Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1931
Page 3
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The day Is eoty ijnd dark and It f4ins. <jnd the wind Is neveic wea.j The vine still icllni^ to the mpWe 'if i." Wall ,/ ' But ot ?V«y giist lh>; d«ad'leaves fn And the day lq dptk jind drbady. My Jlfe is-epic! <fhd dark and drearj It rains Mid thf. MMd is; never weary My thpufchtt still cling to the molder But thiTppe« ot youth fall thick '1 ths blppt ' -Arid thip dpys qrt dark and drpary, Be stjll sa4 hp^rt and cease repining Behind tjiq clouds is the suh stn ' Thy Wte U.^he common fate of nl); Into'ppch l({fe gome rain must fall, days mu^t Ije dork and dreary W. Longfellow. The Alathean Class of the Firs Baptist church will meet this evening nt 7:t(0 t|t the home of Mrs. Ed Mor gan MT.$owth Pine street. Mrs. Ulmer J. Hester, of Jgcltson Miss., is visiting her mother, Mrs Charles Briant. The Missionary Soplety of l\tc Firs Chriiftian'church held a most Interest ing meeting tyondqy afternoon at the home of Mrs. ,J. Patrick Duffle with S rs. J. R. Floyd as co-hostess. The I lowing program in charge of Mrs Floyd ' Portei-f letd was rendered: Piano solo, Mrs. Lylo Moore; Reading Mrs.'Henry Hipks; Dupt, by Mrs Burgher Jones and Mrs. Roddick accompanied by Miss Sybil Smith a the p^anp. During, the social hour a mqst tempting salad plate'was served. lyirs. W. L. Purkins has returnee from Little Rock where she attended the Little Rock Methodist Conference, while there she was guest in the home of Mdjor and Mrs. Edward Woodford. Miss Jepn Laseter left Saturday for Bentpn where she will remain two weeks'iri thp interest of Sunday "school work for the "Bajitlst clita-ch. Mr. and'Mrs. George-Holms were guests Monday of Rev. and Mrs.' J. L. Cannon en route .to their home in Bradley, 'Ark;,'' after attending the Methodist conference in Little Ro.ck. RIVALS Btf DAY ... Sweethearts at Night. Both of thahi afraid to let love come before their jobs. "Sob Sister" Romance of A Girl'Reporter t .— With— JAMES DUNN (Sensation of ".Bad Girl") > —And— LINDA W ATKINS SAEN©ER * . N0\y SHOWING! The S(nr You Adore JOAN CRAWFORD -In"POSSESSED" -With- CLARK GABLE: Wh^t a pair. The screen's avorite beauty and its handsome idol—together. -r-SAENGER— COMING eared } " $$ ttOW T • ; H«Alth tit this community ig pretty good 6t MS waiting . We hayrf hpd guile a lot p./aln the 6ast feW daVs and are glad to $86 the «un .shining again. Harmon Wopsley who finished his coUrsS" at- tJraughn's college at Little Rock !. 8.1 home for a few dayp. Buster Ghormley and family sp Saturday iilght with Roy'Carlton and family, , .. fiddle Csflton and wife were the guests of-her pa.onts, Mr. and Mrs Jwatison of near Bodcaw gaturday night and Sunday. ' Mr. W. U. Almoit and daughter Mrs Ljzzlc Garlton, were guests ol Bess Butler «nd family Saturd night and Sunday., Roy Canton 'n'nn family moved in bur pommurilty last week. Misses Ruth and Blanche Purtle ere the guests of Mrs. E. M. Woosjey Tuesday nlghf. Joe dhormley moved to his now homp ast woiek formerly occupied by Mr. Gradie Stokes, M. M. Mitchell and wife Robert Air mOnd and Lee Paris were the guests of R; L. Purtle and family Saturday night. Jeff Loe and wife spent Sunday with ler mothcf Mrs. Maggie Dillard. loan Crawford Sings New Song Hit in "Possessed" The search" for Mary Frances Fenwick (above), who disappeared from ler Pqftland, Oye., hpme, .brings px- citing consequences in "Three.Kinds if Love," the new serial "beginning Wednesday in The Star. '' Miss Anna Norton is spending the week visiting with friends in Alex- indria, La. 'Fred Stroud is leaving Tuesday for . business trip' through Oklahoma. Mrs. peorge Ware has returned rpm a ivlslt with relatives in Pine Bluff.', The D, A. ^5. meeting will me held 1 Uesday at the home of Mrs.'A.'L. .lack with Mrs. Frank R. Jphnspn as issociate hostess. Mrs. Joe-Barham of Lewisville vis- Led Monday with her husband at the osephine- hospital.