Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1931
Page 3
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UU, .^fc ftafe lnwtf.*11» tm'. y „. ' tfUIer pilot in Mlrtneaota I* Mr*; ... yitf flflble, M this city. Mrs. Upple tmlvta her gliding lessons thfough flninting the repair of a flldef owti*rf by .thrfls toys. After the plane was Itafed, shtf vws sivtn several lessons jft in abandoned rye field near here. Sh* has now allied f6r ft license. I LASt ItMES MONDAY JOAN Crawford CLARK Gable ?f>ot»e»sed" , -Withr- Skeeis Oallaglicr •Tuesday- SAEN6ER ' l ''F? 1 " < ^"^rtBS^"! V ^«j Ml* Sid Henry Telephone 321 A dreftmer, dropped A random thought! 'Twa« old* and yet 'twas new; A simple fancy ot the brain, But strong in being true. It shone upon a genial mind, And Id, its Ifght became A lamp-of life, a bencon ray, A monitory flame, The thought Was small, its issue great; A watehfire on the hill; It shed Its radiancr far adown, And cheers the /alley still. A nameless man a idfct a crowd That thronged '.he daily mart, Let fall n word of Hope and, Love, Unstudied from the heart: A whisper on the ^tumult thro*n, A transitory breath— It raised a brother from the dust, It saved a soul from death. O germ 0 fount O Word of Love 0 thOUght at random cast • Ye were but little at the first, But mighty at the last, —Selected. J. L. Ooodbar left Sunday on business trip to Shreveport, La. Miss Maude Winn of Ashdown arrived Saturday for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Duckett and other friends and relatives. G. Frank Miles spent Sunday visiting with friends and relatives in'Ar- kadelphla. Mrs. R. L.' Harmon of Ozan was among the but of town people attending the presentation of "The Messiah" on Sunday evening at the First Methodist church. Hrs. Thomas. Hughes-of Texarkana spent Sunday visiting with her sister, Mrs. R; M, LaGrone and Mr. LaGrone. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meek of Bradley spent the week end visiting with Mrs. Meek's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kf. G. McRae, Sr. Miss Frances White had as Sunday guest, Miss Margaret Holland of the 31evlns Public School Faculty. Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Henry had as week end guests, .Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Henry and two little daughters, Elsie and Betty Jo, of Monroe, La. One of the interesting weddings of ho Christmas season, will be that of Miss Merle Vlck of Arkadelphia to lidney McMath of this city, which will ho on Saturday afternoon December 26th at First Baptist Church In Arkadelphie. The announcement of the engageifient'was made-in' Sunday's Arkansas Qagette by the bride's parents, Rev. and Mrs. Garland Vick of Arkadelphia. Wayne McCloskey and G. Garrison of DeQUeen were Sunday visitors in our city. Honoring their week end guests, Dr. and Mrs- R. -B, Henry and little daughters, of Monroe, La., Dr. and Mrs. F. p. Henry entertained at a beautifully appointed five course turkey dinner, on ; Sunday at their home. on,'North Hervey street. The Christmas colors were stressed in'the table seryice and central decorations candles and place cards and covers were laid for Dr. and Mrs. R. B. ..Henry, little Misses Elsie and Beity Jo Henry of Monroe, La., and Dr. ahd Mrs. -.f. D. Hehry and little Miss Dorothy Lane Henry. Miss E. C. FohWlne and Miss Lulie Allen had as 'Stinday guests, Mr. ahd Mrs. Ed. L. Fontaine of Ranger, Tex., and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Battle ahd ron Morris Jr., of Texarkana. Miss Pauline Mitchell, county health nurse, spent Sunday in Dierks. : Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough and little twin daughters, Katy Lou and Betty Lee who have been guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren left Sunday for. their home in Searcy. .'.;'' Mrs. M. >M. McCloUghan 'and, little son were Sunday guests of relatives in Texarkana. On Sunday evening December 26.th, the First Methodist Church was, filled to capacity to hear the FridayiJWu- sic Club's presentation of "The ''Messiah." : The club president, Mrs. Ralph Routon gave an Interesting resume of this famous musical • work, and said .hat the club was making this their Christmas offering to the music lovers of: the community. Mrs. Charles Wilkin opened the program with an appropriate organ number, "The March of Magi." Following Mrs. Rputon's beautiful overture, "The Messiah," the recitative and air for basso received a masterful interpretation by Talbot Field, and