during which it beat Brighan Young 67-66 after losing the firs game 78-66, by playing Utah Stat , at Logan Utah, Monday night. 1 - The house should not be so large that the dog's body heat cannot warm it up during the night. It should have double walls for insulation and should have a flap over the entrance of- material heavy enough to stay shut. Sufficient bedding of straw or shavings will do the rest. The clog that's grown accustomed to living indoors presents even mere of a problem, particularly vhen you walk him on cold nights. Remember, he just stepped out of he same heated home you did, but you have tho advantage of an overcoat. Keep vour dog moving brisk- y and get him home if he shows Jigns of getting chillec 1 .. .With car. and common sense on ^"^JPfj'^ pood ion in ' ng New Maxxco 103-39. Another of the holiday tourna merits gets under way today a Oklahoma City with Oklahoma A&M George Washington, Wyo ming, Houston, Tulsa -San Fran cisco Wichita and host Oklahoma competing in the All-Colleg shindig. George Washington unbeaten conqueror of highly 'rated Dn- quesne for the Steel Bowl title; Wichita, among the Missouri Val- lev Conference favorites; San Francisco, a 56-44 winner over previously unbeaten and eigmn- lanked UCLA Saturday; E-nd Wyoming, a possible sleeper that defeated St. Louis 74-69 over tu " after they pass islands. OUT OF DOOMS with By AL McUANE Streamer flies -and bucktails made to represent small bait- fish are excellent lures or the late fall and winter fly fisherman, j^ All ponds and streams do not freeze over in the north, : and many of them do not sta.y warm in the south, which makes a comparable condition in many parts of the country, Fishing in high, cold water calls the ™ 1 SST-'cSrr.SS- wS SS-VS =r »'-'!'"; Main. I Austin College Wednesday night winds up play for the week. Texas A&M took a 71-63 drubbing from Louisiana State last Veek while Texas Christian was losing to Oklahoma .City University 63-44 and Arkansas was falling before Missouri 77-58. Baylor lafced Oklahoma 86-79. Texas Christian beat Howard Payne 84-61. Tech Coach May Get Houston Job HOUSTON — Wl Georgia Tech large and colorful won't be look- in the war- eeen n e war . One other top-ranked team ol- »| s f soutWrn waters . So the key- v thepa in ad December UCLA over the weekend as Indiana (No. 7) looked anything but a repeater in the Big Ten in a 9765 loss to Cincinnati. It was the Hoosiers' third setback. With only sixth-ranked Missouri idle, the rest of th e top 10 survived the weekend. Illinois (No. 30 added further proof that this isn't Notre Dame's year with its fourth straight victory, 06-57; North Carolina State (No. 41 made i i8-0 with an 85-74 whipping of Texas Tech; note for November and December is to work slowly and retrieve your flies deep because the fish are not nearly as active as they were a month ago. But once hooked, you'll probably find your bass or trout full of fight because he's in prime condition from last summer's feeding, ^ Trout and bass are not the only candidates for streamer flies. Northern pike panfish, and pickerel • will strike readily. These backfield coach Frank Broyles and j Pa, f U niversity of Houston off cialb hud-, e in un v wnO, . , Dayton (No 5) handed College of "grass' species lie up m relative i^ti y L^II ^ ' . , „ , __ „„ i,i«,.t i,, r.u n i1»»r iir^^n^ \uaitmfr fnr «nmi 73 and nosed Southwest Missouri State ' - J died again today over the vacant Housting head football coaching 70-69 before it swung into the 1 tional Association of Intercollegiate Athletics tournament at Kansas City In' the tournament, Tech smacked St. Bennedicfs 87-59 .in »s first anirif Then the Wonder Boys drop- rtpient, private Datn. #»"s stroke lead going into wtj l " liu ga ".'/ .7,Vi^Lrs'bracket with a .Phone 7-0934. After 2 p. m.'round, and Shelley .Mayfield, the ped into the losers bracket wun^a . 17-3t trulan tour two months 1 ago. Bux 1 ihe licked his wobbly putting yesterday ana displayed what he termed his best form of the year. decorated unfurnished &i Besselink, who had a three- Private bath. Bills stroke lead going into the final For Rent Broyles was believed the "hottest" prospect yet to succeed Clyde Lee, who resigned. Broyles has been here over the weekend, staying at the Shamrock hotel. Houston is in the Missouri Valey Conference, and Niagara (No. 10) bopped Toledo 80-61. • Duquesne, rated No. 9, fmothnred the Peoria Cats NAAU champs and world amateur titlists, 82-D3 in an exhibition. 