- .Mr. •Barham, was eeently seriously injured in an auto- rnoGile accident but will be able 'to eturned to his home Wednesday. The Pecember meeting of the Pat :ieburn Chapter of the U. D. C. will e held at the home of the President, ilrs. Ecjgar Briant, South Elm street n Friday afternoon at 2:30, Mr, and Mrs. Earl Cowden and chil- iren, Mary Jane and David, spent le week end visiting with friends in Your Full Money's Worth in Presents That Please This Christmas, everybody's gift money will be spent with more than usual care. Because of this, we gave • much v morp time and thought than ever before to ovir wholesale buying. As a result, we are now offering you a very lavge assortment of most attractive Holiday Gift Goods. Price ranges in each line are in full accord with today's requirements. And—without exception—every ar- tiple represents the fullest possible money's worth you can buy for its price. Ward & Son The Leading Druggists ' "^e've Got It" ' PHONE 62 Motor Cycle Delivery Crawford has bowed to the requests of hundreds of letters received at thp Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio with the result that she sings a new song in her latest picture, "Pogspssed," which will be shown, next Sunday and Monday at the Saenger Theatre. Miss Crawofrd's voice caught on with the public when she sang "Gotta Feeling for You" in "The Hollywood Revue of 1929." Subsequently she sang several songs in "Montana Moon" and also introduced a hew number in "Dance, Fools, Dance" and "Laughing Sinners" respectively. However, two of the star's most recent pictures, "This Modern Age" and "Paid," were songless and -she has been bombarded with protests by mail. Consequently a highlight of ''Possessed" s >'Hpw to'ng :'W11 It Last?" by Sfak Lef .and Joe Meyers, which IVIiss Crawford sings in a Parl? Aveni(e sequence -of the picture. : "Ppssessed" ,is a striking" story of modern New York $nd its modern lack of conventions. 'The picture was adapted from the Edgar Selwyn stags hit, "The Mirage.' 1 Clark Gable, lst| est screen sensation, plays opposite Miss Crawford and the? cast also includes Wallace Ford anfl Skeets Gallagher. , ' ' Fooled Him ..MILWAUKEE,—Sam Benish h?d ,$20 bill taken from him by a robber,' but, he's, laughiiig. The reason for. Sam's mirth is that the bill was o\-ig-, inally a ?1 unit iha^ h^d been r^sed w ?20 by counterfeiters. Th.e burglar now has the bill'and ^1.50 ill change which "was in Sam's cash register at the time of the robbery. ;, Shreveport. Mr. and Mrs. John P- Cox entertained delightfully Sunday with turkey dinner, having as guests, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis and Mrs. Clark White and daughter, Gertrude, of Prescott and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Coxi of Hope. Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Hitt visited with friends in Prescott Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Durham were Sunday visitors in Texarkana. Master Charlie Briant has returned home after a visit with his sister, Mrs. Ulmer He»ler of Jackson, Miss. Circle No, 4 of .the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church entertained Monday with a 1 o'clock pot luck diner pt the church. The program opened wijh the song, "Where He Leads Me." Mrs. Earl White lead the devotional and was ably assisted by young Don Parker who recited the Annunciation and lead in prayer which was followed by the Lord's prayer repeated in con- pert. Mrs. Charles Parker presented a most helpful program on World Peace, assisted by Mesdames R. L. Gosnell, R. L. Broach and A. B. Patton. Mrs. S. H. Womack and Mrs. W. P. Agee, St.. sang "In the Garden" with Mrs. R. T. White at the piano. During a short business session all expressed wonderful appreciation and thanks to Mrs. D. B. Thompson for her most efficient leadership during the year. There were eighteen members and five visitors present, The new pastor, Dr. J. L. Cannon and Mrs. Caption with their guests Mr. and Mrs. Holmes Bradley were guests as was Master Pon Parker. Goes easy on your MAGNOLIA STATIQN$ ANO PtA(.f8S M TEXAS, OKLAHOMA. A6KAN?AS. tOVISIANA AND NfW MEXICO Sky to Rid Meadows pf Pests WASMlNaTON.