Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 20, 1954
Page 11
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SftjL^fe& sSr ff^ clabu against *-the ^ JM " -sf . was W)'j{ Mr'^and Mrs.' y ,to tuny . 'put, a GRAIN" AND PROVISIONS AftKANSAS stl&B-al minutes while off 1- tsWn? went aboirf 'the. task mi him. Fuller greeted news of khow how th6 mart died. Wjrars said.felso WiHingham had bei'h' ih and out of A/kansaS for peeks' prior to Mrs. fuller's fine Bluff Police Chief Norman Young iaid, 'We. Would quesitori Willih'gham tomorrow ibcut the r&ccnl attack on Mrs. Bai-ror. SHel- e meni with felief and promptly tel ephoned his dead wife's Parents. Mr.' and Mrs. E. C. Hubbard. 1» Monday, freest** 16, 1*54 hoise' led ller children 1 , Who', were • bedroom, but didn't Nfcw V£)ftK (UP)-- Actor Hob- claims he is r- state- Miss. •* great relief 16. UaWIL i*.\Jitx.j ***.^»*•*•—— * • only lighted hdtiSe on the street The youth said he Arrived at the house after Fuller arose about 4:30 a. m. to make his habitual tfin •i.tmi,* the haggard husband, told newsmen "I've been under a terrible Stfain, especially since t have (been viewed aS si sus&ect Willingham dehied that he entered the house barefooted — as police had been led to believe by muddy footprints which apparent- !ly had hpen made by an unshod has as s -ten worst dressed pcncns watched •: Fullei 1 ; drive away in A . . •• _-*• rriT.^_t. V«*» efQiH myself/'-: Theti, Fuller asked, him ton iof Arlington, Tenn, ^ito!BlUffi.^fe|£Wedj "What made qtiotdd-. by..; Seed #£s ^hungry;; alld aUttrhen Hft'^.W. ^de'kiMilthe^^modgs.t truck. Then; he said, he armed - himself -with the heavy stick, walked into 'the house and hit Mrs. Fuller. Willingham, told .officers that It • ' • '• did ."different FuftetJS '&«d ; 4WVWM, . *»» I-- i'- p'fek)idH'j.UpU lj liCtU WCC** »I*»A**.»- — rf man. He said the soles of his boots were the kind that would leave an Imprinl similar to a foot clad only ih socks. .. ... • After leaving the scene, Willingham said he walked eight miles north of town . along a f allrdad, and-then "lit out for Alabama." ' '' ' = Th«e! are 'abdlft' : -9 pe'r jcent'more include: Former President Truman, Actor Charles Laugbton, Millionaire O H (.1 1 i—w- H o w a rd , Hughes, Playwright George S. O-IETY Photl* 7-3431 Between 8 A, M. And 4 P, M- tift 4IH; - J| -TiH , t way, Nobel prize Dinner Albert Schweitzer Actresses J a 1 Hi 1 a h Bankheal, Gtela Garbo and Bea Lillie, and party-giver Elsa Max harm meant, says Newton, sdding: "And old suit is an old friend. There's loo much empna- .dressing up and showing off .^ t» 4 NATIONAL to) Hbfes.lO/tib; 1 higher . choice -ldO-210 It largelv IB.7'-19.00; choice No. 1 and 2 „- . ,'17ti5; fe t wHhtoo 1 . lb lb 17.75-18. '.2,' including . B estimated 65 lb 280300 lb 16.25-75; Io6- 18.50-19.00; sows 400 lb ^Sfnl ,rs4fe» :f5^fffff,^%^w T3f-I ' .-. lown 1.50=16.00, -which mostly 2 r; heavier sows "50-75 higher; ii-ri TO?O dais'e^lip^&mjjiui* I.IUIM,"*«I, WIT; \m^-w\w^mt8i*iA »«,N»foKi mm*^m%mi us.*. j^teiw** 6'VY'i|!/*i.i.ui^{!jJl&H«».:f.ijitAHW. and, ,,S>t. ml; that ,1rive'stt- Durnas, c 'xuuii£i acini,!.»»«...jheltirt ca£e had 'n!6t b'ech closo'd, 'but tha investigation had virtually stopped because officerr had run out of Suspects, He said clues were fne'ajzer, .fif-.d; that none of the "tijKj^offl- cers. recoivad proved to 08 worth in the probe. 'Mrs. -SheUc'n was discovered ' an ' \inconsckms condition in - bed by her mother, who had been Sleeping in another room. Her father was out of town. Meanwhile?, first degree murder charges were filed against Wil- liangharri. The youth, who left a 16-year- old wife in Alabama; told 15 newsmen; and- photographers, that hunger drove'him 'into the unprcten- Hons .Fuller home, '• and that a Wejrd . sex , urge, 'ppu'rred him into killing ' the •attractive"' mother. "/ Police held lip the ;new'd. confev- cnceHintiJ' 121^ o. ; m*. (CST) Sunday.'sheriff H. K. McKehzie .said officials' , feared: an. earlier ,an- nouticernent oi WillingHem's stale- merit might stir; 'the anfiry, frightened Brinkiey townspeople to take boys than girls in tfcef-tftiHed Stat> ivil?-. v;fi.