7-3696. 15-tf first-round leader with Tommy iBolt en a 65. tied for third with a . THREE room house, 4 blocks ?75 total Besselink, Grossungers, AI. from business section. ?}5 per month. John f . Vesey. Pec-l8-l mo, Birds are believed, by scientist to be descended from-reptiles, ISTRUCTION N. Y. played his best since in- jurying his right hand in a charity event a year ago ijuj blew up with a 73 on the. final round. Mayfield. of Chicopee. Mass., fm- irhed with a 70, while Bolt of Houston Tex-, came home with a 71 for fourth place on •» 276 total Poug Ford, Kiamesha Lake, N-Y- was fifth with 377 while Harmon Barron, White Plains N. Y. had to match Furgol's 67 to finish sixth a 127?. j Bob Tpski, the defending champ, was tied far " Basketball 3, Bo team lie last minute. East Texas Tech beat Gustavus Adolphus 73-69 the lower bracket finals o win tWvd place in the tourna' nent, one notch above the spot they were picke4 -t9 finish. Tennessee AI won the cham- FP At h ' P Conway. Arkansas State Teachers stated With a loss in its <?wn four-teem invitational) tourna- nent. The Bears Cropped an opening night decision 93-^ to Northeast Oklahoma Scate of same light Texas J»no- fist turned back Union University (jf Jackson. Tenn., &3-T5. l*d by Larry Grand^l's 39 fpints. thi BWS won Wrd place . the tgumuotPt by nosing Union jn the iwwe'-bwlwt ,, fmal two Ire« thraw? Baptist won the Lions Edge Out Win Over Browns championship with a 8-61 triumph iver Northsast Oklahoma. Earlier in the week, ASTC de 'eeted Henderson State Teachers 80-69 in a conference game, Arkansas A&M delt lickings to .hree teams, one of them an AIC opponent. The Wpcviis socked Little Rock Junior College 81-65, floor- ad Southern State 96-68 for a conference victory. and defeated Northeast Louisiana State 84-73. The week's only other AIC game s,a\v The College of the Ozcrks nip Hendrix 53-51. Arkansas State won two games, triping Midwestern 87-83 and whipping Kansas State Teachers 84-69, In other games Quachita College an $H5 decision to Delta Mississippi By FRITZ , _ . CLEVELAND - (fl Buddy Parker's- Detroit Lions' defeated the Cleveland Browns for,the sewnih ^w~.....« Browfis ... time in aight tries yesterday, and after the blizzard-swept, game the rival coaches said: ' Paul E. Brown ... liked a victory;, in,-'flint one, pui we didn't gut it." Paikev "I wish that wi-re the score of next Sunday's %amz." • The score was 14-10, end the Lions hit the airways for the como- from-behind touchdown m the last 50 r-econds after »t appeared the Browns had it wrapped up. The game, except for ihe pies- tige involved meant nothing since ea,eh team had already clinched its division, championship. It was a makeup tilt, postponed from Oct 3, and served as a practice swing for ne*t Sunday's cl^sh «-»•»•— for luckless bailfish to swim by, and they'll stay at the pond's edge until the big freeze. Even when fish aren't actively feeding they'll hit a bucktail or streamer out of anger or curiosity. You might have your, best luck with brightly colored flies. I like patters with yellow, oran je, and white wings tied full an.d floppy. I used to catch pickerel and perch on an : all-orange bucktail right up to Christmas, tide. There' were days when skim }ce -was just rimming the pond and my line froze to the rod, but fish would wallop the fly. Don't forget that fish such as crappies, white pass, bream, and even .catfish will take streamers j .re.adijy. as live bait. The Jfly should be tied on a smaller IwoHi of course say a No. 8, as apposed to a No. 4- for the larger gamesters. Streamers Hies get their big play in winter salt-water fishing Although sea roving speedsters eat crabs, clams, mussels, and jfie like, their major item of diet is baitfish. 9finsequently, the streamer is, thf 7 whole show in, sal' water, Because of the size of th» . the flies are tied on m.u?b Urgei hooks. We genera^y use rtfol ,» 1MT> «M> m''*«?*tSSi $^«l3&iS^^^ prT^V Sunday's clish Mwwn the <*M «* tu^jjwywg WWJte^BgyyjgljW' » n R1 C^randell duftkod two irCv WVWY9 GMwfev v* •v**wy«wvt**s^ ^ ^ *v. xu cnmA nlnhc fnr the world chain* A"O4vS* TXS* I?"