The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 19*10 COURTS Municipal court sessions of the linsl week have l);rn varied with « number of charges disposed of while at lonsl six men, ^tiargcd , v.'iih public drunkenness, were found not guilty and :i numter ol cu.w.s- were held (o circuit court aflcr waiving preliminary hejiriiij;. \V. S, ••Bud" Fnrmor, -wlio was chaiBcd with grand larceny in connection with Die alleged ihi'fl of $10.30 from Hie wish register ol Joyncr Service Statiou, WHS held to circuit court and bond set. ai £500. A disturbance In \vhicli H. S. Harbour, Memphis negro, v;as in- V^ IT'S THE V Cream OF KENTUCKY 'in? tliaitlil lloinlttii tfhiikfy hi tilt wot til. At your favorite package slore. volved, led to Ills being fined 525 on n charge of disturbing the peace. Bnrbonr, who officers said \vns n South American negro connected with u negro newspaper In Memphis, Is nllcgcd lo Imve olferwl n ride lo two while girls on Hrgli- way (jl .several days ayo. A highway accldenl in which a truck belonging 10 the St. Mniy'.s Milling; Compuny of Mo.. \v:ts overturned, resulted the driver, J. j. Thimmrc. ticing lined a (otiil of $102.75 on a vhciryc of driving while under the iiilhi- nice of liquor. ncrry Joyncr. nr-jjro, accused ol tliiTe women's dresses, SID eaeli, from Monf- tcmery Ward ami Company, was held lo cireuii court on a grand larceny charge. IKind was Qxi-d al $750. Henry Collins nnd I'eicy I'inkcr, negroes, worn fined $'25 (>a<-|i on vagrancy clutj-BC's Un Ihe lim'.s were licld up on condilion iliey would lea vi> Uir stale. A fhai|!<' or K-cWes.".; driving lodged nyiinst Dyer G.iiner rc- sulled in Ills belli fiiir-d $25 after hi! entered a pica of guilty. A similar pica on a similar elm rue also cost Clco Johnson $H5. I-'red Johnson, negro true!; driver of Slcele. was also lined $25 un a charge of reckless driving to which IK.- pleaded guilty. Charged will) slealinj; nvo riill- BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK,) COUKIKK NRWS • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PAGE THREE The yowl) of niir niuioii will gel Uio.itost. Jwnolit from I tic TOWII- st'iid plrui. There arc two t;roiip.s of our . population iibuntlunt REPAIP AND CEA4CDEL 'Ihere are milliiuis of young people svlm in great numbers are arriving in imminty annually, who rimsliimi! DIIC tjjonp, AIK'I u u . Oilier gJOIlp Is 11 li' oldCfly passing oil' Ihe slaj.,' ati,'r ,„..,„.„ a pun in ilu- nallnnal drama for •11) or fit) yrais. Youlh nrnvlnc, at maliirlly soon iniiH linci a way lor self i-xprcssloii. imiM Hud u pJiice and liml it scon '.-<• lioot I.JKI l:iiih will lallt'r. Tor tliojsc jnlllioD.s, ili t . economic ship lii.s sunk and has bcun abandoned. There is Brave duni;cr i>l un i:|:- iiJ'uvittt'd chilis i'!>ii';i.-ioasin-hs I'D!lulling llial will PII-[KUI' UH-M- millions of young people m niibrau any ism (hai piomises in ovi-r- unw pir.setit conditions. _ It Is ii hopt'lc.s.s picture ami will "'foiujlioul tin runain hojiclr-ss si> long :,n oilier millions ol our i-lderly people Inquiries To Reveal Mori- gage Chni'aclei'istics Of Owner-Occupied Dwellings Invaluable anil heretofore luritely I noiioljtaliiuljlc inlormalion on every I'.wnlhil phase of home flnancinrj Your Home ^ONSTRtCTlON-tQUIPMENT REMODELING eoimlrv will be < Aliirins Add Spaciousness Jl'i 1 ri'llieiivo (|ii:ill(y of a mirrored Mirfacc is 1111 elli'dhr (ml In l»c hand or n skillful home , w .,,. Hulli-in minors Increase ibr iip- P'lri-lll .-.IHciOUKIlOss of a VWHII ;l|l<l brluliicii ilart: corners. Well placed, Uuy lioisi,.,. ., ( ||||| lulml | )v | lu , reflection ol lights , m <l liy throw In,, iniiioitaiu colors. road cross ties which he cnl ii| for a lire made In a vacant hous» at Dell to cause damages to the niiven by necessity, cling | 0 •lit or 5(1 year old jons and llio •rownsend plan will release the Hired and tired to a place oil the industrial side line umi open up nmle available lo mortK.ifje lenders as n result of the nnlioiuil census of housing — itcsnibei) us "Ihe most impnrlanl new .subject" or the ICtli iX'ocnnla! Census — probably to be .stalled In April, the Federal Home 1,0:111 Hank Hevlew »'- IIKI »l> vnsi Holds ol oppurtiitilly for yomli. 