-n':J ; t: ^ J '• Key 4uot4d Wllllhghatn , i H".i !?* Deci 24th and Remain Closed Christmas Day DELUXE 18 TO 22 IBS, T&lte-'.WO. lb j up '13.75-15.25; boars 10.OJlS.00. ' ' ^av,,- 5.500, .calves 1.000; rela Lvlefjittle .dpn eearly; seUers ask on rteeis and •i ^«i.«.^,.. ^ows opening ; {\t6f slightly' higher; utility tti-Lt-li^'^ 9.00-U.75; canners largely 6.50-9.00; bulls -.muevv, utility 'and' commer- ^IjToO-^OO; - canher> an dcutter wJs*3*&00-10'.OOl vealers steady; ^6od^and5'chfaiC6 21.00-27.00; 'indk- ' head prime to 29.0D; com- itl' low good -V.OO 30.00; oh sliughter. calves. --,,- .««=», W .JO; ,Mmbs; opening 50-75 SilWgher than Friday; good to prime ^ woolefl" lambs 18.00-19.50;-choice to Drime 19.75p sixable part of run unsold; dged; sheep steady; slaugn- ter 'ewes largely 4.00-5.00, , with fair sized t;ains on the Board of trade-today. Dealings -were active, particularly at the start and close of trading. The market opened strong. Thereafter it declined in slow dealings until about the last 15 min- tites. A new buying move started si that time and in some cases new high? for the day were set. Continued dry weather .in the southwest, light receipts of .casn grfin an.i the posibility of exports of feed grains to Turkey' inspired the buying. ! ';•'.. , : . Wheat closed .-iy 4 higher, December $2.50%-, corn g t o. 1, - ; . ; cer;t higher, December $1.. 5 4'/ 4 -y8. the matter into their' : o\Vn hands; This tiny cotton town halfway tetweeri Memphis and Little Rock has been patrolled by state, county and city police since Mrs. Fuller was found dying early Dec. 12 in her bloodspattered bedroom. She • had been hit once with a four foot long, five pound ytick of iirowood. The blow crushed her skull, but Mrs. Fuller fought for her life nearly five hours before she died, without regaining., consciousness, at a hospital. • .McKenzie ^-slipped -out of town with"'.. Willin'gharn' as- 'soon as the hews'...conference, ended! pnd took hiirv;tpi.'a r secret- o ail. Lb. MORNING GL'QRY OR..SWIFT:. ; --. P0RK SAUSAGE , . oats Vi to 2 cents higher, Decenv ber 83>/ 4 -% rye higher, : Der ,a,200; •'NEW -YORK COTTON . cembcr $1.12-$1.16V4. and soybeans •4 lower to 2 cents higher/ January $2.83-$2.83. " i; ' •;''"-"•• Wheat: -None.' Corn: No. 3 yellow 1.51'A-53; No. 4; li42i/4-53; No. 5 1.40-41 >/ 4 ; sample grade 1 48; Oats:' No. 1 heavy-white 88^00; No. 2 88'/ 2 -89 No. 3 89; No. 1 white 8&. Rye: No. 1 plump . Prosecutor; 5Reed' :told newsmen -thati'Willingha'm admitted stuikiri'g Mrs-Fuller Friday-afternoon. How- e.ver, he-sqid, he'.urid officers fivst ( suspected, tlie.,maji.Vmight bl - rne "' tailjf. unbalanced; .'rather than . guil- MICH I GOLDEN OVEN-READY DUCKLINGS OVEN-READY VALUE PRICE YOUNG GEESE POUNDBEEF SLICED : YOUNG AND TENDER. PORK LIVER r 59c 59c Lb. 35c Lb.. Lb. OYSTERS •CAPITAL PRIDE-.l 2 to 16 LB. SMOKED HAMS SWIFT PREMIUM 14 to 16 LB. SMOKED HAMS SWIFT PREMIUM 10-14 LBS. DECORATED COOKED HAMS ARMOUR, SWIFT, WILSON — 8 to 11 LBS. CANNEPiHAM pt. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. yyiihoii^iStarK 14 to 16 Lbs. Lb. 1.281/2. Btrtey nominal: Malting 1.30 52; feed 1.10-19. ;. ' hoic'v »„»„ -fc — COUP 11 *«• turcs fwere steady, today on trade ind commission house buying. Of- fe'flngs were • liniited. A decrease in'hedge offerings wqs attributed Lfiy.Ursders , to the fact that the harvest is - practically over. ,1 Late afternoon prices were I pt,60 cents'a bale Higher than the "" [previous close.-March 34.79,.May 35.08 and July 35.18. POULTRY; Weak on caponettes, ctady on balance: receipts 1,075 coops (Friday 567 copps, : ..160,351 ]b;; F.O.B paying prices • 2 lower to 1 higher; heavy hens 17-18.5; i light hens 12,5-13.5; fryers • an'l broilers 21-3: old rooster? 12-12.5; 50 caponettes 24-26; hen • turkqys 37, 38- fancy torn turkeys 26.215; young torn turkeys 23-2C; ducxUnirs •* *-*_ * i • e 1V* . O O where wMUngh'am underwent a 12- Kdiif' psychiatric feXarmnation, convinced' " Reed that "thf man..was sane. The pr'os.ecutpr [quoted Dr. EV/'ing Cra'v/fis of'lhe state..-menial. •h'ospltal' :; as -saying, " ; 'Willingham definitely is-pot-irisane:; 1 ;.