The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TI1E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBT11JWOT ARKAMOAO 4W n 0 ™, „.. „„„„„. •*•*.«-* f ¥ K^ VOLUME XXXVf—NO. HO!). nil (i "m J J? a " y News Mississippi Valley Uader Blythevlllc Courier Blylhcvllle Herald CjJBWSMPHl OF NOimiJUOT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ROSSO-FINNISH AGR SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* Says Hatch Measure Should Curb 'Big' As Well As'Little' ^ ,.' \ ~ - / »-"_inni/± i'.! Ill SOI) 1), -'-'O (Dem., S. C.}, entered (lie Hutch lull Iwliiy with M (IcclarfiOn that "if wo an- iroiiiK to be men mid have clean politics-lei's have a clean prtsnuV and „„ . a clean cnl)inel." Ihc Hatch clean politics i-cstrlc-*- - tioiis against "pernicious political activity" ought (o be extended lo the "highest and the lowest" Smith told tlie senate ns he denounced, (he president for seeking to "purge" anti-New Dealers in 1938. "Let's clean house where the cleaning should be done," he roared. Looking at Senator Walter F. George (Dem., Oa.). who was,one of those marked for the famous purge. Smith said: "Why don't we condemn this man (Mr. Roosevelt) who rides ruthless and roughshod over a lesser one politically. Get my meaning, 1 said lesser one in office." He termed the president's campaign against George and others "a disgraceful procedure." Let's go to the Ihronc and say 'you can't do this'," he added. Smith denounced President Roosevelt for trying to bring tIie| Lail[1 supreme court to a point where he ',,..' „,„-,.,.„' could dictate -to it. ' Plckl(?11 "This president," he said, "used lo Acquaint Farmers With Details Of 1940 Farm Program Six AAA meetings are scheduled this week Sn (he Chickasawbn district of Mississippi county al which farmers will discuss the 1940 farm program, according to j. j. Pickren. county agent. Two of the meetings were held today, the first at Armorcl this morning ami the second this afternoon nt the tremendous power of his office and personally went into several states and personally denounced members of his own party and indicated who he would like to have represent that slate. "What's the use in our trying to curb the little fellow and leave out, the greatest office we could give n man." Question Earl Virgin In Floodway Fire Probes County officers investigating the fire which destroyed a small church In the Floodway community about midnight Sunday, today were holding Earl Virgin, 38, former Floodway beer parlor operator, for questioning in connection the .. Chief Deputy John P. Reinmiller who is assisting Sheriff Hale Jackson in probing the cause of the fire, said no charge had been placed against Virgin today but he will be questioned closely In connection with the Maze which officers believe wo.s of incendiary origin. This was the second large lire al Floodway lu recent weeks. Several buildings were destroyed and thre persons seriously burned there February -1. Offlccrs said Virgin operated a beer place at Floodway until his license was revoked recently. tails of the Mississippi County Plant-to-Prospcr contest and the Orchard campaign to groups in the various communities. Tomorrow, March 13, a meeting will be held at 1 p.m. at Clear Lake, the second at 1:30 p.m. at Blylheville. Friday's Make Talks And Show "Travelogue Al Finnish hind Program Here Those who allowed the rain :md lack of interest lo.kcep (hem from the Finland benefit performance last night at the Uoxy theater missed a rare treat. Two uuvelosui; films of Finland with a. canlield Cook, widely known lecturer as narrator, mid brief talks by Mr. Cook and Miss Kali Hnn'pkylii. Finland 1 !; representative to Die New York World's Pali-, made up one of the most unusual and hucrcstin prog i city. Tills performance was sponsored by the Mississippi County Finnish Kclief Committee In a plan to raise funds for relief of sufferers of ihe Russian Invasion. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCmchen, owners of the theater, donated Ihe theater, the employes gnvc their services, iieul a local committee marie arr,inge- Pronilscdi mcnts . Mrs. W. W. Burkelt, of Bassett, was countv chairman and Floyd A. white, local chairman. A total of $22C.80 was raised in Mississippi County In ihe drive with irsl Lady 'Adonis CirP [ . • MM ^^,-^ taak ^_ M ^ H ... **.,, . ,.„_„ * $25 of this contributed in the Osceola district and the remainder in Blytlieville and Immediate vicinity Of this sum. $179.50 was raised by the committee which solicited donations nnd S47.30 was received nt, last night's event. The small but appreciative audience greatly liked the Informal talk given by Mr. Cook but most of nil, wax. charmed with Ml« flnap- meeliiij; is to be held at 1:30 p.iu. at Cole Ridge and anolher group is lo meet next Tuesday, March IS al Tomato at, 1:30 p.m. Similar meetings recently held,,.! drew a big attendance. The largest u group was at Lcachvillc where 124 t V m gathered. Other attendance 'figures ', ' „ were/: .Box Elder, 46- ; Pawheen '50-!" graduate of n Finnish college, -'•'•'" ' •' "'twlio-Inter studied lii 'E.U'land,; 26-|year-old Miss Hanpkyla has been' a member of the Olympic ski team from Finland. Is a continent-wide traveler and has had an Intoresling career in her work with tourist Six University Inslruclors "elilion For Ser S REPORTED _ , _ . Confirmation Still Lacking But All ___ *^ • Dispatches Agree ror Service lil 70 Years Old Uti- Joan Cameron. 3, above, who's parenls have been on relief In it Philadelphia suburb for two years, has beoij "adopted" by the First Lady Mrs. Elcnnor Roosevelt, wife of the President, lias assumed the expense ot caring for the child in a nursery school. • Wliisp, CO; Boynton'. <H; 40 and a. 4e; Half Moon. 63; Dell. 05; Lost Cane, 43; Brown, 58; Shady Grove, 43; and Blackwatei. Mr. Pickren urged that all farmers arrange to attend meetings in „ their communities. He pointed out! irc(! i ' rar that in 1939 Mlssisnimit ,~rm,,i., !„,., "'<•' Arctic that in 1939 Mississippi County lost $22,849 by not qualifying for maximum soil conservation payments. At these meetings a work sheet will be filled out by each producer •-• and he win know approximately I sllc 'I'splnyed one of what his 1D40 AAA payments will i llol| al cost nines of be and whether or not he will qualify for maximum payments. ,.*,.,* Him iwlll ISU I - bitreaiis of Finland which included ' r.,.pp np fniint,; three years spent In I/iplnnrl, nlmve ( C Lol)nt > ; 1 • HOCK. Mur. 12 (Ul'l — Ciov. Carl E. llalloy disclosed today tlutt sis mcinlws of Uu- University of Arkansas fnculty were .seeking to iivold retirement, as called for by Ihc boned or Iritslccs when in- 'Uruclor.s become 05, l)r, Dnvld y. •I'lioinns. history liislruclor at Ihe imlvereil-- ami spokesman for the ijroup. 'culled on Ilnltey and left a pclltion isk- 'ng tluit he mid five others who were over the age limit to be ill- low to continue until their 10th birthday. •We. under rules made by (he iruslccs In 102:!, o.v|jrok>d to re- lire upon reaching our 701h blrlli- dny. Thomns told liatley, "but moving the nye llnilf back lo 05 will rind all fulling short on Ihdr financial plans for rcllrcmcnl," governor explained the board or tiustecii Sept, til, 1930, niter rtenlh of the late Or. .rolni O Pull-all, amended the rul« to mnkn retirement or faculty members compulsory at (15. "A system lias been In operation ill the school since 1023 whereby Ihe .slate matching the amount each (nslnictor pays Into tliu re- (Ircment fund of (hu Cuniei'lc i-'oiiiidallon," tfallcy said "by ;hl s melhod eilch Inslrilctor Is gnar- aii Income hi his old ago. • ----.,- .