Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1931
Page 6
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»Kd WWi Claus ^fnaMtetoy \ my stocking hang' 1 want you to ! pistol, and caps, ivaiso some nuts. Wayne Krvtav m Hope, Arkansas if Etaus:—I want you to Se doll and broom and 1 am a little girl with i Earl Ervln. Hop*, Arkansas. I am a little girt „„ „. age. Please bring [ d>«s«d in pink, a bed , her, a cabinet, a tea ... arid a gold necklace. Wfruits,.nuts, candies and Dtti'i forget all the rest UU 4 bring them something feo.dWt forget may dady, "* T* brother 3. T., bring presents, also, iildred Jean Baker. Rope, Arkansas. . T —-boy just eight years of 'i to school at Oglesby and „__.. second. Please bring ptaKtof, climbing monkey, >*„. rind it! Itl Sell It! STAR PADS more you tell, Quicker you sell. leruon, lOc per line _ ", minimum 30c lirtions, 7c per line, if minimum SOc id^eitlons, 6c per line, i;; minimum |1.00 • r Inaertions, 5c per line, '*" minimum HOC s,5V4 words to the line) font advertisements act the telephone may be '> with the understanding [bill is payable on' presen- if statement, the day of first Phone 768 three pair of socks, all kinds of fruits, nuts and candy and fire works. Don't forget the rest of the little children bring them something too. Please don't forget my dady, mother and teacher, bring them something nice, also. J. T. Baker. F. S. Bring me a train. Hope, Arkansas. Dearest Santa:—! am a little boy just ten years of age. I go to school at Oglesby and am in the 4A. Please bring me three pairs of socks, a little 'tractor, a dump truck, and a little drum. All kinds of fruits, nuts, candies and fireworks. Don't forget the other little children and bring them something. Please, don't forget* my mother, - dady and teacher, bring them something nice also. '• ' " . Charles Ray Baker. •OR RENT F-*Four room furnished ifftigidaire. Call 132. Mrs. ll-3tc. Furnished apartment, ' garage, 220 North Elm, rs. Anna Judson. , room house, newly painted. East Ave. B and caU 611. ll-3tc »Bi-|lBNT—Furnished apartment, ith, garage. 220 North Elm, U 10-3tc. ,.... STb—Extra nice house. '-.toil- Middlebrooks Grocery 8-6tc -Four room furnished rtment, Frigidvire. Call 132. Mrs. 8-3t R RENT-Nicely furnished three•' apartment 523 West Third ;, - 5-6tp NT—Three room furnisheo , 126 North Hervey street 10 - 6tc RENT—8 room house, newly •Suitable for two families. 302 r'St. L. D. Reed. 7-6tc ———^. ^-..^—. ^-^. MRST FAMILY >\ ere Is one of the first photographs ever printed of the family of Governor Huey P Long ot Louistan*. Taken-on tlte irotiuds of the state executive mansion at Baton Rouge, it shows, left to right, Palmer feUW Long, 10» KOt e, li-year-old cheer leader at Batdri ( Rouge High School; Mrs Long, and Russell, 12, • president of bis class in junior high school. / ..*••- • -«- < Hope. Arkansas. Ifear Santa Cilaus:—I am a = little boy; seven years old. I go to school. Pleise bring me a football a pencil box a cap pistbL a scabol and belt and lots ;of fire works and fruits arid nuts. - Henry Gray Bearden. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl ten years old and 1 want you to bring me a pencil box and a dresser set and anything that you can bring. Don't forget to bring lots of fruit and nuts. Mabel Bearden. , Hope, Arkansas. Dear' Santa:—I am a little girl five years old, and please bring me a doll buggy and a big dolj, fruit, candy and nuts and gun. Don't forget my mother and dady . Glyndell Fay Calhoon. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santy:—I am a little boy six years old and I want you to please bring me a little wagon and some fruit and nuts and candy and chewing gum. Archie Calhoon. .Hope, Arkansas. I am a littleybthingf91earHedan,isE Dear Santy;.