The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1940
Page 6
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'f AGE SIX win ii-i : Davis' Illness, Medwick Absence Requires Changes In McKeclinic's Plans Dy United 1'jcss- TAMPA, Pin., March 12 (UP)— B|ll McKeiizie, manager of the National League's nil-star team.for fi Piimish relief fund game with an American star team, has iivule l\vo changes in his squad. : McKeclmic substituted Clyde Slioiin of the Cards for Curl liwls of (he same team on (ho pitching staff nnd outfielder Prank Dcmnieo of Die Ciinuls for Joe Medwlek of the Cards. Davis is II) nnd Modwlek ,ls a holdout. The Reds tiinglc with ihe Cards , In nn exhibition game today ulici losing to the New York Yankees .8-7, yesterday. Mottle Amovlcli, Joe Mtnly D/mny Lltwliilcr i;i tli c ottlfteld- Ben Warren catching nnd probably Klrby Illgbc the starling ))ltclicr. LAKELAND, Pin., Morel) Ii. <UI')—Buck Ncw.sorn, who won 20 games for the St. Louis HrO'vns nrid (lie Detroit, T'lBOrs last «>n- son. makes Ills first 1340 mound pcimmce today M-hen the r n«crs phy (he Brooklyn Dodgers " at Clearwatcr. Ncwsom is to pitch 'lie first three innings and be followed by Archie McKaln and Tom soat.s Banu-y McCoskoy, who pulled a. leg muscle, stayed in the TlHi'i' ANAHKIM. Calif.. Marcli 12 'Ul'l—'llie. Philadelphia AlHlcllcs may dike the (ielrt today against Hollywood without the services of liejiny McCoy, Connie Muck's high uriced rookie. McCoy was .slr'ick n Hie Adam's upplc .shortly before Hie start or yesterday's tineas with he l.os Angeles Angels and missed Jiiit uame. The A's won a sloppy ML with a n-lilt uttiick, 14 to 13. WINTER HAVEN, Pin., Mure!' 12 (UP)—The New York Qhul; piny the Boston Red Sox tomorrow The Giants walloped the SI • Louis Cardinals, c-3. yesterday behind the three-Jilt pitching of Carl Ilubbcll, -Hal Sclumiacliei- and 13111 Lohrman. MIAMI BEACH, Pin., Mnrrli 12 (UP)—Manager J. T. (Doc) Prothro ensed up on his Philadelphia Phillies today in preparation tor their first grapefruit game tomorrow with Syracuse or the International League. Prothro was busy however, selecting his starting line-up Tor the fame. He named Ed Levy. Def Young, Bob nrasxin and Merrill May in the infield- Dr. H, C. Sims announces the removal of his office from (lie Lynch Imikl- mg-'-lo 107 Second Street SAN HERNAUniNO. Calif March 12 (UPj—r-'rankie Frisi:li. mannger of Hie, Plttsljmeh plntcs. raid loday he intended to use Otis' Garms, recently ncqulred from the Uoxlon lices. us a Mlh wheel In Infield. and outlli'ld this year ID spell U>c Hnnbley. Pop Young, ind the ailhiB Wiuicrs. "U-c and Pop aren't big, husky feliuws." .said, "nnd (he Wnnors aren't gci- flny yuuiiscr. We'll need them BLYTIIBVILLE (ATIX.) COURIER NEWS Pitcher Clay Bryant's performance f" a yannlgiin game yesterday, til- Ihoiigh nrynnt was nicked for 10 hits In three Innings, riryant , reported liis arm was "oka'y" alter i lie game. FLAPPER FANNY SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 12 <U1')~Talk of deals and trades was hpiiril in the st. [.oiiis Drowns' camp, it centered ahout holdout Catcher Joe CJtenn of the Drowns, Prank I'ytlak of Cleveland and Frank Hayes of Philadelphia. Drowns officials were reported (o have niiuie a counter-contract o[ter inenllonlng a lower figure ihan was In Die origin) contract, PASADENA. Cal, March 12 lUPi-Ilooklc IloU KcniU'dy of tlic Chicago White Sox, nmy be .sclccl- i'ct to lill in at third base. Mimniu'r Jimmy Dykes said today, if Eric MuNalr Isn't over his sore arm by J'Juir.s-rlity, (he day the Sox meet the Cute jji their first exhibition mine. McNalr, rc|;«lar t.i. third, reported tlie bad arm ufler Hie all :>inr ;anie Sunday. ORLANDO, Pla.. March 12 (UP) — «anauci' Uncky Harris of the Washington Kcniilius named his Ive tentative starting pltcln:i-.s for he 19-10 season today, including Voimi! Sid Hudson, (all r\nM- Hinder from (he Florida .state Class O) league. The top four arc Dutch Leonard Kmiukti'ball ace; Ken Chnsc, n mig any ymmser We'll need them porlsider; Joe I avnes whocnme <v en the nc-at of summer and (he up from thc class' I) Lenin, ,™ of the . campaign c om«s." years ago, and Joe Pi-Inch Intends lo leave many of! left-hander the oldtlmers in camp when he ' lakes Jhe leain to Anaheim and San Diego this week-end for the first exhibition games. