Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1931 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 5
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ER Doran l$ao. to the. *iBf and » agfttty v ot dimming , and rain-dame and- stop and go sife red and,«reen, .„ long silts ot Jade t?$ blue-black end; and; idajd, "Look ,at, that .-..Je-ftiiy forgot for, a«mo-, isfie: was an inconsiderate fott'lt was Ann's week to ttg wosk. ijhry- McKeel stuck an .J'the- opene^ window his small car to an , Cecily Jolted tor- rand he sald» "Oh, rf, here, did you say? _, 'of,whatever It Is?" EjMa-iha, driveway-to the house," i d t and pressed her lips firm" e® " 1?her» ^should be no Ttto warnings as yet. „. Jieel* turned slowly under tin "Hands, and the car nosed ay inte the gloomy, tunnel ?oy the great scraggly. und trees*. A hawthorn branch ;»v""jvi out and slapped It smartly, lie Tow ttnib of a cedar menaced iist"§Jiead, The right, front wheel &fe$eirea,and splashed down into" ^deaVpnddle,' Barry said, "Do& " Onrfte bridge the ML gray sky parted, for one long slit of jade above the river's blue black end and here Barry *ald.'"Look at that color!" and Cecily forgot that she ulas an inconsiderate idiot. The*idea! It sounds, horrid. You should hear yourself, and you wouldn't do it.' V and Cecily, a novice wit ial looke'd down its own nose'. ^JBsfeexpJaiJi^d: "I "thought 'ot, the :• speech as 'W6i'turned ,lnto ids—all abQUt;^rya<ls and g, and I had»t<Kpas£ it up BB, : , I decided 'that dryads t?t blond, and I tried to fix ..with a fairy princess, and ftoo^sdjJHjy^dtijd t*9 thing Iti might waa i ainst hope^for^a^mere morj) f*a known Better. Fixed lat. would be pretty good. L)Y' laughed. Relief made It ''.than usual, and sheer „ HapnffiW jpade it last longer. y> Mary-trances, who since she ha* jj'flratrspled the car- from the oriel .windows in the parlor had been Btai^dlng,' ears alert» im the front "" ''heard, tho' laugh and *•_ j.i'Li^ —._ «ii_ __ ^t — — ^ A_ 's coming home with- a. man bet 910,000 111 betttoi . .._ at Mar(a's pajf|r and has about. 'p|ibet she'» him home for'dfcoer. I'll .-t-' eJlcii)s carrots, orange and ds. that clihked on the WUfr inserted ab- "Don't'say 'I'll bet' Iike?tbot all th» time, Mary-Frances. "—bringing him home to dinner -•the boy-friend," Many-Frances in : sisted. "No," Ann said, and sliced; the ; carr,ots. "She wouldn't think of bringing, anyone home to dinner— especially without telephoning ahead of "time. * She'ft^probably coming honie t8 change her dress-r-" Mnry-Frances had rushed away through- the^btttler's pantry, bent on teaching th'e mirror, in the dining room—a Tnonstrous, chilly place, wbere, painted, on. the. high, ceiling, great fat fish lay inert Ifr dead-looking., bottle-green- wavem F the fron,t hall Cecily wasvlftugb- i'rig, again, above the'pleasant undertones of a masculine laugh and voice. Mary-Frances h«d to> walk right up tfr them before, Cecily? saifl, "Oh, 'Mary-France^dear!" 18* Iff she were amaeed, to Un* a,' person existing any,wJjereV • ' * , "TStAv i* m* •"""••» vjetn/^Mary^intftnces knew, .,«.„._ like to hare* ner outtsey.-jbut sjie wouldn't; do" it—not at her a^e. She bowed, primly—though demurely, was the woifa she had- in mind— and stuck, out a small Hand that bad not been,washed since she. had aome home-, from:, school. He was polite, of Course; but. in so far, as Mary-Franc.es was, able-to. judge by the dint light shed; from the one small globe high in the bail ceiling, Cecljy's admiration af. him was unwarranted. He was an inch or, two aboyef S 8rerage helghtj. hut Cissy had, saJA that he was. tall, True, she ha&fadded that h«t was thin; Mary-Frances substituted: •''skinny" aa^more apt. because, he was staring too..har,d at.Cissy,'. \yho. In spite of the fact that her nose needed- powdering* lookefl r prettier than, usual, though she was acting awfully/ silly and laughing all' the time. She shouldnH let this Mr. McKcer see that she was- so, eScited: , Rosalie had told and told her, had: told all, three of them, exactly, how • to-acf .with men: "Nonchalance savored / with wln- someness; dignity; .softened with coyne.ss,"- 'The door on^ the, right of the hall led into the ^library; the door on the left led Into the music room. Cecily paused for an instant uetween the two,. She