Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 4
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:. Living Room Suit t and'roomy Button-back Chair of if? bmatter styles, and richer uphol- i •#* eWfr sold at $79.95. It's a REAL $109.95 My tjphoJstered to combination two-tone Jac- 1T, ^ith reversible, spring-fiuW cushions of $109.95 Value JWK* 1 * —i Look! 9xl2-ft Felt Base Rugs Worth $7.95, But Only $4,95 Colorful rugs for living room, dining room, kitchen. Waterproof and stain-proof! Both Tile and floral patterns! 9x12- feetAxministeri $31.95 Values Here's a wool, seamless Axminister Rug that's an outstanding value, even wvthis season of rock bottom prices on rugs! A REAL value! New patterns! New cwor harmonies! Floral --and Oriental Jesigns! Long wear! or green finish! : t r a broad is e prevents. Electric 'Iron & Cord llit&Jftsar You Would v Have Paid 15.50 for Same Iron $1.00 C h r p n i u m plated. Guaranteed. ' Full 6 Bargain End Tables Many Ask $1.49 and More for Such Smart Style and Quality! G r a c ef ully shaped top, molded e 'd g e; fluted 1-e g s. Walmit finish. SAVINGS and More/ 3-Pc. Bed Room Suit ,$• '.r yN* tvA * ; ' ' •Yin Many Sore?, Similar Suites With These Cargo Pieces and Fine i !•<'",-" \iWorkmanship, Sell at $89.50jand More! fr jf **"* * J -»; ' f '^, * ' -( V^ WJjsjiga^ |89JO v and more elsewhere, wbpn'you can buy these 3 pieces to genuine combination walnut, at this LOW PRICE! Full size Bed— ' "' "^Chest-ana gracerul Vanity-^Onental wood and maple t smitrt notes of contrast!'*'. ft $39.95 4ft I 44.00 Down, {5.50 Monthly Small Carrying Charge • W05IO $75 Console Range The Essex Windsor! Compare! i. ^YflU Can't Beat This Value at • •? ,3v. • ' ; •-'...; I '•• -*•••#ft I- . •• ' ' f $49.95 13.00 Down, $6.50 Monthly Small Carrying Charge WHY PAY $75 RLSEWHERE! You can't get more features, or better quality than Ward's offer at ONLY 549.95. The Essex is a beauty with marbelized porcelain finish , . . modern with its oven heat regulator, its concealed manifold, its automatic top lighter. Efficient with its fully insulated and ventilated oven, its large cooking top! Big Radiant Gas Heater Bargain Others Ask Up to f25 $9.95 Ten radiants—tinted clay back wall—rugged cast iron construction. Handsome in fireplace or open room. Galvanized Fails 12-Q.uart Capacty! Save Now On the Lowest Price Ever! 136 piey're made to st*n4 ye^rs gf hard,every ^ service, fa ft * Unfinished Chair Compare It With Any $1.49 Chair in Any Store! Only $1.00 Faint it yourself and save! Of smccth finish, fa a r d w o o d; sturdy. Electric Waffle Iron Lowest Price at Which Such Quality Has Ever Been Sold $1.00 Nickel - plated. Rubber feet. Cord included. A w o n d e rf ul value at $1.00. "«<*. 1, 68 x 80'lnch Comforter! Priced $4.25 Elsewhere! $1.98 Six months ago we thought $2.98 a low price! Look at the saving nowl Filled with WHrTE COTTON! Boys'Three Piece 2-Pants Suit Knickers or Loiigies $2.98 Two button sin-' gle breasted coat with rayon lining and 2 pr. golf style knickers strongly liner or 2 pr. cuff bottom longics. Long wearing suit materials— dressy patterns in new grays, tans and browns. Have Been Taken To Effect A, Quick Clearance of Our Stock 'N* .right, New ITClC XTkl C«*• »a^»,*» »*v™ FELT HATS There's nothing drab about these vivid new felt Hats! They are youthtul, flattering turns, berets, and brhu*-»n the new high colors so wpular i.ow. Large, medium, small ueadsi-iesl Cotton Print H o use F rocks For Mother or Sister! 49c Women's Sweaters Sweater Coats in the Notch Collar Style—for Win'.er Wear! $2.98 New raised rib-^ bed stitch; contrasting novelty Jesigns. Colors. Women's Handbag New Styles! New Materials! Better Values Than Ever! 49c Ojrain leathers' a'hcT fabrics with s,m a r t snan fasteners, with mirror inside. 79c Value ;, Put them at the' top of your list for Mother or Sister. Flare & pleated skirts, set-in sleeves, surplice collars and panel—with c o n t r a s ting trimming. Children's Undies Of Super Quality Non-Run Rayon—Make Ideal Gifls! 25c French. Panlies, Blomers, Vests, in .flesh pink. Gifts for girls from 4 to IB. $1.00 DUMP TRUCK Automat ic dump lever!, 23'A ,,in..,Jong| Made of auto, body steel. $1.00 COAST D E- FENSE GUN—6 shot repeater. 