-,?.' •''''• -•' •Reed -said v the'"investipators ba r _a'n"to' fake .seribUs:note, of.the tWin',; . he NEW YORK ST6CKS NEW YORK Motors were :, a ftetailed 5 description of -..the . dead- 1 woman's hornet even; to; pjnpomtin«- the : :i 'fact tnat"tHc .kitchen .-.lignt sw"<-h was •an x ov'erHead Icord,? : •' Whe.h '' the' youth- 'told of f icer s'.tha t he took 'two bffive-biscuitF from the Fuller kitchen. . and . a hurried check revealed only "three biscuits remaining Reed said he. accept- jr ww**& vv*»*» wfc ,».. TW i-- ,— , . . j.uiuc»JiJ*»*& —»— — •— -, SO; farmer ducks over. :5 lb 22 ed :-\vuiingham's-story, os true under 5 lb 18; geese. 33-25. - , At the news conference' \ . Willing ILfCJ. U *l^ *w | - «? — — • ^Yl tUC i«- TVia *.w«*- — - — , , — Butter .usettled; receipts 587,- haj^-'met' reporters' 'questions wtih ®ri*> sis l^fy v-'% fe v «ht \ the center of a Stock Market ad- vajjce today .white steels faltered. " In the early afternoon, gains ran to between 1 and 3 points with a few pressing out t>ovond, oLosses jwere fractional for the most part. Aireraftd nosted the " sharpest caips With Douglas Aircraf t up prpund 7 points. It gained 9 points [Friday, J3 III 1174 •• C.SIW w.*>-v., -. 573; -wholesale buying prices 'A to 1 lower- 93 score 58.25r58.5; 92 A 582-8.; 90 B 7.7; 89 C C.; cars 50 B 3.25; 89 C ' 57.' _ ( Eggs steady; receipts i7,G21: wholesale buying p r i c e.s; "n c '"- changcd; U.S. largevhicts 31.7r, mixed" 31.75; mediums 28.5; standard? 28.5; current.receipts 25; da-ties 23; chocks 22. Plump, Fully Dressed Almd Finest Heat and eat No. 2 Can .£"• ifihrunk steadily since Mendes- took office last June 18. ss-France went before the C9 , to defend his Indochina I poU6y'"jit'an, unusual mornlnjr sw- slon V. «ie 'Assembly, He had de- mBnded'tibe confidence vote just hefpre-da.wn Saturday after Assemr discussion of his burNet for •' ' " ;n the Far EaSt V.MMVV. w. J" to his policy lln ' Communist-threatened South Viet Nam. Several deputler charged the (•qvprnment with bllndlv followins "-- United Statps in South Viet ,-«...|. They indicated this was why the situation in the country was so Will Oppose Long Pro&e of Housing By. ROWLANP EVANS Jr. WASHINGTON (/P) — Sen. Spark man (D-Ala) proposed today : "continuing and objective study" of the operation of government housing programs but said 'ha would oppose any probe designed to "drag out a lot of dead car- 11 fill I i»*«->fc * i-ff —- » — -—,-»-- • ( . i eorhp'osure, 'although ' at times'he seemed to be in a dazo. He tooit r.n obvious irileret't in the cameras, especially a tclevisoin camerar •Why did you kill Mrs. Fuller.?".] va's the firJt question.: . . . •"I. don't know why; I just-nit her " he replied. - "She was asleep vhcn 1 hit her. I'm sorry-" .' " Willingham flatly denjed .that he attempted--to rape-'-Mrs.- Fuller, mother of two little girls, but said 'I did a. few things." . •. •twhat things?". . ; i <. , - •••: • "Different things just different ,,, revealed that..„..,.. . _ . . crcut unnoticed through fc police dragnet in this area, :on. --Ihe day of the crime, and made his-way back to Florence, where 4ie intended to pick up his wif^ -and-her child by a previous marriage At Florence yesterday WUlins- l-am's wife, Mrs. Essie Louis Melton Willingh-am, said she had sep- pruted from him six weeks ago end lutdn't heard from him since. I never intended to live .with. . him again, even when he left,' 1 casses, s.-,,, with the Vietnami-se govern- mfent largely unable to oct »Pd the prea in confusion. /Uthouph the (Premier's critics • increasing strengt h, the w ,.,.,. w ,»ce oJ^ the debate on Ge_ r . map rearmament offered nun an advantage in the Indochina vote • >u$es who wont to over„ want to wait for the first pf the Paris treaties m West Germany, responplbliity for r '-srman rearmament 49 be e political •'-•-•- keep him OUt x of Sparkman, a senior Democrat she told officers. Ellis Boatwright, ouaiMuau, a aciuui ».•>•?••—••" • • .•„.