had. passed by. the parlor: It was grimly, impossible with Us; whatipotsV and: . horsehair andv family portraits, 'painted by Grand'9- friend who^ had- decorated the ceilings. in. the house, The iihrary, with itj ; cherry furniture, ^788. .the best-looking room; bu,t: It smelled always of_ old. apples —Grand dropped- the cores behind .the^books on, the, shelves and forgot ,^ and they- dacayed'-and the 'waa atten 8catter«*,w^h; Bis " again at the worn-out rag ot carpet potted with roses, and the wreck £ a grand piano powdered with dust, and at the knicknacks, grimy and chipped, crowded in the bracketed mantel over the pink-tiled fireplace wherein, small and scrappy ' is an old bird's-nest, were some crumples of paper and: some silvers ot wood. A pair of scissors lay invitingly open on the discolored brocade seat of the 1 divan: scraps of serving were littered about everywhere. Mary-Frances said, "Hurrah for :he one' who finds Rosalie's scissors! She's been hunting them for perfect ages," and '.went : to .pick :hem up, swooping down, on her way across the room, to snatch here add there at the scraps on the floor. Cecily glanced at Barry. She said. 'I'll light Uie flre." and stopped laughing, and went to the .mantel and took a match from the-, broken htfrn of a china Little Boy Blue* : iThe Jmjialo/.yfoom, * a v'nbrth • room '' whese windp : w;s ;lopke,d : , but; on dark; elosa-standlng trees, •would be musty and. damp; but, slnce^ it was .rarely, used,. It might be orderly, and wood might he set |for a flre in the. grate. If she lighted, only the rose-shaded piano ;lamp; the celling,. sprawled, with. its (Indecently overdressed, angel play> Ing; a; harp., would not show. ^ * * • S HB turned to the music room '• and opened the door to heavy :chjlled. -alr- : and stale cavernous darkness. It .would; seem silly to go :stumbling,in-there'-huntlng for the , HJs b«ir, which Clssy'bad' .-• fte- scribed as auburn, was merely darkish, and ha wore it too- short., and ouM, at.jeast. smooth It: down hisr.hab^, as Phil; and the ' men smoothed, theirs, If' he thpufljt, it u|nmanl> to look in. the mirror. She could reach no- decision about .bis eyea^-GeeJly bad . described them as jolly, and brawn with piano She; pressed the wal switch, and she . laughed again, a trifle shrilly, with the faintest touch of hysteria. She could not say "Grand and. Rosalie won't .allow us to; change anything," because thai would be an apology and a half He Nor cjbuld she say, "We are poverty stricken,, you see— too poor to afford clean.Hjiessf or fresh air, 01 warnjth." Things of that sor weren't said. No, there was nothing to, do but augh, at the angel, who certainly wore plush underwear under those saddling draperies, and laugh ^Barry, behig'd.rjher, • off ered, • *J. e—"* / : ; I\A.' ; " '".'*<> ' * :A. . have it." ihe, answered, . , , Jerked the damp match across 'the sole of her shoe. for her fingers It was ridiculous ... r ... .._„.__ to tremble. The match snapped in them, and she threw it spitefully away and" reached for another. Barry's clgaret lighter clicked. The paper beneath the splinters of. wood flared sulkily, in its smoke. "It is rather chilly this evening," he said. Outside, In spite of the rain, th»> air was balmy. They had spoken of It not 20 minutes ago, before he, had become a conventional stranger who looked at her quizzically, who pitied her, who knew that even the, matches !n her house were damp and useless, who tried-'to'make, for her the apologies she would not. make for herself. "Sit here, if you will," she said, turning one of the tarnished pink- brocaded chairs toward the sickly .fire. "Mary-Frances will entertain you while I go and find Ann." (To O'd Continued) of Many Odd Jobs While Whining Grid Fame Tulle's All- American End, Was Born at Rosston, Arkansas and Began His Football Career With the Prescott "Curly Wolves" Boners And $100,000 Tower • might well b^ Jerry Dalrymple's tWle'Cft'allr end on Tu lane's football " " - • "'' Dalrymple is so busy trying and keep up.hi? t he has not found time to Jjjyentqjry h|s feelings over being, hail- %fr Amefica's, greatest end. ffJlow has to hustle to work his thorough college these days,", ex- Jerry. . '- "'. Ife miay he seen at any time of day 1 °' ti ' e night scooting about of New Orleans on one of the