Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 29, 1929 · Page 107
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 107

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1929
Page 107
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SUNDAY DafelanD Crioune PHIZES FOR BEST ESSAYS MFfireF.nr.ii 'MIL. U I I L II L U In connection with the OH Burner Show which opened today at 2100 Broadway, celebrating the 25th anniversary of theS. T. John on to., pioneers of Oil burner manufacturers, one hundred dol lars in prizes is being offered for the best letters of ont over two hundred words, outlining the ma- vantages of automatic oil heat. "Everyone except the employes oi me pi. i. jonnson w. may en ter the contest." states N. W. Wilson, district sales manager of the company. The first prie will be fifty dollars, second, twenty-five third fifteen, plus two honorable mention prizes of five dollars each. The contest starts todav and Closes October 12th. The winners of the contest will be announced In the October 12th iswue of the Oakland TR1BT7NK. In the meantime, helpful information to aid contestants in the preparation of their letters, may be obtained at the show. Wilson states that the popularity of olf us one of the most desirable types of fuel Is ever in-rreasinp. lie paid: "The trend is unmistakable, the public is con-scous of the economy, comfort, safety and convenience of automatic oil heat 1 another of its great advantages. In fact a large share of winter-time. Ills are due to high temperatures in the home, according to Dr. W. W. I'eter, associate secretary of the American Public Health ai.li,n A nA millions of dollars could be cut from the nation's doctor bills if houses temperatures were taken cut of the hands of chance, and controlled automatically, "Careful experiments with the Influence of room temperatures on health and comfort," says Dr. I'eter, "prove that the ill effects of a poorly-ventilated room are primarily due to expensive temperatures and the consequent interference with the processes of body temperature regulation. "The New York State Commission on Ventilation has declared: "The avoidance of overheating is the primary essential in all systems of ventilation. Air change, direction, or flow and all other factors, n secondary." In the growing use In this country of oil fuel for home furnaces. Dr., Peter sees hope for a general end marked improvement in public health." . SEPTEMBER 29, 1929 M-3 Oil Burner Show Held Here ft . I he show rooms of the S. T. Johnson company at 2100 Broadway, headauarters for the Oil Burner show now taking place. A prize-essay contest, which is open to the general public, it being held in connection with the show. BIS INTEREST IN APARTMENTS 11 0iMf 11 , . - n ' t J I ? i ' v 15 1 f- 1 i 'I . rrk "ja .1 fp H I ' III M :rv l , i my fvA Unusual Interest . ha been evinced by the general public in the opening of "Chateau de la Colline," the beautiful gothic apartment building at Norwood and Greenwood streets. On the opening date, Sunday, September 22, over seven hundred visitors were shown through this splendid new building, states an official of the Bay Counties Construction Company, builders of the structure. Chateau de la Colline occupies a commanding position overlooking Trestle Glen, and aftords a sweeping view of the bay and surrounding country. The designer of the building has achieved a terraced design that has been the cause of much favorable comment. Each suite If, now completely furnished In harmony with Its Individual color scheme and the building Is again open for Inspection today. The building may be conceniently reached by way of either Park boulevard or Trestle Glen road. From the Glen, turning one block to the right on Norwood and from I the bou evard. turning leic ai Hampel and right at Greenwood. EMPLOYMENT HERE. The number of people given po sitions since January 1 has aver aged 6 rer cent more than last year. This steady gain Is a direct Indi cation that employment conditions during 1929 have consistently oeen superior to'those of 1928. Large Volume By Hill & Stoops A large volume of business Is reported from the offices of Hill & Stoops, distributors -of the well known Wayne oil burner and Fraser warm air furnaces. W. Stoops states: "The Wayne oil burner has long been recognized as a leader In It field. Its installation in any heating plant is an assurance of a care-free and auto matic installation. "The Fraser Warm Air Furnace Is carried in twelve sizes to fill the heating needs of any horn or store. "Hill and Stoops are prepared to submit estimates - on heating Plants of any slr.e or type." RETAII TRADE. Retail trade during the past three months has made an exceptionally line record. The Quarter end ng August 31, 1929, shows a 6.2 per cent' gain over, the thret month period, June, July and August, 1928. July registered the unusual Increase of 17.9 per cent. New Herbert Hoover Junior High School Located at Thirty-third and West streets, which opened its doors to pupils on August 1 2. is one of JklandsagnificenMiewLscta Easterly, - noted -Oakland architect. . r ir ti 'si y a iff 4 g ii .