25 wood ammunition balls! SMART NEW DRESSES At Ward's Closing Out Price $8.85 Value $4.48 It's a graft*} treat when you can buy bright, yivicl frocks for only $4.48. . Youthful ancj Matron styles. Suitable for business, street, and infor- ma 1,wear. See these beautiful dresses -and at this price you will want several! HURRY! $1.39 REED SULKY —for D o 11 y's daily ride. Of woven fiber— •nameled green. $1.00 PEDAL BIKE- Devclops young legs! Enameled green with orange stripe. $2.49 DOLL B U G- GJES-like real baby's! Rubber- tired wheels. Reclining back. l^undreds of Other Item* > Reduced, but'too nuiner-i ' 4<J» to mention. -Save w»^ " " " "W^O 7'V* 1 , * • I 4 o y -/• t n ' ' f'-^iB H « &a«! Sunfast Damask T For Drapes and Upholstering Values Up to $1.79 a Yard! Yard 49c A11 - over patterns in a choice of colors. 50 inches wide. Plain Buy Yard»'« Curtain!) an Yard®! Fine e VI W e a V- launders tifully. 40 i 93 In wid SHOES F< GROWl Ipainty, long w< center Buckle on< with new beige re Smart, durable pi tie with'latest disf new beige reptilj Popular line of R( pumps and ties, and Idd leathers Newest sturdy leathers with tw< values to $3.49 J Favorite brown cl extra durable. N([ dressy. Dark brcl Boys' Big Vi] Dressy black 'fords. Super-sij leather outsfcfe^i Small Boys' sml shoes. Black calf pers. Oak leathc] Men's "Dynamic" Drew! Famous "DYNAMIC" Dress Shoes, ij Better quality, Fine black calfgr Oak leather sole Rubber heels, Genuine Goodyear Welt. Only.... Farm or Work S Ward's "Barnyard Proof" Wo ] High grade brown re-tannef I with hard box:. cap toe or «I toe. Oak leather middlesol chrome laether outsolq. heels. N^ilc'd and * sewed. 6nly 9 FAST Ct)t Regular Regular 25fifj( . Regular J 3ATIN-BAC Regular $l<2Bt| GLORIA Regular 39c | APRON OI "Regular 12V DRESS GIF Regular 25d I Fine Sheets "L 0 n g w e a r" fttfUto 92 Quality! 75c Greatest value ever at this price! Finis weave, selected cotton sheets, beautifully finished. Bleached! 81x99 inches. ISO Repeating Shotgun Value Ward's Western Field at qjiuUettef t New Winter ) at Our Price! $24.98 Over 100,00 enthusiastic hunt- own this famous gun! At this low price it will sell faster than ever! Genuine Browning design! Pires six shots, a shot a second! Smooth, hammerlcss action. All Cotton Bath Towels Quality in Every Inch! 15c Extra large "man-size" all cotton towels! Double loop construction. Fast color borders! 23x46 inches. Buys! Single Barrel Shotgun! The "Hercules!" $10 Value. $4.89 It's built for years of hard usage! The blued f o r g ed steel barrel is ' proof-tested to stand the heaviest loads. Automatic shell ejector, rebounding hammer. The wnl- nut stock has n pi§tol grip and) rubber butt, plate. 12, 16 and 20 gauge. Triumph Washer Saves You $30.00 Guaranteed by Ward's With 2'/i Inch Bnlltmo Rolls 1.95 $5.00 Down Small tarrying Charge Nowhere elcc can you find all these features in an Electric Washer at a price so low. Full 2'/4-inoh ballon >-oll wringer. General Motors Durex bearing— needs' no oiling. Armeo Iron tank rust proof. "Galvaneel steo.l cover. Big size, green porcelain enameled tub. All guaranteed by Ward's. Junior Roller Skates Guaranteed To Make Bright Eyes Brighter! A Dundy Glfl! 59c Ball bearing steel rollers! Just t r y.:'•- to equal them at this price. Give Golf Clubs! Steel Shafted! Autographed By Bob McDonald! Priced at . "Red Heads" Bring 'em Down Save You 25% lit Price! Box of 25 Loaded with DuPont Smokeless Powder! Hit harder, carry farther. New non-corrosive primers protect your gun. Woods $3.49 Irons $2.49 Irons are hand iorked! ,' Fancy faced woods! The Hawthorne • r Fully Equipped A Real $15 Bicycle! $29.95 Fast! Easy riding! Equipped with, everything from electric headlight to.parking stand! m i? • i tt :t* SALE Starts $1.00 E L E C T It 1C It looks like Mother's Cook| and bakes! 