'loclnres in its Jaiui.ny Ksne. bvery week iiay ijioniiiiu, there "The hoiiie-flii:in<-m s ( |,ita building. Eddie Johnson, negro, was fined $10 and sentenced to three months on the county farm on., a charge of petit larceny to which he pleaded guilty. A plea of (jnilly lo n olmrge of reckless driving cost n. n. Smith, of LcaehviUe, $15 for $10 ot his $25 fine- was suspended. A negro. "Dusty" Pernlrack. and a negro woman. Stella Samples. were each fined SlO on charges of disturbing the peace by fighting but the woman's h'nc ivas suspended. Their arrests followed aJ! alleged altercation near Armorel. Cliflon Jones posted a $12.75 bond on a charge of overloading. Rosetta Wilson was fined SlO on charge of disturbing the peace fighting. Read Ccurier News want, ads.' KEYSTON15 ALFALFA SEEDS AM, KINDS FIELD SEEDS CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. rillllNA FEEDS -.Phone 154 col- urc thousaiKl.s ot young men mul loctod from nil ownci -occupied non s\omen over iho coiinlrv who farm homes contucled during the - <«< <« census will represent the mosl com- Ailniliilsii-aiioii. open their newspapers to the hdji .....,.,.,„.., .^IJH-.M-IH uic mosi com-; wauled section and anxiously scan plelu summary of this type of in- ilit columns, Every morning Ihou- lormalion ever obtained In Ihls sands of ilicin flocii lo employment country," thc licview says in an wliei-e most of Ihem nre • article entitled ••Morluavc- Aspects !' ,'..'"! % i:iv '' s "' r "' a riniKo almost UiliJniif ciiinpiin-d with tin' limited usi.s nl iilhi'r diiys. .SVvcnil at- Irncluv mim-.s ;n v iivjillnl)),. | () blond MI- ronlrasf with oilier nh- Jt-cls in nn, roo m . i,,,,-^ bulll-ln mirrors ami minor piinellni; may bc nddcil to n,,, | lnm( , w m, ( ll]u | s oblalncd from prlvati- lemllni; In- Kllliilloiis iiiidci the Mocierul/.alion CiTdlt. Plan of ihe Federal Jloiisli'n. toiii. "Sony, nothing today." Unlike other generations, the youth nave no illusions nuoiu making a lorlunc. They arc merely aski "I Ihe Housing Census." •"I'lie <iiie.stloii.s- in Oils O f .. the lionsln" study inquire ns ( 0 t|,e value of each propejly U'e.ilhenilrlii 1'reiich Dunrs French doors lire eNtvemely |iop- lnr in Ihe home of today, but all loo oiii-n ti le home owner llnds It . - ., , _ _. ^.. v ., j^ujjjun illld tj;f clmnce lo earn inul pay their way. | amount of out.siaudln" Indebted-1 None of our youth, claim Hie world \ ness on lirst and second moii to owe them a living, but our civil- iziuion owes (hem a jou ami Ihe Tou-iiscnd plan will !n Uio end ueneiit yuulh more tlinn Ihe «(jed. The most It can do for the aged is lo release them from Hie jjrlndlni; mills of need for a llmilcd period of only a few short years, bill ihe plan will always bc> opcvaling in the interest, of tlie younger porlion of society. With life before them, I ,. c they will fhul the door of opportunity open lo tliDin as tlic orderly process of rclireinenl of ihe elderly people goes on and let us our youlh s-ci behind I his and help put over the Townsend plan. Raymond Kinnel Age 15. It has been estimated thai the heat of combustion of a gallon of yasoline is equivalent to move than 98,000,000 foot-pmmd.s of work, which, at 100 per cent efficiency, is snflicicnt to lifl a 3100- pound motor vehicle six miles. : Ucac) Courier News want nds. PLAN BEFORE YOU PLOW! FILL YOUR CREDIT NEEDS AT THIS BANK An incrcasiii!,' numlicr of successful farmers (if (his section are planning (heir credit needs when (hey pliin (heir crops — and discussing I li e j r plans with us before time to starl Sprin» npei'a- (ions. Consequently, their credit arransvemeiUH fire completed lit-fore (he Rush Season liciftns. Come in and arranjre for your Crop Production Loan now! The interest rale is reasonable and ymi repay in the Fall when you sell your crops. COMPI.KTR HANKING SKKV1CK 1. Crop Production Loans 2. Cheeking Accounts •i. Savings Accounts •1. Personal Loans ii. New Car Financinjr fi. F.II.A. Tide 2 Lo.