-(/p)-Killing snails 'roni the sjcy has rid California pas- .ures of a sheep pest. Use of an airplane to spread a ehem- cal/ dust over wet lush , meadows Is he final chapter in a, department of agriculture campaign to save sheep raising ir^ the Sierra valleys. .' . The pest was the liver fluke, whoge eggs hatched in the marshy lands ivhich, late in the seasbni dried off ind were used to pasture the sheep. .jorvae were found to be sheltered by i grpat array of snails which, in turn :ould be killed by spreading copper iulphate dust over the meadows. A Her did the job'. Southern Pulp Industry N|W YpRK.-"(#jlAn exhibit of, hife -paper made from the _njl|* '»>< young yellow pine by the ordinary iate process has brought predic- 'tfon* that (he center of the Vfpod puljj inifuslry may shift from Csfh&cla and Mew England to the solith fliidf cut the post of newsprint two-thirds.' Dr. Charles A. Herly, industrial ton- suiting ,'pjifemisl, says that hUhcirelds of thousands of acres of aljandqrted farni| lapd could be converted 1 it^. 10 yea.s to' forests of stout pineS wfclich coul^l be .Bold ol a profit at ?6 a cprd as compared with an average of $i8 for ipapadlan and New England pulp* wood or sprue imported from 'Russia and 1 the Scandinavian countries. , - High School Wages (Continued fronv page one) purees,".'Mary Delia Carrigan; "Anti- Jepressio.1," yerna Green Lee; "Democratic Platform,"- Jewell Scoles, When nominations .were in order for 'resident and Vice-Fresident Seven Jader was nominated on-the first bal- ot for Democratic candidate for Pres- dent and J. W. Harper for Vice-Pr'es- dent. The Republican national convention was held in the high schol auditor- urn December 1. The convention was called to order by the chairman, Mrs. •loward Taft (Lynette Jfyfc^anney).' The introduction was made .by Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt (Ruby Wyatt), The order of events as took place are as fpllows: Opening song. America; : Allegiance to the Flag, the Republican Platform and Key-note speech, Ly- nettc McKamney; Prohibition, Nolan Cargile; High Protective Tariff, Floy Vfae Weisner; Farm Relief, Pauline 'ones; League of Nations, Hugh Chain,-, .erlain. Other speeches were made ay eminent Republican leaders as Paul Jones, Elva Young and Ivy Smith. The speech of speeches was Jven by Ruby Wyatt in which sh? defended every plank of the Repub- .ican party. Henry L. Stimson (Rufus Herndon. was nominated for president and Mrs. Alice Mary Robertson (Sue Ellen Jones) vice-president. Since both of the national conven- tioiis were' held Imariy hot ;stump speeches havp \jeen made. All; the candidates have invaded many' of the classes soliciting the support and con- idcnce of the voters. The people will have a chance to cast their vote for the candidate of .heir choice at the polls Thursday, December 10. The electors chosen will cast their vote December 11. [Aitrpj SSsSSHlKSHSlSfi mall Montana Coll«|* . Wins Stat^ G. id Title HELENA, Mont.-(}p)-Mount dt Charles college here Is not awed' bj*- a largo reputation wheh it comes from football. 1 The litlte school, with an enrollftiehi of around 150 students, won the Mot)* tana intercollegiate championship despite Hie fact that rivals for the hotter Included representatives in botH thfe pacific Coast and Rocky Mountain conferences. According to estimates of exports, !5,000,000 tons/of coal could be save(j h the United States every year by the elimination of hard' water from locomotive boilers, this type of Water be- 'ng harder to heat than soft water. President's Message (Continued from page one) to transmit to capltol hill the report of the Alaba'ma-Tetthessee-war de^ parlmeht committee Which favored private operation of the huge wartime plant. He commended the Interstate Cqm- nerce Commission conclusions on railroad consolidation and related matters for early consideration. _During the next few months he.al* 10 will send the legislators sugges- ions for further reorganization and consolidation among federal departments. These