Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 3
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%)V >Y \Jif- lETi Mrs, Sid Henry Telephone 821 Twllght breather a behisdn O'er the form of passing day- Brings her warmth of-velvet wings TO nude earth. In hovering wny. In her ponce Wo Sit enwrapped. Pressing cares melt Into dreams— Until night, in. jealous voice, Claims her flattie of candle* gleams! ,,i —Selected. iMininil i iiimimii •*MJMM*tohifaftaMay Mi ^ B j te<iltt( j Santa Claus TV. e i «i>. ope ' Dear Santa Glhus.'-I want one more doll, before I get to be a big girl. Please bring me some books, a foun- tairt pen and a pair of skates. *' Carolyn Garrison. flic Pot Cleburn. Chapter of the U". . C. vvill hold their December meet- tot faw little drtssef, a trails, eft' kind? 6f candy, fruit, mite and don't Ilttte uncle Atfchtt. *0u*in Kd'auHf Merolft aflti Joye*. ,Alw my- Mother and daddy and »apa. , ^ Bur Mae Cively. McCaskill, Ark. Deal* Santa Claus:-I'm a little boy i yean), did. I go, to school.. My teachers name Is Mrs. Clarice Stokes. I like her fine. Will you please bring me a little train, a knife, firecrackers, |and all; Hinds of. fruit and nuts, please . _...,.. sliter a baft afid'4 not forget the rest of th* and ftly. family. tnelma Lee Mdeni She Lives in PJ don't forget my daddy and little nieces Era Mae, Matilda Ann and „ • ' H °pe, Arkansas. Dear Santo Claus:-Please bring me _. . . a ti*ln that will run on a track a Edgar Briant on leather coat and; a, Llndy cap, with goggles. Don't forget the. other little at the* hbme of ! „ South .felm street. A Christmas pro- _ _ gram '•{$. .'bsing prepared and each boys mid girls". member is requested to, bring, an in- .cxpenslve gift for the Christmas tree. j ohn Allen Garrison The I»byal Wdmens Class of the First (Christian Sunday school wll sponsor a chili supper on Friday, starting 1 at 5 o'clock at the Christian bungalow. The menu will consist of chill, crackers, pickle pie and coffee, all for the sum of 25 cents. Tho proceeds will be used, in helping furnish a rodm In the new Julia Chester hospital.! ' . . Miss 'Florence .Anderson is spending a few days visiting with friends in Little Rock. Mrs. ' Wilbur Jones and Mrs. Lee Stone of Ozari were shopping in the city on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. H, L. Button have returned to their home in Washington, Route 1, after a few days visit with their daughter, Mrs. T. A. Foster. Miss Ethel Beasley of Stamps is the house guest of Miss Evelyn Murph and Elmer Murph. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Floyd have as guests this week, Miss Annie Pearl Moore of Stamps. Attending a committee meeting a the First Presbyterian church in this city on Wednesday in the interest o Arkansas College, at aBtesville, were Dr. David Shepperson, pastor of Firs Presbyterian church in El Dorado Dr. J. C. Williams, pastor of Presbyterian church in Washington, Rev Ramsey, pastor of First Presbyterian church, in Prescott, Duncan McRae of Prescott, J. S. Sleeper, and Mesdames Hendricks and Field of Texarkana. Soloists announced for "The Messiah" on Sunday evening at the First Methodist church are; Mrs. George Ware",' Mrs. John P, Cox, Mrs. R. T. White, Mrs. J. C. Carlton, Mrs. S. L. Padgett, Miss Martha Jean Winburn, J. A. Wallace and Talbot Feild. The organ prelude will be given by Mrs. Charles Wilkin, with Mrs. Ralph Routon at the organ for "Tho Messiah" music, and Mrs. R. A. Boyett at the Director's'desk. The music will begin promptly at 7:30 o'clqck. Dear Santai-^-Please bring me a .football and A horn for my bicycle iand some house slippers. Also some jcandy and lots of fireworks. Please 'remember all the other little boys and girls. (Buster) Calson Jones. Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little blue eyed girl three years old. I have been a good girl this year. Please bring me a doll, a little' set of dishes. Don't forget to put some candy, nuts, and fruit and fireworks in my slocking. Lynda Alice Jones. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little boy seven years old. I want you to bring me this Christmas a football, a train and lots of fruit nuts candy.and fire crackers. Austin Hutson. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy live years old, and go ti kindergarten. 3 lease bring me a football and a. little .ool chest, and nuts and candies. Please remember all my little friends, and all other little boys and girls New Soviet 5-Year Plan Dooms Peasant Farming MOSCOW.