Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 25, 1929 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1929
Page 20
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WEtNESDAY EVENING OaklanD Ctt&tmt SEPTEMBER 25, 1929 OIIC HERE W .nr innrn Tll.1 iillL IIUULU I u v V." I CURTAI N k HA ITS -Wbod-Soanes 'Chamber of Commerces wJturther Additions to Lengthy List. Ij ji Ths convention and tourist de , rartment of ths Oakland Chamber ,s .or tummerc today announced that several mora important conventions have been added to the list ? of conclaves scheduled to meet a here. On October t the Regional Can " ference of the Red Crone will come to Oakland with headquarter at jHotel Oakland. Jt Is expected that (more than 500 will be in attend- jjance, s Flans are also grolng ahead for ?,1930-and 1931 conventions. Those 'already booked by the chamber's " oonvention and tourist department ; include the United Daughters of the Confederacy state convention, : which will meet in Oakland October 1 to 5, 1930, with a delegate attendance to exceed 750. .W- Fifteen hundred delegates are -xnected at the California State "Spiritualists' convention, which Is scheduled for June, 1930. July 20 f to 30 of the same year are the dates chosen for the state gather' OU may add t o the list of "Local Boys Make Good" the name of Walter Plunkett. an Oakland youth who was gradu ated from the University of Call- rornia recently and is now the head of the RKO studio wardrobe department and one of Hollywood's most sought after dress designers. Plunkett's most important production is expected to be Bebe Daniels' "Rio KIta," an all-musical extravaganza requiring gobs of KpanUh costumes. Jewelry and what-not, Plunkett has designed aTl of Mlsa Daniels' costumes and supervised the balance of the scenlo production. And it seems that the life of the costume designer is not all milk I and honev. because in the all-color schemes there Is much to grieve does producing on about. Colurs do not photograph I ana wrues - piay as they (ire seen in life. It appears. Blue turns green, and purple brown. Red and green are the only ones that stay put. At any rate, Plunkett" seems to have landed definitely in his chosen field and has not only been patted on the back by Muss Daniels, but, more Important, has been praised by Max Ree, the art director of the studio who used to occupy a slml lar capacity with Max Relnhardt. Theater Guild planning to go on touor in the Margalo Glllmore roles In "Marco Millions," "Vol-pone" and "R. V. R." A mystery play bearing the title "Ghost Parade" is to be produced in Chicago presently. It is a story of British officers in India. a Junior Durkln, who was the star of "Courage" all last season in New York, Is now in vaudeville In a comedy drama by Edgar Allan Woolf called "The Little Vagabond." John Henry Mears has bought the rights to Robert McLaughlin's "Fires of Spring" and will try it out In Cleveland, where McLaughlin manages a couple of theaters. nis own hook, HOLLYWOOD IS 1 MUCH Eff REAL ROMANCE Actors and Actresses Have True Life Stories Rivaling - Plays They Act. Ingr ef the Knights of Pythias and ; the Calanthe of California, auxill 4 ary of Knights of Pythias of North America. One thousand are ex- - pected to attend. The national convention of the ' A. 55. A., Junior organisation of the H'nal B'rlth, will convene here in ;JuIy, 1930, -with an attendance of . 1000. New conventions scheduled for 1631 include the National Ansoci-Htion of Letter Carriers and its auxiliary, to meet here In August of that year with an attendance of 10,000. The Paclflo Foreign Trade Council will hold its annual meeting in Oakland during 1932. TWENTY. SEASONS AGO TODAY Maurice Stewart it at the Broadway in "Micluiel Strogofj" a a tpecial attraction. A DAVIS I II I 1 III I ! I III' II I DAVIS, Sept. it. Rev. N. M. Flake, returned from his vacation hunting trip In Modoc county to officiate at the funeral of J, W. Campbell. . Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Rbwe s,nd family 'spent Sunday at Dillon's Beach. Mrs.- Bliss Brown and two ton Of Fair Oaka are spending a few -.days at the home of Mrs. Brown'a nipther, Mrs. J. R. Williamson. Xr. P. Fottlnger of Monrovia is -the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Fat narvme. VALLEJO VALLEJO, Kept. 25. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Opperman are horn after an enjoyable visit in Ban Francisco. Rex Beach was a visitor at Hunter's Point on Sunday, James Bltcon visited In Oakland last night. Cure Relief rMA You Feel Better: LETTER full of questions arrives from R. and 13. J., and maybe the answers will be Interesting to other customers: Q. "Dear Mr. Soanes: Some time ago we read in your-column that Suzanne Caubays waa to play Ltnu Belle'' out here on the coast. At the J present time the play is across tne bay with Dorothy Burgess in-the leading part. Why the change 7 What. Is Cuzanne Caubaye doing at the present time?" A. Miss Caubaye was engaged for the role but was unable to re main on the coast for the production, which was originally scheduled for last summer. She s In New York now, having returned from a tour of France and Germany a week ag. Q. "Is Crane Wilbur still In Hollywood and working In the movies f Has he no intention of going bacK to New York either to star or produce his new plays?" A. He is under contract to Metro-Ooldwyn-Muyer for a year as writer and dialogue director and has about six month to run on this arrangement. What hts plans are for the future, I wot not, Q. "In Louella Parsons' column, mention was made that Beatrice Bltnn was mistaken for a 14-year-old girl at the Brown Derby in Hollywood? la she not quite a bit younger than Miss Caubsye?" A. Not so much as all that. Miss Parsons probably needs glasses. Q. "We would also like to have news of Tom Kelly, Dorothy Desmond and John Ivan. Is Norman Field Mill selling vacuum cleaners down south?" A. None of these players corre spond with this department unless, of course, they want some thingand since they are not In the news, their whereabeuts are unknown to us. T HELP HUGE UNO Ml ALAMEDA, Sept. 25 The mod ern attitude toward sex problems ww lead to greater married nan plness, especially of young couples, Henry M Grant, of the Social Hy giene Educational Association of San Francisco, told members 'of the Alameda 'Rotary, club . in speech delivered during a lunch eon meeting yesterday at Hotel Alameda. There should be no secrets re gardlng nature's plan," Grant de clared. "The difficulty In the past nan peen in rinalng a way to teach children their sex responsibility. 'in is dirnculty is being overcome by social hygiene education cen ters and the result will be far greater degree of happiness for all." Education In sex problems snouia receive scientific consldo eratlon, the same as any subject taugnt in the schools, but the proper methods of education along tnose lines is a necessary consld eratlon, he declared. He urged the Rotarlans to look at the changing attitude of the public regarding sex problems from the modern point of view. "Happiness should be the goal, and this can be attained only by a scientific and proper knowledge of sex matters, the same as sub jects pertaining to mathematics, science and 'geography," he as serted, i MONTEREY MONTEREY, Sept. 26 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edwards spent the week end in Los Angeles. Mrs. Hannah Bostrom oa spend ing a few days with her daughter. Mrs. noy Jieruon of uonzales. Bellans Hot water Sure Relief ELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION 254 and 754 Pk0's.Sold Everywhere) QBraMm and Tender Joint Qives Instant Relief , Dr. SchoU's Zlno-pads for Bunions top pain instantly, protect the enlarged joint from ' pressure of shoe, and soothe and heel the Irritation. Thin, mildly tnedlcstsd guaranteed safe, sure. At drug, shoe and dept. stores 33c box. DrSchotVs ZiiiO'pads Phi enc en At pain it gone! FORTY SEASONS AGO TODAY George P. Webtter and William Brady rare playing "After Dark" in the eatt. Mrs. Maria jnzerlllo has re turned to Pittsburg after spending two momna in Monterey. Mrs. C. B. Hlnkley and her sister, Mrs. M. Hunter of Topeka, Kansas, are in Los Angeles for two weeks. , Mr. and Mra. William F. Kuhn of Stockton were recent guests at the home of Mr. and .Mrs,. J. C. Kuhn. BorWr for a lL'VVi aJ CHARLIE CARROLL Is niak-lng whoopee at the Fox Senator this week in .recognition of Its third anniversary, and the