-.. . v ™ on the Senate Banking Committee, law of WiUmeham, spoke out m an interview after re-1 alternated «-«*"•«' lease of a 140-page committee report which accused the construe- a .brother-'inId: the youth flvlATb JUICE .KROGER BRAND; . - . APPLESAUCE ; DEL'MONTE WHOLE' ' GREEN BEANS KROGER WHOLE KERNEL BELLOW CORN '"DARCO WHITE . CORN MEAL GODCHAUX POWDERED OR BROWN SUGAR .PINE FOR STUFFING KRpGER BREAD 46, Oz. Can 2 303; Cans 2 303 Cans 2 12O; Can's 25c 29c 49c HOLIDAY BRAND FRUIT CAKES HOLIDAY BRAND: FRUITCAKES •HARD-CHRISTMASfCANDY , t ^ f • H0UM1MIX f> ' ASSORTED CHRfST^AS CANDY v ., Lb. Cake •4Vh- 14 Oz. Pkg; t) 25 tbsl.29 2 1-Lb. Pkgs. 20 Oz, Loaves KROGER ASSORTED '" JEliLY TOYS 25c CHCKOLATE DROPS CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT FILLED CANDY 14 Oz. Pkg. 0 37c r"YTl . u i \ tion industry pf ponsjgtently mis representing to Congress "the existence of wrongdoing" in the huge postwar rental housing program. The report, issued last night. as« sailed "a few greedy and sometimes dishonest builders. . , . and Incompetent, lax and sometimes dishonest FUA officials" as responsible for what it called multi jTulUon-dollar "windfall" profits "at the expense P* the American Tlve'cPmmUtee report summed up an eight-month probe pf Federal Housing Administration programs, That investigation was launched when the White Bouse last April }J annpwnceij tb e P»s'' W tdespre a djrre|ul9rttje_ 8 and nervousness to Florence between and his arrest'. -• , "There are plenty of good. JOC-K Ing women down in Arkansas th.at I . can marry," BoatwrlgW, . « OT * u«i» •** *****v t — ~ — -••--*--- . ^. -™ Willingham as saying: during Willingham also paid a hurried call tp Oakman, Ala.* where b>s widowed mother lives with a brother. ., Boatwright said claimed he was }n _ court case, and said tjiat when he went back tp Arknsss he'd "r"*- ably be put in jail because been in a truck wreck there." But WUlingham returned to AT; Kansas because pf the promise <« employment. A Fpmst City, Ark., pusmessman Pau} Whiting, *"»» ' the yputh f ,jpb as a i. iBuBinesS -Women's Circle of Win have * A«dbViI( 'J.UJ.V tJt/A»»lll*' j[**J jiftwiiA ate .urged to -attend and bring Lotttc Modn Christmas offor- ij#.'S. C/S.'Cifcl#5''bl?ftie First "jsth&dist ChUrcll willfOmeit Mon!y ( ',December 26,-at-W 301?t'rm. for e ! annual'(^istrnas.-.party'in the "" V -off Mrs. Glailde Tillery with MWS Carolyn Mamfcana Me'sdames |N»ta FUtrell aild:«Hfton^9Ellis as '"'*' ' sesr/MrsK-'LloydoCruerin ^the < Christmas' stoiy and tend, and bring a gift for the tree; Monday December 20 The annual formal dance for college students will be held Monday night, December 20, at the Hope Country Club at 9 o'clock. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. Royce Weiscnberger and Mrs. Richards Howard. . . . !«.' 'Hbward. Byers< wlll"glve the : "iyet. . Member^' ate-- -.asked to Alt a special Christmas offering ntf' Wanda Staley^JimiSsionary to DMta, and a gift not to exceed 75 Wilts lor exchange.! ,& American 'Legion".Auxiliary ,meet lidnday,: .December 20, kri.30 p. ^tfi'at tiie-home of Mrs. Bajries Taylor, 522 East.-Avenue IvMrs. BSft' Edmlfistori'-Tana Mrs. liyinond Jones are coVhos'tessea. ^•Vlnemberataje requested-*'to at- FEATURE*TIMES -.4:47 - 7:lDO-- Tt>m & JerFy Cartoon '•-.•News ofthfe Day v i The; Appreciate* Gift ' • h-.r, -Sf'TEhtertainm^i Tuesday December 21 The Christmas program at the Oakgrove Methodist Church will be held Tuesday, December 21. * at 7:30 p. m.' ; . ! ,^«yji ' . • • • _^«^_M \ The Lilac. Garden Club of DeAnt will meet in [the hoijae, 'of Mr^. Car' Coffee 1 'Tuesday..-December ]21, a 7:30 p. m. for its annual Chrlstmai party. j .ujiga Poplar Grove 196, Supreme' For est Woodmen's Circle, 'will mee Tuesday, December 21, at 7:30 p m. at the home of Nettie and Char lene Wiggins for the December soc ial. Each member is asked to brin a gift not exceeding $1.00. Wednesday December 22 Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Anth'o'ny and Dr. and 'Mrs. George Wrigh will entertain the seventh an eighth grade members of the Coun ty Club with a semi-formal danc from 7:30 to. 10:30 Wednesday n ght. .,; Bogy's Wife Finds Herself Very Busy By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD -^n it's time for checkup on the Bacall rer.als- ance. •this fiacall is Lauren, and until ecently she has been known chief- y as the retiring wife of sn actor amed Humphrey Bttgart. Not that he