***Tv**<? **9v ***** mMm mflls 4ulM alfflflff • » tt ^ ^41?M**y** ^^vwr" *\T* Kiif-kfctcd^ ft SBS CtQllCS^ J^p4$^t^.U J^fivlltV *«^rfS |(Rf* y^wSt V*-W* * v * ***'' **" ft ™ w "^ o/fl and SOIXL&tim&& 4/fi »^P§R»I&4 *»m*& ^FM^BJ, wfJF%$f* j $£ ?<• s «*- HQM SfA*, HOP , freeerftijer 56, 19S4 OtAftK IRI THIS IS WHAT J' 1 IT COSTS ME FOR RENt, TAXES, R5O0, FUELAND HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES illiniMIII 1 . ""'( L.6TSSEE- > MAVBE I I'M TRYING 1 ( CAN HELP TO FIGURE <v V_- OUTABUDGEt) y*^/' FOR MV EXPENSES VOU NOTHING ' LINE WIDE OPENtfEt OZARK GOLD/ By J. R. Wllliatnt OUt OUR WAY Ahswer to Previous Puxtle Food for Thought WHAT \MIW6P THAt VWlTH HAPN'T BdsrE£?\ "TAKE THIS MlWCE piEipRurr CAxe ORPLUWPZJW5iMy* COULPrJ'T-T6LL 1 Borscht 1 Sheep cries ingredient SWithlh 5 Food seasoning (prefix) 9 split—* soup 3 English school 12 Opposed' 4 Shy 13 Cry of 5 Dry, as wine bacchanals 6 King Arthur's 14 Measures of type 15 Present era (two .words) 17 Bind ''*»*? .«-.*" *« if i' f. a -heaven t Theater box 8 Seethes 9 Asks 25 One way to 45 In that place 'Cook beef 46 Concern io Persian prince 26 Littleness 18 Pertaining to 11 Bewildered 28 Dropsy 47 Place to bak« WASH TUBS* 16 Frozen water 30 Chance 48 Animal hide 20 Italian 31 Playing card 50 Love god soprano, 33 Garret. 51 Daze Adelina - — 35 Turns outward52 Italian city 22,D 0 es. (poet.) 40 Reach . 55 Station (ab.) sound ,9Honduran gold coin 21 Queen of Carthage • 23 Used a chair 24 Measures of land: 27 Ice cream holder" 29 Tip . i 'i 32 Mexican, dish 34 Roundabout way. 36 Declaims 37 Show 38 Liquefy, as butter 39 Domesticated- 41 Heavens 42 Ignited 44 Dessert pastry 46 Idea . 49 Ones here 53 Hail! 54 States again BUT YOU'RE OBTTIMfl TOO BOLD BOTH SUNK!' THERE ARBLMM& TEETH THE CLOSE RELATIOM& With Mdlor OUR BOARDING HOUSE HEAR HIM IM HIS C£LL eVERV MlSrtT dOQT< AND HER BUDDIES AROMA AROOWD 56 Legal matters 57 Narrow cut 58 Put tp flight 59 Abstract being 60 Heating device 61 Domestic slave D»«V; Twmct CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY Bv HerthberaM FUNNY BUSINESS MORE'N UEMIAN5 HAD, / 6NEAK. COMIM' OVER INTO ATTACK "^ ^s»*xVJ "M^rj »*J-r iVWrx *'* i. • 1 ,-,|, • ±,mrn WELL.ER.TN DIPN'T wE^^-fte 'AW, SHUCKS.) NOW IT'S / YEAH,.i ^ CANT YOU fiUYSTAKE \TD A JOKE, FOR CATSAKE? MIDDLE NIGHT/ i "You'd think they'd be tickled to denth to get rid of ( troublemakers!' • _ < •-...) By GslbroHli •IDE GLANCES we borrow your Do-lt-Yourself repair kjt, Dad?^ SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selxer P^ISCILLA'S POP LIKE CHRISTMAS DAY BEST... FOR WHEN WE OPEN OUR PRESENTS I L.|Kg VTHE PAY ^l LIKE CHRISTMAS EVE BEST... FOR THAT'S ..WHEN iSANTACUAUS COMES! OF MARTHA WAYNi , I'm fightini; 3 war against the mtn frpro Keep trying to tell rr»f whit ths mam§ fce&r my Ii9t in writing thi« timt!L»ft . ., f y \'4 % -- <• -v eadoff man" in the opening game. He kept up that kind ot perfor- ance all scascn, finishng wth 293 -lits, scoring 106 runs and batting s. respectable .304. He collected 17 of 24 first-place votes in the balloting by Ihe Baseball Writors' Assn. of America. The other seven votes were distributed among three other yearlings with- Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs' shortstop, the ruuner-up with four, of them. Two Milwaukee first-year men, pitcher Gene Conley and outfeld- er Hank Aaron finished three, four Students think Polynesian navigators • obtained sailing data from waves which can show differences on the species sought. I have caught tarpon up to fifty or sixty pounds in the Florida Keys on 2/0 hooks. The length of the wing should be roughly 1% times the length of the hook, although the length is greater in salt-water flies. Abnormally long streamers, in fresh water often cause short strikes, because many fish nip at the tail of the^ly and do not become hooked: This happens less in salt water, where the fish run larger take the entire fly. <Distributed by NEA Service) SPECIAL NOTICE We hove 9 complete line of EMERGENCY FEED Icing us yoiir Government Purchase Order* and ' Grain Cer«fj$»t?f» DARCO FARM STORE {

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