Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 17, 1929 · Page 105
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 105

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1929
Page 105
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SUNDAT OaklanU Ctibunt NOVEMBER 17, 1929 Tiinnn mil! ,','.' BuiLDirie New Plant for Tool, Die, Machine Works The L. Newman Tool, Die & Machine worVs will occupy, at an early date, k model new plant, a modern steel and brick structure, at Twenty-fourth and Filbert streets. The firm is at present located at 2417 Clement street, Alameda. ?Tudor Hall Completed -.. Thii beautiful structure, located at Madison and Lake streets, adjoining Lake Merritt. invite PC inspection. Oliver Kehrlein is the owner. F. C Stolle. the builder, and Miller & Warnecke. the architects. Notable installations are those of Frigidaire, Ray oil-burning equipment for heating purposes, and Waller electric dishwashers. " . luuun hall APAHTIWENTS L COMPLETED 2-31 FOR A modern steel and brick build tne haa Just been completed at Twenty-fourth and Filbert street for the I.. Newman Tool. Die and .Machine- Works. This firm, now lo cated at S41" Clement streot, Ala-meJa. will be ready for business In It new plant by the end of iso-veinber. i.-, A feature of the new tullillnir Is the larjre percentage of glass wall, allowing a maximum amount of daylight necessary for the exacting work to be done. About 75 per cent of three walla la of ateel . framed glass, comprising more than a thousand window panes. - In commenting on the new location N'snrmsn. the owner, said: 'Tha continuous yearly growth of our business has rorced us to seen larger quarters. We now employ twenty mechanics. In our new home this number will be doubled and 80 per cent more machinery ' will be added to that now In use. : The Increased force of workers and the manv hew' types of machines to be added wlK enable lis to efficiently handle a greater volume of Work" This flrtn specialises In tools, dies, steel atamplng, special machinery ami In doing experimental work. U. Newman experience In the machine shop field covers a period of over 23 years. He has been In business in various Kast-bay location for the past ten years. Before locating in the Eeatbey. be was sssoclated with large eastern machinery plants. hiiise. of brand-lake Chariot i) . i i! i . i - ;,( it? i7.11... i ? i hi i i - - ' --n t - iwMjiiiWH'- iii tin ip-stmi ift Rises Fast The magnificent new structure for the Shell Oil building in San Francisco, which it being erected by the P. J. Walker company of Oakland, San Francisco and Lo Angeles, nationally known builders. H. Carroll tf i5 Ad- Inently affiliated with, am street, for twelve years prom- , r-ast hav the atrical cir cles, hat been named manager of the Grand-Lake theater. It Is announced. Tie u n e a a tls Ban Me. Lean, who Is now man-x eger of the KI Canteen, in Ksn' Francisco. 'C- a troll's appointment as new manager of the Orand-Lske theater ftll-tnaxea the ' o a r a r of. one who CHaattt d. OsaaotL saw the future In 'pictures' and worked his Way from an usher up th rungs or ma meairicai ladder to hla present position. Ha began his show work at the American theater In Oakland, Carroll subsequently became head Usher, assistant manager, and then manager of the American. For eleven years, Carroll was wtth this theater. W'hen It closed Itt doors ha was appointed manager of the Fox- Senator at Fortieth and Telegraph, and has been In that position for ins am year, , Comments on Salesmen's Tests 1 V immih 1 1 Hi Ikd fill III lll'Piih- ! liniiilll asCksllsBttMHtft'aa't'r L4r aVMatMavcjaj44sfefiBsSBslial GOOD PROGRESS ON SHELL OIL BUILDING . William A. Law President of the Perm Mutual Life Insurance company, who addressed the company 'a annual convention in Quebec. Canada. T't" ''Xfimlnatlon of applicants for n il t snleman's license Is m-Mi t'Hh jTiifked success, Htsto Jt I tu -te. iKpsitnient, records r. v.il, of i" u a I niulfly 85 per cent of V:"'" " ho take the teet recelv. tin . p x-lnn Kfinlcs, and comments heuiil uvr the stale are all favor-ahi. Alili'iuul) the total number of pei'soiis u lio have taken the test to data is comparatively small, this 1m attributed to the fact that much etudy Is being put In by t lis prospective licensees. Hundreds have .enrolled for the special course ponoreri by the California Heal j;tate association and the University of Southern California. I'rohably due to the same cause, there were In October J, 4416 lees people licensed thsn there were for the same period last year, and tpere were tit more