include being manager of leitajjrant, investigator for a law salesman fejr 4. department store, for office supplies, govern- investigator and newspaper , *rjter. Out of it all, he said f i%e ffaea- $2,0001 m the last year. Next ,3» «W. he hoped to land a foot- esaching Job and study law. He be end coach at Tulane. Jerj-y started his odd job career back AjrkaAsas at the age of eight as a : mower fojr the neighbors. From he wcqt to the i«e plant and then ' to construction jobs and was fpuwd one summer in Tan&ipahoa p*r- jsl), La., as an oiler on a ditch digging machine by Dr. Edward McGeheej %rf» j«jrsuacled blp* to com* to "Pulane. "She oiler agreesd if be CWJld fi^d a job in Nsw Qrl$$s*. fir. Mcfebjei |9t him •* job rol}% tr_ucks for the ex- and roUed trwks&om 5 to B«|orc Uwtj.be on the Prescott (Ark.) High School team and won. his "P." Then he won an "O" at Ouachifc* College at Arkadelphia. He made Tu lane's freshman team but on the third day of practice with the varsity he fractured his leg and was out the whole season. But he came back the next year and forged steadily upward in the end post until he reached the- pinnacle of allTAmer- ican end and the unanimous choice as all-Southern end- During U all hie father, John Blake Dalrymple, a grocer in Arkansas, has not contributed a cent for his education. He won his education through the odd job route and threw in the football fame for good measure. Gerald Richard Dalrymple was born August 6, 1907, in the small town of Rosston, Ark., one of six children. He took to foQtball early • and hopes to hold: to it until late- in a career of football poach and lawyer. His greatest regret is that neither his mother nor father ever has seen him play football. Deluge of Beer COLUMBUS, OiuQ.-At first payees <j£ a local millinery company thought all the water pipes had burst in the room above. But their nos£S, alter a time, told them the liquid dropping on th,em wasn't water, they caj^d police. TJjey found Janues Dj<Jg. Wfy in the .upper room trying vai^ljr to mop UD the eontents of a jar ot ,l8ptle% Alorehftad, left, American minister to Sweden, and Rufus Patterson, tobacco manufacturer, are shown above with the 'bel| tower wljieo tney presented to tbe University of North ** Chapsl «iU, U>e)r aJma mater. The tower was pre?ej»te4 of the. Patteruou and Morehead families, which have bee» (0 tfe fcWow 9tjk9 State f«r generations. e; BV^ UWQdT .» iNM.EMTED-lHUS.TRe <S/WE .(5oT fS !2«^— .Robinson 7,: Nenton 0. it — >Bbblnimii 0,, Cnse.v 0, |.7*—Bobliuon O,, Lnwi^ncevlllc 18 24— 'Robinson 0,-. Get-stnieyer 0. Onrfleld o. M— Robinson 0,. Marah«ll O/ til — Clmrloston 0, RobliiKoii 0. Nov. '40 — Robinson 0,' Oblong 0. "WE RoBIN&h](k.) WQH SeHGOL PLWED SCORELESS TiES — WON TJOUo »-LoSr Tu)o BY I93I HOPE WANT ADS The more you t$I|, The quicker you Bell.. 1 insertion, iOc pet Una minimum 30ft, "3 •Insertions, 7c pe* Hrt* ' minimum 50c- 6 Insertions, fie per Hn«, . « minimum $1.00- 2t insertions, 5c per line, miaimum J4.00 (Av.erng6 5Vfc words to;the -UttW' " N.'O T fr'-Wum odverllsemenja at*, capted; over .the telephone ma«JJ*; charged, w.ith the. understanding .hat the blllis payable on present .atlon ot statement,, the dey ot flWt publication. Phone 768 ft'. Off And On Again MILWOtyKEE:—One of the Milwaukee railroad's, largest locomotives was derailed here- when it attempted to switch arqundi a. freight derailment.. All of the engine's driving wheels left the rails and'were near, sliding off' a turntable. While another engine was on the .way. to. help it back on the tracks, >the engineer, of the derailed locomotive took'a chance. He spun the wheels of the huge steed and it sprang back on the rails. Too. Particular YOUNGSTOWN; Ohio.-A pair of .shoes mysteriously disappeared from the front of'an: E. Federal St., shoe store.- The following day a man walked into the store and asked-have his Shoes exchanged for a, large size, claiming the ones he bought were too small. The clerk recognized the shoes ,as the. missing pair. He. called police who took the man to jail. Packed A Wallop INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.