—I am a little boy three years old. And I am my grandpa's pet. Please bring me a rockey horse'and some fruit, candy and nuts of all kinds don't forget my grandpa and grandma. Raymond Calhoon Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy about four years ol dand; please bring me a pair of red boots, knife, Watch, a suit," hat and all kinds of fruits and. candy* Santa please don't t'crge) my'little brother,' Lynn, bring his something nice. • Loy TOwnserid. Washington, Ark. Dear .Santa Clausal; want you to bring me a.doll and a dol cradle and some clothes for my doll,'and fruit and apples. I am seven years old and in the third grade. Norma Lee McAteer. . Dear Santa Claus:—Will you please bring me a bicycle and apples and candy and nuts- and a > little wagon and a little pistoL : Owen Spicer. Washington, Ark. eDarSanta Claus:—I want you to bring me a wagon, and candy, nuts and a bicycle. • • .Mack Roberts. . Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl seven years old. I go to the Brookwood shool. I am in the first grade and Miss Nora is my teacher. Don't forget her Christmas. I want you to bring me a black board, a new coat, a new pair of shoes and some fruits, nuts an dcandy. Please don't forget my little friends, my sister and my mother and daddy. Gladys Marie Wisener. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I want you to bring me a fourth grade reader. 1 want you to bring me some apples, oranges, candy and nuts. I am a little girl eight years old. Syble Sims. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I a ma little girl eightyears old. I have light hair brown eyes. I am going to tell you what I want for Christmas. 1 want a doll, a doll buggy, a coat, a rain coat, well I think I have asked for enough. Please don't forget' my little friends. Marie Owen. Flood Prevention ResuItsAre Shown Farmers on Ou«chita River Benefitted by Two Hydro Electric Da nit ARKADELPH1A, Ark.~(/P)- Flood prevention possibilities ,of the two hydro-electric dams on the Duachita r.iver just north of here Were demonstrated recently when rain fell almost steadily tot a Week. The total precipitation was over four inches but. the river stage never reached more than 10 feet here. Flood stage U 12 feet. v Without Remmell and 'Carpenter dams the river probably would have risen to a stage of 13 or 14 feet, flooding much territory, including some cotton fields. With early and middle' autumn" us» ually dry in the Ouachita and Caddo river basins), the lakes above the dams reach a low level. The first heavy rains are held in the lakes and the valley crops protected. The crops can be gathered before the heavier and longer winter rains which probably sometimes will flood lower farm lands along the rivers. The same procedure will exist to some extent in the spring after crops are planted. After Lakes Catherine and Hamilton are filled, continued heavy rains will'cause inundation of the lower valleys along the river to the south, but the recent experience shows that an additional dam, which has been planned, will with the present two in a large measure do away with floods in this section along the Ouachita, Arkidelphia and most of the county on the west bank for miles is high, but the east bank has much low land which has been subject to floods. Dear Santa—Please bring -me a football, wagon, tool chest and' fireworks. * •'. C. Cook, Jr. Washington, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I a ma girLnine years old. I am in the third grade. I go to Washington school. I .want you to bring me a pencil box and-, a big doll, a doll bed, and candy, nuts and oranges. And don't forget my little brother and mother and ,-dady. Don't forget the other little children. Evelyn Gray;:': • New Democratic Senators and Their, Leader BankofJonesboro Is Closed Friday Officials of Institution in Little Rock Seeking to Reorganize JONESBORO.