-tns 7. Commercial Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Bases." Ihe arlicle points out. "Arrangements for liiiuidallni; these inorlEagcs will bc .studied ihroii|>li queries on the frciiui-ncy and aiiiomil of regiilnr p-iyiiicnis uml provisions for Iho iVduclion of principal anj for the ncriiinulnlloii of funds lo pay real c.stnle- luxes." l.isl of Inipilni's The preliminary lisl of luqulrlcx ng morlgaBC chaiacU'rlslIcs of owncV-occiiplNl nonfat-Hi one- In four-family slructurcs follows: ('resent amount of oulslanillng Indebtedness on morlgiigc or laiitl contract; on lunior liens. Frequency mill of regular payments on first moi-lgnge or land contracl. no these regular payments lucluilc principal reducllon? Heal cslalf laxes? Interast rate on first mortgngc or land contract. Type of holder of first mortgage, or liuiil conli-ncl: HiiiWing nnd loan association, cojnincrcliil bunk, savings bonk, life msimince company, mortgagi! company, Jiomc Owners' Loiin Corponilion, individual, oilier. "These fads," ihe lievlcw continues, "will measure the prevalence of monthly payment loans', of mortgages requiring principal reduction, nnd of agreements with financial instilulioiis whereby future taxes are anticipated through regular monthly payments. Tubu- lalions will be made by size of loan, type of mortgage holder, and geographic, area. llunldi of Ownership ".Some light on the relative burden of home ownership will Be provided by comparisons of Ihe amount of niortgngc payment wllh the to v;eiUhersl|-|p them. One nrllnhl? method of nmklnu (hem wiu-rproof nnd rcnsonnuly ftlrllglit Is ihiwiBh (he use of n fonr-iiidi brnss snddli- or sill with nn inlerlodilni; iiiulal slrlp on the bottom of the doors. Tin- h'd'.'rul Honshu; Administration, lhrou|;h Its Modernismlu>i Credit Plan, su- Mire.v Imins IIIIK|I< l,y ((iiallfli'il li'iiri- ini; In.sllliitloii'i l,n wonllK'islrip- phili work, MulillllK lliilrs Cracks Unsightly wall OIU-K.S iiround iiulli tubs inul .slimms, ofk'ii mus- cd by scUlomeul or sluliikatu' pf wall linlsli, can be concoali'd by Illlllllilll; lor iHis The nmliilni; is oliliili)nl)|i> In alninlimm alloy which has larnlsb proof iinalllli's; nil necessary iingli*,. arc provided. A bonding compound lo hold ihe mnldlnu In pl«ce Is •uipplli'd. This hnprovemenl may be miulc to Ihe hiiine under Un 1 Mixleriil/iillim Cii'dli I'lnn O f the I'Vdfrul llouslni; Ailiiiliilslrnllon, Ku i ids for Ihe work arc obtainable lioiu iirlvalo IcudiiiK Insllliillons iiualihed by the V'HA, SiniiiilprolliiK- Wllh Closrls In iilniinlng homes the prospecilvi: home owner limy nchlevc effective soiuitlproDllnij bolivi.H.'ii Uvo bedrooms or between bedroom .'mil lialhroom by Itx-nnm; Ihe closeh In Hie coniiecllni! walls. Thc (Idil- blt> walls form gooil Iwrrlurs to sound. A. E. Huntleys Build New Residence Here returned lo Blyihi>ville » your <i e o afler ninnj. years In Memphis, nre creeling u new home here. Work was slurlcil yeslerclny oil n five rucjiu collage at 1B15 Chli-kn- siuvba avcouc on proixirty pur- crmsed trom Arknio l.umlwr Company which slnrleil new bnlldlnR In thiit block nboul n year ngo. This will he (ho nurd house lo bc con- slrncteil (hen; mid nnotliri- will lie slnrtcxl soon. Tlic iioii.w, \vhlch is on n (iO font lot, will Imve iviills of wood sliln- Kles. to be palnli-il while, with « green omiposltloii roof. A small Biiblt' on the fronl will fit Into the sloping roof mid lhrr« will In ti .suiali frnl porch. Ndineroiis clcxscls fiMituiic the two bedifloin house, which will havi Denied ami papered walls, bullt-li tenures in Die floors. kildicn nnd o.'ik Start Work On House For T. W. Jeffries Woik tens still-tod yesterday on Ihe T. W. Jeffries residence which Is being Ijiiilt on Ihe norlhensl. cornei- lot of Chlctasinvhn nvcnue nud Cemetery rond, which they iiKMl seme lime ni;o from Mrs. Willimn Mnlln. Tlii^ live room hnnse, which Is lo be in the $5000 dnss, Is lo have vnUicof the niojjeity. with the mil- colonial lines with n ,sun" |K,rc.