hrokers and almoM 6000 less enlrwnnn. The fact thtit there are 839 more brokers, and that over200 nf thesfi' ivcro formerly salesmen, Is nltrlbu-tfd bv .111" fie part mint to the be. Il-f lhnt ninny who formerly hi-M :iesinen'a llcnisis to tsc:iio tlio written exiirninalloii, hnvn now become brok'Ta, ln'i. they imift pass a tewt In -i.t Ik r case. ITeparsllrins are' being mdn to onie for the larsn nnmlieis who npply'f'ir llrciiNp for thn new year. GoldenState OHicialBack From Cuba Uppermost In - tha mlnda of Cubans at tha present moment Is no thought other than that of the. future of their tugar exportto America, and th effect on that futur that would reault should th Impending American legislation to raise the duty on sugar b ap proved. M. Mackall. ax port manager of tha Golden fttat Milk Products company, la thus Impressed with the Cubsn outlook a a reault of a trip to th republlo taken In the interest of the company. Macka II haa just returned to San Francisco after aprndlng about six week In Cuba and Mexico. Progress Is being mad to Im prove. Cuban Health oondltlons, Mackall observed. There Is now a law In Havana calling for pasteurization of all milk' distributed. A Ino there Is agitation among rli'iilcrs, fur a standard butter, fiit perccnt in Ice cream, this agi tation Knowing the progressive trend of the dairy Industry there. In Mexico Mnckall fnunti conditions eood and optimism prevail-lnr. The cnmltig election Is expected to lie a .unlet one, business is pnofl and the ennntrv generally Is "looking up," 'Mackall said. With th atl framtwork al ready In placa en tha alxteenth floor, and mounting ateadliy aky ward at tha rat of four walla each wetk, rapid progress la being mad on tha twsnty-nin atory building of th Shell OH company, now under court of construction at Bush and Battery atreeu, San Francisco, by tha P. J. Walker company, nationally known builders and engineer. This magnificent addition to San Francisco' ekylln Is being constructed at an esHlmated cost of $4,000,000, and will be ready for occupancy April SO, mo, it la stated, Tho architecture of th building lj a modern adaptation of the Oothle. and this will ba one of the talleat atrurture In th bay region, topped only by tha central tower of th Hum building and th penthouse of th telephone building. .. T,l2 'V' wr company, the builder, hav been connected with the construction of many of the Isrgeat hulldlnaw and Mn,iriiMinn project on the Pacific Coast. Their l-.sathay activities -extend over a iinoa or many years and Incfud ........ siruriurea, such as !. wamann nranch of the Hank " ' J V n d Bank building. .. ? J7'. Capwell company, the oii oaaiand, Peralta hospital, il.T WIUT'I J. New Horn For Fairway Estates MMIWnmm- ti aWSiii" Kisaei'ir' : -, ' ' m ft 1 i V '' y ' V For Yo u r Protection 'EMAKDTHIS SEAI Conslilt the jurnacc Dealers' Association before installing ur he;!tin plant. . J W hat flic I'urmice Dealers" Association will do joy you ."'"" Vt e' sino tt liKinry "tut n Tinnpctitivc lia-i-. 2. Wc incttri: tin; cflit icnt v of jour li-at i utr laiil. 3. Vi e wfcfiuanl Hip li, allli of ytiiirM ll' aii,l fiiniilv. 4. Vie (iivr you the iir'-oc inlinn's jkimIim- giiaruntrc ; of correct inslallitlion ami ali-factory jxrfoitu- -L auct'. , i, i ' j ' PHONE IS OR ANY OF OVll.Mt.MHI RS Aladdin Heating T.orp. AtUn llcatini ami Venti- Dirk-on & Jioliironk Isting o.- Slork Heating & 1 ngincer- TTtlJ & Stuopi '"15 (o. Parifir (.m Arplianr Co. Pollanl agrave Co. - Price Tell l.o. Superior Melal IVoiltiiU Co. Furnace Dealers Association of Northern California, Inc. 3:l IIOBAIIT STREKT GLcnco'urt ?i) 11. U. LOTH HOr, Sec'y-Mgr. ' Another fine realdence will soon ba added to th Increasing number cording to an announcement mi of homes In Fairway Kstates. ac. today by the Oak Knoll Land enr. poratlon. Th corporation atatea: "ini aeveiopment, following Closely th Construction end nor. chasing activity In Fairway HatMes of th past few months, Is regarded aa another evidence of the public, interest In this exclusive conntrv oluh community, thi new reeldnce It already under construction and work Is Doing rushed for the owner, Dr. Karl D. Harrison. It Is a two- story Kngllsh home, ideally situ ated on Tnrnley tn-lve, ovcrlnokltiK tho valley, tho Oftk Knoll golf course and country club. Truly r.ngnsn in style, tha home, with Ita shake roof, will blend artistically with tho oak-Had hillsides, for which Oak Knoll l noted. The atmosphere of Obi Kngllsh is expressed also hy th paneled walls of the living room and dining room.X "On the main floor Is a spacious living room 