— (fr) —Robbers better think twice before they attempt to hold up J.osephinc Sheridan. .One didn't recently and he's nursing a sore jaw as a result. Josephine, 'with Miss. Ollic Hasting, was. in her room when robbers entered'. One of them struck Miss Hasting w;ith a blackjack. This aroused Josephine to action. She wound up, smashed the other thug on the "button" with a right cross, and he crashed through a window into the yard, below. His companion fled. Expensive 'Figure EL PASO, Tex.—Plans to dress the members of. the Castle Cafe orchestra as collegiansv.were" halted .because not in thei whole "of' Juarez or *E1- EBS& could a pair of corduroy, pants be found to fit Fancho Flores, the mighty tuba player. A rush order was sent to New York for a pair to embjrace Fancho's 42-inch waist. Famous Cough Prescription Almost instant relief from coughs is now guaranteed In the use of the phy- .sician's, famous prescription called Thoxine. It works on an entirely different principle; having a double action, iti relieves the throat irritation and goes direct to the internal cause not reached, by cough syrups and patent medicines and the cough stops like magic, usually with the very first '•swallow. Taken before retiring, Thoxine absolutely prevents night coughing and insures a good night's sleep. It gives the same speedy relief for sore throat too. Contains no chloroform or harmful, drugs. Children like-it: -Remember—relief within 15 minutes from coughs or sore throat, or your money back 3§c, GOc, $1,00 bottles. Sold by John P. Cox Drug Co. and all other :drug stores. Adv. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished, agerUnent, private bath, garage. 22ft North Elm, prone 291. I0-3tc. ^* ~FOR RENT:—Extra nice, house. Phone 606. Mlddlebrooks Grocery < .Company. _^ 1 FOR' RUNT:—Four room furnished-i apartment. Frigidaire. Call 132. Mrs. K. G. McRoe. 8-3t FOR- RENT—Nicsly furnished three- room apartment. 523 West- Third Streeti ' j ^i i — ~ i ' FOR RENT—Three room ftirnlshejl apartment, 126 North Hervey street. 10-6tc, , FOR RENT—8. room house ( papered. Suitable for two families. 302: N. McRae St. L. D. Reed: 7-6tc; FOR RENT—One high class brlcfc residence, modern in every respect. In high class neighborhood, on pavement. Sec Floyd Porterfield. 7-6t FOR RENT—Six room house with, bath, kitchen newly painted inside and; out, newly papered. South of Mag- : nolia filling station. Known as the ' Hervey home. See L. A. Foster. 7-6tc ; FOR RENT—Two furnished bed , rooms adjoining bath. 520 South Main,; street. lfl - 2 dh ti FOUND FOUND—On South Main street one-'.' black turban Empress Eugenie modejU. ostrich trimmed, owner may have •. same by calling at this office. 10-dh { FOUND—On Main street, one small j close fitting brown felt hat, ostrich t trimmed, owner please call at the of- } fice and identify, same. 10-1 dlv { WANTED WANTED—Mrs, Lloyd Spencer ,t«4 send one dress to J. L.N Green Clcag^ ing Co., to be clean and- pressed absolutely free on December 11. 10-lt SERVICES OFFERED: If you want' service, call 670. Robison, Grocery. ^ 4-17tc. , Women's Pure Siife Hose Complete With Gift Box A; i-ich quality, 42 gauge, full-fashioned hose ,'.. ready- boxed for you to put in your gift card. In all most popular colors and sizes! Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Please Ev&ryOne Rayon Gown and Boudoir Slippers! With Gift Box $2.25 A delightful ensemble gift; Lace trimmed Gown and padded sole D'Orsay slipper. Boxed Rayon Sets Boxei" Kayon Sets, inine gifts- Dainty, feminine, Lingerie is so practical! These bargains include a free gift box. Shorties, Bloomers, or Step-ins 49c Daintily Trimmed 69c dace Trimmed Pajamas 98c Lace Trimmed Gowns $1.24 Pa jama and Slipper Set $195 D'Orsay Slippers with,, 2-ton Rayon Pajamas Gift Set For Ladies Garters, Powder Puff and Handkerchiefs 49c Handkerchiefs—3 Assorted Styles, Patterns, With box 25c Handkerchiefs—3 An extra Fine Quality With box :. 39c Boxed Costume- Jewelry 49c Assorted Fancy Jewelry, Newest styles Comb and Brush Sets (n fancy gift box. Genuine Bristle brush. Ebony back. For men ............ Boxed Belt Set Silver buckle, giant grip style. In modernistic box Gift Box for Men Includes Garters and Handkerchief 39c Handkerchief, Tie Matched Set in Christmas box . 98c 4 Pairs Fancy Hose $1.00 Assorted patterns in Holiday box With Christmas Box! ' White Broadcloths and Fancy Prints. Fine Quality. L. C. BURR & CO.

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