neighborhood paper spread Itself Into a special . edition, to make space for the wires of congratulation that poured In from all parts nt ha nnnntrv. The congratulations are as much for Carroll as they are for the age of the theater because It was not among the notables until the West Coast decided to close the American and move Carroll to the Sen ator. In fact, there were some meantes who suggested that It was necessary to close the theater to get Carroll out into the open air. Ha utarted at tha American twelve vmi-M im as head usher for Rex Midgley and remained so obsti nately on the Job that JUiagiey ulti mately elevated mm Dy easy imi" to manager. When tne wesr. v,oasi took the house, Midgley went elsewhere, but Carroll waa too busy to be annoyed., by such a trine as change of ownership. He continued as It nothing nan nappenea. Now at the Fox-Senator, a neign- boring bakery has baked a cake, the rniviir has added Ilia encomium to dozens of picture personages and theater executives, and the Fire men's band is ready'to play "Clap Hands. Here Conies Charlie!" ., , t BIGGS BIGGS, Sept. 25 Miss Ann Win-ters and Miss Fern Lnganecker spent the . week end with I Hands in Modoo county. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Corry have returned to their home In Tennes see after a visit with Mr. and Mrs J. H. Broyles. - By nOBBIX COOJf s HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 25. There are actresses in Hollywood whose life storl read like tales front the Vrablan Nights, nd there are oth rs whose pasts :re virtually as lull, except for he glamor shed jpon them by amera or foot lghts, as those of my sheltered lit lo school girl or oclety debutante ret an hour in he company of me of the former an be insuffer-ibly stupid at lmes, while an lour or even .vhole day with one of compara- post can be a f 1 M. CKUHCHiLi., tlvely uneventful memorable pleasure. , For thn lady of adventurous ca reer is lik.tly to talk on and on and on. about her favorite theme, her selr; the lady of little history will answer questions readily, but talks also of other things, and her Alpha and Omega are not the capital I. Of such is Marguerite Churchill, IS years i.ld, small, brunette, with the largest,, darkest brown eyes im aginable, and a musical low voice to sootho the grouchiest microphone. She has another quality, too (which, by the way, Is not so rare In Ko lywood actor folk as is generally supposed), that radiates through til her speech intelli gence. From Broadway An Importation from Broadway, she 1 knows little of "Hollywood life" she goes to few parties, and does not qi'ito understand why an actress is supposed to be "seen" places, find go places, and do things for the sake of being "seen." But hi is curious about it, full of questions as if a mere reporter could enlighten any one on that strange social phenomenon known as "HoUvood llfo." But Miss Churchill has not had an entire! dull life. - She was born on Christmas day, for one thing, in Kansas City, Mo., by the way. Then he has trnveled much. Her father owned a chain of theaters, some In South America, and she lived In Buenos Aires for a time. Shortly after they returned to New York her father died, and at s she became an actress, not be- ause "ah had always wanted to," hut simply because she had to find some curoer. Novcr tin "Extra" She begun as an Ingenue In one play, ami after attending dramatic school emerged in her next as lead ing lady. She has never been a stags "extra," a maid who walked on and olr. or an incidental char acter. In Iier last play she was seen by talkie scouts and signed. Her first feature picture was "The anant. She ha an ambition: some day. to own her own theater in New York. And an Intention: some day. to be married. "I should not want to miss any thing in life," she says. And adds, ithout a trace of affectation: so wonderful as that . . ." ' Pictures Orient CHARLES PENMAN, who is appearing in important role in "The Hindu," at the Fulton, and who will be seen in "The Arabian, 'Mo be given jrt that theater next week." DeForresl photo. ' ., - I - f h ik J t MOMS! i--.'- ', S , X,;v ;,.M&t.