Is retiring by nature. She has ready wit that can keep a stea- y pace with her vigorous bus* and. Miss BacalTs retirement has jeen a self-imposed one. Between 'Brgiht Leaf," her last film under Montreal 'to Warh«fs, and "How o Marry a Millionaire," she was offi:thei.s'creeri for three years. That, might be enough to kill tha career! ,6f, rhosi, film :itars. But she bounced back to prominence iri "Milllcnalre" In which some reviewers said she stole the ;ilm from anc-ther couple of ilondes named Grable and Monroe. La Bacall again languished at home for several months, then returned in "A Woman's World." That did it. New she has all the offers she can handle. Good ones too. For tha first time in years, she is going from one picture right into another. She is new doing "The Cobweb" with Richard Widmark, Charles Boyer, Gloria Grahame, Lillian Gish, etc. Then she hustles to "Blood Alley" with Kobert Mil- chum. 'Oh, it's grand to be pursued again," she said'In:'-her. kidding manner. "Lord knows it has been long enough since that has happened. That three year stretch was the longest period I was away MOM stAt, Sunday 'December 26 A cantata, "Carols of .Christmas ttus longest penou t waa «.•>«. j Will be presented by! the',choir b but I wasn't exactly'idle. I went {•1* M *n>.««V.v*i. ~. u f «M /"tl*> •*•«!* * n4 C n i '. * * * ' __ *-. if _ n ,«..»• A *trn *• T-rt Qlritl it the Presbyterian Church < at 5 p m. Sunday, December 26. The leather look in ' demonstrated three ways -In a with'dved-to-match cashmere skirt and Jacket trim. Back in fflon after an »bsence of some 50 years is the three-duarteif iwrth motorinff coat (right). This is in Vik ng blue kid with oversized patch pockets; deep buttonfed-back cuffs artd iftty collar? EnVphasis in resort collections Is on pastel colors. DOROTHY DIX Sdciij/ Isolationalism '47 Friendship ' Club Has Luncheon The '47 Friendship Club held its anpual Christmas luncheon Thurs.- ay afternoon in the; home of . Carter 'Sutton. The Sutton home was decorated with holiday scene's nd centerpieces of Christmas reenery arranged ie Dragoo. After the exchange of gifts, . a Christmas story, "The Miracle" arid a Bible reading were given by Miss Wilma Coleman. Thirteen members and two gu e'sts, Mrs. Allie Wright and Mrs. Marie Bullock, were present to Africa w'lile Bojie was making 'African Queen' and I rlso mothered a little one. ; "11 always had offers. But they were either ; for crummy pictures I didn't *rant to do, or else they wanted me to play heavies. I don't think I'm the heavy type. Really I by Mrs. Car- Yard-of-Month , ' i" / Selections Announced ' ' Yard-of-the-rnonth selections December are as follows: for Ward 1 — Dick Watklns. 404: East Story, '421 I4th street; v Ward II ••^-"Garrett West' Second street; Ward III r-. iR. H. 303 North Hamilton; Martindale, Ward IV — G. A. Nash, 217 North Sim; . •',•:..! ^Beverly Hills, Oakhavcn and McDowell Addition — Hervey Holt. West. 16th street. • Miss Martha Wray CompMjnented On Friday morning Miss Martha Wray, bride-elect of Ensigh Lawrence W. Hazzard. was honored with a breakfast, given at the home ot Mrs. B.: L. Rettlg, by Miss Beryl Henry. The dining room was made lovely with Christmas decorations, while the honoree's table was centered with:a bride's bouquet made of small net balls and centered with white carnation*. The streamers .of narrow, satin ribbon tied in love knots '- extended to the_.,bride's place. The place cards of wedding bells marked the seating arrangements for Miss Catherine Freeman \ •:• o: Hot Springs, Mrs. James, Hazzarc of Shreveport, members of Jthe bridal party, Mrs. J. H. 