14 feet by H foet, with a large fireplace. To the rear of tha living room is the snlnrlum, from whin nth owner mny enjoy tha abundant sunshine at .Oak Knoll. On tho same floor are th breakfast roonn dining room, maid' room, a bathroom and a kitchen equipped with many built-in fixture and modern conveniences. M I Ml HEATING The year 1029 Is showing marked Improvement in the type of heating Installation for residential purposes In this community, ac cording to a report by M. O. Lo throp, Sccretary-Manacftr of the Kurnu.ee Dealers Association of Northern California. Lothrnp said: "Tho new ordl nances fostered by this association and put into effect by tha Oakland City Council, have been a doml nant factor In safeguarding public wet rare, "The question of legislation Jn gsrd to warm-air healing has been taken up In other cities as well, and Herkelcy has already adopted or dlnances governing the Installation of wArm-nlr heating appliances Hacramento and UakersCleld have given consideration to the adoption of similar ordinances and In Han Francisco there la some agitation for rules that will adequately anfo guard puhllc health. The Furnace Dealer Associa tion or iNorthern California was Inaugurated to establish a greater confidence on tha part of th ar chitect, builder and owner, and In the hopo that, through the eventual working out of an adequate warm nlr heating system, such a system would become a part of every homo erected In the rttate of California. Tho results already accomplished, as shown by tha Oakland figures, indicate that perfection hat been practically reached, and .the association now stand ready to supply fret of cost recommendations for th proper type of heating systems for homes or apartments. The in- 1 A "Ns-W I u GAS FURNACEx i- Natural Gas for Economy .1 r T' Harris was r urnatesare operating successfully a economicallytio the E Bay's molt exclusive homes with convenient luh-builons to, regulate liijh, low or medium heal. A size for every homo and made and installed by us here. Scientifically "forrectrAlso a complete-' line of Williamson coal and oil furnaces. Tudor IIaJl, Oakland's newest apartment homahaa Just been completed on tha etiores of Lak Merrltt. The unique structure oc cupies a commanding position on Lakeside Drive at Madison street wtth an entrance also on Lake street. Th atyl of the structure Is such as to give' an atmosphere of quiet charm and reserve, combined with modern efficiency, convenience, and comfort. From th basement wher technical engineer hav Introduced the latest tnnovatlona In heating, ventilating, and refrigeration, to th sixth floor wher artist hava pro duced Individual studio apartments, very detail haa been most care fully studied. To Miller and warneck belongs th credit for th Tudor design. F. C. 8ta)ta 1 th builder, and Oliver Kehrleln, tho owner. Arthur Gob bledick la the landscape artists. A description reads: "The Tudor atyla 1 effectively mphaslted In th exterior of the structure by th us of clinker brick. Broad steps of natural stone lead th way from Lakeside Drive through an English garden to a wld terrac that give a sweeping view of lake, park and hilts beyond. The vaulted lobby also carries the thought of th days of the Tudors in Its electroliers. It carved oak panel and chimney piece, deep Oriental rugs, heavily beamed cell-inga ' and aton stairways and arche. "Interesting from th modern standpoint Is th aound deafening to perfect that a radio cannot be heard through tnt want or tne apartments. Each unit, of which there r fifty-four, la differently finished, giving th Individuality of separate homes. There are aultes of one, two, and thre room wltn workable combination resulting In four or riv roomt, if netdeu. on the elxth floor are four atudlo apartment, twh a tmall residence, with every modern horn convenience, even to th electric Walker dishwasher. "Th garage service In th base-tnent is complete with a garsg attendant who take car of th checking of batteries, nil, and gas. There is aleo a special commlsmry In tha basement wher fresh trims, vegetables, dairy products, and staple groceries may ba obtained by tha tenants. "Facilities include a steam heating system, fired hy a Kay Full automatic low gravity oil burner, and genulna Frigldalrea, in each unit. . "Mr.; M. D. Hughes, formerly of the Thayer, Tha Lewi and the Hentitor apartments in Sacramento, in th hostess at Tudor Hall. Mr. Hughes brings with per a trained corps of naxlHtuhts to insure excel lent, service. Hetferal of the apartments a io already leased and occupied, and public. Inspection Is Invited at