-Mm in iti M' 4 ' ; WA iiiiiii IS mmm 11 l I'll i " m in 'f - mmmmmmmmmmm 4p I " IP N DOOR WHEN the lark heralds the golden tun and the first morning breeze tirs restlessly, life awakens In Oak Knoll to a day of joyous freedom. Here it your door are golf, tennis, riding, wholesome play a dozen things for young or old to dol Here life is differ . ent, healthful, and free. Yet Oak Knoll ia only twenty to thirty minutes from downtown Oakland points. Vhr travel miles for happiness when yoa cen have it at your door? Why be content with basy streets when outdoor freedom is so near? Just for the satisfaction it will give yoa just to sea how immeasurably home environment can rontribute to lasting happiness come and see Oak Knoll today. Learn the facts concerning Fairway Estates, the latest section of Oak Knoll to be placed on the market. See for yourself this ideal setting for hometitet amid oak-elad hills, overlooking the Bay and the Oak Knoll Country Club. Then yon will know why prominent Easthay families have decided te dwell here for all time. . . OAK KNOLL Land Corporation 1450 Harrison Street Telephone ... OA ltland 03S9 TRACT OFFICE Oak Knoll and Mountain Birds. Telephone TR MHff 3368 TO REACH OAK KNOLL tin TXwnuwa 0klu T)rle nl FtntMII Rmiltr-rd or Cart T-.rtah ttnat W Rlfbtj-fttcote Avcau lota Uolt Ltaka Box). Tnm ITartk OakUs. nUmnt m StiulW lriv oat MnrM Rm ( Joitjala MIUr BoaS Twrn at MoontaJa BoaltTlrl for WW Knoll. i SLASH ES FARES Beginning October 1, passenger fares on 'lckwick nnd .Velloway bus lines between Hiin Kranclsco and Li'os Angeles will be cut from $11 to $10, with corresponding reductions for 23 inter-mediate points, it Is announced by M. A. Wooster, general traffic manager for the I'acifjo Transportation Securities company In San Francisco. ' The order,lso affects Fickwlck Nlte Coach fares between the two terminals, which will bo reduced from $14 to $18, Wooster said. The new tariff is the regular winter schedule! and will be ef fective from October 1 to April I, i nun , l. - , .. . i t i i i I ate points affected are San Juan, Salinas, Chittenden Station, AVat-sonvllle, Santa Crux, Sargent, Bloomfleld, Chlroy, Day Road, Itueker, Han Martin, Watsonville Hod, Morgan Hill, Madrone, Perry, Kouth Coyote, Coyote, Poniar, Kdenville, Bnell Hoad, Lick and Han Jose. ' The heaviest summer travel In history on the northern division of Southern I'aclflc Motor Transport company, Pickwick, Velloway, Ore gon Stages and affiliated lines Is reported by Wooster. A feature' of the northern service is the recent inauguration of glass-top observa tion coaches by tne soutnern ra- clrie Motor Transport company be tween Kureka, Cat., and uranl Pass, Ore., on the Redwood high way. TELEPHONES IN USE. The usual consistent increase In the number of telephones continue to be apparent, and a gain of il per cent In the total number is rar In excess of the average for the I'a clflc coast. LIS MASTERPIECE 1 HEATING M HEATING Williamson Coal and Oil Furnaces Add Comfort to Your Home Your healing system has a vital bearing upon the health and comfort of your family. Williamson coal and oil heaters incorporate all that is good in furnace construction. Harris Gas Furnaces n 3f T Our Own Product Made in our own shops witK careful supervision, they have reached the height of heating perfection. Harris gas furnaces have proved their merits, having been awarded the Blue Star of Approval at the A. G. A.- Let the Pacific Gas Appliance Company solve your heating problems. For Information Call OA k. 2480 Housa of Service J L;.i-.i;; m W .... T The new Herbert Hoover Junior High school located at Thirty-third and West streets, Is one of Oakland's newest and finest schools. It opened Its doors for the boys and girls of Oakland on Aug. 12, and was built out of the funds of the 1914 school bond issue. The new school Is designed on a modified English Tudor style of architec ture with large arched entrances, On entering the school, one first finds a largo lobby with tile floor and wainsnotlng and nrched ceilings. To right of the lobby Is the entrance to a large assembly hall which seats 1200 persons. In the center of the auditorium ia a flat floor apace with moveable seats which can be utilized for dance floor or pageants and .other community affairs. The celling of the auditorium Is panelled, stencilled and colored. A stage at one end of the room is large enough for 200 persons. Dressing room are provided In each wing of the stage, and in the rear of the hall la a large balcony. A moving picture booth with latest equipment la also provided. To the left of the lobby la the administration suite with the principal, vice-principal and at tendance offices. Next on the first floor ia the textbook room and II brary, a faculty cafeteria and student cafeteria, quick lunch counter which opens onto the ex terior of the Building and kitchens, There are also several class rooms on the first floor. The second and third floors con tain more than 25 classrooms with provision for science and home economics. Shops and gym nasiums are provided and located In one-story wings con nected to the main building so cated a to cause a minimum of noise in the main structure. The gymnasium Is 65 by 100 feet In size, with folding doors allowing for one large gymnasimum, making It suitable for match games and school affairs which Includes a large number of pupils. The gym nasium will he used for Inter- class competitions and social functions. Showers have been provided with private dressing rooms adja cent In the girls' department allowing more privacy than In many of the older buildings. The achool was built at approxi mately $4(0,000 Including grounds and equipment. The Herbert Hoover school -evas formerly known as the Clawson-Longfellew Junior High school, but the name was changed and the building will be dedicated in the near future In honor of our President Herbert Hoover. -x The building was designed by John I. Easterly, an Oakland archi tect. Caterpillar on Schoolground Showing caterpillar in use for leveling work on grounds of San Leandro Tumor Hifrli school. BWrwhwiaia), -aey-v .if a sn ( afcjT f jr ' r I - , m' v i, r.