Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1931
Page 6
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HOPE'S USINESS REVIEW BUILD A Lumber s i?rl5 Years Material* Man in Lumber But* V1897 p is on the increase States, and only the -suspension of activity by ig arid loan associations is the construction program t d«feressiofi, according to J. (,,manager and secretary' of Mope Retail Lumber Yard I 'i veteran lumber and build* i wh&has seen a generation of It is his opinion that iteiV boon to the building th§ Coming of the build- loan companies in recent made it possible for sal- build a home of their deal of construction is pend- *hat would be quickly ac- if the financing companies ng properly, according „_ He believes the Amer, have gone in for a larger „ home ownership in recent I that the building and loan •e organized in response of the public mind. tf j*~*~~~ has been in the lumber fieSs since 1897, and continuously ^4' 1905. He was born in'Missour; u't'settied in Arkansas in 1905, estab- *&g himself at Homan, near Hope. tfth 1 his' loflg experience in sawmill ""ifefcil lumber marketing he was ii'1916 to organize the Hope Re- Ijjber Yard, Hazel and Division 'where he has been serving • continuously for the last ,j^c^*.. Associated with him as of- e rilanager is Mrs, Harbin. ; Retail Lumber Yard not only ^s 'an* kinds of timber, window f sash and door supplies, but also. S s 'wood shingles and the na- my-known luie of Bird's compo- ii-shingles. The firm also special"n^builders 1 hardware, and is a tion^ headquarters for con-'. "" several counties. Plant of the Hope Retail Lumber Yard —Photo by Shipley Powers Is Placed Oil Wpss Stand Testimony i| f ri^I of Well Known ^Mass Slayer' Rent It! Find It! It! Sell It! With OPE STAR CLARKSBURG, -W. V-Va.—tfP)—The state TJfednesclay completed thejr legal fight tp send Harry F. powers, accused "m£ss stayer,": to thi. gallows for killing-Mrs, dofothy Pressler Lemke, a Northboro, ; Mass.,.divorcee. Powers then took the stand, in his own defense. Ne*gro Given 20 Years Over Automobile Crash you tell, uicker you sell. ~ gft'insertion, lOc per lino sfMt'i - mininjuu, yfc ' • 3'insertions, 7c per linev _, ~ ', • minimum 50c {^ 6" insertions, 6c per line, '">• , minimum ?1.00 ,' 26 insertions, 5c per line, ',' muiimum J4.00 CAverage 5V& words to the line) , fOTE—Want advertisements ac- over the telephone may be with the understanding k . St*"the bill is payable on presen- ation of statement, the day of first ' "Ijcation. Phone 768 KANSAS CITY—(yp)-Andrew Jackson, negro driver, who struck and fatally injured three women in a safety zone Friday night, was sentenced Monday to serve 20 years in the jstate penitentiary on three charges of .manslaughter. .Jackson said he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Gardiner Renews Chiding of Hoover Terms Presidential Idea "Ill-Advised" Nostrum of a Layman FOR RENT RENT;—Extra nice house. honq 606. Middlebrooks Grocery npany. 8-6tc RENT.—Four room furnished ; tment. Frigidaire, Call 132. Mrs . McRae. 8-3t , .... . - - f FORRENT—Nicely furnished three, apartment. 523 West Third et. 5-6tp FOR RENT—Two four-room Duplex, South Main street. One five-room house, North Elm street. Floyd Porterfield. , 3-Ttc FOR RENT—8 room house, newly papered. Suitable for two families. 302 N. McRae St. L. D. Reed. 7-6tc FOR RENT—One high class brick residence, modern in every respect. In high class neighborhood, on pavement. See Floyd Porterfield. 7-6t FOR RENT—Six room house with bath, kitchen newly painted inside and out, newly papered. South of Magnolia filling station. Known as the Hervey home. See L. A. Foster. 7-6tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Two high class homes. Foreclosed by Loan Company. Small cash payment, balance monthly. Floyd Porterfield. ' ' 3-7tc WASHINGTON—(^h-William Howard' Gardiner, president of the Navy League, said MpHday\that President' Hoover's naval attitude called for a "Congressional investigation into his entire conduct of naval affairs." Meantime, the prospect that Congress would inquire into the controversy between Mr. Hoover and the Navy League grew. Chairman Hale of the Senate Naval Commitee said he planned to introduce a bill calling for building the navy to limits of the London treaty. He estimated it would ask authorization for new ships costing between $800,000,000 and 5900,000,000. There is little doubt that ,in this and other legislation, the entire dispute will be reviewed. The first pamphlet issued by Gardiner charged Mr. Hoover with "abysmal ignorance" of naval matters. The president asked for an apology. Instead, Gardiner reaffirmed Monday his feeling that Mr. Hoover knows very little about the navy. Gardiner centered upon a' proposal by Mr. Hoover over a year ago that food supplies should be immune from interference in time of war. He said it was inconceivable that anyone who understands the situation could have made' such a suggestion, adding the alternative was to consider the proposal as the "ill-advised nostrum," of a layman. First Woman Member of House to Attend Monday WASHINGTON.-^)—Jeanette Rankin of Wyoming, the first woman member of the house has reserved a place from which to watch the gavel fall Monday. Defeat followed her vote against the United States' entrance into the World War. Now she is legislative representative of a peace organization here LOST SERVICES OFFERED: If you want service, call 670. Robison Grocery. 4-17tc. WANTED WANTED—Clean cotton rags. We pay 5 cents a pound. Hope Star. WANTED—Mrs. W. M. Ramsey to send one dress to J. L. Green Cleaning Co. to be cleaned and pressed absolutely free on December 10. 