Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1931
Page 2
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Star >• Sta* fubfishtog Co.>-toft. \M at Sotlth Main street, Hope, Ark. laCUidlto* Wc«4d»cl8» matte? at the postottice at Hope, Arkansas f^e* .the Art of Ma*ih 3, l«ft. „ ot 9fo Associated tows!, The Associated Press is exclus vely the.ttt»j*o* puKB«at!csttif! all news dlSpriWhes Matted to It w tide «*«3tted ife thft pap«f 4fid also the local new* published herein. i of Wp*od<tt««» tit ipe&li dispatches herein are also reserved. is ti» institution developed by rttotfern civilization to „'» to fOBWt corottafce and tedustey, through widely , aiiid K> afttfHish that chedk upon government which has «V*rbe*ft «We to .pravide."-Gol. R R. McCorraick. Ml Ttttititts, Etc.J Chatges will fce fnafle for all tributes, cards tfttlbtittft, or 'memorials, concerting the departed. Commercial roraa hold to this policy ill .the,news columns to protect their readers a deluge of space-takiflg memorials, the Star, disclaims -responsibility Jei Safekeeping or r6utrn Of tiny unsolicited manuscripts. f ,__,...__ Hates aiwaj* Ksyabteiin Advance): By city carrier, per afitft I" .50; s« months $2.?5; one year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, , Milto aftd Lafayette counties. $3.00 per year, elsewhere $5.00. '-• The Star'* Platform c 11 y the revenues of the municipal potetf plant to develop the dwd *«fctl-Te*ttt*rc*s o/;Hope. city pavement in 1931, arid improved sanitary condition* in and business back-yards. Support the'Chamber of Commerce. • , *- " • -COtMNTY County Wtfhtwq/ program providing for the consrtucHon of a of all-iOeather road each year, to gradually reduce the 'itical jtnA economic support for etterg »cienti/ic aprioultutol Oflfcf* pVodticaZ benefits to Hempstead county's greatest Encourage iarmer organizations, believing, that co-operative effort fis os practical in the country as it is in town. STATE £ . v.v.....metZ progress on the state highway program, ftjf$arl«ks:.iax reform, and a more efficient government through the budget system of expenditures. ' • *' 'Frte Arkansas from hte cattle tick. As Trattooing Passes ^T makes history, anyway—^the big stories about world- shakittg events, or the little, unimportant items that go 5st unnoticed at-the time they are printed? The big-stories, of course—the "stories of wars, political jurns, revolutions and so on—pro vide-the ^historians with "6 1 f' / the'ir material. But/some ^of the little ones reflect shifts in the.complexion;of society with amazing suggestiveness;, and among them is a little story 'printed in a New York .paper the other day, revealing that the business of tattooing has gone into a sad decline. People don't go for tattooing as they used to, it seems. iplfcny^artists'-' -have>had to find other jobs; and those still in j»business 'haveia,different clientele. The sailors, backbone of ll t tiie trade for centuries, are not coming in so much nowadays, Sand the ones that do come in are .mostly .from .merchant ships. tough, too ,has lost; his .fondness :for tattooing, and customer has become almost .nonexistent. Now all of this, of course, is .'.supremely unimportant as kifjhews item. But it does .mirror a 'change in the habits and ustoms of society, and to some -historian ^a generation or so >,&it Ought^to'be highly interesting. ... *For;on'e ; thhig, it shows the change^ that has come over wbria'<Jf"3Efps. The hard-handed 6ld"saltis vanishing; !,:p}flce ; is taken by the ;sbns of a mechanical' age, who have 'orgotterrrnost Qf the old sea 'lore, and who don't core to have ^'arlc of their calling stamped on their skins for life. jack,has became more sophisticated, more gentlemanly, crimson mermaid oh his chest no longer seems to him ing to be greatly desired. ,§"Shore*f olk/too, have changed. The.city.hoodlum, who *"" 'ear a rusty turtle-necked sweater and look as dis- as possible, now goes in for sartorial elegence. In- trying to look like a tough, he tries to look like a fm "HEARS AGO O. B. .Gordon, of Prescott. 1ms been named by GbV. Davis as expert accountant to check up the books of the state treasurer; Carl Halbrook and Roy Anderson went to TexarJtana to see the Primrose Minstrels at the Opera House there. My Dear Santa Claus: Vou are a thoughtful old fellow to bring boys such nice things. 