Mrs. S. L. Padgett gave her difficult recitatives WW.h Jttt^ J4i. the 'W6l!'l gfeftr "Hf Shall t&A Hit flock" Wjdll' remMflhW by Ml% Jtitff) Pt white Mm. Qwtge Want's love! pfWrra VMbe made use <jf a fift* ft tUtlity to the "C«Me Nnto Me." Th« addition of "The Shepherd's Pipe" as a clarinet solo by Hilbutn Or»v« adtf* ed much to the picture of tht sht»* herd* keeping watch over thelf floeks in the Judeatt Hills. Mrs. tt, f , "Whit**! sjieet sdprtHa Voice was never better than in her rendition of her sdld "How Beautiful Are the feet o Hiem." Mrs. S. G. Norton's rcfldi tlbn of "He Was Despised" and Mli Winburn's "I Know Thai My fte deemer Liveth' were numbers fcr*at!y enjdyed while the 'tenor solos fMin< pleasln ^presentation in J. A. Wai lace's silvery voice. The text Wa very clearly given by Mrs. O. A Graves, and the choruses under the direction of that capable leader, Mrs. R. A. Boyett showed careful prepare tion and the, only regret expressec Was that there were not more of them The beautiful "Hallelujah". Was a fitting climax to a musical treat sucl as is seldorh offered Hope's musi lovers. .The accompaniments by Mrs Ralph Routon were given in Mrs Routon's usual pleasing and efficien manner. . Mr. and Mrs. J, P. 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The two make a matchless combination! They bring •bout an entirely new kind of driving PHICED.AS LOW AS 475 Easy G. M. A. C. Terms All pr'tca /. o. b. Flint, Umrola Malar Company, Detroit, Midiisan. Ditiuon «/ Cmeral Moton. without both these features. •Then, along with these two big motor, 'ing thrills—Chevrolet offers you 60-horse. power "six" performance, higher speedy faster acceleration, greater smoothness, smarter Fisher bodies, matchless economy, and a first cost among the lowest in the motor car market. Certainly, it's the great American value for 1932! NEW CHEVROLET SIX THE GREAT AMERICAN VALUE FOR Young Chevrolet Co. 4voiau aaivaa a no A aas ,lUv. !Ux McCfung will lecture on Sttfifhd Coming df Chf l«t on Tues Wednesday add ThUfiday riltflt« «t<" thfe New ttppe SaptWt «*ifir<*». \ „ - . • .lama,,, . , , Cdtton Shippers Given '- Challenye on Farm Aid /, WASHINGTON.- (ff)— A e i/6 cotton shipiiers-^Jtgpoken tots Ot (He fiirm board-to show what they fuve 4ofi« to help totteh- farmers Was Itstifed Sunday by the American Cotton Cooperative Association. The defy Was 'contained 'in a letter to Chairman McNary of the senate 1ft, IhS stores and on street ahd Waldo would haVe kllUs :to 1«0 persons had the buil- hesV 3Mr1ct Been occupied whin trie iVekfNfittitt through. ttoth<Wftldo find Camden were visited by hundreds of persons Sunday ak MwBttft th« disaster spread. first reports (Mid several were killed in both 'elites. 4|ricultur« committee. A getytrrf Investigation was urged, including in .its sctpe the board,, cooperatives, shippers and exchanges. » order 6tlh*Ch6«t«ry stein 'tftttftyv «f*ae the ilth dty el ift a certain ' aiuse pwwttfcl thereto -betwwn .KitS*6»t Saltoirfc Loan Association complain. afrt, *ttd frtnk tJ. Dealhewg*, et,ftl., . the Khderslgncd, Us , at pobiie vetidue to , kttth* f>o«t a the CflUH HottW, ' _ wtnift the haiufs law I6t judicial ial&s, oft .... 4tn day «* January, 'A.'O.' following de-scribed real estAle, Me, tV.lt, m j $600,000 Toi-nadd E at Camden Sunday $100,000.00 Estimated Insurance Protection t Tornado Insurance Is Cheaper \' ', Too Cheap to Take the Risk For Tornado Insurance-See . c.' *' •. - v.;". Greening Insurance Agency South-Walnut Street Phone 285 'SC^ N ^ Gifts for Every Atje and Tast0 Patterson's announces a Stupendous CHR SALE Starts Wednesday, Dec. l6th Starting Promptly at 8:30 a. m. Ends Christmas Eve! 'J^ s '' / «s <»H4k -f * -ho? f ^ *. m^ fi"r v . i Coming just as i tdoes, right in the heart of the Christmas buying time, this Sale»will prove of untold benefit to the Christmas shopper. Why not make this Christmas to be long remembered by giving gifts this year that will-be useful and comfortable and bring many happy memories to the receivers? But be sure to v spend your Christmas dollars where you can be assured of. the most for your money. This Sale will provide you with such, and you will make no mistake in buying here during this Sale, as we have large lines of Handkerchiefs, Silk Hose, Suits, Overcoats, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and all sorts of goods suitable for a Holiday Sale. Come early and share in these Bargains before the best is picked over. 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