— (IP)— Complete elimination of the individual peasant farmer and a doubling of Russia's crop bearing area are contemplated by the second five year plan which will become effective in 1933. A preliminary draft of the agricultural phase of the new program provides for complete "collectivization of the la\\d with 75 per cent in collective farms and the remainder in state farms. Less than two-thirds of the rea under cultivation this year was tillled by the collective and State farms. hat you can. H. O. Kyler, Jr. McCaskill, Arkansas. Betty Gene and, cousin. Woodrow. Air ;so sister and Other and' all other lit- ,tle boys and girls. Archie Puryear. Beltt -, Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:- urn a little girl eight years old.. Flaase bring me a doll and.a little doll bed, some story books* some sparklers, a doll bug gy, a red waggon, some nuts and, fruits, a little doll house and some dishes, a little dresser. Ora Rhodes, Rosston, Ark. ! Dear Santa Glaus:—We are two little girls seven and five years old. We want.you<to bring us a big doll apiece We want one that will go to sleep, and say mama and papa and bring us candy,, fruits and nuts of all kinds. Audra and Vivian Manning Rosston, Ark. Dear- Santa:—I am a little boy nine years, old. I- go to school at Bodcaw and am in the third, grade: Santa, I mantyou to bring me a pocket knife with a chain, also a big rubber ball and candy, nuts and fruits of all kinds. Don'.t forget my little sister, Edith bring her a doll. Garland Manning, Dear Santa. Glaus:—I am a good little boy or that tis wha my mama says. Please bring me a sack of marbles, a big wagon, a little red : sweater and all kinds of fruits and candies. David Peterson. , North Walnut, street, 200 East A\leMie B ' Hope, Arkansas. Deal? Santa Claus:— E am a little bdy two years old. 1 waftt.a chw eh&jt . train and P. little red wag6fi r and book. Also bring me some frull*» nutsV.and candies. Also don't;f6rg6t my> little sister as she -will: wantt sttme" thing too. Robert Neil MeCouUdughi Dear Santa Claus:-I.am,a little boy el* years oldi I go to.school; and like it fine. Please send, me n wflgpn/iand candy, fire works. ' ';" > Val Woodalt; Jr. Hope* Ark. Dear Santa:—I: have been goodi Please bring me a nice big wtfgon, A dump truck, a stick horse and' anything else you can. Please leave us some-fireworks and fruit. Thank- you; Sonny Branriam Hope,, Arkansas.. lam a litle.boy 2% yefirs old;. Plbasfl bring me a. tricycle, a dunip trucks some soda pop and popcorm Also some sparklers. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl H years old. I am in the fifth, grade. My teachers name is Mrs. Huddles•ton. I sure do like her. Dear Santa I have been good. I want yo uto bring me a story book, and lots of fireworks and nuts, and fruit. Please don't forget the poor and littl orphan children and don't forget my mother and daddy. Marguerite Long. McCaskill, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy eight years old and I. am in the fourth grade. My teacher's name is, Mrs. Moore. I like her fine. I want you. to bring me a football. Fruits and nuts and lots of fireworks. William Monroe Long, Jr. McCaskill, Ark. Dear Santa:—I'm a little girl five years old. I don't go to school but want to, I-studyi : the primer at home. Lewisville, Ark. Dear Santa:—I am a little boy just nine years old. There are lots of boys around here, I go to the Russell school and I am in the fifth grade. I wrote to you'last year. We have not got much and I a mnot going to ask for much. I want a bicycle and a little wagon and fireworks, football, baseball. I got three little brothers and Brady said to bring him a bugle and lots of fruit. Ross Peterson. [.can county Am a-good girl and want you to bring me a doll, a little mir- Kmmet, Ark. Dear Santa:—Here I come again to tell you what I want Christmas. Bring me a big doll with real hair and eye lashes, a little machine and fruits of all kinds. Remember all my friends and my little cousin, Kenny, bring him something nice. John Marren Brannan. Spring Hillj Ark. Dear% Santie:—I. am a little, glri eight years old. Will you please bring me a story book, ring and a jumping rope. All. kinds of fruits ihd nuts, also some candy* Be sure and dori!t forget my teacher, Mrs. Mary Wilson. - Geraldlne Martin. Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a jumping roap, ah a story- body, and lots of oranges, nuts and; candy. • Nadine Anderson, P. S. Don't forget my. teacher, Mrs, Wilson, bring her something i'nice. Dcjar Santa Glaus:—Please bljng me a doll, and: a story, book, '• apples, oranges, nuts and candy;. ,'.....: Alva Nell; Anderson. P. S. Don't forget my teacher, Mrs, Turner, bring her something nice. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little'boy two,years old, please bring me.a>little red, wagon, apples, oranges, nuts, and lots of candy. Billy George Anderson, Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa, Glaus:—Please being me a number 10 -bicycle, and a : four room suit of "tootsie toy"' furniture, and; a sot of dishes, and a little table A. "grea.t, lady'" of the past? No, Signorina Italia AlmirarUe, above, is a modern Italian noblewoman. But once a year she retires' to her country estate, .Ignores her up-to-date Paris wardrobe, and for seven'days wears this picturesque medieval, costume. The'ceremony Is required under the terms of the will of'her father,, the late Count and chairs. Carolyn Trimble. What Good Is Wealth In the Face of a Human Crisis? George -In"Rich Man's Folly" A Paramount Picture A mighty man of millions. Dollar-rich but love-poor. Trying to find happiness in the gilded toys that money buys. SAENGER NOW! Little Rock Man Will Accept Life Sentence LITTLE ROCK.—(/P)—Attorneys for R. C. White of North Little Rock Sunday night said he would plead guilty n circuit court Monday to a murder charge and accept a life sentence for he slaying of his wife several months ago. The plea will be entered by agreement of Prosecuting Attorney Carl E. Bailey and sentence probably will be fixed by a jury after a summation of the evidence. White is accused of shooting his wife after a series of quarrels attributed by police to jealosy. Sue Jane Cofield. Emmet, Ark. Dear Santa:—Will you please come to see me Christmas. I'm a little girl nearly two years old. I want a doll, and' doll bed like sisters, a little' i'ed wagbn"f6r sister to pull me ihV Of course^! want'band J''arid-fruits -Remember by little playmates the Wright children and Polly Anna. . Paula Coficld. Bodcay, Ark. Dear Santa Clausi—I am a little boy 'four 'years old. I want you ot bring me a little red wagon and all kinds of fruit candy and nuts. Don't forget mother and. daddy. Earl Downs. U.D.C.Head Irs. W. E. R. Byrne, above, is the -.aw president-general ot the' Jnited Daughters ot the Conl'ed- racy. <t She lives In Charleston, 1 W. Va.i 1 Its Coming Soon! JOAN CRAWFORD —In— "Possessed" -With- CLARK GABLE The Joan Crawford you adore, ravishingly beautiful, e*- utically clothed in the silks and satins that best become a beauty in the embrace of today's handsome idol, Clark Gable. No wonder picture-goers return to see it a sec- end' time, to gasp at a production that out-thrills Joan Crawford's greatest hits from "Our Dancing Daughters" to "Paid." SAENGER Bodcay, Ark. Dear Santa. Claus:=-r am a little boy two years old. I want you to bring we a little kiddie kar, some apples, oranges, candy and nuts. I will go to bed early. ' Charles "Edward Downs. Emmet, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl five years old. I want you to bring me a little dresser, kitchen, cabinet, a bugle and a big sleepy doll. I also want you to bring me some candy and all kinds of nuts and fruits. I have tried to be a good'little girl. Please remember mother arid daddy and all my little cousins. Catherine Jane Mitchell • Hope, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl almost two years old. Please bring me a doll, a little broom and a little telephine and some candy and apples. Dorothy June Wilson. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus;—I am a little boy nine years old. I want a book satchel, rain hat.^a gun, fire works and fruits and nuts'of all kind. Don't forget all the other little children, R. G. Long. i , Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl seven years old. I go to school, I want a doll, a pair of mittens and a rain coat, hat, a book satchel. Bring lots of nuts, fruits of all kinds. Don't forget mother daddie and granddady, Long. Spring Hill, Ark. Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little boy four years:old. Will you please bring me a pistol,, some caps and a harp. Be sure not to forget to bring me all kinds of fire-works, fruits and candy. Don't forget my little friend • Dard- Dear Santa:—Please bring me a- big doll'with long hair, an electric stove, .a doll trunk: and'"a dusting set. also, nuts; fruits-and'sparklers. • Martha-Helen Searcy. Patmos, Ark., Route li , Dear Santa, Claus:—Here I come again, but I'm not going to ask for very much. Please bring me a pair of gloves, a pistol,' ipstol caps.nuts, oranges and apples and inything, else you want to bring mei Don't forget my teacher, Mrs. Ben Wilson, bring her something nice. Carl Johnson. Dear Santa Claus:— I. am a little girl seven years of age. . I go to school at Spring. Hill school: My teacher is Mrs. Ben Wilson. Santa . please bring me .a sleepy, doll, a ring, paints,, and tooth paste. I have a baby sister two ^ears old. Please bring her . something nice. Don't forget mother, dhdy and my teacher. Dimple -Dean Galloway. Dear Santa:— I, Hope, Ark. am ' a little school ward Anderson. Joe Bob Martin. Dear Santa. Glaus;—Please bring me _a French harp and a ball and a pistol 1 lots of apples, oranges' and nuts: andi candies of all kind.' • Durward Anderson. P. S. Don't forget my little' friend J. B. Martin, bring him something nice. Hope, Arkansas, Dear Santa Glaus:—I have been, a good little girl this year. I am six years old in the IB. Please bring me a doll, doll furniture; cabinet and skates. I also want you. to bring me fruits, nuts and candy. Margaret Bush. Patmos, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old. Santa I. have trie'd to be good and I want you to bring me a pair of gloves, pair of stockings, a little cedar chest and lots of nice things~to eat. Millie Fae Boyce girl seven; years, old. I want some beads, a ring, set of dishes and; any thing you would- like for me to have. Some, candy and nuts, and a sleepy doll and sparklers. . ;• Nora Lee Purtell. r . - : -Patmos, Ark., Route i. 1. y Deal- Santa Glaus:— I- am- -V elecen years] oW' today, I go to school! a£ Spring- Hill, Miss Rbxie Watkins is my teacher. I think so" much of 'her.. Santa _please bring me a pistol,, caps, a. pair of "'gloves,Dapples, oranges and' .candy. Please don't forget the Other • little''boys,' bring, them and Miss Roxie jsbmthing nice. Don't forget mother, ,dady-and, grandma. . Robert Johnson; Hope, Arkansas. . Dear Santa:—I am a little girl two years old,, please bring, me a little doll isome fruits, candy and. nuts. 'Don't forget my little brother .Dwight. Elva Ruth Purtell. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa.. Claus:—I a • ma- little girl-five years old. I want some beads .a. sleepy doll, sparklers, pair of gloves Idishes and;all kinds of fruit, candy and nuts. • ' Mildred' PurteU. ; Hope,. Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am daddies little man, only three motnhs old; I; want, a rattler and a pair of shoes. , , . Dwight. Purtell. . • Der Santa .Glaus:—Please bring me a big train, a drum, and- a Zeppelin, fruits, nuts,, and fireworks. Buddy Searcy.. Dear Santa .Glaus:—Please bring me i tool chest, a horn and nuts, fruits and : fire crackers. v • . Billy Searcy. . Dear SdntaClauA^IstHarmtle, bdy, eight' years oldi L go, tt> Softool, at Me- Caskill. Santa please 4 brifi£.me a football) a little axe, an distofy book* 'Also, bring me all 1 Rinds of fmiits* nuts and candies and please don't forget the fire' worki i' want- seme Romart candles* some fire cra'ekers and sparklers. Santa, don't .forget-my teacher/ Mrsj AlVis Stokes, Bring" her something nice. Bring all tjie little boys and girls something to, make- theif Christmas happy, twill-try to, have a Christmas tree for'you to put my presents on.. Jay Roberts, j Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a good little boy and I want you to bring me a jingle bell, a dump cart, and lotsro dandy, apples, and nuts. Billy,' Gonway. 506 Bast Second, street. ' Patmos, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a, little girl 11 years old. Please bring me a ring and a pair, of beads, and gloves and wrist watch and candy, apples orange and all kinds of fruits, nut! and donlt forget my teacher, Mrs, Vera Reey.es. LaMay Burns. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus.