The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH \Z, WO BIATJI1DVJM15 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIV*, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION isle per lino for consccu- live in«?rl|oiis: One time }>cr )tnc 10u 'J'wo tiroes JIM- line per dn,v OBc Three times jwr |tne per ri»y...0tic UiX times per line per day C5c Month rale per line GOe Cards of Thanks 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ad> ordered for three or six times and slopped before cxiilru- Ijon will he charged lor IDe number of limes the and nppcarea and adjustment of bill innuG. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons ri'siuinj; oxu- £i<lp o[ the city must Ijc Recompiled by cash. Pales may Ue eas- Jiy computed irom HDOVC tuuie. Advertis'iib' ordered lor irwgular li!8cilio)is tnKCs the one time ntu' too responsibility wul ue lani-j for more (nan one incorrect insertion, ol nny classmen an A LOT OF CAR FOR A LITTLE MONEY We mpke i) very much worth your while to let us appraise Ihe trading-value of your present tar. Our values are high and our prices ore low—lenns ore very liberal on a better car. No better limelolradelhannow. We'llgive I'Srty Jo invest about $1000 in lo. ,'cal business enterprise tutu snonut you a good Heal for your money. pay equal returns each year, m- j vestment practically gumunimi. j ';i!l l''OKI) D1C1,. SEDAN ness For Sale about HO cltle: 100' in^iwkT^rv^TSr- ! J^ r -"'» meto ' ise, plastered house with hardwood lloors, lirepliice, large rooms and nice porches. Cornoi lot wil'ii IflO feet frontage. Hi-iils lit $?7,50.i J'rlcc ?a250—?360 cash, $25.00 mo., I <!•;!.. 'J'huniii* l.aml Co. I 12-th-IB | TUIIKKVB: 8 Toms and -1 liens.; Mrs. W. 11. DycM, Route One, Near County F'uim. 11-pk-IBJ Scvfvnl young Jersey Cw.s »-ll!> j Yonns Calves. 0, V. Tnckrr, •! 'TU rUy,.,,!-* 1 .1 T nn miles smillicast ol lllytlicvlllr. l lj ° <"» ev '°iet '2 >°« 7-pk-ll Accoidlne to the laic-si, reports. Whrn u ciimcl t >e\n it stone hdle ve Inslillled in Its fool, its driver puts on it ''nllior patcli. sowing It llnnlv to the tough sole. TRUCKS PRICES SLASHED We Need Room for Tr«de'Ins-On-Ncw Lost Truck Duals . $329 '37 Cbev, U T Truck LOST—One red'ROW. wclijht 3251 Duals, License .. $319 pounits, Call R. S. HiirriK, Phone! • «<>• 8 - ck - 15 '38G.M.C. IJ T Truck Duals $389 Repairing H APPY UOUR GRO.& H UKUVKKV W. Mil" SI, i'lioiw 15 — PRESCRIPTIONS— Siifc - - A mini la Vour Priiscthitlon UruKXlsl Fowler Drug Co. M«ln * Hrsl • I'lioUc 141 -i» Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M. '37 G M.C. li T Truck Damon »t tlie Blylheville rtrin- ory on Wednesdays and Tlmr.'idnyB- May lake fleuve pan m nienl H ciesireti. btaie aue, t/ics- eiit oceujiauou ami otlK-r iinor- niHiion u'ouut sen. for iul«vn.'W adaresa "1UO" c/o (juiincr For ileiit 61U VV. Ash. Nice llllle aparlmein wlU) privale oalii. * monin. Land Co. 12-cK-it, Niec furnkhcd room. Adjoining . oath- fnnersprint! multrcss. AH Hione O'JQ. 7 room residence, 1113 llcivvn. Va- taui March 15. §30 per momn. E. D. Ferguson, phone 100. 12-cfclo Orsip drill and tractor lor rein. Sec Ben Craig 01; Paul B.vrum. il-CK-U 3 room furnished apartment. New ly decora led. Oarage. Close in. 120 Dngan Sireet, Mrs. Belle Woon. Comforlable front bedroom, out- {,ide entrance. Pliope 351, 515 W. Walnut. irck-u 2 room fnrnislied aparlinenl. 1601 W. Asli. 29-ck-tl While Sidewall Urea Color '38 CHEV. COACH Color lilack. Clean (liroughout '37 KOHIJ TUDOR Itiulio and Hcntcr Moiur & Tiros ':{() .STUIWBAKIDU Coach, '/'ruly real ljarn;tin '.•!(! KOK!) I)KI, TOKDOK UMO License. Hcc 'i'his Cav Today.. ','!!