-,.A ELEPHANTS ARE S ACTOR Charles . Penman Is thinking of turning elephant trainer. "Nothing to it," says the actor. "An elephant can be trained In three weeks." f Penman should know because he spent much of his boyhood in India where his father was Interested in the ruby Industry. The actor, who plays Denton Morgan in "Tha Hindu," with Walker Whiteside and the Henry Duffy Players at tha Fulton, lived in Burma and is an expert on the customs and habits of the Orientals. "Practically all my .waking hours were spent riding elephants," saya Penman. "My particular elephant belonged to one of the great sawmlllts on- the Rangoon river that cut up the famous Burmese tCfliCWOOQ, In "The Arabian," which will be seen at the Fulton next week, Pen man will have an entirely different type of role. He will play Captain Fenway, British soldier. waiKer Whiteside.-guest star of the Henry Duffy Players, will be seen as Abd El Key, an Arab chieftain. Seats for "The Arabian " go on sale ot the Fulton boxofflce on Thursday, The next matinee of "The mn du" will be given at the Fulton tomorrow. Peggy Fools Caller, Making Record Dressing When Aetress SaicT S h e Would Be Clothed In Min-1 utfi She Told Truth.' ' NEW YORK, Sept. 25 OP) A caller tapped at Peggy Joyce's stateroom when she arrived on the Leviathan. "I'm not up yet," she said. "Must dress. Will be out in a minute. She appeared in about 60 seconds. II OPPOSES IIG GATES PATTERSON PATTERSON. Sept. 25. Einer Peterson of San Mateo vtsitea nis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Pet erson, over the ween end. Mrs. L. J. ' Taylor and daughter Jewell, and son, 'Rex, spent the week-end at Oakland. GIL REFUSES VI' HONORS MEXICO CITY, Sept. 25. M President Portest Gil has refused to have streets or parks named after him. He believes such honors should wait till after he is dead when the country has had time to decide upon his work. World War Veteran Is Crushed by Log OROVILLE, Sept. 25. Funeral services were held here today for Ira Hoke, 33, of Orovlll. a hook tender employed by the Sugar Pipe Lumber company in Madera, who was fatally injured when a log rolled on him, breaking his back and fracturing his skull. . Hoke, a former sergeantln. the marine corps, survived several major ep-gagements overseats. ' Fred Ventuluth, F. S. Harrison, R. C. Fleharty and Donald Olson motored to Santa Cruz on Sunday to play golf. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Douty spent the . week-end at their summer home at Santa Cruz. Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Allen visited the Yosemlte on Sunday. Mrs. Guy Allen of Modesto stayed in the doc tor office while they were away. GRIDLEY GRIDLEY, Sept. 25 Mrs. Paul ine Moore and son, Edward, of Qulncy, are visiting Mrs. Moore's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore. Mr. and Mrs. S. Wittlnger, ac companied by Mr, and Mrs. L. P. Fox of Paradise, have returned from a trip to Silver Lake, Ore gon. , William Black Jr., Is visiting rel atives in Calistoga. Tom McCaughan has returned to his home here after spending sev eral months in Oaklaqd. San Benito Rolls Show Tax Increase HOLLISTER, "Sept. 25. Total taxes to be ' collected throughout San Benito county this current fiscal year will be approximately three per cent higher than last year, according to assessment rolls turned over to Sheriff Jere Croxon, who is also tax collector for the county, here yesterday. The total to. be collected is: $450,503.28, against a total of $437,089 last year. Over a quarter of a million Is expected to lo collected on the first payment. The highest dis trict is Holllster, with a total ot 1127,668 taxes to be paid. The highest rural district is the rich orchard section Ausya'mas, with i Caddies Arrested On Theft Charges SALINAS, Sept. 25. Tom Har die, 18, and Joseph Carlisle, 19, caddies accused of leaving Monterey at the close of the recent na tional amateur tournament with golf balls and clubs estimated at $150, have been arrested in Los Angeles, according to Information received yesterday by Sheriff Carl H. Abbott. After being taken into custody Hardie securled his re lease by furnishing $250 bail for his appearance here. Deputy Sheriff Duncan F. McKlnnon is going south to bring Carlisle back. The caddies are said to have taken the balls and clubs from the lock ers of the Pebble Beach