—(/P)—The Bank of Jonesboro ,the only bank in the city yras placed in the hands of the state banking department Friday, i Officials went to Little Rock to confer on reorganization plans, i At the time of the last statement deposits were $875;000, with a surplus ind undivided profits of $332,000. Bills payable were $390,000. Steady withdrawals and slow collections are said to have caused the closing. T RENT-One high class bride ce, roodern in every respect. _j class neighborhood, on pave- ^~^ee Floyd Porterfield. 7-6t _,_ room house with ,, l^itchen newly painted inside and t, newly papered. South of Mag»: filling station. Known as the •home. See L. A. Foster. 7-6tc RENT—Two furnished bed adjoining bath. 520 South Main ' •' ' 10-2 dh FOR SALE f-~Tb.R SALE—Sorghum molasses. Ap- f '"t Hope Star. H-lt R SALE—Three and half acres six room house, City water " n gravel highway at a bargain. \\\ & Henry. H-6tc. FOUND .Jn South Main street, one ;. turban Empress Eugenie model trimmed, owner may have : calling at this office. 10-dh Wf — ,, Main street, one sraal letting brown felt hat, ostrich \ owner please call at the of identify same. 10-1 dh WANTED tfurifi*— Mrs. Dorsey McRae t i fgi/t dress to J. L. Green Cleanini to be cleaned and pressed abso > Free December 12. Here are'eight Democrats elected to the U. S. Senate fpr the new term, together with Senator Joe Robinson of Arkansas, their boss in the upper house. Left to right, they are, bottom row, T. P. Gore pf Oklahoma: Corde'l Hull of Tennessee: James F. Byrnes ot South Carolina; Robinson; J. W. Bailey of North Carolina, and John H. Bankhead ot Alabama; top row, Marcus Coolldge ot Massachusetts; W. J. Bulow ot South Dakota and M. M. Logan ot Kentucky. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer BlNGttM, KOW ATr\LtHC DlHECloR, AT^RVA^ AKP'S CHEE |Ki 1915 WUBM HIS l>.'' H\ •*..P K)icToWO\JEREL| AMD r\K r ° ^ ISA ftUCE OFFICER OF EUCLID/ omo-t-AI THAT NO|H o\\ ws Al2COONK> — AHO UpLP^r 5 " MAM /"m , I PAOL! 'Vj _ g&' «.», WANTED—A real op • for two men to solicit sub mrf to the Hope Star on rural mil ftfid. one to canvas streets. Lib- r cpjuinjssion to reliable men. $ i OFFERED: If you want "call 670. Robison Grocery- 4-17tc. O .. ,f^¥P—Bill told containing checks. l r .Return to Hope Star. Howard. fe.*~ 'll-Jt ^ w . W»e h<S*w «nule age | _«. weight $00 ooiiuds, sheared [ around tail, notify H. C. 8ri«ham Ark., Boute 3. JW4-16 PAOl PIRRON)E AlOP PA^I PERKO^ ftJttOOGHNoTREIVES) ARE :- &OTH ITALIAN—B6T&2)VE^RS OLD- BO^ ' Fldrff"QOTOF(?lE\JflAMD—B°m MAKJAQ6P &V , EPPI&MEAD—BoTK OWEOFElGHTGlAIU^eH—• v • spELtTneia FAMILS FAMES'WITH THE SAME THE F Awo i B&KS TRANSPOSED-Bcro ARL BUILDING HOWES w. THEIR. PARENTS-^BOTH MINOS TVOO RISERS' "" ------ 100 Puwflfed Hot i Shipped Into Camden CAMDEM*-Ohe hundred and sixty Poland China, Duroc Jersey and Hampshire pigs have arrived in Cart- den from Bfooklngs, S. D. They will be used for breeding purposes in this county. Twenty of the pigs are for the Camden Lions Club, which will distribute them among 20 4-H club boys In this county in organising the first pig club In the county. County Agent Paul Carruth Is in'charge. H»»iHr ^_ Joan Crawford and Clark Gable in Saenger Film Joan Crawford with the screen'* most popular leading man, Clark Gable, will be seen Sunday at the Saenger Theatre in "Possessed, highly dramatic story of a factory girl who, rebelling against an environment of drab poverty» ends up on Park Avenue to find that wealth and happiness do not necessarily go hand in hand. The picture was adapted from the Edgar Selwyn