1 thought I would write what I wanted Christmas. I want you to bring me a Irish mail car and a little train, and a little steamboat. That is all I want this Christmas. You little friend, Kenneth McRae. TEN YEARS AGO Mrs. W. W. Whitworth, of Fulton, was shopping here today. A wedding of interest to friends here and elsewhere, was tb*» of John Wepfer, of Nashville, and Miss Mary Garner, of Washington, which occurred Tuesday. iBARB A Hollywood husband, in a counter- suit for divorce, asks $1000 a month alimony. Retired husbands have to get along some way. One of H. L. Mencken's-critics calls him a sophomore. You might even say-he was a freshman and get away with it, in fact a very freshman. . One way to become hungrier is to join a hunger march. America's ''healthiest boy" says he eats parsnips. It must be too bad to be healthy. Advertising talks in Buenos Aires are limited to 100 words. But how about the gestures? The cuckoo may be a goofy bird, but he manages to keep himself from being knocked off for the Christmas dinner. Man Sentenced From This Co. Completes Pen Term Roy ' (Red) Edwards, sentenced to the penitentiary for five .years from Hempstead county : in the April term of court, 1926,-was pardoned Tuesday after completing his sentence. Edwards was sentenced on a charge of burglary and-grand larceny in connection with the robbery of the Washington State Bank at Washington, in the fall of 1925. Oklahoma Mer Trial Jury Sought Charles Draper, Charged With SlayitigtNw Ark- anftas Line, Face* Court 1DABEL, Okln.—(/P)—Remote nooks of McCurtain cotinty w«* Searched Monday afternoon fat JtilttiM for the trail of Charles Oraper, rmmntineer, charged with the muraer of three men in a wooded section near the Arkansas state line. His shaggy hair tousled and his face unshaven, Draper was brought into court Monday morning to begin the fight for his life. He determined to make the fight after becoming the father of a son. Previously he had confessed the triple killing and indicated he would plead guilty, provided officers Would not prosecute until after the baby wns born. The regular jury panel Of 52 was exhausted early and Judge George T. Arnett delegated four officers to seek 40 veniremen each in communities where newspapers arc not circulated extensively. Court was recessed for the day. Only one juror of the original panel was accepted tentatively by the prosecution. Most of the veniremen were excused because they said they had fixed opinions as to Draper's guilt or innocence. Draper is accused of shooting to death E. S. Chappell, 56, Springdnle, Ark., fruit grower, and his companion, Eugene Harris, 23. Antlers, during a robbery, and to have slain Jack O'Dell, 18, when he came .from his home nearby to investigate the shots. • « • A new dam in Brazil, claimed to be the largest of its kind in South America, impounds 120,000,000 cubic feet of water. «tf *t the »«my hospital tor a •tfcttted by 6 btillet grating His nettA. l*61lce w«ff6 told that Tate had been settSrated'frerft his wife several 'tirieks atmfl Sunday night went to the ;l»me ol his fatheHftilaw and, after firing roflle Hold^Relfttlv* efM«n After Shdoting Ffty 47, wms ;in jail here MoSa&y "with a »%MC4WMiNHSN^^ »!,y.. I TO BIIW ,0V 1 1ftJH.INI «n haw'toWr, a wttall pllftbl fteafby. W« died eh i a hospital. Cbfoiter 0. M. rdert« Mays 'hela pending an ilion, Announcing Our Christmas Sale Our Annual Bargain Event- 1 —Bringing the Greatest Furniture Saturday, December N l 2th. Values in Our History. Sale Starts Famous Cough Prescription Almost .instant relief from coughs is now .guaranteed in the use of the physician's famous prescription called Thoxine. It works on an entirely different principle; having a double action, it relieves the throat irritation and' goes direct to the internal cause not reached by cough syrups and patent medicines and the cough stops like magic, usually with the very first swallow. Taken before retiring, Thoxine absolutely prevents night coughing and insures a good night's sleep. It gives the same speedy relief for sore throat too. Contains no chloroform .or harmful drugs.. Children like .it. Remem-' ber—relief within 15 minutes 'from coughs or sore throat, or .your .moneyi back:" 35c, 60c, ! $1.00 bottles. Sold'by John P. Cog Drug Co. and all other drug stores. Adv. other words, we have outgrown a stage of our robust The decline in tattooing speaks