golf course. . .. Man Held In South On Shooting Charge SALINAS. Sept. 25. Kaso Na- kano, a Japanese accused of attempting to Bhoot his estranged wife, 'Jane, with a shotgun ten days ago In Seaside, near Mon terey, and who fled the scene when his attempt was frustrated by the woman's sister, has been captured In Los Angeles, Sheriff Carl H. Abbott has been notified He will be brought back to answer charge of attempted murder. When Nakano pointed the gun at his wife, according to witnesses, the young girl struck It an ward blow and the charge lodged in the celling instead of hitting its intended victim. t Although the Southern Pacific fSmpany has reiterated its willingness to take down the gates across San Pablo avenue, at Stanford avenue, owing to the numerous times' autoists have smashed the gates. Commissioner C. C. Young admitted today that he was not satisfied with the proposed plan to replace the gates by ordinary "stop signals. The trouble, with the ordinary signals, says Young, Is that a railroad track is involved in the case, where fast trains go whizzing past every twenty minutes. As autoists often speed up when they see a green light ahead, In order to pass a crossing before the red light goes on, Young'says that the ordinary signals might invite more accidents than at present, owing to this habit of autoists. "Where v trains are concerned." admitted Young, "there should bo special caution. We are still trying to find some apparatus which will replace the antiquated bars ct Stanford avenue but we will not be In a hurry to put anything i p until we know it will work." FOE WEf T COAST THIATRSr Oakland Ortatc.it Entertainment 1 1 Amerlra'a Dancing II O Daughter j I V ' S ... w .- I SiS i . iono-iujuw;u'xi"ji:i s DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. ANITA FADE BOD LA BOQUE JOBIPHIKE EDWARD Mrs. Daniel Bayless and family have returned from Areata where htye apent the summer months. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Savage and daughter, Phyllis, spent the week In Oakland and San Francisco, PINOLE PINOLE, Sept. 25. Mrs. Dixon of Hercules was an Oakland visitor today, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hutchison spent the week-end in San Francisco visiting the latter' brother, Dwlght Rogers. Jim Carmen of San Francisco has taken Joe Dalessi's place with the A. Greenfield Co. store. FISTULA HEMORRHOIDS A FRCC BOOK rOR YOU CAM, OR WRITE FOIt Fit EE BOOK SO TO Dr. KARL KELLER 1179 MARKET STREET SIN FRANCISCO EXITS AND ENTRANCES Feci Years Younger WhTte-Fo (1 and 2) u the dtilfr, of rlbota with akin ulmrno. Corrtcn Itch. 'oo Itt. Sun Burnt, and No. 2 oocks recul trriMtkmi la about ttlM week. For Free BooU at. write LJ How lev. Co, Kauu Gtr, Mo. TxTE LVl J -Jai Al OHTISKtlKVr PILES WILL DISAPPEAR! Haw Guaranteed Mrtknit AHHOHHS Tkrm or M-urj Bark! . Here fs a new. r-nsr tll'Ali.W-. T1XD way to get rid of iile. '1 !ie J. C. Pile Ftemedy wun jif rfflet! hy una who had suffered for 50 years - tried operations, oinfments, uj-piMiitorles almost everything without satlifactorr relief. He has m.ide thousands of tests of this wonder method r,n chrnnic pile sufferers o-r all,,i Incurables, with surh sen-t!oniil results that he make an un'smltei tuarart'v of fh t isfact ion ir money l,d;k. Y-u are the j;ide! no mn Iter-whit you have tri-d what yi.je pa-t rii.-i-:rninnt have Ipih try t liis rm-thoil! It jiickly s'.;.s pain. ft IiIiik Itiih or int';:!,-.l ami ab.jrl.B and '.f.f-H mo the p.!,- u-'".eration : :4 pain'u I': if.-. ! t alt -H ; ... .. J. C. Pile Remedy r t:ian an lt-' rni-tly per pack- Roscoe Ates of the vaudeville team ot Ates and Darling, seen on several occasions here at the Or- nhcuni. has been signed for two years for Fox talkies, lie will bo seen first In support of Lenore Cyic In "South Sea Koae." Nance O'Nell has been atrfled to the c-ft of "Koque's Song," the first talkie starring l.aivrenre Tib- bett. MIhm O'Nell is new to talkies but not to talk. a a Lowell Sherman has been signed to play tho interlocutor In Al Jolson's next show, "Mammy." In-ciilentnlly It was revealed recently that ".Mummy" is Just another name fur "Mr. Hones," which Jimmy CleaMnn and Irving Hrrlln vvruie fur JVI.ion to use on the st, me Rome