&y-Wt 41. 4 Swa aat..taw'.?f 4 Hi? IT"! mw -J? ! ?' t f4 MlH i r 3 mmfixam-xl& n; Member Gas Appliance Society and Fnrnac Iealer Asaociatlon KEW IXDCSTRIE8. During the three month period, June, July and August, 41 new Industries located in the Eaatbay district- During the same period of last year 31 Industries selected Oakland. This Is an Increase of 12 per cent. Besides being greater in number during this period the industries are larger In size, have Invested a greater amount of money, and the value of goods produced annually Is much larger. R. M. Dav has engaged J. H. Christensen to construct a $27,500' one-story brick store on the north-1 west corner of Eleventh and Alice J ftreeta. OBJECTS OF DIVISION By WILLIAM A. FEARS Pre. Salesmen's Ilv. O. R. E. B. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the activities and object of the salesmen's division of the Oakland Real Estate board, wo will give a brief outline. The purpose is the betterment of the individual salesman by: Educating him so as to Increase his earning capacity, and thereby facilitating on hie part the making of more sales. By having him learn, In contact with fellow salesmen, many points Df the business about which he may not be Informed. Bringing together fellow salesmen, and brokers, thereby creating better knowledge and understanding. By creating a greater personal Interest in their work-Affording an opportunity for a Inrge conception on their part of the scope of the real estate business by collective reading. The second result hoped to be gained is the betterment of the profession by: A' thorough knowledge and study of the code of ethics. By making the salesman know his duty to his broker and employer. By making him know hla duty to other brokers. By reminding him of his duty and obligations to clients. Through this training to prevent possible conflict between publlo and broker. By making him an associate member in the parent body, rendering him eligible to attend meet-Inge and other functions. AVTOMOB1LE SALES. More passenger cars were sold during August of this year than In any August of any year in the history of Oakland. The month of July made the same record. Comparison of 1040 sales for this year against ape for August ot last yesr shows an Increase of 18 per. cent.. For the first time this year, more commercial cars were sold In north ern California than In southern California. This' record shows 1420 as against 1402. Alumeda county commercial car sales totaled 1(0. This ia twice the number sold In August, 1927, and the largest number ever sold In one month In the history of Oakland, t V ,5 a ! 1 . v i - 3 ;-. 10 4 f 4 I S I 1" t V'w k? J tflMM 11 )1 IT . a ...L A Charming, Commodious Apartments of 4, 5 and 6 Room TO LEASE in Oakland's New and Beautiful Bellevue - Staten Located on Bellevue and Staten Avenues, Facing Lake-aide Park and Lake Merritt. See the Beautiful and Completely Furnished Model Apartment. 1 FRED T. WOOD7 COMPANY Leasing' Agents 1801 Franklin Street LA keside 0242 0l hie jgujifinier 100.00 in Prizes CELEBRATING the twenty-fifth anniversary of the S, T.Jobn-on Co. as pioneer manufacturers of oil burners for everrdomes-tic, commercial and industrial use. Here you will see the latest types of automatic joil burner in actual operation. . .will have an opportunity to learn how millions of homeowners are economically solving the greatest problem in the home. . . that of heating. One hundred dollars will be given in prizes for the best letters of not over 200 words, outlining the advantages of automatic oil heat. Everyone, except employees of the S. T. Johnson Co. may enter this contest. First prize, Fifty dollars; Second prize, Twenty-five ; Third prize. Fifteen, plus two honorable mention prizes of five dollar each. Daily Program Demomtration el the IsteM types trf ntomatlr oil burners, from ei(ht in the tnernlna. te ten. thirty each evening. ... v F.I K ill il f .k slve Johnson burner from IIH early days ! Ue anannfacture. ... Motion pictures per- iraying the nreduction f Johnson Burner, and the advsntages et tute matte oil best, ererr ere- iih( at e "clerk. Show Clout SaL Eot., October 5 th Helpful information to aid you in the preparation of your letter may be obtained at the show. The contest starts today. Closes October 12th. Winners will be announced in the October 20tlvissue of the Tribune. Win or-.e cf the prizes. Visit the show today, in the showrooms of the S. T. Johnson Co. 2100 Broadway, Gr.1:!;

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