-...,, ,.„. nKiiAiiiiuinn ruiiuicd iieuM'Gl) lie I-inns ,, m | UiiNsiiiiis tin lorniH for ending Uie war h.ul boon raicliod but not - ; ' • IflRE- TftX Ortliiiancc Regaling Plty- isciaiis License Fee Ready For Submission - c "' cle - k- In accented English she spoke informally of (he life in Lapland and described Hie national Lapland costume which she wore and Inter Ihc fiO nn- fencianl In Suil Tried '\t Paragould PARAGOULD, March 12.— A mistrial was ordered last, ni s |,t In New York Cotton Mar. May Jill. Oct. Dec. Jan. open 1087 1001 1934 983 970 DCS iiigh 1090 1072 1042 Prcv. low close close 1082 1082 1092 1065 1070 1971 'Lpan Company' Store Burglarized Last Night The Blythevillc Loan Company on Bast Main sired, operated by Miss Mertis Moore, was burglarized Inst night by same one who selected :i gun, some shoes, Indies' hosiery and n few other nrtlckw from the muxicllaiieous slock. Although Hie store was filled wllh used ctolhlng and other articles only those named were missing today. , lnc suit of u L. McNeil iiVlnsi spoke eame.slly ol her coimlry's sllci ii f Robert Brhshers, in which «l>h'lt. diimages ol $10.000 for ussnull and For the final appearance afler b!Utt ' l '- v wc sought. The Jurors the show she said "Tliaiik You" in 1 "'I 10 " 11 " 1 (1| ey slood .7 to 4 after tha usual drew worn by modern ' /mlr !u ""' s !iul like everyone waul lo quit work. liaUlt," . they don't Us become a 'Hedge Hop' Over Allied Defenses Al Tremendous Speed PARIS, Murch 12 (UP)—Gcrinnn pursuit pJnnc.s "hcdgc-hoppcd" low Entrance, into Ihe buildin Finnish women and In which looked like any blonde one would see in (lie States. Mr. Cook, vvlm was Introduced by the Rev. Jamas A. Ovcrliolser pastor of First Presbyterian Church! told his audience Dial he was par- Hclpnting in Hie fund raising campaign for Finnish reliel without Compensation because of his love tor the country he has twice visited. | Brielly outlining n fciv reasons why Ihe 4.000.COO people of Fin- over French Hues nl thunderbolt s|)eed ulont; the western front lo- day in an exlretne of acllv- lly, an iiulliorltatlvo Inrormant said. It was Ihe Ural, time during the war that (he German pursuit planes hod used such ladles, the InforniRiit. said. Usually they ic- comuAiiy reconnaissance flights. The Inforinnnt .said Hint reason for Ihe Oerman activity was not known—whether some new tactics were being used or pilots were Irnlnlng. arrest ami subsequentacfluitiaT of 1 Artlllc 'J' lir e was rcporlcd more - -' - - - acltvc In (he Vosges mountains I M. If. Oliver, one of Ihe Jurors,! suffered a heart attack this morn| ing and the lnivyej-.s agreed to uon- 1 tliiuc will) II jurors. | Circuit Judge O. P. Keck gave an Instructed verdict for tlie defendant in Die matter of fate arrest and raise Impiisoimienl. i The cnsc resulted Irom McNeil's , Halley suld a meellng D I Irusloes would be Held between Mar, 15 and April i (o consider tlin aged hi- .ntiwoloi •»•• petition. Thoss' lln|.'.-| ft s belni! over SS witrc Thomiw, Virgil Jones, o. E. mplcy, !!. N, Wilson Vini(|hn mm Jui| ft But Woman Must Face Charge Of Concealing Baby's Death First dc«rec murder charge. 1 against Mrs. Irene Walker. [17- year-old widow who had been accused of the dcalh of a uewboi rear door. luot> 1071] 1071 i — L IJIIIJ 1033 1042 1039 ma ' le by ^s 111 '^ i" Uie r 994 983 993 989 i , ,~ ~ ~n~, , 979 969 979 372 LOROKe Jlirors Quickly 967 965 967 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. open 1088 1078 1043 985 974 069 high 1088 1081 1051 997 981 97-1 1080 1070 1043 986 974 969 1080 1079 1050 993 980 974 Prev. 1092 DIG 071 Stock Prices AT&T .' Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel .' Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Int Harvester „„ Montgomery Ward 541-4 N Y Central 15 North Am Aviation 23 7-8 Packard 37.5 Phillips 39 5 _ 8 Radio 5 5 . 8 Republic Steel 201-2 174 1-8 89 1-2 29 77 1-8 86 3-4 4 5-f 120 3-4 38 7-8 54 1-8 58 Socony Vacuum Slndebaker .. . Standard Oil N Texas Corp U S Slecl 11 1-4 11 5-8 43 7-8 45 5-8 57 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 104 1-8 1045-8 1027-8 103 1-8 July 1021-11035-81003-4101 Clear Sheriff Carrol! LONOKE. March Troy Carroll, who wn.5 from office a month ago when indicted on a charge of accepting a bribe of S100, was acquitted by a jury in circuit court here yesterday, and automatically resumed the office. Tlie jury deliberated only 15 minutes. The prosecution charged the. sheriff accepted the money for "fixing" a case involving o. H. Fallen and J. O. Johnson of Cabot. Frank Martincau. a brother of the late Federal Judge John E. Martineau. has been serving as sheriff, by appointment of Governor Bailey, since the removal ol Sheriff Carroll. Tlie sheriff, will receive full pay for the lime he was under suspension. May July a charge or stealing a (he from Hie sheriff's car January 10. He charged the olllcer liandcultcd him lo the Jnil wall nnd left him for .several hours. The sheriff testified that he wired the handcuffs to Die wall after McNeil threatened t« S:ick over Ihe jnl! stovi. 1 . land were able lo resist al all Hit 180.000.000 of Russia. Mr. Cook ! traced the history of this little i country for almost 800 year:;; told ' of its Independent creation} in 1917; cif women voting there In | 1918 for (he first, country to have ! Fnnpral Rlw H^IJ woman suffrage, and "why Finlai-d ! 3l KltCS " elt) suspended pays her World War debt to the ' -.;ited States." Discussing the- negotiitions now underway which may lead to peace. Mr. Cook said: "I don'l Miwo 11.,Finns will consider Funeral services for the Itcv. w. .-.- Vosges .sector, and patrols were reported active on both sides nil along (lie front. The French repulsed n German titlcinpt to ambush a palrol in tlie Hied River sector. British airplanes made reconnaissance flights over northwest Germany and French plnnes !lcw ( over southern Germany. German j planes flew over Alsace. ' Today's high command com. . ....W tin _ tug Important to report. ••~n4t iwico jiciu j r<xh For Rev. W. M. Adcock {""i'j'l" 0 «' w '!'«t then was nofli- . M. Adcock. formerly" of "here." we're LONDON, Mar. 12. (UP)—British - .- .... I conducted Thursday at Charleston, trODI>s "> Prance now total nboiil peace al Ihe Ark. He was stricken with parnly" '"""" price Russia wants it. I don't be-1 sis Saturday March lleve the Finns will give in." He read a letter from a friend which gave a vivid description or the ghastliness on the lirsl day; 'list church In ihls city from 1020 Finland was bombed in Uie inva-' until 1929. At the sion which its people had exported dcalh, lie was pastor for 22 years, before presenting Uie : ocltst church of .