Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1931
Page 3
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Mrs. Melvlri Joeioh .visited H eveniHtf, uthite Accident*! dM£f to our community the handsiof a *, Mf. and Mrs. Homer Vines is spend. Ing tne Week eW with: Mrs. Hotiiet Telephone 321 Mr and Mr*. Kertftlt fiA lummep's gifts are urn*,, the tlikl^b .—»^_ j * k * ^*^ her perfume to her t ' ' 'i leafless thornbush" ne f|oods ; th'e cold Decem tjtowfiriai>nd good this .would ,wlth| ,r 6^9 chin And! chijngp' Its storms of woe. i(sf r\ human ill J Cost 1 only passing'shadows from their] And ? what dear "sweetness even in the •'.. al«l< "•!•'' ' " • NOTICE All Items pertaining to school, ohurflh, clubs and otherwise should pe phoned to our Society Editor, Mrs? Sid Henry, Telephone £1 not latff than 11 o'clock the day of ifblleation. IjTouf cooperation in this matter 1 tf**™y aJJ* 1 'eclated by our 1 ,as ^ 9ll as the Star- you. i All guidts our memories to a van-]] Johnson * on this wil ' o'clocT? at the home of Mrs. Fi Preiideht Hoover'* Broth w^ndljtful, from youth's fllghti df due£ and the d(bna,(iqn for the Win- "nto'JilKi; w jNlow sjohool and «« bpx to* Eiis riiVt^ dusty sod wbere blithely! Island Will be'packed and it Is Urged .•ffitL- , ' . ...*'... IV"* 6I H member 1 conie prepared. m Thespai;tQW ' eager for'his daily '.•lA Ah! ;dod's best star is ,this;-a crumb # riay j.iT "The toll .of llfe.-free from :this -day ! -to,'take ' " '* , •it 'Its Sunshine's glfe^-soul free, free from "heart's ache! — Selected. John ,Enyart of Lewlsville visited i*- 'W^Urthe friends in'the city an Sun..!> day.-. [[ •'•': Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Wood of Mai- vr Vcrn'-were week'end ^guests of Mr. nn and jMrs':L.'.yr. Vodng. Friends w^ll.be glad,*to know that '•li the condition O f Mrs. A. .J. Nabors, r.v who recently vn'derwent an operation <r. at the ^una;Chester hopstial is report- ivj ed -asImproving. nember' com> prepared. Mrs. R to. Oiilespie, Mrs. Clyde Hill and Mrs. E. P. McFaddin .visited with friend,* and relatives in Texarkana "on Friday. * . . ( ?" ! PV r ft* Aapter of U. D. - will hold their December meeting n Friday afternoon' at" 2:30 o'clock at ei-iti-Law quitted SANTA MoSflCX, Cat, nelius Van Nels I^avttt, law of President Herbert acquitted of a llquorposs Friday by Police JUdgc Spencer. Aftsr hearing Leavitt's explanation of his arrest qn November 9, while carrying a, sack containing 19 pints of liquor out ijhe bd^k |door of C. R, ' grocery store, Judge Spencer on , ._._ Oglesby P. T. «; will hold their regular,* monthly meeting "on ; Tuesday Bfterhoori > at'3 > o'olock at'the Oglesby school. V A splendid "program is being /'.r«j prepared!by the>pupus,of 'Mrs. Robert v«D Campbell,",, and • refreshments will' be tv* served'during a social'-hour. -All ».•»•» mothers interested are - cordially • in- •iliv vited. .-V: 1 !•'. {--Mr. and Mrs.