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 12 (UP)-TJic St. Louis Cardinals meet the pennant winning Cincinnati Heds lodny In the first of a Cardinals pre-season two-game series. 'I'hc dropped their third •ontcst yesterday, losing lo the Giants, G-;i, 'Hie performance of Martin Marlon, rookie shortslop who got two of the Cards' three niDvlni! to the sotilhctWi lilts and fielded ably, promised lo coast next s,in,, make easier Manager liny Ulndes'I ' ""' job of finding the right infield I •omljlnallon. FORT' MYERS, llii., March 12 i UPo—Johnny Allen loday prepared to start spring training with thc Cleveland Indians, facing Ihe slrmij;esl competition for pitchers' jobs in many years. Jle became thc 18th pitcher In camp when he signed his contract yesterday Willis Hudlln sdll is to arrive." c. C. Slnpntcka. vice president, said the object of n visit by Bill Terry of the New York Cflnnls wns (o discuss the possibility of the Indians' - " •' Plor'da AVALON, Cal., March 12 (UP) — Manager Gabby Harlnett of the Chicago cubs, planned an extra lour of practice today in preparation for Ihe first exhibition game riun-sdny against the While Sox. 3111 Lee, Claude Passeau, and Lee liiifrensbert'er will lake over the iibimil duties In Ihe ojieiier. Harliiett seemed well pleased by JAMES R. SCOTT Factory Ucpn-senhilivc of the Storrs-Schaefer Custom-Made CLOTHES in will display (lie roiniilele line o spriits: uml summer fabrics our slorc — Weds.-Thurs. MARCH 13-M \Ve invile your inspection. Suils ordered now will arrive in lime for Kaster. R. D. HUGHES &CO. Today's Sport Parade By HEMCT McUUIORX ''^"^—m. =»"a___^ >JI DAYTONA HBACH. Pin., Alnrc!) 12. (UP)—If (he American League defeats (he National League in the all-star game for the Finnish relief fund al Tampa next Sunday "But it's such a sensible hnl, Kmma-whevc will you ever wear H?" Perhaps it went something like '.'Men of the National I/wiie to nut It honestly and bricllv I nni getting good and lircd' of stepping up after the world series and all-star games and oncim? congratulation,',. "I'd like to be congraliihiti><) myself once In a while. And those .statements I have to glv" to the press Iwrorc world series and nil- Blakely Wins Over Dillman Gene Blnkely finally emerged -• •• —^- "MM .in- wilh n whi after a slnm-b.insj •ilniij- Mjn BBmcs-lhcy're (setting a liltli! ule with "Dynamite" Joe Dillman irksome too. Always I say i he Greek veteran, at the Legion arena same thlng-Tt will be a Hose! last night. Blakelv was , wardH battle, hard fought mi me way bull the match on two straight falfs I W eve the National League will the first a legitimate tumble and assert, a., superiority.' Dtirn it, men the second when wn-s t"- 01 lie National, start asserliiis." (iiialifled by Referee Torchv Smith n'i-'chcT a f |,^, N ei o n .^^dS^o,^ ?W sr'^^.-^ruSSrr;; ^s™^^ Williams, Keller and Cooper Lead Prize Sophomores Into 1940 NKA Service Sports Writer . first word of warning a sopho- 'more star gets In the bfe Ictu-ue- 'is: "Writch ant for the secontl- year jinx." , But tin., dozen or so athletes j who made their debuts in the KranO manner last seasoji haven't yet acquired (lie Jitters or go around with worrjed looks. The crop of youngsters who starred as peagrcens in ig;jg wn ,. one of the greatest ever to come «P i" n single season and it isn't likely (hat nmny. if lm j,, wi n (]i|) Into much of a tail-spin. Ted Williams. Boston Hcd Sox outfielder nnd No. i roaltlc of 1930, .should do even belter than his :&1 average and ai homers of a year ago. Mechanically, he's a great ball player but il's his temperament that'll keep him from slipping Most youngsters fail because of uieir mental attitude. They con- TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1940'.. soimd miu fn.,t as ever. Barney McCosky, who peered American league pitchers for a .311 average In his first season in the big- time doesn't have lo worry about moKing a P | acc fo| . ,,, ins(!lf UUs year with the lean outfield situation such as It is in Tigerland Ihe list goes on-Mcrrill May, lilllliW ihlrd sacker; mil Nicholson, Cub outfielder; Oscar Grimes Indian second baseman. The sec-' end-year Jinx has ,a bjjjger fiel-i <> work on tins year, but the' victims will be tousher to crack A full moon, as we sec H from the earth, must be in a position directly .opposite the sun, with the rarll. in between. Thus, when the wn Is low, IK i,, wijuer moiu , is .!