> MKUCURY SKDAN Deluxe. Radio & \\. s. \v. Tires.... \Ve Call !'-or ,V Deliver Bicycles. Irons. Fans. Toasters, l|()t Plates. Lamps. Upliolstcrlns, tMf niUire, Slip Covers or nnythini; you might have. Hlythcville Furniture Co. 120 F-nst Main SI. NU-WA Duals $275 Laundry-Gleaners Truck, DuVsl. 1 ... $299 ^^"6 180 '37 Diamond T U T Truck, Duals $279 Found 2J!L '38 Int. Pick-up Stake TL $294 ;IDU $1991 IKDOK $27i 1940 Arkansas v; ton Truck license. Number 224-T'J3. Owner may liav c smile uy paying cost of tills art. Courier News Office. Black uarrow hog. WciulH 125 Ibs. D. S. Hay Promised Land. 4pkU 5lh & Walnul I'llGlIC till] , room modern furnished n|iart- meii'l. 1315'W.. Main'. 2'lck-tl Large comforlable bedroom, twin berts, 2 closets, sleam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs, J. G. Surt- joury. . '.iT-ck-U Rooms (urn.ishcd or nnfurnishcd. Newly decorated. Reasonable. 'JH ' ISIce bedroom convenient io batn. .' gieani het>.t. "lione 280. lcfc-ll Hpqin, close IB, Mrs. Nolen, 310 ' Walnut St. 22-ck-U Unfurnished apartment iu Shane Apartment Building on West Main Streei. Call 511 or 1ST. I-ok-tf Farm Loans Large or Small Al Low Interest R^ics. We are enuip.oed lo handle large or small loans un any sixed Iracc of farm lanu, hi low cost, and al a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythovillc. Ark For Sale or Trade MULES Will trade for Mules, ('i»ws, C'atllf, Corn, Hay ai»l I.uinbw. Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-cfc-tl THESE CARS HAVE TO GO. Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLKNF WELDING line and licavy wel specialty. Barksdale Mf g. Co. 1040 Arkansas License 'I'm: number 51-C86. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Itlyihcvtllc Hlwy. Gl Nnrll, Hfirclware V!f. Speciiillzc In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcnry H«l\v. Co. I'hone 35 Body $349 '37 Ford Pick-up Stake Body $279 '37 Ford Pick-uj) Truck $289 '36 Dodge Pick-tip Truck $189 \Vc Can f' Nnv UmlU>s f (> r I'-J Ton Trucks i'.t a Small Aildi- limiiil Cost. l Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'or Prnm))l l,nniulr>' and Clonni'i^ Service J. L. GUARD Optometrist. Only Oruilujilc Ojitiuiit- Irlst In Illytln^aitc. (lhis«TS HttiMl Ctirrcctly A plliil ivfcnlly iinid.' his own oxyr.en mask from an unio UjUU'ry ilroiiu'ter unll) uiul a loulliull bladder. Tlic dovltc works perfectly, cost him Si, snvcil lilin $107. Dr. J. A. Siiliba Aiiiiuuiii'f.s (lit- removal iif lib nflloe from din In>ir;ii» lliiHdliig ti> 121 i:, Kciitufky. Hi's. I'liono 11(1; of|),.,. )'!,. ||S Ymi'ri) tried llm Hosl, Haw try in*: IIEST <o\r LOWEST ASH-HIGHEST HEAT REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP, S6.95 oi,i) st'i'KiiJou vAim-riioNK 7110 PRESCRIPTIONS I'rcshcsl Stock (illiiniulced Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Personal Wert Ontometrist "UK MAKKS MOM Over J»c Isa:n'j(' I'honc Our Service IS YOUU Assurance Safe Driving! H|ifn motoring Is t|w aim of ev- fi.v rtflvor. 'men, why not 1111- suru youiwll i;| (ilk snfpty us !ar as your luitoiniibllc Is con- ccnicd. Drlv,- In U ud let our mechanics put your car in slmpo tor nny iliivlnc. Thn rasl Is rciisonaljlc and the work uiuir- iinteccl. EXPERT ' MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS • MAGNIFICENT FORTRESS HOKI/ONTAb Utautltut Answer lo Vrcvjous I'uzile 8 It WilB \!SC(1 ns an alciizur or —_, 13 King or bensls I'lCuvcins. 17P!cxiis." IO)3fOocli. 20 Cliamucr of justice, 21 Sandpipers, S3 Siin deity. 2'l Doubled. 'i'/Pnlm (hutch, SSNoriio HO ARKre^iition. inylholouy. 51 DI'CIJS. 67To mako !)3Sca eucle. aincilda. aSKiicli. SHOfllc. ' HO Climi|>. rn ,, ,. 