>s 336,000 and tbeir strength Is in- 2 and died crensl "S dally, War Secretary Oliver three days later. Stanley announced today. .The ftev. MI- Adcock served as H ° silirt " lu ' BC Brl " 5 " army wns paslor of the Lake street We ho llcncss(ir >' to rclUlcc lllc lj » r( l c » °' (list church In ihi* -i.., r,„'.,. ,„->*' w . lilr on land fron ' "»>« shoulder of Ihe $20 annual license fee assessed nsalnsl attorneys. baby a week ago, have been drop- j™ 1 ',, 01 ' more "BO for relief Horn ped, It WHS announced today by II. O. F'nrtlow, deputy prosccudnK nttoincv, but the women must nn- swcr charges of conccallJig Ihe child's death when circuit court convenes here April 1, Mr. Paillow said Hie murder charges were dropped for lack ol .sufficient evidence but (hat an In- dlclmonl will be soughl analnsl her for concealing the dcalh of . Minvli 12 (UI')-AuUioi-Ilnlivo-sources i* 1» Ifid lixliiy (hut u Inll'iiKm-mpDl ), m l Iweii roiiclietl at Moscow hulwoiMi and IliiH.sinn iKJfroliittoi'.s Aullionliiw HIM. .should |<,,ow (lit; nature of' ilevclqi) ,tl M<« C( w sni<| |lie iiffi-ecmcnts reached + Thny described the accord as! "complete." The urltlsh hrondciisliug cmn- imny announced later Hint Us correspondent nt SlockJiolnriiad teamed from Ihe Finnish legation that an agreement had been reached nt Moscow but not yet signed. (Dlspulches from Stockholm said that diplomatic, sources understood Hie Finnish delegation at Moscow had boon given lull power lo conclude an agreement—thus Indicating Hint (he Finnish government,' hid accepted the' Russian tciins Olllcliil continuation was lacking) An ordinance lo exempt medical' lllc r£> l«"t of successful agrcc- doclo'rs or physicians from the " u ' nl nl Moscow followed n dctef- prnvlslom of an cluhL-ymr-old or-' mlnM "Ueiupt by the British nnd clhmnce lmpmln|[ license fees upon ' I ' fmcl1 governments lo emphasize professional men has boon pre- thclr wllll »kncss to go to the aid of pnrctl us vctiucslcd by Hie city . Ill|n| and and the unwillinaness of council and will be uji for dls- Nol 'w«y and Sweden to permit pas- ciisslou and possibly ucllon unless !sn|lc . of illllci1 t">ops across thch InWed by (he council at its regnlnr i'""""""" monthly session tonight ' The ordinance wns prepared iiy the clly attorney's ofllce lit (he re- or council meinbera who their request lit Uie February i'B or Ihc council. Al .Mini lime I5r. C. E. Wilson, (tending a coiumlltce representing local phy- dcians, inaile H vigorous rfea Ior «ispenslan of rcpen! of Ihc license to provlslnn as a (reeling physi- plciv provoked much ((iscus- Ills slon Ihe France and Britain also emphasized that Finland had not appealed lo (hem directly for aid, I'arltanient Meelt HELSINKI, Mar. 12. (UP)—Tiie Finnish parllamciit Is meeting lo night In an apparent attempt to reach u final decision on pence lerms with Russia. • , , , A heated debate wns understood to be hi progress In parliament -.- v .,v,..,- w'lli the entire problem of foreign meelini; rcituUliig in " ll1 to'.Fliilhht); the Russlnii . the rc<iuesl ror. preparalloirof me peace lorms" tinder' "tllscusslon urdluiince. A vole on (ho ordinance would probably bring (ho matteF. long n delicate subject. ID n head. There was some chance,' however, (lint Die niniter might be held In abeynnce iinlll after (he April municipal clccllmi. The license fee Imposed on - Si v ckholm' J{fpor|s Agreement STOCICHOI.W, 'Mar. ia. (UP)— A lilgh Finnish source here today said a nusso-FInnlsli peace agreement would bu signed In Mobcow tonlaht nt 9 p.m. -— ^ , LV ..J.^U.^K ,„, J/HJ,- A stiiU'mcnt by tlje Finnish le f • clans was suspended by Hie conn- Bauon spokpsmnn however' cmplint-l ell tor one or two years and lias i^ally denied lhat an agreeinenll not been gcneially collected since, nail been concluded. He said 111 the suspension, however, lias been still was Impossible lo slate detl-i by resolution, which, according lo mtcly whether an accord would be ( Mnvrtr Mni-lnn ll/<m.,,,,.. i.