any time." Sunset Mausoleum Has Marble Skylights A feature of the beauty of th finish of Kunset Mausoleum Is marble skylights. The slabs of perfectly i matched Alabama marble are almost an inch In thickness and tha daylight penetrate through. Fred I'ui nce, manager of the Mau soleum, States: Tho imported : ana domestic mnrbl on the walls, floors and ceilings attract much Interest. The matching create artistic designs. In one panel of French Kscatlctte In a figure of an old Quaker wo man that Jooka UK an old painting. Perhaps tha marble with tho most color and character In Kreche Opale, Imported from Italy and used in one of the family, memorial chapels, Tho historic Knman Travertine Is used extensively throughout the community memorial and la given close Inspection, "Hunset Mausoleum I Open for puhllc Inspection dally and Hundays nd holidays. a.laT rw i- mrnmam H A kUlt K3 - ; - VI . . - atassf' d-lX:: rV-7, -3 it-e1 - . Tj - it TO I FEATURES nan are completed end con struction ia to start immediately on a three-story frame apartment building to be erected on th corner of Thirteenth avenue and East Thirty-sixth street. A. C. Nelson la owner and builder. Chester A. Trelchel I the architect. Th build- Ing, It la announced la to consist of twelve apartment consisting of four and five rooms reach. Individual fireproof garage tpac it provided for all tenants. The design will be typically Spanish. Many ornamented wood and metal balconies, over-hanging cornices, etc., adorn the exterior facade with Hpanish tile roof. The entrance vestibule and lobby Is to be decorated In ornamental tiles. Each apartment Is to be equipped ,and equipment, with large rooms, ample closet space, separate dining rooms and large kitchens. Euch apartment Is to hav one or two bed rooms In addition to wall beds In each living room. The floors will b finished both In wood and carpet. The living room on the top floor will, have exposed beam treatment with painted panels be tween rafters. All apartments will be equipped wtth electrio range and electrla refrigeration together with a full automatic steam heating plant." TUDOR HALL Equipped ' with GENUINE , FRIGIDAIRE formation It available also from any member of th association. Offices are maintained In the Builders Exchange Rulldlng at llohavt and Webster streets. av- m t m aw- n For Information Phone OAkland 2480 THE HOUSE OF SERVICE Initallntlon gun in ill ml bj Furcate JKalcr-' As-m-Irlio! laV ratter Ticture of man firing furnace -with, GAS FUEL tor care-free comfort, conven' ienct and cleanliness there 't no Kheating syrtem like these modern Ones that burn gas fuel. They cost. little to instill. , Require practically no servicing or attention on your part. - They're entirely utomttiei-With th tnixtd-naturai gas fuel and our lower heating rates, operating costs', ire reduced an average of tttt spring, htn straight-. natural gas is served, operating costs will be still lower. Phone or call at our office for details on gas-fired hrating equipment. ----- JST You find The Ray full automatic -oil burner, burning heavy oil, has been installed in the Tudor Hall Apts. ' Economical and Silently Efficient. A size for every heating purpose Ray can generally be installed in connection with your present furnace. POLLARD-SEAGRAVE COMPANY repre.wafia Ray Oil Burner CoN 320 Thirteenth St. rar Hotel Oaklae Tudor Hall Oakland's newest, finest apartment building- can afford to provide only the best for its exclusive clientele. And, of course, in refrigeration, genuine Frigidaire wa insisted upon. No inferior installation-only the best for the guests of Tudor Hall. Frigidaire keeps food at temperatures always below 50 degrees. Vow Can I Hear It Stop, Start or Ran " The finest electric refrigerator. . FRIGIDAIRE SALES CORPORATION 2054 BROADWAY Telephone GL eneourt 9644 " ' OAKLAND The Entire HARDWARE in the Beautiful Tudor Hall Apartment Furnished by .HARDWARE CO. Washington, 13th and 14th Stt .'ACiriC CaS AND tLlCTMC COMPAltt 0M4'Oper(M-MJi4 tS-10M Walker Electric Dishwashers - installed in the palatial - TUDOR HALL APARTMENTS MODERN HOMES EQUIPMENT, CO. 4314 Broadway, Oakland Phone HUmboldt 7856 WAIjKKU PISH WASH BUS HVDRO-OIL BUHNEKS I'RIGIDAIKK Wall Papers for TUDOR HALL ? Oh I They're from Marcus & Merrick of course MARCUS & MERRICK 1325 Jefferson St. UAkland 46$ I The Tudor Style wan Liuisrr unca as snown in Tudor Hall Is but one of the many possibilities to express Character in Brick Call A. HALLERT FOR ALL BRICK OR TILE CONSTRUCTION, SWcetwood 1047 2500 65th Ave.

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