« moon must to i,^,, am , vice There were 13.772 civil ;,»•Planes licensed In the United IN THE C)IANC^T"c^Urrt r TOH HIE CHICKA3AWBA DISTINCT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AR- PROBATE DIVISION OLD QUAKE ..-• WEEK IN RE: THE ESTATE OP J ]? MOONRY, DECEASED Notice is hereby given lhat let- Id's of administration were Bianlcd lo Hie undersigned., upon llic'es- s ate of j. p. Mooiiey, deceased, on I he 26th day of February. mo. bv the Chancery Court. Probate Division thereof, of Mississippi County. Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands against said estate must go on to lick the American ? 0 rc fsmlhn I ?" -pardon. ti«, «,„. vn.t '?. r . c "]?... Sllllth to clccl[irc might .. League—pardon, the the series next Oc-, tltmlified. Yankees—hi mi.- At-ii^a ncxi uc-, . . ,, t toiler. i Jac K Montana just wasn't rough Hut the Nationals won'l »in ' c " 0 "2 h lo s'lJ with Plo.vd Byrd. Pitching power, poise and confi-! , Blvinln 8ham bad man, nnd clcnco still are the chief in-rcdi-i lost lwo Ollt ° r TyiNGUPTO'AIAKIN^ SMOKE-JOX/ Such a projiosal isn't us bad as it sounds. Uon'l you let anybody tell you that the National League won't be in need of help if, once again It has to go behind the baseball woodshed, so to speak, and take another licking from the American. One more chastisement Iran Ihe rinil organization and the fans are liable lo realize who Is I'upn and who Is Jimlpr In Ibis major league baseball business. And once thoroughly convinced ol the true xlalus iho customers may decide lo spend their summer lUlcrnoons In Hit; parks where the best nnd the biggest and strongest baseball is plnycd. The National League can't laugh oil being benlen by the Am- eilcnn forever. There's a lime coming when only Spanish war pensioners will remember when Ihe older league triumphed over Ihe •ipstart i;roup in nn inlra-lcaguc iteeling. Even now only memory chool graduates can recall the details of thc last National League triumph in the world series, and of Hie all-star games it has won I but one. As if be realized Ihe situation tlie Nationals are in. President Ford Prick has been making the louncls ol the clubs in his league from Cnlirornra lo Florida. President Frick wns In California the last time I heard of him, and t imagine lie had n spirited message. H TTiibbard Train ". Meets Gideon in Semi-Finals FRANCIS GLOVER AND ED SIMMS DOCK AT PRINCE ALBERT... The llnbbnrd. Hardware learn of niylhrville, Independent basketball asgrcgalion. will meel Gideon. Mo., in the semi-finals of an Invitation Tournament at Carnthersville lo- niglit. The Hnbbard team succeeded In downing steclc 31 to 'Ja in a Ihrllling contest lust night in the opening round of the meet with Wnrrington and Williams of Htib- biird lending the atlnek. Wilh cisjhl teams competing last the iield was narrowed to four after Ihe first round. Deering defeated llnyli, 23-19, in the opening tilt, while Cariilheisvillc Independents followed witli a win over Rector. Gideon was triumphant over the Ciirittlifrsvillc Baptists. 38-27. in another night. Carulliersville Rebels fealctl Hector 46-20. Harley Street Doctors Find Fees Are Thin LONDON (UP)—The fashionable Harley Street doctors now are earning a tenth, or less, of what they <h<i ]„ , wf , cc time j, fp(!s no longer roll in. More than 80 per cent of London's consultants have joined the fioynl Army Medical Corps and Jic rni-nijij, as little ns SI.TOO. Those ivho rcin.iin find few oa- tienls. 11939. The screw-bullish striag- bean refused lo be awed or even properly impressed by the big-tlmc. If nothing: fazed him then il certulnly won't now. Charley Keller, who bombarded American League pitchers and then exploded nil over the Reds in the world Series, exhibits more confidence in si, Petersburg than Joe McCarthy ever thought he possessed. . Someone asked Ray Blades the reason for his unusual display of enthusiasm and the Cardinal manager tainted to young Morton Cooper who won 12 ami lost six m his firs! full campaign "If he wins 20 this year remember I warned you." Blades added. "He's going to he much smarter. He'll know the hitter* ! better. And he's got a litile more , poise." Cleveland is expecting great things from Lou Boudreau who performed so magnificently at short in 51 games last .summer. With his fielding as smooth iis 11 Is. Boudraui knows the club management won't ciire iniicir if lie fails to hit above .280 nONAI.I) WILI, HAVE TOUGH TIME IMPROVING Alley Donald of lhc> Yanks will have a lough lime improving on his 103D record when he won 13 and lost three but with his physical gifts and the deadliest offensive club in baseball behind him he can't go wrong. Eddie Miller, who broke a le> those claims presented within . months will have priority over those filed after lapse of months. Dated this 2Gth day of February. MRS. JOSEPH INF. MOONEY Administratrix of the estate . , of J. p. Mooney. Neill Reed, ' ^7.5-12-19 Ally.' for administratrix. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money Johnson's Wax and (Jlo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'hone 35 rms WHISKEY is 4 YEARS 010-90 HOC, Copr. 1940, The Old Quaker Co lawrenceburg, Indiana : - iiriui NRW.% A-ani In addition Gideon game to the Ulvilievillc- tonight Cnrmiiers- ', COME THAT PRINCE ALBERT CRIMP CUT STAYS PUT—LETS A ygjJPW ROLL'EM FAST, SLICK! along with P. A.-i oparncrEdSimcro We boatmen, lite real body in our smoked ond that s Pnn « Albert. And no toujme- scraping. It's a comfort and a joy to smell that rich Prince Albert aromlr (SoTa' pipe-smokers, too!) y 70 ffn« r WEdlBERT vllle Inncix-iKlcuts arc slated to meet Decring licginniivr at 7 . 30 o'clock. The Blythcvlilc - Gideon fninc is to begin at 8:'JO o'clock Tlic final round of the tournament ii to be held next Monday night between tlic lwo stirvivoifi of tonight's contest. The winning town Ls to receive a cash |>rlw nf'siTSO with $7.50 X oing lo the losers There will also be ;i convihtlon >ri?.e of S5. U'arni Air for So;uin^ Bttxls seldom are scon to soa r 0:1 it cloudy dny. Sonriiu; niiiy is possible when n-nnn air is rising from the earth. Clouds cam/the surface lo cool, (hereby »™kniine (he [orcc of the ascending .», IN TIIF. CHANCEHV COURT FO! THR CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS The Georgia stMc Savings Association of Savannah, a conioratlon; tlfiny Bin:!, Tnistec. of Savannah, Gcor- Ptainlirfs vs. No — O. S. Wrijjhl nnd liis wife Virginia C. Wright; p jg' Wright and hLs wife. Mrs' P. N. Wright Dcfcrirtani WAKXINC; OKDKR The defendants G. S. Wri 3 ht and Virginia C. Wright are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawbu District of Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty ,30) days and a , lsw lhe complaint of the plaiiliff, TheGcor- 'un^ tG Stlvin Ss Association, el al. WITNESS my | mw , as clcrk of said court ami Hie seal thereof this the 2G clay of Fcln-nary. 1940 HARVEY MORKIS. Clerk 21 5 f V E ' i '"' liK ' th n '5' th( '- D c - BUY STANDARD TIRES S30.000 A Year To Tni, It Is eslimnlcd that Ui ( . States government, spends on eacli air student who Ipleles (lie rcotilreri 12-mnnih ing course al Hamlolpli ,n, ( i Fields, Tcs. con ,_ EXPERT BKADTY WORK Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP SENSIBLY Swedish Massage, Vap. Baths •Mrs. Hulh Lawhon THE NATIONAL //j| JOY SMOKE W11AT 1MCK-ACHE MAY MEAN of ilii? f-i'inr- :trp sulij''-1 \.< •. ,'"' * '' ' , UmliajV'ftifect* 'li^ci Vlt ;V, lM l ** 1<) " s ) MM! oven funcliouinc nf i/, V.' ' T ^\ * i , l ' cr<1 '' Orrct'itiirt 'or'^rifnov V ' An< * 11UT|J ' nl1 cil nnil tno^l fffottivj* 'i,," } , t ^* ' <tR 'o fl > .„»,., DRS '^S & NIES i-mUchos, disturb- tlbn H tt»p loci- Tbdli 88 • OTHER SIZES 'ROPORTJONATELT IOW //' At Today's LOW PRICES! As f-ljc Per Week Low AB 3U On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th Walnut I'honc 810 Considering that the Afghan Hound has been around for the past 5000 years . . . this breed certainly belongs in the first families of dogdixm. Partial to mountain country, he hunts by sight instead of scent ... Is equally adaptable to heat or cold . . . And makes a gentle, loyal pet. A long line of Afghan ancestors have lapped all sorts of water—much of which would be unpalatable to man. Today, however, this nmazmg animal—with the wisdom of the ages —would likely bark a. loud preference for the sparkling pure water and the steadfast, cour- feous service of BLVTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mjr. "U'atrr Is Your Cheapest Low Rales Long Terms i Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges LOANS Wilson and Worthington '•'trst National I5ank BIrig. Blylheville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitors for The Prudential Insurance Company of Atntric» , M, CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON

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