^ ..,.,...,, I Mayor Marlon Williams. Die proper melhod. ins nut He r.ald procedure iilnwil (he controversial .nirdcn on him nnd Dun the coim- =11 should act legally to repeal Die Icense Ico H It ilcslrwl lo suspend collection uny longer. A majority of the members or the Hlythevllle bur appealed un- •ncccssdilly lo ihe council about n The Sixty Five Boys May Join Legion Group Sixty-live boys have already -slu- nified ttiph di-sh-c lo be cliarler .,,., i\,i uvjituL-nuiu; mo ueain tn membsrs of the Sons ol ihe I.e- the Infant which was found In n [ 8'«n. a milt of which is bjint; or a shallow grace In her farm house. Mrs. Walker, who'lims opcraleil a 40-acre rarm between Dnrfleld nnd Forty and Eight since her husband died llirce years ago. has ior uie ciiarler w) been released under a $1,000 bond I Wednesday morning. here under the dlreclion "I Hie Americiin U-glon, All ex-scrvire men's sons, who wnnt to be charter mcinticrs must enroll by lonlght ns iipplicn.'lon lor the charter will be mailed In connection'with the concealing charges. Officers said the woman admitted that she was tlie mollicr or the baby and told them she fnlnlcd during the child's birth and when she recovered (lie child her n( was dead. She told officers 16-year-old daughter was lu another room and knew nothing ol : ( j m( , I agazin Ark. 1>1 , U[ Fiench" and that apart from the baby's birth. i ,„ men conscripted nearly iap,mo> Neighbor children discovered thej. , lllvV ll/wtt, i,t H,^ ^llfllln.., nrn,,n I Al "a IOJ) Fathers and sons are Invited lo altend the meeting Tuesday nlphl al Ihc American Legion Hut. This Is the second organization meeting lo be held. Hie first being Friday nlglil when 35 boys signed the application for the charter. Thirty more have been enlisted since that ' ° ' travelogue he made while U.ere. He ta survived by his wife and In giving Ihe narration of the three daughters: Mrs. J. R. stead /„ ,, ^, , ••-"•""x/L. ui ii,u ...-^^ u,.u s ,.,tu>. AIIS. j. it. aicaa- no film. Mr. cook pointed out Itie Fin- man of Sclmer, Tenn. Mrs H P in fiinrl as lip <:nn- if «., i.i_ , ,^:.._ Iir,tt.'H»u n ... -r . . . . " ' . ,v, >i**v\i ,i^.ii ,j **^,vuu iifiBnuyr LiinurLMi uiscovercci int-j . , had enlisted since Ihe | baby's body in the shallow grave J' e6 '°" h lo l .™ 1 ' 1 lllc ,-™'"^ ""^ rt ,„„,. •_..., ,_,., ,,._,.. ...... .... . _,, j lo carry on tile activities of the American Legion, Joe Whitlcy. chairman ol the commillce In charge, said today. Mr. WhlHoy is being assisted in the organization of the chapter by start of the war. Stanley said troops in Franco now were "double what they were Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. <up>_. Hogs—11.500-11,000 on sale Top 5.10 170-230 Ills., 5.25-5.40 Bulk sows 4.00-4.65 ' Cattle 3200-3000 on sale Steers 7.60-9.50 Slaughter steers 6.75-1UO Mixed yearlings, heifers 750-SOQ Slaughter heifers 6.50-1050 Beef cows 5.S5-6.25 Cutters & low cutters 3.75-5.00 ,tlic unexccllent beauties of ,,a lul and the life or the Finnish poop), j both in (he elites and In the rural sections of the South ami In the Arctic circle. Protest On Census and told their parents who noti-j fled officers. An autopsy revealed | the baby wn.s alive at birth, they said. Mr. Parllow [Minted out that concealing the death of an Illegitimate itifanl Is a felony carrying the same penally as manslaughter. Nclll Reed. Smith and H. L. IlnlseU. J. D. Liquor Store Window WASHINGTON, March 12 (OP) —Tlie senate commerce commillce For th Mr. Cook's film was snpplcmcnled today ^approved nine to seven a month, presented Ic Ao-ain KAgWn Ex-Sheriff Rucker On j Trial For Third Time' Injured Woman Is Resting Wei! Today ! uith a reaturc shorl. sne | by the theater, which was of Finland and its present struggle ,= second Marv time williln -i , „„.