'Arnold Mrs. Evan Wray, mother of the bride-elect, Miss Margaret Arnolt of Mindon, Miss Catherine Arnold of Washington,'.D C.. Mrs. B. M.' Hazzard, mother of the groom, Mrs. C. D. Lester, Mrs Nick Jewell, Mrs. O. A. Graves, Miss Wray and Miss Henry. . The honoree was presented a crystal vase. ; ,i»i- Dear Miss Dix: My husband died a year ago, leaving me with a ten year-old-boy. I find life very lonely, as I have no friends, relatives or anyone to turn to. We were'- a very devoted couple, completely content with each other. We were always together, seldom went out and didn't bother with other people. Since he died things have been very difficult for me. I go to work, come home, then spend the evening alone, as my son goes to bed early. I would so much welcome a riend, even through correspondence. I am an Englishwoman oi 10. I . go to church regularly but all the people I meet there ar married, or quite old. O. J Answer: Your letter vividly il lustrates a lesson I Have been tea ching for a .long- while, namely that -failure to make and , keep friends in one's younger days us ually is regretted bitterly in late life. >As a, couple, you, and ; you husband would have had littleldif ficulty'm ; : acquiring friends :wh woud be invaluable in 'your • case It is never wise to become comple tely dependent on any one person A weU-banlanced life includes fr ends rt ,w,hi .will Sihare one's, pleasur,-.| '" "' '"' ' • "' his friendship arid are quite hurt that the unsupported; word of a third party means more than your explanation. Then await results. Dear Miss Dix: If a person has developed a severe case of nerv- usness and is continually depress- d where could he'; receive treatment or h.ave a consultation regard- ng his physical^ and mental con- ition? ; _ ,x. Answer: Your letter indicates hat you are building up a case of mental illness about-this person, tferviousness and depression - are not necessarily indications of psychological ills. Consultation with a good doctor will probably set your nind at ease. , ;/' jketryingto Future, lomlnee by writing a responsible record on -domestic problems, by showing what a Democratic Con jress can do," he declared. "When the people vote their natural instincts, the Democrats ' always win. The Republicans win *b* &/t % tbdfis a • •• , «•» welcome w tt^: rARGE SIZE, FULU OF MILK f RESH COCONUTS D*| S AMb™ND WALNUTS Afl Lb. SWfET JUICY CALIFORNIA 49c ORANGES PASCAL CELIRY Lb. Doz. U>. Ural Itftlki Coming and Going Pvt. Bobby Phippin is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phippin. Mr. and Mrs. Will Munn .are.vl- siting their son, Hugh, in Midland. Texas. ; •< rt ,, 'and" ."pains.' Furthermore,- "since ^yo'u were Mr. and Mrs. Roy.Warren and children have as their guest, Mrs. Warren's mother, Mrs. Delia Travis of Benton, Kentucky. Lt. Col. and Mrs. Carl Schooley and sons of Fort Bliss, Texas, will arrive today to spent the holidays with Lt. Col. Schooley's mother. Mrs. J. E. Schooley Airman Third Class Thomas M. Stroud arrived this weekend to spend the Christmas hoji never accustomed to going about meeting people, it is extremely hard for you to change the pattern now. It is however NOT difficult to make contact with other people, especially others who are also lonely, but it cannot be done by spending one's entire life, working or sitting at home alone. Learn To Make Friends What you can do depends almost entirely, upon what facilities for companionship are available in your i locality. Don't/begin by looking for the ideal friend-. You must learn,the art of getting along with people, as it is an attribute you never possessed. Any contact will be helpful. Get tp know the parents -of your son's schoolmates. You are bound to find sme. with evenings on their hands, too, Many husbands have evening working hours and their wives would be delighted to come over for a cup of tea; Don't overlook the possibilities in the "quite old" people you encounter at church. Many of them have the fine art of friendship at their'finger tips and can teach you much you should know about meet- only when they can upset this nat Ural inclination, as they Were able o do in 1952. . ' "Since then, the Republican have been destroying the' conf: dence whicll.thfe people., temporal ly transferred to them.