3SES AND GIRLS ng patent leather f e trim ^ • • • ^ « Ht leather 4-eyelet | * Ql $1.79 " bile Shoes, 1 straps, batent $2.98 p patent and kid rain oxford, made School Shoes 3ip cal|gr^» ox$1.49 •and stui-cly high >es CHILDREN'S OXFORDS $1.29 Black and brown calfgram and patent leather. Foot- shape last. Rubber heel. $1.00 27- in. BASSINETS for sleepy Jolls. Hardwood in colors. Wooden wheels. | style- fords. CHILD'S HIGH SHOE Patent Leather and Blaek calfgrain leather. Footshupe last. Rubber heeJ. ' Ircn's Bunny Slippers 49c How kids cTo love them! Sheepskin. Lined with wool •, fleece. $1.39 TURN OVEIt TANK. Watch it climb a pile of books! Flop s over and keeps en trying! 50c HACING C A R —Wow! "What speed! Built like Maj. Seagrave's famous race ear! $3.98 4 - F Q O T TRAIN— 'Enameled steel! Black locomotive ano' r e d Pullman. Each 2 ft. long At a price never heard of before $19.98 Values $7.98 to ?29.75. The smartest coats you ; have seen at these prices. Copies of much higher priced styles in the new semi-rough materials. All silk crepe lining, warm interlining. Huge collars and cuffs of genuine fur 'give the new top heavy silhouette. In black and the seasons popular colors. Women's Slippers Comfortable, Wnrm mid Dainty —Prove Your Thouglilfulncss 79c B 1 n e k figured rayon, braid trimming and' bow. Padded leather sole. Washable Capeskin Better Quality and Workmanship Than Ever—Save V< 39c Cape leather Slip-ons. Black or brown with s m art stitching. Flannelette Gowns In I'JIIO, Women's Gowns of Equal Quality Soldi at $U!) 49c Full 50 inches long. Striped & plain. Braid in'l stitching on yoke. Blankets Cotton and Wool Mixed Regular $3.98 Values. Closing Out Price— $1.98 Others Priced at 3»c, C9c, $2.98 and $3.95 New Colonial Cotton Spread 98c Heavy weight Spread' in beautiful designs. 84 x 105 inches. Scalloped. Blue, rose, gold, orchid or green. ^ Women's Soft Felt Slippers Save On Old Favorites 49c Padded crcme leather sole and ieei. Blue felt with pompon ind ribbon trim. Still popular after many years. WARD'S Already Low Prices Made Extremely Lower in This Closing Out Sale—HURRY ! of all time ot/ RIVE Hi IDE YlH ra^M 1 Y RMP m^fy Jjp m msP^ mm m m SKlp ARE Of THE HIGHEST IT IS POSSIBLE TO PRODUCE . ,,- , Riversides are one of the best known tires in Amerietfis Jfhey We made by one of the largest tire companies In the tvdSfMfrfHey 5ir« Guaranteed without limit as to Time or Mileage. , ,.', A,'* Riverside Mate Prices • Riverside DeLuxe ReaVy Duty (« ply) 29 x 29 x 30 x 28 x -Sfl V , Go Ji 31 x 32 x 33. x Size Each 4.40-21 4.50-21 4.50-21 4.7S-19 5.00-19 5.25-21 6.00-20 6.00-21 $4.35 4.80 4.85 5.70 6.00 7.35 9.85* 10.25* Pair 58.40 9.30 9.40 llilO ll.OO 14.40 19.30 19.80 *Piy.. 29 x 29 x 30 x 28 x 31 x 32 x 33 x Size Each 4.40-21 4.50-21 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-21 6.00-20 6.00-21 $7.1S 7.35 7.48 8 JO, 8.90 10.25 11.50 11.65 Pair $13.90 liSO 14.50 "MiO ' 119* 19.90 22.30 22.60 All Other Sizes at Proportionate Savings FREE TIREMOUHTING SERVKE at EVERY WARD STORE.! I Can't Be • Told From $2 Quality $1.00 , Oh, Man! What a price for • -••/ genuine 2-ply DOUBLE SHRUNK white iustroiis broadcloth identical'with $2 shirts in most stores. Buy several. in : < Men's Work Shir i rt * ' S Flannel Shirt Bargain ".Vf' s 'f *S?f ?8c Famous Yukon brand, full cujrf co'at style' of rugged grayfe? khaki Or navy blue flannel/, one-fourth wool. . 1" 16-Inch High-Cut Leather Boo t s, Famous "Oil Kings" Only $6.49 "Best boot .buy ever offered!" •^fiffi«*«W* 'hunters, hikers,outdoor men a very where say 3f "Oil "Kings!" Heavy tanned chrome leather uppers w i t h soft Army officers'• toe, Gro- Cord or leather soles. Men's -Heavy Union Suits One-Third Wool! Only 89c The underwear for men who demand extra warmth and length and weight. S n u.g cuffs at ankles and wrists. Perfect fitting, sizes 36 to 46. You can't match them anywhere at this price! Extra t i Trousers Men's Blanket Lined Jacket $2.49 Values $1:19 Famous "Homesteader" chore coat bargain priced. Heavy 2:20 blue denim lined with 16 oz. blanket, Vi wool lining. Men's Lined Gloves Fleece Lined Leather Glove Seldom Is Offered At Only $1.00 Genuine Cape Leather smartly slitchcu. Long wearing- Black, | brown. At Record Low Price For This Quality $10.50 Better Tha^Many Pricjd g» ^pTenduTfits assured, '^. - • U 7iL Tailoring, Better Fabrics Are Now Featured in BERWICK. Than You'd Ever Think Possible at this price ! 10.50

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