-h"n, nulled rental value, nnci with the ' wage or salary income of the home owner. "Answers which are obtiilned from the questions on interest rates will, of course, have lo be Interpreted in the light of other chaises levied ngalnsl the home owners by the various lyp£-s of morlgnge lenders. "The housing schedule will nlso include question* on Ihe chnracler- islics of nil icsidenliiil structures and dwelling unn.s, as well as the conveniences and cquiinnent ;wnil- nble in these units." mil ln'lwrai Iho i;|i(. nm | 3^ f ni ,i ivlni; vomn on tln> ™sl and Ihe dhtlni; room on (he west, nehlntl lie dliiiuj! room will b« the kitchen mid the two |]fdroum.<; (aid bath will open Into n hull, Then! will lie 11 smiill service piircl) on Ihe west re a r. The Inlerlov wnlls will he svnlci uml papered, there will be numer ous closets, one nf which will be cedar lliit'il, llvtnn room wll have a flrqilacc. a dlsappearliiii sliilrwfly will lend to Die- nlile, nn< (lie house will )» (jus licnted foi some of the detailed plans. Many $2,500 Homes Already Are In FHA More Hum HIi.lMft homes costlm $2,fiOO nr less Imve iilmuly >>r<>i litillt imilcv tho Fi'ilernl Honshu, Ailiilliiltl ration's Insured fln:i)iclii| [iroamin. The unlldlnit Industry Is ixH'om- hiB more niul more Inleroslet! h wiiidlriictlite houses castlnrj he- IHTCII ja.OOl) n i id $-|,()00, renllxiii Mini the market for reslilenllrt cimslnictlon In Ihi! future lies with the broiul ineoiue. group which cannot nlford homes ol higher mlccs nccnrtllng to l-vdcrnl HouslnK m\. inlnlstrnlor MoDnnnlcl. Eiich ycnr (he nverncc volur.llon of homes Insured by the FltA n:nl the nvcrniic inoiluiiiic nwiiine.l !jy Ijorrowcrs hn.s dcerenswl, KIM liij'- ULCS show. noi.c: ni-:uAni,s HOMKS 'I'lic Home Owners' lf»m Corpn- , , , • intlon spends nenrly $100,ono every nmn'T • ?' "'I *'"' bl; " f wmkint ' ll ">' °" '! mid Im- colomnl siding, IMIllicit while, n , H | | )ray | IIB rcstilcntlnl properties It Ihe wood sinngle roof will b c sun,,, own.s throiiRhont (he country in ed probably green. 1 0 , ( | C1 to mnkc them more iittrac- tneic will lie n lurse entrance live fur rcnliil or snle. Editors Laud FHA Low Cost Housing Pian The measures to encourage 'iri- vatc lending institutions in making loans on houses of less than Sa.iiOD, designed jointly by the Federal Housing Administration ami the Reconstruction Finance Corp- oralion, arc hailed In the Jam-- ary Issue of The Aiehitcclura! Forum as Hie "biggest home building news since Ihe FHA slashed lu- tcrrat rates last August." Stating thiit the foremost measure is The RFC Mortgage Go's agreement to purchase Title I new residential construction loans from lending Institutions. th c cdilors say thc new policies will make Ihls phase of Ihe PHA's low-cost housing program "more attractive to bornvers and lenders alike." Giber changes inade by the FffA In thc Tille I new construction program Include supervision and regulation of construction, extension of minimum requirements and pvoii- erty standards, and outlawing of second mortgages. The Architectural Forum s,ays (lie upshot of the revised program is the FHA Is now equipped lo insure loans on houses of nny cost up lo $20,000 and Is particularly equipped for S2,500-and-un- der units. It concludes that the "FHA lias become Increasingly useful and poplar, thanks lo Iho heady administration of Stewart McDonald," while Its efforts this