> They hlv destroyed It''by'not being abl to carry out .the promises,,,the made in the campaign, promise which they knew, they couldn't ca 5 : ry out. "The Republicans promised t< balance the budget and to i ct spending, among other 'things. stead they are spending 2Ms lion more than President Truma did in his biggest year and* th budget remains out of 'balance. "I don't condemn the Republ cans for this spending because"! think it is necessary to build up our defenses and to join in mutual EKPERT senme days with his. parents, Mrs, Dave Stroud. Mr, and Lt. Col. and Mrs. Edward Schooley 'and children of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, will be the holiday guestsf'of Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Sydney McMath and Jerry O 1 Neal are spending, the holidays with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath, and Mr, and Mrs. Sari O'Neal. Mr, and Mrs. Martin Filogam.a and son are now residing in Texarkana, where Mr. . Filogama is employed with the Texarkana Ga zette. >t £., ,. %\?&i Here's the gift he'll wi?(sr wHlv pride cjnd ! remefnber with pleasure...colprful, beautiful RegglTies. Whatever his taste in pattern or fabric, yog'll find it here in pur special Regal holiday cpllectign...stripes,^ fwpts, pr s^mi?bpld palterns. Yes.. v y9^rp sure tp please him with Regpl Tie», > From , , , 1.59 to 2.50 Hospital Notes .Chester Rt. 3. £* I4i, Kj; ' it If HI V!,*' . v!?!^ : Mr. A. P. Clark, Uppe, Discharged: Mrs. Vinie Boswell, Bodcaw.'Ark., Mr. Franpe Andres, Emmet, Ark.,'Rt'i'.' Admitted:. Mrs- Myrtle Green, Rt. 4,' «ppe. Mrs, 'Sarah 'Riishmg, Hppb, J0- Ann Chance, Hope, Ken- nefh QMam, Rope, Mrs. Cpzette yiadlogk, Arkadelphia. Helen Jean Adcppk, Hope, James Edward Ad- cp?k, Hope. Discharged: Mr. VirgU FPuntain, Hope, His. Amanda Huckabee, Rone, Augusta JSurtpn end baby boy, Hope, « Prjmch , MmlttedJ 14r Homer Beyerley, Hope, -Mr. Stanley Crouch, Hpoks, Texas, Mr. Truman Bryan, Texar feana, Owight Campbell. Texar Ing people. They can be very good company, too, and have the added advantage of being free of family responsibilities and so are available for. companionship in the evening. I think the very basis of loneliness is expecting too much of other people and being too choosy about talking to anyone who doesn't fit a preconceived pattern. One never knows where the treasure of friendship may be discovered. Dear Miss Dix; For the past year I have been going steady with a boy my senior by a year. Recently he left town to work in a nearby city and we wrote each other regularly. Then, a mutual friend told him that I was going steady with another boy. This was not true. 1 happened to sit in the mo' vie with the ;boy one afternoon, but I have never dated him. I haven t beard £rpm my boy friend since, though I have written twice, fc- A. Answer; Write once fore ex- py JAMES, Afc-sociatea PressVNews Analyst WASHINGTON UP) ^- Many an-old man, tossed out. on'.the street be- csuse he 'couldn't pay his rent,-has spent the-rest of his days reflec- ing mournfully • on his . folly with money in his early years. Looking for dividends t o keep him in his old age, he had invested his money long ago, wisely, he thought. He learned' too late his judgment was .bad.'"He had put too much into one .stock, not enough in another. This country .is still, young, as nations go, with a lot of money. The Eisenhower administration, present custodian'of it' is trying to avod for the Amercan future the fate which overtook the old ;nan. It is trying to economize to saVe money and at the same invest where it thinks there will be dividends in the long run. Both the saving and the investment are a guess and a risk. In the 1952 presidential campaign the Republicans talked of balancing the budget. They prom- isee 1 , economy arid they've practiced it in many areas. But they still haven't been able to hit a bal&nce. Sparkman Says Demo Record Can Beat Ike By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (ff) — Sen. Sparkman CD-Ala) said today Democrats can defeat President Eisenhower In 1956 if they write a "responsible;.record" ;on dpmestic issues'in the 84th Congress. , Spa'rkman. the-1952 •.(Democratic vice presidential nominee, said in an interyiew he expects that Dem ocratic cooperation with the Presi dent on foreign policy and nationa defense will largely eliminate them our ucicuaco m jv as campaign issues. security aid to other free 'coun- "We Democrats can defeat Ei-'.. but they had no business senhower or any other Republican ki g prom i ses they knew they !„-.— w« «..