£lyde Hill had as Sun- vi.fi nfy'igufsti J^rg. J. #. Dofdson and ' daughter," Dorothy of Texarkana. (Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Gillespie and Little Miss Mary Ross McFaddin-were Saturday visitors in Hot Sprjngs. ^The John Cain Chapter of D.'A/R. will meet on T,uesday''afternoon at' 2 Laugh'With WMI -In— AMBASSADOR BILL LAST TIMES MONDAY the home of Mrs. Edgar flriant on South Elm Street. This will be the final meeting qf the ye'ar and a full membership is desired. Tfie annual Christmas program will be rendered and'all members are requested to bring en inexpensive gift. Miss Rebekah Norton, who spent the week end visiting with home folks has returned to her home in Little Rock. pr. and Mrs. R. O, Brunk of Texarkana will spend Tuesday visiting with friends in the city. Miss Lorairie 'Wfiltehurstr who was called home on account of the passing of her father, the late A. C. Whitehurst, . left . Sunday afternoon .for Hazen, Ark., where she is a'member of the' public school faculty. Mrs. Frank Trimble and little daughter, Carolyn and Mary Cornelia Holloway spent Saturday 'visiting in Shreveport, La. Mr. and Mrs. G-len Ellis and children, of Saratoga" were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tully Henry. Mrs. Leo Bobbins and children and MJss Margar.et Betts were Saturday visitors' in Shreveport. Frierlds will be glad to know that Mrs. J. R. Aytrey of'Columbus is doi ing nicely after 'undergoing an operation at the Josephine hospital. Mr,, and Mrs. E. P. .Stuart had as Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stuart and baby of Nashville. Miss Melva Rogers has returned from a-week'end visit With friends'in Shreveport. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest O'Neal saw the fqotball,£am,e.in Shrevepori Saturday., Mrs. Carter Johnson will be hostess to .the members of the Tuesday Bridge .Club on' Tuesday afternoon at her home ,on East Cecond street. iaid: "| don't think there is a person^ In .the courtroom \lrho would hold LeaVitt Jgullty. He (did exactljr"as-anri|''?iS would have done ,under the circumstances.' Therefore, I order the acq'ult- laT of Leavtf. * , The verdict was received with applause by "the crqwded courtroom. Leayltt, a retired plumber, said' he did not know wnat'the sack contained. It 'had been thrust into his hands ..by Dailey with a request to "throw it away," he said. . ' Leavitt said that he had 'dropped info 'the store arid found Dailey "and two other .men taking a drtak of whiskey in the hear of the' building: He cepted a drink nroflfere^ hjm,-he' In a few moments* "he said, Dailey saw a policeman, coming in the<4ront dqor. Dailey handed him 'the gUnny sack. As Leavitt emerged' from, the back ddor he walked into th<V*rjtis seLasttwr;; of Earl Wolman, a federal pr.bFijBitio agent. Another federal agent," A. B>' Sheets, was nearbyT ' *' "I didn't know what was -Jm.that sack because 1 never opened vitt said. Testimony of the officers as to the actual arrest coninctded ^with that of .Leavitt. Dailey will bo tried later on a liquor possession charge. r arid Mrs. Willie P,utman,and Sunday s and faiimy, . „ _- flobeHson * visited' With Mis*; Pty« fPuriier Monday/ * - ' Quit* a number of our jtaung peOPW ** S e ^ ly **&J by< -** McWilliams Friday a nice time. •' -_,_ Ross and .family., s TueWiyj(Ught x With Mr. Earl'-Ross fan* (y, , . ' JuMson Byjrs Is building him a /iew Ross of Oak- Grove Louise Robertson i<S' Eumble, Blanch -Ross and •iHofieftson called on'Mrs..C. I,. Ughter, Wednesday 4fter- Herndon'c CarCr • > n't * « >v 'i Pedestrian RED HOOK. N.~.Y.