__... ,, , .„ . . Mrs - Jewel Remmer, 28, seriously BENTON March 15,-Vlrgil A. wouudsd Friday afternoon by her former Saline counly estranged husband Klltv Remmer charged with embezzle- 45. Is resting very well at her home' as placed on trial for the following lier removal from B'.y- the As of Jan. I. 1940 3I,2$4 civilian pilots (ideates. Of ihis n u had airline rating, 7292 there 1910 census dealing with personal giass'To ob7aln"hls"'lool from' , income. j wlndw display | The resolution was sponsored by This time o'nlv wine was in Hie Senator Charles-W. Toboy (BeP- window gndUtat was all fthleh was N H 1. U'hn nfl« «rnr»»r1 H i-lcrM-rtllc I-_1 In the reach other, Ihe verdict. Jury failed to I'ttg ccr- N. H.), who has waged A vigorous - :=•=?«: ™-"" «run."jr&tt taas,..Tj-j- • There was considerable, dlfilculty empaneling a jury yesterday. Tliere ! were 4G talesmen examined, with !',1 C I« Bl> , 9 *? llmlt « cominwclal, self is expected "to net "on "ihe rw ] 18,452 private and 8S35 solo. olullon In a few days. . - ree y e sae. «cn burglarized twice recently by The jur.v was completed nt 1:40 other means. pjn. She was stabbed three times In the chest and shoulder with a rusty knife as the cllma.v to an argument, according to clly police who placed Remmor In Jail. A formal charge has not yet been lodged against him pending outcome of her Injuries. The altercation took place near LONDON, Mar. 12. (UP) — Exchange Telegraph News rtuortel i(i;om Stockholm today Inut It wns expected 'a Husso-Fin- msh peace asreement would be sillied lu Moscow Wednesday: when: ii.s ictms would be published and hostilities would cease, UliRLIN, Mnr. 12. IUP>—Usli-illy relliible tiiinrlcrs here loday uiulcr-t sluod that a Russo-Plnnlsh agree-, iiwnl had been'concluded in Mos*co«- but official conflriimtion «is ! ..-. itnmedlatcly available. I'AHIS, Mar. 12. (UP)—Premier Edouard Daiadler told the chamber^ 01 deputies today that 50,000: I-\cncli troops were assembled,! trained and ready to proceed to' flnlnnil and lhal FlnlanS was ci- necled to decide today on whether ..iiiMl Ud would bi: asked. ; It was said authoritatively in!' Lonnoii today that on allied decls-i ion to assist Finland with all av«il-i able icsourccs, U It asked for al;!,i conimunlcateri to Helsinki be-! lore the Finnteh delegation ielt tor! ^uscow. .( Ualadlcr said the troops were as-i scmbled at two ports with the'. Bi itisn navy standing by and ready; to convoy them In event Finland' decided to ask for help. V j. He added that a number of tlie most modern bombing planes had arrived in-Finland from, the Allied' countries. • ' j Britain and France both are pre- 1 pared to help the Finns. Daladier! emphasised, but he said Norway: and Sweden opposed passage of allied troops across their territory/ He hoped opinion In both conn-; tries, however, would end tills op-, position and that the Allied plans to help the Finns could lie carried out. He referred especially lo the labor sentiment in Scandinavia ns allegedly favoring intervention. Daladier said the troops had been' prepared !o go to Finland since 1 Feb. 27. WEATHER r ; Arkansas—Occasional rains, prob-j ably cliaiising to snow In northwest! portion, colder In northwest, frcez-^ inf in north portion tnlgiit, Wed-* nesday colder, occasional rains x In; east portion. '*§•• Memphis and vicinity—Occaslonil'l rains with local .showers lontihtl and Wednesday, warmer tonightj r — ,-„„_.„.„ . uvlv [fiu^v ni_ut ai"j T* cuiivovia^, wanner lUlllgiil Mrs. Remmer's home at 416 East! lowest temperature about 64, cold Sycamore, street. Icr Wednesday.

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