stage play, "The Mirage, In which Florence Reed created a sensation a few years ago. As the box-factory employee who gives up a small-town lover to become the mistress of a New York politician, Miss Crawford Is said to have her strongest talkie role to date. The plot Is brought to a startling climax when the heroine, finding that !er affair with Gable stands in the way of his becoming governor of the state, makes a public confession of ler past at a crowded political convention. It is this episode which It is said gives Miss Crawford the greatest acting opportunities she has ever been offered on the screen. Wallace Ford, • popular New York stage player, makes his screen debut in the picture as the small town lover and Important roles are filled by the amusing Skeets Gallagher, Frank Conroy, Marjorie White, John Miljan and Clara Blandick. In her newest production, Miss Crawford was directed by Clarence Brown, who achieved such outstanding results with Norma Shearers "A Free Soul" and a long list of Greta Garbo vehicles including "Inspiration" and "Anna Christie." j Six-Months-Old Bread Strengthens Swiss Teeth LOETSCHENTAL, Switzerland—(/P) —The population of this valley town in the central Alps has'the best teeth in Switzerland and medical authorities say it comes from chewing stale bread. The people bake their bread only twice a year in the community's bake- house and even children are soon obliged to chew their bread bit by bit, strengthening their teeth from childhood. ^ Gasoline Tax Doesn't Botttfr Mi X&J , > *> *-^i *»; ,%ti! £**& \ V*J—vs V<K^1 $W«U PVB h< *, < V>% y <X U 3>^ 1. «s iS £'*# : * % . v", ' ; N% W kit) :^ <^^^ : &>H '? *$ «^tt«^* •^ t i',*»" Moduli •*'/Jtl "^ /^ '* *** -. • • Around a Berlin race-track whirled this "mystery car" at more'thbn10 miles an hour. And there wasn't a drop of gasoline nor any ^™^™«V lt *^ ! = Inventor Erich Gralchen, seen here in the cockpit, wouldn't divulge.»he.86- cret of the car's operation, but admitted that It is based on an electrlc-p^U- matic principle. The power is obtained from a sealed cast two feet in diameter. "• < . \ •, ••,' '•• ,' EXTRA SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY FAULTLESS Flour The finest for fancy baking. 48 Ib. sack $1.13 24 pound Sack Hams Swift's "Circle S" Nice Size—Each Bacon Swift's Premium Sliced. Pound Box 28c Clover, Pound Sausage Brookficld Links,—Lb. 23c Patties Bacon Oriole Breakfast Slab High Grade—Lb. Shortening Jewel—in Carton 4 Pounds —.'I Sunbright Cleanser—3 Cans Brookficld— Selected All Good—Dozen Salt Meat Jowls—For Boiling Pound Turnip Purple Tops. Cook Quick.—6 Pounds Dates Dromedary—10 oz. Black Palm Pitted—Pkg. i'OQf cii'ed Ipr rur. I CAMAY TOILET 3 Bars—15c Package Ivory Snow Free Snow Drift Medium Can 49c Large Can Cocoannts Extra Nice Size Each R. L. Patterson's Phone 21 Free Pelivery SYSTE .VSTORES •> LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATCD Sunshine Krispy Crackers 2 Pound Box'- Sugar 10 Lb. Cloth Bag California Navals Oranges Dozen FANCY C'berries found ioe FANCY Lettuce Head KELLOGG'S Cornflakes 4 Package* BEECHNUT Catsup Large Bottle Royal Select "55 055. packages" Oats packwgc ECONOMY Matches Box ^'Jj'-T 1 !.* 1 V Ow OuuuM Ot Q»«*£' SHAwiSliiiLUiifreo. SMAWNtt, OKLA. 1.1. A. . JumUMIUH MTWTll Buy the Bett While the -• ' ' • • . t "••'":•' Price Is So Cheap Lb. Sack . sack MARKET SPECIALS HAMS Whole or Half—-Found 13c Pork Steak, 2 Ibs. 2Sc | FrankfqrU, g lb«....\..2Sc Spare Ribs, 2 Ibs.. 35c ! Chitterlings, 3 ll?» \3Sc BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore Quarter—Pound 126 Bologna Sausage ' By the I'iece—Pound 1210 Neck Bones, 3 Ibf.'.'.'..gOpCcntey.CmH»m, mi.iik ^s

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