will apply particularly 0 the department of the interior, leaded by Secretary tyilbur. The President led off saying, if the world is to regain its standards of life, 1 "must further decrease both naval nnd other .arms." He saw hope in the coming Gpneva disarmament conference and in naval negotiations be- ween France arid Italy, j Skipping • qu.ipkly over the world' map, he spoke of revolutions or acute iocial disorders in' 19 countries and he resultant economic effect upon America. He-mentioned the Sino-Jap- mese difficulty "with "great coricern." .The Uriited;States,-he sai(il,ivv«>uld iustain the\ spirit 'of its peace treaties' and those "assuring the territorial in- fegnty of ,China."•-• Criticizes Hoarding The chief' executive founcfc- much difficulty, to'have arisen from the subtraction of $1,100,000,000 from circulation through' hoarding. He saw a weakness, too, in the increased bank assets invested in long-term securities whcih sometimes lose their liquidity, "The situation arises largely ,from an ^unjustified lack of confidence," he asserted.' ?'We have enormous volumes of idle money in the bonks and in .hoarding. We do not require more money of working', capital—we need to put-what we have to work." ei—Then J*il J8L t*A&0, Tex.— Under guard, San ttagO' Mac Hernandez, in the Juafez jijll 0rt a charge of starting a fglht, wafl 'married to Antohia Martinez. A kiteMhen he had to go back to his pell to serve th* "«vpra! months fe- rnainlng of, his sentence. KO*ICE of 1 REVISION of ' ASSESSMENT is hereby given that |hc Board trf Assessors of Street Improve* nient tMstrict Mo. 3 in the City of tto>3, Arkansas will meet at the oft f ice of tr. darter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust i'C&ini 'Building in the City of Hope, Arkansas at 10 o'clock A. M»;1?hurs'r day,. December 17, 1931, for the pti'r- vase of revising and readjusting the ssessments of benefits against the real jroperty in said district. Any persons desiring any revision or readjustment of his assessments, or anjr dftange in values, for improvements erected or removed, or ,ariy change iyhatsoever, may appear before the Bo^rd and make application there* or, and* same will be considered. 23rd 'day of Nbvember, 1931. .,' CARTER JOHNSON POLK SINGLETON EUGENE WHITE Board of Assessors. Nov. 24r-Pep. 1-8. DECEMBER iSPEClALS Eugene Permanent^ $3,00 Frederick Permanents $4,00 Other Waves 2 for $5.00 WHITE WAY BEAUTY SHOP Phone 119 119 Front Street required \6 p ivie within .thi . uary l»t. 1M2, If «uch not made potion will be cOtfunenced at t}ie end of that time for collection of ttld afifcrtfyents and for J«gaJ pen' •> * 'CM«. •> / , t«id# my hand this lit d& of pee 4, • 8. NOtlCE d? WE Notice is hereby '«4* the Specials For Wedn^a '. ..; * , -(<»••- ' f* ..,; Package Royal Gelatin Free 1 Pound Chase and ' Sanborn ernes Pound' r^;j \ t*J Raisin$ For' iff oitee CANOVA Found Can THY OVAL INE—The Health t Pay, Your November Bill Before the 10th, Middlebrook GROCERY COMPANY As near as your phone. Phone '606*6^ T J.T pays to buildings inspected by prevention engineers. Such i correction of-which not only safeguard^], M the lives of woncers and of property Vs#a«r y ^ * k r > ' * -$ but may lead to-a^lowej-insurance-cost.* ^ . / , . \ . • ! This agency can supply cm i»~ i flection service vrithavt, GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY Walnut Street Phone 285-jJv/' TOP HIMGUE..ING! said Ann V—_, U Would you have given the advice to a pretty young girl who had to choose between the dictates of her heart and. common sense judgment? Cecily's sweetheart begge<j her to set the wedding date, Ann cautioned delay. "The only way to hold a man's love is to keep him guessing," she insisted, But the game of love-so Ann and Cecily learned lateMs not played at ways by the same rules, "Three Kinds of Love" by Kay Cleaver Strahan tells their story. It's a thrilling romance of modern youth. Watch for this great new serial Beginning Tomorrow in the Hope Star

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