year ".should produce a btim'ier crop of low-cost houses." Read Courier News w«nt MS. Re-roof \\W\Combine Beautifwifh Shelter GERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL COMPOSITION SHINGLES give perfect roof satisfaction at a minimum j per year cost. Monthly payments may be as ' little as $5,00 under the FHA three year plan. ' Phone 100 NOW E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO, HLYTHBVILLE, ARK. - Choice Of Fence'Depends Upon Home's Architecture Wliellu-r uio fniici! Is Intended ns n (Ujinpli'iiu'til to nn ultrnellve house or u s n (i,| ng O f niilftni'Inn viiluo lo murk boundaries, (irovldi! prlvney. mid keep do«s nnd <-'HH- drcn lioiu ihe wlit'ds of luilonm- mlli'.s, all hoini'-biiltdlii|[ inilhnii- Ues iivui! ihe dome owner lo con- •ildcr Hie aichllecliiK' of Ihe. house In choosing the slyle of Ihn fence. Mullein.'; uf new iiouu'.s freinienl- l.v hnvr nn iii-clillcct 10 advise tliejn on fi-ilt-i' .style, bill owners of ex- Inn homes who ivlslt lo creel fence.s usuully have lo niiike Ihi'ir wn scli-cllons. The iirhniuy rule, .•cordlnii lo those (|Ualllli-il lo iul- isi'. Is (hat tin; fence repeat the I'linrturlcr uml Mcule of the imiisn Owners of exlsiini; iiumt-.s' niny •'Uilii loans from prlvalu Imilliii; Instilullons under ihe Mixlernl/,a- tlon Crcdll I'lan of lli ( . Federal using Aclinlnlslrollon wllh which creel femes. ^nioiU! geiieinl rule.-; lo lie ob- vi'il in 'elinosliiu fence slyle lire Ilii'si 1 : Low lioine.s should hnvo low and huii/nnlnl fences. l-'lmldu and callfornln home:; aineliiues use crisscross wooden 'neon -for uood appcariinct>, while ron fences"of Spanl'sir" ( ie.siBii"(i'iu l-w of uood (lisle. Slinjilc mil fences which repent tlu> horiMiilal Hues of (he house .re lulnplabh. lo modern lioines, I'lckels I'nr Colonial Homes I'lekei fences nrc c.onsWered good for Colonial homos. Tlio stoiii: liomos of Pennsylvnnia usually nre encomirassed by four- riiljcd whitewashed fences. IMrkct fences (ire perennial favorites for the Cope Cod cottage. Unusually attractive effects are somellmc.s obtained by using a slonc fence lapped with wood rails. It Is cMlirmU'd Hint motorists use about 20,000,000.000 Rnllons 'of i;as- oltnc each yenr, Washer Need Tuning Up? .MIST (,'IVB UK A CAM, l''01{ RXI'UUT WASHING iMACIUNH SKRVICK —All MakeK— PHONE 233 We )>nv« secured (lie services of Mr. Phillip Frie, n factory (rained Mnytng. Service MRII HAROAWAY AIM'I.IANCE CO. Servlco On All Makes Had lot—He fri Kf rators 2M W. Main I'hont YOUNG IDEAS FOR OLD HOMES We've Got Dozens of Them For That Home of Yours! When remmk'lfittf and relccori>tinp; your litiinc 1hi.s spring | 0 ) us sh«w you how If tan lit dimo economically inul <'<mi|ilelely lo restore its youthful, up- Our wide experience >«iifinij))ct's ynti (in; lii'sl in workmanship, iriidcriuls mid renl vnliic, l)nii> in today itntl we'l! Kliully ^ive yon sonic id en for improving your home. [•'HA LOANS AUTO AVAll,ABI,K- POIt. .RKMOD- K1JN(,', RKI>AIKIN« AND IMPKOVINC,' ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 ATTABOy, WISTER. RIGHT WOW'S THE BEST TIME TO FEED TOUR LAWN / • There's a fact about gardening lhal many people don't realize. We're passing!! on toyou because it will save, you plenty of work, and assure you a lovelier lawn. Put on a complete plant food early! Right now, before (he frost is out of the ground. For the best plant food to use, see us right away. And while you're in, take a look at our new garden tools and equipment, and our full stock of choice seeds. Let us help make your lawn and garden this year the lalk of the town! EARLY FEEDING WITH VIGORO • Complete plan! food Saves work I (You don't have to \vater • it in.) Asiutts a lovelier lawnl A Product of Swift. HUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY L. K. ASHCRAFT & COMPANY SWIFT & CO. FERTILIZER WORKS

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