9-lt GULF GAS At the busy corner of Third l r and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 NATURAL GAS SERVICE PREVENTS COLDS... cool mornings and evenings when just a little fire is needed to take off the chill nautraj gas service i* fine. 3 — You will enjoy real comfort at your meals, reading your newspaper or listening to your radio; with very little danger of contracting a cold, with just the right degree of steady heat that only natural gas service can give. Arkansas Natural ©as Corp. A Cities Service Unit NOTICE OF FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS In The District Court of the United States For the Western District of Arkansas, Tcxarkana Division, In Bankruptcy In the matter of Jim M. Dodson of Hope in the County of Hempstead State and District aforesaid, a Bankrupt. To the Creditors of the above named Bankrupt: Notice is hereby given that on the Dec. 8,. 1931, the above named party was duly adjudicated a bankrupt and that the first meeting of the creditors will be held at my office in the City of Texarkana on the Dec. 22, 1931 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt »nd transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. Bankrupt's claim for exemption will be investigated at the same time and place, GUSTAVUS G. POPE Referee in Bankruptcy. Texarkana, Ark. New Chevrolet Is On Display Here Latest Model Embodies Past Features With Big Improvements Nearly every feature and appliance .of proven valua'has been built.'intoi .the new 1932 -Chevrolet which was) placed on display here Saturday at the Young Chevrolet Compay. While the new machine has retained the low price of earlier models, the latest Chevrolet contains silent syncro-mesh transmission in combination with optional free wheeling, an increase in power of 20 per cent, maximum speed from 65 to 70 miles per hour, stream-lined bodies and a large number of other features usually found on automobiles costing several times more. The car has been announced as the "The Great American Value for 1932" by the manufacturers, who have made more improvements in the design and mechanism htan has been made at any time since the builders changed to the six-cylinder type in 1928. Nothing has been subtracted from the 1931 model ihd improvements have tended to refine the performance and appearance of the 1931 car, which was the most successful model built ot that date, according to the manufacturers. Most radical change'in the exterior appearance of the machine is the new- front view of the automobile. The front assembly of the body is joined to the chassis in an entirely new manner, insuring greater stability and absence of vibration, and at the same time relieving the machine of the weaving that is usualy encountered in driving over rough roads. While the wheelbase has not been changed, new streamlined body designs give the appearance of a larger, roomier car. The new Chevrolet is said to have been the first car to embody syncro- mesh and free wheeling in one transmission assembly. A control button located on the dash allows the driver to control the free wheeling mechanism at will. In this way the driver is enabled to have the double advantage of the braking power of the motor while driving in traffic and in mountainous districts and free wheeling under less hazardous circumstances. Manufacturers offer 12 body designs to the public. Three are of the open type, and nine are closed models. Besides the standard models, eight body designs are available with standard equipment. Connally Sees Veto for Any Tariff Change WASHINGTON,—C/R)-A' prselden- •tial .veto vwa^-the fate predicted Saturday ni$it'r; by Senator Connally, democrat, TeSas, for-any tariff reduction bill .approved-at this session of congress. - ** .i ^' • '~ ' .'ii Speafcjng in .the national ra~dio forum of- the-'Washingto&VEvening Star, he said:?i . ; . .: /•..:.':; j A .bill repealing the present tariff law w>d restoring the old ; Fordney- McCumber rates "has been suggested. There are those who -propose the enactment of legislation based on reciprocity with foreign nations. No one knows what may transpire. It is assumed that the presien twilldEa- assumed that the president will veto any amelitoration of tariff burdens." College Entrance Given Study Here High School Students Look Up Requirements of Leading Universities Written at High School Members of the 9A Home Room group of the Junior-Senior High School, directed by theijr sponsor, Paul I Hinant, made an investigation of the requirements for entrance to the leading colleges and universities as their home room study and project this week. Each pupil was asked to order a catalogue from the college or university which they plan to attend or hope to attend after graduation from high school. The aim of the study and order of the discussion was as follows: To aid each pupil to make the proper selection of subjects In high school in order to meet the entrance requirements of higher institutions of learning. To aid pupils to understand aim of courses to be studied and what it will do for them. To help pupils make future choices of courses in lino with what they want to do in life. Entrance Requirements of the University of Arkansas, Elva Young; Randolph-Macon College, Ruby Wyatt; University of Missouri, J. W. Harper; Hendrix College, Billy Greqn; Lindenwood College, Lynette McKamney, Hcndrix-Galloway College, Pauline Jones. The program for next week as announced by »the program chairman, Floy Mac Weisner, will be devoted entirely to a joyful Christmas presentation with each member of the group taking part. Slippery 'Lifer' Again It Free in Oklahoma M'ALESTER, Okla.