38Self. DO II was the 40 Kiijoymenl ol l ? n ^ ol properly. HinEs. •12 Wcniwim. C 0 ILt location, •IS Courtesy lltlc. "—• Spnln. 47Winged shoes. .,..,,,,,,,,., OOIJucIo plant. >>'.iinOAl> 52 Dai n. ) Uyc. 5'i Gem weight. 2 Italian coin. 21 li was one •> oftiic ufcl)((eclurat of its time, 22 To sink. 23 Corded fabric",25 Weight. • oilowance.. 28 Crescent- Ehapcd figure. 28 Wm-'god. 29 Italian rfvcr. 32 Mutton tat, 3'i Northeast wind. . 37 Urinvl. . '" a 30 Spat. wwlcn. « Nettle rash. •I torclnslcs. 41Roolstock. OBcro'rc Christ WOenvis ol (tibbf.). cliimnanzccs. fl LfKht 6|ow. 44 Cmmvpious 1 Flyer. animal. B Postscript. W Indian. Onrnncliof 48Slal, Tnl nice 49 Pealed ! 0 Clod of sky. 01 To hawk, 1! Heart. 53 Organ ot 12ToKnaw. hcaiing 15 Unit un cm. 55 To 18 To tto wrong. niKnowlcilgc. 20 Vulgar fellow. 56 Type standard Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Arouse ISlagflsh Mrer, wnrk off Hie bile lo rlu yourself o! consll- pation, gas pains, and that sour, punR feeling. Take one box of KIKBV'S ACTIVJS •.IYER 1'ILLS 25c nt an KIrl>y Stores Expert Electric anil Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy weldiiiB our 0. W. CRANFORD »<•!!, Ark. ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Now l.iicatcd In fllinioH, ]|,ilrl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU J>ON i:i)VVAl(]>H, JYoiiilcli.r ll Makts ,,f Hol,»lll TypavrHm, ,1,1(11,1,: Mwhlm* ami- Calculalur.s—lloiKiirlnjj—IVuls—Hlhlititis - ' liY FUKJ) HAKi\lAN .' WHAT W 1HIS CK.HIDDO\ IN RCKLE . . FLOS YUH ASM I>1-- s For Sale PLANTS: Onions— 1000 50c; 3000 $1.00; 6000 51.75. Cabba«u—100U 2000 51,20. Nice large plants. Now rcnriy. VJ. W. WUITCII, i Sjirings. Texas. 28-|)k-H Family Laundry. All clolhre washed separately. Mrs. Mick, 61lij uikc. -i-pk-i-4 ALLEY OOP I5Y V. '!'. MAftlLIN SO YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A \/- -v_^ CHARIOT LIKE Tills ONE,EHJ / W^'~^\ ALL RISHT, IF YOU.'LL HELP ( ^^f o p') ME SIT IT OUT OP HERE \ Yn^ \ ^ ) X'LL GIVE VOU A RIDE C^l,.^- "^ I..IU _^ BY SOI.LV, Bl£ (30YJ SURE, BUT SAY wHATT.vou ^^6^^l IVEP, THWS VOU REALLY ARE /... HERCLU-ES,, HERCULE'5--THE (THE BIS,STRONG . UPOPI II F^-2 A Bf~t\jr ' • 'L^- , YOU'RE A FJE6ULAF?) HOW'P JOO Call '155-W-l for orders or mill;, I creuin. or clinrned butler milk. I All cows government d'calcd. Hn!-l ' TERMITES Work While Yon Sleep! Wake up before (ticy duniage your For I-Ycc Inspection Call 592-W. Walker and Archer Licensed Operators Tint's u Lot of Water The steel industry, when run-! niug «t full capacity, consumes 4,000.800,000 gallons of v,Ucr clhily i for steam anrt cooling purposes. Thi.s is four times the <lnily con- j sumption of New York City. I Slipcovevs. Mrs. Smith & DUIIHR 1939, a total of SG.875,014 Mrs. Uliickwcll, Arnmrcl. Plior. 1 ; tire fliipmcnls was made, it i ported by lire n WASH TURKS HOOTS AND HKR IUJDDIKS HY EOOAR MARTIN THE MIDST OF TVft" BCAWL STEPS ^ 0/V.PpEK UTTLC MAM, HOLWWo A, HAkiCt-ECCHIEF BEFORE UK FACE oo.RODERlGO! ARE OU TRVIN& TO BPIM& 1HE RIOT 6QUAD FRJiCKLES AND HY MKRRII.I, BI.OSSKK TOEM6ET UP5TMRS WHERE VOU'RE SOEEPEO. AS. 1 FOR THE BEST OF VOO LOAFEBS, CLEAR OUT. 1 LET THOSE TWO MEIJ ALflwe AUP THW FOE TOUB STUPIDITV, Vi5U MUKIE 7 ) BOOMD MOPONi WHEH I BRINS A ICtDMAPEO «RL WTO TW6 HOUSE, HV. THWJK VOU DO U WIND IF Burr IM ? L CAM SAVE YOU A MGK!EY f WHAT "ttXJ /isour 10 SAY. FRECKLES? ITS jusr THAT i.-UJEU.- 1. FEW MINUTES AND I P L_ STOP THE METER UMriL YOU kiDS GEr OF--SORT OP --WEIL .--.YOU KNOW ' 'PREMIERE" AND THE UEADN6 PLAYERS ARE CM TM£IR WAV TO IT . • •

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