volumes about the •5- Recognizing American Writers ARR1SON SMITH, who recently resigned a junior partnership in the publishing firm of Cape and Smith, is starting his own publishing firm and plans to specialize in the literature of young American writers. The way in which he made this announcement is rather interesting. "I believe," he said, "that we're on the brink of something really great in American literature. Twelve years ago, when I first went into the publishing business, at least 50 per cent of every American list was written by English authors. Now about three-qua'rtera of the average list is the work of American writers." There will be plenty of people to share in Mr. Smith's optimism. A surer note, a wider viewpoint, have been apparent in home-grown literature during the past decade. Unless all signs fail, we are due to be getting some uncommonly good books from American writers during the next few years. Need Housing Program M " OST of the people who demand big expenditures by the government in order to provide work for the jobless pjead for the construction of new roads. A country that goes motoring as much as this one does is bound to look favorably on such proposals; yet it is worth considering if it might not be even more advantageous to launch a few large-scale housing programs in the biggest cities. 'The slums of such cities as New York and Chicago are fearful places. They are breeding,grpunds for vice and crime, fQy.jnisery and sickness. To eradicate them, and provide decent housing for people of scant means, would be to make the entire nation healthier, happier and more prosperous. If government funds are to be spent extensively in order to make jobs and stimulate industry, why is this not a good field for some of the expenditure? Tax-Supported Schools A TAX-^SUPPORTED university in the middle west recently dismissed a co-ed for failing to keep up passing grades in her studies. The girl went to court and got an injunction restraining the university from dismissing her, on the ground that a tax-supported school cannot dismiss anyone who pays the entrance fees. Now the higher courts have knocked out this injunction ; and the step ought to'lead to a saner viewpoint on the function of the state university. Even if such an institution is supported by the taxpayers, it has a right to say who may and who may not enjoy its privileges. Each of its students is, in a very real sence, getting help from the state treasury. In dismissing students who fail to study, the university is simply protecting the taxpayers' interests. New Low Prices for Oshkosh B'Gosh Overalls enable you to enjoy the satisfaction of these exclusive Oshkosh B'Gosh features not to be found in cheap overalls. The perfect fit that comes from cutting each size over an individual pattern. Extra long wearing Mill-Shrunk No-Fade, genuine Eastern denim. The comfort of a real full-cut roomy overall for which Oshkosh B'Gosh is famous The World's Best Overall UNION MAUS HAYNES BROTHERS SAVE NOW! G i v e..useful gifts for Christmas. Give something for the home. Whether it's a fine suite, or a card table, you'll find our selection unusually complete. At prices that are almost a sacrifice. Buy now and save! Occasional Chairs ~ One of -.our best gift hints is this Mohair and Frieze Chair, with .sturdy frame of walnut. Specially priced $7.85 Lounge Chair-Ottoman As illustrated, the Lounge Chair, with ottoman, are covered in beautiful moquette.- Spring construction for real comfort. A wonderful gift. $19.50 Oak Breakfast Set Consisting of drop-leaf table and f our chairs to match. What nicer Christ- .masgift. MO Qfl U P Now at only «*fcfe-ww Gas Stoves Give the housewife 9 new gas stove for Christmas. All porcelain and part porcelain models, at real bargains. Special Cedar Chest Bargains Walnut veneered chests, lined with real cedar. Now attractively priced for Christmas giving. $23 Other Chests at Smoker Stands A variety .of good looking styles. Nice gifts—inexpensive, yet so really useful.- Special 95c ' End Tables Mahogany finish and enamel end tables, of sturdy construction. They fit in anywhere $1.45 Up Assorted Lamps Visit our complete lamp department. It will solve your gift problem. The bargains were never greater. Specials from $2.50 Ul $24,75 Up HOPE FURNITURE CO. CALL FIVE

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