*t4-i*ir* Q ^oennncinln I „ , , .. , < couldn't keep." , ,i Sparkman predicted' a rerun of; the 1952 contest-which pitted > Dem* ocrat- Adlai E- StevenSons agalnsjt Eisenhower.'\ s>t , '•••' -' "-^ - Sparkman said'that so iar.-as he personally is concerned, he isn't a candidate lor second placfe on the ticket. „•_/" • .:* ONE SHOE ' f ,< GRAHAM, Tex. (UP) —' , Fo'st, master Spencer Mays inspected the post office lobby .after 1 . the*. ,woek end lush of Christmas rr.ailing and found one woman's shoe. 5 "it >f't "i^Ss FORM Lctui fill , ft Mi 1 , .for speedy' deliver a. m. toi-7 SHE'LL LOVE * A would be, perhaps, money wasted The government could economize by putting more reliance on strategic bombers which can carry atomic weapons and reducing the size of the land forces while building up the reserves in case of emergency. That involves a risk since in an emergency this country might not be able to mobilize fas tenough. It's a risk the administration seems willing to take for the sake of economy over the long pull. In Asia the Communists have had major success. They may try further military force or internal subversion. • Meanwhile they are using- the IVlCallW*** 1 '* **»»»J »** ** «,—r- 0 -other means at hand propaganda political maneuvering, infiltration, ?nd where they think it worthwhile economicaid- H the United States refused to give economic help to Asia, that would leave the field to the Communists, The administration, again for the sake of economy, is trying to decide how little aid it can get by with successfully. The Communists may take over a sin anyway, no matter how much help this country provides. But i this country gives too little aid, i mey be ju&t as ineffective as no aid at.all. SINGER CHRISTMAS GIFTS Sewing Machines,'Vacuum Cleaners. Little Lady machines Lots of Gifts for ladies. . • , , SINGER SEWING CENTfiR 108 S. Elm j ,',. Special -~ Through De?ember COLD WAVES $15 Lqnolin Oil - $12,50 $12.50 Cream Oil-$8.50 Give her a permanent fpp Christmas - f Hazel's Beauty Shop phone 7-2878 ' Hazel — Virginia, — Aullne f *i-H^ The country is 278 b.'llion dollar? in debt now, most of it money tori-owed to fight World War II and communism afterwards. . Balancing the budget would not wipe out the debt. It would only mean the administration had found a way to keep the debt from getting big Eer. Some .presidential a dvisers particularly ' Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey and Joseph M. Dcdsje, former budget director -\U - plaining the sHuaJJonexactly as happened. Tell him it will be your last letter unless you hear. from him. Assure him you have enjoyed *'. Mklllll 1 * don't." She stroked her blonde hair in the mock gesture of a fUm I asked her what she thought has caused the rebirth of her career "It's hard to say," she said "Certainly timing has a lot to 00 with anypne's success. And tne clement of getting Plder and m& turing is a factor. (She's npw 30. there's no dpubt that I'm a bette acires? th»n I used to be, which J npt saying mwch. "It's not because .J_, k - e P t1 Acting, because I Shjnk radis bad a didn't. But P dQ .. ,..-._ economy and a balanced udget, and fcr this reason: That if the United States is, to atain its power in the long fig^t gainst communism it must be conomically sound by uving with- n its means and meeting it re- ponsibUiUes within a balanced udfiet. But there Is another side to this orture4xs?prpblem for the Elsen- .pwer \administration: ;What dpes.it profit to balance he budget if, in. the end, the Communists win because this country, n its desire for economy doesn't pend enough money in the right >!aces. Jn the right ways, and at he right times? This dilemma is illustrated m he decisions the administration js trying to make pn military man- ?pwer and foreign and particular' iy and fpr Asia. The administration apparently doesn't think way likely, at 1 """ soon, president E?ienhPwer self talks of the cold war , 50 year?. Throughout that M 11 * 8 UW United States must be -' ao^n to .deter aggression., How-enn it be done? The gpy- rnment couia j tr_y H..!?**^ *?.,/ A GIFT ' ^ SUGGESTION • SAMSONJTI ;! LUGQ4MH FOR MEN ORiWOMIN 1 ^', w PRICES ., $17 Ply's . '.i.

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