—I am fIve years old. Mama said I hadn't been, a good little boy, so L won't ask you for much, Please bring, me..a dump truck and an airgun. All kinds of fruits, Deaf .ana . WthfjSe bttog nte bby and' Dear. .;, f ,> -Patmos,; J A»ki . ClaHs:—I aro..a,ljiUe.g|rJL eight- years old; Please- bring me. a pair .of beads, a doll, a ring,'a'wrist, watchj a pair of gloves, some candy Radiators Ghevrolfet— 1931 Model. . ?13.25 1928-29 Model.. .. . .12.75 Fotd— ' 1930 Model ... ^. $13.50 1928-29 Model . . . U',75 All Other Cars at Proportionate Prices: Arkansas .Machine * SPECIALWCO. Phono 257; Hope, Ark. nearly school after Ghrisitn& please bring m'e'alfeti" a bosk satchel:' X r Uppers. A^oll'ah- _„ board,and SonWfouIt arict'f and thank Gift Gn , BETTER FURNITURE for Christmas^ , Give , FURNITURE HOPE FURNITURE GO; Chiistmgs'Sale Fir Christmas ?3So WARD & SON The Leading •Druggists'''/ "We've, Got It" Your^Holiday Needs! ^t Bight Prlce «See Us-BefftreBuyilpg BKIANO?S DBUG " Do.Your at,J, C. ' Start a -* - »* t *• * * National 3 Per Cent on G iffs I?] CO 'W. •"•*•" M v Dear Santa Hope, Arkansas; Claus:—I am a little girl five years old and want you to bring me a little cok stove, and a set of dishes and cok vessels and a big sleepy doll and al kinds of fruits and candies, Lizzie Catherine Thearl. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:— I am a little girl three years old and I want you to please bring me a "doll and a : set of dishes and candy and all kinds of fruits and fire works. Gladis Lois Thearl. What to give the man for Christmas? That's the question. The answer is at the man's store—Gorham & Gosnell. Dear Santa Hope, Arkansas. Claus:— I am a little Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I ym a little girl four years old. I am "a good little girl. I help mother lots. I want a doll a little broom, little tea set, lots of candy, fruits of all kinds, also fireworks of all kinds. Don't forget mother and daddie. Verna Lee Long. 200 East Avenue B. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me a tea set, a doll, and a doll bed. I also want you to bring me some fruit and candy. Manda Tayne McCullough 200 East Avenue B. Hope. Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:—Please bring me a tea set, doll buggy, doll and stove and a story boflk. I also want some fruits and candles. Helen Meri§ McCoullough. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl nine years old. Please bring'me a little doll and a doll ted. If you will bring me that, that will be enough. Bring me a doll blanket, please. Bring boy seven years old and go to school. Miss Bessie Green is my teacher. I love my teapher. Please bring me a scooter anef a wagon and candy and fruits and fireworks. David Thomas Thearl. Prescott, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little girl 10 years old. I want you to'please' bring me a big doll and a red doll dresser, and some fruits apd nuts. Well I guess that is all I will ask for and I will close.. Maggie Lou Rogers. Pr.escott, Arkansas. Dear Santa Glaus:—I am a little boy 12 years old. I am in the fifth grade. I want you to bring me some marbles a top and a cord and ball and some fruits and nuts and candy. J. N. Rogers. Emmet, Ark. Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little boy ten years old and in the fourth grade. I want you to bring me a coaster wagon, candy, apples and oranges and nuts. Raymond Harris Patmos, Ark, Rout 1 Dear Santa:—I ajn a little girl six years old. am gping to school at Spring Hill. Miss Emma Turner is my teacher and I love her so much, Santa Claus I'm not going to ask for a lot of things but please bring me some little mittens, somfr apples, oranges and all kinds of candy. Please don't forget my teacher and our dear auntie who has been si,ck so long, bring them something too. Adell Johnson. Men like good quality, jn • their clothes, and furnishings. Women can. find that quality at prices from our stock. , --W Featuring well known brands of men's wear. Priced according to today's lowered costs. HIKOK BELTS—SETS Complete Sets or Pieces 50c to $2.00 WILSON BROS. SHIRTS New patterns and fabrics $1.50 to $3.00 WILSON BROS. PAJAMAS Brilliant Colors-Patterns $1.95, $2.00, $3.50 WILSON BROS. MUFFLERS Beautiful Designs $1,00 to $3.50 WILSON BROS. BLENPS Shirts and Shorts to Match PIONEER SUSPENDERS Brilliant Patterns SOc to $1.50 HORN NECKWEAR Fine silks—beautiful designs SOc to $1.50 HOUSEROBES Fine quality,, several fabrics $5.00 to $15.00 I. $1,95 HANSEN GLOVES Men's favorites—all fabrics $1,50 to $3.50 BRADLEY SWEATERS Fine quality all wool. Brilliant patterns $3.50 to $5.00 * 9 Gorham *.«" Gosnell IjFfZf' ^^ Men's Wear Exclusive ^ .^--^.•r.^.X-^-.-.-.^.^Sqsg

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