seasons nco. N'uw Iter-1 1 li alone Is announced as the uuthor. a , fienrge Kelly has a new play for 1 isj I;, y this year called "Maggie the Magnlfl-ent." It l'iils with a rtowagiT of tin- ijums who Is pen- i nilessi but exci-.snivcly iirmlu. ' Martin Flavin's new play. "The : Criminal Code." is in thirteen acenes. all set within the confines I of a prison. Flavin will use pllding I iron doors InMead of the conven- I lional cuiuin. and an :itnilifyliiK aVvi:e to pimest the presence of ! f'ur thousand convic ts. Flavin j should have the phv t.rodured lv ', -Morris i;-st and net the four thou- . sand jn the fl-nh, j a The Shuber's are get tine- tot-ether -on another if th.? riiUMr;.! play cnlline for a chortis. It H called "Nina l:.v.." n. thirty -six youths will ring O e Hun.unJ Kom- , berg tun's. Sylvia Field, nut When Rest Is Broken Health Suffers When Sleep ic Disturbed by Bladder Irregularities. ONE can't feel veil when rest is disturbed by bladder irregularities and days made miserable by scanty, burning or too frequent excretions. Too often this indicates sluggish kidneys and improper elimination of acid poisons from the blood. Stiff, achy joints, persistent backache, drowsiness and depression also often warn of this condition. Don't take chances! Help your kidneys at the first sign of trouble. To promote normal kidney action and assist your kidneys in cleansing your blood of poisonous wastes, .use Doan't Pills. Endorsed the world over. Sold by gld dealers everywhere. 50,000 Users Endorse Doan: Victor AruJaraon. 3S12 S. Emarmld An., Chlcan. III.. aal "1 laowa o Doaa a Hlia lor ran aaal (iadly faaaama thanv At m tiaa aor kjdnrya wvra aot actia aoraMlly: tit .Kratiofia paaafll ta fnqaaairly laa I kd to ft p maay tunaa at aornu I aaa a dull acaa ia air back ana! tt I bast am it waa a oa lo traigbara ap agmoa. Aitat aung Doaa a Pula. 1 aaoa rait fina afaia. DoanJs Pills A Stimulant Diuretic to the Kidneys 7t HC. o TA Lit INC " SOU N OPcf, DPrcfvr4 i i 30? 12 70 6 mehrlul. tvr fitii 1 igmal and OnlyQ, DE LUXE SHOWS ILY iW IAVORAJM f ak. I W.hK.fnf I " - I, 'I presenunq mi 40N THE ROCK PlLE'x 'TWO BLACK.CROWS CK LAST TWO DAY8 ESED.LLE DACiEK ofT&rim The, Mod Delightful Repertoire other Career - J . OTraSR R-K-O FBATURe. Jladio Pictures 'All Taking JWodranw SIEIZ 6E2E' THREE MOORE BROS. HIMSELF AGAIN Tha Wlia-Cracklnr Kalnat . You Kaow &ad Lort wlfll ANITA PAGE XABX CAIfX EBKEiT TORRINCI Matra-Oaldwis. X.7r Pictur to and Rti ' Mrrrimakrrs with lack raaekos Kobt. Carlton HHNRY DUPFY TltEATPES TtMlnr and Tomorrow UNMtWMV -aj I AINTnlklns; I adrrrrorU llrama Frldar and Satarday 'THE DESERT SONG" A'MVKHSAKV WEEK Laat Tlrara Tonlcht All Talkina? and Hlnnlng; RDDIK UOn LI Mi R "The Rainbow Man" With Marina Mion-Alaa LAI RKI, HARDY la In "BERTH MARKS" All Tnlklaa; itarrinc Tomorrow: "OEKTLEMEM Or THE rEESS" -t ra.lt. II vow rtsnso ALL IALKIMO Tonnrfr incrntlon" Wltfc I.IVl BASqiCTTE Aaal oa the Sti III Vit.m ti i jti w pi mmS RROAnWAV M-4K. 15 ANT SEAT ANT TIME He j Tad Emil JaBDitiRs in "Husbandt or L,Trt."' IVoiis luMdi ia "Tali t Jwii',tur! BoBUrf'' nl TilkU. To- morrrw Richard Bartholmtw in "lar-t &?.' WillifNt Bnr .ft ' 7 Sif J S I aaaaaaaaaa IX AT I5,H I aV IK IV tnTWE COMEDY I OF TUE ORIENT il j-eAT ROMAMTIC COME0V TELtOOiDU -1' V JWH.VaTaTBIlaaTK1 I I1 ' H . .1 1 ya-SSaaaaBBwaaBB-JKaB-. 11 If i K, m Ull lAKEStDl 00 73 Wancy CADDOtL LlFt' Trom tha BUfa SucetM "BUXLESaUE" Partnotiat't Snecaauir 4a "Ta I Coooajiota" Anotiar Carapl.ta Jo. SO Haw Turk Show. Praam tod, iii for Lino, oa Talking Soraaa. WS Af ,NiGtMWS BARO. MAT. TODAY. 35c. BOe. T3 aaA MRIra w If SI 1 a ff ayaaaaat BOX-OFKICK SALI TMURSDAY TWO WEEKS ONLY UENRY DUFFY PLAYERS THE DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN STAR is3 on OAKS Tilkinc Mm 3 7or TWO WEEKS ONLY 0 HENRY DUFFY PLAYERS. o V imS. H h vin ioin i nt the . - NYDIA WESTMAN - LB ELL CLIIR lEOllHDWARO IBVINO MITCHELL "THE STUDY OF MAN IS MAN" SWAMI BHAGWAN BISSESSAR cll-kiiOTm Tosl t'lmosoiiiiur, will discuss llfs from the beBinnin? of the -earth, 1.500,000.000 years nco to the end of time, EBELL CLUB 1440 Harrison Street Adml.alo, rrra Sllrrr Offrrlnc l.ck with tbt I, for the time Ltii

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