-Up)-*he automobile of Hugh HeVndon, Jr., <hel]r>- ciflc flier, was in Collision other here Sunday a" ;, an- Abrial, 1 al 26, of Red Hook, was--k»Ued^._ •was crossing '.He highway from *a>' side! road when the accident happened? N charges had been placed againsfiHern don Sunday night, but he was being questioned. ' iny weather will • i ' Miss Harley " yis\ted our . „, „ , t Jliin called on his sister, Mrs.VYioiet.Daughcrty Tuesday afternoon. - '"f"'^;" 1 ,» -f ' Mrs. Nellie'Leach and son, Leo,"were. "swyMW. ' Mrs."rrerie Mc and baby/spenT frlday 'afternoon, iyithJVIrs., Ella- Hod - r Harvey Vines ihas- returned ? home after, spendihg several daysiwitteher sister Mrs; tUcillr-tandes. of 'Lewis-' - ' *•-.-'•,,, vine. loe .Daugherty • is 'much -improved after « lofig illness. • , -i Jim KarBer'was^ a visitor in. Hope' Friday afternoon. " • • *s ** ^ .Mack MeMillen end .Ray McWilllartis were Hope visitors' SaT- urday. ~" * " ',J. M. MeWilliams and grandson, Hay Bailed 'ort «, H. MeMUleri and family a tfrhlle Wednesday 'night. ' * ~ Mton Mrs Martha Wilson and J, E. Wit- ion visited in Texarkana, Mr. and Mi-s.< ( T. J. LSfcuri antfMIsS Ina Logan wer'e this week. Friends of Mrs. Claude Wilson' will glad to hear that she is improving. " Mr and Mrs. C^cil Weaver of Hope, visited Mr/ and iMrs. Herbert'Cox, ast Su Miss 'Ox of , A. & ry Roberts and Miss Audrey " college, Magnolia, Spent last week e'nd With their par ents. Mr. and Mrs, Hoy Hollingsworth lave returned to Searden, after a vis- t with relatives Here. T. H. Seymour yras a business vis- tor in Hope," Friday. Mrs Otis Visited her parents, Mr". and Mrs/ R. R. Cornelius in- Hope Vedriesday. 'Irs Martha Wilson, Miss Lenor,a Wilson andj Miss |Marguerite Wilson pent. Saturday in'Little Rock. ' Miss Ina Logan, Miss Mignon Gunter nd Miss Helen Harkness • visited in lope * last Sunday. Miss Alma Atkins is spending the week end' with her parents in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. 'Will Orton visited n Hope", Saturday. C.-W. Moss of Garvin, Okla., visited elatives here this week. Mr. and Mrs. Garland. Palmer of tope, visited Mr. and Mrs. *M. f Hpp- oh, Sunday. , , Mr. T.'R/Seymour and Miss Demma eympur'visited in Hope TKursday. Robert ,'Crosnoe, of 'Hope was a Fulon . visitor, .Thursday. iW. E. Cox, Jr.,'was a business visor to Texarkana this week. Mrs Chas.^Rowland entertained the aptist'auxiliary at^er^ome, Mon- a'y.i The Auxiliary will send a hristmas' box to the Baptist orpran- ge in Texarkana. ( Mr.'and Mrs'. W. E. Cox, Jr., Mr. and Mi'S. J". R. Autrey of Columbus is reporting ^o tie restinig satisfactorily at the Josephine hospital, Monday aft- "errioon afjber hayjrig ' undergone a major, operation Friday. Marie Clark; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Iff. Clprk 'of jLewlsvllle was operated on at the Josephine hospital Saturday. Dr. W, F. Robins of Ozan was a visitor at t)ie Josephine hospital of this city Sunday afternoon. Dr. Rural Robins, formerly of this city, who has b^en critically 111 for several weeks at Texarkana, was reported' to 'be somewhat improved Monday. Delker Figured to Piuf ' Gard»> Third fiMeflole ST. LOUIS-(^J^Eddie Delker , r be .tried on third base for the. w'orld's champion St. Louis Cardinals 3|.***" "Sparky" Adams is not'^up 'Jo strain of another campaign, i^cco) to J5 m *N?# n> i^* * r ^JM9K which Delker played last year, reports to the Cardinals that De^er is "a fine ball player with lots of iierve and is a gcjo.^ hitter." _ J If Dejker comes' through at third base, the Cardinal heads believe' iheir chief problem for the 1932^canlpaij|n Is solved. Andy High who uivJerstuB- led Ada,ms last season.has'l«en sold to the Cincinnati Reds. ' J ," A ' ; , l<Bpcwcf of a 0<H report«f -With, JAMES DUNN Sensation o£ "Bad Girl" LINDA W ATKINS He', A Mean Thief WICHITA, Kan.-Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Langford thing the thief who stole their savings bank containing $10 is the meanest in the world. The Langords, just married, were saving small change in the 'bank' in order to accumulate enough to pay .taxes. And it's only a month until taxes are due. " . • • Idaho Picks 191 GapUi> ia Seaso ' A .'"*-, '' MOSCOW, ' W»th End of ' A y v'of d yeteren ' center of the.V'jiiii' Idaho football team has'be*^ the honorary captain of the-' for the 1931season. " "•/•' \ -i ' Idaho has no regular . capta r jn, head coach Leo Calland appoint ing a) field leader before each game, .but.'Sp;au^'s name will go down in the records as Having j>een the captain of this'yearfs team. He will be graduated in June, Two Women HeljJ 4f*er Attack Upon Another JOAN Crawford Clark Gable (Nu« Said) — SAENGER— COMING SAN ANTONIO, Texas*-^WTT . women were booked 'at the ppice station late Saturday in connection with a mysterious, attack on Mjss Aly.ta Terrell, ?5, in her hoom early Saturday morning. • ' Miss Terrell, who was struc^ pn the head with a heavy instrument, is,a sister of former State Comptroller' H. Terrell of Austin. l^Io Sleep, Np Stomach <Gas )• Caufe Mrs. A. Clou'd sfiys: "For ypars J had a bad stomach ijnd gas. Wa's nervous and could not sleep. Adlerika rjd me of all stomach trouble and npw. I sleep fine/' John S. .Qibson Dru|( Company. , • A'dy- COLDS THAT DEVELOP INTQJPNEUMONIA «o4 jBoId»T«>4 to menl)r«nca aitd »top t^ irriUtioA aad iefl«Dia|tion, while tb^ creosote on to tte ttomach, i» fbiorbed into the blood, «iuclu the w»| of the trouble •nd checks the growth <?f thp-germ*. Gecmulwon it guaranteed Mtiaf»c- tory in the treatment of persistent cough* »ad colds, brppchiw asthma, ' "' »nd other fofta* of r efpira- 1 nt & «mevif ^0 ,A. 2tjft (hen pending The Federal'Land St. toubr Missouri, com* Crahle P. Deloney, et al, e .undersigned, at Com- said" Court, will offer for •at publ(c yendue to the highest , af the iront door or entrahte Q5uft«ouse, Washington, AlrkJ jn the Cdunty of Hempstead, nHh,e hours prescribed by laj*/ judicial sales, on Monday, day,of December, A. D. Mat .described real estateVto' The North Half (N%) of eaift (arter (NEW; the Piroiftffli ^lfy"Mo5aiV;Tu«. to du JSa?f*r ; all in S^ctn'rour ^4)>Town-; ....... .-H.. .'..? . ^ .! ,_^$. . CLEANING h ~**J- , ^ ^ , . f ial for December Men's Sujts, clean^iand pressed, de]iv$$d,C|$^ Gash arid garry ....... Ladies I)ressear-r Cloae mces HOPE STEAM — lough! That's; j»ll Chesterfield fowld t ask does a|k for— Qtriql. f'Proi^ises fiilno4J^.^ After ^11, you get out of a smoke jjtj^af. Counts. And whaj; you get out of (Cheeter^eld, or anytjiin^ else for ^jat inatter, 4epends on what goes in, Better tobaccos don't grow than the Jobatjcos t^at go jnto Chesterfield. Ripe* Sweet. Aged and cured for two years under the watchful .c^ire of expert chemjfts. Better cigarette paper &&'I fe« bought. Tasteless. Odorless. Purei Sanitary facfories. Qcanjiness in eyery step of the process, A pfer Cigarette ^>an cajj't be rpadc, ' package! Absolutely moisture- pr.oof. Sealed ti^ht—yet th« simplest tiling in the worjd to o|»en, And aUra^five tp IQO& aj. fhey'r^ milder'-they tpte Better, FTW f\ * m * 4* § ^-J

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