-(/P)-A barter of prison identity and a scramble over the wall made Charley Stanley, slipper "lifer," free from another penitentiary Saturday night. Behind him Stanley left State prison officials who thought another man had escaped until they found him locked in Stanley's cell Saturday. Officials said they would charge D. D. Bryant, accused of trading cells with Stanley for aiding the escnpc. Credited with fleeing the Indiana reformatory last January find trying to break the Oklahoma City jail three times following his arrest for robbery and abduction last March, Stanley swapped his cell for Bryant's comparative liberty and walked out of the cellhousc to fill the letter's mess hall job. When he scaled the wnll n while later, everybody thought he was Bryant. Golfer in South Africa Sets Record for Speed CAPETOWN.— (/p)-Len Richardson, the "grand old man" of South African athletics, has 'estnmlishcd what Is believed to bo a world's record by holing out the Mowbray golf course, which measures 6,248 yards, in 31 minutes 22 seconds. He plnyecl with only one- club and took 102 strokes. Richardson ran eighth in the 10.000 metcsr cross-country race nt Paris in he 1924 Olympic gomes when over 35 yenrs old. He retired two years ago. His Best Friend Stricter Laws Talked by Lepanto Citizens BIRD ROOFS It's Just .as Easy to Have an Insured Roof When your home is covered with Bird Asphalt shingles it can be insured against loss or damage due to Hail, Wind, Tornado, Cyclone, or Collision. Bird Roofs have always been waterproof and fire-retardent. Now you are offered with this additional protection a roofing service complete to the last detail of safety. HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARP J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 Lost 20 Lbs. of Fat In Just 4 Weeks Mrs. Mac West of St. Louis, Mo., writes: I'm only 28 years old and weighed 170 pounds until taking one box of your Kruschen Salts just four weeks ago. I now weigh 150 pounds. I also have more energy and furthermore I've never had a hungry moment." Fat folks should.take one half teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water every morning before breakfast—an 85 cent bottle lasts four weeks—you can get Kruschen at Briant's Drug Store or any drug store in America. If not joyfully satisfied after the first bottle—money back. Adv. LEPANTO, Ark.—(/P)—Stricter law enforcement was discussed locally at a mass meeting of citizens Sunday, citly finances were also discussed. Speakers told of conditions here, but all expressed belief conditions were better than in several years. Confidence was expressed in Mayor K. N. Bends and the police department. The mass meeting voted to co-operate with the county in a move to purchase a county farm on which prisoners could work. Beautiful French Oil Permanents 2 for $5.00 Beginning December 10th for 10 days only MARINELLO Beauty Shop ' Phone 151 Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 EXPERT BATTERY SERVICE Lester Rhodes in charge (Most experienced battery man in town) LUCK'S SERVICE STATION Car Washing-Greasing $1.50 Phone 485 For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or 934 DAINGERFIELD, Tex. — Officials here have received a report that 18- months old child of Willis Evans, negro, was strangled to death when a piece of potato lodged in his throat. Evans lives three miles cast of Daingerfield. It's Safe to Be Hungry At The CHECKERED CAFE Plate Lunch 35c STOCKTON, Cal.-All day and night a little black dog sat on the steps of the cold county jail awaiting his master, M. Arosl. Arosi had been arrested for being drunk, and ( given a day in jail. The dog faithfully awaited the expiration of Arosi's sentence and met him with bounds of glee when he walked out of the door. Christmas Photos • By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We arc equipped to take your Christmas portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment RIO DE JANEIRO.— A surplus of coffee in Brazil may run some of this nation's locomotives. After dumping ons of coffee into the ocean and burn- ng thousands of other tons to avert n crash in the eoffuo market, government officials plan to press the coffee nto fuel bricks to be used in engines. EXCEL RADIATOR CORES Guaninleod for one year against dcfccls! Also guaranteed against bursting, freezing or srystalizing. Bigger cooling system than your equipment core! Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread LIGHT! EVEN CHEAPER THAN MATCHES A box of safety matches costs but one cent. Each sinylc match lights for twenty seconds at most—the sixty matches of the box representing twenty minutes of the faintest light. A Kilowatt of Electricty keeps a 25-Watt Electric Lamp burining for 40 hours. All this lighting service for a little more than a nickle, on the average. Your cent in safety matches wastes away in twenty minutes. Your penny in power lights a lamp many times longer. What gives greater value and service than the small sum you invest in your own municipally owned light plant? Do It With Electricity ! Hope Water & Light Plant Dedicated to Service at a Low Cost WANTED Mure smi|> corn—many louds are coining in—shows you read the paper and the adds—will tell you somchting it) this space next week that will surprise you—watch it. Phone 230 HOPE BRICK WORKS , Manufacturers of Cotton Seed Products and Quality Fertilizers QUAPAW FERTILIZERS TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company H, 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179

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